this whole chapter actually

Boi, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since Horikoshi saved my life

Let's be more than friends?
Let's be more than friends?

H-H-H-HERE IT IS…the song I wrote for Michael (or rather, that Michael wrote for Jeremy) in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets!

The lyrics aren’t exact since I sorta messed up at one part but wHATEVER

Also please ignore the horrible quality I recorded this in my basement and with my phone so it’s nOT THE BEST
And yeah it’s all acapella since I can’t play an instrument to save my life there’s some clapping in there to give it a nice beat but thas about it frens

Please keep in mind that I am in no way a professional songwriter or anything remotely like that;; I just did this for fun? And I came up with this randomly I didn’t really plan it or anything lol

Now please excuse me while I go and scream into the void

Surprise, bitch

So, the process of tracking AO3 output has gotten a lot more time-consuming since the fandom expanded (the amount of new fics per month has tripled!) and I haven’t made a new post in a couple of months, but I’m still here. I may be crying over some of these weird-ass ship combinations y’all come up with, but I will survive.

Here’s where we stand as of the end of January:

If you’re reading this and going “WAIT, THAT DOESN’T MATCH WHAT AO3 SAYS!” then ding ding ding, you are correct.

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Cost of Freedom (26/52)

Summary: In which Kaito and Shinichi leave behind the police station. Kazuha demands an explanation. Aoko has her suspicions and Ran isn’t sure what to think. Prison!AU

[Beginning]     [Previous Chapter]     [Next Chapter]

“What is wrong with you?”

Frankly, Kaito isn’t sure whether this question is rhetoric, so instead of offering a response, he grabs hold of Shinichi’s wrist, pulls him across the roof they’ve landed on towards the edge.

“You pushed me out of a window!” Shinichi cries.

Still, Kaito doesn’t offer an answer - maybe seeing Aoko has rattled him more than he thinks. He’s not sure, but it feels almost as if she’s following after him, a ghost by his side, holding her place until the real one can take it’s place.

He looks over the edge of the roof - it’s a long drop, about five meters, but Kaito thinks if they lower themselves from the gutter and shimmy across to the drain pipes, they’ll be able to get down to the ground in no time at all.

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preview I dress me up, buttercup I two

Originally posted by osyub

pairing: hoseok x reader

genre: idol+stylist!au, smut, angst, humor

summary: There are nearly 1,000 reasons why mixing work and romance is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, Jung Hoseok makes it very hard for you to resist.

✩ a/n: enjoy!! expect the full chapter within the next 24 hours :)

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Fic: (Def)inition, ch. 21/22

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, platonic Kurt/Quinn, past Quinn/Puck, past Blaine/other, one-sided Sebastian/Blaine, brief Kurt/OMC

Spoilers: Spoilers through season three, but this is a fairly radical AU.

Contains: For the story as a whole: non-con, consent issues, explicit discussion of suicide, slavery, disordered eating. For this chapter: dissociation

Beta: @idoltina

Word Count: 5,300

Summary: Everything you love is in this city.

Note: Thanks to everyone for their (literal) years of patience, and for believing me when I said that this fic wasn’t abandoned. Thanks to Tina, for being the best beta a girl could ask for, to Lizzy, for making me get off my butt and finish this chapter, and for everyone else who’s prodded and encouraged me along the way. 

Chapter 21 here; whole fic here.

On OBSABH chapter 2 (the happy bits)

Viktor, sweetheart, what have you done?  (AKA the drawbacks of being an optimist)

This year the Easter Bunny (and @kazliin​, obviously, I mean let’s face it the Easter Bunny has precious little to do with this) brought me the best Easter/10th wedding anniversary present ever.  Yes of course I’m talking about chapter 2 of Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts.  What else?  

Thoughts about it?  Well, Viktor’s endless optimism just shines off the pages of this chapter.  That boy is like a little ray of sunshine.  Everybody’s talking about it.  It’s the complete opposite of Yuuri, of course.  And the opposite of me- I’m a glass-half-empty kind of person.  I assume the worst will happen, because then I’m less likely to get disappointed and often get pleasantly surprised.  When I read Viktor in this chapter, I can see the benefits of pessimism.  Viktor’s positive outlook has made him so vulnerable, has opened him up to all sorts of heartbreak and disappointment.  

Now I’m not saying that it’s best to be pessimistic and that it’s a good way to shield yourself from bad stuff.  It doesn’t actually work like that, despite what we pessimists may tell ourselves.  Life is not that simple.  But I think being a generally negative person makes seeing Viktor’s attitude so, so painful.  I want to scream at him, ‘give up your hopes and dreams, Viktor!  You’re obviously only going to get yourself hurt!  Just try being a bit more negative, because you’re just setting yourself up to get your heart broken again and again and again’.

He wouldn’t listen to me. Nor should he, because as we all know, things (thankfully) work out in the end.  (I think the knowledge that I have two small children dependant on me it all works out in the end is the only thing stopping me from throwing myself into the sun right now.)

(Takes deep breath and bravely loads up chapter 2 in order to be hurt once more.  Cut below)

So… Viktor’s general happiness and optimism sets the tone of the whole chapter.  This actually lulled me into a false sense of security. Despite knowing what was coming (I hate you now fuck me, etc), the vast majority of the chapter was pretty… nice? Sweet and hopeful?  So let’s talk about that for now.  Viktor’s definitely hopeful about, well, everything, and from the start he’s very fatalistic about his feelings for Yuuri:

  • ‘Viktor knew that he had already damned himself’
  • ‘even if he hated Viktor with a passion to rival Viktor’s love nothing could ever change that.  Nor could it change the way that Viktor felt’
  • ‘Viktor had fallen in love with a man who loathed him’

Viktor seems to be thinking ‘well, I’m in love with him and I can’t change that so there’s no point feeling miserable about it, I may as well carry on being optimistic and hoping things will work out for the best’.

Of course he’s convinced he can fix things- ‘as soon as he knew what the root of it was he could set about fixing it for good.  All he needed was the chance to talk to Yuuri, to clear the air’.  If only it was as simple as that.  Chris sees it for the complicated horrible mess it is, of course he does, but Viktor with his unfailing optimism genuinely thinks that he will 1. Work out what the problem is 2. Talk to Yuuri about it 3. Get to know him properly and probably eventually get into a relationship with him.  Even Viktor acknowledges that he won’t ‘magically be able to solve whatever was broken between Yuuri and himself in one conversation’, but he figures it will be possible to sort things out somehow, it just must be possible.

Viktor’s optimism blinds him to Yuuri’s feelings.  He notices flashes of it, sometimes: ‘his mockery of Viktor just a few seconds ago had seemed almost malicious’- you know, that’s because it was, Viktor.  It was totally malicious.  But Viktor’s an optimist, so instead of thinking about this a bit more, and being a bit more cautious, he brushes it off and goes back to thinking about some of the more positive things he knows about Yuuri’s attitude towards him instead. This is probably a good thing overall, because if he allowed himself to dwell on the negatives he’d probably end up giving Yuuri up as a lost cause and running a mile.

The Olympics scene was everything I wanted it to be.  Yuuri’s actions only serve to add to Viktor’s feelings that there’s a part of Yuuri which doesn’t hate him.  Which, of course, is true… but it’s going to take Yuuri a really long time to sort out his feelings about that, and in the meantime, Viktor is going to suffer.  The next time they meet, not long before the kiss, Viktor is ‘sure that Yuuri was giving him signals so mixed that no-one could possibly begin to figure them out’.  Which he’s correct about, again (he’s very perceptive, really.  He can’t work out a lot of the motivations but he sees things)- because Yuuri cannot sort out what’s going on in his own head at all, so it’s no wonder other people can’t.  

What’s poor Viktor to do? He knows what he should do (talk to Yuuri, talk to him, you have to talk to him).  But then it all kicks off, and… I will probably try to write about that another time?  (It seems like a shame to ruin all these happy positive feelings with a great big dose of hatred and misery.)

Until next time… don’t worry, Viktor, we’re all here for you.  You may be burning, but we’ll all happily burn with you tonight.

(You can find the angsty bits in part 2 and part 3)

4-25-17 | 63/100 Days of Productivity

25. Do you get nervous for exams? If so, how do you combat this?

Oh lord, I do get nervous for exams. Sometimes, a little too nervous (which is obviously never a good thing). To calm myself, usually a day before the exam, I do what I always do … cry. No, I’m kidding. I actually look over my notes and read the whole chapter in chunks; if, for example, the chapter is 20 pgs, I’ll read 4 at a time, divide it into 5 sections of readings. After all this, I listen to all sorts of sounds - music (classical, instrumentals, etc.), rain, white noise, and even alpha waves. And then, when I’m walking down the hallways to the class holding the exam, I just think, “You can do it. You studied for it. You’re going to kick butt. You can do it. Go kick that test’s butt.” After that, I take the test and hope I did well. 

I’ve been reading and reading so much for apes and I’ve been taking a bunch of practice tests from my teacher and it’s only Tuesday.

🎶 currently listening to : Adore U (Vocal Team Ver.) - Seventeen (too beautiful for words)


SO. We’re spending a lot of time lingering on the fact that Sakura is extremely worried about Syaoran. Which is notable enough because “being worried about Syaoran” is essentially the default anyway, but there were two pages about it in chapter 99, a whole page spread in this actual chapter here, and now two more pages where it’s the main focus of the action. Sakura is worried, and it feels like it’s building up to something that might be more than what it usually is.

Especially when paired with the fact that Sakura just used the “It’s nothing” line. The lie on its own? Nothing too out of the ordinary. But Syaoran already dropped this exact line in the previous chapter, and Fai took Special Notice™ of it, and now Sakura is saying it too.

These kids are distraught ok. They are so caught up in the sadness their family members are going through that all they can do is lie about it and silently brood from a distance, even though this is exactly what Sakura was 100% against several worlds ago. But it’s different now, because it’s not just general hardship, it’s suffering that Sakura herself caused.

She didn’t actually, and we know that, but Sakura sees how her feather DESTROYED Syaoran emotionally and all she can do is cling to the guilt of it as it tears her apart from the inside out. To Sakura, SHE did this to him. And she doesn’t know how to deal with that. Because Syaoran has done worse - Syaoran has stormed castles and punched giant flaming children all in the name of retrieving her feathers, and that only makes it all the more painful, because how much more of this is Syaoran going to put himself through? How much more suffering is SHE causing him? She can’t know, but any answer at all is more than what she’s happy with.

I’m not sure how this will erupt just yet, because I’m still not sure what Tsubasa is capable of doing to Sakura, but the narrative has been stacking up a lot of ideas about “What Sakura is willing to do for her family” and I feel like the answer might be slightly horrifying.



Some theory...

OK, so we know that in Chapter One there isn’t much happening in the game Like, we gotta solve some puzzles here and there but nothing really happens.

Until we switch on the Ink Machine, where the living abomination of Bendy jumpscares us.

So I was thinking, what if some time after Henry was drafted to war (pretty much the most popular headcanon), Joey brought the toons to life and you know, the whole ‘Joey killed Boris’ thing happens and Bendy pretty much went to avenge his friend’s death.

Except what if Joey outwitted the toon demon?

What if he managed to reverse the whole ritual that brought Bendy to life in the first place? That could explain the whole studio is still in (quite) good look, despite being abandoned for 30 years.

And the whole letter thing? Yeah, maybe after Joey escaped from being killed by Bendy, he wrote a letter to Henry, simply to 'show him something’.

Perhaps he still held some sort of hatred that his other animator left which led to 'take this as my revenge for leaving us, Henry’ thing from Joey.

I don’t know if this whole thing is actually canon, but fingers crossed for the next chapter!

@squigglydigglydoo @the-vampire-inside-me @thedomainoftea and pretty much everyone else in the whole BATIM fandom ;D

  • Book: Read me.
  • Homework: It's 10pm and you still haven't looked at me. You will regret this later, I promise you-
  • Me: Relax,I'll stop after this chapter...
  • Book: HA CLIFFHANGER, I guess you'll have to read one more
  • Me: I actually finished the whole book. I feel so accomplished. I'm tired though...I guess I should start another book then! Why sleep when you can read?
  • Homework: NOO NO NO NO NO AND NO
  • Me: IS IT 3 AM?!?? WHY AM I SO STUPID???
  • Homework: ....

amazingdentist  asked:

I see your headcanon about Albus writing in the books he gifts to Scorpius and I raise you: Albus writing little, slight awful but very sweet, poems in the front of them.

Ron bestowing ‘Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Wizards’ on his nephew and Albus being mortified but also bored enough one summer to actually read a bit of it. There’s a whole chapter on how poetry can be romantic and Albus thinks, why not.

Albus: If you’re just going to laugh I’ll take it back.

Scorpius: No! I love it! Consider me charmed. Completely wooed! No one has ever rhymed Pepper Imps with… shrimps for me before.

Albus: Well I hope I’m the last!

Scorpius: Ha! Yeeeah… me too : /

Some random thoughts on Jellal

Better say these now before the new chapter comes out and finding out Jellal’s destiny.

Now all the frustrations I felt from reading the chapter 534 2 weeks ago died away and after re-reading the chapter on Crunchyroll, I wanna say that I can’t stay mad at at Jellal for his actions and decision. I can’t blame him to try to push Acno into the time hole which can also cost his life. It’s not what he intended to do when he stepped out the ship but something he forced into doing by circumstances. And, he looked too god damn handsome in every.single.panel. for me to get angry.

And when I think about Jellal’s participation in this arc as a whole, instead of by individual chapter, I actually feel more grateful than disappointed despite of his lack of panel time and some wasted potential (which is expected from a minor character). He earned Kagura’s forgiveness. He got to defeat a Spriggan 12. Even the enemy stayed alive, it didn’t take away his victory and success in protecting Erza. It’s not him being weak that made him unable to defeat August. He’s shown moving forward, when he said he had enough of hiding away, said that he had found light and vowed to protect Erza (and fulfilled his vow). He has really developed a lot, having no more uncertainties about what he wanted to achieve, when you compared him to the one who said he didn’t know if his sins could be redeemed when meeting Erza for the 1st time after the 7 years timeskip. 

For a minor character who is not a FT member, I’ve no doubt that it would be easy for Mashima to simply bypass writing what’s going on in Jellal’s mind. But instead, Mashima slipped bits and bites of Jellal’s thoughts in whenever he could when he wrote Jellal, showing us how this character has developed and become stronger. For that I’m really thankful. 

There are people out there who like Jellal but not his relationship with Erza, not liking him being treated only as Erza’s love interest. Jellal is definitely not only and all about Erza. He’s a character with his own purpose and live his own life. But people need to accept that Jellal wouldn’t even get a single chance of showing his face if he’s not Erza’s love interest. And Jellal and Erza are complementing each other in ways no other character can do to them. Their development is inseparable. Erza won’t be the Erza today without Jellal. And Jellal won’t has the development he has if not for his love for Erza.

In this final battle against Acno, I don’t think any of us would truly think that Jellal can win. We can only hope for his safety. But despite that I’m not too happy to see Mashima putting Jellal’s life on the line, part of me is also delighted that Mashima granted Jellal a role to play in facing one of the final bosses. The manga is ending in around 10 chapters, I will treasure to see Jellal fighting, being (or trying to be) badass for this one last time.

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So lately (more like since 2014) a lot of people are claiming that Bucky/Natasha is bad because of their past in the Red Room. They claim that because of brainwashing (unusually Bucky's) that they couldn't have consented back then. I know FYBN has done a few posts explaining how their relationship was in fact consensual, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on it.

The spirit of the text is that Winter Soldier’s relationship with Natasha was the one thing in that whole chapter that he actually chose. It wasn’t approved of by Department X or Natasha’s Red Room superiors— it was clearly something that both of them wanted despite the brainwashing and false memories, not because of them.

Natasha didn’t realize her “true” past until roughly 2006, when they first introduced the Red Room brainwash retcon. Following this logic, Natasha has never had a consensual relationship, since the only person she’s hooked up with since then is Bucky. And that’s a bad way to look at Natasha and her history, in my opinion, since it robs her of all the stories that attempted to give her sexual agency, a character theme going back to the 1970s and her women’s lib days. As a general rule, I’m not fond of readings that clearly go against both the intention of the text and also diminish the characters involved. That seems like bad faith to me.

However, I get why people don’t necessarily like the Love in the Time of Retroactive Continuity vibe the romance has going on, or feel uncomfortable whenever brainwashing anywhere near their makeouts.  Hell, as someone who generally likes Bucky/Natasha, I wish the fandom wasn’t so all Red Room, all the time.

i'm probably late but...

i just finished reading chapter 125 of Tokyo Ghoul :re and all i could say is kyaaaaaah!!!!! while reading it and after i read it i was still all kyaaaaaaaah!!!!

i didn’t ask much for touken, i just want for my ship to sail, some tid bit romantic conversations, a hug maybe, a kiss, i can actually settle for just subtle moments. i mean this is a shonen/seinen type of manga so i don’t expect much.

but oh wow Ishida-sensei blew my mind with this chapter. it was a touken detailed sex! not just one page or two pages! not an after the deed illustration! but a whole chapter of actual touken sex!!!!!!!

sasukarin failed me 😿
even ichiruki failed me 😿

but touken sailed! oh shit! touka x kaneki is fucking canon!!!! (pun not intended)

thank you Ishida-sensei!!! thank you so much!!! you’re not like other mangakas out there.

oh shit… i can’t wait for the next chapter

so here’s the thing: i have a longfic i’m working on.

it’s not going to be done any time soon. it’s holsom, and right now it’s a bit over 4k, and i’ve been working on it since july. yep, only a little over 4000 words in nine months.

a lot of you who have followed this blog for a while have probably seen my posts about how frustrating it can be to be a mentally ill content creator. (i mean, creating content is crazily difficult, even if you’re neurotypical. but adding depression and anxiety on top of that? oh, man.) it’s stressful as someone who feels like they’re almost obligated to keep creating content for their audience to consume, and it’s stressful as an individual who feels like they’re not living up to their own expectations.

but here’s the thing: last night, for the first time in months, i finally worked on it again.

i added a whole chapter, actually. not a very long one. only about 700 words. but it’s enough to get the ball rolling, i think, get back into it a little. sometimes that’s all it takes.

so my point, i guess, is that it doesn’t matter if that WIP (you know, that one you SWEAR you’re going to finish) that’s been sitting around for a few days, or weeks, or nine months isn’t progressing, it’s okay. sometimes you gotta take care of yourself first. it’s just some words on a screen. it’ll wait for you. and it’s never too late to go back to it. don’t stress if you’ve gotta take a break, okay? especially if it’s necessary for your health. you can do this. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at one point, you’ll be able to.

and for you, dear holsom anon who sent me that prompt so many months ago, if you’re still out there, following me and seeing this–it’s the only thing i have saved in my inbox. it’s coming. one day.