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What I Read This Week


I haven’t had too much time to read fics this week due to exams!

Masquerade by Ashida, Explicit (WIP)
Yuuri is part of Japan’s most notorious mafias. Victor is the head of the Russian mafia. After brief meetings throughout the span of five years, they decide to go off together and leave everything behind. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS FIC!

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit (WIP)
Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. SO MUCH ANGST (like, so much) and deliciously hot, hot, hot! You might die from reading this… it’s that good. JUST UPDATED TODAY!

Love in Red and White by ivelostallcontrolofmylife, Gen
Viktor realises he -really- likes Yuuri wearing his clothes. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH!

in need of melted marshmallow cuddles by Hitsugi_Zirkus, Gen
“Viktor. You’re Russian. How is it that you’re always so easily cold and– Wait,” Yuuri’s eyes fell onto Viktor’s bundled up form under the comforter, “are you wearing my jackets? How many layers have you got on?” SNUGGLES AND CUDDLES DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING I LOVE THIS FIC

Hashtag Perfect by phoenixwings, Gen
Sometimes the insecurity that was ever-present in his youth creeps back in and hits him tenfold when he thinks about how much his body has changed. Can I get an amen for supportive boyfriend Victor Nikiforov? AMEN!

Maelstrom by feelslikefire, Explicit
Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love! 

He Tian x Mo Guanshan Tianshan week Day 7

He Tian x Mo Guanshan  - A jerk which I came to like more and more

(Mo Guanshan’s POV, a summary from almost all events with them and how Momo felt)

Mo Guanshan recalls which thoughts he had during the shit He Tian put him through while laying on his bed, confused. He tries to understand why it turned out like this and why named devil saved him from being framed. And finally, he realizes it.


He hits me.

Every day, wherever I am, wherever we are.

I won’t forget the day I met him as long as I live, the memory of his sinister, coal black eyes imprinted into my soul like a brand on a slave.

I threatened him to fight, oh if I already knew back there what he would do to me.

His hair so dark that no one could be sure if it was actually brown or black, the smooth strands falling over his eyes, overshadowing them just enough to make them more dangerous than they were from the start. A body which makes me cringe with disgust, I hate how tall he is, taller than me, trained shoulders and long, strong arms like it wouldn’t cause him any trouble lifting me up. I hope I will never find out if he could do that. Although I already know the answer.

How can someone be this handsome, it is absurd.

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Sataareth (Re-Vamped) - BelowBedlam - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Remember I said I was editing/re-writing that one AU that was supposed to be “quick” and finished back in October?

Well. Chapters 1-5 are up and a brand new 6th should be up by next weekend, so that’s something.

Everlark Fanfics I’m Desperately Trying to Catch Up On: Week 6

This is week #6 of me catching up on Everlark fanfics. I will be reading less in the weeks to come due to my husband working less nights (YAY!) and parent-teacher conferences/IEP meetings coming up. I will still be posting the amazing fics I read. Here are my Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5 posts. Happy reading! :)

i’ve now been home for a few hours, away from america for even longer, and i still haven’t cried and tbh it hasn’t been as bad as i thought it’d be
DON’T GET ME WRONG i would cry hadn’t it been for the numbness in my chest instead lmao but like,, this is temporary, i’ll have to move there if not this year then not long after, and sure i’m scared but it’s also a comforting thought
and ngl i’m super proud of myself and my growth i mean this is the second time i’ve went to america and back all by myself, and sure i was nervous but it went fine and i felt better this time so i’m sure i’ll continue to feel better until it’s no problem one day
the trip has been a dream come true, seriously, to see all these studios where the cartoons i grew up with and still love were and are made, not to mention i saw the warner bro’s water tower!! that’s a childhood dream come true!!!
and oh gosh when i first began getting involved w/ the pzpth fandom on here it was my dream to one day have my fanart on the fandom wall, and now i’ve met sam levine!!
not to mention it’s thanks to this show i even went on this trip, i would’ve never met erin hadn’t it been for this show wtf
i was so nervous abt meeting her in person, and as my classmates said, like,, what if we didn’t click? that’d be one awkward week lmao
but i felt comfortable the second i saw her also SHE’S SO TINY I’M GONNA CRY I LOVE MY TINY GF AND I MISS HOLDING HER BABY HANDS
when we can’t make fun of each other’s typos we’ll make fun of how we speak instead and i love it
this is my first real relationship and i feel so safe and comfortable and i’m so lucky and blessed to be with her oh my gosh i miss her laugh and her “what?” whenever i’d just be staring at her bc she’s so beautiful
she’s so talented and kind and i’m so here for being by her side as she makes her way in this industry y'all
i love her and i can’t wait to see her again

being short my entire life has conditioned me to be the opposite of claustrophobic. youd catch me fitting into the smallest spaces i could possibly fit myself in just for funsies. i found a storage space my mom kept blankets in with a tiny bit of room left over and burrowed myself in there with a flashlight and books and chilled there for a week reading til she found out. i won hide and seek at school once bc no one thought to look in the thin lockers. while i was staying in the hospital they had to lock the closet bc i just liked to sit in there. if i find something i can fit in i’ll find a way

anonymous asked:

Hey:) I wanted to ask if you, (and the other people who seem to know everything about destiel fanfics) if there are any good MCR inspired destiel fics? (Like, based on a My Chemical Romance song/s?) I want to have a few to read while abroad. Maybe also angel!Dean fics? (Gonna be there for couple of weeks, I need reading material, and if I'll start reading a fic now, I'll have to finish it...) Sorry if that's not the place, I'm new to this whole Tumblr idea ^^""""""""""""""""""""""

Hii! :D Welcome to tumblr, sure, my inbox is the place for pretty much /anything/ at this point, lol! :p

I’m not sure about fics based on MCR songs though (I don’t read many song fics period), but perhaps any of my followers know any suggestions? 

There are a few fics with angel!Dean if you scroll through my angel!Dean tag –>!Dean

But they’re all one shots, so if you’re looking for longer ones, again, people are free to leave suggestions. Keep watching the notes on this post, followers can leave links/titles for you there. 

Anyway, have a safe trip! :)


sterek week (2016 edition) ▷ day 4: Were!Stiles Blue Is Just Pretty by @malmao

Stiles opens his mouth a few times, like he wants to say something. He can’t at first, just shuts his jaw as his heart rate picks up at a steady pace.
Finally, he clicks his tongue against his teeth and says, “They’re blue,” with a little crack around the end.
Derek eyes his profile warily. None of the pack knew why Stiles had chosen to sequester himself in this room, but he’d had his suspicions. The teen doesn’t meet his gaze now. Just gives a little look up at the mirror then goes back to plucking at the denim of his jeans.

“Can I see?”

Stiles head snaps toward him, and Derek raises his eyebrows in silent response. He tries not to let his eyes flick down to the boy’s mouth out of habit. Fails.
He’s surprised when Stiles complies effortlessly. He always knew Stiles would make a good werewolf. He’s almost too good, picking up control like it’s a skill he’s had hiding beneath his bed.
Derek thinks of himself. Thinks of Paige. Thinks of being alone and heartbroken with blue burning behind his eyelids. Think of his mother crouched down in front him with her hard jawline and soft smile.
With his heart lodged behind his adam’s apple, he reaches out and rests his hand on the side of Stiles’ neck, his thumb brushing the turn of his jaw beneath the ear. Stiles’ eyes (still brilliant, glowing blue) scan his face. Right eye, left eye, mouth, and back.

“Still beautiful,” Derek says finally, “just like the rest of you.”


I recently read Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat and I fell in love with watching Damen and Laurent fall in love… ;o;