this week's hue

Shivers trickled down Marinette’s spine as she stood on her balcony. The cool fall air blew her hair backwards as she painted the setting sun. Seeing the orange and pink hues made her heart stutter and mind think of nothing but him. Adrien, who’s hair reminded her of sunlight and tan skin, mixed with her, bright pinks were her favorite of course. The two danced through the sky in perfect harmony, just as she hoped their wedding night would someday be. In due time perhaps, she just needed the courage to talk to him.

Marinette had been trying for weeks to get the hues just right. The last batch was too dark and the pink was all wrong. She had watched a thousand sunsets trying to get the colors just right. Colors that matched her and her true love. It was on accident that she finally got the pink correct, and how ladybug esque that it needed a dash of red to be right. The yellow blended perfectly once the pink was ready.

Another breeze brought a familiar figure to her balcony, he had been coming to speak to her for about a month now, much to Marinette’s annoyance. Didn’t that troublesome kitty have a home to get back to? She didn’t want a stray cat anymore then she wanted a real cat.

“You seem to have gotten the colors right. Whats the problem Princess?”

Marinette shook her head at the nickname. How in the world did she get stuck with such corney names from that cat? Bugaboo is difficult enough.

“You know whats wrong stray kitty. It isn’t perfect. It has to be perfect.”

Just like him. She added in her head.

“You can’t control the sky Marinette. Whoever you’re making this for isn’t going to care if its perfect.”

“I’ve told you kitty I’m not making this for anyone other then myself.”

It was the truth. Marinette wanted it to represent her and Adrien. She’d never have the guts to actually give a painting to anyone, let alone him. 

“Sometimes I don’t get you Princess.” Chat chastised. 

Marinette rolled her eyes. Here we go again she thought closing her bottles of paint. Chat had been coming to check on her every few weeks. He claimed it was he was afraid, after all her entire class had been taken over by Hawkmoth, he said he feared she was next. 

Ladybug had a similar idea of course. It was a good excuse to see Adrien once in awhile too, Chat had just been the first to implement the protection. 

The sun settled behind the skyline removing the yellow from the sky turning shades of pink and purple. Twilight set in prompting Chat Noir to move closer to Marinette. He eyed her work, his green eyes surveying the small canvas she had been using. 

“It’s beautiful just like all the rest you have made. What is this your eighth one yet? Why not sell them or give one as a gift? You’ve got talent Princess, why not show it?” Chat said gently.

Marinette sighed looking up at her partner. His golden hair shone through the dark. Ironic she thought to herself, such golden hair despite his dark complexion. If he was anyone else perhaps people would fear Chat Noir, but with such bright blond hair he almost looked silly.

“I want it to be perfect Chat.”

“Perfect is quite the lofty goal Princess”

“But its worth it.”

Marinette picked up the last of her art supplies and headed down the hatch to her room. In the corner lay a pile of sunsets she had previously painted, Chat was right there were now 8. She smiled before picking up the first one and heading back out the hatch.

“If you really want me to give one away so badly here.” she said handing him the painting.

“Trying to win me over after so many weeks? I am shocked Princess.”

“I’m just trying to get you to leave me alone. Its the closest to perfect. I thought you’d like it.”

Chat smiled at her before stepping into a grand bow. 

“It would be my pleasure to have such a gift.” he said with a wink.

Marinette smiled before giving him a hug goodnight. She watched as the black cat flew off into the night on his baton. She couldn’t help but hope he would hang it on his wall where ever that cat settles down for the night. 

Maybe someday she and Adrien would too. 

The Queen of Panem -- An Everlark Fanficton: Chapter 1

Summary: When Katniss Everdeen is arrested and tried for illegal hunting, the only resort to save her family is to marry King Snow of Panem. Locked in her quarters day in and day out, Katniss finds a way to escape from midnight to sunrise. When she encounters and falls in love with the selfless Peeta Mellark in the woods, she must choose between love and her family’s wellbeing.

A/N: I really hope you all enjoy!  I’d like to give the biggest thanks to bigdhutch for being a wonderful beta, and carolinepeeta for being a great support system. 

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