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i know im a bit late hopping onto the back to school studyblr train, however its never too late for some homework help!! these are just some tips and tricks that i find useful when doing my homework. They work for me, and hopefully they’ll help you out too!!


  1. Have a journal: Or any type of planner. I don’t know how these things work for other people, but my school gives out journals for us to use. If yours doesn’t, you should still buy one!! It can be a basic diary, or high end with gadgets coming out left right and centre, but regardless, you NEED one.
  2. Write down the homework you get: The second the teacher hands out homework, write it down. Subject : page and question : due date. It’s so frickin handy to be able to go home, take out your journal, look at the day’s homework and be able to immediately say “this is due tmrw, I better do it now”. It’s just so helpful for prioritising, staying on top of things and, most importantly, not forgetting your homework!!
  3. For long term projects/assignments: Write it in on the list of that day’s homework AND on the day its due!! Once the week is over you’re not going to be checking that page again so you need to have another reminder!!


  1. Daily: Figure out how much time you have each day to do your homework. If you know you have basketball training on a thursday night, dont leave all the homework you have due on friday until then. Honestly, it couldn’t be more basic but the amount of people I know who do this on the daily.
  2. Weekly: Try and get all assignments from that week done over the weekend. I always think its far less stressful to start the week with a clean slate. This doesn’t apply to projects and stuff like that, but just the odd question you were given. You know, tidying up loose ends.
  3. Long term projects/assignments: We all know the age old saying “dont leave this til the night before” but, like, seriously don’t lmao. After doing your homework each night, try to do between 15m-1hr of work (depending on how much time you have til the deadline, how big the project is and how much you’ve already done that night).
  4. Write a list: So i have my list of what i need to do from todays homework and the other assignments that have accumulated in my journal. What next?? Write them out in the order you’re going to do them. If you have any short things you can quickly work through, do them first. It shortens your to-do list, gives you feeling of accomplishment and gets you into the swing of things. Next, homework due for tmrw, then the next day, then the next. Last but not least, any projects or long term assignments. Feel free to customize this order to whatever suits you best, but the above works wonders for me.

Random thoughts and tips: 

  1. Eat beforehand: Homework is hungry work, make sure your not going in on an empty stomach because it makes you unproductive and more irritable. Have a glass of water, mug of tea or whatever other drink you like next to you to keep you hydrated. It also stops you procrastinating because you “need” a drink, or “need” a snack. Just start!!
  2. Keep phone/laptop/whatever else ON and next to you: *gasp* i know, i know but honestly keep your device by you. Put it on silent, but have it so that you can do a bit of googling if needs be. Chances are you’ll get stuck on a question and want to look up the answer, or you’ll want some more in depth info on a topic or whatever else. Regardless, you’ll more than likely need it.
  3. Two piles: One for unfinished homework, one for finished. Keeps you organised AND it feels amazing to see the “to do” pile decrease and the “done” pile increase.

Most importantly: TEACHERS UNDERSTAND. You left your book in school, you got hours of homework from every teacher, you forgot your bag on the bus, or you simply just didn’t remember. If you generally have your homework in on time and are a good student, they’ll understand, it happens to the best of us. 

Hope these tips helped and maybe even gave you a bit of motivation!! Feel free to message me if there are any bits of this post that don’t make sense or if you have any thoughts/ideas :)))

7 Productivity Tips

Schedule times you want to work // I know I can go through an entire day promising myself that I’m going to do something and never doing it. “I’ll start in one more hour…Just five more minutes..Once I’ve cleaned my room, I’ll do it…” If you tell yourself that you want to start your task at 11 AM, you can hold yourself accountable and your plans aren’t so vague. 

“Work hard, play hard” // It’s sooo necessary to have time to relax when you’re working hard. If you constantly work, you’re going to get burnt out. Know what makes you really happy and make time for it. Time that is specifically devoted to work or play will make your life more balanced and enjoyable. You’ll be happy to start working. 

Set goals and deadlines for the day// Force yourself to finish. Knowing that your must get things done will allow you to actually get them done. If you mindlessly go through your day, it becomes easy to not get anything done. Focus your mind on your goals and not you small, lazy desires. 

Ignore perfection // Constant tweaking and stress will never allow you to finish a task. If you hold all your assignments to an unreasonable standard, you won’t get things done in a timely manner. The key to productivity is efficiency. Know that you’re human. Perfection takes huge amounts of time. That time might be better used to finish your other tasks.  

Create your to-do lists the day before // Even if you set goals for your day the day of, it’s valuable to have a tangible checklist of your tasks the day before; you can get a head start on them the moment you wake up the next morning. In your spare time, like the time waiting between classes or waiting for your ride, you can work on the things you know you have to do. 

Evaluate your progress each week // Once you’ve set your deadlines and goals for each of your days, go through them and ask yourself how effective you were on Saturday or Sunday. Understanding if you met your goals and what might’ve prevented you from meeting them (procrastinating, unexpected nuisances, etc.) will help you to be more productive the next week. 

Finish a first draft // Any progress is still progress. Productivity includes getting stuff done before it’s due. Making progress towards your goals will help your overall productivity. For example, if you have a giant paper due in 3 weeks, write your first draft the first week. This will give you ample time to go over and edit your draft to make the final draft easier to execute. If you’re making something from scratch, your progress will take longer. 

anonymous asked:

Help! Do you ever have days where you don't want to write or revise but you know you should? What do you do to get through them?

Oh my.

Okay, so this is a thing that happens. Maybe not to everyone, but it happens to me, and when it does it is almost always for one of two reasons. Each of these reasons has a slightly different solution (there is also a third reason, which we may get into in a minute, but it’s more of a crisis than a reason, so mileage may vary).

Reason number one is, I’m easily distracted and full of thoughts and kind of lazy. So if I’m being that, there is only one solution and it is “Brenna, sit down in front of that screen and make a book, it is your JOB.” It usually works—boredom maxes out after about five minutes of staring at my document file and I start working. And there are some secondary tricks too: I work in coffee shops a lot because I like the background noise. I have big headphones that feel good squeezing my head and fill me with a sense of wellbeing. I find a song and listen to it on repeat. I always drink or eat the same thing. I wear a sweater that I like. (I fall into habits very easily and have learned to use this quality to trick myself into working.)

Reason number two, though. Reason two is that sometimes my brain is empty. I’ve been working too much too fast and not refilling my thoughts and now all the fuel is gone and I’m just grinding metal. Sometimes that means I need to not work and do something mindless, like wash dishes or vacuum or repot houseplants or drive or go outside and dig a hole and then fill it back up. Or sometimes it means I need to not work and go read a book or watch a movie or go to a museum and see things other people made when they were expansive and excited and not out of thoughts. And then, once my brain has had enough food and enough rest, I’m ready again.

Both of these reasons for not writing are totally normal (for me) (for you?) but it’s important to be able to tell the difference, because one is solved by powering through, and one is not. Which brings us to the third crisis reason.

Sometimes, I am on a brutal deadline. Sometimes it’s non-negotiable. Sometimes I have pulled two all-nighters in a row and am staring down the barrel of a third, and I know I’d want to work if I could just have a second where I’m NOT working, but that is only a beautiful dream. This is a problem. You know those people who only ever seem to operate at 100% when under extreme duress?  *raises hand* A weird thing happens where I don’t WANT to work anymore, but the overdrive switch has flipped in my brain, and it will do the work until the job is done, whether I want to or not. And trust me, I DON’T. It is like being dragged through a drippy alligatory swamp by a robot—you’re just like “please, robot, stop moving my legs! This was the actual hardest thing for me to figure out a solution for, because:

1) Deadlines are a part of my job, and sometimes they are quite tight, and the work still has to get done anyway.

2) As much as I absolutely hate it, there is another part of me that likes it.

But I know more now than I used to. Back when I was 23 and completely unwise and taking a course overload in grad school while interning and also working 30 hours a week, I was just like “this is how we live a life!” That is not true. Can you hear me in the back? THAT IS NOT TRUE.

But sometimes you still have to do stuff and there’s a lot of it and you also have very little time to do it in. So let me tell you a deadline secret, it is very important: the answer to Brenna’s acute deadline crisis is, drink water, eat almonds, divide each 24-hour cycle into two discrete sections, allowing for one 3-hour sleep cycle and one 4 to 5-hour one. This is because if you are me, you start to feel like you are not allowed to sleep. This is a lie. And in fact, if you don’t sleep, I promise your work won’t be as good. At very best, it will be pretty weird. Also, drink less coffee. You think you need it, but you don’t.

I realize the answer to this question escalated quickly. Probably just focus on points 1 and 2—telling the difference between when your brain is empty and when it’s just dragging its feet. Unless you are a person who is currently living my 23-year-old life. In which case, you are not just allowed to sleep. Dude, you HAVE TO.

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Today was really stressful. I had to do a bunch of homework and other stuff because I didn’t get it done during the week. I’m really excited for my new set book for english lessons. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time now. Let’s see how I’ll like it! 



Welcome to my commission listing, where I offer myself up to be your art slave and you choose what you want me to do. I’m open to drawing things from any fandom, though if it’s not on my ‘current/past fandoms’ list in my tumblr description then chances are I won’t be familiar with the show - meaning y’all’re gonna have to walk me through it if you don’t want me tripping up on the little details.

Basically I’m opening commissions for one major reason: I’m broker than Brokeback Mountain. My wallet begs for me to put something in it while I keep trying to houdini stuff out of it and that’s just landing me in a big mess of ‘how the heck am I gonna pay my bills and eat at the same time??’.

I don’t wanna live on bread and cheese. Cry.


I generally get commissions done within two weeks of recieving them, but if you need it sooner give me a date and I’ll do what I can to meet it. (Feel free to bribe me to jump ahead in the cue if you need it within the week - I’m happy to work on a short deadline if need be.)

Contact me via PM or at :)

Well since pining Keith is a Thing™ now, gotta join the bandwagon and who am I kidding? I love pining Keith

-It’s already established but Lance is painfully oblivious like Lance is horrible at picking up signs when it comes to his relationship

-Keith hates every. second. of. it.

-Keith: Having a crush sucks. I’m gonna go die. *locks self in room and plays pining music*
Shiro: Keith, could you at least die to some good music?

-Ice-cream tubs mysteriously disappear in less than two days

-Shiro: *knocking on door* I know you took the ice-cream, Keith! Open up!
Keith: *raises volume to Mr. Brightside*
Shiro: KEITH

-Once Lance accidentally put his hand on top of Keith’s and Keith wouldn’t speak to him for a week

-Hunk: You should be ashamed of yourself.
Lance: Wha?
Pidge: Disgraceful.
Shiro: Unbelievable.
Allura: Keith deserves better.
Coran: Quite sad, indeed.
Lance: wHAT DiD i DOOOO????
*collective groans*

-You guys don’t understand how painfully oblivious Lance is.

-Lance: Hunk, I just realized something.
Hunk: Hm?
Lance: Keith is always really nervous around me. And he gets red all the time. He starts fidgeting and stuff.
Hunk: !!!!
Lance: Do you think…
Hunk: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lance: Keith is allergic to me?
Lance: Well, not me exactly. I started using some Altean shampoo Coran let me borrow so maybe-
Hunk: *looks into camera like in the office*

-Keith has done those crush things and love calculator on the internet. He got 95% BTW. He was grinning for weeks.

-Pidge: Don’t tell you actually believe those things.
Keith: *raises volume to Can’t Help Falling in Love*
Pidge: What are you, 50???

-He also checks their horoscopes, the dork

-He is so,,,,,,,in love with this boy,,,,,,,,you cannot imagine,,,,,,,the grin he gets,,,,,,,whenever Lance compliments him

-He kinda just hugs his pillow and thinks about it all night

-U got it bad by Usher

@gdipalomo thank u for this sweet prompt i died about 500 times drawing it just bc i love the idea of palomo being a big brother to junior :”)

Title: Finishing Sentences
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A/N: so the long awaited not really sequel to this! Sorry for the wait! I’ve just had a lot going on for the past few days and just haven’t had the time to really sit down and write something this heckin long

Virgil stood in the doorway watching Patton for a moment, building up his nerve.  In his hands he held his notebook, turned to the latest page he’d blacked out and written over once again.  The bright purple pen was a tad hard to see on the black nail polish he’d had to use to black out the page, but it was the best he had and Patton didn’t need to read what was underneath that anyway.

Granted, Virgil wasn’t so sure anymore that the moral side needed to read what he was about to present to him.  Maybe he should just leave.  He could try again later.  He could –

“Verge, what’s up?”

Virgil jerked his head up in surprise when he saw Patton standing up, a plastic cup in his hand.  “Umm…” Virgil started, shifting where he stood.  “I just…I wanted to ask if you’d give me some advice…O-on what I wrote! Not, like, life or something! Just…writing advice…”

Patton seemed suspicious, but he shrugged it off and gave a grin, plopping back down on the sofa and patting the seat beside himself. “Let’s see what you’ve got!”

Virgil peeled himself away from the wall and dragged his feet to Patton’s side, presenting the notebook with one shaky hand.  Patton took off his glasses and held the book up to his face to read.  

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How to Make a Study Schedule

There’s many different types of study schedules. You can make one for the semester, for the month, for the week, even for the day (if you have a lot of stuff you want to get done). Because it’s back to school time and I gotta maximize on when everyone is in the learning mood, I’m going to be extra and detail ways to go about making them all. 😂


One thing I do after I get all of my syllabi is to make a chronological list of all the assignment due dates and exams. I typically type this to allow more grace room for mistakes, and follow this system:

Exams are bolded and in all caps. Quizzes are bolded. If you have a color coding system for your classes and want to implement that you, totally can. However, if you like the simple black-and-white look, you can also just group assignments together by class.

This is a comprehensive list of the major due dates and how long you have until you meet them. I print this out so I can stick it in front of my binder. However, a downside to this is if dates change, which some teachers are more inclined to do than others. >.>


I prefer to use a traditional calendar layout for this. First I mark in all exams, tests, quizzes. I also jot in the different, smaller assignments, if I feel like it. However, with monthly schedules, I place more stress upon planning for exams. 

Two week before any exam I look at the material it covers. As with every system of planning I suggest to y’all, so much of it can be tweaked to suit you. My personal method is to make a rough outline of how much I have to study for that exam and then how many hours I think each part would take. Then I space it out over the space of two weeks so that I study a little bit each day. I do this as soon as I can because it’s helps prevent the temptation to cram.


Similar to the semester study schedule (but with more concise dates) I will list the assignments out, but I will also prioritize them. Because by this time I already know when their due dates are (according to my monthly schedule), for each week I will list which date I want to finish each task by. I will also list checkpoints along completing that task, and when I aspire to meet those checkpoints. For example, some checkpoints for writing an essay might be “I want to get the rough draft written by X” and “I want it to be proofread by Y.” These smaller, more achievable goals will motivate as you meet them.


If you want to be REALLY extra, you could even make a daily study schedule. If you saw my last #Study Saturday post about making a study routine, then you already have time set aside for studying. For your daily study schedule, plan out step by step, Pomodoro session by Pomodoro session what all you will be working on throughout the day. 

Typically when I do this, I start with grand dreams of productivity and minutely fill up my day with work. When I don’t follow my schedule exactly, I try not to feel bad, because I accomplished less than my ideal. Whenever I do though, the sense of satisfaction and pride is well worth it.

Previous #Studying Saturday post: How to Make a Study Routine 

I wouldn’t want it any other way/ Nolan Holloway

Request: 85, 88, 59 with Nolan Holloway?

Prompt(s):85.“ You’re my everything “

                 88.“ He’s a mess without you “

                 59. “ Stop pretending this is right “

You and your boyfriend Nolan had been together for a long time. Everything was going amazing for the two of you except for the facts that you had been hiding a secret from him and that was that you were a werewolf. You didn’t want to tell him because you wanted to protect him from all that bad supernatural stuff. The two of you were laying on your bed just talking about stupid stuff because Nolan was fill of anxiety because as hard as you tried somehow he got into the supernatural stuff by becoming a hunter.

“Nolan?” You said as you played with his fingers.

“Yeah?” He asked as he looked down at you.

“Can you…W-would you….Please just get out of what you’re doing I don’t want you getting hurt.” You said still playing with his fingers to distract yourself.

“Y/N how many times have I told you this. I’m doing this for you I don’t want one of those things to hurt you.” He said angrily as sat up and sat on the edge of your bed.

You were a little hurt by him calling werewolves things because well you are one.

“Nolan. You don’t have to protect me I can protect myself.” You said sitting next to him and leaning your head on his shoulder.

“You don’t know that. You weren’t there when that ‘animal’ came into the library. I just…I-I don’t want to lose you.” He said getting tears in his eyes.

“Nolan please look at me. You aren’t going to lose me okay. Just please get out of it before you’re into it way to deep.” You said looking at him.

“I’m sorry Y/N but I won’t stop. I’m trying to help everyone. I’m trying to save everyone.” He said as he stood up.

You tried to calm yourself because you didn’t want him to see what you really were especially now.

“Nolan stop pretending that this is right!” You yelled at him as you stood up.

“This isn’t right. Killing kids that are your age just because they are different. That isn’t something that you do.” You said sadly.

“Why can’t you understand that if we don’t kill them that they will kill us.” He said angrily but also with a lot of fear in his voice.

You were starting to really get angry and you let out a growl as your eyes flashed gold. You looked at Nolan and he looked scared and heartbroken at the same time.

“Y-you’re one of them.” He said scared as he backed up.

“N-Nolan please I was gonna tell you but….Look I’m still me I’m still the same person you were talking with a few minutes ago.” You said as you tried to walk closer to him.

“Stay away p-please. I-I…Y-you l-lied to me. I-I can’t believe you lied to me about this.” He said as he backed up even more as he started to cry.

“Please just let me explain. Look I was gonna die okay. Normally I’m not even supposed to be here. Me becoming a werewolf saved my life. Don’t you care about that.” You said as you started to cry.

“I-I can’t do this. I-I can’t be with you. I-I-I’m sorry. B-But….I-I just can’t.” He said with fear in his eyes as he ran out of your house.

You started to cry and break a lot of stuff in your room. You even started to scratch the walls angrily. You knew that he was probably gonna tell Gabe and that you were done for. You just couldn’t get the scared look that he had in his eyes out of your head. You had stayed home for two weeks because of how broken you were. You were laying on your couch when suddenly your door bell rang. You stood up and opened the door and then immediately being ready to close it when you saw that it was Gabe.

“N-No wait please.” He said as he tried to hold the door open.

“What is it Gabe. You here to kill me?” You asked crossing your arms.

“No I’m here because believe it or not I care about Nolan and he needs you as much as I hate to admit it he’s a mess without you.” Gabe said looking at you.

“Just go over to him please. He might be angry but he needs you he really does. And I know that if he doesn’t step up his game soon that something bad will happen to him.” Gabe said while he crossed his arms.

“Fine I”ll go over to him.” You said looking at Gabe.

“Just so you know. Just because this one time I didn’t kill you doesn’t mean I won’t try next time.” Gabe said before walking away.

You rolled your eyes and closed your front door. You just quickly put on some new clothes and went over to Nolan’s house. You knocked on the door and a very sad looking Nolan with a blanket wrapped around him opened the door.

“Gabe just go away okay…I now what Monroe will do if I….” He started to say before he looked up.

“Y-Y/n. Y/n please take me back I’m sorry I’m so sorry I need you. I love you so so much. You’re my everything please take me back.” Nolan said as he hugged you once he saw that it was you.

“I love you too Nolan. And yes I’ll take you back. I need you to.” You said as you pulled away from the hug and looked at him.

“I’m really sorry for everything I said to you. I just….I-I need to do it. Or she’ll kill me.” Nolan said looking down.

“No she won’t. We’ll find a way to fix this okay. But we need to do this together.” You said as you took his hand.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” He said with a smile as he held your hand and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

anonymous asked:

Hi Emma! Just wondering whether you have any tips for studying during the school holidays? My school finished for first semester on Friday and now I have three weeks of holidays before second semester starts, but I really need to study because I have my year 11 preliminary exams a few weeks after term starts. Any tips? xx

Hellooo! Here are a few things you could do:

  • plan out what you need to study - either print off your subject outline or make a list of things you’d like to cover. Even though it can be daunting, I found working through a list of topics and being able to cross them off really useful when trying to cover everything.
  • make a schedule that works for you - since it is holidays don’t force yourself to study every single day for multiple hours. I’d say trying to fit a couple of hours every few days is good. If you’re not going out too much, then you can obviously increase the amount. I like to plan my day out on a piece of paper or in my study schedule printable. I usually don’t strictly plan hour by hour but as a rough guide. I’ll try to put a flexible finish time and not underestimate how long a task will take. If I’ve put effort in to the schedule and then put it on display, I’m usually more inclined to follow it!
  • limit your times - this kind of goes with the above, but remember not to over schedule or spend after hour sitting at your desk. Have a productive hour or two (with breaks) and then you can move on. I think you’ll be more inclined to keep studying throughout your holiday if you’re not seeming to be sitting, bored all day. I usually say to myself “right, work between 10am-2pm (or whenever) then I can do something more fun!”. If you have a day without studying at all, don’t feel you’ve let yourself down either.
  • reward yourself - create a system to celebrate completing a selection of tasks. By rewarding your progress you’ll build an incentive to work and reinforce productivity (great for your self-discipline!).This is also important since it is your holidays and you should have a bit of time for fun.
  • track your progress - this could be on a calendar, a pre-made habit tracker or on an app like HabitForge or Forest. Seeing your progress can help your see that you’re not wasting your time and that it is working!
  • put it in perspective - often when it is holidays we will put things off and leave them till last minute. Whilst studying can get boring, think of the pay off - awesome exam results! By dedicating that bit of time throughout your holidays and actually getting on with it means you’ll be super prepared and not regretful that you spent the past few weeks doing random stuff that didn’t really need to be done. 

I’ll link a few other posts that you might find interesting:

Hope this helps! Best of luck with your exams and have a fun holiday :-)

Break The Distance - Jackson Wang

// hello!!! this is extremely fluffy and soft and i’m not really sorry one bit. i loVE JACKSON SO MUCH SO WRITING THIS,,,,PAINED MY ENTIRE SOUL,,, this is fiction so i understand some stuff is kinda off but itS MY STORY I CAN DO WHAT I WANT OK but feedback is extremely appreciated, thank you !!!! :) (should i continue this pls let me know)


Saturday mornings. You lived for Saturday mornings. Waking up at 7 am on a Saturday was your favorite thing to do.

Your alarm goes off at 6:40 so you have a little time to make yourself look not dead. You brush your teeth and run a brush through your hair a few times. Your mom knows your routine, so she has a pot of coffee already brewed. You make yourself a mug and grab a random breakfast bar from the cupboard. You rush back to your room and open your laptop, 6:57. You still had time, so you send a text.

Wow I’m actually ready on time for once :)

Your laptop starts ringing and you immediately press accept on the call. “Y/N!!! Gooooood moooorrrrnning!” Your favorite voice in the world fills your ears. “Hi Jackson.” You say with a laugh.

Jackson. Your best friend for the past almost four years, your boyfriend for the past eleven months. “How are you? Did you sleep well?” He asks, a smile on his face. You love his smile, it makes your heart skip a beat and butterflies arise in your stomach, even after four years. “I did! How was your day today?” He starts talking about all the things he did today, how the younger fencers are progressing very well, the goofy stuff he did with his friends, what his mom made for dinner. You love hearing him talk, you only get to skype once a week, because that’s when it fits both of your schedules.

Oh, yeah… Jackson lives halfway across the world.

You met six years ago on Myspace, both of you look back and laugh at how cringey you both were. You were 13 at the time, he was 14, he lived in Hong Kong, and you were stuck in (y/t). You both made it work, talking every single chance you had, waking up to millions of snapchats throughout the others’ day. People call you both crazy, why would you do all this for someone you’ve never actually met? That didn’t matter to either of you. You trusted Jackson more than any other person on the planet, and he felt the same about you. You both have multiple followers on both of your social media websites from the cute posts to each other, pictures of your skype calls, people love it, for reasons neither of you knew.

And yeah, it’s hard. It’s very hard, especially since you two started dating. Being long distance best friends was hard enough, but dating? It was frustrating, but you made it work. You and Jackson worked together like a well oiled machine, both of you never missing a chance to talk to the other. People were envious, always saying how you two were “goals” and saying they “wish they had a relationship like yours”, but they shouldn’t. It’s hard not being able to kiss away his insecurities when they eat him whole, it’s hard not being able to hold his hand and feel how warm they are, I’ve never felt his arms around me, the closest thing to knowing his scent is the sweaters he’s sent me, I don’t know how his lips taste… It’s hard. But he makes it worth it.

“Sooo… babe I have something to tell you..” He says, looking away with a small smile on his face. “Okay..? Jackson you’re fidgeting, so this must be good news!” You chuckle. He stands up for a second and grabs something in front of him. “Okay… so, you know how our four year friendaversary and one year anniversary are coming up?” He asks, looking into the camera this time, trying to hold back his smile. “Well, duh, idiot? How could I forget?!” You tease him, smiling when he pouts slightly. “Weeeeeellllll.. Uh… I may or may not have talked to my parents and your parents….” “Wait.. you talked to my parents?” “SHH! YOU’RE KILLING THE MOMENT!” You roll your eyes at him, chuckling at his childishness. “Anyway.. before I was ruDELY INTERRUPTED…. I’m, uh.. I’m coming to see you.” He says, a smile bursting through his face, holding up his plane ticket in his hand. You feel your throat dry, tears welling into your eyes, “Jackson.. you’re not being serious.” You manage to croak out. “A week. I’m coming in a week.” You’re sat there in disbelief, staring blankly at the screen and his words sink in, and the tears start. “JACKSON YOU’RE FUCKING LYING TO ME I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU’RE LYING I’M NEVER GOING TO SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN.” You yell, covering your face with your hands, which were clad in the sleeves of one of his sweaters. “Why would I lie? THIS IS NOT A LYING MATTER Y/N.” His laugh bounces through your room. “Hey.. Princess come on, don’t cry this is supposed to be good!” His  voice is quiet and scared, like he thinks I don’t want him here. “Jackson, this is almost four years of skype calls, texts and snapchats, and in a week you’re going to be sitting in my house? I’m veRY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW OKAY?” Every nerve in your body is buzzing. He’s coming. In a week, 7 days, 168 hours. You’ll have him in your arms, for the first time ever. “How long are you staying?” You ask, peeking over your hands. “If you’d actually look at me I’d tell you.” He remarks, making you drop your hands and huff at him, smiling. “Two weeks.” Your eyes literally almost burst from your head, “HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET MY PARENTS TO AGREE ON TWO WEEKS?” “I’m magic, baby. That’s how.” He smirks, and you roll your eyes at him.

You two continue chatting, making plans for when he comes, talking for hours about everything that’s happening in your lives, before you realize it’s almost midnight there. “Shit! Jackson, go to bed, it’s late.” “But baaaabe.. I wanna keep talking to you.” He whines, pouting and giving you his signature puppy dog eyes. “No, Jackson don’t do this you need to sleep. You said you have important stuff to get done tomorrow.” You try getting him to listen just once. But, for some reason, he complies, “Fiiine.. But will you stay on until I fall asleep?” You realize the sleepiness in his voice and smile, “Of course, baby.” He curls up in his bed, pulling the blankets to his chin, and lays down, staring at his side of the screen, a wide grin on his face. “What?” You ask, smiling slightly. “This is our last Saturday chat before I come see you.. Next Saturday I’ll be there with you, to have our Saturday chat in person.” His voice giddy, but still tired. Your heart warms so much, it almost feels on fire. “Yeah.. It is.. After this, it’s going to be so much different.” “I know.. But I can’t wait.” His sleepy smile radiates off his face, and you smile back. “I’m going to go to sleep nooow.” You chuckle, “Okaaaay Jackson.” “But don’t hang up!” “I won’t until you fall asleep.” “Good..” His voice carries off, and you sit there with him, messing on your phone before he falls asleep. You take a quick picture of him sleeping with you up in the corner and post it on Instagram with the caption,

Last Saturday Skype chat with my sleepy boy :) @jacksonwang852

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I've been coughing up a lung all week and I'm still doing shit cause i gotta get stuff done. Could i get 2d and murdoc just dealing with an s/o who's sick and just doesn't know when to stop and they're just like 'babe no stop you're sick' ?

Sorry about how long this took! <3 And I hope you feel better :) 


“Shit! I have to send this out before the post closes or my boss will have my head impaled on a stake by next week!”

You’ve been running around frantically all day trying to get everything done. Your sister called today asking if you could take your nephews while she goes to another job interview. You had to send this package, take the kids to school, pick them up, pick up a pizza pie for when they got hungry, all while “working” from home today. On top of all this you had a horrible sore throat and headache and the twins were screaming at each other.

“What’s all this?” Murdoc walks in the room looking at the rugrats.

“Ugh Mudz, I’m sorry I just had to take them for today and-” You say rushing by him, picking up pizza crusts from the floor and tossing them when he interrupts you

“You don’t look so good, love.” He saunters towards you looking worried, giving a glance to the kids before putting out his cigarette.

“Well thanks, that’s all I needed to hear!” You rolled your eyes and start looking for the car keys so you could get to the post office in time, suddenly you hear a jingle and look up to see Murdoc holding the keys by the loop on one of his long and sharp nails. You sigh and grab for the keys when he pulls them away..

“Ah ah ah! “ He tuts, “C’mere, love.”

“Mudz, I don’t have time for this!” You half yell, frustrated.

He gives you a serious look and you walk towards him. He reaches towards you, placing the back of his green tinted hand on your forehead gently.

“Babe no, stop, you’re sick! Yer burning up!” He exclaims, looking even more worried. You can actually see his eyebrows peep below his bangs as he frowns at you, pouting.

“Someone has to get all this shit done!” You say and flinch when you hear a crash. The future criminals were apparently playing catch with a vase…

“Okay that’s enough of that…” he turned towards the kids. “YOU TWO. SIT DOWN. SHUT UP. WATCH THE TELLY UNTIL YA MOTHER GETS HERE. I HERE A PEEP OUT OF ANY OF YOU AND YOU’LL BE CORTEZ’S DINNER.” He aggressively points to the raven that just flew in the room.

The boys look up and the green man and scuttle away towards the TV where they sit down quietly.

He moves Cortez and gently pets the beautiful bird looking at you with a grin “That works didn’t it? Now you just need to send this? Anything else? Alright then I’ll be off right away then, lets get you in bed.” Cortez hops on his head and he rolls his eyes at the bird “Bloody doofus…” He mutters, making you giggle. He manages to snag some pizza and a napkin as he pushes you towards the bedroom, he roughly shoves you in bed and tosses the slice on top of the napkin in your lap, then turns on the TV.

“Relax, love. I’ll be back soon! Stay in bed, call one of the mongrels over there, if you need anything. I’ll be home in 10 minutes, just going to drop this off for ya” He gestures to the package and kisses your forehead before he exits the room, leaving you stunned.


You were sitting in a dark room, your desk and surrounding area the only things illuminated. A pencil in your hands and you other hand clutching your hard cover textbook, you have a final exam tomorrow and you’re just not getting it. You head is pounding, your throat is itchy, and your eyes are burning. But you have to drill this information through your head. Suddenly more light filters into the room, you take out your earplugs to hear your boyfriend mid sentence:

“-some takeout, would you like me to bring you some?” 2D says, walking towards you, eventually resting a hand on your shoulder.

“No thanks, D, I’m not really feeling so well”

Whatsamatter?” He responds sounding worried, and he spins your desk chair so that you’re facing him. He sees your flushed cheeks, bagged eyes and pale lips and his black eyes widen with concern. “Wha- on earth are ya doin up if you’re this sick?” He squeaks.

“It’s nothing, I took a few dayquil already, I just have to study, I need to pass this exam.” You say trying to swivel the chair back to face the desk. Your attempt is futile as he puts both arms at your sides, gripping the tops of the chair, by your shoulders.

He leans in and moves his hands, positioning himself like he’s trying to give you a hug, he mutters: “Baby no, stop that, you’re sick.” by your ear; then both his arms were under your underarms, wrapped around you as he pulls you out the chair. He hoists you up and wraps your legs around his waist, moving his hands so that one is underneath your bottom, and the other supports your back. He’s holding you like he would hold a toddler, and he starts to walk out of your dark room, ignoring your protests.

You’re too weak to argue any longer so you give up and just sigh and lay your cheek on his shoulder. He walks down the hall holding you and ignoring a weird look from Russel, he says “Ey Russ, would you be able to make y/n here some soup?”

Russel seems to understand now and says “I’m on it!”

2D chuckles as he enters his room: “What did we do ta deserve Russel, amiright? He’s the only one of us in this place that actually knows how to cook!” He finishes his sentence and plops you on his bed, bringing the covers up. He lays next to you and turns on the TV. “What are ya in the mood for? A movie?”

“I need to study…” You grumble.

“Your health is more important than this class!” He exclaims. “Now you stay here, i’m going to help Russel. If I find out ya moved to get your book or anything I swear I’ll… I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” You raise an eyebrow, amused at his struggle to find a good threat.

“I’ll borrow Murdoc’s handcuffs and lock you to the bed next time! In fact, I’ll have him babysit ya!” He says confidently, proud of his ability to come up with a threat so quickly, smiling at your reaction as you grimace at the thought of having to spend time with that green stale pickle man.

“Fine.” You huff, secretly happy that you get to relax.    

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Yo. First, I love your art. Second, how long do these take you to make? Probably forever, heh. And third, welcome to the list of blogs I've looked through instead of doing my math homework!

Firstly, thank you! :D Secondly, if I’m able to spend literally every free moment I have working on the updates, I can usually make a set of pages in about a week. But stuff gets in the way sometimes, like work and me being tired. I just try to work as fast as I can without compromising quality. And thirdly, I’m honored! Make sure you be a good noodle and get that homework done though :)

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Why do the people who are most likely to complain about the Democratic Party not winning elections the kind of people who seem the least likely to vote (for voluntary reasons) in the first place?

I don’t know. They don’t vote, Democrats lose, which makes them lack any power, which prevents them from getting anything done, which disillusions people into not voting for them the next time. I remember people saying just a few weeks ago that Democrats weren’t doing enough to stop AHCA. In general I’m always surprised by how much people expect from government, but I’m really floored by what people expect of a minority party (and I won’t even touch on the DNC conspiracies and what people imagine they do.) I saw one article that was like “house Democrats aren’t doing anything except delaying votes.” Thst’s literally all they csn do. If you want Democrats to do stuff, you have to vote for them, even the ones who don’t excite you. 


First time doing an actual comic and not a strip! :D This helped me gauge how long a page takes, and it wouldn’t be unrealistic for me to update once or twice a week when I get the actual comic going. Soon, friends. Soon.

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Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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| Masterlist || 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Ep. ||

Peter Pan x Reader AU

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character)

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

Note~ Might make this into a series??? Giving it a part 2 to finish the rest of the request, most definitely. 

“Good morning, lads. What’s on the menu for today?”

Newt laid his satchel on the lunch table, sitting with his three friends, as they stared off into the crowd of students. It was the start of their morning routine, meet up in their usual spot, scout out for new challenges, and start the hunt. 

“I’ve got my eye on Wendy Darling-”

“Had her. Terrible. Kisses like a snake, all tongue, it’s awful.” Newt cut off Thomas, shaking his head in disgust.  “What about Teresa-”

“Weak-ass hickies, and a moaner. And not the kind of moans you’d hope for.” Thomas shrugged.

“How do you mean?” Newt looked in Teresa’s direction, making eye contact, but she was quick to take her attention to the floor.

“I don’t know, it was loud. Obnoxious, all in your face, makes you wanna rip your shucking ears off.” He chuckles, getting them to laugh as well.

“What about you, Pan? Who catches your eye?” Felix shoved his shoulder, a boyish smirk on his face. 

Peter grins at his nickname he’s earned from his friends. Pan means…well…urban dictionary can help explain it better. The reason for the nickname is how his charm has earned him enough tail to put other players of the school to shame.

His eyes scanned the crowd of people, his mind playing out names and memories of those he’s already been with. The school wasn’t too big, so the population of the girls they haven’t shagged decreased since the beginning of the year, so there wasn’t much to chose from.

“Hold the phone,” Pan held up a finger, the points it to the left of them. “Who’s that sitting with Henry?” 

His friends looked in the direction he was pointing to, and when their eyes had you in their line of vision, sly grins plastered their faces.

“Oh.” Newt smirked.

“Her.” Thomas winked, nudging Felix as he chuckled. 

“You guys know her?” Pan asked, still watching your movement as you were playing a game with the freshmen you were sitting with. 

“Know her? We’ve got a name for her. We call her the Virgin Mary, I have tried scoring with her, Thomas has tried and so has Newt. She rejected all three of us, even a few other guys in this school. This girl has some serious trust issues, or something.” Felix enlightened the brunette. 

“What’s her real name?”

“Hell if I know, she wouldn’t even make eye contact.” 

Pan looked you over once more, biting his lip as he saw how…innocent you looked. The way the corner of your eyes crinkled when you laughed at whatever Henry was saying, how your clothes fully covered your body, not giving any hints on what goods you had hidden from him…like a Christmas present. Just waiting to be unwrapped by the right person.  

“I’m going to go talk to her.” Pan stood up confidently, fixing his shirt, and picking up his backpack. 

“OH you think you’ll do better than us?” Newt crossed his arms.

“I know I can,” He raised an eyebrow, smirking. “Now how does my hair look?”

“What does it matter? She’s going to reject you before you can even sit down.” Thomas bets, making Pan roll his eyes.

“Maybe with you, but I know I stand a chance. Watch and learn, boys.” Pan started walking in your direction.

“Crash and burn, Pan!” Newt calls back, making the table burst into a fit of laughter, getting flipped off by Pan. 

Pan made his way over to you and Henry, a cocky smirk he’s mastered all too well, ready for the hunt of his new prey. You. His sudden appearance made Henry stiffen up, stopping you from talking and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Henry? What’s the matter?” You hear someone clear their throat, making you turn to see who it was. When you did, you had to refrain from rolling your eyes. You’ve done that way too many times this week. And for the same reason. 

“[Sigh] You guys don’t ever quit, do you?” You groan, looking up at Pan.

“What ever do you mean, love?” His eyes scan Henry, then glare. “Beat it, kid.” He growled, making the boy gather his things quickly, giving you a quick goodbye hug as he scurried to another table in the lunchroom.

You had your mouth open in shock at how rude he was toward your friend. You were next to gather up your stuff, getting ready to leave, until he started talking to you.

“Maybe you should have a seat, talk for a while.”

“I WAS talking with my friend, until you had to interrupt. Look, like I told your little buddies, I’m not interested in being a one night stand, like I’ve heard you’ve done to all the other girls here.” You fumed, rubbing your temples on how many times you’ve repeated that sentence. 

Pan smirks even wider, trying so hard not to laugh at your frustration. You really didn’t know everything if you think he’s gonna give up that easily.   

“So…wanna make out?” He twirled a piece of your hair in between his fingertips, only for you to smack his hand away. That’s when he noticed you had a ring on your finger. And not just any ring. A purity ring.

“What are you staring at?” You sassed, crossing your arms.

“You’re a virgin? For real?” He nodded to your ring, watching as you played with it a little. 

“Yes. Unlike you, I want to save myself for the right person.”

“Well you’re looking right at him, love,” Pan smirks, his arms extended for emphasis.

“AFTER marriage. For all I know, you could have some kind of disease from all those girls you’ve been with.”

“I don’t have a-”

“Or gotten at least a few of them pregnant, and not being there for them when they need you the most.” You continued to shoot venom at him with your words, not giving him a chance to respond. 

“Listen, Virgin Mary-”

“That is not my name!”

“Then what is your name?”

“Why should I tell you? You won’t care after you’ve had your way with me,” You picked up your backpack, glaring daggers at the boy in front of you. “But I will tell you this: You and your stupid friends better leave me the hell alone. You may have shagged every other girl, but I’ll be damned if you even-!”

“Whoa, whoa. Okay, look, I’m sorry alright? Can we just start over? I just wanted to get to know you, that’s all.”

“That’s a lie. I want you to leave me ALONE. Understand?” You shoved passed him, more irritated than before the conversation started, stomping somewhere else so you could calm down. 

“Yes, ma’am.” Pan slightly chuckles, but on the inside feels defeated. He made his way back over to his friends, knowing that they watched the whole thing.

“Well?” Thomas smirks, his eyebrows raised high.

“She turned me down. She’s a feisty little ball of fire, isn’t she? I like fire.” Pan licked his lips, watching as you left the lunch room, his eyes focused on your ass.

“Told ya so, she’s a tough nut to crack. Don’t worry, Pan, it happens to the best of us.” Newt patted his shoulder, but Pan only raised his eyebrow.

“Oh you think I’m done with her? I’m just getting started.” 

“What? She basically cursed you to stay away from her, what do you mean you’re just getting started?” Felix cocked his head to the side in total confusion.

“Yeah, he’s right. Just let it go, man, we’ve never had to try this hard to get into some girl’s pants before; she’s a prude anyway.” Thomas tried to reason, but Pan’s mind was already made up, and nothing was going to stop him.

“She’s too special to let go of, mates. And I think I’ve just found the challenge I’ve been looking for.”

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What advice would you have for an artist that is at a point where if feels like their hands can't quite put out the pictures they have on their head? I've been struggling with this for a while, the ideas are there but I feel that the skill isn't.


I want to start by saying: This is a completely normal thing every single artist goes through periodically, regardless of skill level. Your brain has just moved beyond your current skill set. The silver lining is, this usually happens before a level up!

My biggest piece of advice is: Don’t stop, keep going!

It can be so easy to be discouraged about your artwork, especially in this phase of your art cycle. You have to get the bad art out to let the good stuff start to flow again. Think of yourself like an intricate pipe system for your ideas. You’ve got a blockage somewhere in your artflow, and there’s no telling how big it is, so you just have to start unclogging it.

  • I highly recommend starting with a short break (like a week or so). Relax. If you absolutely have to do something creative, try something new (painting abstractly, making simple jewelry, wood carving, something completely different you’ve never done).
  • After your short break set up a plan, and follow through with. I recommend doing art studies from life (gesture drawings, photography landscapes, still life objects, rendering materials, etc), and set a rough schedule for yourself (IE: Two days a week I’ll tackle drawing landscapes from reference for an hour or so.) Setting a time can be handy, so that there is a stopping point. If it doesn’t look right or ‘good’, it doesn’t matter, you learned something and it’s time to move on. Reference studies are super useful to help you figure things out over time in a way that makes sense for you, and to build your reference library in your brain.
  • My final piece of advice is to doodle out the poses/compositions/ideas in your head, with a small note on your thoughts, and save them in a set space. This way when your skills grow you can re-explore ideas you couldn’t previously do.

Part of being an artist is constantly learning and developing your skills, and sometimes there are blockages along the way.

You can move past them, it just takes time and effort!

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Are you going to stream? (Sorry for the stupid question)

I already did at the scheduled time I mentioned! :o I was there for 3 hours!

Anon: when is the next stream gonna be?

as soon as I have something I can work on in stream I guesS rn I have one week’s worth of pics already done and to be posted so I’m trying to foreshadow what I’ll be wanting to post in a week from now lmao

unless you guys want to see me work on commission stuff in stream :?

Anon: Where do you stream??? I couldn’t figure out how to get to it :(       

er just click the link?