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[RECAP] Rick & Morty Season 3 Trailer: Superhero Team Episode

In the Rick and Morty Season 3 trailer [Click to watch it here!] we’re shown two short clips from an upcoming episode in which it seems that Rick and Morty have become part of a superhero team!


The first clip opens up with a shot of Morty with a group of five other individuals, one of which — like Morty — has a visible “V” emblem on their clothing.

  • The five individuals are references to comic characters
    • ex.: the red-haired man looks similar to Tony Stark of the “Avengers”
  • The ‘V’ emblem worn by Morty and the red-haired man
    • explanation: V for Vindicator (explained below), is also a similar design to “Avengers” symbol

(There’s a second shot where the group are facing a monstrous and threatening creature of some sort, and in it we can again see the “V” symbol on the back of Morty’s vest, as well as Rick, too!)

EVIDENCE: Clip #2 

This scene starts out with Morty pointing to a flashing purple jewel-like light, and excitedly telling Rick that they’ve been “called to assemble” by “the Vindicators”.

  • The flashing jewel is a visible indicator of help needed 
    • explanation: like the ‘bat signal’ in the Batman franchise
  • The phrase “called to assemble” is used
    • explanation: often used in superhero team comics/media
  • The word “vindicator” is synonymous with “avenger”
    • explanation: for those who don’t know, the Avengers is a very popular superhero team comic (and now movie) series

(Additionally Rick’s distaste for “a literal call to adventure” — and probably the whole ‘superhero team’ thing generally — and telling Morty to “let it go to voicemail” is good in-character evidence as well!)

CONCLUSION: With all of the above evidence its pretty obvious that this S3 episode is not just a reference to/remaking of the superhero team trope, but in true Rick & Morty fashion, most likely a satire, too!

anonymous asked:

What would the paladins + Allura do if their s/o left kiss marks all over their exposed neck with lipstick without them knowing and the others noticing it before them (I did this to my crush once and it was hilarious)

what even is sleep i’m not familiar


  • what???? he’s so confused
  • everyone is all winking and snickering
  • he’s so confused and aNGRY
  • pouty keith
  • when he finds out he’s sO EMBARRASSED
  • “why,,,,why would you do this to me y/n“
  • desperately tries to wash it away but like lipstick smudges
  • “y/n yOU MADE THIS MESS :((((”
  • “y/n hELP“
  • someone save the poor bby


  • little shit
  • he doesn’t even know wHAT IT IS BUT HE’S LIKE YUP
  • and then when he finds out he’s like,,,
  • “y/n HOW COULD YOU“
  • and then he gets kind of embarrassed
  • i mean listen he loves to tease
  • but on the inside he’s sOFT AND SO EMBARRASSED OKAY LIKE 
  • WOW and if you’re like “;)”
  • then he’s like,,,,dead
  • tries to cover up his embarrassment
  • “are you just jealous i’m getting it and you’re not, mullethead?“ 
  • “ummm no you smudged some of it earlier when you were rubbing your neck lol“


  • slightly annoyed that everyone is laughing
  • “if you could pLEASE pay attention“
  • he doesn’t even spend his free time with the others and this is why
  • no one tells him SHIT okay like he’s just sitting there ALL MORNING with a billion and one of these kiss marks on his neck like “yeah so thats that planet”
  • he notices because he goes to touch his neck and then when he brings his hand back to see the bright red and he’s like what
  • so he goes to the bathroom and he’s like “what the hell is this”
  • and then he washes most of it off and goes to find you
  • “care to explain this, y/n“
  • “new beauty routine, shiro?“
  • he’s like angry, but like the slow burn angry, where they comically draw your eyebrow twitching
  • and then he’s also pretty embarrassed because,,,,
  • well dang
  • hopefully no one talks about it they do
  • acts like it never happened


  • poor baby is just minding his OWN business 
  • he just wants to bake his dessert ppl 
  • idk why everyone keeps on snickering at him
  • he doesn’t feel good at that :(((
  • he asks you for help because you might know something
  • you weren’t going to say anything
  • but he’s pouting
  • and his eyes are wide and he sounds SO CONFUSED
  • so you just tell him
  • “so you mean i’ve been walking around like this the whole time!!!!!!“
  • “y/n i trusted you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“


  • figures out the fastest
  • she kind of pieces together that it must be her appearance in like an hour
  • so she goes to the bathroom and she’s like “wHAT IS THIS”
  • and then she remembers you
  • okay she’s mad she’s like “wHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS”
  • but she’s also really embarrassed
  • i mean,,,,everyone just saw that. 
  • she’s not leaving her room for like,,,,another day
  • no one can see her she can’t face the team
  • “katie i’m sORRY“
  • pidge can’t come to the door now, sorry, ding“
  • “katie i know that’s you“


  • she thinks it’s just a huge prank
  • eyebrow twitching
  • blames it on lance or something
  • she finds out because she kept on getting mad at everyone so you took pity on her
  • “you wHAT”
  • ummm she’s a cross between embarrassed and mad like,,,
  • ‘how could you let me go out hALF DECENT’
  • and ‘i’ll never be seen the same way’
  • someone give her comfort jhjdshf

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So. I want to ask a thing. How did you come up with the designs you chose for the characters?

God damn, that’s a hard question to answer! There are a lot of facets that go into character design… and hell, a lot of it can be summed up as “because it felt/looked right.”

Of course, the base of all their designs came first and foremost from the Yogscast’s various Minecraft skins, then it was supplemented with aspects of various fanart/fancannon the fans of created for Yogs. Naturally there where some other outside influences (I watch a lot of Anime and American cartoons for example,) but I tried my best to keep close to the core of the characters.

In general for drawing them I had three steadfast rules.

  1. Each character can only have a max of three colours (plus Black & White). No one will mistake one character for another and colour choice with the silhouettes will be my first step!
  2. I hate drawing legs & feet at the best of times. Everyone gets black legs. No exceptions.
  3. No one gets any skin colour of any kind. I want the characters to pop out on screen from the backgrounds, and skin tones will eat into my colour limit for each character.

Let me give you a few dot point examples of some of the inspirations for some of the character designs…

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Hi! I love your blog! Just wanted to say, I don't know exactly why but I like Gwenpool a lot. It's a shame she came out of the whole deadpool everywhere thing, but I still enjoy the comics. She's pretty relatable to me, I think if I ended up in the marvel universe I'd become a hero (well- antihero in her case) to stay alive too (I like the logic I guess). What I'm asking is could you do a quick drawing of her? Thanks!

only for you, anon! 


“lo prometido es deuda” we say in my neighborhood, it p much means “what you promise is a debt”. I made a promise to talk about The Emoji Movie once we watched it on streaming, and.. this one is a hard one.

Not because it’s hard to watch itself, while that’s true and I do not recommend wasting any penny watching it, the real trouble with reviewing it is that…

It brings nothing new.

EVERYTHING that happened in the movie It’s something I’ve seen before in other animated movies, the whole plot is a mix-mash of Inside Out and Wreck It Ralph and The Lego Movie, the characters are so bland that I literally don’t know how to describe our main protagonist without saying that he is, welp, the main protagonist.

There’s your classic “alternative girl”, the beta and the annoying comic relief.

None of the jokes made me crack up because none of the jokes had a good phasing or a well though punchline, a lot of them where based on “POP CULTURE REFERENCE LOL XD #YOLO” and others where pretty overused if not incredibly lazy.

The story ain’t better, Gene is just your average kid that no one understands, he has the gimmick that he can make more than one face, and that apparently means he is defective. They have this big machine that “scans them” every time someone in the phone uses an emoji (instead of taking a pic once and staying with it but whatev) and our protagonist fucks it up and has to find a hacker to help him become “normal”.

But ohh no why you wanna be normal if you are SPECIAL and as SPECIAL people is ALWAYS going to love you in the end with no doubt even if they hated you at first for the exactly same problems and the villain is just obsessed with everyone being the same because EVIL, you gotta be yourself and never change and yeah yeah I’ve seen it all before and you all have seen it all before. 

Guess who is the villain, just take a fucking guess, who do u think it is?

I think the worse part is that you can clearly see that at least SOMEONE in the animation or direction department gave the tiniest little shit about the project, theres two scenes that are pretty entertaining to look at because they are pretty well animated, I mean yes of course is Sony they got the money and no afraid of wasting it, but towards the movie you can just… feel that ton of the people working on it is living a hell, is like towards the whole movie they are whispering to you “please safe me I didn’t ended my whole career in CalArts to this”. 

The Just Dance and Spotify parts where the best ones, they are short and theres some incredibly bad jokes in the middle but it had some creativity behind it, guess ya gotta stick with the less worse of the bunch.

Just Dance and Candy Crush felt incredibly unnecessary, have I mentioned that Major Lazer is constantly stuck into the movie? they even play Bubble Butt… sadly they skipped the part where Tyga says “I ate the pussy fast, I’m about to start burpin’.”

The ending is exactly what you would expect, he saves the day everyone is happy he turns into a favorite in town and by the kid he gets the respect he deserved and the girl and yeah… Is it the worse movie I’ve ever seen? nah, Sausage Party still takes that cake, but it’s a pretty close second.

My recommendation? watch it online for free with friends to crack at how bad it is, you can find it updated on PornHub (that ain’t a joke), ah, and don’t make shot games around it, I talk by experience.


ghostori  asked:

Id love to get into the nightwing fan community, but I have no idea where to begin! Where do you suppose I should start in terms of comics and cartoons?

Okay, so first off, do you mean Nightwing? Or Dick Grayson? I think to understand Nightwing, to really love him, you have to know him as Robin first. You have to really understand his journey, so I’m going to go ahead and just give you a place to start for Dick Grayson. 

Also, I’m not sure I’m the best person to be asking this because the way I got into the fandom wasn’t through the comics. It was actually through @stepichu posting a gif of Young Justice I think? 

It was last summer, and I dived into season 1 without a second thought. I absolutely fell in love with this sarcastic kid who disappeared like a ninja and could hack like nobody’s business. And then I tried to watch season 2, and I backed the heck out. I didn’t know who Nightwing was, or why there was a new Robin, and so I quit. Fast froward about six months later, I see Steph reblog some fanart (I think? I can’t remember anymore) of the batkids, and I was so confused, so I delved into tumblr and realized that I was not at all informed.

I mostly dived into the ao3 archives after that and read up on references through the wiki as I did so, but I recommend Not Doing That. So here are some comics/cartoons (with some help from @laquilasse) that are good to start out with. Hope this is what you’re looking for.

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Well, guys. The jig is up. Supercorp has been defeated.

At San Diego Comic Con the cast of Supergirl had a great time making fun of the popular queer fan pairing, Supercorp (Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers). Kind of a jerk move.

If you want to watch the whole interview, I just wanna warn you that it’s pretty much tremendously obnoxious behavior all the way through. It’s like a 10 minute long “no homo”

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Caveats under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

i love your art so much?? like the comics and stuff are fantastic and i'm sndhwahsjsbdjd about them

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Oh my g o d s!!!!!!!!!!

Anon said: Thank you for always providing us with such good soft kiribaku 😍 also, I’m obsessed with the Bakusquad in big comfy sweaters in that last comic! Omg they look so cute

!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked them!!!!!! *O* big comfy sweaters are my weakness, honestly hahaha

Anon said: Hello! I adore your comics, they’re all so good I cri. There’s not a single comic you’ve made that I don’t like. They’re all just so cute and you always draw things I could see happening in canon. It’s like you understand every character so well and is able to draw them in character because of that, if you know what I mean?? And also your art is so pretty and unique I just!? I lov.

Welp count me as a gross sobbing mess on the floor holy heck this ask killed me - thank you??? so much?????? This means a whole damn lot to me!!!! And made my whole day 300x better, really, thank you!!!! <3<3<3

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My comic thumbnailing process for anon!

I start out with a script or just a really really loose bullet point list of what i want to happen (quickly jot them down before they get lost! Mine only makes sense to me so you probs wont be able to read it well. Sorry bout that!) Then i thumbnail the entirety of my comic. As you can see, they’re literally just stick figures. It’s important to keep them this way so that you wont get sucked in on making it ‘pretty.’ This is the time to feel out the flow and if the whole story connects. Also time to experiment with composition and layout!

Then I blow each page up and clean it up a tiny bit and put dialogue clearer just so that when i clean up I won’t be confused. Then, just inking from then on! Time to make it ‘pretty.’ And if you look at it, i still change a lot of things around even in the final stages. So always keep thinking about how you can best convey a scene!

As for books on storyboarding or storytelling in general, these 2 are great books!! I have a huge list of them too if you need more~

Edit: OH and of course Scott Mcloud’s stuff! Super easy and fun to read on top of being extremely informative!!
In Light of Recent Events Regarding Magneto and HYDRA

 So, apparently, as I’ve recently heard, in the new Secret Empire series of comic books, Magneto, a villain well-known to be Jewish, is apparently siding with HYDRA in this event. Now, normally, I would be pretty pissed off about this, and, truth be told, until more information comes out (though, I doubt that will change anything, I still think that without a good explanation, this is pretty stupid. However, on the other hand, as some of you may know, I’ve actually grown pretty sick and tired over the whole “everyone I don’t like and I disagree with is a Nazi/Nazi sympathizer” (this doesn’t mean I condone or like Nazis, it just means that I don’t like hysteria), so I’ve started to try to practice not reacting to every single thing by becoming hysterical, and I just wanted to state my thoughts on this and give a somewhat quick history of HYDRA’s in-universe backstory for both the movies and the comics, and why there’s more to it than it just being a “Nazi/Neo-Nazi organization”. I hope you all don’t mind my commentary (also, just to let you know, I also learned about this stuff from other articles and research, and I do sort of paraphrase in places, but these are still my own thoughts).

 First off, I’m going to cover the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of HYDRA first, because that will take less time to explain than the long, convoluted history of it’s comic book counterpart. When they first appeared in the MCU, they were indeed once a part of the Third Reich’s advanced science branch, and received funding from them. However, the Red Skull recognized that in order to extend HYDRA’s influence and power, he and the organization would have to cut ties to Hitler and Nazi Germany (and in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, despite being a Nazi himself and adopting most of the Third Reich’s Social Darwinist theories into HYDRA, even the Red Skull kind of thought that Hitler’s “master race” theory was full of shit), and so, after acquiring the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube, Red Skull and HYDRA went rogue and planned to overthrow and betray Nazi Germany once the Allies had lost, and it’s quite possible they would be even worse than Hitler and his goons were if they got their way. 

 After the Red Skull’s defeat and the fall of Nazi Germany, however, HYDRA seemed to transcend their Nazi roots, though they still retained their totalitarian and authoritarian goals with the belief that humanity could not be trusted with it’s own freedom and must be subjugated for it’s own good. When looking back on the events of the war, Armin Zola concluded the whole “German master race” thing didn’t really work and also concluded Hitler’s methods were pretty dumb and inefficient, even for HYDRA’s standards. Though they gave up working for the Nazis after their fall, they did manage to extend HYDRA’s reach into the Soviet Union (something that would’ve been impossible if they remained full-on Nazis and all of the Nazis beliefs), and, secretly, into the U.S. and SHEILD. As I said before, the HYDRA in the MCU’s present-day doesn’t seem to care that much about what your genetics say or if you have “Aryan” ancestry, and is more focused on just world domination. Hell, they move away even further from them originally being just Nazis, when it’s revealed in Agents of SHIELD that the MCU version of HYDRA has roots that actually extend back centuries and to alien influence, and that the original Nazi organization was just the latest incarnation of the group, similar to it is in the comics.

 Speaking of which, it’s about time I summed up the long history of HYDRA from the original comics, and I’ll start off with when it was first created in real life. HYDRA was originally created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in 1965, and first appeared in Strange Tales #135 (August 1965). While their inspirations from the Nazis was pretty blatantly evident in their early appearances (with them being under the leadership of guys who worked for the Nazi Party, Baron von Strucker and Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull), as various writers delved in their history and backstory Nazi connection sort of started to dwindle and become more vague until, even in early stories, the current incarnation of HYDRA was revealed as an organization which had roots in Imperial Japan. True, they worked alongside the Nazis during WWII, but they’ve always sort of had their own agenda. Their last remaining connection to outright Nazism, Baron von Strucker, was even shown to be a fugitive who allied his version of HYDRA with Germany’s Third Reich in a grab for power before betraying them. Fleeing with the Red Skull, Strucker quickly abandoned Schmidt to join forces with a Japanese criminal organization also using the HYDRA name, because even he thought Red Skull was a monster. Though Strucker remained a constant part of Hydra until recent years, his ideology became less about Aryan supremacy and more about his own thirst for power. Later stories further retconned and clarified Strucker’s origins and motivations, placing him as the head of Hydra locked in a war with S.H.I.E.L.D. and other super-spy groups. The elements of totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and fascism still remained at Hydra’s core, but it sort of really wasn’t driven by white supremacy and racial hatred that much anymore. 

 But Hydra as a Japanese crime syndicate isn’t where the organization’s story begins, because in recent additions to HYDRA’s backstory, it turns out the group’s history spans over millions of years, including the Third Dynasty of Egypt, and has alien origins.  According to Jonathan Hickman’s S.H.I.E.L.D. mini-series, which explored the secret history of the Marvel Universe (for better or worse), Hydra’s roots go back to before humans evolved, when a Before the evolution of mankind, a cabal of immortal hooded reptilian aliens came to Earth, planning to start a legacy of evil (it’s comic books, just roll with it). Millions of years later, they corrupted an Asian secret society of geniuses known as the Brotherhood of the Spear. They were opposed by a group called “The Order of the Shield” (get it, SHIELD?). Over the centuries, the Order of the Spear grew and changed, eventually becoming HYDRA – an organization that was revived in the early 20th Century in Imperialist Japan with ideals based on world domination inherited from their ancient alien masters. They also included the real life Cathari Sect and the real life Thule Society, which is where the Nazis came into the picture. You see, after the end of World War II, the Nazi sub-group of HYDRA, funded by the Thule Society, was brought into the main HYDRA fold, thus explaining how the likes Baron von Strucker and the Red Skull came to join and lead their ranks. 

 Currently in comic books, Hydra has splintered into several separate factions , but there are two main groups: one led by Baron Zemo, who has been trying to control what’s left of the old HYDRA, and leading a much more Darwinist version of the secret society based on survival of whomever HYDRA deems the fittest to live (usually its own members) - and one being built from the ground up, led by the Red Skull, who has returned to Nazi beliefs, and, for the first time in modern continuity, has introduced a philosophy of neo-Nazism and white supremacy into HYDRA (a move which I feel was supposed to be “topical” and “relevant”, but comes off as preachy and forced, as well as a move which over-simplified and misrepresented certain issues, something which Marvel has been terribly guilty of over the past few years).

 So, to answer, “Is HYDRA a Nazi organization?” Well, the answer is yes, and no. While it is clear that HYDRA’s original real world roots are planted in the idea of neo-Nazi terrorists, for a good portion of their history, they’ve also served the role as your run-of-the-mill supervillain terrorist organization, associating themselves with all kinds of tyrants and criminals throughout history, usually with whatever is considered a threat in real life at the time of when the story is written. 

 Now, going back to Magneto, do I think it’s a good move for him to join HYDRA? Of course I fucking don’t! Even if they’re not technically a Nazi organization anymore, he’d still hate their guts for associating with the Nazis, and he’d especially hate the like of the Red Skull. However, the important thing to remember is that while Magneto is a Holocaust survivor and a tragic figure, he’s also a character who has sought out the domination and/or extermination of humans several times in the past, as he is meant to show that if we allow ourselves to be consumed with hate and revenge, we end up being no better than the people we hate. Yes, he’s had a couple of changes of heart over the years, but still, it’s important to note that Magneto is no saint, either, even if isn’t as bad as the Red Skull (at least in the 616 universe). Still, I don’t think that Magneto would join HYDRA unless there was a reason, like him getting something out of it (though, I do think he would be wary in case they planned to double cross him), or if he was forced to do it for some reason, or if he was mind controlled, the last of which may possibly be the case (Captain America was basically brainwashed into thinking he’s a HYDRA sleeper agent, so I’m not gonna rule out the possibility of that being the big “twist”). Though, something to note is that the brainwashed Cap is currently planning with Baron Zemo to kill Red Skull and depose him from HYDRA (I take it that Zemo probably doesn’t really like how Red Skull is trying to bring back full-on Nazi ideology into HYDRA, even if they fascist terrorists, at least I assume/head-canon that, because it makes the books a tiny bit more tolerable, but not by much), and that Secret Empire looks like the result of his success in that endeavor, so one of my predictions is a combination of brainwashing to bring Magneto into the group, as well as him being a part of the anti-Red Skull faction.

 The one thing I’m shocked at is that I’m probably one of the few people who sees it less as “anti-Semitism” (and believe me, anti-Semitism is a problem, but I don’t looking for it everywhere I see), and more for what it really is; a cheap gimmick made to make people talk about it, even when the story itself hasn’t been released yet. Marvel wants this kind of reaction. They want dozens of articles, blog posts, tweets, and videos fueled by anger and controversy, just like they wanted this reaction from the Hydra!Cap fiasco. If they can’t sell comics by promoting them, then they decide to sell them and get people to talk about them based on controversy. I bet you that when the actual story comes out, it’s gonna end up being one of those things explained away with “it was brainwashing/magic/whatever”. I wasn’t surprised when it turned out to be the case with Hydra!Cap, and I’m not gonna be surprised if that it turns out to be the case with Hydra!Magneto. 

 I feel the best way to “protest” this is to not give in to this obvious publicity stunt like Marvel wants, and just not talk about and give it no attention when the story actually does come out, and then wait until the dust has settled to talk about. Speaking of which, as i said before, this outrage is sparking before the story even officially comes out or is even finished, and while I did just say that we shouldn’t give attention or make any puff pieces about it until the story arc is over with, I still say we should wait until the actual story comes and we learn everything about it (for better or worse), before critiquing it. When it finally does come out and we a whole lot more about it, then we can complain for (hopefully) good and/or justifiable reasons.

I’m sorry that this was long as shit, because I originally didn’t mean it to be like this long. I just really, really get annoyed when people simplify HYDRA as a “nazi/neo-Nazi organization”, because that just show signs of either not knowing a good amount of comic book history, or showing that you don’t actually read comics. I’m not condoning or “apologizing” for Nazism or white supremacism in any way, it’s just that I’m giant nerd who doesn’t like it when people make glaring mistakes and are ignorant of comic book history. Though, to be fair, it is a common misconception, made by both casual fans and even writers who don’t know comic history (something which they definitely should learn), but it still grind my gears when anyone makes any sort of big mistake regarding comic books (just see the numerous times I had to remind people that Harley Quinn isn’t exactly an innocent, quirky little cinnamon roll, when especially after she blows up children with bombs). 

ID #72873

Name: Bruna
Age: 19
Country: Portugal

Hi :) My name is Bruna and I’ve lived in Portugal my whole life, though I’d love to travel the world. I’m fluent in portuguese and english and I can also my spanish.

Well, I’m a biology major, so pretty much anything related to science and nature is just right up my alley; I’m a huuuuge book and mythology nerd (it becomes hard for me to stop gushing about how much i love books xd).

Music and art also play a big role in my life; I love hiking, the stars and being outdoors in general and I can be found talking my ears out about my precious tv shows/films/comics. Writing helps me cope with a lot and I love words, so if you are a two word converstion type of person we probably won’t click.

I love kitties, like I’ll most likely end up as a crazy cat lady but I think I’ve pretty much accepted my fate by now.

Mostly looking for friends, someone to rant with and have deep conversations as I am a biiig fan of those but also just have fun. Snail mail would be fun, but you can just email or tumblr me for now :)

Oh, don’t even try to come at me if you’re racist, a homophobe, etc; I’m bisexual but leaning more towards girls, not out at home, but to some of my friends.

Preferences: 17+, preferably girls because I usually connect better; country wise is whatever, but i’d love to meet people from the US and all over Europe

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

I realize that I’m pretty late to the party with this, but I recently watched the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast and decided to write down some of my thoughts on it. I’ll mainly be focusing on what some of the changes were that the new version made and how I thought that they actually improve upon the original in some ways. So if you’re looking for someone to uphold the original film in the highest regard and shit on the newest, bastardized version of it—you won’t find that here, and please don’t keep reading unless you actually want to engage another point of view.

Also, no spoiler warning because, I mean, I just assume you’ve already seen the original Beauty and the Beast and it has basically the same plot as the new one. And if you haven’t seen the original Beauty and the Beast, this is the part where you stop reading this and go watch it.

Alright, then. On with the review.

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Dating Damian Wayne (Robin) May Include…

Arabic is his first language, although he’s fluent in multiple other languages

–He usually speaks Arabic whenever he’s frustrated
–And when he compliments you
––Especially before the two of you started dating
––He didn’t want you to know he fancied you. Cute.
–He also likes to speak it because man you make the most adorable confused faces
–Sometimes he’ll say something in Arabic and then translate it for you
–He likes to listen to you try to copy him
–Even though you suck at it
––Unless you already know Arabic rip
–You’ve managed to keep it a secret, but you’ve actually been learning it on your own
–It takes everything in you to not give it away when he says something and you know what he said
–It’s adorable

Legacies, man. Legacies.

–Talia and Ra’s are actually pretty delighted that Damian found a S/O who can put up with him
––This is mostly because they still hope that Damian betrays Bruce and takes the place of Ra’s one day
––And with a strong lover by his side, there’s no way the League will perish
––Not to mention children
––Damian and you will start a family which will drag on the Al Ghul legacy
–Bruce is surprised Damian didn’t scare you off
––He knows his son isn’t that great when it comes to talking to people
––So when he came home with you, he was super surprised
––I mean, yeah Damian has Colin, but you were different
––Everyone saw it
––Alfred would always joke about your wedding
––Teasing the two of you
––Damian would get super flustered
––“That’s enough, Pennyworth. We have everything we need. You may go.”
––You would be all giggly and tease Damian more about it once Alfred was gone
–––He kissed you to shut you up after the one-hundredth time
––Bruce hopes that the two of you do stick together
––He knows how much you mean to Damian and if he were to lose you
––He doesn’t want to think of what would happen
––He hopes that you help Damian become the person he wants to be
––Basically, you and Dami are his OTP

Family is like everything

––The all adore you
––Everyone, mostly Tim, is surprised that Damian was able to “convince” you into being his S/O
––Tim is like 67% sure he paid you
–––There is no way you would willingly go out with him
–––Despite this, he’s actually really happy for the two of you
––Dick is always teasing you two
–––He’s just so happy for his lil’ bro
–––Damian always goes to him for help when it comes to your relationship
–––He’s new to all of this and he trusts Dick more than anyone
–––The two of them will meet up while on patrol and just talk
–––Damian really cares for you and he doesn’t want to screw it up
––Jason has a shirt made that says “Y/N + DAMIAN = OTP”
–––It started off as a joke after hearing you say the same thing
–––But now the whole fam has one
–––Alfred has a mug
––Stephanie and you are pretty close
–––She wanted to make sure you weren’t going to hurt Damian
–––She’s the president of he PROTECT DAMIAN AL GHUL WAYNE club
––Barbara doesn’t know you well enough
–––But if you make Damian happy then you’re pretty lit
–––If I’m not mistaken, she hasn’t met Damian in the comics?
–––You guys are sparring partners
–––If Damian breaks your heart she’ll break more than just his face
–––She’s with you
–––The two of you are partners. Much like Robin is Batman’s.
–––She’ll destroy him if he hurts you
–––She was the one who helped Jason make the merchandise tbh
­­––You know who everyone is
–––You’re the Robin to Kat’s Batwoman, okay?
–––You knew who everyone was before they knew who you were

Damian and you spend more time training than talking

–It’s pretty much couples counseling for the two of you
––Before the two of you yell and get into a huge fight
––You take your anger out with fighting
––Once that’s over with, the two of you just talk
––It’s the perfect way to be calm while discussing something that could’ve ended in a yelling match
–He likes to teach you new moves
––He doesn’t mind getting up close and personal
––He loves it when you use what he teaches you against him
––It’s pretty hot
–There are no winners
––Something that Damian is still trying to learn is that not all fights have a winner
––There’s ties and compromises
––So, whenever the two of you fight, you always end in a tie
––Damian is usually the one who ends the fight, though


–He’s not really protective over you
––He knows you can handle yourself
––But he does keep an eye on you whenever given the chance
––Just in case
–He loves to hold you
–PDA isn’t something you do
––Maybe holding hands, but other than that the two of you aren’t affectionate in public
––HIS: Elbi [My Heart].
––YOURS: Boo, Mini Bruce, Bae, Love.

That’s what dating Damian would be like :D

DATE: AUG. 27 2016
NOTES: I got pretty carried away here

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm thinking abt starting to read some Spider-Man comics, any recommendations on where to start??

It’s really hard because I personally find it hard remembering which story goes where. I read the comics but I am useless at remembering which volumes are which etc.

The “Spidey” comics are all very simple and cute. They feel like comics for kids really. They always have a nice little life lesson in the end, but we have nice interactions with other avengers as well.
(the cap america one is my fave ahhh)

I also really enjoyed the “Avenging Spider-man” titles. They are kinda just one off stories. But I always find them entertaining.
(The 5th issue with captain america is my favourite again.. HAAA) 

Then there is ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. This is set in a whole new universe. Marvel took the opportunity to kind of redo Spidey and stick him in highschool like he was supposed to be.
The comics were actually pretty interesting and fun to read a lot of the time. Of course in this universe Peter Parker dies and is replaced by Miles Morales.
(i kinda stopped reading after he died - but you can’t kill off my fave and expect me to still be interested sO FFF)

BUT there are also these comics called “SPIDER-MEN” where our Main universe (Universe 616) Peter ends up jumping dimensions and meeting Miles. It’s a really fun story and I love seeing Miles and Peter interact.
Plus its an ongoing series and a new issue just came out recently for this! (Woo)

SPIDER-VERSE is a huuuge event that happened that is a lot of fun to read. Sometimes it gets confusing trying to remember who is who and who is where and what the wHAT. But it’s pretty rad and it’s ALL your amazing spider-y characters in one hit. Plus the art is amazing. 

I’ll mention Spider-man/Human Torch as well because Peter being low-key being accepted into the fantastic four family is like my fave thing. Plus the issue where Johnny works out Spideys identity is my favourite identity reveal. haha. 

SPIDER-MAN: Renew your Vows is a super cute bunch of comics that isn’t in the main canon, but it’s following the story line where Peter and Mary Jane have an adorable kid. It’s interesting if you’re into that. 

I’ll mention DEADPOOL ANNUAL #2 because Spider-man appears in it and it’s one of my favourite comics with these two. It’s short but cool. 
They also have their own comic series if you’re interested SPIDERMAN/DEADPOOL. 

ANYWAY. Those are a few comics that are good to read, but they are also pretty easy to find just by googling them. (i hope) 
Honestly I prefer a lot of the “one off” stories, rather than the giant events. I wish I had the time to link all of them to you but I can’t! Hope you like these ones anyway! 

But also I’m just going to leave this link here… 
It’s got like.. ALLLL of the comics in one place. 
might have to search around for the newer ones though~ 
(Pretty sure you can find em all on that website anyways)

squad-damage  asked:

Hi! If you don't mind me asking, how exactly is the vid squids story going to be told? Like is it going to be a comic or a written story or something else? (Also I'd totally understand if you don't answer if it's something you might not want to tell us yet, but I was just curious. Either way, I'm still looking forward to it!)

Hi there! I don’t mind at all, I’m happy to answer! (it’s a well-timed question too actually) The Vid-Squids story will be a comic, which is why I’ve been making a few of those more recently as practice. This will be my first comic, so it’s pretty exciting for me, but also a bit scary too since there’s a whole lot to learn (and draw)! 

I’m glad to hear you’re still looking forward to it, and sorry it’s taken so long to start it! However, progress has begun! Stay tuned…

anonymous asked:

I don't want to sound too, ah, plebian, but can you explain the meta-plot of Multiversity? The Just, SoS, etc, were all very fun, but the Ultraa Comics stuff went over my head.

Not at all! Multiversity was weird as hell, and in terms of getting what the point of it all was, it doesn’t help that most of the one-shots only tie in thematically (aside from the basic idea that The Gentry are corrupting these worlds) rather than how in Seven Soldiers everything comes back plotwise for the finale. There’s breadcrumbs - a piece of Monitor mythology here, a suggestion that comics reflect other events in the multiverse there - but by and large, the one-shots serve to lend context and emotional weight rather than directly inform the larger plot with Uotan, Superman and the rest of the heroes.

I wrote about Multiversity before, always with the intent of doing a follow-up piece going more into the individual issues, so here’s me finally getting around to that now that it’s been, oh my god, two years since the series wrapped; you’ll probably want to read that article first, since my whole “Multiversity is about time” thesis from that is the center of pretty much everything I’m going to talk about here, especially at the end. I’d also recommend David Uzumeri’s annotations for Comics Alliance of all the chapters up through Mastermen, and @charlotteofoz‘s excellent piece on Ultra Comics, as well as the piles upon piles of other great writing about this book out there.

Continued below; this is a long one, obviously with plenty of spoilers.

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Cisco is such a good, well rounded character and I love the way he’s written so much. Yes I hate some of the story lines they’ve put him through, how they’ve made other characters treat him and pretty much the way they treated Dante and his family connection (have you read the comics????) but Cisco in himself is just so good. I mean this in the sense of genuinely not being able to find a whole lot of faults in him, having him save lives just through being kind and caring is such a big achievement for any character. Also having him be so smart that every show has mentioned him or used some of his tech at some point and noted how much of a genius he is. And then I know they don’t let him use his powers to his full potential (which is annoying) but the fact that he is a badass superhero who has these powers which are so different to so many others on superhero shows and that he has had so much development where it’s come to being confident in his powers as well as development when standing up to danger (see the comparison of being threatened by Eobard to being threatened by savitar) is just so so great. And then he somehow still remains pretty lighthearted and tells jokes, makes references and many casual fans love him because of it but then those who look at his character in a deeper sense can also see how much he struggles and how much he’s hurt and the fact that he can be layered in such a way that different people have different but still largely positive perceptions of him is just excellent. Plus you have Carlos’ amazing acting to compliment his character whether it’s his broken expressions or little actions to signify his trauma or on the other hand his perfect comedic timing Carlos really delivers. I mean I love Cisco Ramon with all my heart and there’s a clear reason why.


7/100 days of productivity - [22.06.17]

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more stressful, the roof of my school burns down! Everything’s chaotic atm with finals coming up within a week and we can’t go in our school. There’s so much damage, we have to go to another location for a whole year! It just makes me so sad that my after 5 years I can even have my senior year here… Well, at least I have a couple more days free before my finals and the weather is pretty good. I had breakfast in the garden with my fave comic atm (hawkeye) in the morning and studies for the rest of the day after that.

MTG Movie: What WOTC needs to do...

As most of you will probably already know, a while ago an agreement between Hasbro and 20th Century Fox was settled to create an MTG movie, “on the scale of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.”  This all sounds very awesome, and I can say i’m excited as well, but so many times before we’ve seen video games and board games taken to the big screen to turn into a big flop. Even the recent World of Warcraft movie lacked any emotional connection and didn’t really make it past the video games’ fan base. So how can an MTG movie be succesful? Here’s what I think…

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