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Taylor Swift the Copy Cat

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I sat here and watch the preview and my first reaction AND THIS BITCH STOLE FROM BEYONCÉ. OH MY FUCKING GOD SHE STOLE FROM FORMATION. THIS WHITE FEMINIST MANIPULATIVE BITCH STOLE FROM BEYONCÉ FORMATION VIDEO. I am going to sit here and break this down for Y'all. For all you Taylor dick riders and super fans, stay off my page and stay off this post because I am spreading nothing but the truth.

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The number of women joining tumblr, instagram and various other sites just to look at misogyny blogs is growing every day. You may well be a woman reading this who feels that strong connection to what you’re seeing, even if you feel like you should be repulsed by it. The journey from feminist to Male Supremacist is a tricky one and can go back and forth, so here are a few simple things you can look out for to see if you are becoming a Male Supremacist.

1. You feel more sexually active

Feminism simply isn’t sexy. Its not like sex is all that matters, but that is just the truth. Equality is boring, vanilla and middle-of-the-road. Its also unnatural, but we’ll get to that. Most likely the thing you’re noticing most is how insanely horny you are compared to how you felt before. Where once you were annoyed by constant propositions from men, you’re now secretly on the lookout for them. You want men to find you attractive.

2. You find your female friends irritating

Women are annoying, we all know that. Well, most of us do. Those who entertain equality force themselves to accept or ignore problems in the female character, but once your eyes are opened you begin to realise that the whining, the bitching and the back-stabbing are things life is simply too short for, and most importantly, not things you actually have to put up with.

3. You want to watch movies/read books that have male leads

This might have been true before but its even more true now. Entertainment that has a strong, masculine man at its heart is much more appealing to you now. Once upon a time, the damsel in distress character pissed you off. Now you have a yearning bubbling under the surface that you want to be her!

4. You want to stay inside more

Maybe its because your friends are all such bitches, or maybe its because its a cold time of year, but even in the summer you’re going to feel like staying in. Your instinct to remain behind closed doors, inside the cave, behind the walls of the town, or even literally inside a cage, is taking over. You are realising that you are a fully domesticated creature that has been fighting its nature for years.

5. You find sexist jokes or comments funny or exciting

You may still outwardly act offended, but deep down you’re starting to wish you could be a fly on a wall when groups of men meet and drink. You want to hear what they say about women. Maybe you’re even still kidding yourself that its strictly for research purposes - maybe you’ll write an article about misogyny? - but the truth is you’re starting to love the sound of sexism.

6. You’re more aware of male strengths and female weaknesses

Not that you didn’t notice before, but… has it always been that hard to lift things? Have you always been that bad at math? Why does it feel like the male friends you’ve made recently are all talking about things you don’t understand? Why didn’t your female friends talk about that? Wait… have men always talked about intellectual stuff? I thought it was just cars and girls

7. You’re having fantasies about being dominated

Sure, you had these before, but they were really just fairytale things. You’re starting to want this to happen. Its getting extreme, stuff you’re afraid of yourself for even thinking. Being kidnapped, being tied up, being caged, being used repeatedly. Maybe you still don’t want all of it to happen, but its so exciting. You want to be used.

8. Work/college feels different

You still like your job, but lately you’ve noticed how much you’ve exaggerated your role there. Are you really essential to the company, or was the boss just trying to keep you from getting upset by saying that? Do you really work all that hard? Do you female coworkers? Or do you spend an awful lot of time chatting, bitching and moaning? Are those grades really representing how smart you are, or did you just rote-learn and then repeat? Do you really get any of this?

9. Things that once outraged you now excite you

Girls kneeling before strong men. Girls in collars. Articles talking about studies into female intelligence. “Domestic bliss”. Even female nudity is suddenly arousing, not because you want to fuck that girl suspended in a harness, but because you want to be her.

10. You don’t want to vote

It just feels wrong now. Maybe you never did before because you didn’t care, but now you really don’t want to. Even if your man would let you, you would feel out of place doing it, like a child driving a car. What if I screw it up?

11. You are starting to really hate the word “feminism”

Its such a stupid word anyway! You hate that it exists. Just hearing it kind of ruins your day, makes you irritable and anxious. You wish feminists would just go away, you don’t know exactly why - or aren’t prepared to say yet - but they just irritate the living Hell out of you.

12. You want to apologise to men

Why? Who knows, but the instinct is there. You just want to apologise. You want to grovel. You aren’t at all sure what you’re apologising for but, damn you feel guilty about something. Embarrassed. Humiliated. You want forgiveness. You want to be absolved. You want to make it up to men, somehow. 

The wonderful thing is, you can! 

“Im going to make a public post on a public website insulting and talking about a group of people, use tags so they can see it then ask then not to interact or I’ll block them”

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Where trying to have a conversation with a modern feminists ends with her telling you to kill yourself and her blocking you.

I think I like the place as much as the people.

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Do y'all have any suggestions for feminist, anti-fatphobic blogs/spaces that are specific to men? Even particularly straight/cis? I don't want to detract from the spaces that are generally really good for women or LGBT, but sometimes I feel really isolated from the positive conversations I see here and in other places, and I suppose I hoped you all might know of good places to look. I appreciate this blog, and I am not looking to leave, just kind of wanting to target my needs more specifically.

To be honest, most of the blogs I know that are specifically for men are extremely anti-feminist and don’t address issues in a way that I would consider accurate; for example, they’d argue that men and women are equally oppressed or that men have it worse than women, and not understand how issues of fatphobia relate to oppression. Most are pretty fatphobic, too. 

The only thing I can think of is guys-positivity, which I have seen say a few problematic things (like attacking geekandmisandry for believing in patriarchy), but I hear is run by a woman who wants to help men? I guess? I don’t know.

Honestly, I’m not sure you can find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry. Maybe our followers would know? You could also just follow more fat men like @fumbledeegrumble. 

-Mod Bella 

Natalie Portman’s comment at The Golden Globe was so rude. Those men worked hard to get there and she wants complain about how there’s no female directors nominated? People like her is what makes us feminists look bad. And doesn’t she support genocide on Palestinians? She’s just another man hater. And of course idiots are going to praise her for it.

  • anti-feminist: *says or does something shitty*
  • feminist: hey I think that is hurtful for these reasons
  • feminist: no I’m not triggered I just don’t like what you said for these reasons.
  • ~ 5 minutes later ~
  • feminist: *expresses an opinion online*
  • anti-feminist: wow don’t you realize how hurtful this is to white men you reverse racist
  • feminist: lol who’s acting “triggered” now?
  • anti-feminist: no I’m not triggered I just don’t like what you said for these reasons.
  • feminist: *looks into the camera like they’re on the office*

ive struggled to get through A Lot of major plot points in the past several seasons of this shitshow but to be perfectly honest watching jon SECRET TARGARYEN snow’s entire character be assassinated at point-blank range by this clusterfuck with fake jesus/negligent mother of dragons/queen of the least compelling faux feminist narrative since cersei was hilariously slut shamed by the brother she WASN’T fucking,,,,like idk if i can do it anymore lmao

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What makes you think someone who isnt a feminist is misogynystic? I know a content creator who is a girl and isnt a feminist. Shes not the slightest bit of a misogynist or a bigot at all.

If someone is not a feminist that means they’re fine with misogyny.  I don’t trust some random anon to know what that looks like.  Seems to me you’re just ignoring the reality of misogyny.  Eventually they’ll do something misogynistic and I’ve been burned too many times to wait around for that.  I’ll just avoid anti fems all together.

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Blind Date-Brett Talbot

Valentine’s Collection:#6

Teen Wolf Imagine:#105

Word Count:1,306

Warnings: Reader talking bad about herself.

SummaryBlind dates always suck, but this one will be her last.

A/n: So this is another combination with a request, something with an ‘unconventionally attractive’ looking reader. So there’s that in here as well as it being a little bit of someone’s request for ‘Shape of you’ (it takes place in a bar) and an idea of my own sooo I hope you enjoy it :)

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Last Imagine

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But even after I left, they didn’t stop the harassment. One girl even went as far as to post on an entirely different social media site, which can be seen in the last two pictures.

I don’t mind debates at all. If you can present your side civilly, then by all means, I’ll listen to whatever you have to say and truthfully consider your points. However, I feel that it’s universally acknowledged that personal insults (especially when I didn’t direct any personal insults at them) will NOT get you respect, and I refuse to listen to what you have to say.

Modern feminists preach tolerance, acceptance, and love for all. Does this look like any of that to you?

literal companies spending millions upon millions of dollars marketing to young women on how to change their already perfect bodies is nothing compared to me saying that women should learn to love the body they have without altering it. Makeup, shaving, waxing, surgeries, injections, they are all marketing to convince women that their best selves isn’t them, but some other more porcelain version of themselves. I dont give a shit what you want to do with your body, but comparing my words to the centuries of marketing and socialization that women have gone through in order to not be themselves is not even remotely similar. Im encouraging women to love their own body, not spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year catering to the ideal version of what a woman looks like, feeding capitalism, feeding corporate greed, feeding fauxfeminism, pretending that there is any power in smearing pigment on your face. There is nothing about the beauty industry that is redeemable, or remotely good for women aside from the instant better treatment that society gives them because they are seen as beautiful. Fuck the beauty industry, fuck makeup culture, and fuck those of you who venomously stan this terrible industry.


Look, I know this is going to sound really fucking weird, but I get such good vibes from this chick. It’s not just what she’s saying, she seems genuinely pleasant and nice. Like an aura, you know?

Don’t anyone dare talk about a black girl fetish or I’ll get mad.