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With all these theories of Natsu reading Lucy's story in front of her trapped in crystal and with the latest chapter, BUT, what if the whole of Fairy Tail is really actually Lucy herself looking back at her memories during her last moments during the war between Fairy Tail and Alvarez or her reading her book in front of Natsu's grave? Whadda think?

While all these ideas are great, I don’t think any of them are true. Mashima already said Fairy Tail would have a happy ending, so if anything it’ll be Lucy reading her adventures to her kids or guild kids. 

If anyone’s gonna get hurt during this arc, I don’t think its gonna be Natsu. I think its going to be Lucy. They both stated that they didn’t want to lose anyone and they just wanted to laugh with their nakama, but Zeref also wants to get to Natsu and he knows one of the only ways is to harm someone precious to him. 

And who’s more precious to Natsu than Lucy is? 

Me Trying to Write Original Fic
  • My brain:You know what we need? A story about a heroic necromancer who learns how to bring people back from the dead. Whose best friend is an undead dragon.
  • Me:That sounds awesome! I'll start working on that right now! Let's see, I just have to outline it, and then-
  • My brain:Yah OK I guess that's cool, but. Have you considered writing about cybernetic human weapons who desert from the armed forces instead? There can be warring cyberpunk and transhumanist tones depending on who's narrating
  • Me:Oh, that has promise! I'll jot down some notes so I don't forget these ideas, and then I'll go back to that first story, since that one also sounded-
  • My brain:You know what's cool? Aliens. You know what's cooler? Really alien aliens. Like, maybe they have a bunch of different very specialized genders with a complex biological caste system, and their whole society is built around that. Or maybe they prioritize very different virtues than we do, so that they see murder as bad but also an unavoidable fact of life- what do we expect them to do, put people in PRISON people for it??? While intentionally spreading false information is viewed as something only a complete monster would do, because you're harming the ability of society as a whole to make wise choices? Write about this literally nothing is more important
  • Me:Well, I'm not sure how any of that has anything to do with what we were just discussing, but it does sound like it's worth consid-
  • Me:....what about them?

Before the series  finishes I definitely want to see this scene animated…Not only that it would be funny but also very cute and it be a sort of happy-ish moment before the series end. Or the bit where Mika hugs him at the end and Yu welcomes him home that be a sad but bitter ending too. 

I mean come on who wouldn’t want a “not listening Yu” and a very “angry” Mika (sort of) 

This whole chapter is dedicated to them THIS scene is a must have, actually make that the whole of this scene the minute they came to wherever they are. 

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How are you Eliza? :) xx

i’m going a bit crazy. work is just. crazy. i’d go into the specifics, but blargh i don’t wanna. suffice it to say i’m feeling overworked and exhausted and i can’t remember the last time i actually worked an eight-hour day since like fucking may.

i mean i get to work in the morning between 7 and 7:30, and i typically don’t leave until 5:30 to 6, though in the past month it’s been closer to 7 on average. i’ve been averaging 10-11hr work days for like two months and i’m not paid overtime and i still have to study and i worry i’m gonna burn out


sorry this was kind of a downer, but thank you for checking in on me. that was very nice of you :)

Sent by sheenaxzelos! Sent me an excerpt from Chapter 9 of Hot Pink!!

“I can’t,” Iwaizumi bit out, his grip adjusting on the worn down wooden handle. “If I were a weaker man, maybe. But…” Taking a moment to look Oikawa in the eye, he noted the warm mahogany shade. He should have taken those eyes as his indication this place wasn’t real long before the lack of circuits even occurred to him. Gaze dropping lower, he saw Oikawa’s knee. He’d removed his brace from it now that practice was over… he was vulnerable. Did Chimera set up this opportunity for him? He couldn’t be sure. “You’re not the Oikawa I’m in love with.”

“Iwa-chan, what are –?”

It was a now or never moment. Harming Oikawa was something he never wanted to do…“

Alright so, through this whole chapter I’d been suggesting that this entire sequence is actually Iwaizumi experiencing his past life. And this was actually a scene from his past life. In that past life, this had been the moment where Oikawa and Iwaizumi found out they were in love with one another. But since Iwaizumi’s reliving this due to Chimera’s guidance, he’s realizing that this isn’t HIS Oikawa. It’s like a 25 lives sequence. He loves Oikawa, he always has, but this isn’t the Oikawa he’s CURRENTLY in love with.

It’s partially poking at one of his insecurities. His parents had suggested that Iwaizumi marrying a Synthetic was probably a bad idea and even though Iwaizumi has an adopted foster brother (spoilers as to who it is) he’s seeing that this is a natural Oikawa. Brown eyes, joint injuries instead of psychosomatic ones – he’s an ordinary human. not necessarily organic, but ordinary.

And Iwaizumi’s just being reminded that in this world of the artificial (two meanings) that having a natural Oikawa just isn’t in his cards. This world is not his, this Oikawa is not his. And he would rather destroy what is holding him to the artificial, rather than the Synthetic.

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Are you still gonna write Carmell?

Yep, promise. I’ve got the first chapter written–it will take a few weeks though, because I actually want to release the whole 15 chapter fic at once. I notice writing the first one that it might actually be less than a hundred words…so I would call this sort of a mini prequel?

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But that one chapter of the series that was just Eragon and Saphira flying through a storm.

bladeless.       i have no idea what this message is in relation too but if you’re referring to the chapter in which they’re flying to vroengard and eragon and saphira fly above the clouds using a spell and discover the world is round, and not flat, then that’s one of my absolute favorite chapters in the whole series!

( my mobile header is actually a fanart of that scene <3 )

shit man i can’t believe i wrote a whole fuckign chapter of this,,,,,,god forsaken fanfiction

actually now that i remember that horrible space wedding thing i wrote this is only like the second worse thing i’ve written

Wrote about 3,000 words today, adapting my book into a script. Process is pretty fun, actually. Sometimes a whole chapter gets axed because it just can’t be dramatised, or a single line gets turned into an entire scene. And sometimes existing scenes morph into something completely different, but I can roll with it because I’ve been living with these sonofabitch characters for the last 7 years and know how they’d react to pretty much anything.

So yeah, one day this screenplay may actually be ‘a thing’.