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What I Read This Week


I read some great fics this week, but not many as I would like as I’m back at school :(

not gold like in your dreams by ebenroot, Teen, 49k (WIP)
in which Victor and Yuuri are roommates and Yuuri has a secret. LOVE this!

More Than Okay by LoneWolf_With_Internet, Gen, 6.4k
While on tour, the last thing Viktor would have expected during his stop in Japan would be to give a free performance to his fans at a karaoke bar, but what surprised him even more was the cute Japanese skater – that Viktor swears he’s seen before –the crowd pressured into joining him on stage for a duet. Needless to say, Victor had more fun than he originally anticipated. So cute omg!

And Once Upon a Song by missmichellebelle, Teen, 6.2k (WIP)
A popular high school ice hockey star and a shy, academically gifted transfer student discover they share a secret passion for singing. When they end up accidentally auditioning for the lead roles in the school musical, it threatens East High’s rigid social order and sends their peers into an uproar. A HSM AU I AM SCREAMING THIS IS SO GOOD

Nerve Endings by Phyona, Explicit, 57k (WIP)
When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance. Oh my god I was sobbing so much at the end… I love this fic so much

Unwritten by kaizuka, Teen, 34k
Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be. Amazing!

Language Barriers by Galloping_Monroe, Teen, 120k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov had always wanted to travel the world. When an opportunity arises to spend his final year of university study abroad, he is quick to leap at the chance. Twelve months spent in twelve different countries, he can’t wait to see new places, meet new friends, and finish out his degree with a bang. He just didn’t expect to fall in love along the way. Yuri Katsuki only applied because his friend forced him to. He’s just trying to get through the year, keep his head down and his grades up. Victor has other ideas. You all have to check out this fic!

Meet Me by the River by c0rnfl0wer, Explicit, 11k
Every Kupala Night has come and gone without his attending, but now that Viktor Nikiforov is getting older and taking over the position as leader of his village, he has to start taking his life in a different direction. He wasn’t sure whether he expected anything at all in this way. But when Yuuri catches his wreath, he finds the path he had always longed for. SOOOOOO AMAZING

Aria: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare by exile_wrath, Teen, 34k (WIP)
Alternatively: the tale of Yuuri Katsuki, who never ages and never dies and has lived frozen in time for centuries, and his attempts to keep his adopted son from killing the new guest. My favourite immortal AU ever!

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 63k (WIP)
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri. (And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing). So so cute and amazing!

The Boyfriend Experience by cryingoverspilledvodka, Explicit, 119k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin. So smutty and incredible, if you haven’t read this yet, you must read it!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

anonymous asked:

Since requests are open if you don't mind could ya do a extra petty MC/Reader giving RFA++ a case of blue balls because they got into an argument over the littlest thing. If you don't want to I completely understand. Thank you ❤️ AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WRITING LIKE THIS ANON MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE TAKEN SOME TIME TO READ EVERYTHING ON YOUR MASTERLIST🙄❤️

Lol, I kept laughing everytime I read this request, idk why. Thank you, honey, hope u like this!^^

RFA with a MC on sex strike (NSFW-ish)


  • He was late for dinner with your family. Again.
  • When he finally arrived, you pretended that everything was fine, and everybody believed, including Zen.
  • So after you two get home, he’s pretty sure you’ll be in a good mood and ready to play with the beast a little… WRONG!
  • “Good night, Hyun.” You turn your back on him and keep it like this all night. And so it continued for the next two weeks.
  • And he thought the beast would be crazy, drooling and biting its leash, but… the beast now is just a puppy curled up in a corner, whining.
  • You wish you could say you feel bad for him, but in your defense, it’s not the first time he prioritizes work over you, as he told a million times before he wouldn’t do.
  • So yeah, you’re kinda having fun looking at him pouting at you and trying to get more than a quick kiss or hug.
  •  And though he’s struggling so much, he knows why you’re doing this, he deserves. But he needs to focus, he can’t keep forgetting his lines and missing marks like this, if you at least went to watch the musical he’s been working so hard…
  • You might be mad at him, but you wouldn’t lose a premiere of his new musical, it must be really good for him to keep dumping you in order to rehearse for this.
  • And boy… it’s not only good, it’s AMAZING! Maybe it’s because you’re missing him as well, but… this character of his seems a little sexier.
  • As soon as the musical is over, you run to his dressing room. “Hey, babe… did you like the mus…mmmmm.” You practically attack him.
  • “B-babe?” “Why didn’t you tell me this was the musical that was taking all your time?” you ask, but don’t even let him answer, your mouth is on his again.
  • Zen is shook, but in a good way. He’s kinda relieved you missed him as much as he missed you.
  • “B-babe… let me… ahh… let me just take the costume off…” he says breathlessly while you kiss his neck. “I want you to keep it on.”
  • Okay… so who’s the real beast here?



  • He failed one of his tests in college. The one he did the morning after pulling an all nighter to play LOLOL
  • You can’t count all the times you told him to forget this game and go to sleep that night. Did he listen? No. So now here he is whining about this exam and you’re not having it.
  •  All he wanted was a little… comfort from you after the test fiasco.
  • “Go play some LOLOL or whatever to get that comfort, since this works so well for you.” And you go back to your book.
  • That long book you’ve been reading for two weeks and a half now, it must be good since you’re not paying any attention to your boyfriend. Any kind of attention.
  • This poor baby, he could handle not having sex when he was single, but he never prepared himself to be without it when you came along.
  • So yeah… he’s back to those very loooong showers and that constant nervous state of mind from when he was single.
  • But he never shows it in front of you, so you’re pretty sure he’s doing fine without smexy times…
  • And he is, most of the times, the problem here is that it feels like he’s grounded, like a little kid. Because he behaved a like a little kid and ugh… he feels so pathetic.
  • So he replaces those long showers for long study sessions, he needs to ace the next test to get his grades and his relationship back on track.
  • And you’re not made of steel, so of course you help him study. And having this boy so close, so focused, acting so serious and mature… it’s so sexy…
  • “Earth to MC?” he calls for you as he notices you keep staring at him. “I… think you understand a lot about the… constitution of amphibian’s hearts now, Yoosung.”
  • “You think? Well, we’ve been studying for a couple of hours now and… hum… MC?” you keep coming close to him, he’s shuddering.
  • “Why don’t we focus in human’s heart right now? For example, mine and how you’re making it race by acting so grown up…” you manage to sit on his lap, and he’s sweating as you nip his jaw lightly.
  • “M-MC… what about… my test tomorrow?” “It’s early, you need some encouragement for tomorrow and after I’m done with you, you’ll sleep like a baby.”
  • That’s exactly what happened. And after he aced his test, you gave him a reward.


  • Of course you like Zen’s DVDs, okay? You just don’t like that’s the only thing you two watch.
  • You want her to relax and have fun, but… come on, she really needs to be that selfish and not even consider your suggestions for movie night?
  • And she gets so in the mood after watching it, so generally movie night leads to something else… well, not tonight.
  • You doze off in the couch while the DVD is still playing and wake up a little later, telling her you’re tired and going to bed now… oh, okay.
  • And every movie night has been ending like this for a couple of weeks now…
  • Okay, sex is not the most important thing in this relationship, she enjoys just spending time with you without getting all hot and bothered.
  • But… a woman has her needs, you know?
  • And Zen’s DVDs may do the trick for a while, but… she’s missing the real thing… with you…
  • She handles pretty well, but she keeps getting distracted at work and getting a little snappy even at Zen in the chat room.
  • But she knows why you’re mad and… well, it wouldn’t kill her to give a chance to your choices, would it?
  • So yeah, she’s wondering how to discuss it with you and apologize after you two close the café for the day.
  • And you’re kinda worried you’re being too harsh on her, since she’s obviously acting like she’s in some kind of abstinence crisis.
  • So time to make it up for lost time… “Honey, do you mind showing me how to do that brownie dough again?”
  • She sighs, she’s so tired, but you just called her ‘honey’, how can she say no? She stands by your side, you hands moving messily around the dough on purpose.
  • “No, MC. It’s not like this, it’s just…” “Why don’t you guide my hands? Here, you can come behind me.” Lord help her…
  • She’s behind you, but her hands are not guiding yours, they’re all over your body.


  • He got jealous of an old friend of yours.
  • No matter how much you told him this guy was almost like a brother, he was still acting cold and distant.
  • Usually when this happens, you give him the most passionate kiss you can, and you two end up in bed, but… he can’t get away this easy this time, not with such a good friend of yours…
  • Is he acting cold? You’re acting colder as you told him you were sleeping with Elizabeth in the guest room that night.
  • And so it continued for the last three weeks.
  • Okay, this man lived not minding sex for a very long time, so he should be fine, right?
  • WRONG! He lived fine without sex because he had no idea it could be this good with someone he loves.
  • Though he looks all calm and collected, deep inside he could climb up walls in despair.
  • He’s drinking more wine than usual and coming back from work more and more exhausted.
  • You’re feeling a little bad? Yes, but just remembering how your friend said goodbye to you telling he didn’t want to put you in trouble with your fiancée makes your blood boil and you end up enjoying this punishment a little longer.
  • But then you get a call from Jaehee asking if something is going on, since Mr. Han is acting really weird, getting all distracted and rude to some employees.
  • Ugh… you didn’t want to harm his job and his employees… also, you miss him too.
  • So you show up to his office for your usual lunch with him, not so usual when you sit on his lap, he widens his eyes as he realizes you’re not wearing panties.
  •  “I-I apologize for what happened with your friend, MC, I…”. You reach for his ear “You’ve been a bad boy to me, and I already punished you enough. Am I not being bad to you right now?”
  • “I… yes, kitten. A little.” “So… what are you waiting for? To punish me?” his lips crash to yours as you smile teasingly.
  • Mr. Han was calm for the rest of the afternoon, the employees now are trying to find when it’s your birthday to send you a gift.


  • Honestly, you don’t even remember why you were fighting.
  • Probably it was because of a bunch of little things that turned into a big thing as you usually don’t discuss a lot.
  •  Because he quickly fixes what he did wrong with some big weird gesture like showing up at your workplace dressed as a teddy bear to apologize, you laugh and forget why you were mad before.
  • Which is usually adorable, but talking like the two adults you are would be better in order to not get into big messy fights like this last one.
  • And since you’re not even talking, he wasn’t expecting you would let him touch you, so… yeah, he’s pretty conformed he’s not getting any of that.
  • But after almost three weeks, he’s starting to freak out a little.
  • And since he doesn’t have his job anymore to hide himself in his office and just work, he’s spending even more time with his brother.
  • Saeran knows these bonding moments are important, but… ugh, his brother is getting even more clingy than usual.
  • Seriously, his brother is annoying him more than he normally does, making him do these weird hobbies like pedicure and gardening.
  • “Go easy on my brother, MC.” Saeran asks you bluntly, but deep inside he wants to beg on his knees for you to take his brother away from him, because he’s driving him nuts.
  • And though it’s kinda of funny, you’re worried for both twins. Saeran really needs his own space and you… need your boyfriend.
  • So at night, when you finally roll your body to face Saeyoung in bed, you smile sweetly and stroke his hair.
  • Your mouth finds his quickly and he has no shame in showing how desperate he is and how much he missed you.
  • “I’m sorry. Let’s not fight anymore, please?” “We’ll fight again, but it will be fine as long as we talk about it, okay?” he nods, and your lips crash against his again.
  • “MC, before we continue, just know that’s been three weeks of sexual frustration, I hope you don’t have any plans tomorrow because I won’t allow you to leave this bed so soon, copy that?”
  • You copied, and neither of you walked straight for the next two days, which grossed Saeran out.

When it comes to winter reading, critic Parul Sehgal looks for one simple thing – vindication of her desire to loaf, laze and retreat from the world, “the assurances, in short, of The Wind in the Willows, whose edicts are sane and just:

No animal, according to the rules of animal-etiquette, is ever expected to do anything strenuous, or heroic, or even moderately active during the off-season of winter.’”

How’s that for hibernation reading?

Image: Paul Bransom’s illustration from a 1913 edition of The Wind in the Willows shows Otter traveling through the snowy woods. (Wikisource)

Just a few months ago, the governor of Indonesia’s largest city, Jakarta, seemed headed for easy re-election despite the fact that he is a Christian in a mostly Muslim country. Suddenly everything went violently wrong. Using the pretext of an offhand remark the governor made about the Koran, masses of enraged Muslims took to the streets to denounce him. In short order he lost the election, was arrested, charged with blasphemy, and sentenced to two years in prison.

This episode is especially alarming because Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, has long been one of its most tolerant. Indonesian Islam, like most belief systems on that vast archipelago, is syncretic, gentle, and open-minded. The stunning fall of Jakarta’s governor reflects the opposite: intolerance, sectarian hatred, and contempt for democracy. Fundamentalism is surging in Indonesia. This did not happen naturally.

Saudi Arabia has been working for decades to pull Indonesia away from moderate Islam and toward the austere Wahhabi form that is state religion in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis’ campaign has been patient, multi-faceted, and lavishly financed. It mirrors others they have waged in Muslim countries across Asia and Africa.

Successive American presidents have assured us that Saudi Arabia is our friend and wishes us well. Yet we know that Osama bin Laden and most of his 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, and that, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in a diplomatic cable eight years ago, “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.”
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Recent events in Indonesia shine a light on a Saudi project that is even more pernicious than financing terrorists. Saudi Arabia has used its wealth, much of which comes from the United States, to turn entire nations into hotbeds of radical Islam. By refusing to protest or even officially acknowledge this far-reaching project, we finance our own assassins — and global terror.

The center of Saudi Arabia’s campaign to convert Indonesians to Wahhabi Islam is a tuition-free university in Jakarta known by the acronym LIPIA. All instruction is in Arabic, given mainly by preachers from Saudi Arabia and nearby countries. Genders are kept apart; strict dress codes are enforced; and music, television, and “loud laughter” are forbidden. Students learn an ultra-conservative form of Islam that favors hand amputation for thieves, stoning for adulterers, and death for gays and blasphemers.

Many of the students come from the more than 100 boarding schools Saudi Arabia supports in Indonesia, or have attended one of the 150 mosques that Saudis have built there. The most promising are given scholarships to study in Saudi Arabia, from which they return fully prepared to wreak social, political, and religious havoc in their homeland. Some promote terror groups like Hamas Indonesia and the Islamic Defenders Front, which did not exist before the Saudis arrived.

Eager to press his advantage, King Salman of Saudi Arabia made a nine-day trip to Indonesia in March, accompanied by an entourage of 1,500. The Saudis agreed to allow more than 200,000 Indonesians to make the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca each year — more than come from any other country — and sought permission to open new branches of their LIPIA university. Some Indonesians are pushing back against the Saudi assault on their traditional values, but it is difficult to deny permission for new religious schools when the state is not able to provide decent secular alternatives. In Indonesia, as in other countries where the Saudis are actively promoting Wahhabism — including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bosnia — the weakness and corruption of central governments create pools of rootless unemployed who are easily seduced by the promises of free food and a place in God’s army.

The surging fundamentalism that is transforming Indonesia teaches several lessons. First is one that we should already have learned, about the nature of the Saudi government. It is an absolute monarchy supported by one of the world’s most reactionary religious sects. It gives clerics large sums to promote their anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic brand of religious militancy abroad. In exchange, the clerics refrain from criticizing the Saudi monarchy or its thousands of high-living princes. Saudis with close ties to the ruling family give crucial support to groups like Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS. This fact should be at the front of our minds whenever we consider our policy toward the Middle East — including when we decide whether to side with the Saudis in their new dispute with neighboring Qatar.

Saudi Arabia’s success in reshaping Indonesia shows the importance of the global battle over ideas. Many in Washington consider spending for cultural and other “soft power” projects to be wasteful. The Saudis feel differently. They pour money and resources into promoting their world view. We should do the same.

The third lesson that today’s Indonesia teaches is about the vulnerability of democracy. In 1998 Indonesia’s repressive military dictatorship gave way to a new system, based on free elections, that promised civil and political rights for all. Radical preachers who would previously have been imprisoned for whipping up religious hatred found themselves free spread their poison. Democracy enables them to forge giant mobs that demand death for apostates. Their political parties campaign in democratic elections for the right to come to power and crush democracy. This is a sobering reality for those who believe that one political system is best for all countries under all circumstances.

The Saudi campaign to radicalize global Islam also shows that earth-shaking events often happen slowly and quietly. The press, focused intently on reporting today’s news, often misses deeper and more important stories. Historians of journalism sometimes point to the northward “great migration” of African-Americans after World War II as an epochal story that few journalists noticed because it was a slow process rather than one-day news event.

The same is true of Saudi Arabia’s long campaign to pull the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims back to the 7th century. We barely notice it, but every day, from Mumbai to Manchester, we feel its effects.

Prat note: watch as the ignorant liberal defense of MUH INDONESIA MODERATE MOST POPULOUS MUSLIM COUNTRY ON EARTH apologist defense erode before your eyes because of the ongoing imperial creep of saudi arabia.

I am so in love with this you have absolutely NO idea how happy this stupid drawing makes me right now. I have been grinning the entire time! This will probably be the only thing I post for the next few days; I know I’m not going to do anything tomorrow because it’s truck day and then I need to start finalizing my costume. But ugh, these nerds are killing me rn! Based on my text post here Let’s all also appreciate Pouty!Atem lol

Today’s Must Read

Obviously, it’s Halloween. Between the sugar highs, and the new lows you’re mulling with this year’s costume idea, it’s easy to forget what this holiday is really about: getting so scared you can’t see straight.

Well, we’re here to help. Crack open Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, turn the porch light off and fix a bowl of candy corn for one. By the time you’re done with her ghost story – still terrifying after five decades – every creak in your house will have you on edge. Fun, right?!

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Bixanna Week ♔ - Day 4: Alternate Universe

Tourist/Photographer x Native people AU for Bixanna, i got inspired by this Lisanna Gree card and this is also my first collaboration with Carly - forgottenwhispersxo, she wrote an amazing fanfic here as companion! Make sure to check out her work! I drew Bixlow having no tattoo in this AU for a change.


Stupid Tumblr ate my post… multiple times. Maybe if I try it without the picture? 😑

Tonight was meeting one (of two) of gym friends book club! It was an absolute blast!! We’re meeting again next week because five of the ten of us couldn’t meet this week and the book we read is so crazy that it MUST be discussed. (The Vegetarian by Han Kang)

I’ve said it before many times, but I seriously don’t know how I get to be this fortunate. I am surrounded by amazing people–at work, at the gym, at home, online–I have such a fantastically diverse, loving, supportive, snarkily funny group of people in my little world. I NEVER want to take that for granted.

5 Must-Read Alternate History Books

Guys! We’re only THREE weeks away from the release of Blood For Blood, Ryan Graudin’s amazing, heart-pumping sequel to Wolf By Wolf

If you haven’t heard, we have a super awesome pre-order perk for you. Pre-order Blood for Blood and submit your receipt to receive Storm After Storm—a Wolf by Wolf digital short story in Adele Wolfe’s point of view. This story is EXCLUSIVE to fans through this offer so don’t miss out! Get all the details here and brace yourself for when you get your hands on Blood for Blood on November 1st. 

But just in case you can’t wait that long, check out our list of the coolest and craziest alternate history books out there. They’re set in our universe… but with a twist. 

1. Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger

What do you get when you mix Victorian England with paranormal steampunk?  The first book in the Finishing School series!  Sophronia doesn’t know what to expect when she enrolls in Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality, but she soon realizes that she’ll be learning not only how to dance and dress but also how to be the perfect spy.  Throw in robots and werewolves and you get a version of the nineteenth century that’s a little different from what you learned in history class.

2. Fallout by Todd Strasser

In 1962, everyone feared nuclear war with the Soviet Union was right around the corner.  And what if, in another world… those fears came true? When the atomic bomb drops, Scott’s family rushes into the underground shelter Scott’s dad built in their backyard. But their neighbors force their way inside too.  With tensions rising and food supplies dwindling, Scott isn’t sure they’ll make it out alive.  And if they do, he can’t help but wonder what’s waiting for them on the outside.  This is a thrilling and terrifying look into the not-so-distant past.

3. Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson

It’s 1888 in a world where the Revolutionary War never happened, and the colonies are fighting for their freedom under very different circumstances. They have technology, engineered in secret.  The British have their magic.  When Verity lands a job as a governess to a wealthy family in New York, she quickly falls for one of the rebels and is pulled into the fray.  She may have the power to change the tide of the war—but at what cost?

4. The Diviners by Libba Bray

The 1920s come roaring to life in the first book in The Diviners series, where mysticism and the occult are real.  Evie O’Neill has always kept her magical abilities a secret, but when the police find a dead girl branded with a cryptic symbol, she realizes her gift could help catch the killer.  As she’s pulled into the underbelly of New York City, she’ll need new allies and all of the supernatural power she can muster to face the darkness that has awakened in this re-imagined Jazz Age.

5. Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Okay, so maybe this is cheating. But if you haven’t read Wolf By Wolf yet, what are you waiting for?!  It’s out in paperback now!  Let’s set the stage: It’s 1956 and the Germans and Japanese have defeated the Allies in World War II.  To commemorate their victory, Hitler hosts an annual cross continental motorcycle race. For Yael, a former death camp prisoner, it’s the one way she can get close to the man who destroyed her people… and kill him.  A survivor of human experimentation, Yael has the power to skinshift and must impersonate last year’s winner, Adele Wolfe.  But can Yael bring herself to be as ruthless as she needs to be to avoid discovery and complete her mission?

So, which of these reads will you be picking up? 

Share your favorite with us on Twitter and/or tell us about another favorite alternate history book that should be on our radar!

Heap House author Edward Carey has a great post-Christmas reading recommendation for you (and for anyone who’s really sick of Frozen): Hans Christian Anderson’s creepy classic “The Snow Queen.”

“It’s my favorite of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. It’s also the strangest, and the one he wrote the fastest — in a rare burst of inspiration,” he says.

Read the rest here (and find our review of Heap House here).

– Petra

anonymous asked:

Shake it off is still charting inside Hot 100 in Japan for 104th week. Wow they must really love the song. I think I read that It's the longest charting western song ever. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️🇯🇵🇺🇸

wow that is impressive!!

As Long As You’re Happy

Word Count: 1610

A/N: Hey guys, here’s a random short fic from my old writing blog. I just changed some details and names, but here ya go. And as of right now, I’m in the process of writing another part to this story but it will likely take me some time; please be patient as I try to flesh everything out. Thanks. -Admin Kiwi🍬

     Mark had finally gotten a break from tour to relax back in Seoul where he can bask in relaxation with friends (who had the time) and spend time with himself. But due to his own private schedules, that time was cut short with him running back and forth from one place to another. He would come back to the dorms late and tired from days filled with them and I would feel bad for him, but kind of feel neglected a bit–considering I’m his best friend and we haven’t been able to hang out or let alone speak for a while. Mark picked up on this a couple days ago when I had visited the dorms and had planned a day where he would be free the entire day to hang out for once in a long time. The only downside – for me that is – is that he didn’t tell me someone else would tag along.

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estalfaed  asked:

Well since you put it out there, Number 3: Ben Shepard in The Difference, favorite line in the whole damn fic probably. "It’s all I am. It’s all I have to give. I would fight every evil in the universe, Kaidan, if it made the galaxy worthy of the way you look at it when you look up at the stars. Do you believe that?" No need to continue this with anything, just wanted to remind you how much I loved it!

Gah! Thank you for liking this line! I get pretty paranoid about my prose, especially the big dramatic gestures, so it’s REALLy gratifying to hear things people like.

This is the only line in the entire story that I wrote out by hand. I was riding the bus, trying to think of just the right way to say this sentiment to REALLY drive home the whole sea/sky conceit, and I wrote that line out on the back of a receipt.


Honestly, Shepard had always thought Shaun was running off to use the bathroom, the minute his reading homework was done (and, to be fair, he was). But this time, Shepard noticed his son pad off to the back office after washing his hands in the bathroom.

Shepard pulled himself off the sofa, his hip protesting the movement. Probably, the kid was just going to use Kaidan’s terminal for as long as he could before his dad got home.

Still, when Shepard got to the office, he found the boy sitting on his workbench stool, the center drawer open and Shaun muttering to himself, staring at something in his hands.

“’Fff—aigh—tuh.’ ‘Fight.’“ Shaun gave the object in his hand a satisfying smirk. They had just been going over the phonics of ‘ai’ diphthongs, and at last Shaun was not frustrated in his attempts to sound out esoterically spelled English words.

“Whatchu doing, kiddo?” Shepard limped over to the desk, ruffled Shaun’s hair before looking at what his son was holding.

It was a small box, a rich, dark asari wood. A plenithaya puzzle box, where the eezo nodules in the wood could be manipulated by a skilled biotic, basically making the box impossible to open unless the biotic who sealed it reversed the polarity.

“It says ‘fight’!” Shaun beamed, holding up the box. “That’s how you spell ‘fight’?! Ew.”

“Amen,” Shepard chuckled, lifted the box out of his son’s hand. There were two sets of dogtags pinned in the box, Shepard’s above, Kaidan’s below. One of each set was badly charred.

“Still can’t read the rest of it, though,” Shaun frowned. Shepard realized he must have been running in here ever week, after his reading homework was done, trying to read the full inscription etched into the black velvet, curling around the two sets.

“You could’ve asked buddy,” Shepard had to swallow hard so his voice wouldn’t crack. He tucked this away a while back when they’d had company–it seemed too personal to leave out for strangers to gawk at–and must’ve left it in the drawer.

“No!” Shaun seemed appalled “You always tell me I should try my best to figure things out.”

“I also tell you you should get help when you can!”

“I know! But I wanted to figure it out on my own.”

“Okay,” Shepard said gently. He closed the box. Ran his thumb over the words “All I am. All I have to give.” inscribed on the lid. Then he opened it again to hand back to his son. “Well, when you figure it out, I’ll tell you what it means, okay?”


“…But this word here’s ‘universe.’“


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I probably went through and liked every one of your posts in like 10 min flat, not even sorry. But oh gosh I just got into Tomarry and harrymort and thanks for existing. <3 <3 it makes me way to happy!! (I'm running so low on fanfic it's scary... I must have read hundreds in the past few weeks...)

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You guys are literally the best. (That’s the problem with small ships, all the fanfics have either already been read or aren’t completed.)

I have created A Thing (AKA read your shelves 2017)

I’m not really a member of the booklr community but I am a book person who is also garbage at actually reading books. so I’ve made myself a challenge for the summer, and I thought I’d share it with tumblr so maybe other people can take inspiration or join me or whatever. I’m counting “summer” as being this week until the week my classes start in August, but anyone who follows this challenge can set parameters whenever they need to as long as they hit the first week of May till sometime in August

the rules
- “summer” begins the first full week of May and has to end after the first full week of August
- each week has a book. you cannot read that book before that week (for anticipation’s sake). if you don’t finish that book that week, it adds to the next week
- books must be owned or loaned (AKA Becky I still haven’t read any of the books you’ve loaned me so yeah this is so I actually do that)
- no book buying until the end of summer (this goes for used books as well. free books are acceptable (gifts and/or BookBub deals))
- can read other books, but must prioritize weekly challenge books!
- no rereading books until the week’s challenge book is finished

my books
- April 24 - 30: Witch’s Business, Diana Wynne Jones

- May 1 - 7: Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo
- May 8 - 14: Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo
- May 15 - 21: Shadow and Bone, Leigh Bardugo
- May 22 - 28: Siege and Storm, Leigh Bardugo
- May 29 - June 4: Trigger Warning, Neil Gaiman

- June 5 - 11: The Pinhoe Egg, Diana Wynne Jones
- June 12 - 18: The Bookman, Lavie Tidhair
- June 19 - 25, Camera Obscura, Lavie Tidhair
- June 26 - July 2: The Great Game, Lavie Tidhair

- July 3 - 9: A Face Like Glass, Frances Hardinge
- July 10 - 16: In the Land of Time and Other Stories, Lord Dunsany
- July 17 - 23: The Princess Bride (part 1), William Goldman
- July 24 - 30: The Princess Bride (part 2), William Goldman
- July 31 - August 6: Perdido Street Station (part 1), China Mieville

- August 7 - 13: Perdido Street Station (part 2), China MIeville
- August 14 - 20: Black Widow Forever Red, Margaret Stohl
- August 21 - 27: Steelheart, Brandon Sanderson

bonus round
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke
Les Miserables, Victor Hugo


For Jyn Erso Appreciation Week

read it on ao3

Jyn and K-2SO must complete a mission together. Jyn makes a decision that might cost her her life.

Pairing: Jyn Erso x Cassian Andor (pre-relationship)

Words: 901

Rated: G

“Your behavior, Jyn Erso, is continually unexpected.”

“You’ve said that to me before, Kay.”

“I understand. I believe it is appropriate again now.”

“Wonderful. Now go!”

Two hours before

“The odds of us surviving this mission-”

“Kriff the odds!”

“Yes, but-”

“Just have faith, Kay.”

“Droids do not have faith, Jyn.”

“If we make it out of here, I’m programming it into you myself.”

Ten hours before

“Kaytoo will be accompanying you on this mission.”

“That’s not really necessary, General Draven, sir.”

“Necessary or not, he will accompany you. It was at Captain Andor’s request, not mine.”

Twelve hours before

“Jyn, it’s a very dangerous mission. It wouldn’t be advisable to go alone.”

“You don’t think I can do it, do you?”

“That’s not what I meant at all-”

“Don’t you have faith in my abilities, Captain?”

“I have the utmost faith in your abilities, Jyn.”

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