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Ladrien, silver.

part 10

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It’s wonderfully, horribly, terrifyingly easy to see her after getting her number: all he really has to do is ask.

You, me. Ultimate Mecha Strike. Rematch?

If I remember correctly, i’m in the lead. Why would I give you a chance to steal my throne? ;)

Because there is mercy in your soul, and you’ll let poor mortals attempt to overthrow you


I’ll be there in 10

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my brother got a doctor who trivia type book for christmas, and in it, there are the words ‘from jabe to margaret slitheen to lynda to captain jack harkness, no one was safe from the roving eye of Nine


Murdering Mr. Darcy (10/10)

Summary: Ryan is the most recent member of the Fake AH Crew, and he’s loving every second of his new job - except for the annoying British thief who, after a series of terrible first impressions, has become the bane of his existence.

Ryan hates Gavin, and he’s pretty sure Gavin hates him too - until one day, out of the blue, Gavin asks for his help planning a murder.

Part 1  Part 9  AO3

“I can tell him if you want,” Ryan said.

They were standing outside Geoff’s office - they could hear him inside, talking to Jack, and were waiting for him to finish up to avoid interrupting. But it was nerve wracking, having to stew in their own juices when the two men seemed to have been talking for over ten minutes by now, and Ryan could tell Gavin was getting antsy. He was quieter than usual, and jittery - knee shaking all over the place where he was leaning against the wall, hands toying with the legs of his sunglasses.

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It’s Insanity, but... Choices

4th part of the “It’s Insanity” series is here!

It’s quite long but I think it’s my favorite so far. Also, there is brief NSFW stuff right at the very beginning but it’s literally over in like three sentences. And that’s it!



It’s Insanity but… Choices

           Stiles is on top of him, sinking down slowly, bottom lip trapped between his teeth, eyes screwed shut in focus when the phone rings.

           “Fuck,” Derek mutters but he’s already reaching for it, because Stiles is the one who always has his phone nearby on the loudest setting. Stiles hums in agreement but doesn’t stop moving and Derek’s hand misses it on the first try (and the second because Stiles is still moving) but eventually he finds it and-

           “It’s Scott,” he says.

           And just like that Stiles’ eyes open. He freezes and snatches the phone.

           “Scott?” Stiles answers.

           “Hey, Stiles,” Scott says and Derek would try to be polite and not eavesdrop but he’s a werewolf and he is also still inside Stiles so it’s not like he can help it. “I’m sorry, dude, I know you guys are having a date night-”


           “It’s fine,” Stiles says, his voice surprisingly level for their current position. “Just- uh- what’s wrong, man?”

           “It’s Lucy,” Scott replies. Stiles freezes. “Uh- she’s alright now but she smells… I think she may have one of her… episodes later tonight. Been really quiet and I- maybe it’s an anniversary?

           “Fuck,” Stiles says and Derek hears his heart stutter a little in his chest. “Fuck, let me check- gimme- gimme a minute, Scott.”

           “I can hang up or-”

           “No, no, just hold on,” Stiles replies and then he is rising himself up and off, pressing the phone to his chest to hide a gasp and sitting back down next to Derek. He doesn’t take his eyes from the phone, frantically typing away. He’s still naked and covered with sweat but already down to half-mast.

           “Fuck,” Stiles mutters, holding the phone up to ear after a moment. “You’re right. Brother’s birthday. Last year, we watched Godzilla – his favorite movie – but I don’t know if that actually helped or not.”

           “Okay,” Scott says and Derek can practically picture the accompanying nod. “Okay, I can do that. Though, uh- I think, I mean, you know she is always better when-”


           “Dude, I’m already on my way,” Stiles says. “Be home in twenty.”

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Okay I haven’t seen a post of the whole extend that this number currently has in Tokyo Ghoul referring to the chapters so I am going to make one.

1. TG:re’s first chapter is titeled “Bones” the avarage human has at least 206 of them - TG already had 143 “bones” as in chapters:
206 - 143 = 63

2. A special chapter of TG: re was 31.5, bc why the hell would you make especially a “half chapter” when its actually a whole chapter + it was very important since Haise got his old name and apparently Hides copy of The hanged mans Mac Guffin? It reminded me of the fact that we had a chapter in TG, which was called “Halfway” so why not doubling it?
31.5 + 31.5 = 63

3. Sensei made an art of a “ram” Haise for the year 2015, and it’s currently the year of the ram according to chinese zodiac. So you could say the ram year is Haises year.
On the other side apparently (idk if its canon) the fandom concluded that Kaneki is actually a monkey which would be next year beginning 8.2.2016.
Now as far as i researched until this date there are going to be 2 double issues which means (if i didnt do the math wrong) that chapter 63 would be the first chapter that gets released (considering it gets released on thursday) after the begin of the year of the monkey which would be the year of Kaneki. (and if there is going to be only 1 DI it would be the last of Haises year)

4. The 63. chapter of Tokyo Ghoul was titeled “Ghul” which is where Kaneki “devoured” Rize and accepted his Ghoul side.

Now idk what this all means but i think chapter 63 is going to be sth very interesting and i’m personally hoping it is going to be called “human” but you never know with ishida…


Hermione firmly met his eyes as she handed the journal to him, pondering how it had taken her this long to see him. Truly see him.

“I’ve been waiting,” she smiled at him, feeling a burst of pixies in her stomach as he met her gaze.

He took the old book from her hands and returned the borrowed one.

"I know,” he replied. “But you’ll wait a little longer, won’t you?”

She reached for the book, gently placing her hand over his fingers rather than the cover. She set her eyes in a determined slant, her gaze never leaving his.

"As long as it takes.” x

my entire college career so far

“read this 400 page book and create a research paper based on it within three days”

-reads the first two chapters to figure out what the book is about

-picks some random quotes i found by skipping around pages. picks one from the last chapter to look like i actually read the whole thing

-completely bullshit my analyzation of those quotes

-fluff, fluff, fluff

-proof read once, turn it in

-get a good grade on it

Beauty and The Beast - Four

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Word Count 5.2K

Ignore any errors please.

That awkward moment when I thought I posted the chapter but It was actually in my drafts the whole time.

The rain was coming down hard, and I forgot to grab an umbrella. It was barely drizzling when I stepped out my apartment, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal. The moment I was too far from home, it began to pour down. I climbed onto the bus, already soaking wet.

“Just great.” I mumbled to myself. My thin sweater was soaked through and I began to shiver. I ignored the looks of pity from the other people on the bus. Despite the looks of pity, no one offered any type of help. When the bus made it to my stop I stepped out into the rain, that was still beating down. They said it was suppose to rain off and on all day. There is suppose to be an intense storm later on too. The stop wasn’t too far from Suho’s house. By the time I reached Suho’s front door, my clothes were sticking to my skin and I was shivering.

I took the key to the house from my pocket, and opened the door. Just as I opened one of the double doors, Suho was walking out from the living room. Kyungsoo was following behind. They noticed me right away.

The smile on Suho’s lips faded as he took in my current state.

“Y/N?” He said walking towards me, his red eyes staring on in concern.

I smiled and closed the door behind me, looking down at my clothes.

“It’s raining.” I stated laughing.

Suho nodded a slight grin on his lips, “I can tell.” He looked over at Kyungsoo who was holding in laughter. He mumbled something that I couldn’t hear.

Kyungsoo nodded, walked past Suho and up the stairs.

“If we don’t get you out of those clothes, you’ll freeze.” Suho said walking towards me. I nodded my head, a shiver running up my spine. I slipped off my drenched shoes and started taking off my soaked socks.

“I should have grabbed an umbrella.” I mumbled to myself. I set the socks on the ground and began taking off my sweater just as Kyungsoo came back down the stairs. This time he had folded clothes in his hands.

“Oh,” I said looking at Suho, whose eyes were on me this whole time.

“You don’t hav-” Suho cut me off quickly.

“Of course I do. I’m not going to leave you like this. I was thinking of calling you, to tell you to stay home. There isn’t much work to do, and the weather is extreme.” He explained before taking the clothes from Kyungsoo. I noticed folded in with the clothes was a towel.

“You can change in the bathroom.” Kyungsoo said handing the clothes to me with a small smile. I thanked him, before making my way to the closest bathroom. I unfolded the clothes to notice that they were some red plaid pajama pants and a plain black short sleeve shirt.

I changed my clothes and dried my hair to the best of my abilities. I took my soaked clothing and rinsed the water out of it. Then I took them to the laundry room, throwing them in the dryer. When I got back to the hall area, I realized I left my socks balled on the floor. I grabbed them, running back down to the basement, and threw them in the dryer as well.

When I made my way back upstairs, Suho and Kyungsoo were nowhere to be found. I looked in the living room, and they weren’t there. I checked upstairs and they weren’t there either. That brought my attention to the fact that Nadia was also absent.

I made my way to the dining room to find it empty. My eyes scanned the room before heading to the kitchen. I heard voices from the other side of the door.

“You haven’t made any moves?” That was Kyungsoo talking.

Someone sighed, and I assumed it was Suho.

“It’s not that simple. Look at these claws. Who would want to make contact with these?” Suho replied, sounding quite irritated.

“You haven’t even tried yet! Because at this point I don’t see any romance flowing.” Kyungsoo spoke honestly. My brows furrowed. What are they talking about?

I pushed the door to the kitchen open, cutting off whatever Suho was going to say. Kyungsoo was preparing what I assumed was Suho’s breakfast while Suho sat at the small wooden table on the far end of the room. Both of them looked my way with wide eyes.

I looked back at them, a bit thrown off. What? Do I look weird?

“Thanks for the clothes.” I said, maybe a third time. I walked into the kitchen asking Kyungsoo if there was anything he needed help with.

Once I started cooking, I noticed the weird silence that hung in the air. Why did they stop talking once I got here? I continued to help with the food as Suho sat at the table looking down at his hands awkwardly.

“Where is Nadia?” I asked looking over at Kyungsoo, who was plating the food as I shut off the stove top.

“Nadia wasn’t feeling well today. She stayed home and left me a long list of rules. She thinks you’re going to try something.” Kyungsoo said casually. Now I’m confused. She thought I was going to steal something or..? I hope I don’t come off that way.

Instead of replying to Kyungsoo’s words, I began to help him take the dishes to the dining room. I had three large plates balanced on my hands and forearms. I started making my way for the door when two of the plates were taken from me. I stopped walking and turned around to see Suho standing behind me with a cheerful smile on his lips.

“I’ll help. I wouldn’t want you to drop these plates,” He raised an eyebrow at me, “We all know how clumsy you are!” He laughed walking past me and out the kitchen.

“Hey!” I called out, “I am not clumsy.” I also walked out the kitchen to the dining room. I set the plate down on the table as Suho took his seat, setting down the two plates he took from me.

I turned to leave just as when Suho spoke.

“Wow, you really cooked a lot of food.” He sounded a bit worried. Maybe he doubts he can finish all of it. His eyes were on Kyungsoo as he spoke.

“How am I supposed to finish all of this?” Suho asked before his eyes shifted to me.

“Y/N?” He said, his crimson red irises looking right at me.

“Yes?” I answered softly, his gaze making my voice come out weak.

“Have you eaten?” Suho looked towards the food on the table for a moment before his eyes were on me again.

“I just ate a bowl of cereal at home,” I answered, “but I can still eat.”

Suho chuckled at my response before gesturing to the seat adjacent to him, seeing as he was sitting at the head of the rectangular table.

“Kyungsoo, why don’t you join us?” I said as he turned around to head for the kitchen. A smirk pulled at the corner of his lips as he looked at me.

“I’ve already eaten, so please don’t worry about me.” He gave a knowing look before disappearing into the kitchen. He appeared quickly after and I thought he decided to join us, but he was just bringing me a plate and a fork. I thanked him and he disappeared into the kitchen again.

Suho and I ended up getting lost in conversation as we ate. He was telling me these jokes that were so awful, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You have to admit that joke was pretty awful.” I said before taking the last bite of my food.

Suho giggled slightly, running his fingers through his soft grey hair before rubbing his neck nervously.

“Yeah, that one was a bit rough.” He confessed with a hesitant look on his face. I couldn’t help but laugh at his facial expression as he thought over the risky joke he just said. After I stopped laughing I stood up from my seat gathering the plates to take to the kitchen. I stacked them on each other before holding them with both my hands. Suddenly something warm was covering my hands. I looked up to see Suho trying to hold the stack of plates, making his hands lap over mine.

“I’ll take them to the kitchen.” He said smiling kindly at me. I could barely hear what he was saying as the sudden contact of skin left my heart beating in my ears. I suddenly felt short for breath and I’m sure my eyes were opened wide at this point.

“Umm,” I stuttered as I stared back at Suho. I could feel his beast like claws lightly scratching the back of my palms, but it didn’t bother me.

“Sure.” I answered weakly, letting him take the plates.

I stood there in a bit of a trance as he gathered the other plates. His touch lingered on my skin, and I suddenly felt my face heating up. I waited till Suho left the room to exhaled the breath I was holding.

“Get yourself together Y/N.” I mumbled to myself before grabbing the glass cups. I walked to the kitchen where Suho was helping with the dishes.

“You know it’s our job to take care of you. You don’t need to help.” I said walking over and setting the cups in the sink. I was about to tell Suho to let me help with the dishes when I sneezed.

“I knew you were going to catch a cold,” Suho said not looking up as he dried the plates, “and bless you.”

“I’ll start doing my work.” I said quickly.

I started doing the regular housework. Cleaning, sweeping and so on. It was still raining like crazy, so no work outside could be done. When it came to my lunch break, I realized I forgot to pack lunch. I sneaked into the kitchen. Suho had just finished eating lunch and I grabbed some of the extra rice. I ate it quickly, speaking with Kyungsoo a bit. I drank some water, before making my way upstairs.

Maybe I’ll take a nap? As I approached my ‘resting’ room, I heard a familiar melody playing from Suho’s piano room. It’s the composed music he finished. I backtracked and walked up to the white double doors. I knocked softly, and the music stopped.


“It’s Y/N. Can I come in?” I asked.

I heard shuffling from the other side before one of the double doors opened. It revealed Suho standing there in a change of clothes. He’s wearing a white cotton V-neck T-shirt and black joggers with black socks.

His usually messy grey hair was suddenly brushed and slicked back.

“Wow,” I breathed.

“Mhh?” Suho said confused, till he realized I was staring at his hair.

“Oh,” He said smiling widely, “I decided to fix my hair a bit. How does it look?”

“I-it looks good.” I answered, mentally slapping myself for the stuttering. He chuckled nervously before opening the door wider.

“You can come in if you want?” He said. I thanked him and slowly walked into the room. The carpet was a cream color and the walls were white. In the room was a huge black grand piano with a black sitting bench in front of it. On the left side of the room was a couch and table which had notebooks, pencils, a laptop and a bunch of unopened snacks on it.

The right wall had two huge windows with white curtains that are basically transparent. I could see the rain pouring down along with the strong wind blowing the trees.

“They just issued a flood warning.” Suho informed me, as I stared out the window. He closed the door behind me before walking to the bench. He took a seat, facing me instead of the piano.

“Are you going to play it for me? You promised.” I pouted slightly. He patted the spot next to him on the bench as he turned around to face the piano. I walked over, sitting a bit closer than I meant to. Our knees were touching and our shoulders would brush each other if I moved enough.

I watched Suho as he took a deep breath before he began playing. The lovely sound filled the room and though it was gloomy outside, it seemed like this music could stop the rain.

My eyes darted back and forth between Suho’s fingers on the keys and the profile of his face. He was so focused on what he was playing, a pleased smile playing on his lips.

Soon, my eyes couldn’t leave the profile of his face. My eyes traced the scars on his face which I oddly found…beautiful. The song was flowing through my ears as my eyes wouldn’t look away from the man that sat beside me.

The song came to an end, and as Suho exhaled I shifted my eyes back to the piano.

“It sounds even better in person,” I spoke, brushing my hands along the keys of the piano.

“Thank you for playing it. It’s beautiful.” He was looking at me with a smile on his lips.

“I have more pieces I’ve been working on. Would you like to hear them?” He asked, looking like an eager child. I nodded agreeing. We sat there for a long time as he played unfinished pieces. We also talked a bunch in between.

The lights in the room were already on, so we both barely noticed when it grew dark outside.

I stood up from the bench as Suho went on about how I never changed back into my work clothes.

“I forgot,” I said, looking down at the clothes on me before walking around the room aimlessly.

“It’s okay, they look good on you.” Suho admitted, grinning my way. I felt my face heat up, causing me to turn my back to Suho.

“Oh really? No surprise, everything looks good on me!” As I spoke those words, lightning flashed, followed by ground rattling thunder. I jumped, startled. The rain was beating down on the roof of the house, and the wind was blowing too strong for comfort. I looked out the window and sighed, thinking of how I was going to get home.

“Don’t.” Suho said as if reading my mind.

“Don’t what?” I acted innocently.

“Don’t make that face you always make when you worry. There is no way I’m going to let you walk in that storm. At this rate, you won’t be able to get home. I heard the flooding is very serious. Just stay the night, that’s what Kyungsoo plans on doing.”  Suho said casually.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” I asked, looking out the window again.

“I’m not going to send you out into that storm.” He repeated before turning to the piano again. That’s when lightning flashed from the windows again, and as the thunder boomed, all the lights shut off leaving us in pitch black darkness.

My breath hitched as I suddenly lost all sight. So shocked by the sudden lost of light, I began to panic.

“Suho.” I almost cried out, my voice sounding scared and fragile.

“I’m here.” He called out reassuringly. I could hear his voice from my far left. I was breathing heavy as my arms stretched in search of something. I’m not sure If I was trying to find the piano, or find Suho.

I heard some soft shuffling.

“Y/N?” Suho called out. He sounded a bit closer this time.

“Yes?” I answered. I heard footsteps on the carpet once more before something warm wrapped around my forearm.

“There you are.” Suho whispered, and I’m sure he was smiling.

His hands rested on my shoulders, I could feel the warmth from his body. I’m not sure how close to me he’s standing.

“Let’s just stay in place, cause I don’t remember where I put my phone.” Suho said, his hands sliding from my shoulders down my arms to find my hands.

“Let’s just sit on the floor for now.” He said, before I felt his hands slowly tugging me downward. I slowly sat on the ground criss-cross applesauce.

 Suho released my hands, and when I dropped my hands, I brushed his legs slightly.

We sat there talking for some time. Lightning would flash outside, showing a glimpse of his face, which would often be laughing or smiling at my comments.

“I should give you more days off,” He said in reference to my previous joke. I cocked my head to the side as if he could see me.

“Why?” I asked a bit confused.

“If you’re here all the time, I doubt you’ll have time for your friends.” He explained.

“I don’t have many friends, plus you and Kyungsoo are also my friends. I like being here.” I answered, “So don’t feel like you’re trapping me here. I have fun here.”

“But with such crazy hours, you probably won’t have time for dates.” He said casually. I felt my face burning up at the mention of dating.

Ugh, what is wrong with me? My heart was starting to beat faster.

“I’m not dating anyone, so that’s not a problem.” I replied shyly.

“Oh, okay.” He answered quickly. I ran my fingers through my hair, exhaling quietly.

“Speaking of going out,” I suddenly voiced, “I was thinking that you’re stuck in this house way too much. Let’s go somewhere.”

“Y/N.” He said. I could basically hear the disapproval in his voice. I knew what he was going to say.

“I can’t,” He sighed, “You know I can’t. That’s out of the question.”

“I know what you’re thinking, but I came up with an idea-”

“Y/N, no.” He said softly.

“Just hear me out. I think-” That’s when in the next moment, the whole conversation took a turn I wasn’t ready for.

“Y/N drop it! Stop pushing me on it, it’s not your place to speak on this!” He yelled.

Yelled. He yelled at me. My whole body froze and my heart was beating in my ears again, except, this time the feeling was different.

“Sorry I was just trying to help.” I replied softly.

“Don’t!” He yelled again, “Don’t help, don’t do anything. Mind your own business.”

The way his tone changed, sent me into shock. I’ve never heard him like this, and I’m kind of glad I can’t see the expression on his face at the moment. The kind, funny man I was talking to earlier seemed to have vanished. Ugh, I’m an idiot. I got too comfortable and seemed to cross the line. It’s my fault for letting the lines between professional and personal blur.

“O-okay.” I almost whispered.

I wasn’t sure what to say after that. As if God heard my prayers, the lights clicked on. I looked up at the ceiling, my eyes tingling a bit at the sudden light exposure. I quickly stood up from my spot, brushing off my clothes as if I had some type of dirt.

“I am going to go see if Kyungsoo is okay.” I spoke quickly turning to leave the room. I didn’t even look at him as I spoke. I’m really worried that I offended him, so I didn’t look his way. I heard Suho sigh as I quickly shuffled to the white double doors. I opened the doors and made my way down the hallway. I walked down the stairs swiftly and turned to my left to enter the dining room where Kyungsoo sat staring at his phone.

I stood there staring at him for a moment while his eyes read whatever was on the screen.

“Kyungsoo.” I called out, walking towards him. He looked up from his phone, smiling when he noticed me.

“Hey, what’s up? Kyungsoo sat his phone down on the wooden table. I walked over to the table taking a seat across from him who was looking at me expectantly. Suho’s harsh words replayed in my head as I stared at the table.

“I think I made Suho angry?” I almost whispered, my eyes looking up to meet his. He raised his eyebrows at me, a bit surprised by my words.

“I doubt it. Suho doesn’t get mad easily.” He dismissed my claim, going back to look at his phone.

“But if you heard the way he yelled at me-”

Kyungsoo cut me off his jaw dropping, “He yelled at you?”

I nodded pouting a bit as I drew random things in the table with my fingers.

“I told him that I wanted to find a way for him to be able to leave the house and he just blew up on me.” I explained.

“What was your plan?” Kyungsoo asked curiously.

“All I was going to say was that if he wore one of those mouth masks, some sunglasses and a snapback, he’ll be fine. We could even go to the movies or something. It would be a place that is dark so no-one would be looking at his face anyways. “

Kyungsoo nodded agreeing with my plan, “That sounds like it could work. A bit risky, but it sounds good.”

“I know right!” I exclaimed, “I didn’t even get to explain it before he yelled. I’ve never heard him raise his voice like that before. I didn’t even have the courage to stay with him in that room, so once the lights turned back on, I ran down here.”

“Maybe I hit a nerve?” I asked, looking at Kyungsoo for some clarification.

He narrowed his eyes for a minute before shaking his head and hissing.

“He’s never been sensitive about that subject in the past, maybe he was just annoyed…” Kyungsoo trailed off as he realized where it was going.

“..With me,” I finished the sentence, “Maybe he was annoyed with me.”

“That’s not it at all. Suho wouldn’t be annoyed with you. I know he likes you, so maybe he’s just having a bad day.” Kyungsoo shrugs.

I nodded agreeing with him, “You’re right. He’s probably…” My word slowly trailed off as Kyungsoo’s words began to sink in.

“H-he likes me?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

“Of course he does. You’re a good friend of his, who he cares about.” Kyungsoo answered. For some reason, I was disappointed. Right. Of course. I’m a good friend. What was I expecting?

My brows scrunched up as I went off on this train of thought. Haein’s words from the weekend were now in my head. Do I…do I like Suho?

“Just give him some space for now. Sometimes being in this house all the time gets to him.” Kyungsoo stated, looking at me with kind eyes. I nodded my head. I checked the time and suggested starting on Suho’s dinner. Kyungsoo sprang up from his seat and rushed to the kitchen. I followed, helping him prepare the food as always. Dinner was a little later than usual since the power went off.

We cooked quickly, making enough food for the three of us. I set the plates as Kyungsoo was cleaning up the kitchen. I set plates for Suho, Kyungsoo and I. I walked out to the dining room and noticed that Suho wasn’t seated yet. I set the table before walking back into the kitchen.

“Can you go call Suho for dinner? He hasn’t come downstairs yet.” I asked Kyungsoo. He nodded, walking past me and out the kitchen. I walked to the fridge taking out a water bottle. I also grabbed one for Kyungsoo and walked over to the circular table in the far side of the kitchen. I sat down in one of the seats before starting to eat. I could hear the legs of a chair scraping the wooden floor of the dining table.

I guess Suho has come down to eat. A few minutes later Kyungsoo walked into the kitchen, taking a seat beside me. We ate in silence. There was a tension in the air created by the situation earlier. After I finished eating, I stood up with my plates and started to do the dishes. I ended up washing all the dishes including Suho’s which Kyungsoo brought into the kitchen. After I was finished, I walked out of the kitchen to see that Suho was no longer in the dining room.

Though I’m not planning on bothering him, I wonder where he went. I walked up the stairs, and down the hallway to my room. I didn’t hear the piano being played, so I’m assuming Suho has gone to bed. I go into my “resting” room and throw myself on the bed, hoping to fall asleep soon.

I am not sure how long I was laying there for. I closed my eyes for what felt like hours, but I couldn’t fall asleep. The constant rain on the roof with the lightning and thunder wasn’t helping me either. Suho was on my mind. I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about him. I stared at the plain white ceiling above me. I slowly sat up placing my hands on my cheeks.

The feeling I had earlier when his hands over-lapped mine, and how I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he played the piano. Just the thought had my heart beating like crazy.

“I like Suho.” I whispered as I realized my feelings. I inhaled and exhaled deeply before throwing the blankets off me and getting off the bed. I don’t care about how he looks, I don’t care about those scars, his red eyes or even those fangs. I really like him

I placed my hand over my heart as if it could stop the pounding in my chest. I walked out the bedroom and down the hallway to the stairs. I walked through the dining room and into the kitchen but was startled when I saw a tall figure standing near the fridge.

I jumped, nearly screaming.

I realized it was Suho who was leaning against the kitchen counter with a mug in his hands. It seems that he made tea.

“Sorry, if I scared you.” He spoke softly, and smiled. Only the few lights near the sink were on, leaving the place dimly lit.

Suho set his cup of tea on the counter behind him and pushed himself off the counter before walking to one of the cabinets across from him. I slowly inched towards him, forgetting why I came down here.

I avoided eye contact, not sure if he was still bothered from earlier.

“Couldn’t sleep?” He questioned. That’s when I became aware of the fact that he was preparing a cup of tea for me. I didn’t protest as he did so.

“I just laid there with my eyes closed for some time.” I answered honestly before my eyes landed on the clock above the stove.

“1:36 AM.” I mumbled to myself.

“I’m surprised the rain hasn’t let up.” He spoke casually.

“Mhh.” Was all I could say. I stood there watching him as he prepared the tea for me. I thanked him when he handed me the cup, but kept my eyes on the warm beverage.

I took a small sip, unaware of Suho’s intense gaze on me. I continued to take little sips, hoping that Suho wouldn’t try to make more conversation.

“Y/N,” He sighed, sounding like he’s given up.

“Yes?” I responded, still taking small sips of the tea. It seemed to warm my entire body.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you like I did.” He sounded tired and almost weary of this conversation. I shook my head setting the cup of tea down on the kitchen island.

“Don’t be, I crossed the line. I shouldn’t have kept pushing you when you clearly answered no. I’m not angry at you.”

“Neither am I,” He added, “So please let’s go back to how we were before. This tense atmosphere between us is bothering me.”

“Same here,” I agreed looking down at my fingers as I fumbled with them.

“If everything is okay now, please look at me.” He requested. I lifted my head slowly to look at Suho but I was pulled into a tight hug which practically knocked the air out of me.

“I was so worried you would think I was some type of beast after I shouted at you like that.” He confessed, his breath on my ear. My joints froze up and I was unable to move. I was pressed against his chest and his arms were wrapped tightly around my waist. My arms were up in the air hovering around his body. I wasn’t sure what to do. My whole body felt like it was on fire.

It felt like my whole body was pulsing from the hug. My heart was beating in my ears again, or maybe it was his heart I was hearing.

“I would never think you were a beast,” I managed to answer as my body finally relaxed. His arms loosened from around me and I was disappointed by the loss of warmth. Suho took a steady step away from me, smiling nervously. Even in this dim lighting I could see his pearl white teeth twinkle. His fangs were always visible.

“Sorry for hugging you.” He mentioned.

“It’s okay, it didn’t bother me.” I affirmed. I wanted to slap myself. It didn’t bother me? Geez, what kind of response is that?

“Also I was thinking. Maybe it would be good to get out of the house.” He declared shrugging his shoulders.

“Really?” I sounded way too excited. I held my hands in front of me with a doubtful look, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“No, I want to. It’s no fun being cramped up in this house.”

“Yay!” I said jumping a bit, “I have some fun things planned. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they’re all things you’ll be comfortable with.”

“Sounds great Y/N.” He spoke softly, a huge yawn following after.

“You should go to bed.” I commented. Suho brushed my comment off continuing with the conversation.

The topic became movies. I was talking about my favorite movie. A movie from the 90’s called ‘She’s All That.’ I was going on and on about what a great movie it was. It wasn’t till I turned to Suho for his opinion when I noticed the intense expression on his face as he gazed at me. My words got stuck in my throat as I met his eyes. I can’t even tell what the expression was. Just being looked at in such a manner had my face heating up.

“What? Is there something on my face?” I reached up and touched my face.

Suho shook his head before laughing softly.

“It’s nothing, just head up to bed. I’ll take care of the cups.” He said reaching around me to grab the half empty cup of tea. He grabbed his cup and set both items in the sink.

“Good night.” I said as I headed for the door.

“Good night, Y/N.”

I walked out of the kitchen and into the dining room. I stood there for a moment before placing my hand over my heart.

“Stop beating so fast,” I whispered to myself, “You’re giving us away.”


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Could you imagine...

What if Pokemon actually took these Variations into consideration? 

Besides shinies, we would have things like the Shellos/Gastrodon line, where it would be the same Pokemon, but different forms based on locations.

Mountain Charizard

Sand Golem

Lunar Volcarona

Arctic Wailord

Snapping Blastoise

This would open up a whole new chapter in the Pokemon World.  People could actually breed or raise different variants of Pokemon that they would find interesting beyond choosing normal or shiny

Could you imagine the possibilities?

okay, now that there’s more or less a whole chapter’s worth of translation out, some quick thoughts before I actually try to wrangle my insomnia into compliance and sleep -

  • What the hell is Suzuya doing? consider my interest piqued.
  • I’m excited to see who opened the cells - from the lay out of the chapter, it seems like both Kaneki and Ayato were preparing to do it, but it was a third party who actually ended up starting things. I suppose it could have been Kaneki but it doesn’t seem like it… Was it Eto? Amon? the :Re crew? The One-Eyed King? Furuta? I suppose we’ll have to wait until next chapter…
  • Oh Kaneki. My heart goes out to you so hard on so many levels. He’s clearly been trying so hard to hold everything in now that his memories are back. Being around Arima alone is probably hard for him. But being in Cochlea, near those cells is just too much. My poor child. 
  • Oh Kishou. You really do have a heart. *quotes own fanfiction*
  • I can’t believe we finally got post V14. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want more post V14 now. What does this “rehabilitation” actually look like though? I’m greedy and I want more of this. Also links to the AriSasa fic that Ishida’s been reading because A+.
  • I’m sad that there wasn’t any Amon this chapter. Ishida I thought we had a deal. Amon comes back and now he’s gotta be in all the chapters. 

Okay. Gonna start going to sleep now, I swear. (Probably.)