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what 2 do | (m)

 pairing: kim seokjin x reader,  roommate! jin, college! jin
•  genre/warnings: smut, fluff, slight angst (more like over dramatics), 
•  words: 13,759
→ summary: what happens when the college roommate you thought was definitely going to be girl turns out to be the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever encountered in all your years of life? It’s a stupid misunderstanding on your part, but maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so bad after all…
•  note. this was a request from @immawhalien95 which took me an age to write haha, but it’s finally done and my plan to take over tumblr with Jin fics is taking shape…
•  p.s. listen to I feel you by wonder girls

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You can always start over. 

You can go back to school.

You can quit your job. 

You can change careers. 

You can leave a bad relationship. 

You can leave an okay relationship. 

You can write that novel.

You can write that song. 

You can learn a new language. 

You can learn to play the guitar. 

You can get fit. 

You can train for that half-marathon. 

You can make new friends.

You can start a business. 

You can learn to cook. 

You can kick your addiction. 

You can reconnect with old friends. 

You can change religions. 

You can move to a new city.

You can travel. 

You can treat your depression. 

You can lose weight. 

You can learn to sew. 

You could get up right now, pack a bag, and get on a bus to a whole new life if you wanted to. 

You are never as trapped as you think you are. Change can be difficult, scary, and time-consuming, but it’s always possible. Opportunities can take a long time to appear, but they always show up. Be patient. Work hard. Love yourself. You can do this.

Winter Next Door - Part 1


Prologue   Part 1  Part 2 Coming Soon

Imagine: BuckyXReader 

Summary: This is based in the two years in which Bucky was in hiding during CA:CW.  You have  a new neighbour moved in next door, who just happens to be Bucky Barnes. You decide to introduce yourself, but hes very quiet and closed off. But that doesn’t mean you give up, cause you never do. Switches between past and present.

Warning: Swearing. Nothing much.

Authors Note: Hey, this is my first Imagine. Hope you like it. Might not be the best, but I’m thinking of making it a series. Hope you enjoy it. More action will happen soon.

Translations - Romanian (I got these from google translate.No hate)

Dimineața Andrei - Morning Andrei

Buna dimineata - Good Morning

Este timpul să plătiți chiria - Time to pay the rent

la revedere - Goodbye

Originally posted by morefelton


The beginning.

Well I had just moved to Romania, I was two months in to living there. Everything was peaceful. The people were lovely and friendly, though getting used to the language did take a while. I was trying to start a new life. My parents just had a divorce, I had just finished University and broken up with my boyfriend. So yeah, as you could tell, I wanted to get away from everything. And moving country’s was my only idea.

So a twenty-two year old women moving to a whole new country, let alone a busy city, was quite scary. But after a while I got used to and actually loved it a lot more than the village I grew up in back in England.

Anyways, as I was saying, it was already two months in and on the day my rent was to be collected, that i met him.

It started off as a normal morning. Waking up, morning run, breakfast. Then after I had just gotten my normal clothes on, my landlord Andrei knocks on the door. Andrei is nice old fellow, he knew some English which was fortunate when i first arrive looking for a place to stay.

I go and open the door,

“Dimineața Andrei.” I greet Andrei with a smile on my face. He smiles back and shakes my hand.

“Buna dimineata (y/n).”  Andrei greets back. “ Este timpul să plătiți chiria.”

I quickly go back into my flat to retrieve the money, and head back to give it to him. “Here you go. Do you wanna come in for some tea or anything?” I offer.

“No thank you I’ve got to get other people’s rent. Your Romanian is getting very good, keep it up.” Andrei smiles to me.

“Aw, thank you Andrei, its because of the help from you.” I say to him. I look over his shoulder of one second and I see a box piled outside of the door right across from me. The flat has been empty even before I moved here, Andrei told me when I first started to settle in. 

I see Andrei about to go, so I quickly ask out of curiosity. “Hey, Andrei, whats with the box? Is someone moving in?”

“Yeah there is. Gladly, that place as been empty a long time. Its a young man, I would say probably couple years older than you. Quite quiet and shy though. He’s also american. He moved in just yesterday,” Andrei replies “Maybe you should talk to him, make a friend. Well, anyways I’ve got to go, la revedere (y/n).”

“La revedere Andrei.” I watch as he walks away and goes up the stirs to next person. I look across at the door and wonder if I should say I.

I think for moment, but then I close my door thinking that’d I would do it later. II look at my apartment and see it’s not the tidiest, so as it is May, maybe I should do some spring cleaning. Nah, I’ll do that tomorrow.


“Fuck.” I hear a masculine voice from outside shout.

I quickly run to my door nearly tripping and open it, to reveal a tall muscular man, with long brown hair, holding the box that was on the floor, which has no got its bottom open and it’s contexts on the floor. I’m guessing this is my new neighbour Andrei was on about

“Hey, are you okay?” I ask quickly. And so quickly he looked at me with a shocked expression. I notice he has beautiful bright blue eyes and is really handsome. “Hello, hi, sorry, I might’ve given you a bit of a shock by rushing out here really quickly. I’m (y/n)by the way. I’m your neighbour.”

He looks at me and stares. An awkward silence settles between us, me standing there looking at him and him looking back. 

“Well, so… want me to help you?” I ask as i point to the stuff on the floor. I notice that its a few clothing and notebooks. Guy must be a writer.

I stand to bend down and pick it up for him, but clumsy me decides to bloody trip on my own two feet. I start to fall, but I feel two hands stopping me. However there was a juxtaposition of hot and cold. I look at the hands confused and to my surprise I see his right hand his metal. I’m not scared, just surprised.

He quickly puts me back on my two feet, I smile at him. “Thanks for that. Sorry, I’m just a really, really big clumsy person,” I say to him. “Anyways, let me help you.” I bend down and I start to pick up some of his stuff. He copies and holds them close. We both stand back up and I smile at him as I hand over his stuff.

I was about to turn a way, when suddenly I hear him speak. “Thanks for helping.” 

I see that he was about to turn away, into his own flat, before I say, “Do I get a name? Cause I don’t really want to be stuck calling you neighbour.”

Before he completely enters his home, he turns to me and gives a small sad smile. “It’s Bucky.” And then he goes. But before he closes the door I am sure I hear him mumble some words.

Which sounded like “I think.”


I look at Steve, and I seem him look down into his cup. He lets out a sigh.

“He still wasn’t sure who hew was.” Steve says, but I’m guessing he’s saying it to himself.

“Steve, I know that you know that this was going to be hard for you. Do you still want me to continue?” I ask very seriously to him.

“Yes.” He says back. “Like I said (y/n), I need to know how he was.”

I look at him, and I ask him a question that has been bugging in my head. “Why don’t you ask him for his story? Why come all this way just to ask me?”

“Because he can’t. Because I can’t.” He says looking up at me. “Please just tell me.” I see the desperstion in his eyes. I take a quick sip from my tea.

“Okay. So where was? Ah yes. The second day of meeting him. We at least at had more of a conversation on our second time meeting.” I start to say.

“What was he saying?” Steve asks.

“He mentioned you Steve. You were the topic we talked about.”

He face is full of shocked, “Did he say he remembered anything?”

“He says he remember he fell. And you didn’t catch him.”

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I love your Reinhardt and 76 stuff for a preg s/o, so let's complete the circle of dads and have you do a Reaper one, please! :D

Of course! I have a lot of fun writing these requests :)

Finding out they were pregnant:

-Reaper was terrified when he found out his s/o was pregnant. He was from a dangerous organization and he didn’t want his family around that kind of danger.

-He also wasn’t fully alive really, he hoped that his child wouldn’t be terrified of him. He doesn’t know what he would do if his child cried or screamed whenever they saw him.

-He never told anyone about his s/o being pregnant, he is too worried that they will get hurt if anybody found out about them.

-Even though he is very worried, he is happy. Before everything that happened, he had always wanted to settle down and have a family. To him family was everything and he would do anything to protect it.

During the pregnancy:

-While his s/o was pregnant, he did not let them do anything. Not even cook. He took care of all the cooking, he cooked things from his childhood that he learned to cook from his family.

-Even though he was a very busy man, he always made sure that he came home every night to spend time with his s/o and talk to their belly. Sometimes he will even break out the guitar and sing to the baby.

-Every time that he had to travel for a mission, he would buy the baby a toy from the area. There is a whole closet filled with toys that Reaper brought back home.

-Reaper is a very scary man, but not as scary as his s/o when they were moody or having cravings. Even Reaper cowers in fear when his s/o starts getting cranky.


-When his s/o starts their contractions, he is away at a mission. His s/o knew that this might happen, and they were prepared for it. They called Reaper and told him the secret word for when the baby was coming.

-When Reaper received the word, he didn’t bother finishing the mission. Widowmaker can handle it herself. He rushed his way to the hospital and scared quite a few people who didn’t expect him to shadowstep into the delivery room.

-When the baby is born and Reaper got to him them, he was extremely nervous. Would they cry when they saw his face? When the baby instead cooed at him and held onto his finger, his heart melted. Reaper felt extremely elated. He’s a father now.

-He almost didn’t want to give the baby to his s/o, he was so enamored by the baby. But seeing his s/o hold the baby was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. This was his family.

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

< Photo source: Instagram @reinaldo_k>

Are you thinking of quitting your job and starting your own thing but not sure if it’s the right decision?

Are you scared of failing? of going broke? of living uncomfortably? of disappointing your loved ones? 

Are you scared that you might not be able to live up to your own expectations?

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. But if you feel it in your blood and feel an itch to start your own thing, you must do it. The reward is not just the money which most early-stage entrepreneurs don’t have. In fact, most businesses fail. But why am I still encouraging you to start your own thing if you have an itch to do so? Below are the reasons why starting your own thing might be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. 

And believe me, if you’ve been pondering about doing it, you just have to do it!

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I Have A Girlfriend

It had been a long week. A long, stressful week.

Anthony was getting ready to release music soon, but someone fucked up the sound on everything he had recorded and he had to do it again.

Jasmine had been auditioning for movies and TV shows while writing and recording for her own album. Everything had been going alright. Her music was going well, as were the auditions. She was positive she was about to get a role for a movie and was waiting for a callback. She new Anthony would be happy for her, but he’d been so busy with his own music and filming at the same time that they’d barely spent 10 waking minutes together the whole week.

On Thursday when things were finally starting to slow down and Anthony could almost take a break, there was an emergency with their dog Nala and they had to take her to the animal hospital. She ended up being fine–just needing some pills–but it was so scary and stressful for the two of them. They stayed up all night with her just watching her, and both of them stayed home the next day.

Friday night, they were invited to a party the next night by one of their friends. Though they don’t normally go out, this time they accepted the invitation, deciding they could use a calm night of fun and partying with their friends.

Saturday night came and Jasmine and Anthony were dressed in somewhat nice clothes to go out. Nala was in her crate after having eaten her food, her pill, and having gone out for a nice long walk.

They hopped into an uber and curled against each other during the drive to the party. They talked quietly to each other about their week and what’s been going on with them lately. Anthony apologized for not being around the past week and Jasmine shrugged him off–she knows what it’s like to have a busy, stressful work life.

Anthony managed to socialize at the party for about 40 minutes before staying at the minibar and drinking as he watched Jasmine continue to socialize and laugh with their friends. He didn’t even realize that the bartender kept filling his glass.

By the time anyone noticed the bartender sneakily refilling his glass every few minutes, Anthony was already a drunk, giggly mess. One of their friends ventured into the crowd to find Jasmine–luckily not drunk or even buzzed–and let her know that her boyfriend is drunk.

Jasmine followed her friend back to Anthony and saw another of their friends holding up the giggly mess of her boyfriend.

“I think I’m going to take him home,” Jasmine stated, allowing Anthony to lean against her. “Would you get me a water bottle for him while I call an uber? We’ll be outside. Thank you.” She managed to find James, who had invited them there, and thank him. He nodded and wished her luck getting Anthony home.

As luck would have it, Anthony fell asleep during the ride home. She felt bad for waking him up, but it had to be done–it’s not like she could carry him upstairs. She wished Nala could carry him up so she didn’t have to wake him.

“D-d'you think…think grass has feelings?” Anthony slurred. Jasmine rolled her eyes and led him to their bed. She would sleep on the couch for the night. That way she would be able she I hear if Anthony got up and tried to leave or do something that could get him into trouble.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“What about–about clouds?”

He went through a miscellany of different things in nature and even household items that he thought could have feelings. Meanwhile, Jasmine managed to change her squirmy, wiggling boyfriend out of his clothes and into a t-shirt–he refused to wear pants, claiming that his knees would be sad.

Jasmine dragged Anthony up to the pillows and tucked the blankets around him. She leaned down to press a kiss to his cheek and of course that was the moment Anthony finally decided to open his eyes after moving around the house blindly for some minutes.

He put his hand up to cover his cheek and gently push Jasmine away. He didn’t seem to realize who she was. “N-no thank you, ma'am. I’m taken by my beautiful girlfriend Jasmine Cephas Jones n’ I don’t want nobody but her! ’M sure you’re lovely, though.” Anthony turned onto his side and promptly fell asleep. Jasmine smiled and refrained from stroking her boyfriend’s hair, not wanting to wake him.

Jasmine readied herself for bed and laid on the couch after checking on Nala. She fell into a light sleep so she could hear Anthony if he needed her during the night.

Anthony woke up in the afternoon, groaning and holding his head in pain. What happened last night…?

“Anthony?” Jasmine called softly. She entered the bedroom with Advil and a glass of water and handed them over. She waited for Anthony to swallow the pills before speaking again. “How are you feeling?”

“Groggy,” Anthony rasped. “My head hurts. What happened?”

Jasmine explained the previous night. Anthony groaned aloud at the part where he kept asking about whether or not various things have feelings. Sometimes he’d like to punch the drunk version of himself.

When Jasmine got to what he said when she was tucking him in, he smiled.

“Well…that’s true. I would never want to be with anyone but you. And you are very lovely.”

Jasmine chuckled at that.

Anthony pressed a kiss to his girlfriend’s forehead and hugged her for a moment.

Finally, he said: “I’m going to go take a shower and then I say we make a late breakfast together! …care to join me?”


Hi. I wrote this last night at 1 am but didn’t post it until now bc I’ve been sleeping all day (it is now 3 in the afternoon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
PS: idk what it’s like to be drunk or go to parties (I’m a 16 year old introvert with no friends and I don’t condone underage drinking..not that I’ll drink when I’m 21 anyway but)
Also I feel like Anthony wouldn’t usually get that drunk if he goes out but the bartender kept giving him drinks and he had a stressful week anyway so he deserves it
I will get to the prompts I got in a little bit! Feel free to send in more, I’ll get to them ASAP :-)

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RFA + (if your willing) unknown react to MC who has to travel a lot on business trips?

This was so much fun to do and this was my first request so I spent quite a while on it. Sorry it took so long! Please send in requests and give me a shout out if you can- I’d really super appreciate it! Like I said, I’m willing to do almost any scenario you can throw at me, so go ahead :D



• Even though he knew your trips wouldn’t keep you from him for unbearably long periods of time, he got really clingy and lovey dovey when he knew you were going to leave
• Like, this boy will cook, clean, shower you in compliments, send you cute texts, take the highest quality selfies, AND smother you in kisses
• He hates to see you leave but loves to watch you (IYKWIM)
• He’s look through pictures of you and watch old videos of you two and video call you to keep himself occupied and happy
• “Zen, honey, it’s been two hours since I left. I’m not even on the plane yet.”
• “So I can’t miss you already?”
• Constant. Calls. And. Texts.
• You don’t text him back, even if he knows you’re busy, he fears the worst and won’t stop texting you
• Along with those texts, you’ll sometimes get a picture of a nice, nude Zen
• The second you come back, he’s hugging you and kissing you all the time and whining over dramatically about how he missed you so much
• Even though he knows you have another trip next week and he’s gonna have to go through withdrawal again


• You tell him you’re leaving and the first thing he does is demand to come with you
• “You never know what could be waiting and I need to be there to protect you”
• Jumin, I know you’ll just threaten everyone to stay away from me"
• “That was ONE TIME”
• You have to call Jaehee and make sure she packs his schedule with important meetings and projects to keep him from flying out to you
• He constantly calls you and wonders if you’re alright
• The last thing he wants is you hurt in a place he can’t do anything to help
• You video call him the second you get off the plane to let him know you’re alright
• “Jumin, you have work to do and lunch with your father”
• “But do I care? No”
• “I swear to g— just go. I’ll text you once I’ve settled in.”
• When you get back, he brings you back to his penthouse and makes up for lost time ;))))))))


• After the first few trips, he stops crying during the first few hours
• But he sure as hell doesn’t get used to not having you there
• You keep his place from going to shit and it always gets dirty and laundry-covered and oh lord, Mrs. Kim would have a heart attack everytime she came over if it weren’t for your cleaning
• So when you leave, the potato chip bags are everywhere
• The t-shirts and jeans cover some of the furniture
• He can’t help it, he’s too busy between studying, gaming, and eating
• When you get to your hotel and you start to relax, you video call him
• The second he picks up, you smile and start to say hi before you go into maid mode
• “Yoosung Kim, clean that floor right now!”
• “But babe, I’m in the middle of a really important battle!”
• “No. Off. Now.”
• And he gets off because, oh lord, you’re scary when you get all strict like that
• When you’re done with the trip, you go back and when you open the door
• The whole place is SPOTLESS and Yoosung is wearing a cute apron with his hair pinned back
• This boy treats you like royalty
• Then the cycle restarts


• She is so used to going on trips with Jumin, so you and her always do cute little things to make each other happy before you leave
• You’ll put sticky notes all over her things to pack saying cute things
• She’ll put a package of stress relieving tea in with your luggage
• You’ll write her a long loving note on her phone
• She’ll make sure to make a big, healthy breakfast the day you go
• You’ll pack her a nice balanced lunch for her hard day at work
• seriously everyone is jealous of the super healthy, perfect seeming relationship you two have
• You always get selfies of her with a cool landscape behind her or a picture of Elizabeth 3rd being a C U N T bad
• When you get back, you share a special coffee blend and cuddle on the couch, watching one of Zen’s movies
• She’ll light a nice, clean smelling candle, too
• You two are seriously so caring and loving it’s so sweet


• He was NOT a fan of you going on trips
• Who will help him eat his honey buddha chips?
• Who will help him down Phd. Pepper like there’s no tomorrow?
• Who will save him from his internally crippling depression that he covers with memes?
• Vanderwood won’t. Saeran won’t. Yoosung won’t.
• Only you could do that
• And now you’re going away
• As selfish as it is, he hacks into your stuff and does the work from home and sends it back, saying you were busy with something at home and could just do the project and layout from home
• You end up not having work for a good while because of this boy
• When you find out you’re kind of pissed, but you’re also kind of grateful
• Work is always stressful and you hated that he was taking it on and doing it himself
• But you were really happy you didn’t have to do it because work was starting to wear you out to the point of  exhaustion and the jet lag was becoming too much
Life lesson: Get yourself a Saeyoung


• He knows you go on trips a lot from the research he did on you in Mint Eye and was actually pretty ready for you to leave
• That doesn’t mean he likes it
• It just means that he was ready for it before you told him
• He always knew you were going off before you did, since he knew how to get into your e-mail, phone, work computer, personal computer, flash drives- anything hackable, he was in
• You’d always know because he wouldn’t act as instinctively cold as usual
• He would try to get you out of the trip for the hell of it, but you would
• He always tried to make the e-mails and messages informing you of them disappear, but then he realized that this was your work and this was how you made a living, so he put them back out of guilt
• He pouts when you leave and makes sure to mess with your computer and force you to call him every once in a while so he can check on you
• “Saeran, I have to work on a speech. What do you want?”
• “Love. Attention. Faster computers. You can supply two of those.”
• “I’d supply the third but I’m broke, ha”
• You two talk longer than you thought you would and you’re so lucky you could wing that speech
• You come back and the first thing he does is force you on an ice cream date because “you owe him, dammit”
• But hey, free ice cream AND time with your boyfriend
• What more could you ask for?
maybe a job where you could have free ice cream and time with your boyfriend all the time oops