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Jackson for Never Ever and Q Stages on Music Core: 170325



I’ve been meaning to say thank you so much for the nickname. Oh yeah, glad you like it. It was super easy to come up with. Father Joseph, Father Broseph, Father Bro, Father Brah. Bam! I mean attendance has shot through the roof since you did that.


I couldn’t think of anything…. 

This is for @inukag-week Day 4- “AU” 

SOOO I found this meme and thought of using it for these two ;) This was fun and different XDXD Hopefully you guys like it– and maybe somebody can get inspired to write something from these images ;)

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SNS Week | Day 6 - Home & Family 🍅🍥

I just want Naruto and Sasuke to be really cheesy husbands OK?? That the longer they’re together the more romantic they get until Nar straight up picks up Sas like a princess everytime he returns home (☆▽☆)

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It’s difficult to fully express the meaning in this scene. Yes, Sasuke was willing to die for Naruto, but to leave it at that misses the point. This is about something much greater.

Sasuke’s sole drive was to avenge his plan and kill his brother. Before he considered himself a shinobi, and probably even more than he considered himself a human being, he considered himself an avenger. When Sasuke introduced himself to his team, the first thing he mentioned was his drive to destroy his brother and revive his plan. This was his identity, and every move he made was to further that goal.

Aside from Naruto, Sasuke is likely the most goal-driven character in the entire anime. Both of them are similar in that once they have a target, they’re consumed by tunnel vision. They obsess, and nothing will stop them in achieving it. Sasuke would have gladly died in seeking his revenge, just as Naruto would have gladly died saving Sasuke from his own demons (and in doing so sacrifice his dream of becoming hokage).

That’s why Sasuke’s sacrifice is so meaningful. This was Sasuke taking his goal, the one thing that was so important to him that he believed it essentially defined who he was as a person, and giving it up for Naruto. That meant far, far more to Sasuke than his life ever did. He proved that he would give up everything for Naruto.

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