this what an anti feminist looks like

“Im going to make a public post on a public website insulting and talking about a group of people, use tags so they can see it then ask then not to interact or I’ll block them”

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Do y'all have any suggestions for feminist, anti-fatphobic blogs/spaces that are specific to men? Even particularly straight/cis? I don't want to detract from the spaces that are generally really good for women or LGBT, but sometimes I feel really isolated from the positive conversations I see here and in other places, and I suppose I hoped you all might know of good places to look. I appreciate this blog, and I am not looking to leave, just kind of wanting to target my needs more specifically.

To be honest, most of the blogs I know that are specifically for men are extremely anti-feminist and don’t address issues in a way that I would consider accurate; for example, they’d argue that men and women are equally oppressed or that men have it worse than women, and not understand how issues of fatphobia relate to oppression. Most are pretty fatphobic, too. 

The only thing I can think of is guys-positivity, which I have seen say a few problematic things (like attacking geekandmisandry for believing in patriarchy), but I hear is run by a woman who wants to help men? I guess? I don’t know.

Honestly, I’m not sure you can find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry. Maybe our followers would know? You could also just follow more fat men like @fumbledeegrumble. 

-Mod Bella 

  • anti-feminist: *says or does something shitty*
  • feminist: hey I think that is hurtful for these reasons
  • feminist: no I’m not triggered I just don’t like what you said for these reasons.
  • ~ 5 minutes later ~
  • feminist: *expresses an opinion online*
  • anti-feminist: wow don’t you realize how hurtful this is to white men you reverse racist
  • feminist: lol who’s acting “triggered” now?
  • anti-feminist: no I’m not triggered I just don’t like what you said for these reasons.
  • feminist: *looks into the camera like they’re on the office*

Where trying to have a conversation with a modern feminists ends with her telling you to kill yourself and her blocking you.

I think I like the place as much as the people.

Blind Date-Brett Talbot

Valentine’s Collection:#6

Teen Wolf Imagine:#105

Word Count:1,306

Warnings: Reader talking bad about herself.

SummaryBlind dates always suck, but this one will be her last.

A/n: So this is another combination with a request, something with an ‘unconventionally attractive’ looking reader. So there’s that in here as well as it being a little bit of someone’s request for ‘Shape of you’ (it takes place in a bar) and an idea of my own sooo I hope you enjoy it :)

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Last Imagine

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Look, I know this is going to sound really fucking weird, but I get such good vibes from this chick. It’s not just what she’s saying, she seems genuinely pleasant and nice. Like an aura, you know?

Don’t anyone dare talk about a black girl fetish or I’ll get mad.

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Hello Squiggly! I'm not sure what started this weird anon message I got, but I got an anon after I re-blogged one of your comics, accusing you of several things, like you were anti-black and anti feminist??? but I wanted to give you a heads up in case someone is trying to slander you and I'm very sorry to be the bearer of bad news..

LOL I’d block that person if I were you. Trust me, this isn’t the first time somebody’s tried to slander me on this hellish website. I do appreciate you coming to me to let me know about it, though!

Heads up, fellas, looks like we’ve got a pest infestation.

I think a lot about the process of understanding that got me to where I am today.

When I was 14 years old, I didn’t really question why I liked to shop in the “men’s” section. I didn’t question why I felt more at ease with my guy friends, why I could relate to them better, or why they told me I was “just like one of the guys.” I didn’t question why I literally went through a depression because I was so desperate for people to see me a certain way (that was most decidedly the opposite of feminine.)

I didn’t question my anti-feminist phase where my uneducated ass not only rejected the concepts, but couldn’t really identify with them. I didn’t question why I had grown up hating the color pink, or why I felt uncomfortable in dresses, or why compliments on my looks made me feel uncomfortable, or why the concept of relationships where a guy looked at me like a girl and we followed a heterosexual expectation made me feel sick.

Because I had never even heard of being transgender. By the time I had and had learned what it actually meant, it never even crossed my mind as a possibility. Because those feelings, all those tells, were never consistent. I couldn’t be trans because I like makeup and stylish clothing sometimes. Even later after I had discovered the term “genderqueer,” I still tossed the idea of being male/masculine because the feeling never stayed.

I had heard the term “genderfluid” before and had a general idea of what it meant. But for some reason it never connected with what I felt. Instead it was so much easier to constantly doubt myself as some sort of faker, because if my feelings were so weak as to always be changing, they must be my imagination.

I think the main thing that finally clued me in was my dysphoria getting bad to the point of undeniability. I experienced it so bad I just went “fuck it, I feel like shit for not having a penis, I like it when people refer to me with masculine pronouns and terms, and I only wear compressing sports bras. I’m a fucking dude.” And it finally dawned on me that yea, I could feel both masculine, neutral, AND a combination if I was…fluid between them.

It’s really difficult to accept who you are if it’s always changing. It’s even harder when you’re just learning shit and none of it makes sense, much less your own feelings. It’s so much easier to doubt and hate yourself in that situation. You feel like you never know what you want, but no matter what you’re faking it, and no one else will ever be able to take you seriously. 

But I’m 21 now and I’m pretty confident in myself. Sometimes I still struggle with that doubt, and it keeps me from making steps that would probably make me happier, makes me hesitate to do things that I eventually do and realize make me feel much easier with myself, much more comfortable. I’m working on it, and I’ll get there eventually.

All you other kids will too. Whatever stage you’re in, you’ll make progress and you’ll get there. I hope maybe this post might be an encouragement to some people who struggle with doubting themselves, or their experience, or maybe even help clue in a questioning genderfluid/trans kids. Cause it’s hard, and confusing, but you get there in the end. You discover yourself, and you learn to accept and be happy with yourself. Even if you don’t know the words yet, or your feelings don’t make sense, you will understand one day, and it’ll be good.

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youre so fucking disgusting do you realise how disrespectful you are to the women who fought for you to even have the right to speak for yourself? fuck you and all your misogynistic followers they probably only follow you because youre pretty

dont you dare try to fucking tell me im disrespectful to the feminists that actually fought to make a fucking difference instead of just shit on men and police the way people speak.

yes, those women fought for me to be able to speak my mind, and thats exactly what im fucking doing. i dont agree with the bullshit modern feminists spout, its not a fucking crime to have a differing opinion and if you think that just because im a woman i have to conform to this hivemind you feminists have created then you can go fuck yourself. 

i can have my own opinions and form my own views, im not going to act like a little fucking pissbaby about everything because that changes nothing and makes you look like a huge fucking joke.

thank you for the complement, i like to think im cute as fuck and im sure some of my followers do too, but i think they might perhaps follow me for my personality and my opinions. i havent even posted my face enough for them all to know what i look like anon how do u know im pretty i could look like a giant rodent 

anyway, isnt reducing women down to just their looks something you feminists always screech about at the top of your lungs to be a horrible thing? just a though, maybe youre the one being disrespectful here.



But even after I left, they didn’t stop the harassment. One girl even went as far as to post on an entirely different social media site, which can be seen in the last two pictures.

I don’t mind debates at all. If you can present your side civilly, then by all means, I’ll listen to whatever you have to say and truthfully consider your points. However, I feel that it’s universally acknowledged that personal insults (especially when I didn’t direct any personal insults at them) will NOT get you respect, and I refuse to listen to what you have to say.

Modern feminists preach tolerance, acceptance, and love for all. Does this look like any of that to you?

Stronger Without Feminism

There’s a huge misconception about feminism and that being a feminist equals being a strong woman and without feminism you are weak woman being held down by “the patriarchy”. 

There are millions of women like myself who are living, breathing proof that this is a false statement, in fact I would say that when I was a feminist I was probably in my weakest mental state.

I was believing that everything that was wrong my life was due to this invisible entity keeping me down, oppressing me and nothing was really the fault of my own choices or behavior because in some way I was always the victim. Just by believing that we live in a big, scary male privileged society that holds women back is automatically saying that all woman are victims.

What I have instead discovered over the past year is that a strong woman means questioning EVERYTHING, researching EVERYTHING - not accepting the information and statistics that I’m given by feminism as facts and and as law. Research the crap out of them and then make up your own mind. 

The wage gap and rape culture are two perfect examples. As a feminist I used these two “atrocities against women” as the ultimate reasons to why we all must be feminists. I decided one day to look into the statistics that my fellow feminists taught me to recite and I was completely shocked to find that it was all fabricated bullshit. I won’t say all - but most of what I was told by feminists was a blatant lie and this is the problem we have with feminism today. 

The young feminists are so outraged by these wage gaps and 1 in 5 rape claims that they just mindlessly run with that narrative and use it to justify being obnoxious loudmouths without taking a single second to research the things that they are screaming and shouting about.

Being a strong woman to me is learning to love myself without anyone else’s approval - that includes woman’s approval. As a feminist I would constantly question myself, I would always be subconsciously desperate for approval from my feminist friends. Now though, I have found that the only way to love yourself is to think for yourself and that’s something you can never, ever do as a feminist. Stepping away from the script is not tolerated in feminism.

Being a strong woman to me is learning self-defense and not expecting the world to be gentle to me because I’m a young fragile feminist. I’ve heard the ever so repeated argument that we shouldn’t have to learn self defense, instead we just need to teach men not to rape - which is an idiotic and careless perspective when you realize that rape is committed by rapists, not MEN.

What this does is takes accountability and responsibility away from ourselves and pigeonholes the other half of the population as potential rapists. We don’t teach young girls how not to drown babies, we don’t teach Muslim students how not to be suicide bombers, we don’t teach black students how not to be criminals. Imagine the reaction if any of these were demanded to be taught in our schools - but teach boys how not to be rapists? Yes! We must!

The sad thing is that this has already become a reality. In our classrooms, young boys are already being told that they’re dangerous and they need to be reprogrammed. This may be a feminist success story but to me, telling young boys they’re dangerous and there’s something wrong with them just for being boys is one of the most sexist and damaging reactions to modern day feminism.

Being a strong woman to me is being okay with taking a man’s advice. There’s every chance that he may know more on a subject than I do. There’s every chance that he’s not the male gazing, patriarchal, sex-crazed dictator that feminism tells me he is and he just wants the best for me.

Being a strong woman to me is being a co-pilot in a relationship instead of just making it into a matriarchy, refusing to carry out any of my “gender roles” and forcing my partner to admit they’re a feminist. Calling yourself a feminist doesn’t make you any better of a person, how could it when it’s just a label? I have heard of many stories where feminists have slept with a guy who called himself a feminist, what a shining knight he must be she thinks… the next day he tells her he’s not a feminist and she erupts into a fit of misandry and probably makes up a rape accusation along the way. It’s quite comical how out of touch with reality and sense we become when we buy into the idea that being a feminist makes you more special than everyone else.

Being a strong woman to me is not blaming the mythical patriarchy and my make believe oppression for my problems. We are the most liberated, equal and capable people in the world yet all feminists do is cry how victimized and helpless they are in this male dominated society. Get out of your safe space, stop taking bullshit degrees that gets you nowhere like gender and women’s studies and start taking responsibility for your life with no excuses. If you lose the mentality of being the perpetual victim and being offended by everything, you’ll start to see that there’s really nothing holding you down or stopping you from achieving anything you want to do. 

Most of the fields which used to be dominated by men are no longer. And the few that still are, that’s only because we have tens of thousands of young, deluded feminists wasting all their time and money on these pointless, cereal-box gender degrees than having the guts to take the more serious degrees that men are doing. There’s nothing stopping women anymore, make the most of your freedoms and opportunity, you have it more than anyone else on Earth. Men are not the enemy. The lies and deceit of feminism is the enemy.

If you are a young feminist and you’re stuck in feminism like I was, I highly encourage you to look into what you have been taught, please research what your peers are saying, don’t just accept them as fact, you need to research them and understand that there may be more to it than what they are telling you. 

Hopefully when you climb out of feminism you will look back and you will first be so embarrassed for what you have said to people like I was but I especially hope you will finally see the world through a normal lens and become a happier and stronger person. 

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: The family jewels is the most under appreciated album by Marina and the diamonds. Every single track on the album was quirky and original. Marina didn’t write any love songs on the album and wrote about feeling disconnected from her friends and family. She showed off her vocal ability and range, AND all of the songs were relatable and deep. Also everyone says that “girls” was an anti feministic song, however it was clearly satirical and pro feminist (examples: “never look a day past thirty” “girls are not meant to fight dirty” “not gonna bend over and curtsy”) Everyone in the Marina fandom blogs about EH and froot but like what about TFJ????

seeing people go on and on about how felicity doesn’t look like she’s 21 but completely ignoring that diego doesn’t look a day under 30…when will you just admit you hate women

idk why they made their ages in the movie anything other than what they actually are bc these are two adult humans in the prime of their lives who don’t need too look like they’re in their early 20s to be attractive - they both are, very much so. but for the “progressive” side of the SW fandom that prides itself on being anti-bullying and feminist to apply such a double standard is pretty transparently misogynistic and shallow. and even when they do acknowledge diego looks older than 26, they’ve gotta throw in something about how handsome he is and how ugly felicity is and it ain’t cute


Fugazi : “Suggestion” (with Amy Pickering ), live 1991

“Fugazi playing the song suggestion live in 1991. Lead vocals by Amy Pickering, Amy worked at Dischord, Fugazi’s record label.

An epic moment for music and feminism.”


“Why can’t i walk down a street free of suggestion?

Is my body the only trait in the eyes of men?
I’ve got some skin
You want to look in there?

Lays no reward in what you discover
You spent yourself watching me suffer
Suffer your words, suffer your eyes, suffer your hands
Suffer your interpretation of what it is to be a man

I’ve got some skin
You want to look in?
She does nothing to deserve it
He only wants to observe it

We sit back like they taught us
We keep quiet like they taught us
He just wants to prove she does nothing to remove it
We don’t want anyone to mind us

So, we play the roles that they assigned us
She does nothing to conceal it
He touches her ‘cause he wants to feel it
We blame her for being there

But, we are all guilty”