this whole part is just brilliant

There are many parts from the Harry Potter books that didn’t get included in the movies at all that I wish they had included.

And the part where Harry casts the Cruciatus Curse on Amycus Carrow because he spat in McGonagall’s face is one of them.

That whole part was just brilliant because after McGonagall realized who did it, she called him foolish for doing it and all he responds with is, “Bellatrix was right, you really have to mean it.”

He had so much respect and admiration for McGonagall that he couldn’t stand seeing someone else disrespect her and he felt so enraged by it that he was able to cast the Cruciatus Curse.

Just a random thought.

You Stole

genre: fluff, smut, angst (the whole lot)

warnings: smut(bj, anal, kinky shit)

word count: 8.3k for this part

A/N: It’s finally f*cking done, good lord. Well hasn’t this been a journey. Juggling this fic as well as my GCSE revision and school has been an emotional whirlwind but I’ve worked with the best people. For starters, my co-author and also one of my best friends, @analester​, has been a godsend for the entire time I’ve known her so go send her some love (also her blog has the first part).

Our Beta, @phandomestic​, has been amazing and helpful and just brilliant. Go check her because she’s fantastic.

Our Artist, @darklight-phan​, is incredibly talented and just a fuckin great person. I’m so thankful for her hard work and dedication.

Without further ado, I present, part two of You Stole

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Imagine, the first few minutes of Episode 3, Series 4, we see Sherlock and John at a restaurant late at night. But something is off. Like something we may have seen before.

“You’re bloody brilliant tonight.”

“Thank you.”

“You know, except for the whole almost getting killed part.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you were there, then. But it would’ve been better if you shot him somewhere else, maybe I could’ve gotten more information…”

“You’re just upset because you don’t know if you chose the right pill or not! Unbelievable! You’re really going to need some looking after.”

“I suppose it would be good to have someone to keep me out of danger.”


“Well, since you’ll be moving in, you could… maybe, if you want…. assist me on more of my cases.”

“You mean… this doesn’t have to be a one-time thing?”

Sherlock smiles at the weight of John’s question.

“No. Definitely not. You never know, you might have to shoot another serial killer. London needs you, John!”

“Oh, is that right? ‘London’ needs me?”

Sherlock blushes, unable to answer. John takes another bite of his food before changing the subject.

“So, you claimed you could always predict the fortune cookies. Go on, give it a go.”

“Mine will say ‘You cannot win what you do not try’ and yours will say 'All good things to those who wait’.”

John opens his up, his eyes wide.

“That. Was. Extraordinary.”

“Really?? Did i get it right??”

“No, you git, of course you didn’t.”

Sherlock pretends to sulk as John reads his aloud.

“'There’s nothing new under the sun’. Hm. That’s a lame fortune. I don’t think it’s accurate, either.”

“Fortune cookies are not known for their actual powers of premonition, John. Thought you knew that, you being a man of medicine-”

John throws the crumpled fortune and it bounces right off Sherlock’s forehead. After a moment of stunned silence, both men start to giggle.

The theme music starts, the credits roll, and all viewers realize that since the first scene was shot in 2010 and kept secret until now, the whole episode was about to show more glimpses into their past relationship, showing scenes they don’t have to hide anymore.

what i love about ed and oswald’s relationship is that it would be so easy with them to take the easy way out i think? and make their dynamic, now that they know each other better, that ed is The Brains of the Operation™ and oswald is The Emotional One™ and oswald as the passionate excitable one vs ed the cool collected one is really played up, and their whole thing is that ed loves oswald FOR his emotion and finds the way he gets all worked up and yells (while ed himself stays calm, of course) to be charming and adorable and i’m not saying that’s NOT their dynamic, because of course that’s part of it, but to leave it at just that leaves it with this layer of, idk, condescension almost? ed can look at the way oswald is and say “awwww” while being The Smarter One in the relationship 

but then instead! ed admires oswald so much! and thinks he’s so brilliant! “i believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.” “i still have so much to learn from you.” “i continue to be in awe of you, oswald.” that’s been part of their dynamic since the beginning really and it hasn’t changed now that ed knows oswald better. he respects the fuck out of him!!! ed validates oswald’s intelligence and his accomplishments and it’s!!! so!!! good!!! no wonder oswald falls for him! i mean, just the way that, like, ed is really awful to people, yeah…but then to oswald??? man. to oswald he’s so kind.

liderfin  asked:

hey, can I have # 30, 31, 43 of fanfic asks :)

Yes of course! <3

30. What inspires you to write?

This is a very interesting question, and I suppose I’m never quite sure. There are sometimes these literal gut feelings I have, like I miss one of my characters, I want to go write them for a while, and I suppose that is inspiring. But for the most part, my instinct with everything has just always been to tell stories. When I was a kid, I was a compulsive liar. I have just always made everything into a story. I am always searching for the story, and it is probably more this instinct than anything that inspires me to write.

31. What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said about your writing?

Overall, like in my whole big life, I remember that when I got into my MFA program, and I first met one of my brilliant professors, and she told me that the thing she could not forget about my writing, and my truest talent, was my vision for small but effective juxtapositions in imagery. She compared me to Truman Capote, and her example was this image from In Cold Blood: “the bloody knife on the hope chest.” I think she was being emphatic but still. It was very nice. :-)

43. Is there anyone in your fandom who really inspires you?

I’ve often been inspired by these writers who have had multiple long form fictions going at once, like @littleblue-eyedbird or @love-in-nature. It’s so rare to find writers that prolific anywhere. I can only ever really have one pot going on the stove at once. I can’t split my energies. So watching these writers work can be mesmerizing and so, so impressive. I’m also most certainly inspired by @thevikingwoman for her investment in Sene and Solas, Sene in particular. I love how you worry and root for her. She is a masterpiece for me in many ways, and I’m so glad you’re on her side. Ooh and @5ftgarden? I just luv ya. You are a creative jack of all trades. You do it all, and you do it so well. And I love having you as a reader. And :kisses you: <3

Ask Me Fanfiction Questions:-)

CAN I JUST bring to attention that in the tng episode that scotty cameos in he and geordi have a conversation about how to deal with starship captains, and scotty compares them to greedy children who want everything fixed with their ship right now and sometimes you have to tell them that fixing something will take 10 minutes when it’ll actually take 4 to make them think you’re a miracle worker when you get it done that fast, and geordi’s reaction is just as good as the realization that scotty has literally been playing kirk for years and i just–

I have been obsessed with Spending all my time for probably 5 years or more now. The PV absolutely knocked me flat and the song itself is one of my all-time favorites. Even the instrumental is amazing. It’s just such an incredibly well-crafted song in all respects; even its repetition and simplicity benefit it somehow. (BUT I much prefer the single version to the LEVEL3 album mix. The original chorus is the most brilliant part of the whole song and the album mix doesn’t live up to it!)

Rey takes on the teaching position instead, because Ren needs it. 

Happy Reylo Week! 

So, since I’m working on Inktober, I don’t have time to do new art for this week, but I do want to make some posts!  It’s Positivity Day apparently  and I just want to give a shout out to this fandom for being (for the most part) amazing.  We’ve had to deal with the fair share of dramatics, but you guys as a whole are great.   

I love the passion behind the stories you tell, the art you make, and the theories/meta you write.  It’s amazing how many brilliant people are in this community and I’m glad this got to come together.   

I love the Star Wars fandom as a whole, but this particular community has been really fun and welcoming.   It makes me laugh, and cry, and generally has brought back a passion in my life that I’ve long since missed. 

i’m home alone at night watching the practice ep with william hinks and just got up to the part while they’re waiting for the verdict and michael does some of his most brilliant and terrifying acting and the whole scene becomes eerie and unnerving when suddenly this bright light appears in my backyard and i realise there’s a police helicopter flying over with a searchlight and needless to say i’m pretty freaked out right now and double checking my doors are locked

Yeah, I totally thought it was ad lib at first! But that’s what I love about their chemistry that so many of their scenes seem like they’re unscripted. Like, they’re just silly and comfortable around each other - not just them, but the whole cast. But Tyler and James especially are just so great and I think it’s a big part of what makes the show so amazing (apart from the *brilliant* writing) that they’re seriously holding nothing back. They’re all in all the time.

But yeah, that scene. “Lukas likes diiiick!!” It’s poetry.

Mary is mostly a metaphor

I don’t think ’Mary’ Morstan-Watson is meant to be a fully fleshed-out character in Sherlock. To me she is most of all a concept, a metaphor: Mrs Heteronormativity, one of the worst killers of this story. And I believe her constant presence in the more recent parts of the show is meant to provoke, to see how much of this superficial and harmful falsehood the audience can stomach without questioning the whole thing. Just how much absurdity are people willing to take, rather than embracing the idea of a gay relationship between the protagonists?

Like the other changeable villains – Moriarty and Eurus – it’s hard to identify with ‘Mary’, since she doesn’t seem to stay the same for two episodes in a row. I think the authenticity we do get from her is most of all due to Amanda Abbington’s brilliant acting. ‘Mary’ is the character who provides the audience with the damning idea that ”who you really are doesn’t matter”. Which is logical in her case, since we still don’t know who she really is – not even after 7 episodes. Her main function seems to be to torment John and Sherlock, to put a weight of guilt on them whenever they long for each other’s company.

‘Mary’ imposes a shadow on the show from the moment she appears in TEH, telling John that she was “the best thing that could have happened” to him. At first we’re supposed to like her, we’re supposed to find a positive quality in her cheerful acceptance of the fact that her boyfriend/fiancé/husband is clearly more interested in his friend than in her.  But what partner in a romantic relationship would – and should - be fine with that situation? Seems dysfunctional from start to me. Or maybe she is merely an excuse, like Mary Morstan seemed to be throughout the original ACD stories, where very little was said about her, and her disappearance was never explained. What a bleak destiny for a female character! Unless she was indeed meant to represent a concept rather than a person already in Canon…

Later on in Series 3, ‘Mary’ turns darker, revealing herself to be exactly like the criminals that Sherlock and John are working to dismantle and defeat. But this never happens to ‘Mary’ for some strange reason. Instead she is upgraded to a hero figure in Series 4. A martyr who, contrary to all of her previous actions, is suddenly willing to sacrifice herself by taking a bullet for Sherlock – which is done in a theatrical and outright impossible way.

‘Mary’s serious issues are not being properly addressed, which gives the show from HLV and forwards a nightmarish kind of touch. This woman shot and almost killed her husband’s best friend - the main character of the show. But it’s never established why she should get away with this without any kind of consequences. The whole thing is glossed over in Series 4 and never talked about again, as if it would be perfectly OK for a professional murderer to raise a child instead of doing time in prison. ‘Mary’ was accused of treason by her own assassin pal, but this was never investigated either. In TST she adopts five different personalities, but not even the one who drugs and kidnaps (or kills?) a stewardess is dealt with in any way. We are told in TST that her real name was Rosamund, but everyone still calls her ‘Mary’. So no - who she really is doesn’t seem to matter at all. And neither does the crimes that she commits.

When ‘Mary’ died in TST, many of us hoped for a closure, or at least some final explanation of why this rather disturbing character was given so much screen time; what was the actual point of ‘Mary’? But instead, her ghost starts haunting both Sherlock and John, and lingers until the very end of TFP. It’s difficult to see why John seems so deeply affected by the loss of this person, who shot his best friend, who disrespected him and lied to him about literally everything and whom he never showed any true intimacy or interest. And it’s even harder to swallow that John would somehow blame Sherlock for her death.

Maybe the thing that most clearly convinces me of ‘Mary’ characterizing heteronormativity rather than a real person, is that her mere ghost gets to tell John’s and Sherlock’s story in the end of Series 4, and conclude it with her ‘wisdom’. This villain gets to define who they really are – or rather who they are supposed to be - in the most negative light possible of their characters: “a junkie who solves crimes to get high” and “the doctor who never came home from the war”.  That’s a tremendously damning and depressing message to the Sherlock audience in general and to the most devoted Holmes fans in particular: that society would judge all the extraordinary things Sherlock and John represent in this dull and ordinary way. But why wouldn’t they – or any of us - be entitled to define for themselves who they really are?

If you listen to heteronormativity…

…then you can shoot happiness now.

But I’m sure there’s a better solution!

Welp, one last XY review, discounting specials. Bear with me one more time my friends~

The phone call scene was pretty insignificant, but I’m glad to at least see her. It’s pretty clear from this that Satoshi has already called home off screen, because mama and Oak clearly knew the XY group already.

Team Rocket editing together a video of them defeating Team Flare from the footage they filmed as camera men was brilliant, I loved that. Didn’t appear afterwards though, I wonder if Inkay and Gourgeist appear in SM or if they just disappear without explanation.

Alan is “starting from zero” like Ash, he said he won’t use the Mega Ring and Stone he got from Lysandre anymore, so no more Mega Zard X, alas.

While Dedenne has never really shown any special affection towards the group as a whole its scenes here weren’t really unreasonable, it remained neutral until the actual moment of parting, and then suddenly panicked due to noticing Eureka’s sadness. It’s more about it being young and not really being able to comprehend what was about to happen, while Eureka was already thinking about beforehand and was able to act rationally. Her scene actually made me cry, the way she declared that her dream was to become a trainer, that Dedenne would be her partner, that they’d perform against Serena, get a Badge from big brother, and beat Satoshi and Pikachu in battle. There was a shot of Ash looking unusually sad, that also hit me pretty hard.

Serena’s goodbye was wonderful, I love that look Citron and Eureka gave for each other when she started talking to Satoshi alone, seems like Citron finally knows as well. I’m not a 100% on the dialogue but she basically told Ash how he’s been her goal and she’ll keep improving, and I was like, okay, that’s nice. But then DAT KISS, get it giiirl. 

And what a better way to end things with Satoshi and Citron than one last battle between Pikachu and Bunnelby. These boys were SWEATING, my word.

I could see someone criticizing the episode for wasting too much time on flashback montages, but I dunno, I was content with what we got in terms of the goodbyes (of course I woulda liked more Talonflame one last time but I’m happy it was there at all), and I did really like the scenes they picked for the montage (THEY HAD TALONFLAME’S EVOLUTION), ending it Ash Greninja hug was appropriate. And the final scene of Ash stepping inside his home was great, nice and clean artsy ending.

Somehow it hasn’t really hit me yet that XY is over. And I guess it doesn’t have to completely end anyway. We can keep it alive, for the only way for one to truly die, is to be forgotten. Thank you XY, and thank you everyone who were along for the ride~

pll mid season finale theories

• AD is actually a fan who got so invested in the show that they became part of it and marlene thought it was brilliant
• toby is going to reveal that this whole time he has been a tap dancer
• alison will find out that she wants to become an accountant
• pepe returns
• jason dilaurentis marries (me)
• ezra finally realizes how much of a creep he is
• noel actually hits caleb with a car, leading hanna to discover that she is actually mrs. grunwald’s granddaughter and is growing into her psychic abilities
• emily gets a new love interest
• spencer drinks coffee
• maya actually disappeared so she could become a potato farmer
• aria’s uncle who was mentioned literally once is actually the biggest missing puzzle piece
• eddie lamb actually met aria two days before when she signed up to volunteer but she totally forgot and he’s actually not significant
• cece is not charlotte or charles or a drake or a dilaurentis she’s actually just a girl who got really bored
• marlene makes an appearance
• holden killed charlotte
• mona will announce her new cooking show
• emily’s mom will get drunk
• melissa does something shady

let me know if anyone has any suggestions i worked really hard on it!!

Femlock AU where they meet for the first time in a hospital. Like Sherlock is there on a case and John works there as a doctor. And some guy who doesn’t know John calls her “nurse” condescendingly, and John has her mouth open to Correct him but Sherlock has already blurted out “Doctor” even though they haven’t been introduced yet. And now everyone is staring at Sherlock, including John, so she has to go into this whole deduction about John (the doctor part is probably pretty obvious but Sherlock gets distracted by her whole military history and just kind of keeps going). When she stops Sherlock is afraid maybe she’s said too much but John is just staring at her thinking, “who is this beautiful woman and how does she know so much about me?” Sherlock is nervous but finally she meets her eyes and John just says quietly, “Brilliant.”

I don’t think the ensemble of Hamilton gets enough credit. Like. At all. I mean, no one is dragging them, which is nice because I’ve seen top shelf productions get ridiculed for having a great main cast but a substandard ensemble and like… Hamilton doesn’t just have a decent ensemble… it has an amazing one. Because they aren’t distracting and yet they are so present. Which is to say I can sit through this show and never have my attention pulled by an ensemble member, never be distracted from the main cast. And yet they are there, moving, contributing, orchestrating, this brilliant show the whole time. And if you asked me to describe the ensemble… I think I could probably remember every single one of them. In part that’s the brilliance of the book and the direction in that many, if not all, of the ensemble are featured in some small or large way during the run of the show. But it’s also because the ensemble are just that damn good. It’s really exciting. The depth of this show. 

I mean we run around praising the living heck out of Lin and out of his principals which is totally deserved but just take a moment to really appreciate how amazing the ensemble are. I would buy tickets to any show any of them do after this because they get it, they get the artistic communication of theatre and they sell is beautifully. Through voice and action and movement and I’m just really impressed. Is all.  

This was such a good panel..

+ ray palmer and his long term stay on the show wasn’t mentioned, thank God.
+ olicity was addressed by fans and not just by anyone, but by a grown up male who wouldn’t be characterized as a “annoying olicity fangirl” which just shows how popular and loved this relationship really is
+ felicity smoak is obviously the most beloved character otherwise that screaming at mentioning her name wouldn’t have happened and whole worlds knows it
+ oliver will most likely open up and start questioning his choices by the end of the season. *coughs here we go fighting for felicity smoak part 1
+ “the object of his affection would be felicity but she’s spoken for” in translation “he will fight for her like like a drowning man seeing the shore for the first time” (yes symbolism is intentional)
+ “i have a question for oliver queen”, “go ahead felicity smoak” that was just brilliant
+ entire cast was plain amazing and funny, david ramsey was such a sunshine who fyi again mentioned oliver and felicity and how diggle represents what oliver should be; married man with a child 
+ emily and stephen being canadians!!

Important Statement to MCRmy

So guys,a good friend of mine met Gerard Way at Comic Con Experience last week and talked to him for a bit and took a picture with him as well.
Unfortunately, many people out of MCRmy went very disrespectful over her,only because she took a picture with him holding a paper with “BRIGHTERS” in it.
I know exactly what Brighters is, because I have been into it these past years and it is a very respectful group of readers and friends and fans of a trilogy called “Burn Bright” ( 125 chapters just the 1st part of it ) who my brilliant writer friend wrote. I want to put some statements on.
First off, Burn Bright started as a frerard fanfiction,just as The Dove Keeper did, although for its gorgeous writing and catchy and passionate story, became a romance book ,with different characters and a new whole point in.
When she gave the paper to Gerard to hold, she wasn’t asking him to hold a paper with a fanfic fans name, BUT the name of her book readers. Her story about love and its issues and beyond it,art. which story that she is very proud of its success and that she wrote inspired by the song Burn Bright by Gerard’s old band,My Chemical Romance.
She was totally respectful and kind to him, as all the fans he met there, so don’t be a shit person and respect her.

I’m really curious to see how people would react if I died or just stopped being for a while. Like how would people think if there was no guarantee I was a part of their lives like how would people treat me if I came back??? It’d be nice if I was missed or people actually felt relief but like my whole thought process is that I’d be the kind of person to move on easily from, idk I think about that a lot it’d be interesting to see who would be upset or w/ever

I’m quite disappointed with this fandom

Well with one of it’s parts anyway. 

I mean, I’m a whouffaldi shipper too, as you may know. It’s my biggest OTP ever and I don’t think any will ever beat it. 

OK, this episode. I won’t lie, it was… oh I don’t think I can describe it with words. Fantastic? Brilliant? One of the best ever? And we all know the reason why.

What I don’t understand is… how can anyone, who watched it… who watched the WHOLE thing, that speech, every scene… just go to tumblr and complain about Twelve and Clara not kissing. I mean… you’ve just seen it, ok, maybe you wasn’t so speechless as I was, I don’t know, and after all that, all you have in mind, is “I want my whouffaldi kiss”. I don’t want to point at anyone.

So that’s all you’ve taken from THAT episode? There, not-being a kiss between your OTP?

Maybe I’m just weird.