this whole movie is gold

Thoughts on Black Panther

*no spoilers*

  • First things first Killmonger is 100000% valid and i love him even though he was wrong in his actions
  • The black female representation in this movie was A M A Z I N G and so so refreshing after a decade of nonsense from Marvel
  • Like each female character was fresh and dynamic and relatable and just fantastic I could talk all day about how much I loved each one
  • Okoye is one of my all time favorite Marvel characters, almost above Bruce which is saying A LOT
  • The visual affects were so outstanding and detail oriented and specific like damn
  • The clothing department deserves 9000 awards
  • SO excited to see how some of these things play into Infinity War cause I have some ideas and curious to see if I’m right 
  • #ProtectShuriAtAllCosts 
  • Soundtrack slapped so hard I downloaded it 8 times 
    • sidenote if you haven’t listened to Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther album than what??? are you???? doing????
  • How many times can I just say this whole movie was pure cinematic gold and you need to stop reading this and buy tickets right now
  • The overall message and plot were so relevant and so powerful, especially for black people in America, I truly urge every black person to see this movie even if they aren’t a marvel fan
  • Like just to see someone voicing some of the own angry thoughts I’ve had was both shocking and satisfying 
  • Chadwick Boseman had such good chemistry with every actor, which just made the overall film that much more enjoyable cause you can see why people treat him the way they do 
    • Especially Angela Bassett and Letitia Wright 
  • Killmonger had suuuuuch amazing lines, he is truly a wonderful character
  • Ending scenes (multiple! don’t leave after the first one!) were very interesting. Doesn’t directly set up things for Infinity War but I can definitely see where they are going with this 
    • *not really a spoiler but just my own thoughts* I think Thanos is going to start his destruction in Wakanda because of the vibranium??? And I think the thing that give the Black Panther his powers have to do with an Infinity Stone????
  • Please see this movie. Multiple times. 100 times. Buy out the theater. I’m getting a tattoo of the Black Panther symbol. 

I am sorry but this is the funniest dubbed scene I have ever seen and I must share it

The line and the tone after the long intense pause is a masterpiece 


“Robin, promise you won’t go.”

“Alright, I promise you won’t go.”

Oh, by the way, I noticed one very tiny detail in Lego Batman movie. BUT it warms my heart.
Bruce loves “Jerry Maguire” and whatches it constantly. And there is a line in this movie, if you remember: “You had me at Hello” (said by Renée Zellweger).
In Lego movie in that romantic and wonderful finale Joker says pretty similar line: “You had me at Shut up”.

So, Joker says romantic words from the favourite romantic movie of Bruce. Just imagine them whatching this movie together on a couch and knowing the whole thing by hart. I mean… yeah… Lego movie IS gold.

Six movies I can always watch

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1. Singin’ In The Rain (Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, 1952)

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I love this movie to no end! It’s just so fun, and it never gets old (I would know, having seen it 27 times)! also Donald O’Connor deserves more recognition.

2. Bringing Up Baby (Howard Hawks, 1938)

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This whole movie is just pure gold, I dare you to watch it and not laugh at least twelve times. Plus Kate is in it, and she can make any movie 50 times better, and I defy anyone to find a better “absent-minded professor” than Cary Grant.

3. Shall We Dance (Mark Sandrich, 1937)

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In my opinion this is the best Fred & Ginger picture. The Gershwin music is superb, the dancing is (as usual) fabulous, and plus it’s hilarious. I laugh just thinking about Edward Everett Horton and Eric Blore trying to spell “Susquehanna” over the phone, not to mention Fred Astaire’s ridiculous fake Russian persona.

4. His Girl Friday (Howard Hawks, 1940)

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As you can see, I got my url from the line in the above GIF – “Hildy, don’t be hasty. Remember my dimple.  - Walter.” This movie is absolutely brilliant and Hildy is definitely one of my fictional heroes.

5. You Can’t Take It With You (Frank Capra, 1938)

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Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur are so adorable and are also both, in my opinion, absolute geniuses when it comes to screwball comedy. This movie is so sweet and funny. Frank Capra is a master.

6. Arsenic and Old Lace (Frank Capra, 1944)

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As you can probably tell from my selection of movies, I absolutely adore Cary Grant in a screwball comedy, and when he’s directed by Frank Capra, who can resist? Like every other line in this movie is 100% quotable, and for a history buff like myself, the brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt offers a lot of little historical jokes.

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Honestly it's nice to see another person who is scared of commitment, single as a Pringle, demisexual, and a hopeless romantic. Soul twin

((OOC: Just skip to 0:45… or listen to the whole thing…. because this movie is gold))

Just came back from power rangers and I am confused

I’m surprisingly angry and upset, and I have a genuine question for anyone in the fandom who wants to tackle it. Can someone in the power rangers fandom PLEASE explain to me why you like the character Kimberly hart? Because all I feel is horror after that reveal of the disgusting thing she did. If a similar thing happened to me, my career would be ruined, I might lose my job, and I’d probably have to be placed on a fucking suicide watch. What Kimberly did was literally a sex crime. Correct me if I’m wrong but she originally sends the photo out of jealousy to a guy she’s crushing on to convince him not to date her friend? When she’s caught, she’s so ashamed and guilty that she LIES about who did it? And continues to lie? To her friend, her friends father? She punches some guy not bc he presumably sent the photos to other ppl but bc he called her mean?? She never admits the truth to anyone but the red power ranger dude? She is never shown apologizing to the girl whose life she ruined? She’s portrayed as a victim of the mean girls the whole movie when it’s actually the other way around? She smirks when the gold stuff falls on the girl’s car and says serves you right, when her friend had every right in the world to to despise her and cut her out of her life?? We, the audience, are expected to believe this revenge porn sending, too cowardly to apologize mean girl is worthy of this great power that is expressly only given to the noble and good?? And that she deserves to be with Trini, who proved throughout the movie to be tough, kind, and courageous?? Am I missing something?? The movie clearly expects us to root for her and treat her like a hero despite all of this and I was so confused by the cognitive dissonance that I was totally drawn out of the movie by the end.

Sorry this turned into such a rant, I just genuinely do not understand??? People make awful mistakes and atoning for those mistakes is always a compelling story, but Kim had made absolutely NO amends to the wronged party here by the end. I’m honestly disturbed at the fact that the only thing people are saying about her is how cute she’d look with Trini.