this whole cast is amazing

Guys I saw Beauty and the Beast!!!

The. Best. Movie. Ever.

Disney you are truly iconic.

Luke Evans stole the show. Like I’m speechless. He was absolutely phenomenal.

Josh Gad my smol son. I love you.

EMMA. Thank you for bringing two of my favorite characters to life. You mean everything to me.

Dan freaking Stevens. Perfection.

Ewan McGregor is simply legendary.

Emma Thompson is there anything you can’t do? Amazing.

The whole cast. The songs. The costumes. The effects. Epic.

Hey guys the trend for the next episode is for Melissa!!

We’ve successfully trended worldwide twice already. Once for karamel and once for mon el.

Now it’s time to show Melissa/supergirl some love :)

The whole cast is amazing every single one of them brings something to the show. But Melissa is the one the works the hardest. Works the longest hours, is the lead so she’s in most of every scene, doing green screen, wire work, etc. she has the most demanding job. This girl works a lot so let’s show some appreciation to Melissa.

If you have a twitter please join. Make sure to spread the word as well

Pull my hair (the wrong way) - Request

Requested by @narsissisticcracker:  Benedict x Reader fic based on the quote from Ben: “Pull the hair on my head the wrong way, and I would be on my knees begging for mercy. I have very sensitive follicles.” no smut please just lots of fluff and kissing, makeout scene. With the hair pulling…..Yeah. 

Pairing: Benedict x reader

Word count: 1.184

Warnings: None.

A/N: Some fluff for the cumberbitches. 


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Benedict was always busy with work. His multiple roles were demanding, and his professionalism and fine manners were also a huge influence to his need of being early to work every single day and leaving until everybody was done working – which means he was the last one to leave.

(Y/N) knew it was important for him, that every character had a big space in his humongous heart. From the Frankenstein Monster, to a dragon in a castle, all the way to a consultant detective. Benedict loved them all, and was willing to give his whole to them.

She missed him, but she never said anything, because she didn’t want to be the kind of girlfriend to discourage her partner just because she wants more attention. Besides, whenever he had free time, Benedict would dedicate solely it to her.

He was the most loving boyfriend in the world. His kind heart and warm soul were more than enough to make her day better just by giving her a boyish grin every morning. He would come home, willing to cuddle with her in spite of being extremely tired, and during the weekend he would wake up early to make her breakfast – which they would eat in bed – and he always had little details; like tiny gifts from his trips, or flowers just because they were pretty, or he would take her out for dinner, or suggest to stay home and re-watch her favourite TV shows. Benedict loved her, and he liked to show it through small actions like so.

Benedict would also call her through video call every night whenever he was out of town. That week, Ben had gone out to Italy to the press tour of his brand new movie. (Y/N) had to stay for work, so she couldn’t join him, but was patiently waiting for him to come back and stay home for a whole week of rest.

“Hello, love.” She greeted as Ben’s face appeared on the screen. The man instantly smiled.

“Hiiii!” He chanted, waving his hand.

“How’s Italy?” She asked.

“Italian.” Benedict joked, and they couldn’t help but to laugh. Those video calls were usually simple as hell, and so they would laugh at everything and anything. “Italy is fine; it’s gorgeous, as usual, but it’s not the same without you.”

“I miss you too, my dear.” She said. Benedict nodded, and (Y/N) caught a tiny glimpse of his background – he was outside. “Why aren’t you at the hotel?”

“Too loud.” Benedict replied instantly, “The whole cast and staff decided it is an amazing day to celebrate the release of the film.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt you to celebrate with them.” She suggested.

“I wanted to be with you.” Ben mumbled, “I can’t wait to be on holiday so we can spend it together without any interruption.”

“I know, me too.” She whispered as her eyes watered slightly.

“But it will be very soon. Oh, hello, Mrs. Trent.” Ben greeted their neighbour. “As I was saying, it will be very soon.”

“Yes… Wait a second.” Her eyes widened and Benedict chuckled at her reaction. “Are you really here?”

“Just open the door, England is freezing compared to Italy.” He didn’t have to ask her twice. (Y/N) jumped out of bed, leaving the laptop there, and ran outside to the door.

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To the whole Castle family- our amazing cast, our remarkable crew, our imaginative writers & our wonderful fans, thank you for 8 amzing yrs!

                                                                        -  Andrew W. Marlowe

If I were Cory I’d be like hell yeah choking Oswald was one of my favorite scenes to shoot.

In that interview Cory clearly stated that Oswald was the third person Ed had touched with his hands. Of all people in his life to harm he was the third person. It gave him power. A knife is more or less intimate, but using your hands to be rough gives you that power, which is also what Edward seeks in a way. All of this is self explanatory if you watch the interview and can understand what he is saying. This is Ed’s turning point. Nothing will get past him now and he is not going to let anyone take advantage of him when he has clear potential.

Cory got into the role to play the Riddler, not to play a love stricken villain who could possibly love his comrade Oswald Cobblepot. The whole show is the EVOLUTION of the characters, not a big ‘ole sappy love story. I’ve said that at least 5,000 times now.

Seriously, get the hell out of here if you’re going to talk shit about the actors when they have done NOTHING wrong. Let them play their characters and let them enjoy it. I have never seen so much ignorance in my life.

The whole Gotham cast are amazing actors. The writers are amazing. The whole department and their contributions are amazing. Please don’t ruin their lives over a SHOW.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this show more: I just realised that ALL the characters that are part of the main cast of Cardcaptor Sakura are canonly queer. I remembered that the series had gay/lesbian/bisexual characters in it, but I never realised that the WHOLE main cast was… really gay.

CCS is gay


I used to get doubly excited when a Will Smith film’s coming out because a single was always coming out. And I was wondering if you were ever tempted or asked to write music for Suicide Squad and if there’s any update on your new music? Yeah, you know, I though about it and I actually recorded a couple of things. I just didn’t love it. When I put something out again I wanna really love it. (x)

Work Comes Home - Part 3

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: 2505

Author’s Note: Here it is! Thanks to @secretschuylersister for reading it over crazy late last night - you’re amazing, wouldn’t be doing this without you!

Warnings: Some swearing.


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