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May I request a fluffy saeran x mc hc of their first kiss? Thank you! ^^

  • you’d pretty much moved in with the choi twins after everything went down at mint eye
  • let’s be real, they need someone to look after them
  • it wasn’t long before saeran started getting weird feelings that he didn’t quite understand growing inside him
  • he always found himself wanting to spend time with you
  • he was constantly looking for excuses to have any kind of physical contact with you
  • he got oddly jealous when he saw you laughing with the others in the chat room
  • he wanted you to laugh with him like that
  • he tried to ignore his feelings because he was absolutely convinced you had a crush on saeyoung
  • and, besides, even if you didn’t, why would you like him of all people??
  • but it became progressively more difficult to ignore
  • every glance you shot his way stuck in his head for hours
  • one weekend saeyoung has to go away for his work, which leaves saeran and you alone in the house
  • he’s really nervous
  • it’s not like he’s not used to spending time with you, but he’s never been alone with you for this long
  • he’s partly nervous because he doesn’t want to snap and have one of his episodes
  • but it’s mostly because… w h a t  d o??
  • you suggest that you guys watch a movie together and of course he agrees
  • he doesn’t even really know what it’s about, but it seems like some romance movie
  • huh, weird choice for a movie to watch with the brother of your crush
  • throughout the movie he notices you shuffling a little closer to him
  • and he swears his heart stops when you rest your head on his shoulder
  • like he actually can’t breathe
  • “is this okay?” you ask, and he can’t really do anything except hum and nod
  • the weight of your head on his shoulder is strangely warm and comforting, and feels way better than he ever would have expected it to
  • he decides to swallow some of his nerves and after a few moments he reaches out and laces his fingers through yours
  • he genuinely didn’t intend for it to happen during the kissing scene
  • happy accident
  • you’re surprised by this, and you lift your head from his shoulder to look at him
  • this is his chance
  • he leans forwards and presses his lips against yours quickly, before he loses his nerve
  • when he pulls back, he sees the surprised expression in your eyes and he feels his gut twist
  • oh god why did he do that??
  • but he doesn’t have much time to beat himself up about it before you lean in and press your lips against his for longer this time
  • he never knew kissing could feel so good
  • his free hand finds its way to cup the back of your neck and he pulls your face closer to his
  • he can still barely breathe, but he couldn’t care less
  • your free hand rests on his chest and he swears he could fly
  • he’s certain you can feel his thumping heart in his chest but he doesn’t care
  • you like him. not his brother
  • eventually you pull away from each other and rest your foreheads together
  • “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” he whispers
  • “me too” you giggle softly as he brushes along your jaw with his fingertips
  • he’s not sure he’s ever felt happier in his entire life

Anon Requested:  hi there!!! for the drabble can you please do 85 (Tell me a secret) for min yoongi~~ thank you

I hope you liked this! ♥

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Pairing: Suga (Yoongi) x Reader

Word Count: 389

“Tell me a secret.”

“Tell me a secret.”

I’m in love with you.

You never leave my mind, you’re always there; mentally if not physically. It’s puzzling really, how I fell in love with you. You were always there for me even when my whole world was crumbling to pieces. You were the stability that I needed and I thank you for that, I love you so much for that. I’m in love with you and I only just realized that. 

Love feels weird, it’s a feeling that always keeps me warm inside even when I can’t help but be cold. It’s a feeling that stretches all around, it makes me feel overwhelmed yet it completes me entirely. It’s dangerous yet it makes me feel so incredibly safe when in your arms. It feels as if a hole I never knew I had inside me was filled from top to bottom. 

It’s unexpected - terrifying even how I can go from you being a complete stranger, to then being completely infatuated by you, needing you by my side at every waking moment and wondering how it ever was that I was able to live without you, because I sure as hell couldn’t imagine being without you now and that’s what makes this even scarier. The fact that this is all one sided, that I’m the only one that loves you and you can only see me as a friend, but your arm is wrapped around me as we lay on the couch watching your favorite movie.

I know we’re young and I may be naive to say that I’m in love with you, but it’s the truth. I’m hopelessly in love with you. I love you more than I love myself, I know this is as cheesy as it gets but I’m in love with my best friend, my anchor, the one who holds me down when I want to desperately flee from my problems. 

His free hand wraps around yours, interlocking fingers. His eyes full of wonder and intrigue as to what you were thinking because of how long you hadn’t answered him.

“Are you-”

“I love you.” The silence felt like hours to you when it was only a couple of seconds, you spoke up again before Yoongi could even utter a word. “I’m in love with you, that’s my secret.”

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babe WHAT. THE. HECK?????

I apparently have an allergy to IV contrast solution which I was not aware of.

They put the needle in my arm, I felt okay for a few seconds, and then when they put me inside the CT machine I started to feel weird, which they had told me to expect so I ignored it. But then I became aware that I felt REALLY hot like I was on fire, and I couldn’t swallow, and I was having a really hard time breathing and everything was itchy and I wanted to vomit but I couldn’t sit up and that’s when my heart which I had been listening to on the monitor thing started going a mile a minute and they pulled me out of the machine in a hurry, and the tech was like “uh…can you swallow this benadryl? No…uh…okay I’m just going to get a nurse sweety, sit tight you’re okay” and then basically ran out the room and slammed the emergency button and two lots of nurses came running. One lot arguing that they couldn’t administer the epi pen without a doctor present because they weren’t 100% sure I was going into anaphylaxis, while another nurse yelled I was clearly going into anaphylaxis, at which point the doctor came in, and the next thing I remember is ‘waking up’ to being stabbed in the leg with the pen, and the doctor asking me my name and if I knew where I was as I was wheeled through the snow towards an emergency room.

So now the local hospital has a policy about always having an EPI pen on hand in the CT lab. Because apparently that was not a thing they had in place.

So yea…so long as I literally do not start out January 2017 like that, I’m good.
Lucky [M]

BTS Yoongi / Words: 4022 / Warnings: Smut, fluff
Anonymous request
-  “
Hey I was wondering if you could write a fic where you and yoongi are roommates and there’s some obvious tension there. Then one day you bring a guy over and the next morning yoongi fucks you very blatantly outside your door while he sleeps inside.”
kill me i feel so weird writing smut but i hope you enjoy!

“Did you steal my hoodie again?”

You jumped when one of your earbuds was pulled suddenly from your ear and your music was replaced by a deep, demanding voice. You looked away from your too-bright laptop screen to see your roommate standing over you. Even in your dim room you could see him scowling at you. You paused your music and turned on the lamp that resided on your bedside table to illuminate his scrutinizing gaze.

“What?” you asked innocently, blinking up at him as your eyes adjusted to the new lighting.

“You’re a thief,” he said blatantly.

You shook your head and put your hands in front of you defensively. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You’re literally wearing it right now!” he pointed an accusatory finger at your chest.You looked down and you were, indeed, wearing one of his favorite hoodies. “I looked for it for a good three days, and it turns out you had it the whole time, you greasy little shit.”

“You steal my stuff all the time, Yoongi,” you retorted. “You used up all the bath bombs that I bought from the sale, and I actually wanted to use those.”

“That’s different,” he rolled his eyes.

You elbowed him playfully as you got up from your bed. “You’re right, it is. Because I asked to borrow this, whereas you just steal my shit constantly.”

“Whatever,” he said dismissively. “Can I have it back?”

“Why? You have other hoodies,” you told him as you walked past him to your doorway.

“They’re dirty, just give me that one,” he complained.

You didn’t have to look behind you to know that he was following you down the hall, right on your heels. He was just as stubborn as you were, maybe even moreso. You didn’t want to relinquish the well worn, cozy hoodie to him mainly because of your pride. But you knew Yoongi practically better than you knew yourself, and you knew he’d go to any length to get what he wanted. He might be a bit lazy at times, but fuck was he determined when he wanted to be. It didn’t even surprise you when he managed to slip past you and stood in the entrance to the small kitchen of your apartment, blocking your path. You tried to go to his side, but he stuck his arm out. You went for the other side, and got the same reaction. You ended up with your faces only inches from each other. 

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I work at is place & its crazy, I mean it's like one moment it feels like antarctica than the next it feels like we're in Cuba. Yesterday it was really hot & me & my coworkers were told if we got to hot to turn some fan on, so we seized the moment and turned it on. Immediately we felt the air change, but it was weird because suddenly it went from Cuba to a rain forest. Seriously it felt like it was raining & idk about anyone else but it's extremely weird for it to feel like its raining inside.

Behind The Scene 2 (14.3/16)

Author’s note: Sorry if things seems short, my computer keeps messing up me! Once again, thank you @colamaus for writing this scene for me! c: Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Dark

Word count: 1961

Summary: You head off to do the errands with Hiro

WARNINGS: Sexual assault

Other Parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

When the manager arrived, V escorted you to the van. He only left when you were in the van. Instant regret set in when you entered the weird vibe inside the vehicle. You didn’t feel too comfortable after what went down with the manager earlier that day.

“Yeah, I got it don’t worry.” He said into his phone before hanging up.

You could feel his eyes on you. You knew he was upset because he had his hopes set on Jimin. The whole vibe didn’t help your nerves. You just wanted everything to go right so that Rap monster wouldn’t be mad at you.

About five minutes into the drive, the manager suddenly began speaking. “So… How did you get Namjoon to let you out?” This wasn’t like him at all. He was never one to start conversation with you, or really talk to you at all. This attempt at small talk was rather uncomforting.

“I told him it’d be easier if I go. I know what food we need and Yoongi mentioned that if I saw fans, I could say I’m planning to make them a meal. Which actually isn’t a lie.” You answered in hopes of him not saying anything else.

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“He has to be getting back at me.” You thought. “I made him uncomfortable earlier, now he is trying to do the same. “Yeah, probably also revenge for Jimin not being here.”

“What are you going to say that you are going to make?” He wouldn’t stop talking. This was the most he’s ever talked to you.

“Um, I don’t know… something like Haemultang maybe…” you said looking out the window.

“Can you really cook Haemultang? It’s a lot of work to cook that.”

“I recently learned…”

“Impressive, you must be a naturally skilled cook.” He smirked. His smirk made you straight up uncomfortable, it was just as creepy as Rap monster’s.

“Well, I had to become one or risk upsetting Namjoon.”

“Are you ready for the tour? We only have two days left till we all head off.” He said

“I just need to pack and clean…” For the rest of the ride, you successfully avoided conversation with him.

Once on the company property, the night guard let you both in and you guys went up the elevator. He went to one corner so you decided to move to the other.

“Y/n, you know you’re a good person. I actually feel bad you are involved in all this.” He came off as genuine, so did his soft expression of pity.

He was being so weird. This morning he was on the verge of threatening you, he was talkative in the van, and now he was being sentimental, all out of nowhere.

“It’s not your fault.” You said softly. You kept your words to him short and simple.

The elevator arrived on the floor and he stepped out first. You followed him down the dark familiar hallways, until you made it to the tiny office you used to report to. For a half second you thought he was going into the room, but he walked past it and went to the door at the other side of the hall. He unlocked the door and held it open for you.

The entire office was practically covered with all things BTS. There were posters, pictures and merch all over the walls. The manager made his way over to a couch on one side of the room. It was piled with pillows and a blanket. “I forgot I took a nap in here the other day, I just never put it away! It’s a bad habit… I think the folder should be-“

“On the top left drawer?”

“Yup” his was to back to you, cleaning his mess.

You knew the manager was lying. It was disgusting how he was so innocent about it all. He practically left it out as if it were a trophy.

You made your way behind the desk. Unlike his couch, the desk was actually organized. The only things on it were a cup of pens, a journal, and a picture frame. In the picture, you saw a younger version of the manager looking lovingly at the woman beside him and holding a small girl. The little girl looked to be three or four.

He caught you staring at it. “That’s me with my wife and our baby girl.” He had a slight smile on his face, but it soon faded away. “I lost them a few years ago…”

“Sorry to hear that…”. You were very confused. How could a man who had a family, be forcing a boy almost half his age to sleep with him? Based on the picture, he really loved his wife. It just didn’t make sense. And how did he lose his family?

“Things happen…”

You didn’t say anything else. You opened the top left drawer and found the folder patiently waiting for you exactly where Rap monster said it would be. “Got it!” you said taking out the folder.

You made your way back to the van and hoped for silence. You just wanted the day over with and to be back in your lumpy mattress.

“How is your “relationship” with Jungkook going?” he asked.

“Why?!? Why is he still talking?” you thought. You were so annoyed and creeped out. You wanted him to be his silent self. “… It’s exhausting…” you said.

He let out a small chuckle. “Well, I didn’t expect anything different. You guys are doing better at pretending though. ARMY seems to love you now. It’s a good thing you are as pretty as you are.” He smirked. “If not, they wouldn’t have gotten used to you so quickly.”

You felt even more uncomfortable now. He was getting creepier and creepier.

“I bet half off ARMY has a girl crush on you…. I could understand…” His smirk was glued to his face.

His last words made you freeze. Something inside you told you things weren’t right. A small voice in your head was begging you to get away. The rest of the car ride was silent. The vibe coming off of him made you regret leaving the dorm. “You did it for Jimin. You did it for Jimin.” You reminded yourself. “Oh, why did I do this for Jimin?”

You hoped the store was going to be packed. With more people around you, there was a high chance the manager would keep his mouth shut. When the van came to a stop, you jumped out and went to the nearest shopping cart in the lot. The manager had to jog to catch up to you. “Don’t go running off. Namjoon wouldn’t like that.” he said now standing next to you.

He pulled out his phone as you made your way into the store. Even though there was 45 minutes until the store closed, there was still a decent number of people, especially in the aisles you needed to go to.

Things were bearable until the manager placed a hand on yours to make you stop walking. “Namjoon just texted me. He said to also get toilet paper and paper towels.” He whispered.

You felt a knot in your stomach. Almost all the other customers were leaving and the side of the store you needed to go to was practically empty.

You nodded and made your way to the deserted area. Along the slow walk to the other side of the store, there were less and less people, until it was empty. Your aisle was no expectation.

You were checking the prices of the toilet paper brand, when you felt a hand on your waist. The manager turned you around and put both his hands to your shoulders. His unlocked cellphone was now laying on the shelf next to you.

You looked away from him. you wanted to scream, but you didn’t, you couldn’t.

“Aw, don’t be like that… I’m not exactly a nice guy, but I meant all those compliments.” He smirked. His hands moved down your body. “I just can’t help it. You’re the hottest girl I’ve seen in a long time. Don’t be shy I’m sure I’m not different from Jungkook, Suga, Namjoon, or Jin… Why do you look so confused? I’ve heard things Jimin says.” He brought his mouth to your neck, planting kisses on you as he made his way to your ear. “If you care about Jimin so much, why don’t you take his place? Don’t worry, I’m better than the rest of the guys.” He pulled you in and pressed his lips against yours, trying to open your mouth with his. He closed his eyes and moved you towards the shelf. His hands wouldn’t stop grabbing at you and soon he moved them up your shirt.

You didn’t want this to happen. Whenever you tried to get him off you, he just came back even stronger.

You looked around for anything to help you. Then, you saw it. His phone was still unlocked and lying right next to your elbow. You forcefully swung up your knee up. The manager let go of and fell to the floor out of pain. You grabbed is phone and ran out if the aisle.

Your eyes landed on the deli lady and instinctively you ran to her. “Where is the bathroom?” you asked frantically.

She pointed to the restroom across the store. “It looks like it’s being cleaned though, so you’ll have to wait.”

“Ah, I really have to go!” your eyes were tearing up and you were getting jittery.

She saw your state, but processed it as an urgent need to use the bathroom. “You can use the one we use back here…”

“Really? Yes! Please!”

She unlocked the little door and let you behind the counter.

“Thank you!” you said as she led you to the restroom.

“It’s okay.” She said giving you a small smile.

You had no time to lose. You locked the door and frantically tried to go through the manager’s phone, but it was no use. Even though his phone was still unlocked, everything was in Japanese and you couldn’t read it.

You tried really hard to think of any phone numbers you could remember. You tried hard to concentrate, but there was only one number that you could think of. Through teary eyes, you dialed the phone number. You debated calling him though. You were scared he wasn’t going to help you. Chances were, he wasn’t going to even care about what happened. He was probably going laugh at you and pick on you about it. Calling him might make the whole situation worse.

You started at the number. “Fuck it! I need help!” you cried.

After two rings, he picked up. “What the fuck do you want? Honestly, you have y/n with you to help you too. If she can’t remember what to get, then call Jin, not me!”

You stayed quiet. You knew his anger wasn’t directed to you, but with how you were at the moment, his attitude didn’t help. It was all too much and you started crying.

“The fuck?” you heard on the line. “Who is this?” he asked

You couldn’t speak, you just kept crying.

“I’m gonna hang up if you don’t say who this is. You better not be a fan that stole the manager’s phone again! That’s not cool!”

“No! Please!” you cried

Now he was quiet. “Y/n?” His voice was soft and he sounded confused. “Y/n, is that you? How did you get the phone? Why are you crying?”

“… Please come get me… I need your help…” you said in between sobs

I'd Get Back To You But I'm Lost In Space

Floating like you’d think things float
Staring at stars from the distance
With nothing else to do
Staring so long the tiny twinkling dots start to shake and seem to disappear
Thousands of miles away from everyone I’ve ever known
Inside some space suit
Feeling claustrophobic in the most wide open space possible

I hear bells ringing
Everything’s dark
I don’t know what to think about anything anymore
I sing stupid songs
Suddenly weep
Laugh about something that happened once long ago
Suddenly weep

I’m in an ocean of air
In an ocean of tears
In an ocean full of metaphorical doom
I say to myself
‘Who cares,’
I whisper coldly
I think about faces I wish I could see
Moment I wish I could relive
I think about you
Far away
Stuck in a bat cave in the mountains or something
I think of my family
I think of my dead dog
I say to myself
'Who cares,’
I whisper coldly

I remember all those times people told me to write happy poetry
All those times people told me my writing was maybe a little to dark
I wish I could go back and write you a cheesy whisper in time

———   palatial vesuvius has caved  ( and if this unquenchable god can be felled, what HOPE does their nation have ?? )  and from the sky does anguish fall.  it catches within faltering lungs, the ash clinging to frightened breaths as he searches deep into the FACE OF DEATH.  the reaper, come to COLLECT HIM AT ALL.  volcanic ash a poison seeping into half-open eyes, burning, scalding ; he is pompeii, swept into nothing BENEATH blankets of cinders, he is herculaneum, his previously lavish mannerisms defeated by this RAGING ERUPTION.  it is mother earth dumping her anger onto this long-suffering soul.  there is nothing in him but LAVA, the only combat against a raging blizzard that consumes his ARMY.  ❝  general, i’ve,  ❞  your breath is short, pliny the younger, do not forget what you have survived thus far,  ❝  we’ve recieved another letter from the congress.  how would you like to respond ??  ❞

                                               @legacyborne   CALL .

Rose // Half Bad // pg 324 // in memoriam

Love is strange,’ Rose says. She takes the knife and looks at it. “Gabriel would die to show you how much he loves you.’ Rose looks at her reflection in the blade.

‘And who would you die for, Rose?’

‘I’ve not met that person yet.’ She gives me the knife back.

‘Have you?


So here’s a video I found of Patrick and Pete absolutely roasting a guy at a concert who was being a dick…

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This is kinda random but i feel like joj doesnt have s3x often or he is very submissive with men or/and women, because of his nails, this is kinda weird but like nails dont feel good inside, so he doesnt get any or he lets the other do the wrk :V

Good analysis my friend 👍 sounds about right

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what are your top 10 fave radiohead tracks? i wanna get more into them

omg this is exciting thank you i would love to help other people get into them

My personal top 10 is:

1. Jigsaw Falling into Place: My all time fave, whenever it comes on I listen to it multiple times in a row its everything I love about them in one song. it sweeps me away every time i hear it. 

2. Karma Police: the first song by them I heard and still one of my favorites. The second half of the song is magical and I never get tired of it. 

3. Fake Plastic Trees: a beautiful little song that pulls at my heartstrings and also makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

4. Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi: such a fun song to listen to and also has some of their prettiest music imo. Also a very fun song to scream along to.

5. Pyramid Song: They have really beautiful piano ballads and this is my favorite. It also pulls at my heartstrings and sometimes makes me cry (another rh cry song for me is true love waits). 

6. Climbing Up the Walls: probably the second song I heard by them, it’s the only song that geniunely creeps me out. and also the strings at the end are jonny greenwood genius.

7. Daydreaming: this song grew on me so much this last year and went from me not really liking it to it being a very special song to me, and when this song came out it basically made me get into them. this song and its video inspire me so much and i love it. 

8. Where I End and You Begin: a sleeper fave for me, to me this song sounds like music for the end of the world, but in the best way. it is a great example of how they create little worlds in their music. 

9. Idioteque: omg picking a song from Kid A was so hard for me bc tbh all of the songs could have made it, but this is my fave bc it is such a unique and unsettling song that was so different from their early stuff and really changed how the world viewed them. its also a mf banger and a classic jam. 

10. Ful Stop: this one is cool bc I can still remember when I first heard the breakdown in the second half of the song and I literally had to stop what I was doing bc it blew my mind. That pretty much happens every time i hear it now. 

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are depression, anxiety, anger and constant irritation any symptoms/signs of BPD? i was diagnosed with depression, as well as anxiety, i'm on meds, but things got worse. im non stop irritable, i have self-destructive tendencies,(1/2)

(2/2) i am empty inside, and i have this weird feeling that i’m faking my “good mood”. i simply just don’t think this is only depression.

- honestly I’d have to hear more about your behaviours rather then general emotions to get a clue if you might have bpd. But none of these disqualify you. Keep your mind open n maybe educate yourself a bit more, honestly take your time though and focus on what makes you feel better. that honestly helped me a lot in figuring out which disorders i had -i

I just went and got you the link to the BPD DSM-5 criteria (in quiz form!) Here it is, it may help you!

- admin Scott