this whole exchange is so funny and adorable i just want to squish them stop

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Hey!! I know Christmas already pass but I just want to know how was their first Christmas together, not as a family, as a couple 😁

Oh my gosh this is an interesting ask. 8D Though I think it’s still considered as part of The Voltron Family. Just… Pre-Voltron Family :D

Shiro and Keith had been dating for 8 months now. Keith thought it was pretty long already—Shiro was his first so he didn’t exactly have anyone to compare his new relationship with anyone. He was… happy. He thought something drastic would change between them but they were still the same. They were still best friends, they would still joke around and tease each other relentlessly. The only thing different was: they kiss. Not all the time on the lips though, Keith still couldn’t do that, but they do kiss each other’s cheek everyday.

They were at the library preparing for their next class when…

Shiro: Keith, are you going home for Christmas?
Keith: *writing on his notebook* *doesn’t bother to look at Shiro* Hmmm.
Shiro: Have you already booked your ticket?
Keith: *still focused on his notebook* Yep. Booked it earlier this year.
Shiro: When is it?
Keith: December 19th. You? *still scribbling*
Shiro: Oh. Uh, December 21st. I have thesis defense. *plays with his fingers*
Keith: *nods* Okay. *smiles as he looks up at Shiro* You’ll do great. 
Shiro: *shy smile* Thanks.
Keith: *gets up and packs his bag* I need to be early for my next class. Our prof is always there 5 minutes early. *straps his bag and leans down to give Shiro a kiss on the cheek* I gotta go. See you later at lunch. 

December 19th. The day Keith was going leave. Shiro was accompanying him to the airport and Shiro wanted to cry.

Keith: *taps Shiro’s cheek* Don’t give me that look. *frowns*
Shiro: I can’t help it. I used to laugh at rom-com flicks when they’re doing the cheesy airport scene and now I can say that I absolutely relate to them. *sniffs* *tugs Keith’s jacket* Don’t go. Please.
Keith: *chuckles* I can’t. Plane tickets are expensive. Plus, you’re going home to your family too! We already exchanged our gifts! *frowns* Or did you hate my gift? I mean… *babbles* I’m kinda new to this boyfriend thing so I’m not so sure if my gift was romantic enough or…
Shiro: *laughs* Keith. You could’ve given me glue and I’d still love it.
Keith: *rolls eyes* You’re such a dork. Should’ve done that instead. It’s cheaper too. *clicks his tongue in fake annoyance* *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: *heartbroken* *rubs Keith’s hands and squeezes it* *looks down*
Keith: Hey. Dude. 
Shiro: *scrunches nose* Don’t call me that. We kiss. *frowns*
Keith: *chuckles* That we do. But I’m not gonna stop. *tip toes to give Shiro a dry peck on the lips* *smiles*
Shiro: *beams* *leans down to give Keith another peck on the lips* I love you.
Keith: *chuckles* Okay okay, Mr. Romantic. I love you too but I gotta go.
Shiro: Okay. Goodbye, Keith. *gives Keith’s hand a last squeeze*
Keith: *is lining up with the boarding passengers* *looks back at Shiro*
Shiro: *shouts* Have a fun flight home, Keith!
Keith: *beams and shouts* *waves* I’ll try! But I’ll miss you too much, Shiro!!!

December 25th. Keith was at the living room with his family when the doorbell rang. He was the one to open it. He wondered which cousin of his was arriving late for their Christmas celebration. He opened the door and was shocked to see Shiro wearing a jacket.

Keith: *blinks* Shiro?!!!
Shiro: *looks up* *beams* Keith!!
Keith: *closes the door behind him* What are you doing here? 
Shiro: *quickly hugs Keith* I’ve missed you so much. 
Keith: *melts* *blushes* I’ve missed you too. But we were just on the phone a few hours ago. *chuckles* *hugs back*
Shiro: *leans away to cup Keith’s cheek* I know and I’m sorry for being so cheesy and fricking sappy. *rolls his eyes* But I just… *tiny voice* really want to kiss you on Christmas Day. *flushes* 
Keith: *eyes widens* Oh.
Shiro: Can I kiss you here? *points at his own lips*
Keith: *smiles* Yeah. Yes, you can, dude. *smirks*
Shiro: Ha ha. Very funny. *rolls eyes* Even that isn’t going to ruin this for me.
Keith: Good. Because it really shouldn’t. *smiles* *leans in*

They kissed for a while but they ended up laughing when Keith found out that Shiro sneaked out to ride the Shinkansen bullet train so he can visit Keith all the way to Tokyo from Osaka. He also brought Keith’s 2nd Christmas gift and it was a Christmas sweater. Keith felt bad because he didn’t get Shiro one but Shiro didn’t mind. He wore the sweater and they decided to go inside and Shiro met the whole Kogane Family, including the relatives. Keith wasn’t really out to the rest of the family so he was a bit nervous introducing Shiro.

Mrs. Kogane: Everyone! We have a special guest tonight! *taps Shiro* This is Takashi Shirogane. Keith’s boyfriend.
Keith: *eyes widens* *nervously looks around at his relatives who were showing different reactions: shocked, flushed and his cousins were smiling at him*
Girl Cousin: *smiles so widely* I can’t believe you, Keith! You were able to snag someone as hot as him!
Uncle: So tell us, Takashi. Is our Keith here treating you right?
Boy Cousin: Do we need to give you the shovel talk?
Shiro: *beams* *chuckles* *pulls Keith into a hug but is never leaving the eyes of Keith’s relatives* *fake cries* He’s the best and the sweetest! No need for shovel talk because this guy here can throw a punch. *nuzzles* So adorable! Look at him in this sweater, he’s so cute! And cuddly. My cuddly Keith.
Keith: *is very squished* *looks at Shiro in disgust*
Lil Boy Cousin: *steps up in front of Shiro* NO! *softly punches Shiro’s leg* I was gonna marry Keith! *pouts* *crosses arms in anger*
Shiro: *lets Keith go* *looks down at the little boy* *copies his stance* *huffs* Not if I marry him first!!
Keith and Lil Boy Cousin: *shocked*
Lil Boy Cousin: *starts crying* *tugs Keith’s pants* You promised me! You promised to marry me!
Girl Cousin #2: *laughs* Oh my god, Keith! You did promise him!
Keith: *picks up the lil boy* Don’t cry, Mako-chan. *kisses his chubby cheeks* When you grow taller than Takashi here, I’ll marry you.
Shiro: *gasp* Keith!!! *places a hand on his chest* I’ll lose!!
Mako-chan: *laughs* *wraps his lil arms around Keith’s neck* *sticks his tongue out at Shiro* I love Keith! *kisses his cheek*
Shiro: *smiles fondly* So do I. *squeezes Keith’s arm*

The Cuddlers

Both Marinette and Adrien are kept awake late with another akuma attack. When they both fall asleep on a field trip the following morning, Nino and Alya decide to take advantage of their friends’ tendency to cuddle.

(AO3) (

“You look like shit, dude,” Nino informed his best friend as soon as he stepped out of his car in front of the school. “Did you sleep at all last night?”

Adrien shook his head as he pulled his shoulder bag and a pillow out of the car and shut the door. Seconds later, it pulled away. “No, I-” He yawned widely. “I was too excited. I couldn’t sleep, and so I turned the news on and Ladybug was fighting an akuma, so…”

“So you stayed up and watched her,” Nino finished. He shook his head. “You’re such a fanboy. Couldn’t you have recorded the news and watched it after the trip?”

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