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Who is Haruki, mentioned in Who Could it Be At This Hour, when Hector cones to visit?

This Haruki is a cultural reference to Haruki Murakami, one of Daniel Handler’s favorite authors.

“That’s true,” Klaus said, looking at the list again. “After all, Mattathias’s real name is Count Olaf. Maybe he made up a new name for Violet, so we couldn’t rescue her. But which person is really Violet? She could be anyone from Mikhail Bulgakov to Haruki Murakami. What are we going to do? Somewhere in this hospital, they’re getting ready to perform a completely unnecessary operation on our sister, and we–”
[The Hostile Hospital, Chapter Eight]

Actually, let’s drop the whole pretence; he’s a Murakami fanboy.

Haruki Murakami is our greatest living practitioner of fiction. The ways he has found to inhabit narrative are without precedent, and perhaps more importantly, without gimmick. The stories he tells are new but not particularly newfangled. He tweaks tradition and gives equal air time to both the tradition and the tweak. Murakami’s best work is as deep and decorative as those Easter Island heads, but he doesn’t make a big deal out of it. The novels aren’t afraid to pull tricks usually banned from serious fiction: They are suspenseful, corny, spooky, and hilarious; they’re airplane reading, but when you’re through you spend the rest of the flight, the rest of the month, rethinking life. I really like his writing a whole lot.
[Daniel Handler - “I love Murakami” (Link), The Village Voice, 26th of September 2000]


Look at this incoherent idiot, writing long-ass articles about books he likes.

What a nerd.

We don’t know if the Haruki mentioned in “Who Could That Be At This Hour” is the author himself (the same way Brett Helquist intervenes in the plot of the un-Authorized Autobiography) or a fictional character named in his honor (like Violet Baudelaire, for example).

Hector sighed and leaned back against the dirty sofa. “You’re worrying everyone, Snicket. Monty’s worried. Haruki’s worried. This plan to choose the worst chaperone so you can secretly—”
[Who Could That Be At This Hour?, Chapter Thirteen]

But all the volunteers involved in Lemony’s secret coup seem to be youngsters. So it’s more likely Haruki is simply a young member of VFD whose famous namesake inhabits our world.

Middle of the Night

by KirryLovesNarry

by KirryLovesNarry

Harry’s cloud is hacked and he shuts down. Niall to the rescue!

Posted on Tumblr first - I combined some of the parts from the original posting since they were so short. (I normally write tiny drabbles so this whole actual story thing is new to me)

Words: 5357, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

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