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Let’s Talk About That Sensational Show, Shall We?

It is not without bitterness that I wish to talk about the second season of Sense8 and about the show in general.

As we all know, Netflix announced a few days ago that the show would not be back for a third season, as of now without explanation.

When I watched the first season, it took me until episode three to actually get into the story and wanting to understand it better. And then of course the end of episode four happened, and I fell in love and finished the first season in a couple of sleepless nights.

I was so excited when it was announced that we would get a 2016 Christmas special, to help make the waiting more bearable. I will admit that after watching it for the first time, I felt unsatisfied, I expected more, because even though it was a two-hour special, it did not move the story forward – in fact, it felt like two hours of stagnation without proper development, despite of course a wonderful directing and soundtrack. Nevertheless, I was still happy because we got some new Sense8.

When the second season got released exactly one month ago on Netflix, I dedicated two days to watching the episodes and I was not disappointed at all.

I thought Lana Wachowski did a tremendous job, especially when knowing that her sister Lilly withdrew from the project and she had to manage practically everything on her own. I cannot pick one or even two favourite episodes simply because each one contains significant and epic lines, scenes or shots. I, however picked a few favourite scenes, which are the following:
- As the Christmas special is part of the second season, I picked the Birthday Party simply because we were, once again, shown how powerful the bond of the Sensates is, and that even though they are eight individuals, they are also “a we” and “one”.
- All of the fighting scenes involving Sun, particularly the ones when she – and subsequently the whole cluster almost died from hanging. It felt so intense I think I stopped breathing with them. I also loved the cemetery scene when she was challenging Detective Mun. They are Ying and Yang, Sun and Moon, and it is beautiful to see Sun finally being challenged and admired by a man for who she is, knowing how badly she suffered from misogynist behaviours in her corporate life.

- The montage of Wolfgang visiting the cluster to “ask for help” his own way before meeting with Lila Facchini, a Sensate from Italy who is somehow obsessed with him and will not leave him be. He is the least talkative of the cluster, and one thing I love is that they know each other so well that one does not need to voice their concerns in order to be understood, especially someone as manly as Wolfgang who would never expressly ask for help.
- The Protests montage between India/Kenya/Amanita being car chased in San Francisco. It was probably the second most tense-filled moment of the season when I actually wondered: “Is someone about to get hurt seriously?” I honestly thought something would happen to Amanita, but knowing how important she is and the value she brings to Nomi’s cluster, I knew this could not actually happen.
- Nomi’s father standing up in front of the FBI agent saying “Take your hands off my daughter”. Six words that made me tear up and still give me chills when rewatching the scene, simply because there are many transgendered, and more generally, LGBTQ people in the world, struggling to be accepted by those they love. It was empowering and truly a lesson of acceptance.

I could pick many and many others such as the moments involving our unstoppable epic trios Will-Sun-Wolfgang/Lito-Dani-Hernando, but those are the five moments that echoed the most. 

As a hopeless romantic, I loved the significant development of Kala and Wolfgang’s relationship at the end of the season. I was worried when I saw that they kept them on the backburner with few scenes compared to the other romantic pairings, but then it slowly progressed, even though I got a little bored with Kala’s indecisiveness which, inevitably, would have hurt both of the men, had she not taken a decision (Pretending isn’t a life, right?).

I also loved the scenes between Will and Riley, clearly showing that the romantic bond is heightened when they are together physically. I definitely consider them the ‘parents’ of the cluster.

As Wolfgang and Kala were finally and officially together and ready for the next step, which was hopping on a plane and meeting in Paris (thank you Rajan for buying her an apartment in one of the most romantic cities in the world), Lila had other plans for Wolfie and sold him to Whispers, who had him captured and tortured by the Biologic Preservation Organisation. The season ended with the seven members of the cluster being finally together in the flesh in London, on a mission to save Wolfgang.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – Netflix officially announced that Sense8 would not be back for a third season. Although there has not been an official explanation, Brian J. Smith aka Will, implied that the show was too expensive to produce and the number of viewers was not enough to support such a big global production.

From a financial perspective, it is justified, from a moral one, not so much, especially knowing the huge impact it had on people globally. Among the eight characters there is at least one you can identify with. Not only that, but cancelling it when it ended on a big cliffhanger, but also while being introduced to other members of clusters around the world calls for at least a big movie to conclude, if not a full season to explore the story of Homo Sensoriums deeper. Besides, now that the members of our favourite cluster are all together in London, the filming location could be reduced to Europe.

I consider Sense8 more than a simple show. Besides being ambitious, diverse and inclusive, it is bold, it touches upon subjects that might be uncomfortable to talk about, but still are important to discuss. It also brings many stereotypes to light, and uses those to twist them and turn them into something we would not have expected but works so well. In the current tense political and societal landscapes, it is important to remind people that diversity is what makes us rich from the inside.

Could Sense8 be the first show saved by Netflix? 

While waiting for an official explanation, there is a widely spread petition which has been signed by +400,000 fans from across the world, and it has been launched less than a week ago so it is not crazy to believe it could reach half a million by the end of the week.
In the meantime, you can still stream the 23 episodes of Sense8, and if you are not watching it yet, maybe this will help you decide.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & The Power of Soundtrack as a Storytelling Tool

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a fantastic movie, and I would even call it a better sequel than the original. There are a lot of reasons for this, from better utilization of the characters to more engaging subplots to much better and more fleshed-out antagonists. But one of the absolutely best parts of the entire movie is the fact that the soundtrack itself actually ties in and helps tell the story of the movie, as opposed to the first movie which had the songs there to show Peter Quill, and by extension, his mother, have excellent taste in music. Beware; there are spoilers ahead.

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Same anon: Like, I'm even noticing how you paralleled the original scene and the whole mess with Mike, even with how quickly done the originals were. The epic fight scene leads someone to get injured, and the resulting injury reveals something that perhaps the recipient hadn't lied about, but certainly hadn't ever revealed outright. DAMN YOU'RE A GOOD STORYTELLER. (Also: do it. I dare you. Gimme a smoochin'. Maybe I'll come off anon.)

Anon are you trying to seduce me by pointing details that took  hours and hours of hard work..?
because if so, let me tell you…

it’s working  ♡

Honestly though, it’s comments like these that makes everything so worth it.
Thank you so so so much!!  ♡ ♡

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I think you should do the Clone Wars Movie! It's amazing and the intro of Rex, Ventress and Ahsoka. I think it would be perfect for a Special recap ☺

Hello there, anonymous friend! I believe my pal @evaceratops requested this as well and I meant to reply to her too, so let’s make it a two-for-one! :) 

I am absolutely on board with doing the TCW movie at some point (Ahsoka’s introductory scene where Anakin’s head damn near explodes is worth the price of admission alone) BUT: 

1. While I agree it would make an EPIC 100th post, I can’t usually do a whole movie in one post, for both length reasons and for the sake of what precious little is left of my normalcy. The single solitary exception to this was the time I somehow recapped the entire Star Wars Holiday Special in one fell swoop. Though, really, the Holiday Special probably SHOULD be considered in a class of its own for MANY reasons. 😉

2. I’m reeeaaally trying not to do the thing I just did where I had multiple movie recaps open at once. I am going to try and make sure I finish Attack of the Clones first, which probably has another 2-3 recaps’ worth of content left for me to cover. So I will definitely get to it eventually, but it might be a little while! Stay tuned!! 

What if Eren isn’t the true hero of Attack On Titan?

Wait, what? Eren’s not the hero? That’s ridiculous, the story’s been revolving around him from the start, right? Right?

Well, yeah, that’s the assumption we all made. And until Chapter 65, we had no reason to doubt it. Eren could transform into a Titan, and was referred to many times over as the last hope of humanity.

To be clear, Eren is a hero. I don’t think any of us can doubt that. The question is whether he occupies the traditional story role of The Hero; i.e. the one who will ultimately defeat the great evil and save the world. And recent story developments have been really making me doubt whether that is truly Eren’s purpose.

Listen carefully to what Eren says in Chapter 65, without writing it off as simply depression. 

And in Chapter 66:

And Chapter 71:

What I’m asking is: what if he’s right?

What if he’s had the meta-fictional realisation that he’s not the actual hero of this story?

This isn’t the first time that this has happened in fiction. In Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, the character of Sayaka Miki seems to mistakenly believe herself to be the story’s hero. And why shouldn’t she? Her kindness and her unshakeable desire to do the right thing, together with her bold and impetuous nature, seem to make her the ideal candidate for an anime protagonist.  But all the while, it’s clear from the title that shy, powerless Madoka who constantly feels as though she is only a useless burden is the story’s real hero.

Sound familiar?

Because Eren is enormously similar to Sayaka in that regard - he possesses all those features, and yet he’s not the real hero. In Chapter 65, he realises that he’s not worthy of the role, and offers it to Historia - after all, she’s even better suited; the endlessly kind princess who will soon have the power to turn into a titan like he can - only for her to reject it. It’s only in Chapter 84 that Eren realises the true hero’s identity at last.

That shy powerless character who constantly feels as though he is only a useless burden.

Whilst never having an epic fight scene, whilst being omitted from the promo posters, whilst only being 10th in character popularity polls, Armin has been saving humanity again and again and again, all from the background. And let’s not forget that the dreams that started all of this…

…were Armin’s. Not Eren’s. The hero has been shying away from the spotlight this whole time. He was chosen to be the anime’s narrator for a reason.

And now he’s stepping onto centre stage.

He’s had a heroic resurrection, symbolically absorbing his parallel selves in the deaths of Bertholdt and Erwin to finally become whole. He now possesses the abilities of the most powerful Titan of all. He is now the most intelligent strategist alive. And on top of that, he might even be of royal blood.

Eren died as a weak human and was resurrected as a powerful superhuman hero. Armin’s resurrection has multiplied that by ten. The colossal powers hidden within Armin are finally being unleashed and they will be what ultimately save humanity within the walls.

Characters have mistakenly believed themselves to be their story’s hero before, but as far as I know, this is the first time that this has happened with the main character themselves. It also fits totally in line with SNK’s deconstruction (in Eren’s role as hero) and reconstruction (in Armin’s coming into the role) of classic shonen tropes. There is the issue of Eren’s ownership of the Co-Ordinate, however, which does give him a heroic ability beyond Armin’s. There is a way that this might transfer to Armin, but we all know how, and let’s just hope that doesn’t happen. But even if it doesn’t, Eren’s role as the Not-Actual-Hero can still continue, as Grisha’s injection of him with the serum is treated by both the Reisses, the Warriors, and Eren himself as an abberration from the ‘way things are supposed to be’ - a hole in the story structure SNK imitates.

Of course, this isn’t meant to belittle Eren’s character in any way. Eren himself thought it did - his identity crisis in Chapter 65 when he had this epiphany made him suicidal - but Historia’s refusal to let him die proved that line of thinking to be bogus. Eren has wanted to be the hero since Chapter 1, and his disillusionment with it, yet still continuing to fight regardless, really marks his development as a person from fighting selfishly to fighting selflessly - again, deconstruction and reconstruction. Besides, like Carla says in Ch 81:

Even if you’re not ‘special’, you can still be a hero. And those who you might think are the least important may well be the most important at all.

🏮My Thoughts on Day of the Departed!🏮

(MEGA SPOILERS AHEAD! I have no idea how to make a “read more” cut, so scroll at your own risk!)

~ Pythor’s kleptomaniac tendencies made me laugh to no end! “Look, a knife!” *takes it just for kicks*

~ Nya seems to get more relatable to me with every episode. One of the first things she said was that the Day of the Departed “wouldn’t be complete without lanterns!” Well I had went out and got a new color cartridge for my printer just so I could make a few lanterns! Guess the feeling was mutual on that one.

~ The montage of lantern releases with Wu’s speech almost made me cry. It made me want to jump across the room and give my mom a hug!

~ Wu: *rises cup of Remembrance Tea to the FSM* Me: *toasts my cup of tea towards the TV while fighting back tears*

~ Morro’s noises as he was being revived though….. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

~ Glad they didn’t have the Overlord statue built! Shudder to think what THAT would have caused.

~ Was anyone else getting “Rise of the Guardians” vibes from the scene where everyone just walks right through Cole at the museum?

~ I agree with the sentiments that the whole thing felt slightly rushed, still amazing though.

~ Is it me, or was there less epic battle music than there should have been? Seemed like a lot of the fight scenes were quieter than usual.

~ Chen and his love affair with that ridiculous chair never fails to get a laugh from me!

~ I was a little shocked that Morro didn’t go after Lloyd, but then I remembered the character development he had at the end S5.

~ Speaking of Morro, I felt a bit ripped off at how little screen time he had!

~ Love that Nya dealt the killing blow to Chen, nothing like water-jetting a missile into a mech to finish someone off!

~ Can’t believe they actually acknowledged that the Nindroids are technically Zane’s siblings! Wonder if they’ll go any farther with this…..

~ Really wish they brought Garmadon back for the night. To have seen his ghost fight alongside his son one last time would have been amazing!

~ On the Yin Blade: the yin-yang symbol is all about balance right? As Sensei Yang was testing the immortality spell, he was only using things that were dead, which the blade restores to life. With the theme of balance in mind, it only makes sense that the spell would kill something that’s alive, because it gives the opposite and equal effect of the state whatever the thing it’s being cast on is in!

~ Which student was Chuck, what’s their real name and where are they now?

~ Dear lord, Ronin, your plan was to just rob everyone blind on a holiday!? Dirtbag.

~ Nya: “I can’t get in closer! The winds are to strong!” Me: “Well, if Morro had stuck around instead of just going back into the beyond, this wouldn’t be a problem!”

~ That crazy orange glowy thing that Cole unleashed was too cool! Hope it has some significance in the coming season!

~ Jay is going to freak out if he ever encounters Yang now that they live in the temple!

so with this new trend of making Disney movies into live-action films I think we all know which one should be next


with epic ass battle scenes, legitimately confused sexuality Shang, adorable awkward Mulan saving the whole of China, talking sassy little dragon, probably the best costumes in any movie ever, and most importantly 100% CHINESE CAST BECAUSE THERE IS LITERALLY NO WAY OUT OF THIS ONE

(though if they want to keep Eddie Murphy as the voice of said dragon then that is more than acceptable)

Critical Role is Shakespeare

Tonight I realized something that might be kind of obvious and already recognized by most, but it only just dawned on me so bear with me. I was thinking about what media is the closest comparison to Critical Role and other RPG streams, and then I realized…they’re most like Shakespearean plays, as they were performed back when they were written.

Things true about both Critical Role and traditionally-performed Shakespearean plays:
1. They’re live.

2. They feature big, epic stories with scenes, monologues (think of Vax talking to the Raven Queen), romances, tragedy, humor, fight scenes, plot twists, ridiculous situations, and important figures (though they might come from humble backgrounds, but every d&d game ends up having its party deal with world-changing events and huge public figures).

3. As they’re performed, they simultaneously feature commentary on what’s happening.  It is believed by many scholars that the groundlings, the common folk audience members who stood for the whole show, often shouted things at the stage in response to what was happening, and even that the actors possibly responded. On Critical Role, the people commenting on the show are the same ones performing it.

4. They’re long. Shakespearean shows were 3-6 hours long. Most media now is about two hours, including Shakespearean shows (since they are heavily cut down. It’s very rare to see a performance of a full Shakespearean play). The belief is that audiences will get bored, and for the most part that’s true, as you can see with reviews of any movie that runs longer than two and a half hours. People will ALWAYS comment that it’s too long. TV shows don’t run longer than an hour and a half even when they’re online and so don’t have to worry about schedules or commercials. Online videos run even shorter. What other modern medium except RPG streaming is 4-5 hours long, with people watching it that entire time?

5. They rely on the audience’s imagination. It’s almost certain that Shakespearean shows used only the most minimal of set pieces, and it’s believe by many that they used minimal costuming as well. You didn’t need that stuff; it was assumed the audience could imagine those things for themselves. As we see from Critical Role fan artists, that’s very true.

6. Language is key. If you’re ever read a Shakespearean script, you’ll know how minimal the blocking and stage directions are. There’s a reason the stage direction “exit, pursued by bear” is so famous; it’s one of the only stage directions actually written in the script. Shakespearean scripts did not contain these things in part because no one thought anyone would ever want to read the scripts. Plays stayed within theater companies/troupes, who taught new recruits the blocking they always used for their plays. It was passed down orally and so did not need to be written down. Another reason scholars think blocking was not written down is because it was just not seen as being very important. With any Shakespearean play, the power is in the words. They create the scene, reveal the characters, etc. On Critical Role, while the facial expressions and gestures made by the cast are certainly important, I don’t think anyone would disagree that audio is the heart of the show. I regularly listen to the show at work, and do not have the video pulled up, but I can still understand 99% of what happens because the show is so based on speech, sound effects, and music. Mercer’s power is in his language.

So yeah, those are just some random dumb thoughts.

Stony Prompt #50

I have a little Super-Family prompt, if you don’t mind. Steve and Tony go on a mission and find a young Peter, soon discovering his guardians are dead due to the destruction that their enemy caused. They take him home and take care of him for a while, Peter gets attached to them, and they get attached to him. Then, one day, on Peter’s birthday or Christmas morning, when he thinks he is leaving soon for the orphanage/foster care system, Steve and Tony show him the adoption certificate.

So, I changed this a little bit but that change only consists of TONY being the one who organizes the adoption. I hope you still enjoy reading this and thanks for the Prompt!<3 ((and sorry it’s been a while since I wrote SteveTonys))

A child really is the last thing anyone expects to find in the Avengers Tower. And yet Steve is currently chasing a 5-year-old boy through the floor, thinking that it shouldn’t be possible for a kid to outrun him – but somehow it is.

Peter rounds a corner, laughing loudly. The sound comes to an abrupt stop though, climaxes in a squeak and Steve feels his own smile grow wider.

Sure enough, when he comes into the spacious living room Peter ran into, he finds the boy struggling to escape Tony’s arms.

“Playing hide and seek with Cap, huh?”, the brunet asks and ruffles Peter’s hair. The boy laughs and stops his attempts on escape, instead starts clinging to Tony and nodding enthusiastically.

“He’s faster than he looks”, Steve says with a smile. He steals a quick kiss from Tony and then rubs over Peter’s back. “You’re gonna grow up into a real ninja one day, Peter”, he adds, blue eyes crinkling. The boy grins.

“Will I be as cool as Auntie Tash?”, he asks; because Natasha has become his favourite, despite the short amount of time he’s been here. “I wanna be as cool as her! She said she’ll show me a lot of spy things.”

Steve is only a little bit worried over this plan. He glances over to Tony – and notices the soft frown wrinkling his lover’s forehead. Normally, that could simply mean that Tony’s thinking about some project he has going on; but he is also chewing on his bottom lip, which means there is a problem.

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The Empty Hearse

Ok. Ok, not going to keysmash now. I have keysmashed a lot. I will try to be non-keysmashy.

I was so worried going into this episode. So worried. I thought, what if they don’t mesh anymore, what if John doesn’t forgive him by the end, what if Sherlock is unfeeling, what if nothing is the same, what if, what if, what if. But I loved almost all of the episode.

The only things I didn’t like were:

  • Anderson going…kinda insanely crazy at the end. That was not needed. I know he was on the edge, but…I wanted more for him. After all this time. And by then he already KNEW  Sherlock was alive. I would have been ok, even, if the whole cackling crazy stuff hadn’t gone on so long, but I just couldn’t get my head around it. And I would have liked to see a reaction to seeing Sherlock. Maybe we’ll get that next episode!
  • The last explanation of the fall seemed plausible, but that came from Anderson’s head apparently. I’m upset that we didn’t get a “yes, this is it, this is how he did it”, it seemed like they had something very specific in mind, and it just kind of got the brush off.
  • THEY DIDN’T SHOW SHERLOCK TELLING JOHN THAT HE JUMPED FOR THEM. According to his blog, John knows now why Sherlock jumped, that he jumped for John and Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade, BUT THEY DIDN’T SHOW IT ON SCREEN. They didn’t let us see John’s reaction, didn’t let us see his reaction to WHAT HAPPENED either. I wanted to see John’s face, see him realize, see his emotions :( I guess that’s what fanfic is for? As in more specific fanfic now…
  • The pretending like he couldn’t stop the bomb. Letting it get that far. I didn’t like it, but I can get over it. It’s just…I needed some genuine emotion from Sherlock when apologizing and I could see tears in his eyes, I just wanted that heartfelt scene, John and Sherlock sharing a moment and just being fucking ok, and it was such a dick move. I know Sherlock’s a dick, but fuck, I just needed that to be real. You know? And it just seemed over the line. I know he’s a dick, but this is far worse than the Baskerville incident. This was just…personally, if I could have forgiven him for two years away, I still couldn’t have forgiven him for that. The only way I know I’ll be able to read fics about them from s3 on is to just ignore that whole last part.

Things I loved:

  • MARY. MARY MARY MARY MARY. She is epic and awesome and perfect and I fucking love her. I was prepared to be eh about her (though I didn’t want to) but she was epic. That little “I like him” in the cab, ahh!
  • How Sherlock tried to introduced himself back into John’s life. I thought it was going to be done badly, the way they had cut the scenes they’d released, the scenes with Mycroft, too, but there was such a good balance of levity and seriousness. He was so unsure of himself. I loved seeing him like that.
  • The look in Sherlock’s eyes and his voice when Sherlock got John out of the fire. God, you can see how much he cares.
  • I don’t ship Molly/Sherlock, but I very much liked how he opened up with her, said thank you. He’s grown somewhat…even though he’s stilted in other ways.
  • Anderson STARTED that fanclub.
  • So much more. I liked so much about the episode, and I’m so glad for that. Thank you Gatiss.

Things I want in fanfic:

  • John realizing Sherlock is hurt (bleeding through his shirt or sees the scars somehow of his time away that are just healing) and making Sherlock let him take a look at them.
  • Mrs. Hudson realizing that Sherlock is hurt, taking care of him like a mother, and chastising John for holding a grudge still eventually, letting him know how much of a mess Sherlock is, could be, when he thinks no one’s looking, even though she knows Sherlock wouldn’t want John to know.
  • Having John realize exactly what Sherlock went through during those 2 years instead of leaving it at nothing more than what we have now, and confronting that.
  • Nightmares. Sherlock nightmares. Sherlock flinching without meaning to at something innocuous. John seeing this. Mary realizing and being someone Sherlock feels he can confide in.

Other thoughts:


(A table of contents is available. It will be kept updated throughout the series, and I will reblog it upon completion of the series. This series will remain open for additional posts.)

Part 22: Putting the Suspense in the Story

Thrillers often get thrown into the same category as mysteries, but that’s a big mistake! The difference between thrillers and mysteries is simple: Mysteries expose a villain who has already committed the crime; thrillers know the villain (most times) and are working to stop a crime before it goes down. These are dread-laden, heart-pounding races against time and an enemy who knows more than the main character. The main character is resourceful and smart, but flawed in a vulnerable way that makes the whole encounter almost, almost too tough to bear.

What makes a thriller story?

Thrillers are all about the conflict and plot. Characters are typically secondary, though some growth is important for the epic battle. Action, pace, movement are all extremely important aspects of the genre.

Some common elements to thrillers include:

  • A first chapter or prologue depicting a crime or high action scene from the point of view of the victim, illustrating the threat of the rest of the story and providing an atmosphere of dead and foreboding.
  • An excellent hook to keep readers on the edge of their seats the entire time.
  • A second chapter depicting the normal life of the hero prior to their discovery or inclusion in the crime or action.
  • A fast pace – setting it apart from mysteries which don’t have to be the breakneck speed that thrillers often are.
  • While the villain is the one to drive the plot most times, main characters must be proactive that jump into action and make things move in the plot, not reactive ones that wait for things to happen.
  • Character growth–or a teachable moment–that the character draws on to achieve their goal.
  • Coincidences should be avoided as readers tend to feel they cheapen the story, despite that they happen all the time in real life.
  • The main character is usually a lone wolf type, or a small band working together against a villain who may or may not have henchmen.
  • The ticking clock cliche.
  • The main faces their own or someone else’s death.

Thrillers cross-genre with all kinds of stories, but the most common are environmental, espionage, historical, legal, medical, military, political, and technological thrillers, with psychological thrillers being exceptionally popular renditions that flips the plot-over-character trope on its head and focuses on the mind, wit, and skills of the character. Science fiction has a history of cross-genre-ing, as well as comedy, crime, romance, political, and supernatural, alongside others.

Next up: Religious fiction!


Transcript of the Twitter Q&A with Natalie Dormer (September 28th, 2015)

Today (09/28/15) did Natalie Dormer a Twitter Q&A for ‘The Hunger Games : Mockingjay-Part 2′ on LionsgateUK. For everyone who missed it, here a transcript of all questions and the answers.

FR_HungerGames: Except Cressida, who is your favorite character in the whole saga?

Katniss Everdeen, our heroine!

MrDSelenator: how did it feel when everything came to an end and ‘cut’ was called on the final scene?

It felt satisfying. I knew we’d all worked really hard for 9 months & was excited to see it come together.

silentpolaroids: describe cressida in three words & do you see yourself in these words?

Cool. Revolutionary. Visual. Probably not she’s a bit too calm & controlled. Though we’re both passionate.

WCKDCAPlTOL: what can we expect of this movie?

An epic conclusion of the saga! A grand finale.

teyrgaryen: What was the funniest thing that happened on the set?

That would be hard, because when Jennifer and Woody are around there are jokes happening all the time! 

PianoFreak9: What do you think the most important thing to take away from this series is.

A strong female protagonist. It’s one step forward in equality that a protagonist can also be a heroine. That you can have an entertainment movie that is also about serious matters.

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Come on Carylers Lets Play The GLAD GAME!!!

The hard-working people from TSDF released the Season 5 spoilers and I think most of this fandom can agree with me when I say - phew! the human casualties seem minimal! The reactions to the plot-based spoilers, expectations and disappointments are of course mixed BUT I figured while we are all mulling over the details, this seemed like the perfect time for some reminders and a tiny round of the GLAD GAME; 


 *Even though there is no “confirmed” CARYL moment in the event-based synopsis BUT as we’ve seen before, not all scenes/moments are always included in the final write up (especially when it comes to important episodes like MSF and SF and as you remember the forehead kiss in “Them” wasn’t spoiled either) and emotional undertone with context is hard to communicate in text form, which means that watching the episode just might give you a completely new impression than a summary written by a third party does.


*Even if we don’t get an actual physical CARYL moment, the Daryl & Carol bond could still me insinuated or implied through other characters or references made in other scenes. 

Remember in Season 3 when Glenn asked “What are we suppose to tell Carol?” - you never know! 


*Even if we don’t get a CARYL moment, we at least know that both Carol and Daryl survive and are moving on to Season 6 (yay!). 

Being alive on TWD means more TIME and more TIME means opportunities for more CARYL bonding! 


*Even though we might be disappointed that Carol wasn’t given a chance to “grieve” what happened at “The Grove” and it doesn’t look like she tells anyone about Lizzie and Mika in the finale either, we can at least be GLAD that the emotionally heartbreaking scene is being saved for another time….like when Daryl is right there and available to CONSOLE her and make it better! 


*Even if there is no CARYL in the finale and since we know that both Carol and Daryl make it to the premiere of Season 6, we can be relatively sure that we just might get an EPIC CARYL scene in 601, because…pattern; 

301 - “It’s Romantic! Wanna Screw Around?“ 

401 - "I Liked You First” and “Pookie" 



*Even if we don’t yet have that CARYL Canon scene, this hiatus will at least be less stressful that the last one, since technically the shipping war conflicts should be now put to rest and we don’t have to worry about the whole "Where is CAROL?”uncertainty anymore. 


*Even though we might not get any specific CARYL scenes in the finale, we DID GET a lot of amazing CARYL emotionally, binding moments in 5A and we DID GET a bottle episode just for Carol and Daryl. 

The “Consumed” wasn’t necessary for the general TWD plot but it was necessary to re-establish and re-connect Carol and Daryl together after the long separation in Season 4. 

TWD and Gimple paid homage to the CARYL relationship and gave it one ENTIRE episode just to be together and explore that dynamic. Since we know it wasnt a fan-service gesture, then we know there was a purpose behind it AND since Gimple is a long term story-teller that purpose will most likely continue in Season 6 (along with Carol’s grief)

Look how long it took for Ed to pop back up! 


*Even though Daryl has been absent from Alexandria for a few episodes, doesn’t mean that TWD is now purposely distancing him from the group or from Carol. 

NR had movie projects this year so they set him up in a role where he would be absent from the story by giving him a “job” on the outside. 

Just look at Season 4 - neither Carol or Daryl said each other’s name for a huge chunk of it and yet the show paralleled their journey closely and had Daryl practically launch himself in Carol’s arms in the premiere… 

On the Season 4 commentary Gimple said that he specifically gave Carol and Daryl good/long scenes at the beginning because he knew that they would be separated for a while - he wanted to make sure the bond stayed strong regardless. 

The last CARYL scene was “You look ridiculous ” porch exchange and before that we had that emotional forehead kiss, and I can’t help but think Gimple is doing the same thing here too! 


*Even though we wanted more CAROL/CARYL this season (we will always want more!), the media had plenty of material to sing their praises pretty consistently for months and months now. 
Google: Walking Dead - Carol or Walking Dead - CARYL or Walking Dead - Consumed… 

*I rest my case* 


This Sunday we are getting something that used to be just wishful thinking - Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus and Scott Gimple on TALKING DEAD, together, on the same couch, talking, doing the adorable stuff… 

*Carol apparently says a sarcastic sunshine line to Rick of all people and it sounds like it just might be similar to Daryls line “Watch your mouth sunshine” in Season 3….just saying! 

Bottom line is - Season 5 was AMAZING for CARYL, Daryl and Carol! 

After a season where we thought all was lost, 

Gimple brought it back stronger than ever and ultimately gave us a LOT to celebrate. 

I mean - Carol was proclaimed Queen of Season 5 by the media, we are getting award buzz again over No Sanctuary, Consumed and that Cookie scene and we got swoon-worthy CARYL moments! 

The possibilities are endless for CARYL at this point AND even if they don’t see each other in the finale, we could technically look at it as a MINI Reunion Cliffhanger… 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO 


PS. Plus - we get to spend the hiatus together!

Hands down the development of Bonnie and Damon’s relationship has to be the best out of all the tvd relationships (romantic and non-romantic).

In earlier seasons we had Bonnie being told to stay away from Damon, Damon biting Bonnie and Bonnie setting Damon on fire, they literally could not stand each other.

Then we had Bonnie scheming with Damon and helping him kidnap Mason to find out what he was, then we had Bonnie and Damon plotting against Klaus and coming up with the plan to fake her death pluuuus we got the dance scene *dreamy sigh* I will never be over that dance, their chemistry was popping, and Damon’s face when he closes Bonnie’s eyes after she ‘died’ he looked so sad.

We also got Damon giving Bon Bon his blood when she unconsciously fed Alaric allowing him to transition and also Bonnie plotting with Damon, Klaus and Stefan to get Caroline and Elena back from Alaric.

Then we get to hug in season 4, I swear I died at this. We had Damon not leaving the island until Bonnie was found and actually initiating the hug, their faces guys, they looked so relieved to find one another.

Season 5 saw Damon looking so devastated to find out Bonnie had been for months to him then trying so hard to get Bonnie back, he even lashed out in anger when Elena messed up his plan to get Bonnie back because she was jelly about Stefan and Qetsiyah *major side eye* and then we had the scene that stole everybody’s hearts as Bonnie and Damon held hands as they died together *ugly cries*

Season 6 then came along and showed just how deep Bonnie and Damon’s relationship actually runs, Bonnie getting her magic back to save Damon from Kai, Damon rushing to hekp Bonnie after Kai shot her with an arrow, Damon being upset that Bonnie saved him and sent him home, Damon being heartbroken that he and Elena got taken back to early to take Bonnie home with them and even taking a punch from Alaric but didn’t even do anything about it because he was upset about Bonnie, Damon leaving a voice message on Bonnie’s phone telling her that he misses her, Bonnie looking at old videos of her and Damon when she was feeling down, Damon drinking with Bonnie even though they were not in the same time dimension to honor their death pact *the whole scenario is so chilling*, Bonnie using Damon’s clues in the atlas to go to Nova Scotia to get her magic back to get back home, we then had that epic reunion AND THE HUG AHHH (still not over it), we then had the flirty phone call with Damon telling Bonnie he’s like a fever you can’t shake (I absolutely loved that scene I was grinning like an idiot) to Bonnie rightfully so being pissed at Damon and Damon apologizing whilst looking like he wanted to cry, Bonnie and Damon once again plotting with each other to get rid of Kai to Bonnie giving Damon a gift.

Bonnie and Damon have come so far with each other and it’s been so beautiful to watch it play out on screen, Damon actually laughs guys and genuinely smiles not smirks when he is around Bonnie. Bonnie’s connection with Damon is so profound that he was the first person he went running to when she finally came home, not the girls she known since she was a baby and consider her a sister but Damon Salvatore.

I always find it so mind boggling when people say Bamon came out no where, it’s ooc, there has been no development over the 6 years because I’m here like Bonnie and Damon have been developing since day one you were just too blind to pay attention to it, we have literally gone from Damon and Bonnie practically hating each other to Bonnie literally running an leaping into Damon’s arms whilst he hold her tightly.

I’m so glad I have them as an otp because their relationship and development has been so beautiful to witness…

anonymous asked:

Okay, there's a thing that's been bothering me since I watched the second episode. You know when she goes to break up with Finn and the voice over says "It’s that I’d rather break up with the man of my dreams than take my clothes off in front of him"? I just, she was in a fricken bathing suit in front of the whole gang in the first episode and she was fine with that and those don't exactly hide much. So I'm a bit confused about why she's suddenly so self conscious about being naked :(

It’s completely different though, in the first series at that pool scene she didn’t even know him, he was just an epic slice with his head up his own arse and he was (in her mind) so completely out of her league that no one would even suspect that she liked him.  It’s completely different in the second series.  I think she’s not only referring to being physically naked (which is obviously a major issue for her) but also about him seeing every part of her, seeing all her crazy-all these issues have been building up in her head, and combine that with the fact that she just found out his ex was a skinny bitch and she seen his perfect form in the shower it all just comes to a head.  A lot of it, I think is to do with the physicality of it all, but I also think its more to do with her being unable to let her walls down, to let him see her.  She hides behind a lot of bravado we know this. She’s clearly afraid that if she let’s him see every part of her (not only her body but everything else) then he will inevitably run off so she goes on the defensive and ends it before he can.  

Cas and that little girl was probably one of my favorite parts of that episode

And you have to admit, him and Hannah are kinda cute, even though it kills my destiel heart

Hannah and Metatron tho— Hannah slamming his head on the bars literally made me so happy. That whole scene was terrific, props to everyone in it.

Demon!dean…. What else is there to say? That fight scene between him and Cole was so amazing, just Dean completely in his element. 

Dean and Sam’s confrontation– It hurt like a bitch, but it was still epic. Dean calling Sam out on his puppy dog eyes and lifetime movie lines.