this week in ew

please have this crappy animation instead of the dramas that has been going on in this fandom (thanks tumblr for ruining the quality)


[ July 31 2016 ]
I honestly can’t believe it’s already the end of July… where did all the time go?
My last bullet journal ran out so I’m using a squared a5 muji notebook for August! I’m excited to use this bcos I don’t have to spend tons of time drawing straight lines HAHHAHA pro-tip: never get a blank notebook.

I’m going on a semi-hiatus starting tomorrow bcos I wanna focus on studying and revising more. I’ve got trials at the end of August.

Hoping August will be a good month for everyone so work hard!!!


Matt Lobter Challenge (really late) Week one

Day 3 “Compliment”: [I’m sorry guys but It was too corny] But basically, Matt you are awesome and I really appreciate all your work. Hope you have a great day.


tbh im unprepared for this meetup and even less prepared for pinof 8 (shreya, she/her)