this whole scene was so badass

Sherlock 4x02

I LOVED tonight’s episode. 


-Sherlock writing ‘fuck off’ on the street with his walking pattern was flat out hilarious.

- Mrs. Hudson being a badass to her telling off Mycroft and sticking up for John. 

- Culverton was a very creepy character. I honestly got chills when he talked. Toward the end I wanted to just skip the whole scene but I watched. I loved the similarities done between him and the real like H.H. Holmes. 

-John hearing that Mary asked Sherlock to save John by having himself be in danger and needed John to save him to save himself was perfect. 

-The fact that John did save him but I laughed because Sherlock had a plan all along. “You cock” so freaking perfect. 

-I loved that although Mary was gone John saw her in his head and she was perfectly Mary except she wasn’t. 

-I loved that John talked to ‘Mary’ at the end and told her what happened with the woman. It was raw and perfect. That entire scene between John and Sherlock and ‘Mary’ was perfect. 

-That hug. We all know Sherlock loves John but for John to completely breakdown and be vulnerable and for Sherlock to want to hug someone for a long time was just…really so much growth. 


-Everything tonight was brilliant. I was captivated the whole episode. I am beyond excited for next week.

To anyone who hasn’t read Skip beat: please read Skip Beat.

  • It’s about a girl who gets into the showbiz industry to exact revenge upon a bastard who used her and played with her heart.
  • It’s a wonderful story about a girl learning how to love herself before anything else. 
  • The female protagonist is so very talented and so very strong.
  • On her journey to self discovery she makes new friends and enemies. 
  • Almost all the women in the series are hardcore feminists who value their work and career over their love-life.
  • All the characters have amazing depth to them, and the emotions are very realistic.
  • The female protagonist is a hardcore badass that could possibly kill a man and still look cute doing it.
  • So is the male protagonist. 
  • Hilarious and inspiring side characters.
  • Seriously the complexity of the characters is mind-blowing.
  • It has unique humour which will keep you laughing the whole night.
  • It also has angsty scenes that will make you cry. 
  • It has good slow romance which is completely torturous. 
  • Has fluff so sweet it’ll rot your teeth.
  • The plot is unique and quite frankly a masterpiece.  
  • Basically Skip Beat! has all the elements of an excellent story.
  • Nakamura-sensei (the mangaka) literally planned out everything from the first chapter to the last, so there’s a lot of foreshadowing, which is really cool, and so the story is very grounded. 
  • It also has an anime for those who prefer watching over reading.

Literally the only downside to this manga is the unattractive art style in the beginning, which later on gets better and trust me, the story is so worth it. So please read Skip Beat.

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I haven't seen Underworld yet but I so want to now. Btw #6? OMG!

All I’m gonna say is you can tell that the director was a woman

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I'm so salty over the whole Aelin hitting Manon. The fact that Rowan healed Aelin's hand and then she gave him a blowjob just irritated me more. She just hit a chained person and put a fire around her throats and Rowan reminded her drily not to and it's like the fuck.

Yeah. It was handled so so soooo awkwardly. And I know that they moved past it as characters, but @rufousnmacska put it to me once as something like what was Maas trying to show with that scene? That Aelin is a badass? 

And I honestly have no clue. The only thing I can think of is that of course all the characters are flawed, but someone had to have read an early copy of that book and said “Hey, why does this go down the way it does?” Like that book touched so many hands before publication, not to mention the editor(s) and the outlines that were pre-approved by Bloomsbury. I keep telling myself that it’s going to come back up in the next book in a conversation between Dorian and Manon and that’s why it was so awkward in the book. Or like maybe the scene was actually written from the POV of when it happen and it got cut, and so Maas squeezed in the vital details that way. 

But then the vital details become: Aelin hits and injured, chained Manon simply because she didn’t like what Manon had to say; Rowan and Aedion show that they are just as prejudice as Aelin; Aelin hurts her hand so badly that Rowan heals it (what about Manon’s face?); Aelin rewards him with a blowjob. 

Those become the “vital” details that get shoved into the scene. Unless it comes back in the last book, I honestly can’t figure out what the point is, other than to make Aelin, Rowan and Aedion look bad. Which could be it. Especially Aedion who was a complete DICK the whole book, who ate that nice slice of humble pie at the end (surprised he didn’t choke!). And Rowan too because he was prejudice to Manon on the sly the whole book, but in the end (it wasn’t shown/talked about) but he ended up having to accept that Manon left two of her best sentries to guard them on their journey, that her coven turned the tide of that battle, and that Aelin trusted Manon enough to give her the keys and to protect Elide. It was just so weird. I need like, someone to mention it somewhere even if it’s just Rowan owing a life debt to Asterin or Briar or showing that he realized he was prejudice and he’s changed. Cuz Aelin already showed that.

Sherlock season 4 episode 2 (spoilers)

So I wanted to talk about episode 2 and my thoughts on it

It was so well done the acting the story line everything was just amazing. John admitting to Sherlock he “cheated” on Mary, Sherlock saying he doesn’t want to die, just how badass ms.hudson was, that johnlock hug, and how Mary was in this episode in a classy way.

The whole scene with john and Sherlock at the very end talking about their relationships and just caring for each other was so emotional and just felt so raw it was like seeing it in front of my eyes, and don’t even get me started on how emotional I got when john started to cry and Sherlock comforted him it was just amazing.

I think the villain we have been introduced to this episode was amazing he was just creepy and mysterious and I just loved how we kept finding out new things that just blew my mind.

That scene where Sherlock was saying how he doesn’t want to die was so true and just very showing of how Sherlock has emotions and how they are present in his life.

Mrs.hudson was just such a bad ass in this scene she truly showed how she doesn’t seemed to be as she appears and how strong a character she truly is

I thought that Mary’s existence in this episode was shown in a way that didn’t seem too tacky even though she was given more redemption which I don’t mind to be honest. I liked how it was really john’s brain but in the form of Mary and how she was his voice of reason because I do believe Mary played a big part of johns life but I don’t think that they were ment to be as much as john and Sherlock

one downside is that molly wasn’t shown much in this episode because she is a really great character when not shown completely into and like head over heels for Sherlock because I think she is a badass character on her own without being in love with him

Sense8 cast google chat is my favourite thing on the internet rn
  • Interviewer : Doona, did you have to learn martial arts for the show?
  • Doona : Yeah, you learn anything for the show.
  • Brian : Let me just say that I was there when Doona was doing her fighting scenes.
  • Doona : *giggles*
  • Brian : So she will be so badass when she is acting but when she's done she'll be like *covers face with palms* *initiate shy squeaky voice* ohmygod i just did that!
  • Whole cast : *burst out laughing*

My favorite thing about the whole Nancy shooting the gun scene was the fact that afterwards, she’s the one with the gun and Jonathan has the bat. Like, Jonathan didn’t go all scrub on her and say “well that was just a fluke! I’ll still carry the gun, sweetheart” nah he was like “this girl could kick my ass and she’s on my side so I’m gonna give her the goddamn gun”

And he put nails in the baseball bat afterwards to give him a better shot as well and even then, Steve had the bat during their fight against the monster while Jonathan had the lighter. He probably passed it off to him because he knew that sure, Steve wasn’t his friend, but if he ran back into the house to protect Nancy (something they both want to do), Jonathan wasn’t gonna leave the guy defenseless and one more person on their side couldn’t hurt.

Jonathan Byers is cool under pressure and knows how to delegate work and I nominate him for the job of Plan Master for season two.

So like I just watched the lying detective, and I think I actually died.


like honestly.

all those Mary scenes tho yasssss girl!

So we got to see a creepy weirdo who I TOTALLY THOUGHT WAS GOING TO KISS SHERLOCK

which I do not put past that show

But then he strangles Sherlock and I’m just like, no, not romantic plz stahp

And then Watson rescues Sherlock and then the whole Euros shit goes down and then AAAAAAAAA

+ I knew that lady on the bus was shady!

Oh and Mrs Hudson was a total badass.

Okay but something everyone should know about me is that I am straight up obsessed with the character of Lady Macbeth like I could write multiple textbooks filled with analysis’s about what a badass straight up G she is, but anyway back in 12th grade we were reading the play in brit lit and got broken into groups to analyze one scene and give a whole presentation breaking it down in ‘an interesting way’. So I’m with two other girls and this awkward boy named Aaron and we’re trying to figure out how to make it interesting, the scene we were assigned was when Lady Macbeth convinces her husband to kill the king and jazz. So everyone is stumped but then I started talking about how we could go at it like, 'who’s really in charge of Scotland'  and I had the idea that we give a normal presentation and us three girls just act like complete bitches to Aaron the whole time. Like we purposefully put typos in the slides so we could yell at him for being careless, we planned him talking at the wrong times so we could tell him to shut up, act really controlling, stuff like that. And the class was supposed to be taking notes to give questions/commentary at the end and you could all see them getting so uncomfortable and confused because poor Aaron was really selling it and then. We get to the end and we tied our attitude into the subtext of the play, explain Aaron was Macbeth and we were Lady Macbeth, and “he did all the work but clearly isn’t in charge of this project, so who do you think is really running Scotland?” and oh my God everyone flipped their shit. The teacher literally fell out of her chair clutching her chest. People screamed “YOOOOOOOO” at the tops of their lungs. One guy straight up threw his paper in the air and walked out of the room. It was pandemonium for like almost 10 fucking minutes and it was one of my top five proudest academic moments.

And then one of the other bitches in the group told the teacher that it was her idea and she did all the work so the teacher gave her an extra credit grade to go with our collective group “A”.

So, when I found out a kid in a different class was illegally selling soda out of his locker, I gave him $30 bucks and convinced him to pour a shit load of cherry coke thru the slits in her locker.

Moral of the story: Don’t fuck with Lady Macbeth or me

Can we just talk about Tyrion and Dany for a sec?

Like Tyrion is this amazingly complex character whose super smart and capable and has been the butt of jokes and cruelty his entire life. And now, here comes this magnificent woman, whose done so many impossible things during her short life, this beautiful queen, who is so hard to impress and she actually completely and totally trusts and respects him and lets him know how she feels??? It’s just an amazing scene and I’m so proud of Tyrion because he’s been wanting validation from someone his whole life and he earned the respect and adoration of the ultimate badass. It is incredibly well deserved and long overdue. Well done show, well done.

It’s so weird to think that this obsession started with a fanvid.

A fanvid of Noora and William, a ship that ironically, is one of the few ships of the show that I don’t really ship. But that’s besides the point.

I saw this fanvid, I loved this fanvid and I instantly grew intrigued of Noora and William and their story. I got myself thinking “ooh have I found my new romance? Have I found my new ship.” “Yes yes yes so cute let me find this gem” 

Then I discovered that I had to watch a whole other season before I got this beautiful looking Noorwhelm package. and I got a little annoyed but I began. 

and so I watched the entire first season instead of writing my essay on modernism literature. I laughed and I snapchatted the slow mo punching scene, and Noora’s badass speech to William, to my sister. 

And I fell in love with every single character….(Well actually I kinda had a love/hate relationship with Vilde, but my feelings for her have evolved) 

But damn did i fall in love with Isak. I watched the first two episodes of season 2 before I discovered that the first two clips of season three had just been released like yesterday. (I’m kidding you not. I discovered Skam like a day or two before Isak’s season started. Fate, I tell you, Fate) And i bascially forgot about poor Noora and obsessed with Isak for a bit (I also had that Essay to write) and then Noora’s translated season was taken down and I lost my chance to watch it anyway. (but seriously it was all taken down like the day after I finished season 1. This is fate guys. honestly.) 

Anyway I google translated Isak’s clips in the early days with no subs and basically the obsession just escalated so quickly you have no idea (well actually you guys totes do which is why i loooove you)

Oh and then I finally finished Noora’s season in the hiatus between ep 5 and 6. But like I can’t believe I started this for a ship with two attractive people (who i actually don’t really ship) and ended up staying for so much more. 

The stories this show tells, and the real, honest, and relatable portrayal of teenagers that truly makes you feel like that is you on that screen feeling these things and going through these things. Because honestly, we have all felt and been through what they are feeling right now and that’s what makes this show so brilliant. We see ourselves in these characters and we understand every single thing they feel and think just by one look on their face. 

And seeing that they are feeling how you feel makes us all feel so much less alone. It is honestly the kind of show I wish I had when I was younger and going through a terrible terrible time. I could have used Eva, Isak, Noora and Even to make feel less crazy and silly and misunderstood. I could have used them to teach me that people need people and none of us are truly alone. Because honestly, that is not something you just know. And I love that Skam makes it a priority to teach us that. That we need each other, that we’re worthy of others love and care and that friends can be true and loyal and honest. (Not the kind of dramatic crap we see on Gossip Girl and shit) I just am so grateful that I found this show but I also cannot believe how insanely obsessed I am. I have never been this passionate about a show and part of me knows it’s crazy but another part of me loves it because I know i’m crazy for all the right reasons. This show deserves my soul, my life and my heart. After all it gave me evak…and so much more…but mostly evak. jk ;) 

I just don’t?? Know who that “Portals” episode was for??? Like kids too young or simply uninterested in TFP wouldn’t recognize Soundwave… so all that hullabaloo over a one-off villain seemed off, tonally. They barely explain who he is, what he can do, what he HAS done etc, leaving much to be desired. And yet, even if you were a fan of TFP, it’s a pretty insulting callback seeing as Sounders is very ooc the whole time.

Like he starts off badass but then… can’t even outsmart humans?? And also doesn’t even suspect they would try to send him back? He used to think so far in advance…! Plus that scene where tiny, thin Laserbeak is being chomped on by Grimlock… kinda unnecessary and made me uncomfortable. I dunno if it just lasted too long or what, but seeing Laserbeak– used mostly for distractions, subterfuge, intel gathering etc– get severely beat up in an unfair fight (two large bots vs a minicon?? Really?) just put me off for the rest of the ep.

I would have much rather preferred he got introduced earlier this season (like, say, Steeljaw’s portal for last season opened up the shadow zone for a moment when we weren’t looking) and then let SW go through his own arc. WE know the war is over, but HE doesn’t. He’s so desperate to communicate with Megatron, and probably still harbors a hatred towards Autobots, so what might have happened if he heard from Megs himself? What would he do next? That would have been interesting to explore… would he team up with Team Bee as it suits him to squash the disgraceful Team Steeljaw? Or would his hatred for Autobots lead him to Steeljaw’s pack? Would he try to sabotage both teams out of equal disgust? Or might he just… come to that revelation and fly off somewhere (maybe jazz could later be like: “hey Bee, did you know Soundwave is out? Spotted him a galaxy over…”)

Dear TV God,

Can we please get a Wynonna Earp Renewal?
1. I need to know I get another whole season of sarcastic, hilarious, badass Wynonna one liners that I can’t even quote since there are so many good ones
2. More ridiculously cute Wayhaught scenes. Which with all that’s happened this year would be a great gift to the lesbians

An obsessed Earper and Wayhaught shipper


So aside from the fact that this is freaking badass, this is still such a delightfully Ami scene, because:

  • She didn’t even check before jumping out the window, meaning she knew where the pool was already, meaning she has the whole school mapped out in her head.
  • She probably knows the exact height from which a sailor senshi could drop into a swimming pool and not die because she’s probably run those calculations based on previous battles.

Ami is both badass and a nerd and the two go hand-in-hand.