this whole scene was way too cute

• sister ursuala is a bitch and I hate everything she’s changed and how she’s ruined everything already
• some very cute pupcake scenes towards the beginning and then a bloody stressful situation with patsy’s dad (please don’t send patsy away!!)
• Also so cute that delia is training to be a midwife atm
• the whole domestic violence situation was horrible and I’m so glad it worked out for the best in the end
• the whole situation with sister mary cynthia has stressed me out and I hate how sister Ursula dealt with it
• Nurse crane was being an angel as always and my fave sarcastic bitch
• Delia talking about the countless times patsy has come into her room!!!!
• Sister Julienne needs her place back and sister Ursula needs to fuck off
• Trixie also needs to come back asap


It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) - Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

5 bullets on this film:

  • I think this movie deals with the topic of mental illness very well, without being too heavy, but in a sensitive way. It’s deep and it makes you think a lot, but there are some funny scenes as well. If you ever feel sad, watch this, it’ll make you feel better.
  • Zach Galifianakis and Emma Roberts are great, they really got into their roles. I loved how all the characters were well-developed  and how each one of them represented different mental illnesses.  
  • The musical interludes basically made the entire movie.
  • The setting is basically the same during the whole movie: a psychiatric hospital. However, the colors and the nice cinematography make everything seem cute and not-boring.
  • When I was around 14 I used to get really sad sometimes, so I watched this film and it really helped me. I also read the novel written by Ned Vizzini, which was based on his own life. I recently found out that he commited suicide in 2013 and I am devastated. When you feel sad, please don’t do anything stupid. 

I keep doodling Space Cowboys Klance from wonderful fics by @thisgirlhastales

Me: there isn’t anything like “too many re-reads” *returns to re-reading this for bazillion-th time*

Me: no way I can draw sultry Lance, but maybe I can make him look badass.
Me: *doodles cute chibis*

Also, I added guns to my imaginary list of things I can’t draw.
P.S. In the first image I didn’t intend the thing to cover Lances whole face (actually, this started as a try of redraw one scene), but.. eh.


Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#127: Bolin’s reaction to Kainora in “In Harm’s Way.”

I don’t have anything interesting to say about this scene.  I just love it because I love Bolin’s reaction: it’s hilarious and adorable.

Jinora gives Kai a cute peck on the cheek:

And then Bolin reveals himself to be a Kainora shipper:

Bolin: Whoa oh!! Tenzin is not going to be happy about this.
Mako: Then don’t tell him.
Bolin: How can I not? This is too juicy!

Gotta love Bolin’s enthusiasm.

The expression on Mako’s face is also priceless: it screams “I’m so over the whole relationship thing.”