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Memory Devices (Sunday - Family)

There was a time when Lance didn’t have to worry about when he would hear his family’s voices next. At home, he could walk into any room and chat with whoever was in the room at that time. At the Garrison, he was able to pick up the phone between drills and at night, hearing his the multitude of voices that tried to speak to him all at once.

In space, it’s different. There are many rooms in the castle, but only seven “people” he could converse with, not including the mice and Kaltenecker the cow. There was too much silence, something which Lance couldn’t accept at first.

So instead, he decided to be loud. Being loud reminded him of his family, the family whose voices were fading from his memories.

The other occupants of the castle didn’t like the noise. Keith liked quiet, except for in battle. Shiro constantly told Lance to be quiet so that the others could “actually be productive”. Allura thought that his loudness meant that he wasn’t taking his job seriously, and made him train harder than the rest. Hunk and Pidge were alike, in that they accepted that Lance would barge in and make a big deal out of nothing, but got annoyed quickly with his presence, telling him to go away so that they could focus. Coran didn’t mind Lance’s personality, but he would often interrupt the paladin to inform him of Altea’s past.

Eventually, he managed to figure out that the others in the castle were actively avoiding him. He ended up with free time that he either spent writing or exploring the castle. At some point, Lance found a room that was similar to the control room where they first found Allura and Coran.

The room was empty for the most part. There was a couch in the middle of the room, with equipment that looked like their mind-melding gear. Other than that, there was dust all over the room - an obvious indication that the room hadn’t been occupied in a long time.

Curious, Lance walked over to the headgear and tried to figure out how it worked. There were Altean symbols lining the back of it. Lance only knew one of the buttons, so keeping in mind where it was, he put the item on his head and pressed the button.

There were no words that could describe how Lance felt at that moment. There was a sudden, sharp pain in his head and then it vanished. The device seemed to have taken his memories, and displayed them in front of Lance.

Some memories were distorted, blurry. Others were clear like they were happening right then.

Off to the corner of everything, Lance noticed a different memory. His family.  The family that he had left behind on Earth, the ones who supported him through everything.

He could remember this memory easily. It was the day that the entire family visited Varadero Beach, a place that they rarely got to go to. The memory continued playing out - his younger cousins and siblings playing on the beach and in the water, his mother and father helping the youngest build sandcastles, his aunt and uncle sleeping in the shade while the older siblings and cousins either kept an eye on the others in the water or were sunbathing. It was one of the best days that Lance could remember.

There and then, Lance made a promise, heart aching, and tears in his eyes.

“I will come back to you. No matter what.”

This Week in Writing

Original: My historical Strangers rewrite (which has nothing to do with the fic!) is coming right along! I made an outline, @kelkat9 had some excellent suggestions, and now I can write easier without worrying about connecting the scenes I have with the future scenes I have in my head

Total word count: 22,618
This week’s goal: 7,000 words (1,000/day)

I don’t care I won’t ‘win’ Camp NaNo with 50,000 words, I just care that I make it this far in a story I plotted out on like day 4 of Camp.


I Willis winding down. It always saddens me when a fic ends. Still, some twists and turns coming up, I hope you’ll stick with me!

Soldier’s Solstice, the partly finished fic based on @rose–nebula‘s fantastic manip. I can’t wait to get back to that one! Hopefully this week.

Give me DLC on Damien. Like his past. I wanna see him go through his transition and his friendship with Mary. I wanna see him raise his son. I wanna see him go through/starting out his goth life style.
DLC epilogue with you and Damien adopting a dog. You and Damien going to a surgeon and later happily storing all his binders away. Helping him recover and gently kissing his scars once they’ve healed. You and Damien raising Lucien. You and Damien tying the knot.
I just love him okay?

Zutara Week 2017: Fire Lady

Another year, another Zutara Week, another set of oneshots for my ZKWeek story A Life, Together, which you can find in its entirety here.

This year is the same as last year, with a new story being added to it every day - hopefully this is the start of a tradition!


ZKWeek Day 1: Fire Lady
Words: 1463
Read it on AO3

There was a time, not so long ago, when waterbending brought Katara nothing but pleasure. The knowledge that she had risen to mastery in just a few short months, coupled with the sinuous push and pull of her element, the flowing rhythms of her qi, made her daily practice a delight. In the eerie tranquillity of Ba Sing Se and through the stressful days cooped up at the Western Air Temple, it had been a balm, and even here, in the Fire Nation, waterbending by the turtle-duck pond was once an activity solely for her enjoyment.

Now, however, she can feel the hostile eyes on her back, can almost hear the whispering behind pale hands that follows her everywhere. Each move she makes is a political statement about who she is and what she intends to be. After all, the scandalised ministers proclaim, nobody ever heard of the Fire Lady being a waterbender. Part of her enjoys flaunting her powers, just to irk them with her presence. These old men who dragged the war on for their own profit, who remained too shrewd to be discarded in favour of more progressive minds. They’ve made an art of pestering Zuko, running him in circles, and this is the only diplomatic form of petty revenge she can take.

Still, she misses the anonymity she had before she and Zuko announced their engagement.

She’s getting married. Growing up, Katara had never had time to think about marriage, let alone the person who might one day be her partner, because the only other person her age left in the village was Sokka, and even thinking about it… ew. And then there was the war and the avatar and the mission to save the world, and since then it’s been one thing and another, perhaps a destiny she’s been running from all along. She still doesn’t know how to feel about it.

That last part isn’t entirely true, she chides herself as she sweeps into Pentapus Stance. She loves Zuko, and the thought of marrying him, being joined to him as Tui and La are joined in the heavens, makes her giddy in a way she doesn’t have words to describe. No, it’s the enemies they’ve made along the way that has her worried, the conservative factions in court, the warmongers, whispers of a group calling themselves the Talons that stir in the underbelly of the city.

All these thoughts cloud her mind, however, and make the water shiver between her arms, so she forces them away. There’s a change in the air behind her. She allows herself a grin, but doesn’t pause the flow of energy from one hand to another as she hears Zuko settle into the roots of the gingko-willow by the pond. He always has had a knack for turning up when she least expects it.

She rises into her final stance and sends the water back into the pool, opens her eyes. Zuko smirks at her, though she can’t tell whether the appreciation in his gaze is for her figure or for the show of bending skill. Perhaps for him, respect and desire go hand in hand.

“Don’t stop on my account,” he says. “I was rather enjoying that.”

She flips her hair over one shoulder and steps into the cooling shade of the willow. “It’s getting too hot. Besides, I’ve been told it’s the height of impropriety to turn your back on the Fire Lord.”

With a low chuckle, he grabs for her hand and pulls her into his lap, onlookers be damned, and presses a kiss to her temple. She leans into the gesture, tilting her head in an open invitation he all too gladly accepts, leaving a trail of soft lips and nipping teeth down the length of her neck, little kisses that trace a line he knows off by heart. Her giggles turn breathy when he laps at the sweat beaded on her collarbone.

“Don’t tell me you came out here just to have your way with me,” she says.

“No,” Zuko replies, “but maybe you can take me inside later and have your way with me.” Tucking his arms around her waist, he leaves off his teasing and nuzzles deeper into the scent of her hair. “I found something I wanted to show you.”


It’s black silk bundle embroidered with phoenixes and pomegranates, the golden thread under-sewn with a rainbow of other colours that spark when the light catches them. For a few moments Katara simply stares at the craftsmanship, still overawed that such regalia can exist when she grew up in a world where beauty came only second to necessity. But Zuko is waiting for her to open it, so she delicately unknots the twined silk cords that hold it closed, and peels back the protective folds of material to reveal a necklace made of gold-chased jade beads, simple enough to look at, but very finely made. With Zuko’s help, she lifts it from its wrappings and lays it against her neck, holding it in place so he can fasten the clasp to keep it there. For a while they sit, admiring the lightness of the green stone against the dusky shade of her skin.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmurs eventually.

“It was my mother’s.”

Katara’s eyes snap to his. “Your -? Zuko, are you sure you want me to have this? I…”

“She would have wanted you to have it,” he informs her, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “And I for one think it looks better on you than gathering dust in the family vault.”

“You know, you’re still having trouble with those compliments,” she teases.

“Pesky things,” he answers. “But I am getting better at them, oh most radiant blossom of my life.”

“That’s just overkill.”

Their fingers trace absent patterns along each other, their silence filled by the splashing of the fountain and the cheeping of the turtleducklings as they hunted for insects.

“I wish I could have met her,” Katara voices eventually, though she doesn’t add all the questions she would ask, all the doubts she might share only with another woman who knew what it was like to be treated more like an icon in a temple than a person.

Zuko squeezes her hand. “She would have loved you.” He plants another kiss to the temple.

“The ministers don’t seem to think so.” The words are bitter. She can’t help it. “They’ve found a new sport in making comparisons between now and ‘the good old days’.” When the fire lady was everything she was supposed to be. Zuko tenses beside her, but he says nothing. He knows better than most that she needs to let out the things she been bottling up, without judgement, and only strokes her back, calm, long passes from shoulder to waist and back.

“Are we doing the right thing?” she asks, when she finally musters her courage. “I’m still worried it’s a step too far, too soon. It’s not that long ago our nations were at war with each other.”

“Katara.” Zuko’s voice is firm and warm, like the soft light of embers. “Listen to me. You will be an amazing Fire Lady. You’re not my mother, but then, the Fire Nation back then was a very different place.” For a moment, his expression darkens, and she brushes a gentle hand against his scar, still grieving for him, still angry for what his father did.

“There’s nobody better suited. You’re already my partner –” kiss to her cheek – “my advisor –” to her forehead – “the love of my life.” The final kiss is delivered to the tip of her nose, and it makes her chuckle. “This is just going to make everyone else in the world know that. But…” And here, his voice drops, and because he treasures her, “If you’re having second thoughts, if you want to –”

“No!” There’s never been a decision she’s more sure of than wanting to be his wife. She takes his face in both her hands, turns it to stare him straight in the eye. “Zuko, I am marrying you. I said yes, and I don’t regret saying yes, not for a minute. And that’s not just out of spite for all those crusty old men who like to grumble every time I walk into a room.”

His grin comes back. “Well, I’m glad we cleared that up.”

She laughs again, sighs as she rests her forehead against his. It will be hard, she knows, but she’s blazed a trail before, and they’ve come through worse.

“I’m just worried.”

“I know.”

“I love you.”

“Good.” And he takes gentle hold of her chin and angles her head so he can kiss her properly, propriety be damned.

Writers Creed Challenge of the Week (7/23-7/29)

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The Recruit (Chapter 6) - Mitch Rapp

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Rob Russells, & Reader

Warnings: Discussion of sexual assault, probably some cursing.

Author’s Note: If I screw this up in any way, or if you feel that I can better represent what happened to the reader in the last chapter, please reach out to me and let me know. I do not pretend to fully grasp what something like that must be like to go through, this is just my interpretation of what the reader and Mitch may experience.

Additional Note: I was not going to post anything today but people have been sending me DM’s like mad at me for not posting Recruit on the first day of Mitch Week. SO, in honor of Mitch week, you get three this week. This chapter, Chapter 7, and a Mitch Week special that I did this afternoon. Enjoy, you insatiable animals. (and ily all)

Summary: Mitch spends the entire day after the attack searching for Y/n. When she finally shows up in his room that night, he is surprised by her actions.

Originally posted by tess453

He pulled the wooden chair up next to his bed and leaned forward in it, his hands folded in front of him, elbows resting against his thighs, and he looked up at you. Your eye had turned black and your right pinky was swollen as if it were broken. It was 0515 hours and Mitch was waiting for you to talk. You sucked on the inside of your lower lip. It had been split against your teeth when Dan had hit you across the face the night before. The bruises on your body were starting to turn purple as time brought them to the surface.

“Are you going to tell Stan?” Mitch asked, glancing up at you.


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Fire Lady

Here’s to the beginning of Zutara Week 2017. I won’t be participating in every day, but to make up I’m working on a Soulmate Series to finish off the week. To start off, here’s a slice of life that’s pretty weak on the zutara interaction, but I typically don’t write about their kids so I decided to give it a try.

“Mom, how did you know you would be a good Fire Lady? That the citizens would accept you?”

Katara had come to expect hard questions from their first born, their daughter Kya, but even this was a hard one to answer. “I didn’t. At first, I was very scared and I thought the world was against me.”

“Then why did you stay here?” The late teen was sitting on the other side of the low tea table Iroh had gifted the family.

“Because I loved your father. And after traveling around, I loved our people. What is this about Kya?” Katara had a feeling this was about the recent political engagement of Kya with an Earth Kingdom prince. It was more a loose “let’s hope they fall in love but if they don’t, it’s ok” agreement than anything. She moved to sit next to her daughter, brushing her dark brown hair away from her face.

“Prince Lee. I was thinking about how much damage was caused in the Earth Kingdom due to my family and how much they would hate me.”

“Hey,” Katara softly turned Kya’s face to look her in the eye, “The past is the past and no one can rewrite it, we can only learn-”

“And grow. I know.” Kya stood up and walked toward the window. She was turning into a politician, hardly showing her emotions at a time when she was probably very emotional.

Katara walked over to wrap her arms around, holding her daughter close while she still allowed her. When she looked out the window she saw her husband in the garden, going over firebending routines with their preteen son, Roku. They might have a smaller family than others, but it was perfect to her. Just the four of them.

“I know we said it would be up to you and Lee which court you stay in during the engagement, but I think you should spend time in both before you settle in the Capital. You would learn a lot. You would grow too. Being the Fire Lady isn’t just title. It’s a job and a mission. You’re going to be Fire Lady one day and I don’t want you to be afraid like I was but you have to take it seriously too.” Katara paused, squeezing her daughter close, “It helps when you love the one you’re married to as well.”

“You and dad have a fairytale romance though, it’s hard to have expectations like that.”

“It’s only a fairytale if you let it. Helps when you write the scroll yourself too.” Katara chuckled at the thought. Their marriage wasn’t perfect by any means, but they actively worked to make it the best they could. Zuko’s yell caught their attention. “Let’s go see what Roku burned this time.”

“Aren’t you glad I’m not a bender?” Kya said with a smile.

Hurtful Words & Sweet Kisses

Summary: Overhearing what people really think of your relationship with John threatens to bring your happiness crashing to the ground. 

A/N: This is my entry for Week 9 of the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017 being hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing.  The prompt given is in bold.

Word Count: 753

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None, except a single swear word!


The day had started as well as it could considering that the entire reason for your being in the middle of backwater nowheresville was to attend the funeral of another hunter. It wasn’t anyone you had known personally but someone that John had worked with a handful of times and since you were in the region, he had wanted to stop by and pay his respects.

The gathering hadn’t been too bad. Hunters weren’t exactly known for showing too many emotions so the burning of the body had gone without a hitch. However things has soon taken a turn for worse when the alcohol had started to flow freely. The booze loosened everyone’s inhibitions, as well as their tongues.

Leaving John playing cards, and hopefully winning a pretty little sum, you headed off to grab a sweater from the truck. As the night had worn on, it had bought along with it a bitterly cold wind and a chill had started to creep into your bones. It was as you were walking back that snippets of a conversation caught your ear.

“I don’t know who she thinks she’s kidding. She’s just a poor substitute for Mary.”

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Fire Lady

Written for Day 1 of @zutaraweek

Disclaimer: I own as much as Jon Snow knows

It was years of waterbending training, battle-honed reflexes, and growing up with Sokka as a brother which prevented Katara from jumping when a small, dark head poked round the door of the office.

Zuko was not so successful.

Katara took a moment to snigger at her husband (who was noisily shuffling papers in a futile attempt to cover up the yelp he had made), before turning her attention to their visitor. “Is everything alright, Kaida?”

Their eldest daughter fidgeted at the door for a moment, before fully entering the room. “Mum…Dad…I am gonna become Fire Lord, right?”

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Sunday Six

“I’ll stay,” he says. Like there was ever any doubt what he would say. 

Harry’s shoulders slump a little, some tension Eggsy hadn’t even seen draining from him. He nods, what might be an attempt at a smile touching his mouth. “All right. But I don’t expect—” He fumbles to another uncharacteristic halt. 

Now it’s Eggsy’s turn to look away. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about sex, but yeah, he knows it ain’t happening. And not just because Merlin’s here, too. Too much has happened in too short a time. They’ve just found each other again after months of cruel separation. There’s still too much to talk about, too many things they need to figure out. 

“No, I know,” he says quickly, his gaze on the floor. “And just so you know, I don’t expect nothing, either." 

Harry doesn’t answer. He just nods, ever so faintly, still not looking directly at Eggsy. 

The Hand We’ve Been Dealt

“You don’t think this hurts me, too? I can’t let you on the team because you’re too close to him, Mikleo. And you knew the victim, as well. If anything, you’d just be asking to be made a suspect, too.”

“Sorey wouldn’t kill Mason,” Mikleo tried to protest. “He wouldn’t hurt a damn fly and you and I both know that. Just let me prove it.”

Sormik Week 2017 - Day 2: Conflict/Trust

[Read on AO3]

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The stunning return of Sunday Six

from the Darcy/Bucky MMA Fighting!AU I’m writing “We rattle this town”

Man, he’s really coming up like a loser in a dozen ways.  Here’s a thing about Darcy though, she fights fire with fire. Rumlow wants to get into her face. That’s okay. She takes a step forward, right into his. She’s….a lot shorter. That’s okay. She tilts her head up and locks eyes with him, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth or do you just use your dick?”

Turns out Rumlow has no problem at all laying hands on a woman, pushing her away from him by the neck. She stumbles on her feet, but keeps herself standing and not flat on the ground, despite tripping over her heels. But she doesn’t regain her equilibrium, and she’s too busy coughing to get fully upright. Darcy tries to relax, expecting another hit like a car crash you can’t do anything about.  When it doesn’t happen, she opens her eyes to see another set of feet. And she looks up.

general flailing about this writing process is under the tag, we rattle this town

anonymous asked:

So Samstevebucky beard burn fic When? (not forcing you to write it, just asking generally lol)

Uhhhh at some point lol. There’s a chance it’s gonna be my fic for @samwilsonbirthdaybang (or will get pushed aside like everything else for the fic I do end up writing) so the best I got is from now- October 1st lmao sorry bud

oikawa rare pair week day 4 - crossover!!!!
great news everyone its oihina!! and avatar!!!! my faves

ao3 link !!


When the war had ended, the Avatar had probably expected to have to rebuild the Air Nomadic nation with the power of his own love (no, it was his dick, Hinata will say), and the trust of the other nations to help him bring back their culture. It was to be a difficult mission, one that would probably takes hundreds of years to accomplish. The Avatar’s wife could only have so many children, not all of them destined to be air benders. With Avatar Aang’s passing, his mission was passed onto the only air nomad to succeed him, his son Tenzin. Even his family could only produce so many benders, though they had been luckier than Avatar Aang. As the process dragged on, it became evident that rebuilding the entire nation to be as full and prosperous as it once had been would take much, much longer than they’d expected.

Until one day, Oikawa sneezes and his entire fishing boat tips over.

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Appreciation Aesthetics | Day 3 | Under Appreciated Gem | Smoulder by @midnightstarlightwrites| Louis

Marinette traced her fingers down the smooth lines of the magazine, a blush creeping to her face. It wasn’t just his toned, muscular body that set her aflame, although that was certainly a bonus. It was his eyes. The way his body appeared, languid like a summers day. His body said relax but his eyes said devour. She’d seen those eyes before…

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Glitter & Gold - noxachi - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Not Rated
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Characters: Jesse McCree, Reaper | Gabriel Reyes, Genji Shimada
Additional Tags: BlackwatchWeek, Weapons, Bonding, Coping mechanism, Blackwatch

“Do you walk in the valley of kings?
Do you walk in the shadow of men?
Who sold their lives to a dream?
Do you ponder the manner of things
In the dark
The dark, the dark, the dark

I am flesh and I am bone
Arise, ting ting, like glitter and gold
I’ve got fire in my soul
Rise up, ting ting, like glitter
Like glitter and gold”
- Glitter & Gold; Barns Courtney