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Hey~! I reaaally love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a hc for rfa (+v and saeran if you want to) reacting to mc being sick and what would they do about. Like a small sickness like a cough or running nose cx

You woke up, thHello, lovely! Krys here! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I’m so sorry that this has taken so long! I’m not even going to sugar-coat it… Klc and I have been a little on the lazier side for the past few… weeks? So, please forgive us for this! I hope you like this! Now, these are all illnesses that I consider very minor because I’ve gotten them several times in the course of my life and have lived through them haha. They’re not major or anything, and the worst is probably the flu, and even that isn’t too bad. You just kinda feel bad for a few days, but that’s it.


  • Let’s get this straight
  • Zen never gets sick
  • He’s a healing monster, what are you talking about?
  • So, when MC gets sick, he doesn’t know what to do for the life of him.
  • His first thought would be to take you to the doctor’s
  • But you insist that you’re fine
  • No
  • He insists that something has to be done about it
  • He admires that you want to just push through it
  • But he asks you not to follow in his footsteps and try to tough it out
  • He honestly doesn’t even know what the severity of your sore throat could be
  • He never gets sore throats or anything
  • And he takes such good care of his voice that this has never really occurred to him
  • So you insist on showing him what to do when you get sick like this
  • So he gets in the car and you drive
  • To the corner store
  • Honestly like a Walgreen’s or CVS or something
  • And pick up some night time cold meds and cough drops
  • And he’s astounded
  • Like
  • Is it really not that bad?
  • I mean
  • I never get that, so I don’t know
  • And you just say that you’re probably gonna have to rest for a day or so
  • And so the babying ensues
  • Literally, wouldn’t let you get out of bed


  • He’s a college student
  • So he knows what it’s like to not take proper care of your body
  • I mean, before you moved in with him, he had a steady diet of ramyun and all sorts of junk foods and chips
  • So, when you were studying for midterms and not eating properly, piled on top of you being stressed out of your mind, it wasn’t a surprise to him that you developed a bit of a cold
  • And of course, being you, you decided to power through it
  • I mean, this was college, for God’s sake
  • If you didn’t pay off your student debts, your children would have to
  • So a cold was no excuse to miss classes and tests in your mind
  • Yoosung, on the other hand, saw what you were doing
  • Or, more like, heard
  • He could hear you awake, coughing and sneezing, while he was playing video games to relieve stress from his own studies
  • So he took a break to check on you
  • And when he found you holding a tissue to your face as you frantically highlighted and underlined text on the papers in front of you, he knew he had to do something about it
  • Whether you wanted it or not, he was going to help you
  • So he promptly picked you up out of your chair and you were so surprised
  • You didn’t hear him come in, you were so focused
  • He was surprised too, he’s not that strong tbh. But you were like a feather to him so it’s k
  • Even though you protested, he put you on the bed and told you not to move an inch
  • So eventually you just accepted your defeat and fell asleep
  • After what felt like forever, you woke up to the smell of chicken soup
  • You could see Yoosung walking in with a tray of it and some water as well as a bit of cold medicine
  • You asked him what time it was, and when he said the next day, you freaked out
  • But he insisted that you take a sick day
  • Originally, you were against it
  • But if you were treated like a princess all day like this, you wouldn’t mind


  • This man had access to all the best doctors and medicine that money could buy
  • Because, in fact, he could buy them
  • So when you began to develop the signs of the flu, not a necessarily deadly virus for someone your age, he didn’t even bat an eye
  • Not because he didn’t care, though
  • He cared a lot
  • More than most people would care about someone having the flu tbh
  • But because he knew that this could be resolved with the snap of his fingers
  • So you didn’t even have to complain about the stuffiness or anything before he called the doctor
  • He would gladly take any days off for you, but when he took a whole two weeks off so he could take care of you, you weren’t the only one saying it was unnecessary
  • You could practically hear Jaehee filling up another coffee cup already
  • But he wouldn’t be deterred
  • Just because he had a personal chef to make food for him at any hour he needed, didn’t mean he couldn’t cook
  • You wanted anything, he would make it for you as fast as possible
  • Chicken soup?
  • Done.
  • Mac and Cheese?
  • Okay, here ya go.
  • Seriously, you could ask him for an entire creme brulee and he would have it there before you could blink an eye
  • And of course, though you were sick, cuddles were absolutely not off the table
  • You didn’t really mind, but you were still contagious
  • You really didn’t want him to get sick because of you, but Jumin didn’t care if he got sick or not
  • He just wanted to make the most out of this time off with you
  • So, a few days later, when he started to exhibit the same symptoms, you were not at all surprised


  • You were always the one who tried to get him to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Tried to get him to eat better, get enough sleep, the works
  • So you thought maybe you could get him to follow along by setting the example
  • So when you began to develop various symptoms that all added up to a throat infection, he begins to use it as an excuse to not eat healthily.
  • “C’mon babe, just eat the salad with me. Please~?”
  • “Nope, the last time you ate healthily like that you got sick.”
  • “That’s, uh, not how it works, and I’m still sick.”
  • “And you still expect me to eat that? And share the same fork! How dare you? Are you trying to poison me, MC?”
  • You weren’t so sick that you didn’t see the humour in his words, but you were also pretty tired and just needed to sleep it off
  • It hurt a bit to talk, and Seven could see that, so he definitely went a bit easier on you and complied
  • You, on the other hand, hurt too much to eat solid foods, so you settled for a fruit smoothie.
  • After that, he took you to bed and stayed with you until you fell asleep
  • After all, you weren’t contagious, so it wasn’t too much of an issue
  • Other than the fact that he was procrastinating working, everything was fine
  • You woke up, though, to the smell of food
  • And it wasn’t just Seven experimenting with microwaving foods that should NOT be microwaved, again
  • It was actual food
  • Like, actual, edible food, that people actually ate
  • Let alone, healthy?
  • Who was this, and what have they done with your boyfriend?
  • So, when he came in with the food, that looked spectacular, mind you, you were very grateful
  • Especially if you didn’t have to cook for yourself when you were sick
  • He was an amazing boyfriend, very caring
  • But he was not very handy in the kitchen
  • Let’s just put it at that


  • He felt bad that he couldn’t do much for you
  • It’s not like he could just will you better
  • He wasn’t Jesus or anything
  • Having strep throat was definitely hard on you, and he could tell
  • So he tried his best to provide whatever you needed whenever you needed it
  • That included food, water, tissues, or the meds that your doctor prescribed for you
  • But for most of the days that you were sick, you guys just flopped onto the couch and listened to music or watched movies(with his new sight wowowow)
  • Even though he couldn’t do much for you, he wanted you to be feeling as comfortable as possible while you were unwell
  • So if you wanted ice cream, he would get you ice cream
  • He was really just too good to you to be completely honest
  • He cares for you so much it’s insane
  • You could probably step on him and he would apologise
  • So on the days when it was particularly bad and you were throwing up, he was right there with you holding your hair back and soothing you
  • Boyfriend goals can I get an amen
  • Haha haha I’m single if that wasn’t obvious
  • One day on his way back from work, he picked you up some ice cream sandwiches, and though your throat was sore as ever and you couldn’t talk very well, you thanked him as much as you could
  • So, he watched you devour them as you both pigged out on pizza and watched old Stephen King movies
  • Misery was his personal favourite


  • Being sick was not a new subject for him
  • He was a very sickly child and ended up with all sorts of illnesses all the time
  • Thankfully, he grew out of it by the time he got older
  • So, when you came down with a nasty case of bronchitis, he basically slapped on the medical mask and gloves
  • Despite his initial cold appearance and personality, you were one of the only people he could actual tolerate
  • So he didn’t want you to be sick, especially since he knew exactly how it felt and how awful it was
  • My poor son give him love and affection
  • So he took you to the doctor, though he already knew what the treatment was going to be
  • He just wanted a second opinion
  • So when they gave you some meds and an inhaler if things got particularly bad, he wasn’t very surprised
  • Kid probably would’ve ended up a doctor if he could’ve
  • When you went home, he told you to go straight to bed to get some rest
  • Even though you protested, you eventually conceded and went along with it
  • He went off on a tangent about how ‘laughter is the best medicine is a lie and sleep is the true healer’ or whatever
  • You kinda stopped listening
  • Not that you weren’t interested
  • It was really interesting and nice to see him get all passionate about something
  • But you never really thought it would be about your wellbeing
  • You got a glimpse of how caring Saeran could truly be
  • Even if you were romantically involved with him, it wasn’t something that you got to see too often
  • So that was really nice
  • You were sure to thank him as soon as you got better
  • But of course, he just shrugged it off and said it was nothing

sorry if my blog has been a little bit cluttered or silly recently!!! I’m just so happy and blarg!!! newsies live!!! thank u for tolerating it and I hope you all continue to have a wonderful week!!

Living with Regrets - Part 3: Broken Hearts

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Rebecca (OC), Jared Padalecki, Kevin Hooks, Michael (OC- mentioned), Dean Winchester (Sorta), Amber (OC - sorta))

Pairing: Jensen x reader (ish)

Warnings:  Lies, Secrets, Arguing, Jensen being an ass.

Wordcount: 3400ish

A/N: This was a one shot - due to interest I worked on a storyline for a part 2 - it now has 10 parts planned.

Thanks a billion to the amazing and wonderful @blacktithe7 for being the world class beta that she is!

No hate towards Danneel. Let’s just pretend she is happy with someone else. This is fiction.


You had tried to call him several times over the past couple of weeks. You had wanted to talk to him before filming for your scenes had started, but he was ignoring your calls. Your past few weeks had been hell. Many late night phone calls with Misha were spent sobbing into his ear. You let Misha know all the things you couldn’t say to Jensen himself since he refused to hear you. You told Misha how you wished Rebecca was his, how you had always wanted that, but the alternative scared you. You told Misha how much you still loved Jensen and how you wished there were a way you could work things out between you. Misha listened to you and tried to offer some comfort, but he couldn’t really help you since Jensen wasn’t talking to him either. They saw each other on set sure, but as soon as the director yelled cut, Jensen was out the door.

It was the same when you arrived on set. You saw him pulling up the car, but he just turned his back at walked away. Breaking your heart all over again. Filming with him and Jared was nothing what it used to be like. It was quick and efficient. It was what most actors wanted coming to work, but it was not what you remembered. There had always been laughter and practical jokes. Everybody worked hard, but they had fun with it. Jensen would try and make you break character during an intense moment just to see you smile, and you would do the same to him. Now? Now it was all business. It was not how you knew this set to be like when you and Misha weren’t around.

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For the first time in months my dash has been hardly anything but Sterek. I’m actually really emotional about this. It’s the first time in weeks I’ve had any kind of fluttery, good feeling in my stomach and that’s all thanks to this wonderful family of Sterekers who have nothing but passion and love for this ship. Thank you for always being there to bring a smile, especially when it’s needed. You are amazing guys, as always.


Thank you all so, so, SO much for enjoying askallofeddsworld!

The response to this blog has just been so phenomenal, I honestly can’t even BEGIN to describe how I feel about all of this. It’s been a little bit of everything– fear, wonder, shock, happiness, very loud swearing… It’s only been like a week, but it feels like it’s been ages. 

But anyway, I digress. You guys kick SO much ass it’s unbelievable. I never thought this would get to such a high point in so little time, but welp, here we are!

Again, thank you all so much, and I hope to continue making you guys laugh! Or cry. Or scream. Or whatever noise you’ve been making at this webpage for the past week. See you soon!
Taking Care of You

Note from Kim (ilostmyshoe-79): YASSSS, Michelle. This is perfect. XOXO

Author: @mrswhozeewhatsis

A/N: This is a birthday present for one of the first people I ever talked to here on Tumblr, @but-deans-back-tho (aka Allie). Allie encouraged me to let my smutty freak flag fly instead of hiding the fact that I essentially spend most of my time here reading porn. This is personalized for Allie, but written as a reader insert, so everyone else can enjoy it, too. Special thanks to @littlegreenplasticsoldier who beta-read this for me and has been generally wonderful as fuck to me the past few weeks.


Summary: Dean wants to celebrate your new job by taking care of you in a new way.

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Allie)

Warnings: All the smut, but no butt stuff. Any other warnings would just be spoilers.

Word count: 4515 (I regret nothing, Allie deserves the best.)

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I Cross My Heart

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – Dean tried to make you feel better after a hard week at work.

Word Count – 1,628

Warnings – None

A/N – Special request from my dear Aileen, @fantasticimpaladoctor​: I noticed your SPN requests were open, and I was wondering if you could write one where the reader has been having a rough week at work and is completely exhausted? So Dean comforts her, makes a bath for her, while he sets up blanket fort where they spend the rest of the day watching movies. Just a lot of fluff and Dean cuddles. :) I love your writings and you’re amazing.

Thank you so much for your request, sweetie!  I hope this is enough fluffy, comforting Dean for you!

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Your name: submit What is this?

You trudged slowly into the bunker, sighing heavily and beyond thankful that it was finally Friday and you had the entire weekend before you had to go back to work.  

The week had been hell…pure hell.  Murphy’s Law had been firmly in place.  You loved your job, truly.  You were an art teacher at Lebanon High School.  But something had gotten put into the kids’ food this week to make them all wild animals.  It took all of your energy to keep them corralled and working on their projects this week.  

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Language Barriers (John Laurens x Reader)

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do reader x Laurens fic in a ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au. Please and thank you!

A/N: Hey y’all!! So I was super nervous that this one wasn’t going t go well because I’ve been rushing a little bit to get it done but I’m actually super happy with how this turned out! My only warnings are for the google translate French as usual and I think I say shit once but otherwise it should be good!! Hope you all like it as much as I do!! Love ya <33333



You hated waiting for the elevator more than anything else. The one in your building happened to run incredibly slow, and you were not taking the stairs. So when the slowest elevator in the entirety of New York finally arrived at your floor on that fateful day, you were just as mildly annoyed as any other day. However, this time you were greeted with a much more pleasant sight than the stained walls you’d become accustomed to.

Inside your least favorite elevator stood one of the most gorgeous human beings you had ever seen. He stood a good bit taller than you, with black curly hair that was pulled into a smooth ponytail. His eyes were a beautiful color that you couldn’t distinguish between green or hazel.

You shook yourself out of your haze and stepped into the elevator, next to the man. You noticed three things: 1. You were both headed for the ground floor. How convenient. 2. He was on the phone with someone. The phone was pressed between his shoulder and his ear as he frantically began to search through his bag. 3. He didn’t speak English. His voice was smooth as silk but it was definitely not a tongue you could understand. It sounded like something resembling Spanish or Italian maybe? What ever language it was it rolled of his tongue with ease.

“Non, Lafayette , je ne peux pas vous apporter votre manuel , je suis déjà en retard en classe… Laf s'il vous plaît calmer. Vous parlez si fort que je suis assez sûr que la personne mignonne debout à côté de moi dans l'ascenseur peut vous entendre… Oh mon dieu , je l'espère qu'ils ne peuvent pas parler français” He occasionally paused allowing the person on the other end of the line to speak.

His eyes slid to you for a moment and you turned your head away from him, attempting to hide your blush. You were mortified you had been caught staring. Soon enough, the elevator doors slid open and the man gestured for you to exit first, shooting you a hesitant smile before following you out. You both made your way to the entrance and you hoped you’d be going the same way, as it would give you some excuse to talk to him. You were disappointed to see him dash out the door and in the opposite direction your were headed. Shame.


“Eliza, it’s not fair. The universe in punishing me.”

“What did Cute Elevator Boy do this time?” Eliza asked with a smirk. She had sat with you day after day for the past two weeks and listened to you pine relentlessly over the cute boy in the elevator. Little did you know, your best friend knew exactly who Cute Elevator Boy. It had taken her and Alex a couple of days before you had put the stories together and another couple of days to get John in on the plan, but once everything was set up, it was playing out beautifully. You had come home everyday with a different elevator story about the boy who was always speaking in another language.

     “Eliza, he smiled at me today! He has such a great smile.”

     “His hand brushed mine today, Eliza and oh my goodness he has such soft          hands.”

     “He winked at me today. I’m dead. This is heaven.”

“Eliza he talked to me today!” You cried out, flailing your arms around. Eliza’s eyes widened in mock-shock. “But obviously I can’t understand a word he says because he speaks another language.” You flopped back onto the couch and let out a frustrated sigh. You could hear his voice letting out music to your ears (not that you could understand it), “Assez vite, mon amour. Assez tôt.”

“I’m sorry sweetie,” Eliza sympathized while stifling a smile.  

“I can’t take it anymore! I just want to know his name.”

Little did you know…


The elevator doors slid open, and you stepped into your regular spot next to the handsome man you had been enamored with since day one. The air was different today. You didn’t feel as separated from the man standing next to you, but yet there was a nervous tension that cast a cloud over the both of you.

You hesitantly turned to steal a glance, only to find his eyes already on you. THe most shocking part of this scenario being that this time, neither of you looked away. You could feel your cheeks heating up as he gave you a bright smile. You finally turned away when the sound of his voice rang into your ears.

“Would you like to go on a date tonight, Y/N?”

You turned back to him and gave him a tight smile before facing forward again. He knew you didn’t speak his language. You told him last time. Why– Wait.

“Did you just speak English?” You spun to face him. His face held a shit-eating grin as you gave him an incredulous look.

His laugh rang through the elevator. “Yes, and I also asked you on a date but that part seems to be overshadowed.”

“You…” You trailed off looking at the man in front of you with an expression of pure shock.

“I probably should explain,” he said with a small giggle. “You’re headed to coffee with Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton, am I wrong?”

Your eyes opened even wider if that was possible. “How the f–”

“I’m on my way there too. John Laurens, pleased to meet you,” his grin grew wider.

“This better have a spectacular explanation, Laurens, or else you’re not getting that date,” you said as the elevator doors opened.

“Does that mean I get the date?” He asked, following you out of the elevator and towards the main door of your building.

“I thought that was implied,” you responded, a smirk gracing your features. Then in a moment of bravery you grabbed his hand and pulled him along with you, out the door and towards the coffee shop you were to meet Alex and Eliza.

John may or may not have given himself a congratulatory fist pump and you may or may not have seen it.

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Hey there I just want you to know I love you and your work SO much. I'm sure this has been answered a few times but I can't find it. I was wondering what your les mis show schedule was like?


Thanks so much!

Well we did 5 weeks of rehearsals from 10-5 and then the show schedule was evening shows on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Matinees (and evening shows) on Wednesday and Saturday. The schedule would sometimes vary over half terms and Christmas/New Years as shows would be shifted to give us Christmas Day off but then then following week over New Year a show would be added to make up for it. Half terms were also 9 show weeks!  

Evening shows meant getting there at 18:00 and leaving at 22:45.

Matinee’s meant getting there at 13:00 and leaving at 22:45.



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How-do-you-do Sin! I was wondering if could possibly do an imagine on Newt receiving different flowers from a secret admirer using the language of flowers to court him. He has to try to figure out the meanings and the mystery of who could be sending them until he meets reader. Thank you for your consideration!

I tweaked it a bit! I hope that’s ok!

Master list

Imagine: Courting Newt through flowers.

“Listen, it says here that lavender means love at first sight.” Newt spoke aloud, grinning at you as he twisted the lavender rose in his hand. It had been weeks already, and almost once a day the wizard had been receiving a flower, each one different in color and species. Needless to say, he was beyond intrigued by the notion. It started off simple enough, finding a single yellow rose in his study. He assumed it was one of his creatures just leaving things around, but after the second one arrived he couldn’t quite help himself from being interested.

“That so?” You snickered from the other side of the room, finishing sewing the last half of your scarf. “Perhaps you have an admirer, my dear friend.”

And you were right, because you happened to be that secret admirer of his. It wasn’t meant to carry on this far. You always had a bit of a crush on the gentle man, it was almost impossible not to. But, Queenie had dared you to leave that first flower, and you did. But, after the second one it became more of a game for you. And you trailed off into this world of courtship with your best friend. Not that he was any the wiser. It wasn’t like you planned to keep doing this forever, and part of you wished you stopped weeks ago, but every single flower that was left kept Newt that much more interested and you just couldn’t stop yourself. After the sixth one he decided to look up the species and meanings of flowers, and every week he’d sit you down to relay the knowledge he gained from his book. Like now, while you sat here with a stupid smile and look of desire on your features.

“An admirer?” Newt glanced over at you, as if he couldn’t believe the idea of that. He hardly spoke to anyone. “Doubtful.”

The needle stopped, and you looked over at Newt with a scolding look. “Now why is that doubtful? You’re perfectly charming, Newt.”

The wizard blushed at your compliment, and he closed the book in front of him, grabbing the rose and turning it over in his hand. “Then who?”

“Well, isn’t it obvi-” You stopped yourself, hands coming up with the scarf to cover your mouth in shock. That was definitely a slip of the tongue you couldn’t afford.

Newt furrowed his brow at you, trying to figure out why you were acting so strange suddenly. “Um…so sorry, but may I ask-”

“No!” You didn’t mean to yell, but you felt under scrutiny now, and you placed your scarf to the side on the table. “I mean…no. It’s not important. Maybe it was Queenie?”

The conversation shift was a failed attempt, and Newt just continued to stare at you until you caved under his questioning gaze.

“Maybe it was the Niffler?”

At that, Newt knew you were trying hard to change the subject, and he smiled widely. “Unless there’s a gold coin hiding in the petals, it’s not him.”

A blush crept its way over your face, and tried hard to hide it behind your hands, even covering your eyes from the wizard. “Oh god…”

“Am I correct, in assuming that…” Newt chose his words carefully, rising from his seat as he walked over to you.

You could feel the heat of his body already, and it only served to make you shift awkwardly around. “It was-”

“You?” He asked, his smile growing even more as you peeked through your fingers. He looked down at the flower in his hand, and he brought it up tucking it behind your ear.

Your breath hitched in your throat, and you simply nodded at his question. Newt laughed at your nervous state, and he wrapped his arms around you, allowing you to bury your face into his chest.

“Then I’m beyond happy it is.”

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Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 4 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 4518

Chapters: 4

Chapter 4 summary: 

Sillage (French)- scent that lingers in air, the trail left in water, the impression left in space after someone or something has been and gone; the trace of someone’s perfume

Chapter 4 is up on ao3! You can read it below the cut, too. 

Thank you everyone for the wonderful messages and comments I’ve received for this fic so far!!! It makes me so happy to know that other pple like this au as much as I do ^^ Next week you’ll learn which flower Killua is coughing up :) until next time~

It was the afternoon.

School had already ended for the day, and Killua was staying over Gon’s house for dinner. They were currently holed away in Gon’s room, Killua leaning against the side of Gon’s bed with a textbook in his lap while Gon laid on the floor, stomach pressed into the soft carpet.

And he couldn’t stop himself from staring at Killua.

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So I’m from Belgium which means Thanksgiving doesn’t even register here. Also I hadn’t really prepared anything because this week has been crazy busy, so forgive my lame and improvised attempts at, well, giving thanks. I’m making this post specifically about my time here on this site and in this fandom because that was one of the most life-altering things that happened to me this year.

I wanted to say a special thank you to a few people who’ve made my entry into tumblr and this fandom a wonderful experience, and whom I am truly grateful to be able to call my friends. Some of you I talk to daily, some of you barely, but you’ve all made such a positive influence on me and brought some sunshine and happiness in my life. THANK YOU! *blows kiss*

@winchestre @snowangelcas @jhoomwrites @wanderingcas @deanssunshine @awkwardarin @envydean @unforth-ninawaters @shannon-kind @fallenfortherighteous @thegreyruin @chuckshvrley @casandean @sunshinejackles @royalrowena @winchestersraven @casandean @perennialcastiel @loveitsallineed @princesscas @deathstiel @destieldrabblesdaily @tenoko1 @randomdestielfangirl @consultingcas @supernaturallylost-writer @miss-devonaire @bluestar86 @postmodernmulticoloredcloak @mittensmorgul @elizabethrobertajones @waywardlullabies @destiel-is-cockles-fault @rosemoonweaver @suliistya

It’s a short list (basically check out my follow forever if you want a longer - but still not complete - list of everyone I admire and value on this site) so to everyone who’s not on it - to ALL my followers - I am SO grateful you’ve stuck by me all this time. For every like, every reblog, every kind word, every conversation, every time you tag me in your posts, in your creations.

You are wonderful. You are loved. You are valued. Thank you all.

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Might you be able to list all of the things you've needed to acquire since becoming religious? Different siddurim, candlesticks, havdalah box, etc. im interested in becoming more religious myself and it would be helpful to hear from someone who has been through it. Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful and fulfilling Shabbos and that you have a blessed week ahead.

Thank you for the kind wishes. I hope you have a great week too.

So I think this is a tricky question to answer as a single woman who goes out for Shabbos and yontiff meals. Certain things are also dependent on your custom. But I’ll try to do my best, starting with what you’ve listed.

  • Siddurim - really you only need one, though you’ll probably go through a few until you find one you like or you might outgrow one (either spiritually or physically). I used to use an interlinear ArtScroll siddur that only had weekday davening, so I had to have another ArtScroll one for Shabbos davening. Eventually I reached the point where I could daven entirely in Hebrew, so I spiritually “outgrew” the two I just mentioned and received a siddur in Hebrew as a gift that I now use for both Shabbos and weekday. I’m hoping this one has lots of life left in still because it’s less than a year old, but the spine’s already broken because I’m apparently not too gentle with important things, so eventually I might have to get one to replace it, therefore physically “outgrowing” it.
  • Machzorim - you didn’t mention these but they’re just siddurim for holidays. If you’re an avid shul goer, or have a siddur with yontiff davening, you might not even need these but some people like to have their own.
  • Candlesticks - this will depend on your custom and living situation. I have (had?) the custom to not light until marriage. So when I had roommates, they lit with me in mind and I was yotzei that way. Now that I live alone, I don’t have anyone else to light for me so I have to do it myself. I literally bought a glass tealight holder (just one because I hold that b’dieved, if I have to light, I should only light one) from a thrift store because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on fancy candlesticks just yet, since most women get a nice pair as wedding gifts. But if it’s your custom to light as a single woman, you might want to invent in a nicer pair. It’s something to discuss with your rabbi whether or not you should be lighting.
  • Havdalah set - I don’t have a havdalah set because as a woman, it’s better for me to hear havdalah from a man. Again, something to discuss with your rabbi. If I’m in a pinch and need to make it for myself, I just smell cinnamon straight from the jar I bought it in so I don’t have a bsamim box. I don’t have a havdalah candle because I was taught women don’t make the bracha over it, so I don’t have a use for one.
  • Kiddush cup, challah cover, challah board, challah knife, etc. - as a single woman who goes out for every Shabbos meal, I don’t have any of these. I probably should have at least a kiddush cup for Shabbosim I’m too sick to go out for meals/have to make havdalah for myself, but I don’t. If you’re the type who would want to host Shabbos dinners with friends, then you might want to invest in these things.
  • Washing cup - you will need one of these for your kitchen and one for each bathroom. If you have the custom to wash negel vasser while still in bed, you should get a negel vasser set.
  • Mezuzah scrolls/cases - one for every doorway of your home, except for closets and bathrooms.
  • Tznius clothing or yarmulkes, tefillin, and tzitzis if a man (plus a tallis if you’re a Sephardi man or married Ashkenazi man)
  • Menorah
  • Tzedekkah box - though you probably could just literally set aside the money anywhere
  • Seforim (how many/which kinds will probably differ drastically between communities if you’re a woman, but you should definitely be prepared to get a Chumash and Tanach) and books in general
  • Tehillim - though to be fair most if not all siddurim have Tehillim in the back
  • Similar to machzorim, you might not feel the need to have any of the Megillos since you’ll be able to follow along at shul, but they’re nice to have
  • Anything holiday related (Seder plate, lulav and esrog, sukkah, etc) - all things you probably won’t have a need for until you’re married (assuming you go out for meals), with the exception of a lulav and esrog if you’re a man. Also I guess it’s trickier for men with a sukkah, a man will at least need access to one
  • Bentchers - although, like Tehillim, siddurim will have bentching somewhere.
  • Not required, but I’ve definitely accumulated a bunch of brachos posters (for food, asher yatzer, etc.). You can make your own if you think that’d help, I was just given a lot as gifts
  • Some people really like Shabbos lamps or at least using timers to control their lights on Shabbos
  • Essentially 3 sets of kitchenware

I’m sure there’s a lot more but maybe this is a good start. As always, someone please correct me if I’m wrong or if you have anything to add…

The Firebird - Chapter 12

This last week has been kind of … epic for some of you. The news that were brought to the world were not exactly what we over the pond expected.

I wondered for a while whether I should post this chapter today, or delay it a week.

Then I thought - I’m French so… why not. And maybe it can bring a bit of happiness in your corner of the world, right?

I can’t say enough thanks to the Firebird Squad (yes, that’s their official name, now.) @dandelion-sunset, @titaniasfics and  @xerxia31 for their HUGE help looking after the typos, the commas and the slight changes of POV.

And to @akai-echo whose kindness is as big as her talent for making this banner and aesthetics….  

As usual if you liked, please say so. If I take into account the number of people who read the chapter and the number of reviews, I must do something very wrong so few of you like it.

Without further bla-bla…

Here on AO3 // FFN

Chapter 12 - Breakfast at Mellark’s.

When Katniss finally let go of Peeta’s arms, she didn’t feel the awkwardness she had  expected. Lifting her eyes to meet his, she only saw concern and kindness on his face, and real worry.

“I’m okay. It’s just, your rant about butter, you know? I’ve never seen anyone get mad at just… butter.”

“Well, you’ve clearly never talked to someone who spent days mixing butter with other ingredients to make cakes or pastries, or squares. Butter is like the most important thing in a bakery.”

“How do you know so much about it?”

“I grew up in a bakery. Nobody messes with butter on my watch.” Peeta leaned forward to turn the key into the ignition, starting the car.

“Who would have guessed Peeta Mellark was the Jon Snow of the Butter Watch?”

Keep reading

You Make It Better

This week has been awful in so very many ways – too much to do, too much to keep track of, and bad news that Just. Keeps. Accumulating. And it’s come in all forms, both personal and shared. I will not clog your dash with a recitation.

What I will clog your dash with, however, is a thank you. This weird place – the people in it – you – have helped me cope with all of the mess that this week has accumulated. You have kept me informed, distracted me, bolstered me, sent me kind and wonderful notes about my writing (poetry and fiction), made me laugh, and given me much-needed reality checks. I have popped onto this site when I could no longer bear to stare at the mind-numbingly pedestrian bureaucratic crap that I have been wading through. I glance at my phone when I absolutely could not read any more student papers. I have logged in during the evenings when I desperately needed to shut down my brain for a while. I have opened up the app when I needed to feel as though I was not the only person in the world who felt as though the nation was going to hell in a flaming handbasket on a well-greased rope.

I want to thank all of you who have helped me feel that I am not swimming across the ocean by myself. I cannot possibly tag all of you, because I am a living model for the Flakey Absent-Minded Professor. Whether I tag you not, please know that if you have ever liked or re-blogged, or messaged, or sent an ask to me, you have given my life a little more sparkle, and helped me breathe a little bit easier. You make it better.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

It has a been a little while. I hope you’re all doing well. I loved all of your responses to the 30 Days of Knitting. Thank you for joining in 😄 So a little update.
I spent the holidays back in the States for the first time in two years. It was a wonderful homecoming and a crazy busy three weeks. Spent most of my time with family and friends, just talking and catching up. My heart is very full.

I only finished up one project and that was some simple lace hand-warmers. I think one of my cousins has them now… not sure, I passed on most of my winter knits to people who could use them.

I hope all of you had some great holidays and hopefully enjoyed some time off.

*The kitty pictured is my childhood cat Pockets. She is such a tough and pretty cat :)

Earlier this week I had the fortune of opening a truly wonderful email in my inbox. Attached was this with a very sweet message, courtesy of @fondirritation. So let me just say thank you once again here!

The stunning artwork has been done by biencadeau (who does beautiful works - take a glimpse at her twitter). She has also generously allowed for this to be shared on tumblr.


Happy New Year everyone! It’s getting close to midnight here and I finished up some sketches that I might color someday~ been at Disneyland for the past several days so I’ve been on an increased Star Wars kick :)

2015 has been a year full of growth and excitement and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store! Thank you all my wonderful followers, you’re all so amazing and loving and awesome! Hope you all have a wonderful new year!

I’ve been accepted to San Fransokyo School of Tech!!!!!! YAAAAAAY Just kidding- I’ve started working at Disney TV Animation last week and will be a part of the Big Hero 6 show!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since grad and I’ve been MIA for a while online. There are still people who I need to get back to since graduation, but for everyone who is seeing the message now, please take a heartfelt thank you from me for all the support big or small that you’ve given me. This is the beginning of another amazing journey and it’s thanks to everyone I know, to everyone here and to the amazing friends, family, and the wonderful instructors I’ve grown with the past five years.

I look forward to what the future has in store for everyone and I wish the best in everyone’s endeavors! I know there’s been a lot we’ve all had to overcome and there will still be a lot of hurdles to jump in the future, some are even too high for us to pass over, but that’s why there are all those moments before to help us be strong enough to take on what is next. Thus, once we’re able to get over the biggest of those obstacles there’s a big win and the moment we can take the time to relish it.So let’s keep fighting for the best of times and keep them coming!

Thanks again everyone!
All my love to you!
-Grace Kum

anonymous asked:

Colress has been one of my fave pokemon characters since BW2, and Faba is one of my SuMo faves, and BOTH have seemed vastly unappreciated or even disliked by pokemon fandom!! Thank you so much for drawing more of them AND FOR SHIPPING THEM!!! That's such a great ship and you made my week, esp since you're one of my favorite artists!! QuQ

B) -finger guns-

Colress and Faba are absolutely wonderful, although I admit that it took me a while to realize how great they are falsdg. I certainly hope to draw some more interactions between them because they’re really fun to draw and they’re both NERRRRDS