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[Miraculous Ladybug]: The Sexual Awakening of Chloe Bourgeois

The last thing I should be doing is starting another story, but screw it. Life is short and this fandom is deprived of Chlonette fics so there. 

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Title: The Sexual Awakening of Chloe Bourgeois

Summary: “Chloe didn’t like girls. She didn’t like Ladybug.  She just wanted to make out with her and show her platonic admiration for Ladybug’s gorgeous commitment to civic duty. And if she wanted to continue the making out at Chloe’s place, then hey, who was she to deny a freaking superhero?”

In which Chloe is new to the whole “not-straight” thing, and Marinette can’t just stand by and not help the poor thing out.

Chapter 1: Magazines and Superlikes

It all started because she was late for her dental appointment.

Chloe was still convinced that had she not been busy agonizing over which filter to use for the Instagram post she was making that morning, she wouldn’t have forgotten to look at the time. Her driver wouldn’t have gotten her there after her appointment was given away. She wouldn’t have had to sit in the reception room and wait for the next available opening. She wouldn’t have been stuck looking through old magazines to keep her occupied because she wouldn’t have forgotten to charge her phone.

She would’ve just walked in, gone for her cleaning, and left.

Because if her life was going to be upended without her express permission, then Chloe was going to blame something . And that something was the reception room.

Specifically, the magazines in the reception room.

More specifically, the old August 2010 issue of Madame Figaro .

Even more specifically, the picture of Mylène Jampanoï on the cover of said issue.

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autum-petra  asked:

Hi just want to say you are so amazing and I love you! I'm hyped for the game of shingeki no Kyojin coming out soon and for the next manga chapter! I hope the whole manga will eventually be animated, it's really awful when they animate like half the series even when the manga is complete ;_; I love to draw your characters, the concept of the 3DMG and uniform is gorgeous! Keep being awesome ;_; ( *`ω´)♡

Thank you! You keep being awesome too! I too hope that the manga will completely be animated, but we’ll both have to see and wait how season two is received first.