this whole photoshoot omg


It’s so amazing to think that i’ve been making music for Ten Years! From my life-altering audition for American Idol to Now, I have been blessed beyond measure and still consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world! From the beginning, I have had the most incredible support. From my family and friends to my beautiful fans and, of course those that i have been lucky enough to work with. Because of this amazing team of love and support, We have managed to do things and be a part of things that i never thought could happen! 

It would be impossible to thank everyone individually for the parts that they played in making this crazy dream come true. I just hope you all know how grateful i am for this life that you have all been a part of! I hope you feel like this album, Marking a decade of blessings, is your album, too. We have all been in this together! And i look forward to many more years and many more albums and tours together as well! 

Thank you so much for this amazing journey! Cheers to the first decade and cheers to whatever comes comes next!  xoxo" - Carrie Underwood On Her Thank you Message For Greatest Hits: Decade #1.