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Valentine's Day prompt: cheerleader yuuri

Victor stares at Yuuri, open-mouthed. The bottle of champagne that he’s holding in his left hand almost falls to the floor before he tightens his grip. “Yuuri,” he says, mouth dry.

“Oh, ah, is it not good?” Yuuri asks, blushing hard. He’s looking up at Victor through his thick kohl lashes. “I’ve never been with someone for Valentine’s Day,” Yuuri is honest. “I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.”

Victor preens a little at being the first person Yuuri’s deemed exceptional enough to share a romantic holiday with. But this is their first Valentine’s and whatever he was expecting from his lover, it was not this.

Yuuri continues. “So I checked online. But chocolates and flowers…” he sighs a little. “It didn’t seem personal enough?”

“I wasn’t expecting anything,” Victor finds his voice. He can’t look away from Yuuri, though. He’s still stuck standing there in their kitchen, looking like an idiot with the bottle in one hand and two glasses in the other.

“I know, but… I wanted to?” Yuuri tells him, bitting his bottom lip. “And the internet told me that giving your lover one of their sexual fantasies was also acceptable.”

Victor whines a little. He’s not sure if he’s more pleased by the word ‘lover’ or ‘sexual fantasy’ on Yuuri’s lips.

“And, well, we haven’t really talked about sexual fantasies?” Yuuri says shyly, which is true because their relationship is still pretty new and Victor hadn’t wanted to scare Yuuri away just yet. “So I looked that up too? And this one seemed to be at the top of most lists.” He pulls at the outfit.

“Oh.” Victor says, swallowing hard and looking Yuuri up and down. He’s barefoot, and long legs bare too, all the way up to the cute little blue, pleated skirt that’s around his waist. His midriff is showing too because he has a matching crop-top shirt on as well. It’s the prettiest cheerleading outfit Victor has ever seen. (Although that might just be because Yuuri’s wearing it so well.)

He looks adorable, staring out of his glasses that match his outfit, fidgeting under Victor’s gaze. Victor doesn’t even dare ask where Yuuri got it from (because if he hears anything close to ‘Yurio helped’, the whole scene will be ruined). 

“Is it okay?” Yuuri asks, looking like he’s about to panic.

That’s Victor’s cue to snap out of the trance he’s in. He carefully puts the glasses and champagne on the kitchen island out of the way. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a fantasy like this before,” he purrs. Yuuri looks upset for a second before Victor continues, “But now that I’ve seen you in such a cute outfit, I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking about it. You make such a perfect cheerleader, Yuuri.”

Yuuri blushes as Victor stalks towards him, grabbing at the hem of the skirt. Fuck do Yuuri’s legs look amazing. And his bellybutton is calling out to be kissed.

Victor hums in appreciation, Yuuri looks even better up close. “Are you going to come to the rink dressed like that now? Will you cheer for me from the sidelines like that? Ahhh, how perfect.”

Yuuri’s cheeks are flushed pink. “Victor-” he murmurs, but he doesn’t stop Victor from running his hand up under the top to touch one of Yuuri’s nipples.

“Do you have a routine to show me, then?” Victor asks, raising one eyebrow.

Yuuri licks his lips and Victor can’t help himself - he leans forward to kiss him. His heart feels full. Yuuri went to all this trouble for him. Had put himself out there - not knowing if Victor would enjoy it or not. Which is ridiculous, really, because Victor’s going to like anything Yuuri does for him. 

“If you let me finish-” Yuuri says when they both pull away from the kiss, breathing a little faster than before, “-I could tell you that I have pom pom’s in the bedroom.”

“Lets go, then, I want to see your cheerleading Eros,” Victor teases.

Yuuri laughs, his nervousness gone now that Victor’s shown whole-hearted interest. He winks at Victor as he heads towards their bedroom, bypassing the wide windows and the view of St. Petersburg that had been part of Victor’s plans for tonight. This is so much better though, and the champagne will keep until they’re finished. 

Victor thanks the Valentine’s day gods (if there are any) for the way the skirt flips up in the back as Yuuri walks, showing off the round edges of Yuuri’s ass. “Gimme a ‘D’,” Victor mutters, following his partner into the bedroom.


either way it’s a win for donghae  ¬‿¬

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talk to me about malec taking madzie to disneyworld 👀👀 she loves tiana bc she looks like her!!! which makes her super excited!!! and she gets all the photos with her!!! but also tangled is her fave and they buy her a lil pascal toy!! or smth idk u go from here

i spy #shaum references good this counts haha

  • okay so alec is no disney expert, and magnus is reasonably aware of the concept
  • it’s actually clary and simon who get madzie hooked on those films
  • magnus tends to improve things by using his magic to create real frogs or fireflies or fishes or whatever fits the movie/scene that’s on
  • madzie tries to copy him with varying levels of success, which is as adorable as it sounds
  • and so when it comes to alec’s big weekend off, magnus insists on taking madzie to disney world because it’s where dreams come true, alexander
  • (she’s young and she’s been through enough and she deserves some dreams)
  • alec ends up wearing a pair of mickey mouse ears all day, which magnus finds unbearably cute
  • they queue up like complete mundanes, and as they’re wandering around, madzie wants to know when she can meet the princess
  • and alec wants to cry because there are at least 8 princesses around, what do you mean the princess, how am i meant to work this out
  • but magnus, pro as always, just cruises them right over to tiana’s part of the park for when she arrives, and as soon as she gets on the scene madzie’s whole face just lights up
  • she bounces straight over there and starts chattering away, and alec just stands there with his arm around magnus and smiles because it’s so nice to see that little girl so happy
  • they take way too many photos and spend way too long there, but magnus thanks tiana very well, and madzie skips off looking happier than ever
  • they go on all these cute rides and spend the whole day exploring
  • magnus and alec are disgustingly couple-y which earns them a few looks from some people but they’re both extremely good at ignoring those by now
  • alec doesn’t always understand what’s going on, but part way through the day catarina takes madzie off to the castle leaving alec and magnus to their own devices
  • and all alec knows is magnus insists on going on all the ~dark and scary rides where they can sit a little too close and hold hands, and there’s something so lovely about having magnus in his arms when there’s all these people around, even if they can’t see
  • (there’s an incident on the pirates of the caribbean ride where alec thinks he sees a demon. it’s embarrassing for everyone, but they end up laughing so hard alec gets a stitch afterwards).
  • anyway eventually they hook up with madzie and cat again, and madzie is exhausted, so cat says she’s gonna portal her home.
  • magnus is all for going too until he spots a store window, when he promptly drags alec off there rather than going home
  • and magnus buys madzie this cute little pascal toy, because look, tangled is her second favourite disney movie ever
  • clary and simon are scandalised that the disney renaissance didn’t win that contest but whatever, they don’t get a say
  • and so they portal home, and magnus tucks madzie in with her lil toy, which she is overjoyed to find in the morning
  • the two of them go home, and magnus pulls his coat off thinking his work here is done
  • but then alec has this ring box in his hand, which he somehow managed to sneakily buy in the store when magnus wasn’t looking (how that was possible, magnus will never know)
  • “are you proposing, alexander?”
  • “no, not yet. just commemorating.”
  • it’s a really nice fuckin ring
  • but magnus is more hung up on the not yet than the ring
  • they kiss, and magnus wears that thing every chance he gets
  • and if anyone asks why one of his rings has mickey mouse on it, magnus just smiles and says a special someone gave it to them
  • jokes on you, it wasn’t walt disney

send me an au and i’ll expand on it!

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Have you ever done an analysis on the gifset you just reblogged, with Phil saying 'You loved it, you wanna do it more'? When I first watched that moment I thought it was very flirtatious, the sort of thing that (back then) they wouldn't have normally said anywhere except at home with the cameras off

Could you pls talk about the you loved it iconic moment? I believe there’s not much to say apart from the obvious teasing and giggling but I still adore to read your opinions and what you believe they thought during that kind of moments ♡

ugh wow BLESS both of you for asking about this moment, bc i am truly emotional over how much i love this moment and really the whole scene that precedes it with phil quizzing dan about dragon words. you might think i don’t have a lot to say but like,,, do you know me?? ?? ?? naturally, i have SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS and am hAPPY to ramble about it at length. 

this video came out a few months before i started watching dan and phil and i remember going on an odyssey of watching all of their videos and seeing this moment and thinking that it felt so substantially different to any other particular scene from their vids in the past few years. and i decided that it’s because it is one of the only times where dan treats one of phil’s questionable remarks/innuendos as though it’s directly being addressed to him (bc it literally is lol) and he reacts accordingly (that blush!!!! the averted eyes!! !) when i first saw it i couldn’t decide if i thought it was super fucking cute or just horrifically cringe and awkward (i still kind of think it is the latter tbh, because something about it makes you, the viewer, really aware that THEY are really aware of the camera and the audience and you can physically feel them being constrained by this amorphous audience gaze in that moment). i settled on it being both though–that awkwardness is definitely there, where they’re flirting but they’re doing it in a somewhat stiff manner and dan is clearly searching for a sarcastic reply to phil’s “you wanna do it more,” in order to turn it into a typical ‘weird phil/normal dan’ exchange. this is why he starts saying “alright–that’s–that was–” but he’s clearly a bit too flustered to come up with anything witty and dismissive. so then there’s a really obvious jump cut and it’s just ,,, so good. cute that phil succeeded in making dan so flustered and just sat there gently giggling about it in his very phil way, cute that dan was so blush and giggly too, and then super fuckin cute and significant that they decided to LEAVE THIS WHOLE ExCHANGE IN THE VID and happily share it with us. i mean looking back on it now there’s hardly anything remarkable about it in comparison to all of the ridiculous and blatant flirting they get up to these days on dapg, but for that time it seems like the decision to not cut that part out was a big one. 

regarding the lil quiz scene before it … damn. some actual Gold. i feel like dan was genuinely surprised by phil introducing this bit (as in, it wasn’t pre-planned at all) and i love how candid his reaction to it feels. i think that the lack of preparedness for it is the reason that dan seems unable to even slightly conceal his fondness throughout. it’s just bursting out of him no matter how much he bites down on his smile, and it’s so fucking cute. the way he almost proudly is like ‘if you’re wondering what it’s like to be phil’s friend in any social situation … he comes prepared with icebreakers,’ to underscore how creative and funny phil is. THE LEVEL OF WARMTH AND SOFTNESS IN HIS VOICE and the cute, disgruntled exasperation when he’s like “that’s a phil” in response to “skeen,” it’s so!!!!!!!! ! !! ! ! the really intense way he just stares at phil with a tiny smile when phil is wrapping up the quiz and saying “come for the game leave with some knowledge.” ahhhhhh. dan tried so hard to maintain that sarcastic veneer of like,, ‘phil wtf u and ur weird ideas this is so dumb wtf it’s taking the momentum out of the game wtf i’m going to roll my eyes so hard they fall out w t f’ but like in actuality it is one of the softest things i have ever seen. it really reminds me of one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE dnp videos: the great baby animal quiz. i used to watch this ALL THE TIME when i was sick or sad bc it’s a solid 2 and a half minutes of some of the softest bants they’ve ever had, and dan just blatantly adoring the shit out of phil and his animal facts :( they are so cute and good and nice :(


It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) - Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

5 bullets on this film:

  • I think this movie deals with the topic of mental illness very well, without being too heavy, but in a sensitive way. It’s deep and it makes you think a lot, but there are some funny scenes as well. If you ever feel sad, watch this, it’ll make you feel better.
  • Zach Galifianakis and Emma Roberts are great, they really got into their roles. I loved how all the characters were well-developed  and how each one of them represented different mental illnesses.  
  • The musical interludes basically made the entire movie.
  • The setting is basically the same during the whole movie: a psychiatric hospital. However, the colors and the nice cinematography make everything seem cute and not-boring.
  • When I was around 14 I used to get really sad sometimes, so I watched this film and it really helped me. I also read the novel written by Ned Vizzini, which was based on his own life. I recently found out that he commited suicide in 2013 and I am devastated. When you feel sad, please don’t do anything stupid. 
Outsiders Season 2 Episode 10

What an awesome episode! I loved that we got a taste of day to day life on the mountain. So far we’ve heard more about peace, love, and happiness up there than we’ve actually seen… it’s all been left to the word of characters we love and trust, like Hasil and Lil Foster, so it was really nice to see a little bit of it for ourselves… even with everything that is going on up there. Haylie seemed pretty impacted by what she witnessed and experienced and good. We need her on the side of the Farrells. One, she could be of huge help to them I think, and two, it seems like that’s the only way Hasil avoids getting thrown in prison for kidnapping. Yikes.

I really did love the episode as a whole, but you know I have to focus on our Sasil boos! ❤️ I was smiling ear to ear throughout their little opening scene… Hasil working out, Sally Ann on the phone. I live for these little domestic moments. I was so happy that Sally Ann got an interview and I loved seeing Hasil happy for her too. She looked adorable in her little floral overall outfit thing. How cute is she?

 Hasil was hurting after his pushups, but Sally Ann knows how to make it better

 She always has 😏

 I’m with her though. It’s time to stop fighting. Every time he goes out there he is risking serious injury and imprisonment. I hate that Sally Ann’s job interview didn’t go well, but I guess Hasil would still want to be earning some money himself even if it did. I wish they had more options.

It was interesting and sweet seeing a Hasil that was very much in need of some verbal confirmation of Sally Ann’s love this episode.

Seeing his change in demeanor when he heard what he needed and wanted to hear was everything.

And if we somehow had any doubts about what that meant to him after he whooped ass, we got this little scene

 That meant everything to him and that’s just precious to me. I was literally Frida when Sally Ann said those words

Just wish we could have went back to casa Sasil with them for the consummation of this profession of love ha

But seriously though. We gonna get some sexy Sasil this season? After all they’ve been through, I need some sasil-first-time level sexy

 Based on the previews for the last few eps, it does seem that we’ll get some kind of in bed/intimate scene though. Which is good bc I love quiet moments with these two. Hopefully they are happy and nothing horrible happens and they can make it into the [hopeful] third season together and in one piece.

To me, the best indicator that there is something off about this whole scenario is the fandom reaction to Deckhand!Hook v. fandom reaction to WW!Hook.

Deckhand Hook was definitely the comic relief of that episode, lbr, but there was something about him that resonated to Killian’s actual character, and to real world!CS as well. He wasn’t mocked, he wasn’t literally the clown-with-dog portion of the play, but the whole situation was funny af while also having that grace to have a wee bit of depth and also to give a bit of depth to the character we know and love.

Not going to speak for anyone else, but I legit have zero problem with Killian being comic relief. But with deckhand!Hook, we loled at his allergy, his cluelessness, and his general cinnamon-roll-ness. And Emma was gently ribbing him during the whole ‘regular Jack Sparrow’ scene, and that was cute af, too. And as far as I’ve seen, I’ve really never seen objections to deckhand!Hook or the way Emma interacted with him at all. Plus, even before a TL confirmation, she was owning her relationship with him. ‘I sense we might be close’ ‘Very.’

I’m hoping that it’s not Emma looking at him like…wtf, him buffooning around, and then being knocked out, all the while her treating him with mild revulsion. The Emma I know and love wouldn’t look at this version of her TL alone, lonely, and at rock-bottom and think ‘ick’ and try to downplay her connection to him. She’d maybe have a flicker of shock and amusement at first glance, but she’d recognise the implications (like she did in the AU: that sad little “of course you are”), and would have empathy and emotion, just in the same way she had empathy and emotion watching deckhand!Hook die. Even if she knows she has her Killian safe at home (and legit, I’m still ??? at how they in-universe know this for sure), for her to have zero emotional reaction/connection is just ??? and frankly upsetting as a CS devotee.

And look, I’m not expecting the same kind of beautiful scene with her realising how much Killian means to her after deckhand!Hook died, but it’s OOC af for her not to give a fuck about this version of Killian.

As usual, I’m fully allowing for there to be some contextual element that brings all of that together when the episode airs, but as of right now, it seems like this entire WW plot is an actual giant waste of space.

I understand what people are saying re: this being a twisted world wrought by the EQ’s mind but again:

  1. That wasn’t universally agreed on in the writers room while the writing was happening
  2. Why? Why should I want to spend two episodes exploring a world that’s indicative of the psyche of EQgina? Why do they think I want a straight 84 minutes of “sassy Regina” come to actual life?

 And if nothing is real and it doesn’t matter, why the hell should I care? This whole concept of the wishworld was sloppily and incompletely conceived and it continues to make itself evident.

(although, if the moral of the story is that what Regina thinks actually has no bearing on the world at large, well… that’s something I can get behind, but I didn’t need 84 minutes of breaking down my favs to know that, thanks.)


I keep doodling Space Cowboys Klance from wonderful fics by @thisgirlhastales

Me: there isn’t anything like “too many re-reads” *returns to re-reading this for bazillion-th time*

Me: no way I can draw sultry Lance, but maybe I can make him look badass.
Me: *doodles cute chibis*

Also, I added guns to my imaginary list of things I can’t draw.
P.S. In the first image I didn’t intend the thing to cover Lances whole face (actually, this started as a try of redraw one scene), but.. eh.


MCU The Winter Soldier x Star Wars TFA AU 

On Your Left: How It All Began

Finn as Captain America and Poe as Falcon

What do you do when you’re too shy to ask out the cute guy in your neighbourhood? Get his attention by running literal rings around him every day while he’s on his morning jog! He’ll be so impressed that he’s bound to fall in love with you immediately! There’s no way this plan can fail!

(Finn’s not very good at the whole dating thing)

Prequel to this (x)

My actual thoughts on the "Proposal"

I thought the scene was in character and it made sense for Alex to literally whip out those words. However in context of the whole season it wasn’t the best move. I feel like the writers really wanted to make us happy, and Sanvers does make MOST fans happy. They don’t realize that we could’ve seen them hugging or a pillow talk scene, and would’ve been as happy. What they gave us was cute but in terms of the whole show’s pacing or lack of it, it felt rushed. Not because of it being actually too soon for them as a couple( I think it’s fine), but because of the lack of scenes we got for Sanvers. Either way I’m happy with where they’re at, but I’m also worried of whatever drama they’ll put them through next season.
So I’m totally buying it coming from Alex, even though I sort of wanted Maggie to be the one to say it first, but I just wish we got to see more intimate moments first.

Reasons why “The First Day of Summer” is the best episode:

  • Stingy’s beach outfit
  • “Milford hurry up it’s not as if you got anything heavy to carry”
  • “I wish- no… I wish *just a bit more dramatic than before*
  • Sportacus being kind of a cock block for Milford and Bessie
  • Stingy’s titanic scene during the song
  • Robbie’s dancing (especially the booty shake)
  • The whole ice cream dialogue/monologue
  • “Who did you expect? Sportaflop?”
  • The way Robbie imitates Sportacus’ “šœmõņəś įň ťřôůbłë”
  • “I really really miss those guys”
  • Robbie’s date with the fly
  • The kids being concerned about Robbie
  • “Next time will you please leave a note”
  • “We kinda missed you” “I missed you too”
  • Robbie singing Bing Bang
  • Sportacus being so happy about Robbie singing and dancing to Bing Bang
  • And of course the Sportarobbie dip

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Hello again the nonny that was talking about her mom earlier. She just made me rethink my whole life. So she wanted to rewatch the part with Roan's death cause she was like "ain't no way they killed that cute white man like that" so she rewatched it and she noticed two things one she said 1. If the acid is what "killed" there's no way that it would have effected him that quick cause the fountain was already filled with water. 2. No one drowns that fast cause your instinct is to hold your breath.

I rewatched the scene too and I probably sound crazy but 1) it literally looks like he just gets his stomach scratched if anything cuz he backs away from her knife, 2) like you said the fountain is already full of water, and unless it was full of acid rain, then the rain falling on them during that scene would have dispersed and wouldn’t have affected him to the point of death? 3) he wasn’t even under the water that long???? IDK IDK IM NOT CONVINCED TBH. I know Inside the 100 “confirmed” it but their tweet doesn’t sound that serious to me? Like something feels weird. If he actual fr is dead then that’s kinda a bad death tbh cuz half the fandom is like “no way he died.” Meanwhile when Octavia fell from the cliff 99% of the fandom was like “no way she fucking survived”


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Can I get a 13rw ship please? I'm 5'3.5 I have medium length, dirty blonde hair. My eyes are a smokey blue and change colors. I also have freckles across my nose and face. I like to think of myself as creative. I write, read, and I'm sort of a loner. I love photography. I'm not really the into the whole party scene but I'd still go to them. Thanks 💖(hope this isn't too short haha)

This is fine don’t worry :)
I ship you with Tyler!
You both love photography, so I feel like you two would bond over that so well and due to his attention only being on you, he would stop stalking the other kids. However, he would be completely obsessed with you but in a cute way!! He’d take photos of you when you’re not looking and make little scrapbooks of you both with photos and funny quotes etc.
Tyler would always treat you to little treats too like a hot drink at Monet’s or a trip to a photo gallery and random little things too.

Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#127: Bolin’s reaction to Kainora in “In Harm’s Way.”

I don’t have anything interesting to say about this scene.  I just love it because I love Bolin’s reaction: it’s hilarious and adorable.

Jinora gives Kai a cute peck on the cheek:

And then Bolin reveals himself to be a Kainora shipper:

Bolin: Whoa oh!! Tenzin is not going to be happy about this.
Mako: Then don’t tell him.
Bolin: How can I not? This is too juicy!

Gotta love Bolin’s enthusiasm.

The expression on Mako’s face is also priceless: it screams “I’m so over the whole relationship thing.”

Ok the reason they changed Hamatora's plot is because

According to the Hamatora fanbook, since Hamatora switched to a new studio for season 2 animation, some of the new staffs decided that Hajime was way too cute and they just want her to have more screentime, that why they messed up with the whole plot and changed everything to make Hajime the true heroine and made Nice fall for her.

They basically deleted a lot of Niceart scenes and messed around with Art’s character development since they joined after season 2 and don’t have a lot of attachment to his character and decided he was good for a villain. Hajime was every single staff’s favourite and they spent the money on this project for her to shine.

Originally Hajime’s backstory has nothing to do with Art and Skill, and her minimum was supposed to be the minimum of Slaughter, not Nihilism (therefore it’s not really related to the reason why Art decided to kill Nice)

Post hamilton feelings

okay so i just got back from NY today and hamilton was AMAZING! ngl i was a little afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but the hype is Real y’all!! my full hamilton #Review is below and feel free to shoot an ask or a msg if you have questions or just wanna Yell with me about it, i still have a lot of feelings and Opinions. and besides for hamilton, NY in general was ofc amazing! it’s so big and loud and bright and beautiful!! the buildings were so cool looking i felt like such a tourist taking pics of all the buildings and shit but i couldn’t help it, i loved the #Aesthetic so much. i had so much good food and cocktails! we toured the morgan museum and library and it was so cool to see all these old documents and abstract art. the strand was so cool, i bought a second hand vintage aesop’s fables book and a cool hamilton themed canvas bag, i honestly could have spent all my money there. we p much walked from midtown (our hotel was in hells kitchen) to lower manhattan (west village) all day on the 31st and the rooftop party on new years eve was so cool! the empire state building was all lit up and was right there. if you got my snapchat you probs saw the pics and the following drunk snaps… there was an open bar, so i had a good time lmaoo

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You asked lol: Animals/pets (bonus point if put Sarah in it, pretty please? 🙈 hehe)

I can’t control my fingers with Daddy!Bucky requests. Whoops.

Animals/pets + Bucky

The park was packed with people though it was a Wednesday morning and you could only guess everyone was out to finally welcome the warm weather after such a harsh winter. 

It wasn’t the hottest day New York had faced but it was good enough for you, Bucky and Sarah to have a day off the Tower, the three of you prepared with a picnic basket to head off to Central Park and forget all the avenging deal for the day. 

Sarah had been a bouncing mess ever since you stepped out of the building and her excitement just grew as she noticed the amount of people and kids walking around. 

But Bucky, being the protective father he was, chose the most recluded and quiet spot for you to settle down, not that you exactly minded though. 

Sarah, on the other hand, was unfazed to her father’s ways. 

Whenever she tried to get too far away from where you were sitting, Bucky would call her back, having once or twice got up from his spot to actually bring her back, loud giggles escaping from her lips as he threw her over his shoulders playfully. 

When it came to her sixth time trying to sneak away from him, you held him down and stopped him from getting her back again. 

“She isn’t going too far, Bucky.” You explained with a tentative smile, raising your eyebrows with a bite of your lower lip when he glared at you. “Don’t glare at me, it doesn’t work. We can see her from here, mother bear.”

Bucky held back a smile at your last words, trying to look as serious as he could while looking up at Sarah again, running in full speed as she chased down a few soap bubbles with other kids. 

“I don’t want her to get lost.” He protested with a grumble, his scowl soon melting into a smirk as you kneeled between his legs, pushing him to lean back against the three behind him. 

“She’s not getting lost.” You mumbled quietly, taking the small moment you were both alone to tease him a little, pressing quick kisses to his neck. “Sarah is smart, Bucky. Give her a little credit.”

A chuckle subconsciously escaped from his lips because it was true. 

She was so smart and well mannered and kind hearted that more often than not the team would get surprised with her, especially after missions when she’d actually comfort grown ass adults with the smallest of things. 

So letting himself get lost for a moment, Bucky relaxed against the tree and sighed contently with the feel of your lips against his neck again, going all the way up until you pressed a lazy kiss to his mouth. 

Just as his arms wrapped your waist tightly, bringing your body flush against his like two goddamned teenagers making out while hiding, Sarah’s shriek filled both of your ears making you part the kiss immediately. 

The little girl was kneeling by a tree nearby, looking pitiful at something hidden behind it with such sad eyes that you couldn’t help but run towards her with worried exchanged glances. 

You were expecting anything but that. 

There was a small brown puppy lying down next to Sarah’s knees, his muzzle pressed against her skin as she held her little hands to her back, fingers wiggling with the urge to touch the animal. 

“Mommy, it’s a puppy!” She cooed softly, her loving gaze shifting from the dog to you as she leaned forward, almost as if to protect him. “Can I touch him? Please?”

You chuckled in both amusement and relief before kneeling next to her, shaking your head with a huff as Bucky just kept standing there and glaring at the puppy. 

“He’s so cute!” You huffed out a laugh and picked him up carefully, watching amused as Sarah anxiousness to touch just seemed to build up, her eyes following the puppy religiously. “Open your arms, baby.”

She immediately opened her arms, adjusting them just enough so he could fit in perfectly before you placed the dog into her hold. As soon the dog cuddled up against her chest, a quiet gasp escaped her lips, the look on her eyes of pure amazement as she raised her arms a little up to nuzzle her cheek against the puppy’s head. 

“He’s so small, mommy.” She spoke up again, this time with a wobbly voice as her eyes filled with tears and her lips pouted sadly. “I don’t want to leave him alone.”

You should’ve known this was coming, honestly. 

Knowing Sarah as the both you did, it wasn’t a surprise that she was heartbroken with a stray dog. You had seen her cry with bruises on Steve’s face to the pictures of your wedding, upset that she wasn’t actually there.

And while you found the whole thing kind of cute and tried to explain her the situations, Bucky would get completely desperate

When she cried with Steve’s bruises, Bucky made him wear make-up to cover up. As for the wedding, he wanted to actually do another party so she could participate. He hated to see her cry and desperate times called for desperate measures. 

You momentarily forgot about that small habit of his and didn’t even think about trying to stop him before he stepped up in the scene. 

“We can take him home!” He bursted way too joyful, clearly trying to cheer her up as he kneeled beside you, completely ignoring your dumbfounded expression. “There’s enough space for one more member in the family, right?”

Though Bucky was still looking at Sarah, you had a feeling that the last question was directed to you, an disbelieving laugh escaping from your lips when he grinned knowingly.

“YES!” Sarah shrieked excitedly, lining her head with the puppy’s before looking up at you with her big, blue, pleading eyes. “Can we, mommy? Pretty please?

Bucky chuckled quietly and rested his chin on your shoulder, shrugging almost apologetic though he looked quite content and amused with Sarah’s show. 

The expectation was clear in their eyes and ugh, who were you to deny something to the loves of your life?

Sarah’s face nearly exploded in happiness when she heard your reply.

“Guess we’re taking him home!”

Oh guys its Throwback Thrusday again so  I decided to hit the way back again :)

I figured we wouldn’t mind talking about a couple of scenes in which Daryl was an adorable dork because well.. you know me…

There was this hilarity… being his reaction to not only  unwittingly touching her in an intimate way…

the ‘oh shit what the hell am I doing’ look is priceless..

But it gets better when she suggests 'screwing around’

Daryl actually looks like he turns slightly pink here which is just so plain adorable it gives me life. I mean not the first time he seemed awkward but Carol’s really  overt suggestion just sort….fries his circuits a bit…

“did she actually say that?”  and more importantly “no way she’s serious.. but..”

Daryl you sweet, clueless dork you :)

And course lets not forget this   cuteness..

The whole “that’s funny but I’m gonna  drop my head while I laugh because I like you  and I’m shy..” little kid thing he does here that just melts my heart. Add in the rip in the knee of his pants (and btw who sewed that up hmm?)  just adds to the awkward little boy thing he has going here. I will confess to being just so in love with him in this scene and Carol seems to think he’s adorable too I’m sure.

And of course the best one all… remember this one ladies? When Daryl 'Chatterbox’ Dixon tired to be chivilarious  for his laid faire by offering to carry a water bottle for her…

and completely forgetting  that he’s in fact already carrying two his own..

Oh it was just adorable squee worth hilarity wasn’t it? 

What did it for me was the face palm thing he did right after.

The 'Oh My God I’m so awkward.. and she’s looking at me’ face pal

And Carol…. like the rest of us just think he is the most precious thing ever. Because he’s just so damn embarrassed by this superb display of awkwardness. But also because was just trying so hard.

Daryl sweetie you may play all gruff and tough but when it comes this woman we all know you adore you turn into the most adorably awkward cinnamon roll. And I’m so grateful for that.

I try to remember in the midst of this log hiatus, with not a lot of things to go on and some questionable plotlines, that these sweetly adorable scenes are actually Canon. They happened and every time I see them come across my dash  or my tv screen it jusit gives me such life.

I can’t help it… just enjoy all this cuteness way too much :D