this whole storyline was just

All the characters in Rogue One are so amazing and have such great story arcs but omg, the story arc for Cassian Andor though, that is not something we have seen explored in Star Wars film!!

Sure we have had good guys fighting the good fight or bad guys turning good and finding redemption or bad guys just straight up evil or even scoundrels and outlaws joining up to defeat evil, but not a story like Cassian’s! Not a good guy who has to do evil things for the sake of the greater good, not a good guy who literally has to put morality aside and do the job because it means survival for something bigger than himself.

This kind of grey area is something Star Wars has never touched upon so explicitly in the films - it’s always been so black and white, good vs evil, we have always seen the Rebellion as just this good entity. But Cassian’s whole storyline, the existence of the intelligence group who has to do dirty things and shady things and outright bad things just so the Rebellion has a chance to survive, that puts the Rebellion in a completely different light, you start to see the shades of grey, about the price that it takes to achieve the freedom from the Empire, that in trying to do so, they even have to resort to such kind of violence and sabotage that the Empire does.

It makes the Rebellion so much more realistic, because this is what war is like, this is what a rebellion for freedom and survival is like, sometimes you have to do the bad things, sometimes you have to forsake any morality, because the mission, the ultimate goal, has to come first or else all will be for nothing. Because idealism alone can’t win wars, someone has to be the one to put their hands in blood so others can come out of it clean. War is messy, war is never that simple and idealistic and pure good and pure evil as people like to think.

This brings such complexity to the Star Wars universe that the saga films have not done. To see the layers and struggle, to see what it took for that victory against the Empire to be achieved - Cassian’s story and the story of Rogue One, it brings so much more weight and meaning to that final celebration on Endor!!!


If Ben & Sophie did a romantic drama movie

  • The rest of the characters when Valkorion gets in their head: what the fuck fucking fuckery is this pls go away???
  • The Sith Inquisitor: honestly I don't even care anymore, wanna get in my head, fine, bring your whole family for all i care

i think it’s time for me to talk about the revival, yeah? cause like it has been a few hours, the hype of seeing everyone again is over and my brain can finally focus on what actually happened rather than just seeing them on my screen.

well, first: the revival was really good for emily, luke and lorelai. they were like my favorite part of the whole thing. their storylines shone and it was just what i wanted for them. they made the whole thing good for me. i’m not happy, but i’m content and that’s thanks to them.

second: i knew amy&co would screw up with rory and logan because i just knew it, okay? it was very different of how i thought things would go (aka rory ~realizing jess was the ~one all along as if logan never existed in the first place because that’s the kind of thing i expected from amy), but it doesn’t make it better. it’s just a bit less painful. 

lbh, amy ripped apart all the character growth logan went through, especially in s07. like, we are talking about the guy who walked away from family business and tried to build his own thing?? and like @hotarurea said, the only “plausible” explanation for all that regression was that rory’s no just broke him in a way that he just gave up on all his progress - which is really depressing to think about. and tbh? i like to think logan is stronger than that. i know (matt’s know, every breathing being knows) that rory is the love of logan’s life, but he shouldn’t depend on her to function as a decent human being.

and seriously? totally unbelievable that logan would cross the ocean to cheer up rory and still marry the heiress. like, does that sound like logan at all? seriously, the difference between logan and the other rory had in her life was that he stayed. he always stayed and having him letting her go when he could do something to be with her? even just try? yeah, that’s not logan huntzberger. dude, if s7!logan ever met revival!logan, he’d beat the crap out of him. and then he’d shake revival!logan and say “what the fuck are you doing? what’s wrong with you?”. so that makes me feel a bit better.

and rory was ripped apart too. like the whole paul thing? while i found hilarious for two seconds, it really got discussing and old real fast. look, if it was logan doing that (aka forgetting that he was even dating and he had to break up with the woman), people would want to set the world on fire because women shouldn’t be treated like that. and you know what? men shouldn’t too. nobody should. nobody deserves what rory did to paul. what happened to sympathetic rory? jfc that was horrible. 

in the end, i think amy treated rory worse than did logan and that’s saying something.

i mean, what kind of end was that?  

i mean her dream career that she busted her ass off for? didn’t work at all and now she writes books.

the only man she ever truly loved? staying with a fiance he doesn’t love for no good reason at all aside family - which in previous season he had told them to fuck off and made no sense he wouldn’t do it again, especially for rory (the woman he actually loved)

giving her a baby when she felt the most vulnerable because life has come to full circle??? that’s the final message of gilmore girls??? doesn’t matter how much you grow in life, you’ll replicate your parents mistakes??? 

that life coming in full circle is rory unhappy, unemployed, pregnant and still loving a man who is miserably engaged in name of his family???

honestly, why amy&co hated rory gilmore so much that they had to give her that kind of ending? 

as far as i’m concerned rory and logan were married in the revival

Isabella is still alive, and is not what she appears to be

The latest episode was literally the last nail in the coffin for me, and I am now completely sure that Isabella was sent from someone to get to Ed and/or Oswald, and that her story is far from over.

I’ve always been suspicious of Isabella, whose entire character and storyline seemed far too convenient to be real - and I know I’m not alone in this. Realistically, I know that something being too convenient is not entirely unheard of in Gotham - let’s just remember the whole Elijah storyline last year - but the almost glaring plotholes and really fishy things about her have just been piling up, and unless the Gotham writers have decided to be particularly, incredibly lazy in writing this one storyline, then things just don’t add up.

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hi! I’d like to send in a request? my request is that I was raised by either klaus or Elijah since I was like 3 months cause they found me. The whole storyline is either one (whoever raised the reader) is just thinking of all the memories we had, like the good and bad, meeting everyone, finding out what they are, finding the reader, (if you want) the readers transition and just all of these memories. thank you if you can!

Reminder that I’m not even halfway through the first season of The Originals, so sorry if the characterisation is inaccurate at all!

Elijah relaxed into the arm chair, a book settled in his lap. In fact it was a photo album, something he rarely had cause to look at these days. But with you being absent for the first time in years, he felt a little lonely, and was wishing to remind himself of all that had happened over the past century or so. Turning the first page, he was greeted with a photo of you as a baby, tentatively held by Rebekah, who looked completely confused. He couldn’t help but smile, remembering those early days. He and his sister had found you abandoned in a forgotten corner of the street, and had been feeling kind. Together, they had decided to take you in, thought at the time, they had never planned for Elijah to be the one who raised you, and for you to live out your life with them.

Elijah continued to flick through the pages, seeing you grow up before his eyes. There were photos of you as a toddler, as a young child, and then a little older, your face a little more worn and worried. He realised this must have been around the time that they had decided to tell you what their family was, after struggling to keep it a secret since you were old enough to realise something was wrong. You had been confused at first, angry at not knowing earlier, but had soon begun to understand why Elijah had kept this massive part of his life from you. And then you had had to take on the burden of their secret yourself, at the age of only around 9 or 10, if he remembered correctly. But during this time you had never ever stopped loving your makeshift family, never been afraid of them. How could you be afraid of those who had always loved you unconditionally? How could you not love them the same way?

The next page showed a photo of you, at perhaps 12 or 13, with Klaus. This was the first photo of the two of you together, and both looked wary and on their guard. Elijah remembered that day as if it were yesterday; the fear that Klaus would see you as another pawn in his game against his siblings, his desperate desire to keep you safe, but also the knowledge that Klaus would only be more angry if you were always kept a secret from him. For the first few months, he was always panicking every time Klaus and you were in the same room together, imagining everything could go wrong. But after a while, Klaus became as infected with your charm the same way as Elijah and Rebekah were; your easy laughter and contagious smiles, despite the world you lived in. The next page revealed a photo in which neither participant was aware it was being taken: you stood at an easel, paintbrush gripped tightly in hand, with Klaus behind you, guiding you with a gentle smile on his face. The rare sight of his brother smiling caused Elijah to beam himself. He was reminded of how much you had brought into their lives, of how as even a child, you had been part of the glue keeping their family together.

However Elijah was also forced to remember all the events of your life which weren’t shown with the happy memories in the photo album. The time he had returned home to find you, still only a child, lying, covered in your own blood, barely breathing. The Mikaelsons were a family with many, many, enemies, and it hadn’t taken long for you to become a target. That had been only the first of many attacks, yet it was still the one that remained rooted in Elijah’s brain. He had been so consumed with anger, with the desperate desire for revenge, that at first he hadn’t realised you were still alive until you had called out for him. That had been the moment he had felt something in his heart crack a little, and wonder if he had done the right thing in bringing you into this world, whether he should have left you for someone else to find on that deserted street.

Shaking his head to clear this memory and those thoughts, he continued to flick through the pages of the album. He had tried to give you as much of a childhood as possible, and photos of you at school greeted him, though you hadn’t remained there long. Between his family, they had decided they could give you a much better education than any school could.

After a while, your appearance in the photos stopped changing. You never got any older. Elijah remembered your transition all too well. You had been only 19 when you had begged to be turned, and he still thought it was far too young. In the end, it was Klaus who you had persuaded to turn you. Elijah remembered the horrible panic he had endured when he entered the room to see Klaus standing in front of your lifeless body, which had only diminished a little when he learnt that his brother had turned you into a vampire. Only looking back could he be glad that you had been turned, as he couldn’t imagine their lives without you in them.

Eventually he reached the end of this particular photo album, where a photo was glued to the back page. It showed him, Rebekah, Klaus and Kol with you sandwiched in the centre, laughing at some forgotten joke shared with Kol. You and him had got up to decades worth of mischief together. The caption underneath was scrawled in Elijah’s handwriting, reading simply “Always and forever.”


…Thanks for the talk Cupid. I appreciate it lots

Episode 33

Lol, guys just play the episode then move on.
This episode accurately displays teenage life super well, dealing with peer pressure and boys n hormones of these kids, none of these characters are perfect and thats kinda the point and its essential to the modern teenage story. Just finish the episode or play another game;Teenagers are not nuns.

But also, do you REALLY think Chino has the time to make a whole diff storyline just so you can feel a certain type of way even tho were all trying to get to the same place to reach the illustration even though it took us like 4 years to get skin tones?

Drinking, sex, partying, and peer pressure are all apart of regular teenage life just as friendship, love, and support are.

No one is forcing you to play this game.

the whole immortality storyline came out of nowhere re:utsubro (the demon/monster part might make sense though, what with sakata gintoki’s namesake kintaro, but that’s a whole other story).

BUT it does fit in with kouka. kagura’s namesake kaguya-hime was part of the people of the moon who were immortal. and that makes me wonder about kouka, who is kinda a reverse of kaguya-hime. kaguya went back to her home planet, left her found family behind, and went on to live forever. whereas kouka left her homeplanet, stayed with her loved ones, and in doing so lost her immortality.

*also, kouka wanted to go to earth but was never able to in the end, which was probably the reason why she named her daughter ‘kagura’ in hopes that she would accomplish what she couldn’t.

“One thing WWE always seems to do unfortunately is leave things to happen too late. Bray Wyatt won the title and it was all great, but then they ruined the storyline and the whole excitement for it just disappeared real quick. They’ve left people like Becky Lynch and (I’m gonna throw in) Enzo and Cass as faces which has made people lose interest. If they had turned heel by now it wouldn’t be like that. They always leave things too late therefore when they happen; no one even cares anymore for it.”

anonymous asked:

How are you today? I'm just really sad. Cheating in this context I can get over, them ruining this SL and giving unnecessary hell to Aaron and then have his husband cheat on him I can't. But Robron ain't ruined for me. BUT what makes me the most sad is that the fandom will never be the same again. I think it will survive, some will leave, some will stay, new people will join, some will come back and the fandom can be great again - but it will never be the same :(

Yeah I’m just really sad about all of it. The dreaded scene, this whole storyline which just seems utterly pointless now, the fandom imploding. It’s all just sad.

I’m sure they will get them back together again somehow but it won’t be the same, not for the characters or the show or the fandom.

Still praying there’s no pregnancy storyline. Please just don’t go that far!!!! *she says as they’re probably writing baby scan scenes as we weep*