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Heyaa, can you maybe write a fic wherin Jughead Jones and the reader are friends for a few years now, and they are at Pop’s alone together and they just talk about their stories (in which the reader is also a writer if you know what I’m trying to say) and they just goof around? Sorry for the messy question. Love your blog!!
a/n; no spoilers pls. tbh gonna write a too tho


Pop’s was the only place open this time of night, and you could not be more thankful. The whole atmosphere was like form an old movie playing down at the Twilight Drive-in – the neon lights that glimmered on your skin, some louder customers seated in the back that for the life of them could not keep your voice down, an occasional secret date, but most of what gave that vintage vibe was the pretty yellow uniforms and cushion seats. Some dimmed down song played from the stereo. The waitress set down your milkshake and with a happy grin you bit down on your red straw.

Across the table sat Jughead Jones with his silly crooked hat and running his mouth to no end. You were surprised when he approached you for an interview for the schools newspaper, but even more surprised how talkative and passionate he turned out to be once the conversation derailed to something more his type – the Twilight Drive-In. And so you went, sharing stories of break-ins and occasional theft of popcorn and soft drinks. The night drifted on as you spoke.

“You know, for what a nihilist you seem to be at school I never imagined you being so…”


“I was going to say fun,” Your smile dimmed and you glanced down, “but I guess approachable works too.” Jughead was quiet for a short while, eyeing the cherry on the mountain of whip cream that rested on your drink.

“Not sure why you’d put ‘Donny Darko’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence,” There he was with his dry humor again, “but thanks.”

“I happen to like Donny Darko.” You said slowly, catching his gaze, “One of my favorite movies, to be exact. I wouldn’t exactly mind watching it again either.” Jug gulped. “If you hadn’t… caught up yet I’m asking you out.”

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These two are so beautiful. This song is so beautiful. This whole episode was so beautiful. Their mini breakup was so worth it because it gave us this beautiful proposal ❤️ They deserve to be happy. Let them remain happy pls 💕

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pls make some hc where songwriter/singer jeongguk keeps making romantic songs just for his fiance jimin, and thats how jeongguk proposes to him too! by making him a song (and basically the whole nation is awed by the couple <3)

+ “♩L is for the way you look at me.♩”

+ Jimin smiles as Jungkook doesn’t break eye contact as he sways them.

+ “♩O is for the only one I see.” “That’s not even your song Kookie.” Jimin says softly and Jungkook chuckles.

+ “I don’t have any songs for me.” Jungkook says as he pulls Jimin closer so he can kiss him. Jimin giggles into the kiss before Jungkook moves to kiss Jimin’s face, “I only have your songs.”

+ “You’re so sappy.” Jimin says before pecking Jungkook’s lips “I love it.” Jungkook laughs before picking up Jimin and twirling them. “You better, because I’ll always be sappy for you.”

+ Jimin rolls his eyes but his smile never fades. Jungkook kisses Jimin again while his boyfriend wraps his legs around his waist.

+ “How about we go make out own music?” Jimin offers and Jungkook just groans before kissing Jimin again. Jimin chuckles, “I’ll make you scream your favorite high note Kookie.”

+ Jungkook hums happily in his studio as soft music plays through his headphones. After it ends Jungkook leans forward to tap his keyboard.

+ “It’s almost done, it’s almost perfect.” Jungkook says as he replays the music.

+ Jungkook new song, Begin, sweep charts all around the nation. Making men, women, and all who fell in between cry from the feels.

+ “♩you make me Begin♩” Jungkook sings softly to as he lays in bed with Jimin. Jimin smiles softly as Jungkook runs a hand through Jimin’s hair.

+ Jungkook messes with the velvet box before shoving it in his pocket when Jimin walks into the living room in a white suit fixing his tie.

+ “ready to go Hyung?” “Yeah, are you ready for all your awards.” “Only one.” Jungkook says before leaning forward to kiss Jimin softly.

+ Jungkook, no surprise, has won multiple awards through out the ceremony. However he won the biggest award that night and Jungkook felt nervous dragging Jimin on stage with him.

+ “As everyone must know, and is probably tired of me saying it, but everything, every song I’ve ever made since debut has been about Jimin.” Jungkook said intertwining his fingers with Jimin’s who was smiling shyly next to him. “Begin, is also about Hyung. I made it thinking of him. I audition cause of Jimin, I sign a contract with Big Hit cause of Jimin, my debut, all my albums, the little acting, coming out… it’s all been thanks to Jimin’s support, he makes me begin.”

+ Jimin is blushing looking shy and modest while Jungkook feels himself getting worked up.

+ “So many chapters in my life always began with Jimin… so naturally I think this chapter should too.”

+ Jimin and everyone else gasps as Jungkook pulls out the velvet box and drops on one knee with a huge smile.

+ “Park Jimin, please, start this new chapter in my life with me. Continue to grow with me, to always begin with me.” Jungkook asks, “Marry me.”

+ Jimin tears up as he nods and Jungkook jumps up to kiss Jimin while the crowd goes crazy.

+ Media everyone continues to coo over Jungkook’s proposal while the couple just snuggles in their bed.


here’s my entry for the volume 5 anthology! i was lucky enough to be able to draw for crystalanthemums! (do yourself a favor and check out everyone else’s AMAZING art and the video pls…)

i owe a HUGE thank you to the organizers, sollay, city, and ally, for inviting me to join and organizing the whole thing in the first place!!! i was so honored to be a part of this project! as a fan since 2012, it’s sort of been one of my dreams to draw art for a song!! i really can’t thank them enough for this amazing opportunity :’)

my thought process is below the cut!

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Aimless - Tenacious Part 3 (13.4k)

Guys it’s actually here im dying and this took me a whole week okay pls reblog or somethin’. Give me some slack for making them bigger and better each time pls. Some smut, mild angst, adventure, and swearing and robbing and hurting ppl ok? That’s the warning. This is a moving gif fic, where I incorporate gifs of a song into this. That song will be Run. 


The crew and you rove throughout the town’s and cities, causing havoc while occurrences of inner turmoil from the youngest spouts from the leader’s day’s of ruling their gang to be long overdue.


Tenacious 2

Tenacious 4

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@baekhyunlipchain: oh, um basically Lay asked china line to help him with one of his songs but they got overly excited and started planning his whole album. In the end he just wanted more words that rhyme with baby, since “baby” is something he puts in ALL his songs.(like literally ALL OF THEM) Sorry I didn’t make it clear enough  (>_<)

@arisamcclain:  ( ̄▽ ̄) don’t make me think about lay singing daddy, pls

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A - Age: 17

B - Biggest fear: being replaced, being rejected, being abandoned, being problematic without knowing and no-one telling me, ANYONE talking about me behind my back pls do not do this,,,,, and the cool aid man

C - Current time: 12:42 am

D - Drink you last had: milk

E - Every day starts with: i check my messages rly fast but i’m never able to answer them bc i don’t have time–it calms me down to see them when i’m stressed in the mornings tho!!

F - Favourite song: UM,, i don’t exactly have one but i love treasure by claris, the WHOLE koe no katachi movie soundtrack, the ed song from erased, and the second bnha opening!

G - Ghosts, are they real: UHHHHHH i never think abt it tbh KJDGJKS

H - Hometown: Mission Viejo, Cali (where i was born)

I - In love with: @panicatthenowifizone !

J - Jealous of: people who i feel are more worthy of my friends than i am

K - Killed someone: every oc i’ve ever created

L - Last time you cried: probably thirty minutes ago i cry when i breathe

M - Middle name: Elise

N - Number of siblings: 1 younger brother named nick

O - One wish: how about to have my dreams come true! (which answers a bunch of my wishes h ah)

P - Person you last called/texted: Lily

Q - Questions you’re always asked: ‘why are you like this’

S - Song last sung: koi wo shita no wa! i’m tryna do a cover

T - Time you woke up: 6:30 am

U- Underwear colour: uhh– oh they’re apparently pink

V - Vacation destination: well i’m gonna go to florida this summer but i wanna visit cali again and japan eventually

W - Worst habit: UHHH i have way too many to choose one honestly dfjghdfkhdf

X - X-rays you’ve had: i’ve had way too many to be healthy. mostly related to my back pain that i’ve had since i was really young and no-one can figure out what’s up. i also have knee pain and stuff so i’ve had those x-rayed as well i think

Y - Your favourite food: everything. dfjkhdfjk i love pineapple, sushi, teriyaki chicken,….everything

Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


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Soulmate AU!

You know how there are soul mate AU’s where they have the same marks or the timers on their wrists? What if there was one where everyone had a theme song that they always heard as very quiet back ground noise, not enough to be annoying, everyone actually absolutely loves it, unless they get so frustrated about the whole soul mate thing. But their soulmate has the same song and it gets significantly louder when you find them. Imagine indirectly meeting in a crowd. Destiel’s song would obviously be Can’t Help Falling In Love.

hey can y’all like Chill for a little bit before u like start going up in arms about the lyric? it’s not that deep, he’s not shading the boys/the band like dudes Just today he said twice how it’s a hiatus and that when it’s time for them they’ll call each other so that fact hasn’t changed! but this like Negativity and nastiness towards liam over a lyric you’ve not even Heard in its context is unnecessary like i had a friend that heard the song and she said it’s not really that big of a deal in terms of the whole song so like….pls stop and just enjoy what’s going on right now they’re all happy, supportive and enjoying this so do the same! 

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Don't ever spare me pls lolol I would be happily read any length analysis abt these 2 ntm fob is my absolute fave too so like? Win win

OKAY WELL LISTEN the whole song is actually giving me marvey vibes now in such a like….abstract kinda way? idk its weird and all blue in my head but anyway it fits even if you dont ship them romantically bc of how often mike is compared to harvey, so like the song is basically from the pov of someone alluding to their past self/mistakes and that would really work for marvey bc mike is soooo much like harvey was when he was just starting out and i just love the “lived so much life / i think that god is gonna have to kill me twice” line bc it makes me think abt how mike and harvey are both SO alike but theyve both had such different experiences and both KNOW so much and are so DIFFERENT but theyre also two halves of the same whole and the line just makes me think that to get rid of one of them you have to get rid of the other bc theres so much of them in each other, hence the ‘gonna have to kill me twice’ line dfkalafjla this is such a mess but YEAH thanks for listening 

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Mizzy, i just want to know what happened in april/may, pls im confused

ahhh, how should i put this into words? im just so ughhh….this is gonna be long.

So in April and May, they’re ALWAYS seen together. They’re practically glued to each other the whole damn time, inseparable, like magnets, force was too strong.

On April 1st (April Fools), they changed their twitter layout, everything to them, to Jikook/kookmin.

They posted NOT ONE BUT TWO selcas, posted a vid of them singing Homme’s latest song and even called themselves “부산 남자들“.

On 2nd April, there was a special Puma Blaze fansign, and they were seated side by side. Someone asked Jimin bout his abs(I think) and Kook suddenly became touchy feely and started rubbing Jimin’s tummy, not once, but twice. Jimin, too, stretched out his hand and rubbed kook’s neck affectionately, all the while namjoon was talking to fans. Here’s the fancam.

7th April, Bts Puma High cut was released, and in that very short video, there’s a snippet of this very intimate moment between jimin and jungkook. (imho it was unnecessary to put in that shot bc…its unnecessary). If you think that’s the end of Jikook for the month of April, you’re dead wrong. On the 10th, a hd pic of a sleeping Jimin was posted on Twitter, by either one of them, tho I hv a strong feeling it was Jimin. Jimin was so beautiful, and the fact that it was snapped by Jeon Jungkook made it 100000 times better. Also, there’s a cute moment between them during Power of K Concert on the 24th.

Then came May, in which I called The Climax. It’s as if you’d just found a piece of a missing puzzle and suddenly everything made perfect sense when you connected the pieces together. Bangtan released Fire on May 1st, and boy Kook was very wild in the vid. I’m so very sure you know which scene I’m referring to so let’s not go to that (for the sake of your well-being he he). on May 2nd, during Bts Episode, when Jimin was explaining the mv, Kook suddenly went behind him and backhugged him. It was just !!!!! and that part had me in doubt over their rls status, like are you a couple? you must be? Are you not? etc.

Days passed and they became more and more flirtatious when they’re together, and the jikook feels got stronger everyday. On May 4th, on a special day in Korea, which was Children’s day, Jimin posted two videos with Kook. ON A SPECIAL DAY. Now there’s this thing bout jikook and special days in korea, but i’m not gonna elaborate here since this is already getting longer that I expected haha. It’s safe to say that…they’re smth smth.

Nowwwww…’s the ultimate climax.On 7th May, Jimin did a vapp broadcast before their first Epilogue Concert. He was alone initially, but Kook came in out of the blue and joined him till the end of the broadcast. it’s dubbed as one of the glorious and most memorable moments in jikook history. On that very same day, after their concert, Kook posted a selca saying he’s going to sleep, but later on when Jimin posted the vid of him eating the Mala Chicken Kook was there with him, two of them alone in the dorm. Jimin posted another video after they finished eating. So basically an influx of Jikook within a day.

On May 12, there’s another influx of jikook. They snapped FOUR pictures together for Mcountdown, and then jimin was seen wrapping his arm around Kook’s shoulder and the whole Kook poem thing when they got their first win. Here’s the link. oh ofc there’s also a jikook moment in the b.bomb released that day, and not to forget that moment where jimin sneakily held kook’s waist.

However, happiness didnt last long. That night, before mokdong fansigning event started, Jikook stood together.Not long after, Kook was asked to switch places with Tae,and he obediently obliged. Jimin knew smth’s up, and he intentionally asked out loud over the mic on why kook didn’t sit next to him. from the vid, it seemed as tho this whole separating jikook thing was intentional, like they’re forbidden from interacting or smth.

That’s bout it, i guess. I’m sure you saw me ranting on twitter bout this, right? Diff is that, In Fire era, the ones who “unglued” jikook were the members, always the members, altho they kinda failed at it bc jikook went all out afterwards, started flirting like there’s no tmrw during the next few fansigns. They’re just unstoppable. Namjoon did try to separate them on the day they had the Smart uniform event, but yeah, they still found ways to not be apart. So now? I’ve no idea what’s stopping them, bc it’s really apparent that they’ve been getting along fine (them walking out of the building was just so intimate okay) Why can’t we get to see them on camera? Why are they seated so far apart in fansigns? Why didn’t Kook say anything in Jimin’s bday b.bomb when it’s obvious how tightly pressed jimin’s back was against his chest in the group photo??? I have no idea. /sobs into the pillow/

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hey, i love your blog and your url x3 but i was wondering about the latter... is there anything specifically about the song 'prove it' in particular that makes you feel like jb wrote it for jackson?! cuz i'd love to hear your thoughts regarding that!

I mean the whole song reminds me of them, but here…

“Look at me for a sec, don’t be too awkward” A lot of times when JB answered Jackson back with the same teasings or flirtings, Jackson backed away.

or here

by  limjaebeom

or here

“You knew since you saw me first” the whole b-boy king thing, pls~~

“That you will hold my empty hand” (x) (x) (x)

“I’m all about you” (x) (x)

“I hug you tightly so we can be closer” (x) (x) 

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“I can see you once and walk past but
no I want to keep you by my side and see you”

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…. I’m really lazy but here is some parts…

yoi tag! feel free to reblog and answer these -

favourite episode : 10 bc im in fukcing tears its a wild ride aND VICTOR AND YUURI ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED

favourite character : every one of them hmm well victor nikiforov slightly more than others

favourite song : yuri on ice, partizan hope, in regards to love : agape, HISTORY MAKER AND YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (obviously)

favourite ship : victuuri is a given, of course and i really love yurio x otabek and emil x michele

favourite scene : the whole show tbh but  if i had to choose, the kiss in ep in 7

favourite thing about the show :
how EVERY single character from minako to otabek have their own detailed stories and just the fact how groundbreakingly amazing it is

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pros n cons of dating seokmin!!!!!! pls ::)) luv


  • buys u guys matching everything because he loves couple items he LOVES em
  • learns all the songs u like and sings them 2 u at some point 
  • best piggy back rider giver in the whole world 


  • gets too excited about surprises and sometimes gives them away beforehand and ur like….seokmin…..and he’s like sORRY i GOT TOO eXCITED 
  • does the dracula laugh to scare u and ur like Seokmin and he’s like hEh EH hE ok ur not laughing ill stop now 
  • idk?? smile 2 bright u gotta wear shades inside the house 

After seeing soooo many posts about Oh My Girl I actually gave them a listen when I was waiting for EXO’s Monster stage on MCountdown. Windy Day is one of the best girl group songs I’ve heard. It’s different from the normal love songs, the lyrics are as well quite surprising and the whole sound of the song was unique. Pls listen like I did to the other posts and give Oh My Girl a listen.

i’m so sick of ballads. like, not a single ballad every now and then, but of whole albums just with ballads. Kyuhyun has released two solo albums now, and i haven’t listened to any of them more than once, bc the songs are just. so. boring. I just think it’s sad, that if a really great singer like kyuhyun or taeyeon gets a solo, majority of the songs has to be ballads, because their voices can do so much more (so @ sm, please stop debuting solo ballad artists, pls)

taurus x gemini

gemini: (calling) yo fam whatcha doin

taurus: (already waiting for gemini’s call, not missing a beat) the sex w your mom

gemini: u must suck bc my mom is in the other room quiet as a mouse

taurus: pls u can’t just go straight for the sex. my clients need the whole taurus treatment

gemini: the taurus treatment??? you sound like a prostitute. what are u on??

taurus: i woo them first, duh

gemini: yes bc you just have bags of charm, you sex lord. i can hear the underwear dropping all the way over here.

taurus: shut up loser

gemini: no but seriously, tell me your wooing methods

taurus: wow you’re serious for once, you must really wanna know

gemini: i will hang up this phone right now

taurus: okay first, i would sing them a cliche love song w maybe some roses and a candlelight dinner

gemini: where’s the excitement?

taurus; what

gemini: if u were on a date with me, we’d go do something fun

taurus: like what

gemini: like an amusement park with cake

taurus: ok i’ll see you there in an hour

gemini: what

taurus: i’m winking right now, you just can’t see it

gemini: iS tHis a dAtE???

taurus: it’s whatever u want it to be babe

The AH bunch, the AH bunch

That’s the way we became the AH bunch!