this whole scene rip my heart

I know Barry proposed for the wrong reasons but I swear my heart is breaking for him! Whenever I think about or see gifs for that last scene and the way he looks at her all I can think is that he’s loved Iris his pretty much his whole life long. He finally has her, he’s finally able to date her exclusively, he’s made love to her over and over again😜, he’s woken up holding her close, and anticipated going home to her every night, so he feels like that’s being ripped away from him now that she’s taken off the ring. He doesn’t know that she’s not leaving him and that she just needs a little time, because they haven’t had the chance to talk about it. He just wakes up from an injury and she’s not wearing it. So writers please please PLEASE give us a scene with them alone at the apartment or somewhere secluded at Star Labs next week before he goes into the speedforce, cause that hallway shit for two seconds ain’t gon cut it!

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Nightmares – Theo Raeken AU Imagine

Requested by kalista-rankins : Can I request a Theo imagine based off yesterday’s episode when Theo keeps having the night terrors (I guess that’s what I should call it) with his sister but at the time he’s sleeping in bed with the reader since she got him all cleaned up earlier that day after getting him out of hell with Liam. Theo sorta wakes up but still thinks he’s in his night terror so instead of the reader he sees his sister and he attacks her. The reader thinks she’s about to die because Theo looks like he wants to kill her and she’s trying her best to pull him back to reality (not sure if you want the reader to bring him back to reality or she’s not strong enough to wake him up so someone else comes in and saves her while fighting Theo off). The reader could have severe/serious injuries and ends up in the hospital but pulls through and is at first afraid of Theo but later makes amends with him and forgives him since she loves him?

Warning: Reader being attacked.

Word Count: 1,975

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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I couldn’t sleep as I rolled over to my side and looked at the boy sound asleep next to me. The moonlight beamed through my bedroom window and over his beautiful face. I still found it hard to believe Theo was back. My little brother and his girlfriend decided to bring him back from hell tonight, thinking Theo could help us with The Ghost Riders.

I had no idea what Liam and Hayden were up to. I was in Canaan with Scott, Lydia, and Malia most of the day. When we came back, Theo was standing in the middle of Scott’s kitchen covered in dirt. It wasn’t easy fighting Malia back from hurting Theo. Nor was it was easy to help Liam convince Scott that sending Theo back would be a mistake because Theo could help save everyone and bring Stiles back with his knowledge about The Wild Hunt and The Ghost Riders.

After everyone cooled off and agreed to let Theo stay, I took him back to my house to clean up and spend the night. I had just gotten him back after three months of thinking I’d had lost him forever. I wasn’t about to let him go again. I’d do anything to keep him here with me.

Theo was in a deep sleep as his chest rose and fell at an even pace, a light snore coming from the back of his throat every now and then. He looked so tired with the dark circles underneath his eyes and the hard lines across his forehead. I couldn’t imagine what Theo had been through and as much as I wanted him to tell me, I didn’t want him to explain it to me on his first night back.

Theo began to stir as his breathing quickened. His eyebrows were furrowed together as he shook his head. “No,” he whispered. “Please… don't…no…”

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With the Tuans - Mark

At the age of sixteen, my parents filed for divorce. My father remarried and I lived under the care of my single mother. Two years after, she told me she was ready to start a new life. I was happy for her, but not for long when she told me I wasn’t part of that life. Because I soon turned eighteen, she abandoned me. One day she told me to pack all my belongings and dropped me off at one of her friend’s home. She didn’t say much. Just that I will be in good hands and that I should never look for her. What could I have said at that age?

I think about it now at twenty-one and rather than mad, I feel sorry for myself. I have no one. If you count the Tuans, then sure, but even they don’t come close. There will always be that emptiness that only a family can fill.

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Not sure if you do this for anything but haikyuu, but Top Free! moments?

Hi anon bean, I do all sorts of top 5, Haikyuu just happens to be the most requested since I’m a Hq blog, but I’m so happy to be able to do a top 5 for Free! I watched this anime just recently and I fell in love with it…it’s truly beautiful and I could talk about it literally all day everyday! There are so many wonderful moments, but these are my faves:

1. The relay with Rin. Everything, everything about this is iconic. From the insane level of angst before (”WHY ISN’T IT FREE?” AAAHHH), to Rei giving up his spot to let Rin swim with his friends again, to how beautiful and triumphant and happy, genuinely happy, they were hugging each other right after they won because they’re finally all together again. THE PICTURE. Let me…just lay here in my corner sobbing allover again. 

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2. The water fight. Ok this is not a moment but a whole episode but ??? how could something be this pure ??? this iconic ??? this dramatic ??? They all died in such metaphorical ways, but my favorite will always be Nagisa killing Rei who dies in Rin’s arms. Rin screaming desperately. They truly deserved a golden globe for that scene. Beautiful. Majestic. A+. 

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3. “I want the four of us to keep swimming together forever!”. This scene ripped my heart out of my chest. I cried so much. I know I say I’m crying all the time, but at that I was truly sobbing with them. Nagisa and Rei crying over Haruka and Makoto graduating shows how human and how fragile they are, how the relay connected them at such a deep level, creating a bond that will last forever. It shows how this anime is not just about swimming, is about friendship, is about improving ourselves, is about how hard it is to go on when, in truth, you just don’t want to let go. I loved how they went from “next year it won’t be the four of us anymore” (just stab me already) to “there won’t be an end for us”

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4. RINHARURALIA. An episode that watered my crops, cleared my skin, made my soul leave my body and ascend in rinharu heaven. This was basically a fanfiction made canon. I smiled from the beginning to the end. How can we forget the bed sharing scene? The innuendos of Rin’s Australian parents? HOW HARU JUMPED ON AN INTERCONTINENTAL FLIGHT JUST BECAUSE RIN ASKED HIM TO (*If I Could Fly plays in the background*). I…just need a moment. Bye. 

5. The last relay. A perfect ending for a perfect season. They didn’t won but…honestly who cares? The imagery of them swimming with the animals and then all together,  the faces of the people there to support them, Rin’s proud expression, them hugging each other, crying but shining with happiness, HARU SMILING WITH TEARS IN HIE EYES. This…this warmed my heart, forever. 

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- Bonus: FUTURE FISH. The level of fanservice here is over the roof but the prize of course goes to…POLICEMAN RIN !!!!!!!

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He’s a whole new form of life.

A Heart Full of Love // Will Poulter

Prompt from @purityimagines : I couldn’t seem to find your ask box but can you write one where Will Poulter proposes to Y/N by doing a flash mob of a scene from Les Miserables? The scene with In My Life and A Heart Full of Love. Will tries to attempt to sing Marius’s part but he kinda sucks and y/n follows along singing Cosette’s part and Will then proposes and the whole TMR cast records everything but then when Will gets on his knee he ends up ripping his pants XD but then y/n says yes!

Warnings : FEELS

Word Count : 653

A/N : Thank you so much for requesting, honestly this was so cute and I got so many feels writing it!

Requests are open! - Send me a message

*If you are interested, you can find the song here

The whole cast had been acting weird all day. I was visiting Will while he was filming and usually everyone was chill and social.

But not today.

Today, everyone was quiet and I could feel a weird vibe coming from everyone, especially Will. He was quiet, which was extremely unusual for him. His hands were sweating like crazy and he kept toying with something in his pocket. Eventually, after about an hour more, I stopped him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“N-nothing,” he stuttered, face paling.

“Don’t bullshit me, Poulter,” I growled.

I turned to Dylan and Thomas, finding they were both focusing very hard on their phones, typing furiously.  I sighed and turned back to my boyfriend, who was nodding at Kaya, who was typing away on her phone before a familiar song rang through the air.

“A heart full of love,” Will began to sing, horribly off key and two octaves too low.

A small laugh bubbled in my chest and I immediately responded.

“A heart full of you.”

“A single look and then I knew.”

He gripped my hands tightly, pulling me into him. His hands rested on my hips and began to sway with me, the only dancing Will did. I glanced around at the others, noticing they all had their phones out, capturing the precious moment. I smiled and turned my attention back to the singing dork in front of me.

“From today…” he sang softly, placing a small kiss to my forehead.

“Every day,” I sang back softly, wrapping my arms around his torso.

“For it isn’t a dream, not a dream after all,” we finished together, lips pressing to each other’s.

He pulled away, resting his forehead against mine, smile breaking out on his face.

“I love you,” he stated.

“I love you too,” I whispered.

“Good,” he said softly, releasing me.

Will stuffed his hand in pocket, taking a deep breath before pulling the unknown object from his pocket. He winked at me before kneeling down on one knee. My heart pounded in my chest, reality of the situation setting in.

“Y/N Y/L/N, since the day I met you, you’ve made me crazy. Crazy mad, crazy protective, crazy in love. You’ve stuck with me through filming, leaving for months on end, weird mood swings, my annoying clinginess, everything. I love you more than anything on this planet and I can’t imagine my life without you. So, Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

All words caught in my throat and I could only nod as a huge smile broke out on his handsome face. He slid the ring onto my finger and I bent down, wrapping my arms around him. Cheers and shouts erupted from our friends while I pressed my lips to his.

I felt him shift to stand up when a tear sounded. Will broke away, face flushing a deep red.

“What happened?” I asked, wiping my eyes.

“I just - I ripped my pants,” he mumbled, looking down at his feet.

We all burst into laughter and I wrapped my arms around him tightly.

“I love you, dork.”

So as promised, my spoiler review of Batman v Superman. To read my impressions of this movie without spoilers and my thoughts still high on adrenaline + rants about how unfair the bad reviews are imo, click here 

 But this one has MAJOR SPOILERS from the movie, so stop reading right now if you still didn’t watch it!


- The editing (or as I like to call in this case, the butchering). It was terrible. I felt like they had so much material filmed they tried to put a little of everything but when you do this, some things are just too short and disconnected with the rest of the movie. There were scenes that would be better if left out instead of adding its 30 seconds version. There’s no point in going back and forth so quickly if you don’t give time to let the scene play out in an appropriate time. The cuts were too sharp without a proper transition that could make sense, some of them I felt almost dizzy.

- Lex Luthor: I get what Eisenberg tried to do and I think it was a great idea in theory. But the execution didn’t work because the character didn’t have the proper time to play out like it would happen in an exclusive Superman movie. The movie has so many characters and parallel storylines you can’t quite grasp where Lex is coming from with all his quirks and maniac aspirations, instead of escalating and getting immersed in who is this person gradually, you’re hit right in the face with everything in the first time we see him. When you don’t have time to portray a character with so many screaming details like this, he becomes annoying and distracting. I thought the trailer was misleading and he would be better in the film, but what we see in the trailers is exactly how he is, no further development or additional layers. We get a glimpse of his past (big daddy issues, apparently Luthor Senior was very abusive) and of his psyché about  the duality of being a genius but still have no power, which is a cool concept for the character when you’re someone who lives among gods and all this discussion but it’s so small, they pretty much just jump straight out to megalomaniac insanity with him. But it’s a courageous approach, you can see Jesse gave his everything but it wasn’t enough, unfortunately. The only thing I really loved about the character was how he manipulated Bruce and Clark and orchestrated everything. But even this was rushed.

- Doomsday: I’m glad he was just a small part of the movie but I was disappointed the aesthetic we got in the trailer is all we get in the movie. Indeed he gets stronger and bigger as he gets hit but the crazy kinda spike rocks growing out of him every time it happened weren’t impressive enough to make his looks increase and look different from an hybrid of a ninja turtle on steroids with Hulk’s Abomination. I honestly thought the Doomsday from the trailer was a a baby Doomsday that would get bigger and meaner-looking as the battle progressed but even if this kinda happens in a small degree, he still looks dumb and plain bad.

- The exaggerated amount of trailers and tv spots we got beforehand: I wish I had watched only the first comic con trailer. The plot wasn’t spoiled, but some of the scenes were totally showed from start to finish in the trailers. Lex introducing Clark and Bruce, the first time we see Wonder Woman suited up, the first time Superman and Batman are face to face in costume when Superman rips the batmobile’s door off. The first was really cringe worthy as it was in the trailers but the other two were amazing and I still felt my heart beating wildly because they are epic moments and with the soundtrack wow, simply iconic, but I wish it was the first time I was watching them.

- One of Batman’s action sequences: the scene in question is one in which he is hallucinating he is ambushed in the desert. That whole fight was terribly choreographed, I have no idea why Snyder chose such a wide framing to shoot it, you can really tell it’s something rehearsed and it looks very slow. But that’s the only action scene that didn’t work.

- The continuity from Man of Steel: As much as I love that you can absolutely feel this is the same universe of MoS, I know this will turn off a lot of casual viewers. That’s the only reason I put it in the bad pile (but don’t worry, this is in the good pile too lol). Because personally, I loved how we start the movie with Bruce’s point of view of what happened in MoS between Clark and Zod. But I saw so many confused faces, most people clearly had no idea what was happening. 

- Bruce’s parents dying again: Ok cool they brought the Comedian from Watchmen to be Bruce’s dad but how many times can we watch little Bruce losing his parents and not roll our eyes? It totally loses the emotional impact when we see it happening for the 26th time.

- No post credits scene: I already knew it wouldn’t happen and I don’t expect every superhero movie to emulate Marvel so I didn’t stay but I heard so many people that waited complaining… I wonder if that’s really the last impression you want to leave on your audience, just give them something simple and small to make them happy after waiting 10 minutes for nothing.


- Ben Affleck became my ultimate batman: He plays my favorite kind of batman, what I call B&B Batman (Brutal & Bitter). He is extremely violent, he just had enough and his motivations are very well displayed. We can see he struggles from a selfless point of view in which he worries with the destruction a powerful creature like Superman could bring among humanity but you also can see him in an almost selfish light too, what can he do when people have a godlike superhero as an option? You can feel he is struggling with becoming obsolete in some ways as much as this is not the focus of his problems with Superman, but it’s there is some degree. We get to see him using his gadgets and when he breaks in to save Martha Kent omg, what an amazing fight! It really shows what he is capable of why Batman is so badass even being a regular human being with no super powers. I was cheering so much! He looks so done 100% of the movie, which I love lol

- Superman saving the world: yes, we get to see Clark saving people from fires and floods and explosions, it’s just amazing! It’s an important thing to show us after all the destruction he participated in Man of Steel, so I’m really glad they reminded everyone who is Superman and what he does most of the time. The way people look at him in an almost worshiping way was equally satisfying and disturbing but very close to how we as human beings function with things more powerful than us, a mix of blind awe and fear.

- Strong insight in what means to be Superman: For the first time I connected with Clark in his cinematographic version. You can really feel how he is the most lonely creature in the world. You can feel how he wants to do good, how much it costs him, how much it hurts him to receive injustice and ungratefulness in return and still not blame us. It’s really strong and a very emotional anchor in the movie, I was speechless about how much a felt for him and very pleased with Henry Cavill’s portray of the character. I just wanted to hug Clark, I still want to dig his body out of his grave to do it. If I had to choose I’d say I’m totally team Superman and I never imagined saying this before this movie

- Lois and Clark: I never cared much about them as a couple, but I won’t lie, they were super cute and strong together. The chemistry was there and Lois humanizes him so much and you don’t feel an unbalance in the relationship, as much as a powerful creature Clark is, Lois is the one to anchor him and give him something he desperately needs: a sense of home and belong and he does reckless things for her (how human of him) so she holds more power than him in some ways.

- Lois Lane being a journalist: I’m so glad she wasn’t doing military/astronaut work in some alien ship like in MoS because it was ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with being a regular human being so I loved to watch her doing high risk journalism and being nosy and going after what she wants. Even if something backfires, she still gets power and knowledge that is game changer for the plot just by doing her job and being good at it, it’s refreshing tbh.

- Alfred: every minute Alfred has screen time, it’s a blessing. He sass the shit out of Bruce and you just want to kiss him for it. I never thought I would say Alfred is hot. But it’s the Jeremy Irons effect, there’s nothing we can do about it, just embrace the feel.

- Wonder Woman: She was flawless. I’m so hyped for her solo movie now. I don’t agree with people who say she should have had more scenes. I’d love to see more of her, but I think this should’ve been exactly what it was: an introduction to leave us wanting more. She is mysterious, badass, takes no shit from our little boys and she’s absolutely amazing! Seriously, the first time she shows all suited up and her score starts to play, you’ll get goosebumps, your heart will threat to beat out of your chest. It’s everything I dreamed, we get to see her using her shield, sword, bracelets and lasso. I love her chemistry with Bruce too and how she cradles Clark’s body in her arms with so much tenderness for such a powerful creature like she is. Ugh I could talk about her all day, I simply love her and Gal Gadot did a great job with the material she got.

- The soundtrack: two of my favorites, Hans Zimmer (Inception, The Dark Night) and Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road) so I was expecting awesomeness and I was not disappointed. It’s a somber score with some exceptions like WW’s song that’s more wild but it’s a heavy movie so it was something expected.

- The tone: yes it’s dark and gritty but a film that contemplates the philosophical questions this one does, even if not in dept, there isn’t many other aesthetic options. I like how DC is so different from Marvel, I love both and it would be super boring if they looked the same. I’m not sure if I’ll take my kids to watch this one, because even being PG13 it’s very adult in its themes and more of a political drama than an action flick, but I’m glad we have this more grown up version too.

- The cinematography: the only thing I expect from director Zack Snyder is great visuals because it’s his forte (maybe his only one) and he didn’t disappoint with cool concepts and beautiful shots. It looks epic and large-scale. I’m also glad his directing is a little more tamed when it comes to the excess he often chooses. I’m imagining Affleck as a more grounded director gave him some advise maybe?

- The Justice League introduction: this is one of the most polarizing questions, but I particularly love how quick it was handled. I was afraid they would put too much of each new character and it’d become a pre justice league movie instead of a batman v superman one. I’m relieved to say this did not happened. It was quick, objective and even if not an epic choice to introduce this characters, it gets the job done. I don’t agree with some people saying it was shoehorned. It’d be bad if these characters would just have more exposure in the next Justice League film, but each one of them will have their own solo movie, so no need to ruin the impact and reveal too much about them beforehand. We (and the other characters) only needed to know they exist, which was accomplished.

- The continuity from Man of Steel: See, this is in the good pile too! As I said, I love that you can absolutely feel this is the same universe of MoS. Even if MoS is not a movie that I love, continuity is a blessing. And as much as the regular audience will feel confused, I loved all the nods for the more hardcore fans. They hint at Darkseid too and I can’t wait!!! 

- The Batman v Superman duel is more dramatic and political than actual action: and I see this is one of the reasons most people are disappointed, but I love how they had so much building up until their confront, which happens only after 1 and a half hour into the movie and is not overly long. These characters are not like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, who already have an emotional connection and background. So to Clark and Bruce go to blows and mean something beyond “fuck yeah cool fight” it has to have something behind it, something that justify how it escalates, something to make it more than two angry men beating each other in some dark alley. And all the political and philosophical questions were amazing to fill this need. I see some reviewers say that the movie has outdated notions of deity and obedience but excuse my french, it’s bullshit. The point of the movie is not to defend this concept but to show how we as flawed human beings convert everything into this because it’s a pattern we understand and seek since we lived in caves. And we still can’t let go of it, no matter how evolved and civilized we think we are. When senator Finch is getting interviewed and is asked: “Do we need a Superman?” and she simply answers: “We have one.” it’s absolutely brilliant and so powerful, it’s one of the moments a movie reaches something way deeper that it even is trying to be and you just wish you could have a little more of that.

- The trinity: Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman fighting together was a breathtaking moment and even if it was more of a tease than a full on battle, I loved every second of it. It’s a dream came true and the “is she with you?” “I though she was with you” exchange didn’t ruin anything, it was actually quite cute and it helped me breathe while I laughed because I was so overwhelmed with the emotion of seeing them lining ready to fight together, wow, I needed some levity to handle it in a non embarrassing way while in public, so I’m grateful 

- Clark’s motivations to fight Batman: I can’t stress this enough: I love how Clark was forced to fight Batman. At first you’d think it’s a cheap excuse but it’s not, any other excuse to have Clark beating the shit out of Bruce even to defend himself would be stupid and out of character. Having his mother, his only pure connection with who he is as Clark Kent and not just Kal-El, to be the catalyst to his confront with Bruce was very smart and respectful to the character. It also added a lot of emotion to the whole sequence, Clark is spiraling in a kaleidoscope of emotions which breaks our heart to watch but add a lot to the character. He clearly doesn’t want to do this but resigned himself that nothing can stays good forever, omg I felt stabbed in the heart and I loved it.  

- The Marthas: Nothing makes me more happy when a movie gives proper importance to the moms. These are boys deeply changed for the presence/absence of their motherly figures. Martha Kent and Martha Wayne being what finally snap both out of their stupidity and put them to work together made me smile from ear to ear, I had to shove a handful of popcorn in my mouth to stop me from squealing loudly in the theater. And when Martha Kent says she figured Batman was a friend of her son because of the cape, man, that’s one of my favorite moments in comic book films of all time and I’ll never forget it.

- Granny’s Peach Tea: enough said, it was such a fabulous twist!

- The death: Ok last but not least, from the moment Clark grabs the kryptonite spear from the moment the end credits rolled up, I was a mess. I started crying right at the moment Lois started to beg him not to do it, and you can clearly see he is going to do it because if not him, who else? When Bruce wrapped Clark’s dead body in his cape to let him slide into Wonder Woman and Lois Lane’s arms, omg, what a powerful scene! I don’t care about how in superhero movies nobody really dies, fuck it, I felt, I felt every bit of it, and I still can’t believe I felt so many emotions in such intensity watching a Zack Snyder film. How iconic was too watch both funerals? One is the spectacular burial of Superman, god, alien, resource, mysterious creature, criticized and hated by most in life but an admired hero by everybody in death. As they say, the perfect heroes are the dead ones because they can’t disappoint us. The other one was the burial of Clark Kent, son, boyfriend, protector, friend, a good man. A very small ceremony at his home, the home that embraced him as a person and not a commodity. I was floored with feelings and the little hint that he’ll return didn’t ruin the impact of the brave choice the script made in killing him off, because it’s expected that he won’t stay dead and kids would leave the theater in tears if they didn’t at least hinted at it.

- “If you seek his monument, look around you”: The quote from architect Christopher Wren’s tomb is so powerful and perfect in this context, I love how they used it for Superman, wow!

CONCLUSION: Yesterday I said I enjoyed BvS very much. Today after a whole night and day to digest it better I can even say that I loved it. It’s those kind of movies that has so much going on and goes against everything you were expecting that you need some hours or days to digest and let it settle in your heart and mind and accept how great it was for what it tried to be and not for what you thought it would be. You have to let go of your speculations and expectations and be free of all this to really embrace this movie, because it’s absolutely the opposite of what everybody predicted and this is a good thing. I’m even more excited now for Justice League and Wonder Woman than I was before. Go see for yourself instead of just following the critics that don’t have the same background as us fans, specially if you love comic book movies!

Belle and Hook: BFFs?

Prompt (Anon): Belle and Killian have, apparently, become friends over the course of the past season. Killian/CS fans believe this demonstrates that Belle has forgiven Killian for trying to kill her and for shooting her. Belle/RB fans cry foul, claiming that the writers have never shown sufficient remorse on Killian’s behalf for their friendship to be healthy or believable. What do you think of the development?

I’m cool with it, Who’sSorryNow!Anon, because they’ve been through a lot and have bonded over suffering through the Frozen arc in S4A. Hook treats Belle like a person instead of a potential conquest or an object, and they give each other emotional support on loving Dark Ones.

I know a lot of people raise their eyebrows at this friendship because of the whole attempted murder water-under-the-enchanted-bridge, but I think it’s in-character for Belle to be forgiving of a Hook who’s trying to change for the better (at least for his Swan).

Here’s what we DIDN’T see (to the tune of Happy Birthday):

♫ It sucks to be you
Your love isn’t true
Your eyeliner’s melting
And I shipped Swanfire too ♫

Ready to get into the nitty gritty of Hook: Not As Bad As He Used to Be? Then let’s go!

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Hey, Gabi. Um. I’m calling you from… the airport, actually. I’m sure you’re wondering, why am I at the airport? Good question. You- you always ask good questions.
It’s because- last night, after I called off my wedding, you’re the person that I wanted to see. I even ran up your fire escape with roses. Um, I don’t know what I was gonna say, but I knew that I needed to see you, and then I saw Cooper, and you. And- look, if you’re happy with Cooper, just disregard this whole message, but if you think you might, like, be happier with me, call me back.
—  Josh Kaminski breaking my heart in a million little pieces

30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who

Day sixteen: Which episode or scene made you feel all the feels?

Really this whole episode kills me (God, so many Master feels), but this scene never fails to rip my heart out. It isn’t even the fact that you know that Ten is about to regenerate, which is a separate pain in and of itself, but this person in this scene is unrecognizable from what he was when he regenerated. The tenth doctor was essentially born to love with all of his hearts and lost nearly everyone (Just moments before he watched his childhood best friend-turned-enemy sacrifice himself to save him). This person, the Time Lord Victorious, has been bent and twisted by his fate and it hurts. 

(And once again, in his moment of anger and hurt, he tells Wilfred that he’s not important, which is exactly what he said to Donna when he met her. Do not touch me.)   


I’m pretty emotional but movies don’t often make me cry. I mean a few years ago, I was watching Forrest Gump at like 1:00 in the morning and I actually cried pretty hard during that one scene where he visits Jenny’s grave and it was like borderline emotional breakdown but that’s a whole other story lol. When I first watched Tangled I came in with no expectations, having no prior knowledge of it other than the original Rapunzel story. What I really didn’t expect was to have my heart ripped out during this scene right here. I felt my eyes water while the Queen wiped away the Kings tear and he placed his hand on her arm and forced a smile. I was just imagining how terrible they both felt, never knowing if they would see their daughter again but they had to stay strong and hopeful for each other. And then I legit started crying when they walked out the doors and released the lantern and the rest of the townspeople released theirs and lit up the sky all while the ending of Waiting for the Lights was playing. It was so sad and beautiful I just lost it and that’s the story of the first time I cried during a movie.

Oh guys its Throwback Thrusday again so  I decided to hit the way back again :)

I figured we wouldn’t mind talking about a couple of scenes in which Daryl was an adorable dork because well.. you know me…

There was this hilarity… being his reaction to not only  unwittingly touching her in an intimate way…

the ‘oh shit what the hell am I doing’ look is priceless..

But it gets better when she suggests 'screwing around’

Daryl actually looks like he turns slightly pink here which is just so plain adorable it gives me life. I mean not the first time he seemed awkward but Carol’s really  overt suggestion just sort….fries his circuits a bit…

“did she actually say that?”  and more importantly “no way she’s serious.. but..”

Daryl you sweet, clueless dork you :)

And course lets not forget this   cuteness..

The whole “that’s funny but I’m gonna  drop my head while I laugh because I like you  and I’m shy..” little kid thing he does here that just melts my heart. Add in the rip in the knee of his pants (and btw who sewed that up hmm?)  just adds to the awkward little boy thing he has going here. I will confess to being just so in love with him in this scene and Carol seems to think he’s adorable too I’m sure.

And of course the best one all… remember this one ladies? When Daryl 'Chatterbox’ Dixon tired to be chivilarious  for his laid faire by offering to carry a water bottle for her…

and completely forgetting  that he’s in fact already carrying two his own..

Oh it was just adorable squee worth hilarity wasn’t it? 

What did it for me was the face palm thing he did right after.

The 'Oh My God I’m so awkward.. and she’s looking at me’ face pal

And Carol…. like the rest of us just think he is the most precious thing ever. Because he’s just so damn embarrassed by this superb display of awkwardness. But also because was just trying so hard.

Daryl sweetie you may play all gruff and tough but when it comes this woman we all know you adore you turn into the most adorably awkward cinnamon roll. And I’m so grateful for that.

I try to remember in the midst of this log hiatus, with not a lot of things to go on and some questionable plotlines, that these sweetly adorable scenes are actually Canon. They happened and every time I see them come across my dash  or my tv screen it jusit gives me such life.

I can’t help it… just enjoy all this cuteness way too much :D

This Arc is getting longer, and threats keep appearing.


So Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus have been crucified… wow. The fact that the strongest guild since (right after FT) gets literally CRUCIFIED by the enemy is alarming. Mind you, besides Gajeel’s squad, every other member has been constantly battling and I don’t understand how they can keep going. Their magic has to rub out at some point??? And if not magic, their stamina just can’t deal with constant battling.

Now I’m also a bit worried about the team Gajeel has. Yes, most of the mages are S Class (or have tried out for it) but our real strong mages are Mirajane & Gajeel. Panther Lilly can only transform for an allotted amount of time so he can’t really count for however many chapter it takes them to defeat whatever Spriggan is headed their way (could it be August??).

If we move away from Gajeel’s team and move to Erza’s, it’s a completely different story. The three of together and ready for battle would mean serious damage to all the Spriggan. But that’s the problem - they aren’t ready. Erza is STILL wounded, in fact, the woman has not rested since the begining of the arc. That means she’s down to whatever small amount of magic she has left. Sure, Jellal is on a whole other level and will probably aid to whatever strength in the team that will be lost due to Erza’s health but in my opinion, this whole Simon scene is going to rip our hearts to shreds. Side note: Jerza moment is within reach.

Next up - JUVIA AND GRAY. We’ve only scene them for a bit getting their ass handed to them by robots until they figured how to fight them. That was CHAPTERS ago. They have yet to really meet a Spriggan and I’m a bit worried since I only see them with Melody. Although they can be powerful together, I’m still skeptical about them being able to beat one of their own BUT, maybe I’m wrong (I hope I am)… I’m just still really dumbfounded about the crucifixtion.

Finally, Natsu and Lucy. I think the best thing for them to do is rest, and I’m glad that’s sort of happening at this moment. More than any other guild member, Natsu needs to keep his magic and stamina spotless. He is the key to beating Zeref and Lucy needs to be his support (alongside Miss Mavis!).

The only positive thing about the whole chapter was Cana taking part in a pivotal moment to Fairy Tail. I’m sort of wanting Mavis to re-live again but I’m unsure if that’s possible. She is the last hope to defeating Zeref (alongside Natsu)… *SIGHHH*

Let’s chat about this. I’m screaming in frustration.

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Zootopia Clips (IN HD!!!)

I love this clip right here, from the beginning. 

It sets the character up, the tone of the movie.

It is a fantastic scene, a great introduction to the character.


The Train scene.

A beautiful scene.

Nothing but visuals.

A fantastic setup of what Zootopia looks like.

Visually stunning it is.


As you can see here, this is the moment where your heart was ripped apart.

Sad scene, it is.

Judy, you know you fucked up. 

Okay, in my opinion, it’s not entirely her fault.

She may had said something offensive, but she was pressured by the press.

But heartbreaking scene, it is.


This right here is one of the cutest scenes in the movie.

Judy’s old bully, Gideon, is now baking pies for the Bonnie and Stu.

And the confrontation between Gideon and Judy, 15 years later, is very cute.

And I am guessing that somewhere, they’re people who ship the two.


The apology scene.

Hands down, the best scene in the whole movie.

Finally, a scene between Judy and Nick that is very sad to watch.

Most of the scenes we saw between the two, were just funny scenes.

But, this scene and the press conference, were very well done, because conflict was happening.

And for the Wilde Hopps shippers, lets just call this, the first scene to jumpstart their romance in the future.

That is it.

That is all I have for you.

These scenes have clear audio and HD.

That is my take.

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every time I see the scene with Stephen and Christine before he leaves the hospital for the last time I just remember Rachel McAdams saying how emotionally available Benedict was and how he cried for EIGHT. HOURS. to film that. He is such a phenomenal actor and the results are all right there. That whole movie though is like…. rip my heart out and trample all over it. That scene is one of the ones that hurts the most.