this whole storyline was just

Shadowhunters 2x08 Sneak Peek #2 “Love Is a Devil”


i know a lot of you just watch this show for jyrus (which is a bit bothersome…someone compared it to bugheads taking over the r*verdale fandom which!! hasnt happened here yet but 👀–anyway being here just for cyrus’ storyline is perfectly fine in and of itself) but uhhh can we just agree rn to not treat cyrus’ new love interest like trash when he gets introduced? and by trash I mean acting like he’s just a stepping stone for cyrus until he “finally gets with jonah”, implying that he’s just a plot device to make jonah jealous and that cyrus will dump him as soon as jonah realizes this, ignoring him in general, etc. I know some of you are frustrated about how “long jyrus is taking” and like…guys if it doesnt happen it just doesnt happen. dont take that out on this character and his relationship with cyrus!!

like im genuinely surprised they’re giving cyrus a love interest at all, knowing how things usually go these days, I expected cyrus to be relegated to Token Gay ™ that never gets to experience (puppy) love while his straight friends have all the romantic plots. but theyre giving him a lil bf!!! they probably go to hebrew school together!!! they finally added a male character of color!! just be happy for the kids and dont act weird about cyrus’ first boyfriend not being jonah is all im saying :)


It’s like a big black hole in my heart
I’m trapped in the nightmare

So my friend and I were watching and she noticed that at one point Rosita uses Waverly’s nickname and Nicole kinda seems jealous by the way she parrots it back.

So, of course, my friend thinks this is a start to a love triangle between the three and that Nicole was jealous of Rosita for romantic reasons and all that.

But I don’t know. Personally, I don’t think that’s why Nicole was jealous. I mean, remember in the episode she talks about how it was hard for her to feel like she was being included. And we know she felt left out with the whole BBD storyline.

And then she sees Rosita just kinda stroll in - in her mind - and become tight with Waverly in just one night and using her nickname and laughing and joking with her.

So, I don’t know, I think Nicole’s “jealousy” stems from a more platonic place than a romantic one. She worked really hard to feel included with the Earp gang so seeing Rosita so easily do it is what sparked that seemingly jealous reaction that resulted in her parroting back “Waves”.

Hmm… The more I look at him, the more I hope he’s just some random new character.

And I don’t know how a “love” route with V would even work because they would have to gut the whole storyline…

Edit: So, I just looked at THE photo… This person is totally V.


OMG… You play as Rika falling in love with V and creating the RFA? I would be suuuper down with that.

Amara and season 11 just don’t work without Destiel

Based on my thoughts and seeing a lot of others thinking the same I went through and rewatched season 11 focusing heavily on Amara’s scenes, in the end putting them back to back to really look in detail and wowzers, that was eye opening.

As well as all the huge amounts of subtext throughout the season as usual, if you watch all of Amara’s screen time and follow her interactions with Dean and her overall storyline (which is the whole of season 11′s overall storyline, just saying) it just does not function without Dean and Cas’s bond. Without Destiel this whole season just… doesn’t work.

So, just looking at the obvious parts (I won’t go into too much detail as I wrote a whole other post about Amara as an exposition for Dean’s feelings here….).

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The real ‘upping the game’ in the exposition of Dean and Cas’s feelings towards each other and, coincidentally, the overall arc of the season, comes from THIS POINT, where Amara is textually and visually put forward as a love interest for Dean. There is a clear parallel of Dean/Amara and Dean/Cas throughout the season 11 narrative and it is from THIS point that both Amara and Cas are portrayed romantically, directly mirrored and used in each others’ narratives. This is not a coincidence. 

If it were more referenced beforehand perhaps I may be a little more forgiving and allow more of a ‘platonic profound bond’ reasoning but it is precisely because of this clear move into a love interest role for Amara that Cas and Amara are then clearly portrayed as ‘good bond/love’ and ‘bad bond/love’. One is forced on Dean against his will and he clearly rejects it, one is at its core based on free will and he clearly is doing everything he can to save Cas, even going up against Amara to do this, a very well done full circle of parallels leading into each other… *ahh narrative tie-ins and mirrors - sighing with contentment*.

SO… Since the midseason finale and this scene:

We have the Amara/Love monster who tells us textually that she can “feel the love that you feel”, she uses the particular and relatively precise and uncommon word ‘longing’ which we all now clearly associate with Cas and praying, she talks about his feeling shame… Then moves onto Amara, reminding him of Dean’s way ‘out’, of the ‘bliss’.  For me although this isn’t Amara, the love monster does actually use the words “who I am doesn’t matter” and therefore it’s clear that the information she’s giving us is what is important. This is a clear exposition.

Dean then clarifies to Sam that “to call it desire or love…it’s not that”. So the love monster from Love Hurts - who was talking about Dean’s love and longing and shame… She uh, wasn’t picking up on love for Amara as Dean has explicitly told us that is not what he is feeling. So…. who might it have been referring to? 

The attempting expelling of Lucifer. Is just so much Destiel and has been covered so many times. All I’m going to say here is that despite “God’s freaking sister”, one of the two most powerful beings in the universe, being right there, Dean’s main concern is Cas to the point that he calls out for him in front of everyone else and reveals his weakness, not a particularly restrained or smart move for a trained hunter. Amara and Lucifer both notice this and we are meant to notice them noticing
Why is this important? To clarify that Dean’s bond with Cas and his worry for him outweighs his bond with Amara.

The longing scene. Again, much meta-d. Basics being, Dean is longing for Cas (while actually muttering ‘where are you Amara’ clearly worried for Cas as it is Cas not Amara he is talking to Sam about around this scene. Amara has an actual real, substantiated ‘bond’ with Dean through the mark, sure, but it IS NOT AS STRONG AS HIS BOND WITH CAS (which as far as I’m aware doesn’t actually have any real basis unless the hand mark or something has a role but hasn’t been touched on for 8 years so I’m going with no), ergo Amara has to use Cas to find Dean. Then yes, she totally manipulates him into coming to rescue Cas/Lucifer because Dean is such a good friend

After this we get another very interestingly subtextual scene where Dean and Sam are interviewing Donatello and it is only once Sam mentions the word ‘Angels’ that Amara again immediately finds and comes to Dean.

Again proving that Dean’s bond with Cas is stronger than his bond with Amara.

I particularly love the near-finale narrative, after she expressly tells Dean she cares for him and wants him to be happy, to have bliss - the sandwiching of Mary and Cas in her story which is so relevant to season 12 - how Amara shows that she is capable of just de-materialising Metatron in an instant because she is attacked and angry, she then notices Mary’s picture, she then is again attacked and angry but ‘saves’ Cas, essentially ‘resurrecting’ him from Lucifer’s control, then of course resurrects Mary.

( #Narrative parallels and tropes are a thing is one of my favourite tags).

These are all writing/directing/production choices that were made to show these scenes one after the other and revealing her choices here. Are we not supposed to wonder why she made these choices? 

Are we not supposed to wonder why Amara, all powerful being, is incapable of contacting Dean without going THROUGH CAS (who Dean expressly states is “small fry” in comparison to her), or having a conversation with him where Cas isn’t in some way referenced once she is herself portrayed as a love interest? 

Or why the writing/directing/production team made these choices? 

There is a clear narrative being told here.

If you watch all of Amara’s screen time throughout this season it is just so clear what she is exposing, what her interactions with Dean are based on, how her storyline does not function without Dean and Cas’s bond. I’m not saying her story is pointless, it clearly isn’t, just that it rests on their bond so this shows how extremely important to the whole story their bond is.

Any why? Why are we being shown all this, why are we being encouraged to question all this? I was just reading @charlie-minion’s excellent overview and loved this post with great insight: “The question in season 9 was “who do you love?” Whereas I think the questions in season 10 are “what kind of love do you feel?” and “whose heart are you gonna break?”. 

There is a clear and ever evolving question about Dean’s feelings throughout the seasons which has now kept on into season 12. I think these questions have been more or less answered now, the questions for season 12 and moving forwards are “is this love reciprocated”, which has already been answered textually, “will you be able to admit to this love” and “what are you going to do about it”…

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  • The rest of the characters when Valkorion gets in their head: what the fuck fucking fuckery is this pls go away???
  • The Sith Inquisitor: honestly I don't even care anymore, wanna get in my head, fine, bring your whole family for all i care

Sometimes I like to think that angels might be real, and that they occasionally do check up on us humans, and that they have acquired some knowledge of Supernatural, and that the “real” angel Cassiel is up there like “why do these humans keep praying to me? They didn’t even know me 10 years ago!” and the archangel Michael is just like “this portrayal of me is completely inaccurate. I’d never need a vessel to smite Lucifer, therefore this whole storyline is irrelevant.” and the “real” Lucifer is just like “yes! Finally these people are listening to my side of th- wait… wait a second… why are they calling me a ‘big bag of dicks?’ What the hell, guys? I didn’t even do anything to you.” Meanwhile, the “real” Gabriel is just up there like “Me af.”

I drink and I hate-watch Game of Thrones.
—  And then I go on long-winded rants about how none of the characterizations make sense, the plots are poorly constructed, and what the fuck is this dialogue? I mean really. It’s fucked. Everything is fucked. Read the books.

i feel like i need to reiterate a lot of my feelings on nathan prescott. so here it goes; nathan is absolutely partly culpable for what happened to rachel and kate but jefferson needs to be held to equal or greater accountability. nathan alone is entirely and solely culpable for the death of chloe.

however, i think the way the dev team purposefully wrote a mentally ill teenager into the role of a red herring for the real adult villain of the game was poor writing that intentionally demonizes folks with psychotic disorders which are already highly stigmatized by our society and don’t need to be further misconstrued. 

also, the canon events that lead to nathan being mr. jefferson’s protege in the first place?? that lead to him being emotionally manipulated by this older authority figure into a large majority of the bad things he did?? those didn’t need to happen. it is almost entirely preventable for someone like nathan to wind up in a situation like he did and it starts with someone in nathan’s life (ideally his father) taking responsibility for him and not pulling him out of therapy or using financial power to wipe away his misgivings. 

and i’m almost 90% sure that when people say ‘nathan deserved better’ thats exactly what they mean.

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yeah..or maybe we're reaching? maybe it wasn't a fake laugh and he we're just seeing what we want to? maybe he was genuinely laughing and amused, it's not that unbelievable..

buddy …… robert is literally doing his best to destroy rebecca’s and her family’s life by taking their livelihood from them and constantly hanging around with them literally took such a toll that he exploded at liv the other week and literally said “i hate her and i hate that baby” like i’m 100% sure robert is not enjoying rebecca’s company at all he literally looks like he would rather die in every scene they have together

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Why didn’t you like legend of Korra??

It started out with promise…but ended up feeling more like…idk a fan fiction? Nothing against doc writers of course, since some fics are often better than the canon. Not the case with this one though lol.

The immediate love triangle with Korra and the two brothers really bugged me. But what got me the most was when we hit the spirit aspect. I hated it. In atla, the spirit world felt mystical, hardly tangible, I loved it. Then in Korra it felt like this cutesy thing with some aspects drawn from the original? I didn’t like it one bit. I think I pushed through the season that focused on that, but stopped watching shortly afterwards. Or maybe I finished it, I can’t really recall.

The whole storylines really just didn’t have the same feel. Atla had one goal from start to finish. Defeat the fire lord, save the world. The characters were well rounded, I loved them. Zuko’s character was written perfectly, his motives felt reasonable (for a kid). The antagonists in Korra were just…idk kind of bland and unreasonable? It had promise with the dude with a mask but after that it just kept jumping around…the avatar origin story weirded me out a lot, didn’t feel very connected with atla. I didn’t like what they did to owl spirit dude.

I guess Korra and the one lady end up together, but I’m not a fan of throwing in representation and then ending…doesn’t really feel like representation if you don’t show anything of it lol. The animation and art was good, I’ll give it that.

Not that it has much to do with this, but when I first got Rex I was rewatching atla for the first time in YEARS and that’s one of the ways we bonded. I’d just sit in my chair while she was on my shoulder or desk, she really liked watching the moving images and sounds, her favorite part was prolly my reactions though hehe.

Okay tbh this whole Spencer centric storyline that’s happening right now is just making me miss Derek more because I keep wondering how he would react

me when i re read countdown and remember jason would’ve definitely stayed in that universe where Bruce killed the joker if that bruce hadn’t been killed