this whole chapter was so gorgeous


HEY @actualbird HERE ARE SOME DOODLES FOR U from that ficlet u wrote!!! i just thought it was super sweet, i hope u don’t mind!!!!!

Horikoshi be like “the hardest one to draw is Todoroki because he’s supposed to be beautiful and drawing beautiful people is hard” but then you go through one (1) Kirishima centered chapter and he’s like 

so what is the truth

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I don't suppose you, or anyone else could briefly update me on the newest chapters of haikyuu? I can't really read the manga as I struggle to follow it :( but I'm so curious as to what's going on!!

Ok bub let me recap the blessing that is chapter 248 for you. We’ve got:

The actual representation of the whole fandom

Kanoka and Tanaka getting a little bit of their shit together (with the guest appearance of female Goshiki) 

The return of the iconic “Hinata boke!”

The most gorgeous boy in town

And the most jealous baby birb in town (MIYA’S FACE THO)

I’M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


!!!!!!!!!! A FREKIN’ MANDARIN !!!!!!!! or the boys in away colors 

Tsukki is not excited™

Actual squad goals

And we ended with a lesson for the future: never, ever, ever, interrupt Daichi

Chapter 537: A Beautiful Ending that Zeref Did Not Deserve

Alright so it is time for a very salty review from a very salty robot. 

So this chapter is very interesting…my feelings for this chapter are CONTRADICTING. 

Get it???

On its own, the scene between Zeref and Mavis was absolutely beautiful. The discussion between them about Contradiction and Love. Gorgeous scene, well executed. It would have been a perfect ending for them if…Zeref fucking deserved it. 

There is not a single reason for us to root for Zer/vis. Not a single reason. Zeref did nothing but screw Mavis over multiple times this arc – and done nothing to redeem himself. And the whole “I can’t watch her suffer” DOESN’T COUNT! It is unhealthy and even disgusting *cough* August *cough.* And let’s not forget how according to Mavis, Zeref longed for her since age 13. (unless it was a platonic THIS-PERSON-TREATED-ME-WELL-I-WANNA-BE-FRIENDS-FOREVER!) but the context suggests otherwise. 

The Zervis scenes in the beginning of Alvarez and the end were well done, however, Mashima’s own weakness in writing well constructed middle and built up completely decimates the ship. 

And don’t get me started on Makarov  – absolute bullshit right there…like the rest of this arc. 

General Fairy Tail Appreciation Post

100 Things I Love About Fairy Tail

1. Levy’s English voice actress is literally great.
2. Gajeel’s character development: 💯💯
3. Everyone’s development tbh
4. Natsu and Lucy’s seiyuus are the actual cutest
6. Lucy is a goddess.
7. The fact that Erza starts wearing revealing clothes after Tower of Heaven because she understands that she doesn’t need armor to protect herself anymore.
8. Natsu Vs. Cobra during Nirvana
9. T O D D  H A B E R K O R N
10. I know they’re sex jokes but they’re hilarious sex jokes
11. Wendy being able to use Dragon Force ON COMMAND YOU GO QUEEN
12. “Tell that to Lucy Heart-Feel-Me-Up”
13. NALU
16. Natsu and Lucy’s friendship even if you see it platonically like they are goals and are literally perfect
17. Natsu in general, which brings me back to…
18. T O D D  H A B E R K O R N
19. Wendy Vs. Ezel
20. Erza Vs. 100
21. Some of these fights are actually really creative like the aforementioned Natsu Vs. Cobra where Natsu’s big mouth literally just blew Cobra’s ears out or Natsu Vs. Eragore where he used the wind to his advantage or Gajeel’s fight during Tartaros where he used the carbon in the water to become actual Black Steel Gajeel
22. Sorcerer Weekly
23. The fact that Lucy carried on for a year despite the fact that she was by herself and very well might have had situational depression
24. Strong female characters– some might say that fanservice retcons this, but I disagree because all the women are portrayed as being comfortable in their sexuality and there is nothing wrong with using sexuality as a weapon
25. The original anime arcs like I loved Infinity Clock and Phoenix Priestess and Dragon Cry is gonna be great
26. Dragon Slayers my chILDREN
27. Wendy and Carla when they almost were killed by FACE their friendship is amazing
28. Lucy loves Natsu.
31. Mashima spoils us with ships more than in any other shounen from what I’ve seen and it’s great
32. It’s nice to have girls actually present in the plot
33. Semi-weekly chibi doodles
34. The Exceeds
36. Why is Ultear literally perfect
37. Meredy did puberty right
38. Sting and Rogue who are obviously so gay for each other.
39. Lucy’s character development AYYEEE although it’s not a sharp leap from “Go ahead, do it, and you’ll have the scariest guild on your ass” to “Goodbye, Daddy” to “It’s more fun when we’re together” to “you were my first friend” to “Go ahead, do it, I can still see with my imagination bitch.” In conclusion Lucy has always been a badass don’t know why Alvarez surprised you
40. T O D D  H A B E R K O R N
41. Lucy rewriting END like everyone wanted her to
42. Gray and Lucy’s brotp
43. Guildarts and Cana fr
44. Gray being super patient with Juvia even though he doesn’t have to be
45. All of the fan creations
46. Lucy standing up to her father
47. Actually Natsu and Lucy having parallel storylines in regards to their fathers
48. Everyone is hot af
49. Yes, even Gray
50. Especially Gray
51. Mashima writes character relationships excellently
52. The way he stays transparent with the fans is 10/10
53. The fact that Lucy is a fckin nerd writer
54. The fact that Lucy, Natsu, and Wendy are fckin dork children
55. The whole concept of Fairy Tail is really cool actually having Dragon Slayers taught magic by dragons to slay an evil Dragon Slayer is great and the whole Beauty and the Beast/Princess and the Dragon parallels for Gajeel and Levy and Natsu and Lucy are A+
56. The name Fairy Tail is kickass
57. The fact that everyone is called “the Fairies” which sounds kinda girly but they will fuck you up so fast
58. Anime openings are great. Like, FT was my first anime so I expected them to sound derpy but they’re honestly pretty Western like Rock City Boy and Believe in Myself (BOY) and Be As One specifically but there are so many other good tracks like…
59. GLITTER (OMG) Never-End Tale (I see what you did there), Fiesta, FT, Boys Be Ambitious!! (I like to think of this one as Igneel’s song for Natsu), Hajimari no Sora (So much fun), Yakusoku No Hi (Which fits its arc perfectly), We’re the Stars (I cri everytiem) Ashita o Narase, Break Out (Holy shit yes), Don’t Let Me Down, Masayume Chasing (FUCK YES), Never Ever (This fits the girls so well), Strike Back (both the actual full opening and Natewantstobattle’s cover [look it up it’s great]), and Towa no Kizuna
60. The original soundtrack is amazing as well Lightining Flame Dragon Alights, Tokihanatareshi Chikara, Mahou Taisen and literally the whole Tartaros soundtrack are gifts to this world
62. Natsu’s power is based on feelings and this was literally established by Chapter fifteen so quit being salty about the power of friendship
64. Gray’s magic is so unique like you go ice son
65. The fact that Fire, Air, and Iron are such unique elements to choose instead of going with the traditional four
66. Badass Grandpas
67. Badass Dads
68. Juvia’s long hair is gorgeous no SHE’S GORGEOUS GO GET YOUR MAN
69. So many Nalu moments it’s all about the little stuff
70. Wendy has so many older brothers like God forbid some guy ever made her cry because he’d have Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, AND Jellal on his ass
71. Princess Hisui is a badass
72. Her father is not and it’s awesome
73. Loke and Aquarius in general
74. P L U E
75. The foreshadowing in this series is ridiculous
76. Future Lucy’s death scene makes me cry
80. The guild is so homey it’s great
81. The impact that it’s destruction had on Natsu during Phantom Lord was incredible
82. It has the FUNNIEST FILLER like oh my God I don’t know why ya’ll hate it so much it can’t be death and screaming children all the time
83. The locations are great
84. the fact that every city is named after a flower
85. Mavis is a child, a girl, a raging badass, cursed, and was the founder of the best guild in the country.
86. Mavis’s backstory in general.
87. Prayers for Yuri Dreyar.
89. The Thunder Legion in general but Freed especially YOU ALSO GO GET YOUR MAN
90. Magic itself is actually so unique in this universe like the Celestial Spirit magic and Requip and Maker and Script is sweet
91. “It’s more fun when we’re together!”
92. Stardresses
93. Blue Pegasus
95. Natsu’s birth parents were hot like wtf
96. Zeref is a truly compelling villain given his curse and backstory
98. Lucy sacrificing Aquarius. In the English dub before she convinced Lucy, Aquarius told her “Natsu’s not coming, it’s on you” and tbh I think that makes it that much more impactful like that bitch loves her and they need to reunite
99. NALU. They’re truly a blessing.
100. “Do fairies have tails? No one knows for sure. It’s a neverending mystery, but a neverending adventure.”

So, Tuesday was @writegowrite’s birthday and I’m going to tell you why she’s such a lovely person and such a lovely author. She has always been incredibly sweet and kind, she has so many nice things to say to others, and I would adore her whether she’d written a single word or not, whether she ever writes another word. She’s a positive presence in this fandom, she always makes me feel better to see her posts on my dash, and she’s always so thoughtful and insightful about these characters we love and she has such a warm, steady feel every time I’ve spoken with her.

She is one of my favorite people in this fandom and I say that completely separate from her fic writing.

But, oh, her fic writing.  I’m absolutely in love with everything she writes, from her happier stories to the beautiful angst to the almost poetic way she can weave together words, and so I’m collecting together all the recs I’ve done for her work and I want to tell you why you should snag everything on this list and read it all and your life will be so much more fulfilled for it. (Equinox and Broken both have updated recs!)

Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, sith!obi-wan, 9k
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Home Again by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, dom/sub, light kink, 1.7k
   When Anakin’s emotions overwhelm him, Obi-Wan is always there with a firm hand and clear eye to help him find his way back from the dark.
Broken by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & rex & cast, NSFW, dark themes, sith!obi-wan, 30.8k wip
   The Twins are unstoppable enforcers of the Emperor’s will, the sun and moon that hang in the black void of his rule. It is said they are not the same age and that under their hoods they do not look alike, but they fight as one entity, silent and terrible as an eclipse in a spring sky.
Release by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, ~1k
   A quick and dirty story about quick and dirty things.
Family by lilyconrad, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & darth maul & cast, sith!obi-wan, 6.8k
   Seven years after the duel on Naboo, Obi-Wan Kenobi has turned to the dark, Maul has turned to the light, and young Anakin is caught somewhere in-between. Can Qui-Gon rescue his Padawan before it’s too late?
A Walking Shadow by lilyconrad, obi-wan & anakin & padme & luke & leia & palpatine & cast, 74.6k
   It is five years into the Empire’s ascension, an order built on the blood and bodies of the Jedi. None survived, they say, and the handsome, icy profile of Lord Vader plastered across every Imperial city leaves no room for doubt in the minds of many. But Vader knows there is at least one left, one that escaped him on Mustafar all those years ago.
The World Undone by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & maul, nsfw, sith!obi-wan, 143.3k
   Anakin Skywalker, proud symbol of the strength and purity of the Jedi Order, is the target of a strange and handsome Sith named Obi-Wan, whose only goal seems to be pulling Skywalker down into the dark with him.
The Warp and the Weft by FireflyFish, lilyconrad, obi-wan & anakin & rey & cast, 3.2k wip
   Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force. “We are all a part of the great Cosmic Force and whether we like it or not, when called, we must answer. Even if we’re dead, Anakin.”
Coda by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, modern au, 60k wip
   Anakin is an up-and-coming first soloist for the New York City Ballet Company, a brash, confident dancer with a smoldering sensuality to his technique and an electric smile that makes fangirl toes curl and quite possibly his choreographer’s.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Unfaithful : Part Seven

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife



Please let me know if you wether want to be tagged or untagged.

Warnings : language

/ minor smut

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You stood in front of the mirror, nervously checking your looks . You were getting ready to accompany Negan, Lucille and Jack to the club. Jack was already downstairs waiting for you .
“Come on ! You look just gorgeous y/n!” Lucille blurted .

You twisted yourself to see your reflection from behind.

“I don’t know Lucille, it’s. ..a little tight and short!!! It hardly can cover my… breasts!” You knitted your eyebrows and huffed.
You weren’t so sure about wearing the dress that Lucille gave you, she actually gave you the whole outfit, the black tight dress with spaghetti straps, matching high heels and small bag.
She also gave you golden earings, index ring and a necklace . Lucille did your hair and make up even the fragrance was hers, she was so skilled you didn’t recognize yourself in the beginning, to be completely honest, she made a beauty queen out of you but somehow you felt uncomfortable. You tried to stretch the hem of your dress to make it cover your thighs , but your attempts to look modest failed.

“Are you serious? You look hot and attractive , you want to ruin that??” Lucille chuckled and grabbed your hand leading you out of your room.

“Come on ,the boys are sick waiting! ” she added.
You followed her, struggling not to fall , walking with the high heels was so damn difficult! So you took your time going down stairs. But to be fair, high heels shaped your ass perfectly.

“Ta Da! ” Lucille said as she stepped inside the living room, both Negan and Jack stood up, you hesitated before you showed yourself from behind Lucille, and both men took in your appearance. You blushed when you noticed that their jaws literally dropped, they were actually drooling, with flames in their eyes as they scanned you from head to toe, and that made you flattered.
Negan cleared his throat, trying to maintain his composure, his face twisted to a scowl as he grabbed his keys and headed outside.

“Come on , let’s go!” He dryly mumbled as he opened the front door, he was suddenly feeling mad and tensed, he couldn’t stop thinking about how you wore that sexy tight dress for Jack! Not for him!!!

Negan got in his car, Lucille followed him and sat next to him on the passengers seat. He expected you and Jack to go with them , but instead Jack dragged you to his luxurious car, you didn’t have a choice but to get in his , after all , it was the perfect opportunity to avoid Negan even if it would last for few minutes.
Negan watched your reflection through the rearview mirror , as Jack held his car’s door open to you, you smiled at him and said “thank you”.
Negan tightly wrapped his fingers around the steering wheel and gritted his teeth.

“Uh.. what are you waiting for Negan! Let’s go!” Lucille’s voice brought him back to reality. He started the engine and followed Jack who passed him leading the way to the club.
Negan didn’t say a word the entire time, while Lucille kept talking about y/n and Jack , and about the possibilities of you settling down in Virginia, Lucille was very excited. Her words only echoed in Negan’s ears , but his didn’t hear much, he was just so focused on looking at you , in Jack ’s car , he only could see a little of your hair, and your lips sometimes you turn to Jack and exchange few words with him.

“Negan keep a little distance from Jack’s car! You’re too close! what if he hits the brakes!!!” Lucille said in a concerned tone.

“It’s fucking ok! ” Negan licked his lips and run his fingers in his hair .

The two cars pulled over in front of the club, Jack quickly opened the door for you, that didn’t go unnoticed by Lucille who mumbled.
“Awww , so sweet! What a gentleman! ”

Negan scoffed as he handed his keys to one of the parking valets, so did Jack who turned to Lucille and Negan .
“Hey, guys follow me!”

People were waiting in long rows to get inside the club but Jack headed directly to the big security guy, who immediately recognized him.
“Oh hey Jack!!”
“Hey Fat Tony!”
The two guys shook hands , then Fat Tony removed the barrier for the four of you, as he said to his colleague.
“VIPs passing through, open the door Micky!”
The man did as told and opened the door for you.

“ oh, Jack! We’re VIPs now?!” Lucille chuckled, she seemed impressed while Negan rolled his eyes, he knew that his cousin took you to this particular expensive and very popular club to impress you.

Once you stepped inside the club, a blond girl wearing a gray sexy dress came your way smiling.

“Hey Jack! I reserved the best spot in the club for you just like you asked! You’re gonna be happy! Follow me!”

You all followed her ,as she went upstairs then she stopped in front of white comfy couches and there was also a big coffee table. It was very well decorated and private.

“It’s all yours, what shall I get you?”

Jack and Negan ordered scotch, Lucille ordered martini and you ordered some virgin drink.

Negan’s eyes were fixated at you, where you were sitting next to Jack, whose knee was touching yours . Negan’s frustration and jealousy increased to the highest levels , you could his feel his gaze on you but you just avoided looking at him, you just prayed neither Lucille nor Jack would notice anything.
The girl came back with your drinks, Negan grabbed his quickly and gulped it!

“Jesus ! Negan you’re acting like an alcoholic! ” Lucille chuckled as she looked at him in disbelief .

“Hey, you wanna dance? ” Jack blurted as he leaned closer to you and placed his hand on your forearm, you nodded. All you wanted to do is try to keep your distance from Negan as much as possible. Jack gently pulled you to him and started dancing, you weren’t much of a good dancer but you swayed along with him while he placed his hands on your hips, his crotch almost touching you.
Negan watched you as his eyes darkened with anger and lust at the same time, he was deep in thought, how dare Jack to put his hands on you, on your hips, those hips that he gripped weeks ago and digged his nails in their soft skin while pumping his cock in and out of you. How dare you seductively sway them for another guy!! He never broke the eye contact with you, as he reached the peak of tension. it made you feel uncomfortable.
You whispered in Jack’s ear.
“If you excuse me I gotta go to the bathroom! ”
Jack nodded and before you leave , you made a gesture to Lucille as a sign that you’re going to freshen up, she nodded while Negan watched you heading downstairs.

“Neeegaaan!!! Hey! Wake up!!!” Lucille shouted in his ears, and shook his shoulder. “Let’s dance!!!” She yelled , she thought the loud music prevented him from hearing her.

“No! Not now, I gotta have a fucking smoke outside! ”
Negan got up and went downstairs where he found the girl who served you your drinks passing by, he grabbed her arm.

“Where are the facilities? ”
She pointed at big black door.
“Men’s are on your left, ladies room is on the right, cause women are always right!” She threw her head back laughing but she cut it out once Negan gave her a poisonous look, he let her arm and headed to the facilities, he pushed the ladies room door open, he didn’t care if there were women inside or not, he just couldn’t wait to talk to you. Luckily, it was almost empty, except for you and another girl who left the room when she saw Negan.
He locked the door to have some privacy , you were placing your hands on the sink, looking down and sharply inhaling, you didn’t notice him standing behind you.

“How dare you let him touch you!” He said in a calm dark tone.
You lifted your eyes quickly to the mirror, your eyes widened when you saw him behind you, so you turned around, your panic levels were rising, you gasped.

“What are you doing here, Negan!!”

Negan took a step closer and violently grabbed your arm.

“How fucking dare you fucking teasing me like that??? Wearing this tight ass dress for HIM????This fucking body is mine!! YOU are MINE!!!!” He growled then he pulled you to his chest, you tried to push him back but you couldn’t, actually you didn’t want to ! His dominant voice and possessive touch made you aroused and weak. He pressed you against the sink , and bucked his bulge into you. His lips traced across your neck, his hands roughly gripping at your ass, then he lifted one of your thighs up with one hand and the other one pulled your dress up and slid under your panties , he rubbed your clit and you couldn’t help but to let out a loud moan.
“Oh God!”

“I fucking missed touching this pussy, I wanna fucking taste it again !”

Negan knelt down in front of you , he spread between your legs and lifted both of your thighs to rest on his shoulders, you supported yourself by your elbows, while his face was pressed against your drenched pussy. He wasted no time, he pushed away the hem of your panties , wide enough to give him a good access to your pussy, his tongue quickly worked its way into your slick soaking folds, he groaned against them , the way his breath vibrated into you and his beard tickling your soft flesh ,sent you waves of pleasure . His nails were digging in your thighs, his mouth was doing miracles to you! The fact that Lucille and Jack were waiting for you upstairs was weirdly such a turn on. Negan sucked hard at your clit, and lapped at your juices , his mouth was roughly devouring every inch of your pussy.
Suddenly you heard knocking on the door.
“Hey is anybody there , please! ” it was a female voice, probably a customer who wants to use the toilet.
You panicked as you stared at the door.
“Negan… we .. stop!!” You breathed out.
“Not until you fucking cum!!! Fucking Ignore them!”
You looked down at him as you bit hard on your lip, you saw how serious he was , he was nipping and sucking as if it was a matter of life or death, his eyes were squeezed shut, and he was moaning against you.
The knocking stopped , but you figured that the girl probably went to fetch someone to unlock the door for her, you tried to focus again on the fact that your pussy is being eaten by Negan right now.
The lewd sound of his saliva and your juices being mixed together was so erotic, you felt your stomach burning.
Negan could feel your folds tightening.
“Give it to me baby, cum at my face doll! I’m fucking thirsty! !! Come on baby, fucking cum for Daddy!!! Yeah.. baby! ”

You threw your head back, and mewled. You grinded yourself on his face to feel more. You could feel your orgasm hitting and it hit hard! It was so intense ,you gathered your thighs together around Negan’s head, tugged hard at his hair and you screamed his name.

“Ahhhhh! Negan!”

You shivered while Negan continued licking your folds clean and take what you had to offer him. it was too much that your sensitive clit could take , while he hummed “mmmm fucking delicious ”.

“Please stop!” you moaned.
Negan complied , he let your legs down and when you wanted to fix your panties and dress you felt weak in the knees, you almost fell but Negan caught you just in time, he whispered in your ear.

“One day, I’ll make those trembling sexy legs of yours unable to fucking hold you for days!”

You felt chills running through your body, you looked in his dark eyes who moved between your eyes and lips and you could see how soft and loving they are, you wanted to take him there but you remembered that you already took a lot of time in the ladies room, probably Jack and Lucille are wondering where the two of you went. You got up on your own, you fixed you dress and hair, sprayed perfume on your neck then you just stormed out of there not saying a single word to Negan, what’s there to say?
Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight - EntreNous - Star Trek: AOS  / McKirk **complete**
By Organization for Transformative Works


Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy get off on the wrong foot as soon as they meet. So if Jim wants another shot with that gorgeous but grumpy veterinarian, he had better get his hands on some pets who need vet appointments, right?

From Chapter One:

“What a handsome boy you are!”  He gets down on one knee and starts to give ear-scritches; the doggy’s tail thumps enthusiastically, and he slobber-licks Jim’s hand.   “Just so you know, I can get behind the whole strict thing,” he tells the man.  "I mean, if that’s what you’re into.“  

"You dimwit,” the man snaps at him.  "Don’t pet strange dogs without asking their owners first!  You could get your hand bit off that way!“

"I don’t know.  Aren’t some of them all bark and no bite?” Jim says suggestively.  He looks up at the guy, keeping his lids at half-mast, the best bedroom eyes he’s got in his arsenal, and pitches his voice lower.  "Of course, a little biting is okay sometimes, right?   Between friends?“

This is usually the part where the other guy scrambles to ask for Jim’s digits.

anonymous asked:

Should I read the one hundred killugon fanfuc? It seems really popular but I can't help but pause at the summary thing where it says 'everything is the same but it's not' idk maybe I'm just picky what's your thoughts?

Okay, so. I have two all-time favorite killugon fics that I will continue checking until the day I die because my love for them runs that deep. One of them is @olivemeister’s Mithridatism because wow. Just, wow. (that deserves a whole separate post of it’s own but I’ll leave it at that for now haha)

My other all-time favorite killugon fic, is One Hundred. It’s a slow burn post canon masterpiece that is not finished but who cares because it’s so excellent and incredible and beautiful and gorgeous and perfect in every way shape and form. I think it’s something I think every single killugon shipper should read at least once. Killua and Gon are so perfectly in character, the descriptions and vocabulary are simply beautiful, the chapters are long, Gon is literally smitten with Killua (which is my favorite thing ever), there’s a variety of other characters in the fic………I could go on and on and on about how much I adore this fic. 

Like, I actually don’t like slow burns or post canon works that much but THIS FIC. MAN. THAT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER WITH THIS FIC BC IT’S THAT QUALITY. I’ve reread this thing more times than I can count and I never ever ever get bored of it. I wish I could forget it so I can find it and fall in love with it all over again.

So those are my thoughts XD Please read this fic. Please. You won’t regret it I promise you!!!!

Fic Writer Wednesday, 7/12

In which I read Too Much Fic. (I will be all about the reunion fics until the month is over, FYI.)

<<Doctor Who>>


Catalyst by @chocolatequeennk: An outtake from possibly the most painful Doomsday story I’ve ever read. Just… so much beautiful pain.

To Bring Them Home (Chapter 1) by @chocolatequeennk: Possibly the most painful Doomsday story I’ve ever read. Wanna know how you make Canary Wharf worse? This is how.

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 10) by @chocolatequeennk: Donna settles in to her new life on the TARDIS with an alien ball. Gorgeous descriptions, Doctor/Rose fluff - what more could you want?

Taking Time by @chocolatequeennk: Got the urge to reread this one (again) after the anniversary dance from this popped into my head and I ended up reading the whole thing. And then the end of Time is Still a-Flying, of course. This is still one of my favourite stories of all time and definitely sets the bar for emotional consequences fic.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by @chocolatequeennk: Yes, I also reread this one. Again. Because I love it, and because I’ve had a few weeks where I hadn’t reread any of Nancy’s older stuff. It was a natural progression after Taking Time anyway.

Where the Love Light Gleams by @chocolatequeennk: I reread this one too, because I needed Nancy reunion feels and this is wonderful.

Forever and a Day by @chocolatequeennk: see above. I love the day of fun in the snow as they just enjoy the simple pleasure of being together at last, and the ending is sheer perfection.

Fifty Ways to Say I Love You (Chapter 5) by @chocolatequeennk: Huzzah! This is being continued! And the chapter was so sweet! First kisses are the absolute best!

Snapshots of Forever by @chocolatequeennk: such a beautiful summary of their relationship together <3 I adore this so much, no less because of what will inevitably follow.

For Whom His Hearts Beat by GroovyKat: one of the most unique reunions I’ve ever read. The emotions of their Library reunion is so fantastic and I get a kick out of the Doctor telling River exactly where to get off, despite the fact that I don’t really feel that way about the character. This is a personal favourite. (Ten x Rose)

A Place for Us to Dream (Chapter 56) by @dimensionhoppingrose​: Midnight begins! I feel so badly for Rose… it’s really not fair!

The Victorian, the Bookstore, and the Fireplace by @kelkat9​: In which fireplaces can be a good thing. And an endless maze of books! And the Doctor and Rose not being able to see each other for a bit despite being reunited! This is simply wonderful in every way!

When Time Lords Wander Off by @kelkat9​: the Doctor is reunited with Rose while… incredibly high.

Limit of the Void by Rachel_Lu: I love fics that find a way to reference their shared history together through the Doctor’s memories in a way that makes their separation all the more poignant… and their reunion, too!

The Engineer’s Gift by shan21non: Firefly. Doctor Who. Crossover. Need I say more? Okay I will: Doomsday fixit. Tenth Doctor/Rose. Mal/Inara. And some of the best characterisation I’ve ever seen in a fic. Not just of the Doctor - this person writes Firefly better than Whedon. Go read it - yesterday.

Camping Mishaps by @khaelis: Ten/Rose at its best - our two dorks, in love, being adorable.

Making Choices by @ofstormsandwolves: This incredible fic! It’s a fixit, but it also addresses Rose’s agency in a way that made me want to stand up and cheer!

to lead myself here by @goingtothetardis: Rose says ‘no’ to Bad Wolf Bay. The emotions in this are palpable! Only acceptable use of caps.

once more unto the breach by @lauraxxtennant: “Just pretend, for a little while, that we have all the time in the world.” Gorgeous and sweet!

tangled up in blue by @lizann5869: the classic balcony reunion! So beautiful!

Dreams of a Different Life by @veritascara: kidfic and reunion rolled into one. I love the interludes of the Doctor’s dreams, and Rose’s reactions are so painful and believable!

Roses and Ghosts by LizzyLovegood: the most unconventional reunion fic I’ve ever read. Mostly Jackie-centric. ‘Is your name the Doctor? Come in for a free Rose.’

Lost Things by @thebaddestwolf: an old (or future, depending on how you look at it) adventure plays a part in reuniting the Doctor and Rose. 

Homecoming by @lastbluetardis: with a marriage bond, the Doctor is able to tell the moment Rose is back in his universe after the adventure with the Adipose.

For Warmth of Heart by Toppbanana: the Doctor gets lost in the snow and dreams he’s been reunited with Rose. But she’s still there when he wakes up…

Keeping Alive: Doctor/Rose reunion crossover with SDoaCG? Yes please.

Desperado by bubblygal92: one of the best reunion fics I’ve ever read that doesn’t really focus on the reunion, instead Rose’s life in Pete’s World and Vortex Hopping (not dimension hopping) until she finds the Doctor… or the Doctor finds her? Really honestly, just read this. It’s incredible.


Everyone’s Got Something by @cryofthewolf: Rose comforting Three. Adorable and perfect.

<<Dragon Age>>

By Any Other Name (Chapter 9) by @khirsahle: The opening cutscene of Inquisition, in the Fade… from Dorian’s POV. My poor, poor baby. Next chapter they meet, and I simply can’t wait!!

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What are your favorite batb fics? Plus the favor one's you've written? (Let's spread the luv and the feedback)


the best Quality Content™ in the whole BATB fandom:

  • Out of Fashion [🔥] is one of the first Plumiere fics I read and undoubtedly still one of the faves. It’s by @khaleesa​, I think? The sheer amount of sexual tension (and fashion history!!! yas accuracy) packed into this fic are fucking gorgeous. 
  • also this one [🔥] from khaleesa
  • Anything from Hope and Love Endure by @sweetfayetanner [🔥], but I have personal favorites in ‘Morning,’ ‘Midnight’ (HOLY SHIT. JUST READ THIS ONE. THIS IS??? SUCH A FUCKING SOLID????? AGATHE FIC????? IT CHANGES LITERALLY FUCKING EVERYTHING????? CAN WE DEMAND THAT THE WHOLE FANDOM READ THIS ONE), ‘Bath,’ ‘Smile’ (fuck me UP), ‘Sand,’ ‘Tears’ (fuck me UP part 2). 
  • Pouf-Pouf [🔥] by @je-suis-em-jee​ is the definition of me loving my life
  • Needing So Much More Than Dusting by @aquitainequeen​, particularly chapter 4, hot dayum [🔥]
  • What Might Have Been [🔥] might be what ultimately kills me. Holy. Shit.
  • Day Without the Sun [🔥] eternally fucked me up (thanks, @coggsworth). The best fucking solo-Cogsworth fic ever created
  • Switched [🔥] is my favorite 1991 cogsworth/lumiere fic ever. I love the trope of the fucking Imp, I love its utter dedication to this cracky concept, I love the way the characters sound and act
  • Our Fault [🔥], and Less Human [🔥], and Nocturne [🔥], and Memories [🔥], and Up in Smoke [🔥], and New Life Part 2 [🔥], and Bit by Bit [🔥], and the one about the father [🔥], and basically @batbobsession​ is a fucking BEAST and likes beating me up through emotions and excellent, tender content.
  • okay now for the trash fics by the garbage can with the stupid wig
  • i tried to prune this down but i have a lot of faves
  • Lit By the Sun—here
  • Pregnant—here
  • Born—here
  • Scotland vacation—here
  • The Most Beautiful People—here
  • Taper [spies AU]—here
  • Belle, Adam, Plumette, and Lumiere become Emma, Dan, Gugu, and Ewan—here
  • Sexiest Sandwich in the Palace—here
  • Forgotten [never as good as i fucking want it to be, though]—here
  • Plumette Sick—here
  • Amnesiac Lumiere 1 & 2—here
  • Plumiere in Paris—here
  • FUCKING LOVE POTION FICS <3 <3 <3 —here

****very fucking unfriendly reminder that it is vital you WRITE to your favorite authors, REBLOG your favorite authors, and tell your favorite authors HOW VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT THEY ARE!!!!! all of us do this for 0 pay and like maybe 2 comments on a good day, so if you appreciate a writer: fucking TALK to them. jfc people this is not difficult, spread some fucking L O V E*****

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uh hi! are you by chance still taking LPM prompts? 'cause i binged the whole thing in one sitting and there's a hole where my heart used to be, my dude. ever thought about Bastian outright worshipping Ciel while they have sex? not holding anything back. Ciel is flabbergasted when the guy quotes the fucking Bible.

My dude, I think about that all the time & want nothing more than to write about it, but not yet. I’m so sorry to turn down a prompt, I just can’t. I don’t want to reveal their sex life before I do in the real fic.

But in the next chapter Sebastian sees Ciel’s legs for the first time, and it’s gorgeous. He thinks Ciel is heaven on earth, perfection. He’s milk skin, flawless, pink knees, little thighs. He practically passes out, he’s not prepared for that amount of skin in one go.

And when they eventually do have sex, he’s driven mad by Ciel. He’ll worship him. He’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever held in his hands, he leaves bruises in his wake because he can’t control how badly he wants him. Ciel is pretty clothed, and prettier unclothed. Sebastian won’t be able to control the shit that comes out of his mouth.


@taylorswift hey you. Yes, you. Beautiful you.
Just in case you needed some words of encouragement, with REP about to release, I shall try my best. Here it goes…

1. Taylor is BEAUTIFUL. Tay, I hope you know how beautiful you are inside and out. No amount of sparkles on a tour costume could make up for how sparkly and gorgeous you already are. Please remember that.

2. Taylor should never stop being HERSELF. I hope you dance your heart out on every stage you get up on, and every single second of every single show. You have the most amazing spirit and your smile is so contagious. You’re about to open a new chapter of your life, and about to share a whole new album of your art with millions of Swifties who adore you for who you are, just be yourself, because that’s the Taylor that we love.

3. Taylor is STRONG. Tay. I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to put together an album like the one you are about to release. Especially after everything you’ve been through. You work so hard, and you put your entire heart and soul into every little detail of everything you do, and that is so beautiful. But I hope you know how strong you are, and it’s okay if you feel overwhelmed at times. You have to remember that you’re only human, and that its okay.

I just wanted to write this for you, because you are always the one giving all of your Swifties such caring, thoughtful advice and I kind of just wanted to try and do the same for you. You have no idea how much you mean to me, Tay. Thank you for just being you. I hope this at least made you smile. I tried really hard to write my thoughts out for you, I hope it helped❤️

I love you. 

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Oh really, what were some of your faves?

Hey Anon! I’m gonna assume you’re talking about this post about Critical Role Modern AUs and go on a mini rant about my faves… Buckle in, ‘cuz here we go!

((Disclaimer: After the first one these are in no particular order. I love them all.)

My current favorite is AFK: a critrole MMO AUby Shippeh ( @shippeh ), which is basically everyone playing a fantasy MMO together as a guild, which Percy is late to the party for but he brings the DPS and wealth and it’s absolutely lovely. Based on the title and summary I was expecting largely chat conversations, but that changes quickly, and the gang even comes together for a Comic Con adventure after a little while, meeting each other irl! ^_^ It’s got hints of angst so far, so much Vax and Vex (faves), and also a slow-burn Perc’ahlia (also fave) that just reared it’s beautiful head in this most recent chapter. Would definitely recommend! 

Next up would have to be Shut Up and Take My Moneyby Attlia ( @attilarrific ), an AU where Vox Machina are basically criminals who hide their suspect activity with day jobs as the owners of a coffee shop. …Except it’s actually a pretty popular coffee shop and when Vex needs help running it she finds Jarett and employs him on the spot. I won’t spoil more of the fic, but it’s a really sweet Vex’ahlia/Jarett fic, complete with fluff, whump, and crazy-ass cappuccino machines, courtesy of Percy. 

These are followed by a gorgeous collection, Life is No Cabaret, by AngelWithAStory ( @queenmoggy ), which is a series of shorter snapshots featuring LGBTQA+ Vox Machina (not Polymachina, but covers quite a bit of the rainbow spectrum). There’s a whole Briarwoods arc, Pike whump, with her death reimagined in a modern setting, and even a beach episode! (yes, there are happy chapters). It’s currently got 18 chapters, but a new one comes along every so often. 

Right on the heels of that is Neighbors, by BBCotaku ( @bbcotaku ), in which the twins move into an apartment complex land-lorded by a blind Matthew Mercer, a concept I had never considered before reading the fic, but that I have come to thoroughly enjoy. ^_^ It’s more of a cohesive fic than Cabaret above, and features a Percy who makes things explode, Kash and Zahra as tattoo artists, and amusing prank shenanigans in the most recent chapter. Very fun! 

And then there’s Advanced Book (And Heart) Stealing, also by Attila, which features Drake, Allura, and Kima in Grad School all working on their theses - Drake is best friend, Allura and Kima are stressed and also totally in love, and it’s less than 3,000 words, so you have no excuse not to read. 

Then last, but certainly not least is the series do you still believe in love i wonder, by mischief7manager. It’s a set of modern AU oneshots set in the same universe, but no particular order, featuring more Perc’ahlia, Vaxleth that morphs into Vaxlethore (Gileth’ildan? Vaxilmoreleth? one of those…), and Percy/Keyleth friendship (something I’m ridiculously weak for). It’s a wonderful collection that’s currently got six parts, potentially more in the future, and is one I’m happy to recommend! 

That’s most of my favorites, plus here’s a few honorable mentions: 

Warm Enough, by cinderfell ( @cassiederolo ) for the Perc’ahlia Festival of Happiness as a gift to me - features Perc’ahlia getting locked out in the snow, is very fluffy ^_^

so full of shapes is fancy, also by mischief7manager, a sweet Shakespeare performance AU of the Twelfth Night, which is also Perc’ahlia (i’m weak). It’s very cute, and there is fluff.

The Turnabout Role, by lightinthedarkness, which is a nice, mildly angsty, Perc’ildan fic with Ace Attorney AU elements (Ace Attorney is a trial game where they shout “Objection!” a lot and miraculously solve the case at the last minute in the courtroom). I only just found this as I went back through the entire Critical Role (Web Series) tag on AO3, and it’s long but it moves quickly. It also had whump, but ends happy, so ^_^ 

Yeah, that’s all I could think of off the top of my head (but there are more - lots more - go read them), so thanks Anon for asking! 

Okay time for a rant.

Money seems to be a problem with pixelberry. They ask us to pay 250 rings for quests, 400-800 diamonds to recruit characters that should be recruited through the game anyway and now, if I want my story to run smoothly, I have to spend at least 20 diamonds per chapter?! That is absolutely ridicilous.

Let’s take this chapter for example. Seeing as I had only 4 diamonds and thus could not afford to hear the story (which cost 20 diamonds), I now have to suffer the consequenses. I should also mention that for this chapter to be played succesfully, I actually had to spend between 40-90 diamonds depending on your choices. And that is in this chapter alone. 20 diamonds cost $1,99 and let’s be honest here, not nearly as much people can afford to pay that.

Besides, there are no other options aside from either paying for them or earning them by playing chapters (which still isn’t much.) I just find it ridiculous that I have to pay this much money whereas there should be other options to earn diamonds too. Or, don’t make every option so expensive. If I buy 50 diamonds, I could only use them in just a couple of chapters (picking only some choices) or spend it all on this (important) chapter alone. 20 diamonds for one decision is too much, it’s just way too much. You also get one key per 3 hours and are not able to play - and thus earn diamonds- as much.

It is just impossible to afford. The whole thing just seems impossible and I really expected better from Pixelberry. Especially after the character reviews from HWU.

And I find this so disappointing, because the game itself is so beautiful. The art is so gorgeous and the writing is awesome and don’t even get me started on the music, just wonderful. The minor characters are also so interesting and unique. But no matter how much I love all these things, the diamond problem just ruins all the fun for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love PB and all they have to offer, but after so much complaints on their previous two games, they still pull the same stunt.

They knew the players of HSS and HWU would probably play their name game too. But these are the same people who kept telling them about the money issue.

I just don’t know. I love the game, but this is not just one small problem. There should be more options available than what we are getting now. I really hope this improves in future updates.

Gaara's Introduction
Gaara's Introduction

External image

External image

Gaara’s Introduction - Chapter 35, Episode 20

Gaara was the whole reason I started reading/watching NARUTO and the main reason I’ve stuck with it to the end. So here we have the glorious moment when the gorgeous little red-haired sandy demon was first introduced to us ~ ♥


Movie Review: Nymphomaniac Volume I and II
directed by Lars Von Trier

From the title itself, this is the movie about a girl who grew up addicted to sex. She told her lifestory to a man who found her beaten black and blue  in a dark alley. The whole movie spans more than four hours so it was decided to cut it into two volumes. This is the last of the “Depression” trilogy films by Lars Von Trier. The first two are “Antichrist” and “Melancholia” which also starred Kirsten Dunst.

I really liked Nymphomaniac Volume I. It was done very artistically. It relates sex to fishing , math and music. The dialogue are poetic to my ears. The performance of the actors are really superb. The fragility of Stacey Martin’s execution as  nymphoniac just brings magic. And she’s really gorgeous I must say.  Personally, I really love the chapter about Mrs.H. The whole scene was full of tension, akwardness and fun. And I really laud Uma Thurman’s acting as Mrs.H. This chapter was the best thing that happened to this movie.

Nyphomaniac Volume II is a big let down though. Maybe because I didn’t like the choices that Joe made at this point. She just succumbed on the dark side of sex more and more. I don’t think its the movie’s fault. And besides the actors are consistently great. Lars Von Trier really knows how to choose his actors.  But the ending, (I would not reveal it of course) felt forced. It’s like it was made to shock but its out context of the characters. So I think its the ending that made it sour. Nevertheless, it’s still a good movie as a whole. The sex scenes and nudity are there because it has purpose and not just  for the movie to sell. I like to quote my friend “ this is a sophisticated porn!”. I totally recommend it.

3.5 out of 5 stars!

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 305

The title (which wasn’t translated) is: When an old man and a young girl get together, all kinds of creativity abound

Not a favorite moment per se, but I did love this gorgeous color spread that opened the chapter which was advertising the Benizakura movie.


This was gloriously obscene.

Can’t say I blame the okama-sans. Kyoushirou is pretty dashing.

I too was momentarily shocked that Agomi was so heartlessly cut down; thank goodness it was quickly revealed to be a fake-out.

I love these horny ladies. Lmao.

I felt really bad for Pirako’s mom. Yeah, Jirochou really is a sucky husband and father.

I just appreciated how this whole scene was set up where the reinforcements turned into the actual enemies. I’ve always enjoyed twists like that.

I love Saigou. He’s really so awesome and honorable.

I distrusted Kada right from the start even though I did appreciate her appearance, but I thought it was cool when she revealed herself to be a part of the Harusame pirates. Mainly because I immediately thought of Kamui and if he had a role in all the drama, and I hoped we would get to see him again.

The Yorozuya performing a powerful can-can, signaling their arrival.

Just cuz Gintoki looked especially handsome here.


Kyoushirou x Kamakko Club: I mean, technically, he was penetrating them….

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so freaking amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, and I am forever grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


The Lucky One II

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Chapter 2o. Pieces to a Whole

With your hands tightly bounded with Sehun’s, you opted to stroll along the block instead of taking a taxi back to your hotel.  Greedily, you sniffed in the scent of your native soil.  It felt so nostalgic.  The smell of bakery pastries and little cherry blossom petals that whirled in circles before falling onto your hair.  You peered into Sehun’s eyes as he brushed one off your bangs.  In his gorgeous, dark orbs, you saw a beautiful girl smiling from her heart.  Your husband grinned back at you, revealing those familiar crescent moons that always had the power to make you fall in love all over again.  You wanted to start over with this man – to erase all pain and time you two wasted dilly-dallying those past seventeen years together. 

“Oppa…” you whispered as you placed his forehead against his.

“Hmm?” he hummed music into your ears. 

“I’m ready,” you shyly admitted. 

Sehun tried to hide his foolish grin but failed to do so, so he ended up nibbling on his fingernails nervously while looking at you with puppy eyes.

With a familiar tinge of pink spreading across your cheeks, you took his hand and dragged him back to the hotel. 

Even though you had requested for it, it didn’t mean that you weren’t nervous.  It really didn’t make sense that even after so many years, having sex with your lover still made you a little tense but it did.  So you ended up locking yourself in the bathroom with a set of black lingerie in your hands.  Pacing back and forth, you bit your lip until it was swollen. 

To you, sex was something you always stressed about because you spent the last two years trying for a baby; it was just a step you deemed necessary in order to reach your goal.  But today, as cliché as it sounded, you wanted to make love instead of make babies. 

A gentle knock sounded from outside.

“Babe…a-are you doing okay in there?” Sehun’s voice was shaky. 

W-was he nervous too?

“Mhmm, I’ll be out in a second,” you quickly answered. 

Stripping down from your clothes, you stared in the mirror and for the first time, you noticed that the scars that covered your body had faded out tremendously.  Perhaps, you were a bit delusional but you genuinely thought that it was due to Sehun’s magical touch. 


Taking a deep breath, you twisted the knob and opened the door slightly so it was just a tiny slit.  Your jittery husband stepped forward and eagerly pulled the door open further.  Upon sight of him, you retreated shyly with your right arm over your left to cover up your exposed body.  His eyes roamed all over you.

“_______ah…” his voice was as innocent as a puppy’s.

When you were too timid to look up, he lifted your chin with his long fingers so the two of you were again lost in each other’s gaze.  His arms slipped around your bare waist as he pulled you closer to his body.  Skin against skin, your breathing grew heavy but it felt so real.  He pressed his lips against yours and you closed your eyes.  His lips were so tender and soft, you wanted to kiss it everyday, every hour, every minute until the two of you were completely depleted of air.   

“Jagiya…” he whispered for your attention so you opened your eyes to gaze up at him.  Your lashes fluttered and brushed Sehun’s cheeks. 

“Remember that we are together because we love each other,” he reminded and you nodded graciously. 

With his words and his soothing touch, your muscles loosened and your breathing evened.  Though your heart still thumped loudly into your ear, you inhaled an adequate amount of air and tiptoed to kiss your lover.  Smiling into the kiss, he ran his fingers through your long hair.  You sniffed in his intoxicating cologne. 

“Sehun…” you murmured when he diverted from you lips to leave a love mark along your neck. 

You bent your back forward, inviting him to invade more of your personal space.  He lifted you up by your thighs and you automatically wrapped your legs around his strong hips.  Your back hit against the cozy bed sheets.  Sehun propped himself up by his elbows to make sure that he wouldn’t lean his entire weight against your tiny body.  With your lips curled up, you pulled him closer to you, longing for that captivating feeling of having his milky skin rubbing against yours.  Expertly, he tossed both your clothing off so that his bare body molded perfectly with yours.  Your slender arms hugged his chest so, so close, trusting him and forfeiting every ounce of your being to him. 

And as always he was super gentle and loving.  Never once during your lovemaking did you feel pressured.  With every kiss, every touch, and every movement, you could feel Sehun’s love for you seeping through, so visible and evident.  Your lips quivered against his.  Instantly, he stopped.

“A-Am I hurting you?” he asked worriedly, lifting his body away from you but your hold around him tightened. 

Shaking your head, you replied, “I love you”.

He sighed in relief and stroked your cheek lovingly, “I love you more”.

It was so magical.  This feeling of meshing with your lover until you became one – not only physically but mentality and spiritually.  Every whimper, every groan became promises to one another to forever remain together, as a whole.  Sweat trickled down Sehun’s neck, dripping onto the top of your breast that rose up and down as you breathe.  Panting for air, your lover separated his lips from your skin to stare into your eyes again to make sure you were enjoying the moment just as he was.  You answered him by pulling him back against you.  Your face buried into the crook of his neck as you bravely nibbled on his earlobe.  Sehun threw his head back in pleasure.  When he came down to your level again, his feathery lashes tickled your cheeks, causing you to giggle.  The mere sound of your giggle worked like magic for Sehun.  With his energy recharged, he continued to move his hips up and down inside of you.  You sucked in air, calling out the name of your lover as his skin stuck onto yours.

When he was done, his body lay limp on top of you.  As always, he quickly tried to pull himself up to prevent from crushing you but this time you stopped him.  You loved the feeling of having his weight against your tiny physique because it felt so safe in his embrace. 

“Stay still for a moment…” you whispered when he tried to roll you two over. 

He obediently fell back onto you but you could tell he was still protectively spreading some of his weight onto his knees and elbow.  Turning your face slightly, you gave him a affectionate smooch on his cheek.  He turned around with a contented grin that melted your insides.  If you had a choice, you would have stayed like that for an eternity but being the loving husband he was, he eventually spun the two of you around so that you lay perfectly on the center of his bare chest.  Well, you weren’t really complaining.  With the calming sound of your husband’s beating heart and the warmth of his caress, you drifted off to sleep. 

When you woke up in the morning, Sehun was already awake but remained in bed with you.  His hair was in all directions and little stubbles popped out on his chin.  As he leaned in to give you a morning kiss, you recoiled back into the sheets out of shyness.  Chuckling, he lifted the covers and pulled your small frame closer against his.  His hands locked around your bare waist.

“Did you sleep well last night?” he asked, placing his chin on the top of you head. 

“Mmhm…” you hummed, snuggling up to him. 

Your lips pressed against his neck and you felt him shiver from beneath you. 

“It’s so regretful that we need to head back soon though,” you sighed, straining your neck to take a peep at the morning sky of Korea. 

“We can come back next year,” he consoled, stroking your bare back.

You nodded, though you honestly thought that a part of you would always remain in your motherland.  With one last cuddle into his husband’s embrace, they two of you washed up and got dressed to go to the airport. 



“I wonder if anything happened between Young-ie and Yoona…” you pondered out loud on the plane. 

Laughing, Sehun joked, “Well, they better not have kissed again without us as audience”.

Playfully, you slapped his arm and leaned your head against his shoulder.  At that moment, everything felt perfect.  You were happily with the love of your life.  YoungHwa showed up again, guiding his parents back to their journey home.  And Youngwoo was happily waiting at home for his parents to tell him bedtime stories.  You sighed contently. 



To your surprise, the Kim family was still in Korea for one more day so you mischievously planned with Yoona’s mother to let Yoona and Youngwoo play with one another at the beach.  Since she had just given birth to #4, she declined to join but happily allowed Sehun and you to adopt Yoona for a day. 

You weren’t really filled in on the story of what happened between those two kids during the weekend, but Yoona didn’t seem mad anymore, though you could tell she still had her guard up by the way she kept a foot distance between Youngwoo and herself in the car seat.  Youngwoo, on the other hand, constantly tried to initiate conversation by suggesting games.  They played tic-tac-toe and Apples and Apples in the car-ride to the beach. 

When it was your turn to be the judge on the adjective, “cool”, you were stuck in a bind.  In front of you were three cards.  One was of a panda, another was of a teddy bear, and the third was of bubble tea.  Okay, we all know who put down the bubble tea, so you immediately discarded that one.  Sehun whined and tried to vouch but you ignored him. 

With your finger on your chin, deep in thought, you looked up to see two pairs of large hopeful eyes.  After debating for over two minutes, you finally selected the panda card, concluding that Yoona probably put it down.  To your surprise, Youngwoo lifted both arms triumphantly into the air, shouting, “Yay!!!”  Yoona pouted.  Uh oh. 

“Youngwoo Omma!  How is a panda cooler than a teddy bear?” she complained.

“Um…” you elbowed Sehun for help.  He shrugged.

“Because it’s the truth!  Pandas are cooler than teddy bears!” Youngwoo explained. 

“No, they aren’t!” Yoona defended. 

“Yes, they are!” Youngwoo argued. 

You hid your face in your palms.

“How are they better!?” the little girl crossed her arms. 

“Because Bommie is better than Pinku Pinku!” your son stunned everyone by saying. 

His play date gaped at him at his conclusion.  Your son clamped his hands over his lips when he realized what he had just revealed.  Beside him, Yoona looked away shyly, her chubby cheeks blushing a baby pink.  You could see Sehun’s growing smirk and secret thumbs up to his son from the side mirror.  Shaking your head, you stifled back a giggle at the two mischievous boys.   

At the beach, Sehun and you spread out a towel and settled down on the sandy surface.  It was a nice and breezy afternoon.  The waves splashed onto the shores, naturally creating soothing music that lull you half to sleep in Sehun’s broad chest.  The two children went off to build sand castles near the water. 

“Young-ie!  Don’t go too close to the water!” you shouted and your son nodded. 

“If Yoona gets scared you have to protect her, okay?” your husband added, earning him a slap on the chest from you. 

Snuggled up to your hubby, you observed as your son and your possible future daughter-in-law giggled gleefully as they tried to build a castle out of wet sand. 

“I’ll build a real castle for you in the future,” Youngwoo timidly promised the little girl. 

She looked at him innocently and handed him a pail, thinking he was asking for it to build a separate tower with sand.  He sighed, visibly upset that she didn’t understand his implications. 

“Youngwoo-oppa!” her sweet voice sung as she made a tiny teddy bear figurine out of sand. 

The little boy gave her a toothy grin and started to carve out a panda figurine. 

“Heehee.  That’s purr-fect!” the little girl exclaimed, placing the two bears into the castle. 

“Wait!” Youngwoo said.  Yoona raised her brow at him as he turned around and started to build something else.  Hopping up and down on her tippy toes, the little girl tried to take a peep but Youngwoo blocked his work of art with his palms.  Seeing that Youngwoo was ignoring her, Yoona pouted and turned around to skip pebbles by herself. 

“Here!” your son exclaimed, holding out tiny figurines in his hands.  You squinted and cupped your hands over your mouth when you realized they were a set of baby pandas and teddy bears. 

Still a little upset that the boy had ignored her earlier, Yoona refused to go over to Youngwoo.  Instead, she started to walk further and further away. 

Beside you, Sehun tensed up. 

“Yoon-ie!  Don’t go that far!” he hollered. 

Suddenly, a strong wave appeared from the distance.  You gasped.  Sehun leapt onto his feet and started sprinting to grab the girl.  But he was too late, the wave had swallowed her.  With widened eyes, you dashed over to join your husband.  That’s when you noticed Youngwoo was also missing.  The sand castle they built earlier was now a pile of mush.   

“Youngwoo!  Yoona!” you shouted, frantically. 





My baby…


Anxiously, you rushed onto the shores to see if you could spot the two children before they got hurt.  Your legs felt numb.  Your heart wanted to give out. 


All you saw were floating seaweed and sea particles.  Pinching your nose, you inhaled a deep breath, preparing to dive in.  Immediately, Sehun grabbed your arm.

“Jagiya!  You can’t swim!” he reminded you, gesturing that he’d go look for them instead. 

A high pitch cough from your left, interrupted Sehun’s plans.  Both of you whipped your heads over to see Youngwoo holding tightly onto Yoona, who was coughing and sobbing in his chest.  You rushed over with your husband following close behind. 

“Are you two okay?!” you questioned, hugging both of them against your pacing heart.  The wet sand scratched along your bare legs but you were too overwhelmed, in tears of joy at the relief that they were safe, to care.   

“It’s okay, Yoona.  Oppa will protect you,” Youngwoo kept repeating but the traumatized girl, in his arms, continued to cry. 

“Shh…Yoon-ie, are you hurt anywhere?” you questioned, trying anxiously to unclamp Youngwoo’s arms around her so you could dry her off with a towel and give her first aid if needed.

When the little girl continued to sob, you began to panic.

“Yoona, tell Oppa if you are hurt,” you heard Youngwoo say in an abnormally mature voice. 

The little girl stopped sobbing and shook her head.  Sehun and you sighed in relief.      

“Let’s get you two dried off…” your husband suggested but Yoona clung onto your son and your son refused to let go as well. 

You two…you two either fight all day long or hug until you’re practically smothering each other. 

As you brainstormed of a plan to separate them, an adorable giggle escaped the little girl’s lips.  You looked over just in time to see her strain her neck and plant a soft kiss on Youngwoo’s cheek.  The boy froze.  His blank eyes blinked a few times before he collapsed backward onto the sand. 

Yoona gasped, “Youngwoo-oppa?”

She shook him but he remained still on the ground. 

“Aigoo…” Sehun laughed, walked over, and cradled his lovestruck son up into his arms.  You followed suit and picked up the little girl to dry them off with towels. 



In the car, Yoona no longer had the one-foot invisible barrier from your son.  On the other hand, Youngwoo became exceptionally quiet, opting to focus his attention to the window than on the rambling happy girl beside him.  Sehun chuckled and slipped his free hand through yours.  You sighed contently, laughing along at the adorable little puppy love blossoming before your eyes. 



When Yoona left to go back to Korea, Youngwoo hesitantly handed her back Bommie but she shook her head.  Youngwoo raised his brow and pouted. 

“Take care of Bommie for me, Youngwoo-oppa!  I’ll see you again during winter break!” she chirped before throwing her arms over the little boy’s neck.  You watched as Youngwoo debated whether or not to hug back. 

Do it!  Do it!  You swore all the adults…well with the exception of Jongin, were mentally cheering Youngwoo on.  However, due to his indecisiveness, Yoona had already let go so Youngwoo ended up awkwardly holding his arms out with no one to hug. 




The sun was blazing like wild fire amidst the pale blue sky.  Squinting your eyes behind sunglasses, you formed a makeshift visor with one of your hands.  With the other, you tilted your water bottled into the still air to replenish your bodily fluids. 

“Omma!” Youngwoo called, rushing out in top speed from the school exit.

“Young-ie!” you answered, dropping to your knees to pick up the pink-faced.

Drips of sweat kept trickling down his small forehead as the two of you waited in line for the ice cream truck.  Reaching into your purse, you took out a tissue paper and squatted down to wipe his temples. 

“It’s really hot today, right, Young-ie?” you mumbled as you cleaned up his neck as well. 

“Yes!  But that means ice cream!  Ice cream!” he exclaimed, jumping up and down in excitement. 

Giggling happily, you discarded the soggy tissue at a nearby garbage can and walked back to your son.  His eyes trailed along the ice cream that a lady was holding onto. 

“Omma!  I want that!” he requested, tugging on your sleeve. 

“Sure, Honey,” you laughed, ruffling his hair. 

Not long after, the two of you were in front of the line. 

“Hi, can we get two strawberry cones with the cute spoons?” you ordered and the vendor nodded. 

Next to you, Youngwoo bounced up and down, already licking his lips at just the sight of the cold snack. 

“Which one does Young-ie want?” you questioned, holding out a panda bear spoon and a teddy bear spoon.  Though you already knew the answer.  He grabbed the panda one and you internally patted yourself on the shoulder.

The little boy cheerfully slurped up his ice cream while you did the same.  With your free hand, you laced it around Youngwoo’s baby hands and tugged him back to the car. 

But things had been going too well for you and you knew that any moment now, it’d all end.  There was just this uncertainty at the pit of your stomach…for there were things…still unresolved.  Unconsciously, you grip on your son’s hand tightened.  You don’t even notice until he whimpered. 

“Young-ie, let’s go!” you cautioned, pulling him with you to cross the street when your heart began to pace even before you caught sight of those red eyes. 

Out the shadows, its owner closed in on you two.  You sucked in your breath and ran across the street.  Both your ice creams were discarded in the middle of the road due to the fast sprint.  The soggy, stickiness splashed along Youngwoo’s new gym shoes.   

“________ah…Please…Appa just wants to talk to you…” he begged. 

Images of your little YoungHwa lying lifeless in your arms haunted your mind over and over again.  Purples…pinks…blues…his unopened eyes that will never be able to see this beautiful world.  It was like an reopened wound, bleeding profusely in front of you but you couldn’t do anything to stop it.  Forced the tears back, you smacked your eyes shut to avoid the vision of crows and smoke.  Which part of leaving my family and me alone did he not get? 

When he caught up, he grabbed onto your arm.  You body whipped around and with both arms, you harshly flung him off.  His boney body crumpled onto the ground like an unwanted sack of potatoes.  You bit your lip to stop yourself from breaking apart in front of the man who caused you a lifetime of nightmares. 

“You can be mad at Appa.  But please just hear my side of the story.  I didn’t leave you when you were a child —” he started but you cut him off with a snort.    

“You did!” you shouted with crossed arms then continued, “But even if you didn’t, it doesn’t matter anymore.  Please just leave me alone, okay?” 

You turned around with outstretched hands to grab your son but he wasn’t there.  With a gasp, you circled around frantically looking for him.  You discovered him in the middle of the road trying to retrieve the two toy spoons from the discarded ice creams. 

Red Light. 




Your eyes widened when a car came ramming toward Youngwoo. 

“YOUNGWOO!” you shouted, dashing toward him. 

Blood splattered all over the road. 



NO!  NO!  NO! 



c-can’t…can’t lose her Young-ie…too…

Your eyes rolled back and you felt your body collapse against the pavement. 


a/n: Protectively hides Tao in my closet as protests erupt outside of Panda Island.  What have I done??