this what an anti feminist looks like

In which I read Rey/Kylo Ren meta so you don’t have to

A trip through the Rey//lo meta posts today had me alternately cringe-laughing and needing about ten showers. And look, let’s make this very clear, I have no intention of harshing on anyone’s joy and no one, as a general rule, deserves moral sanction just for what they ship. Besides, some anti-Rey//lo rhetoric has a strong undercurrent of “lol them dumb bitches,” and the sort of assholes who use supposedly feminist media critique as an excuse to be misogynistic to living, breathing women can fuck right outta here thanks.

So I don’t mean to argue with anyone’s love, especially in a way that demeans people for what they like. You know what I can argue with? Arguments. Moralistic disapproval of what people like is as futile as it is intrusive, but one can examine the assumptions underlying the like and see if there are any currents that flow out of larger trends. That’s why I was looking in the meta.

What do the meta posts on this pairing say about the assumptions that gird their ship? Sadly the reports are true–there is almost no argument for this ship that I’ve seen that does not depend on a) romanticizing a war criminal and murderer’s mistreatment and creepy obsession with the heroine, or b) erasing and hijacking the character who did in fact have a great, redemptive character arc and a deep and meaningful bond with Rey. What was his name, Winn, Tinn? It’ll come to me.

Again I must emphasize that this isn’t an argument that people should not ship Rey and Kylo Ren. If that is what makes them happy, more power to them. Rather my argument is that the assumptions and arguments underlying this pairing are creepy in their romanticization of toxic and possessive behavior and racist in their consistent erasure of a major Black character. (Linn? Kinn?) That the arguments for the ship are bad, however, doesn’t mean the people who ship it are bad. Let’s make that distinction very clear. We like what we like for complex and often subconscious reasons. The goal of critique should be to examine and confront those reasons, not to blame and harass people.

Here’s a highlight of major arguments that fall under “romanticization of mistreatment” and “erasure of a major Black character (what was his name?).”

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Look, I know this is going to sound really fucking weird, but I get such good vibes from this chick. It’s not just what she’s saying, she seems genuinely pleasant and nice. Like an aura, you know?

Don’t anyone dare talk about a black girl fetish or I’ll get mad.

  • anti-feminist: *says or does something shitty*
  • feminist: hey I think that is hurtful for these reasons
  • feminist: no I’m not triggered I just don’t like what you said for these reasons.
  • ~ 5 minutes later ~
  • feminist: *expresses an opinion online*
  • anti-feminist: wow don’t you realize how hurtful this is to white men you reverse racist
  • feminist: lol who’s acting “triggered” now?
  • anti-feminist: no I’m not triggered I just don’t like what you said for these reasons.
  • feminist: *looks into the camera like they’re on the office*

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: The family jewels is the most under appreciated album by Marina and the diamonds. Every single track on the album was quirky and original. Marina didn’t write any love songs on the album and wrote about feeling disconnected from her friends and family. She showed off her vocal ability and range, AND all of the songs were relatable and deep. Also everyone says that “girls” was an anti feministic song, however it was clearly satirical and pro feminist (examples: “never look a day past thirty” “girls are not meant to fight dirty” “not gonna bend over and curtsy”) Everyone in the Marina fandom blogs about EH and froot but like what about TFJ????


Where trying to have a conversation with a modern feminists ends with her telling you to kill yourself and her blocking you.

I think I like the place as much as the people.

anyway kpop youtuber josh binder is trash
and anyone who supports him can unfollow me.

- back when he was on the reaction channel j.a.j he made obvious anti feminist comments

- he called poc “colored people” like really?? are we in the 50s or something?

- he dismissed the severity of bambam saying the n word. saying who cares?

- he said people who protest trump are “sore losers” and compared them to the exo-l who protested bts winning the daesang award

- and when he was making the trump comments his friend Akbar (a brown man btw) just looked uncomfortable the whole time and Josh just laughed it off

Today in Shit That Didn’t Happen

Why do feminists have to lie about the stuff they go through? If the patriarchy really did exist then there really wouldn’t be a need to lie or blatantly make up stuff or rape cases and hate crimes just to further a cause. The truth would be obvious, everywhere. If an oppressive state exists then it wouldn’t be something one would have to be convinced exists. It would be like a black guy during the height of slavery only realising he’s oppressed when he’s auctioned off. It would be like a Jew only realising he’s oppressed when he’s about to be shoved into an oven in Nazi Germany at its height. The oppression would be apparent. No one would need convincing.

If there was a patriarchy in the west (a system where women are at a constant disadvantage), we women wouldn’t be like “oh yeah, I didn’t realise”. It would be like women in largely Muslim countries only just realising they’re oppressed when they’re stoned for adultery and forced to say at home unless accompanied by a man. The fact that women can thrive in our society proves that we do not live in a society where men are put above all else. In fact, it’s more obvious that we live in a gynocracy since society is catered for the benefit of women: education system from childhood to university, work quotas, television shows (women hosts would never be kicked off if they were talking sexist shit about men), courts especially when it comes to rape charges and child custody hearings, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, the wage gap being blindly believed, the fact that male rape is not officially considered a thing by my own government (for more on that, there is a post on the blog going into more detail).

There is no patriarchy. Only gynocracy.

This post above is also quite insulting to women - are you really this stupid to believe that she left the dorm to get dinner in under 10 minutes? Bullshit.

This is what an egalitarian looks like.
Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a former feminist. I used to be super radical to the point of misandry, but I realized how hypocritical I was being and started to change my views a bit while still keeping the feminist label. Unfortunately, this backfired. I was told that I’m a “worthless rat” because I believe men can experience sexism and white people can experience racism. I was told to kill myself because I spoke out about how self diagnosis isn’t a real diagnosis. I saw how awful the community is, so I said goodbye and joined antifems. Honestly, I’m a lot happier. They’re open to all opinions, even if they disagree. It’s amazing.

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Im not pissed at the dress cause it's "historically inaccurate" because lets be honest, no one watches a Disney movie for accuracy. What im just irked about is the fact thay EW said belle wouldn't wear a corset because its anti-feminist and restricting. Like, she's had a great education and by no means is an idiot, but emma honestly wtf? Also like the dress would have looked gorgeous is it were gold. It should have been a lot more golden, just saying.

I don’t really care about historical accuracy. I hated the dress because it was limp and lifeless. It looked unfinished. I actually felt embarrassed and betrayed (before Tiana, Belle had my favorite princess dress)watching it. The animated film gave you more weight and grace with moving lines than actual fabric.


I am looking for some new blogs to follow

I’m looking for some more blogs to follow so like/reblog if you are blog some or all the following:

Star Wars
Game of Thrones
Harry Potter

I don’t really care what you ship.

If you a racist, homophobic, biphobic, aphobic, anti feminist, terf, donald trump supporter, participate in ship wars and character bashing then don’t even bother.

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What did that guy do to upset you? I don't understand?

I looked on his blog,,,
In order of appearance…..

1. Anti- Feminist
2. His entire blog was just transphobia
3. Trump-supporter
4. Do i even need to go on
5. How tf did he find my blog ???

He was just gross an had no reason or need to be asking me any type of qt
There were more ppl like him interacting w him….so like…..ew
Plus I always check ppl out before i reply or talk to them !

The 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge

Day 10 - Least Favorite Companion 

River Song 

“Why the ever living fuck do people believe River Song is a feminist icon?” 

Look, I fully understand why people might enjoy the character: the actress who plays her is charismatic, the concept behind the character is interesting even if the execution is flawed, her unique relationship with the Doctor, while problematic, still lends itself to potential story possibilities, ect. and so forth.

It’s fine if people like River Song. I don’t care about that. 

What I take umbrage at, is the mentality, that River is some how this big break through in female representation for the show. 

Ok, first off, River is not the first companion to be the Doctor’s “equal” in terms of abilities. Susan, Zoe, and both Romana’s, have been shown to be the Doctor’s equal in terms of intelligence and capabilities.  The Doctor just has more real world experience than them and the same applies to River because it’s the Doctor. He has more experience than everybody and everybody takes a back seat to him because he’s the star.  

In fact the only companions to be equal to the Doctor in terms of experience and story focus would be Barbara and Ian. Back when the Doctor was new and didn’t know everything yet, Babs and Ian were discovering the universe along with him and they saved the day just as much as he did. 

Add into this, the fact that River is a text book example of a “ Strong, Independent Woman Syndrom”. We are told she’s this amazingly smart person but all we see her do is “action stuff” cause “Strong Independent Woman” ya’ll. Despite the fact that one can not be independent if one’s entire life revolves around someone else.  

Every major decision River makes, from birth until death is for the Doctor. A man she has been brainwashed to be obsessed over.  And we never see her over come and break away from this. She was created to solely be a love interest, not a character in her own right. 

To claim River Song is “Independent” or a representation of “Feminist values”, is an insult to every real woman who has ever worked hard to achieve something because they themselves wanted it for no other reason than to please themselves.    

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Feminism is about choice! Since every decision River makes is greatly influenced by others or Moffat’s “timey-wimey” predestination, she therefore has no agency with in her own story. And with out agency, River Song can never be a positive influence in the fight for real female representation.    

@mrwigglespie whether you are a feminist or not how is me wearing a shirt that says “women do not have to be modest to be respected” crazy…?

Like nothing I said was “anti men” in any sort of way wth. Are you so concerned with feminism vs non feminism that even a statement that is very well received on both sides suddenly becomes something you’re against? Do you lack the ability to have nuance and just decide what you believe based upon the label placed above it? Because by looking at your blog it sure seems like it.

This is what a anti feminist looks like.


People ask me why I don’t support feminism. Because it’s stupid that’s why. Seriously. Girls bitching about how they want to be equal to men. Ok first of all if you have to tell everyone your as good as a man and equal to him clearly your not. I don’t think we are like worthless or like less important than men. Just we are way to difrent to try to be equal to men. Look at like every country in history. Men were in charge. Men made all the buildings. Men wrote most the books. Men made the art. Men do the science and maths. Men did all that stuff. What did girls do? We raised the kids cooked dinner and cleaned the house. Oh ya and we tried to do it all looking pretty.

That’s not equal doll. Sorry to rune it for you. We aren’t supposed to be equal. I don’t want to have to try to like compete with men for stuff. Like in sports girls play against girls. So why should I be expected to go work in a mans world and try to be as good as him at like business or what ever? Ya some girls can do it. Like the most smartest girls. Most of them want to be men i think. You lose something when you try so hard to beat men at there game.

People always ask if I’m gonna go back to school and get my GED and go to college. Why would I? Last time I checked you don’t need a degree to be a housewife. It’s what we are supposed to do. Anything else is just lying about your nature. Feminism has done wayyyy more bad for girls than good. It’s stupid and I hate it.

I’ve noticed that the enactment of certain anti-racist and feminist politics I’ve come across here and in certain activist spaces has the weirdest temporal orientation

these politics are either thoroughly concerned with the present and improving present conditions without much thought about the future (which is completely necessary a lot of the time, e.g., with respect to pressing, immediate, present dehumanising conditions) or concerned with the future for only a particular group of people (which is also completely necessary a lot of the time) – but never seems to be concerned about what the future looks like at large, or how our futures would be situated within or in relation to other futures – namely how the future looks for the people who would have once been responsible for our dehumanisation, and how our futures look in relation to their futures and within a future in which we will inevitably exist together

people who were once hegemonically-understood and -identified as white or as men, for example, will continue to exist – what does the future look like for them? what does a future with them look like? I think the general consensus is that we shouldn’t have to worry about what happens to them, but my problem with that conclusion is that it assumes that it’s possible to think about our own futures without thinking about theirs – it isn’t

I don’t get why genderists and anti-feminists say that critiques of femininity are “shaming women” or “belittling women,” for femininity altogether shames women for who they are and what they look like.

I remember being a ten year old girl and getting pubic hair for the first time not knowing that it was normal for women to have pubic hair. I remember being an eleven year old girl and saying, “Okay. I’m gonna be brave this time and go swimming without shaving my body hair and not care what anyone else thinks,” only to be terrified to ever reveal my body hair again.

It’s femininity and porn culture that made me feel ashamed of who I am and what I look like in my natural state, not critiques of femininity.