this whole episode was nothing but ughs


Yesterday me, mom and dad went to our local comic convention (called “Romics”) as the Butterfly family from “Star Vs The Forces Of Evil”.

For the occasion, I want to share with you the whole story of how I met this show and then fell in love with it.

It all began when, in April 2015 I was asked by someone on Deviantart to draw the kids from this new show I had never heard about. So I did the drawing, but it was merely coping reference pictures from the internet, because I did not know the characters.

After a while, the show got dubbed in italian and aired in my country. And I was like “oh, cool! It’s that show from the request!”. The first episode I ever watched was “Mewberty”, and it’s easy to guess that when I found this six-armed purple kid with butterfly wings as my first contact with the show…I said “ugh. This cartoon is weird” and I dropped it.

With time, though, I watched a few (like, very few) episodes. Until this February, when a girl I follow on Deviantart posted her drawing of Star and said that she was still shocked after the “Starcrushed” episode. I went and checked said episode up online. And I found (by that time I still had seen nothing of season 2) the “Ludo is possessed by Toffee” scene and their battle with Moon.

I come from Gravity Falls fandom, where the same situation happened. The whole “Bipper” story was really bad for me and many other fans. Not only in the canon scene Bill acts cruel against Dipper for apparently no reason (true, they were one against the other, but Dipper sure didn’t deserve Bill to actually plan of killing him while still inside the poor kid’s body!), but fans took the whole thing way too far with their terrible, bloody and scarry fan arts.

Basically, a lot of us got permanent traumas from one little canon scene. Personally, I had three nightmares (of which one was pretty heavy) so far.

This is to explain why I got sooo scared when I saw the Ludo/Toffee scene. I told myself “Come on! You barely watched a few episodes. Go away while you still can! If you fall in love with this show you’ll do it all over again”. I was scared of what Toffee could do, of how far he would push his being evil. I feared another bloody flood on the internet. I didn’t want Svtfoe tu turn out as Gravity Falls did.

But Toffee is not Bill. Toffee simply used Ludo, he didn’t seek vengance against him.

And I slowly gave in to love, understanding that there are a lot of good reasons to watch Svtfoe, such as the complexity of each character’s story and feelings, or the close bond between Star and Marco, or even Moon’s love for her daughter that was shown in the movie.

And now I reached the point where I spent hours and hours crafting all the props for my family cosplay.

Star’s wand, River’s staff and shoulderpads, the crowns, Star’s boots and horns were all hand made by myself.

Thanks Daron for the brilliant show you’re making! It’s one of the few shows I love with all my heart. And all those hours spent on the cosplay were really worth it.

If i were stephen i would pretend season 4 doesnt exist too. That season sucked on a whole different level. Arrow was never going to win any awards for writing or anything but even for their not so great standard season 4 doesnt measure up. There was nothing good about that season not even 7 episodes of happy olicity saved it for me.

whatanadidnext-blog  asked:

Part 1 This pie thing really drives me crazy haha :D i found out other things about it. So first i recognized that there was something really obvious at this whole pie scene. We know pi is 3,1415... and so on, i just thought hm let's see what happend at minute 31:41, and guess what, right at this time Aria and Ezra kiss and the lyrics of the song go like this "Every breath you take and every move you make every bond you break, every step you takeI'll be WATCHING you" we know this song but how

Part 2 .. did we not just freaked out about it, i mean this is so A. Thats not all, I mean maybe I’m over thinking all this but pi is not just going to infinity you also get the formula of the area of a circle with it, it is this: A = π r ² ( A = Pi (r (exponent) 2)) it’s A CIRCLE. This is not just how Ezrias realtionship is like it really reminds me of the whole “Whill The Circle Be Unbroken” thing. Part 3 Then there is this movie “Pi” it’s about a guy who is obsessed with this number and suffers from extreme paranoia, hallucinations, and social anxiety disorder. It is written and directed by Darren Aronofsky who also directed “Black Swan”. I mean this is it, i was never 100% sure about it but now I really belive that Aria is a psychopath. Maybe Ezra knows it. What I was also thinking about was that Aria always wears these tiger and leoprints, she has also a shirt with a big tiger on it… Part 4 she wears it in season 5 I’m not sure if it’s also in 5x05 but i think so. This made me think about the film “Life of Pi” the storyline revolves around “Pi” Patel, living in Canada and telling a novelist about his life story and how at 16 he survives a shipwreck in which his family dies, and is stranded in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. You can read the whole story at Wikipedia but the whole point of this movie is that Pi tells a beautiful and heartbreaking story… Part 5 that isn’t true, I mean everything he tells the novelist really happend, but never with all those animals, he just made it up because it is the BETTER STORY. In fact he was the tiger. Please read the description at Wiki because here is not enough space. What I want to say is that maybe this whole book that Ezra wrote is nothing more than a story with a real background but changed persons because he wants to cover up Aria’s secret. Ugh Idk I think I need a break haha Answer:

You are freaking awesome… this is great!

The “Will the Circle be Unbroken” episode in on season 3, when the girls find out that Spencer is at Radley. Could this have some connection with all the rest?

I think the Black Swan connection is brilliant, since we have a lot of other hints linking Aria to that, but I think that aside from the dress, this is the strongest clue!

I’ve read “Life of Pi” and saw the movie, so I know what you are talking about. He tells a true story, but to make it better, he adds all these insane details that didn’t really happen, or just twisting what did. I think this is a very important connection with two different theories: that Ali is setting all of this up because she always wanted a story written about her, and what better way to do it than setting this whole -A thing? And the other theory, is that Aria is writing a book about this - there are a lot of clues about this, including the inscriptions in her diary of things that hadn’t even happened yet, how she tells Ezra that she is writing a story about a villain wining in the end, etc. Since the Ali story was already kind of used in the book, I like the Aria theory a lot more. But I also really like your theory, that Ezra is the one changing the story to cover up Aria’s secret. My favorite connection to this is that after reading his book, Aria tells the girls that Ezra wrote that he thought one of the liars was -A, but then she says he wrote that Mrs DiLaurentis could be -A - well Aria, which one is it??

Thank you so much for sending this, as I said before, your insights are always amazing. Check out her other Aria is -A connections here!

Calm the fuck down IT’S ONLY EPISODE 1!

You know, I never thought my first long post about Season 2 of SVTFOE would be me telling people to calm the fuck down but I guess we’ll jump right in! 

So, I wanted to see everyone else’s interpretations of Marco’s reaction to reading that part of Star’s diary where she’s literally written a whole chapter about her feelings for him. 

I knew a lot of us would fangirl over Marco’s facial expression and the fact the key had a handle in the shape of a heart. So I was expecting that going in, when I refresh the tag to find people cross tagging with: 






Bitch. Really? It’s the first fucking episode of season 2. Calm your tits nothing major has been developed yet besides the possibility that Star may have a crush on Marco. And we don’t exactly know what Star wrote in that passage besides the fact that she calls him her best friend. 

She didn’t call him her boyfriend or her lover, she didn’t even talk about how cute he is or some shit like that. She just said they were best friends. 

But some of you guys are acting like Star just straight up kissed Marco on the lips or told him she liked him more than just a friend. 

It’s. Just. The. First. Episode. 

Even the most die hard shippers know there’ll be more twists and turns that can effect Starco’s development. 

Remember Jackie? Remember Tom? Remember the fact that both Marco and Star are both flirtatious teenagers? 

More than likely before Starco gets together Marco will be in a relationship with Jackie or Star will fall for another guy and date him for a while. 

But again: we don’t know because this is just the first episode of season 2 and we still don’t know jack shit about the other episodes outside of the clips we got from the promos. 

So I guess my message in this one rant is: tag your shit properly, calm the fuck down, wait till more episodes come out, and enjoy Season 2 without causing shipping drama WITH JUST THE FIRST EPISODE RIGHT AFTER WE GOT OFF A LONG HIATUS.