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Haven’t Seen Her

Title: Haven’t Seen Her

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Jacksepticeye x fem!reader

Word Count: 1766 

Summary: Jack has a new girlfriend?

A/N: This story is told as the reader is female. For my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible

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Jack had a new girlfriend. The internet was buzzing, his community talking about it on every form of social media. Who had managed to catch the eye of the sweet, loud, Irish boy? More importantly, how had they not noticed? The clues should have been as clear as day, not to mention all the times he mentioned you.

       The first time he mentioned you, it was a passing remark. No one really took notice of it, too occupied laughing and focused on what the Irish man was doing. Smiling, he held up a handful of containers, and a small note with scribbles on it.

       “So, I got my make up here that was so generously loaned to me. (Y/N) put a little list here for me so I knew what order to put them on.”

       The second time was a few months later, when he was doing a new and improved house tour. Not much changed, though it was always entertaining to watch the shaky camera and the happy voice accompanying it.

       “This plant is very pretty. Its not mine though, I’m just watching over it while (Y/N) visits her family.”

       Yet, the fans still didn’t seem to pick up on anything. Sure, there were a few comments here and there about what he had said, but they were buried deep in the comments section, covered by links and click bait ads.

       The third time sparked interest within his community, more and more people noticing your name popping up here and there, casually as if he had already told them who you were. Had he? Or was this a new development?

       “What’s my favourite memory of 2015? Oh, that’d have to be the time a bunch of my friends and I went on a group camping trip. It was amazing. I never really get to hang out with people as much, not that I’m complaining or anything. It was just nice to get away for the weekend. (Y/N) and I had canoed down the river, and almost got lost if it wasn’t for her being smart enough to bring a compass.”

       By now, theories began to pop up. Did Jack get a girlfriend? An old family friend? A neighbour? No one could figure it out, and Jack had given them no clues. People began writing stories, drawing art, trying to guess who you were and what you looked like. It wasn’t until the four incident, when they finally got some clue into who you were.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye!”

       Thousands of people watched in confusion as Jack sat in front of the screen, his face being the only thing seen, awe and confusion on his face as he looked off screen, and not the game that was put in the title. That wasn’t the only thing that was off. The voice of the intro, however, wasn’t his. It was a woman’s voice, melodic and teasing as she practically screamed the line he was known for. Jack laughed, slouching over the table slightly before quickly standing up, only the corner of his jaw seen of his face, whispering something to someone off screen. There was a laugh, then Jack getting pushed back into view of the camera, before the video reset, playing the intro as it should have been, as if nothing had happened. An arm, a hand, and a glimpse of hair was all they got, but it was enough to explode the internet.  

       The fifth incident was different than the others. It was a vlog, nothing too unusual for Jack to do every now and then. However, this time, he stood in front of a hair salon, his green hair faded so much it was practically yellow.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to another vlog! I know I’ve been doing quite a few of these lately, but this time, I’ve brought you to the hairdresser! Tons of people asked me to show me going to get my haired dyed, and the process of it. And in order to not bore myself. I’ve brought along a friend!”

       There was a cheerful hello in the background, but Jack hadn’t turned the camera, the voice hidden, and the person unknown. Was this (Y/N)? The girl that had started showing up in Jacks videos more and more? The audience waited in anticipation, enjoying themselves already.

       The video continues, Jack doing things here and there, cracking a few jokes and introducing the lady who was dying his hair. However, it was soon obvious whom he had brought with him, as the same name rang out half way through, and a woman walking behind Jack as he filmed himself looking in the mirror. The mystery girl had returned. Fans eagerly watched, hoping to catch another glimpse of her. However, the only thing they got was Jack retelling a joke you had said, or repeating a funny comment while you laughed in the background. It wasn’t until the end, when you were revealed again.

       “Don’t I look soooooo pretty!”

       Jack’s voice was high pitched, hands pulling your hair so it curled over his head, which was partially dyed to match his, as he smiled sweetly into the camera. You laughed from behind him, quickly stealing the camera, and your hair back, from his hands and flipping the camera to filming him. However, the camera had turned to your face, and for a split second, the world saw your face.

       Twitter blew up minutes after the vlog was posted, the hashtag #WhoIsJack’sNewGirlfriend? spread like wildfire, single shots of your blurry face everywhere.

       The sixth mention, wasn’t as much as a mention, but more a video. The video was titled “HAPPY WHEELS CHALLENGE…WITH A GUEST?!?!”, no mention of who it was, or if they had been on a video with him before. Fans spectated the video, starting with the intro, just as it always was. However, the camera was placed differently, so that Jack was completely visible till his waist. His arms were behind him, and two smaller hands replaced them, high-fiving the air beside the camera. Jack laughed as the hand totally failed, but continued to do his intro.

       "Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to…HAPPY WHEELS! I have a very special guest with me today, (Y/N)! And this is a very stupid video we decided to do, because why not?! I’m going to have my arms behind my back, and (Y/N) is going to control the game for me, but she can’t see a thing! Hopefully this wont be a total disaster!“

       The video was full of laughs, screams, and Jacks new hands smacking his shoulder several times, which just made them laugh harder. It was hard not to laugh along, especially when Jack kept screaming while (Y/N) tried to do a spike fall. The fans hoped that they could at least see a small view of your face, however, Jacks back and shoulders covered everything that could have been seen.

       The seventh and final instance, was when the truth came out.

       Jack was filming another reading your comments video, a half a year after you were first mentioned. He started the first few as he normally did, a few silly one, a few serious ones with silly answers, and one serious one. And then, the moment of truth.

“Jack, can you please tell us who (Y/N) is? You’ve mentioned her a lot recently, and I know I’m not the one wondering. I’ve seen a lot of these comments recently, and yes, I have seen them and haven’t answered them. (Y/N) is a very special person to me, and I respect her enough not to be forcing her to do things she doesn’t want to do. She enjoys her privacy, and can be shy sometimes, so I don’t want to be forcing her to sit with me on camera, or be constantly filming what we do. When (Y/N) and I hang out, I don’t have to pretend with her. Not that I’m saying I pretend when I talk to you guys, but when I film, I constantly have to make things interesting, keep the energy going. (Y/N) is my rock, and I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life. When she’s ready, maybe she’ll introduce herself to you, but for now, please don’t pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do. If you haven’t figured it out, (Y/N) is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for almost eight months now, and honestly I’m so happy. I love her to death, and I hope you guys will love her just as much as I do. Okay, maybe not that much.”

       He ended the question with a giggle, and that was that.
       Of course you were mentioned more and more over the course of the year, Jacks face lighting up at your name and the stories he told. He apologized most of the time when a story got away from him about the two of you, but instead if receiving hate or comments that told him they didn’t want to hear stories about you, all the comments were positive. They loved hearing stories about you, about the life Jack had outside of YouTube. As soon as he started mentioning you, others did as well. Mark, Felix, and even Ken mentioned you at least once in their videos, excited for Jack and happy that he found someone to love as much as they had. Mark of course had to be the odd man out and have a whole story on one of his videos, but the fans loved it, laughing about how you got lost at the mall with them and had to huddle next to him until you two managed to find Jack again.

       It wasn’t until a year and a half later, when you were finally introduced to the world. It wasn’t a video like most hoped, a picture was what revealed you. Your face wasn’t in it completely, you were turned away, just the side of your face being seen, but Jack was full center. The pictured seemed almost better than a video when everyone saw the smiles on yours and Jacks face as he held your hand up, a ring on your ring finger sparkling in the light, did they realize that they didn’t need to see you to know that you made Jack incredibly happy. And that was enough for them.

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can you talk some more about Dishonoured? (is that the game?) I'm so confused but everyone seems very excited(?) about something? Sorry, my autistic ass is so confused lmao

Oh boy can I. 

Hello friend, welcome to the collective freakout that is the Dishonored fandom going “wait WHAT, OH MY GOD YES!!”

Dishonored is a stealth sneaky sneaky magic/stabby game which came out back in 2012. The premise is, without giving too much away, thatyou are the personal bodyguard to Empress Jessamine who is murdered in front of you by a man named Daud. Princess Emily is also kidnapped and they vanish into literal thin air, and you’re left behind to hold Jessamine in your arms as she dies. You are then framed for her murder and spend the rest of game trying to regain your honor, find Emily and restore balance to the Empire. How you do that is all on you. 

You can either ghost through the world on silent sneaky feet without shedding a single drop of blood and show mercy (sort of) to those who have wronged you, or you can finish what others have started and watch the world burn.

The Outsider everyone is talking about, is an ancient god entity from the Void who chooses to give you supernatural powers to aide you in your endeavors, how much you use them or how little, is up to you. It’s sort of like the immortal eldritch equivalent of binge watching a new show on Netflix. Everyone else he previously Marked is boring and predictable, but you, oh you with grief and murder and love in your heart, you could be fun. 

If you do the predicted “kill everything in your path” outcome, he’s unsurprised but still moderately entertained and thanks you for the show. If you opt not to kill anyone, he’s somewhat wryly amused that you proved him wrong, and tells you he’s enjoyed watching, and I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE the moral functioning code in Dishonored (the Chaos ranking). It is to my mind one of the only few games that boasts a truly nuanced approach to morality and how we interact with the world around us by showing us the subtle and not to subtle ways in which our actions affect the world we live in. The literal difference between a childs drawings and the fall of an Empire.

It is worth pointing out that Corvo’s actions, despite non chaotic, are not always good. He is adhering to a personal code of morality which is acted out by you the player. Mercy and honor are not synonymous with Good, just like revenge and justice are not the same thing but often mistaken for two sides of the same coin. 

There is instead a kind of poetic justice to a lot of the things he does, making them satisfying to watch, but without actually crossing the line into being “just as bad as them”. You can of course also be, just as bad as them. There are a million and one ways to make someone die in this game, and you can do it with as much or as little finesse as you like. 

If you are low chaos, ie you sneak around and find ways to complete your goals without killing anyone, the world will be…it will still be bad, but things will be a little kinder. People will be softer, they will strive to do better. More people will survive. There is less fear in the streets, people will know about a masked man, but they’ll hear the stories, yea, the whole garrison, the whole garrison put to sleep with some kind of dart—and did you hear about what the High Overseer was actually doing though??? What a monster…

If however you opt for stabby stabby murder central, the game becomes collectively harder. There will be more rats, there will be more guards who are more hostile and alert. But the good people in the game, the people who are truly good, will become afraid of you, will become twisted and cynical. And it’s fucking chilling. Like, it’s just…hhnnngh, it’s so subtle right up until it’s not it’s like a punch to the gut. I love it.

I still remember the first time I played the game and Samuel called me a bad person and that he hated me, I was like “but, but…I didn’t…I chose to be merciful! those people did awful things and I was merciful!” and then it hit me…I wasn’t. I wasn’t merciful, I wasn’t good. I still stood on the precipice over Hell and I chose to spare some people under the guise of morality and my own righteousness, while slaughtering countless others who got in my path. What made those people any less important to me than a main NPC? They weren’t. They were still People in the world I was in. And I killed them. I didn’t even try to find a way not to. I just treated them like the result of a world gone mad around me and waded through blood, like my survival meant the inevitability of their death. I treated them with the same non-thought with which the blatantly morally corrupt NPcharacters had treated me and countless others like me.

And that is some Avatar The Last Airbender shit right there. That’s Aang on the mountain and giant lion sea turtles right there. It’s Pratchett with Sam Vimes in the deep down dark holding and axe and Granny Weatherwax who stares into the depths of her soul and comes up swinging for the light. It’s wonderful and it gives me chills just remembering the first time it happened and I had paused the game to go “what…no!” and the enormity of it hit me. It completely changed the way I play the game, most games, actually. And I get frustrated with other sneaky games with supposed moral coding that don’t hold me to that same level of accountability, or don’t even allow me to try.

And then the DLC comes out and you’re playing as Daud, the assassin who killed the empress and he’s having a fucking moral melt down. He’s having nightmares about it, battling against the clock to make amends and set things right before Corvo catches up with him and kills him, and you can either play with the same ruthless disregard for life that lead you to these circumstances or…or you can tread a little lighter, a little softer. All the while knowing your life ultimately hangs in the balance. And as you the player, knowing how his fate ends depending on how you played as Corvo.

Dishonored 2 operates on the same pretenses, except it’s some years later, and you have the choice to play as either Corvo or Emily. Ousted from your home, you have to make your way to Karnaca to restore order, and defeat the people who planned the coup before returning home to reclaim the throne. How you do that? Again, that’s up to you. You can either rage and lash out in a world where cruelty thrives—you can be ruthless and merciless—or you can find another way.

I’ll be really interested to see what goes on with this new Daud and Billie (Daud’s right hand in the first game) expansion of the universe. What choices are canon and which ones are not, and how they will affect the world of Dunwall as we know it. I already have a theory about why they want to kill the Outsider, but I wont say just yet. All I know is it looks like we get to play as Billie, and I am 100% here for That.

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on the topic of tattoos does lindsay have a tattoo too?????

Oh man, i’m locked into Lindsay as the Firebird across pretty much all my au’s so i think it would be Phoenixes. 

Geoff’s tattoo, sleek and stylised like an official emblem, comes after the success of one of the crew’s most profitable jobs, picked, planned and overseen almost entirely by Lindsay on her own. 

While classically shaped, the feathers of Jeremy’s Phoenix are a rainbow of colours, splattered like bright paint flying across his skin. It covers the nasty scar Jeremy picked up early in his time with the Fake’s, pinned down by the cops and getting desperate before Lindsay doubled back to cover him. 

Gavin’s tattoo, undertaken some time during the week he and Lindsay dropped off the map to undertake the strangest, most destructive road trip of their lives, is a single wing bursting from his shoulder blade and extending down his arm. The feathers start in charred blacks like glowing embers before bursting into the vivid reds and oranges of a roaring fire. 

After getting stuck together in a safe house with all of three movies to pass the time, and the resulting long bonding sessions they’ve had about Harry Potter, Jack’s Phoenix is noticeably Fawkes, talons clenched tightly around a studded baseball bat. 

Ryan and Lindsay have been good friends since just about their first meeting. They both understand being torn down, destroyed, then rebuilding yourself from the ashes, better and brighter than you ever were before. It makes sense that this is the stage Ryan chooses, his tattoo not the prettiest but certainly striking, Phoenix bursting back to life on his thigh. 

Michael has the biggest Phoenix, vibrant wings spread across his back, feathers wrapping around to curve over his shoulders and against his ribs, long tail feathers trailing all the way down his spine. The bird’s sharp talons are extended, beak open in a screech, as fearsome as it is beautiful. The tattoo took endless hours to finish, though not nearly as many as Michael spent glued to Lindsay’s side, holding her limp hand in Caleb’s medbay after she took the bullet that should have ended his life. 

That song he mentioned in this interview about the long term relationship and being at a point where you start to question where you’re at and whether to carry on, and whether it can get better or not.

He talked about it in the Wootton interview too, said it was with the ‘missus’ and a phone call and that’s when he said it was about a long term relationship and at no point did he say it ended up with them splitting.

So yeah.  


Because I sure as hell remember it… and all those people that complained about these things before the film was even out shouldn’t forget it either, as a constant reminder of how dumb some people are. Long story short, the trailers don’t spoil the whole movie and Iron-Man doesn’t steal the spotlight at all. So whenever people inevitably complain about something similar for future movies, just remember back to this moment…

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Last night I dreamt about a lot of random stuff, but at one point I came across an office guy wearing bondage gear, and in the dream I immediately knew the whole story behind that.

In the 70’s a man was accused of killing his wife and children. I knew in the dream he had done it, but the world wasn’t sure because he kept claiming he was innocent. To show how unfairly he felt he was being treated, the man started wearing bondage gear to hinder his own movements. “Look how peaceful I am! I’m putting myself in bondage just for you!”

Many years later a hugely popular rapper got accused of tax evasion. He wrote a rap about it, and in the video he wore bondage inspired by the 70’s man, as a symbol of being hunted by society despite being innocent.

That kicked off a new bondage fashion trend. First among lower class people, then rich kids who wanted to be tough, and eventually the original reason for the bondage was forgotten and it became a required part of male fashion. Really rich men would even wear bondage so restrictive other people had to help them with everything.

That was by far the most interesting part of last nights dream.

Edit: People seem to think there’s some deep meaning to this. I had just seen some photos from a high fashion show that incorporated bondage gear into the clothes the evening before. Also, I’m always a sucker for crime shows which is why there’s so many crime lords running around in my dreams.

I want to take a moment to appreciate Call the Midwife for:

- Having a whole story line about a man being discovered to be gay in the 50′s and the nuns and in fact every main character being really nice to him

- Having multiple story lines about people from different cultures and only being a judgmental narrator on one cultural issue, FGM

- Talking about asylums and homes for disabled people in terms of “isn’t it awful people who needed help were treated like this” rather than “imagine if a normal person was stuck there”

- Addressing the racism, sexism and general shittiness of the time it’s set in head-on

- Having an ongoing relationship between two female nurses which is

a) nonsexualised despite, y’know, lesbian nurses and

b) going really fucking well and accepted by people who know about it (god bless Phyllis Crane)

Marks (Steve Rogers x Reader Soulmate AU)

Originally posted by luvinchris

Request: Hello ! I was wondering if you could do an imagine with Steve Rogers and a soul mate AU?? Like the one where the 1st sentences of our soul mate is written on our wrist or a little symbol which represents our s/o is somewhere on the body ?? Thanks !

A/N: I hope you like this! There’s so many different possibilities with soulmate AUs that I wasn’t really sure what else I should add. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,063

- Written by Brie- 

The past year had been a whirlwind of change. You’ve heard stories before about what it was like to meet the one who was made just for you - your soulmate, as most people call them - but until it happens to you, you don’t know what it truly feels like.

Keep reading

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CATHREL CATHREL 😂😂 SHIRO IS A HUGE MAN YEAH? Is there any story where the whole hides behind him to hide from someone they dislike??? Fine not the whole family but maybe two of them? I loveee youuu have a beautiful day pretty sunshine!! 💞💞💞😘😘💖💖

[The Voltron Family] The whole family, minus Hunk (cause he was in Germany for his foreign exchange student thing in college) were at the mall, strolling since they just finished eating their lunch out. Keith was holding Pidge’s hand while Shiro was holding Lance’s.

Keith turned around only to see someone. Immediately, he pulled Pidge and him behind Shiro.

Shiro: *looks at them* What are you doing?
Keith: *hisses* 12 o’clock. It’s someone I don’t want to deal with.
Shiro: *looks in front of him* Who? Tom? But isn’t he—
Keith: *hisses* That guy’s been hitting on me ever since he started working in the same floor as I do.
Lance: *pulls a very annoying teasing face* Someone’s got a crush on Daddy Keith. *pokes Keith*
Keith: Shush it, you child! 
Shiro: Is that why you’re hiding behind me? 
Keith: You’re big enough to hide people, love. Sorry. I don’t make the rules. 
Pidge: *looks up at Keith* Why am I being pulled in hiding with you?
Keith: Reflex. Sorry, baby. *kisses Pidge*
Shiro: *squints at the guy* That guy likes you? Does he know you’re married?
Keith: *hisses* YES HE DOES! Even commented on my wedding rings. And yet he still—

Before Keith could even continue, he heard a voice.

Tom: Hello! You’re Keith’s husband, right?
Keith: *eyes widens* *tries to keep quiet* *covers Pidge’s mouth*
Shiro: Yes, I am. How did you know? *smiles*
Tom: I’m Tom, by the way. One of the editors in Hyperion. *shakes hand* And I recognize you from one of Keith’s picture frames on his table.
Shiro: *laughs* That’s my husband alright. Quite a sentimental guy.
Tom: *looks at Lance* You must be… Lance?
Lance: *perks up* The one and only.
Tom: Is it just you and your Dad? *turns to Shiro* Or is Keith with you? *tilts his head*
Shiro: *moves his body* *panics* Nope, nope! Just us! 
Keith: *moves him and Pidge*
Tom: Really? Hmmm. I could’ve sworn I saw two other people with you from a distance. *squints*
Shiro: *nervous laugh* You’re such a funny guy, aren’t you? Better get those eyes check, mate. Just me and my Lance on a father and son date. *squeezes Lance’s hand* 
Lance: *plays along* Just me and Daddy Shiro! 
Tom: Really? *suspicious* You still do that at this age? 
Shiro: *absolutely offended* Are you implying I’m not allowed to take my son out for some bonding time?
Tom: Oh, no, no, no! It’s just boys at this age usually don’t even go on dates with their fa—
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow*
Tom: *sweats* You know what? Nevermind. You do you. Tell Keith I said “Hi.”
Shiro: *pokerface* I will. 
Tom: Well, goodbye now! It was nice meeting you both.

Once Tom left, Keith and Pidge stepped out of Shiro’s back.

Shiro: I don’t like that guy. *crosses arms*
Keith: Welcome to the club. *amused*
Shiro: He’s so rude. *turns to Lance* You don’t mind going on dates with me, right, buddy? *pouts*
Lance: *waves hand dismissively* Of course not, Daddy Shiro! I love going on dates with you.
Shiro: *nods* Okay. We have one scheduled next week after your exams. *turns to Pidge* And you, sweetheart?
Pidge: I’m always in it for the free food. *thumbs up*
Shiro: *turns to Keith expectantly* 
Keith: *laughs* Yes, I will try to do something about Tom. He does give me chocolates though. *rubs chin*
Shiro: KEITH, NO! 


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Top 5 ships in general

When you mean in general, I am going to presume ALL FANDOMS, not just League.


- Number 5.

Plague Knight and Mona (Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows)

(Fantastic artwork by @pickles4nickles)

I simply cannot stop loving these two. Unlike alot of ships I enjoy, these two are just pure, unadulterated adorableness and fluff. I don’t want to ruin the DLC for anyone who hasn’t played it, but the ending is possibly the sweetest thing i’ve seen from a video game. Cannot recommend it enough, its sad, sweet, a little sappy and a whole lotta cute.

- Number 4.

Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts (To the Moon)

(Wonderful artwork by @unoobang!)

To the Moon is by far my favourite game of all time. The experience was roughly the same as getting a piece of paper, making it into a paper rabbit, ripping it in half, taping it back together carefully and with extreme amounts of love, then watching it be thrown into a wood chipper, only for your best friend to present it to you all Mike Wazowski style like in Monsters Inc. Watts is a silly, laid-back goof with a big heart, meanwhile, Rosalene is a cold, calculating woman with a big brain. The balance between the two, combined with their inner, hidden desires and sins are so…. Human. Everything about them is human, and that’s why I love them so much.

- Number 3

Sky Hart and Takumi Nakamura (League of Legends)

(Lovely artwork by @ionian-storm-chaser)

Perhaps I am bias… Since as you can tell, I am the creator of Takumi. But in all honesty, I did not expect this simple relationship to snowball into so much emotion and development. Takumi, a disowned, wandering gunman with a vendetta, and Sky, a mercenary with an enchanted sword and a strong moral conviction seem like a generic story couple. But, its not only how fleshed out the two are, but how human they seem to me. Sky, who is portrayed by my good friend, Penny, is a strong-willed, compassionate soul who was dealt the hard hand in life, but came out better for it. Takumi is the opposite, someone who’s had his back shoved into a corner and had to fight like a rabid animal to escape. Right now their threads are few, and most their interactions are short, but how much they carry means more to me in the end.

- Number 2

Genji Shimada and Dr. Angela “Mercy” Ziegler (Overwatch)

(Superb artwork by @girlcarnivore!)


Honestly, I fell in love with Gency the second I saw it. Genji, a character which I find very interesting due to his internal war with himself, holds similarities with the good doctor that most can only see past the surface. Both had lost family in the past, Mercy losing her parents and Genji losing his brother, both through the burdens of wars, one being a physical one and the other a moral one. I feel that Mercy and Genji are two of the most personality rich characters in the game, period. Mercy, a doctor, who’s purpose is to heal and protect, has her creations turned to weapons, her research used to hurt, everything she’s stood for crumbling around her while she can only watch. Genji, a warrior who is torn between who he is and what he is, a machine, or a man, this internal struggle between himself, his brother, and his place in the universe. The tragedy that both had to face must have been unbearable, but in the grand scheme of things, all wounds heal, and all scars fade.

Honourable mentions!

- Steven Quartz Universe and Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe)

- Jordan “Thermite” Trace and Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa (Rainbow Six: Siege)

- Mugen and Fuu (Samurai Champloo)

- Marco Pagot and Madame Gina (Porco Rosso)

- Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III and Carrie Krueger (The Amazing World of Gumball)

- Valkyrie Cain and Fletcher Renn (Skullduggery Pleasant series)

And now….

- Number 1

Yasuo “The Unforgiven” and Riven “The Exile” (League of Legends)

(Amazing artwork by @talgyu)


Okay, let’s do this.

Yasuo and Riven are perhaps my two favourite characters in any fictional setting, franchise or series. Yasuo, a disgraced warrior bent on honour and retribution, travelling the fine line between justice and vengeance with the woman who most likely killed his elder and forced him on this road, leading to the death of his friends and even his own brother? Impossible! That can’t happen!

Well, can’t it?

The main appeal for me, is how these two are identical on the opposite sides. Both were cast away from their nations, one fighting a war against it to save it, one fighting to save himself. They both believe in honour, in the hopes of justice and redemption. Both have endured so much pain, losing all the family they had, losing everything to the bloody sin we call war.

Riven, who’s most notable feature is her shattered sword, is a symbol of the ties being cut from her past. Yasuo, who’s blade is still whole, represents a very different story. The man who thinks he is whole is broken, and the woman who thinks she is broken is whole. The similarities, how they’ve hurt eachother so much without even knowing, is something which I want to see develop. Alot of people presume Yasuo will simply try to kill her outright. Why would he do that? That is against his whole character. The Unforgiven ended up here because of his foolish actions, by thinking too fast, by rushing in like a chaotic gust of wind. That man learned and was punished because of that. His symbolic ideals of balance, of life and death and creation and destruction that are so prevalent in his character would carry to his meeting with Riven.

Does he suspect her? Without a doubt. But will he rush to conclusions? No, only a wild and young wind will do that. Even in-game, everything he says to her is never a death threat, but always questions, questions he wants answers to. Their meetings are the beginning of the story, not the end.

If you wish for a wonderful piece of writing that almost perfectly explains their relationship, find “Follow The Wind” on by @tahimikamaxtli, I assure you will not be dissapointed.

Okay, now i’m gonna lie down.

i never wanna see the words ‘boo bear’, management, or ‘oops and hi’ ever again………..

Can you feel my heart?

if I can just make a sad ranty post about this….. what’s so hurtful to me is how Zak keeps proving to us how he views women. when I first started watching GA, I liked how Zak would stand up to “bad spirits” - especially ones that hurt women. idk…. sure it was cringey but as a fangirl - u know how u sort of feel when he’d be making a point to act like the ‘tough guy’/defender of women. he put on this whole show where he appeared flustered around some lady guests when flirting w them, and of course, he infamously devoted half a show to seducing Jerusha. it’s fucking mind-bending how all of that had to have been an act. Maybe his entire persona in the early eps was just an act. Because, as we know, while filming those things he was off w a 16 year old girl and rounding up every fangirl off of twitter. I guess it’s only speculation that I’m saying this, since it’s not facts……. but it’s disheartening. how people can fool you. 


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?