this week has been a blast

Thursday mornings is when we record Voltron, and it’s one of my favorite days of the week. It’s so much fun. Really, it is like my fam. They’re my Voltron family, and they’re so much fun. And so every single week has been a blast. … Certain episodes that haven’t aired yet are some of my faves, actually, for lots of character reasons for Lance, but I can’t say that, because that’d be in spoiler territory.

Here we have it - the Ego Collection! I discovered I actually started working on it on the 3rd of July by some crazy coincidence. But nearly a whole month later and I finally have drawn all of Jack’s egos.

I just want to say a ramble-y thank you. This entire self-imposed project has been awesome in general, despite the struggles of art. A bunch of people have said such nice things, which I am very grateful for, and the kind people are one the reasons I’m so glad I found this community. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again I have had an absolute blast with Septicart week. It’s amazing to see all this incredible art, edits and writing, even music, come out of this community, as well as the supportive people liking, reblogging, commenting and just encouraging others. You guys make me super happy and want to keep creating cool stuff!

Also, thanks to Sean for not only spreading a positive influence but also interacting with us. You help keep the place a nice, fun environment and doing awesome stuff, like with the egos and setting the community on fire, makes it even better! Huge kudos to Robin for your incredible editing. I know you work hard, especially with the Anti stuff, and I don’t know where the channel would be without you. And a nod to the lovely lady behind the scenes, Signe, a wonderful creator in her own right. Plus, thanks to anyone who helps to make this community such a great place. Love ya :D

@therealjacksepticeye @pixlpit​​ @wiishu


[TianShan Week]

Day 7: Freestyle

…Beach time!

Hurrah, I’ve finally done all the prompts, even though I was late for almost of them! XD It has been a blast, despite losing some sleep over this! It really did get me to think about different ideas and having to draw them out in such a limited time! :’D Cheers~

talking with @skamisako last night about Even giving love advice and just thought of Yousef coming to Even and being like “bro when you pissed Isak off, what did you do to get him to forgive you” And Even shrugged and was like “I drew him comics.” And Yousef is like o.O genius. So he asks Even to draw him one to give to Sana. And Even is like are you fucking kidding me, but Yousef offers him like 45kr and he’s like yeah why not i can buy Isak some flowers or something. So he does.

And it’s a hit. And Sana must have recognized it or Isak saw it and blabbed to her or and someone else or something because all the sudden a little first year walks up to Even like it’s nothing. He’s managed to piss his girlfriend off and he needs a magical drawing to get her to forgive him. Even stops and stares at him, but the kid offers another 45kr. So Even does it, sketches out something stupid and simple and gives it to the kid at the end of the day. And then two girls come up to him the next day and want drawings to put in their crush’s locker. Same deal, bit of money, ten minute drawings. And then Jonas wants something to woo this chick he’s been eyeing. And they all work.

Even kind of becomes a legend in the next two weeks. Everyone knows that a love comic from him is guaranteed to make your boy/girl love you. And Isak has a blast with it, especially because he (and the rest of the school) knows that literally no drawing ever compares to the ones Even still occasionally slips into Isak’s locker. And he ends up buying Isak and him train tickets to Madrid for a long weekend by the end of the year, so that’s pretty ace too.

hi babes.

on wednesday night i had a couple of health scares that prompted me to go out of town to several different appointments all day thursday, and yesterday – friday – was spent taking blood tests and the like and way too much shit that i don’t want to get into, lol. basically this week was spent more in pain and a little bit of fear and panic, i won’t lie, so i wasn’t able to write as much as i wanted to. therefore, and i’m sure you all figured this out already, no chapter was uploaded friday.

i don’t get all of my test results back until wednesday, so for this weekend i’m going to try and keep my mind off everything worrying me and try to finish where i left off. i’m sorry i couldn’t deliver the chapter to you guys when i’d told you it might be up; sometimes life sucks, lol

i did try to write today (or, friday, it’s past midnight), but my head is not all here right now. still, those boys haven’t left me alone entirely, so some scenes have been written on my phone while out of town and whenever i felt the need to try and get away from reality for the moment. so there’s not many scenes left, but scenes are long in this fic, as you know, so there are several thousands of words. honestly, i promise you, i am going to try and push past the bad stuff this weekend to get this out to you asap – i’d really like to, anyway. real life is not somewhere i wanna station myself atm.

this is also why i have been in no contact w anyone via messenger or any other app. sorry, my head has not been in it at all this week. i love you all and i promise i’m going to get back to it. i just need to be either in the clear or just sure of things by wednesday and then maybe i’ll have more time to adapt to whatever situation’s being thrown at me.

today and tomorrow will hopefully be spent blasting music in my ears to drown out any thoughts that aren’t tmtts. i miss my boys, and trust me, i read your messages and your comments on the fic — i know you miss them, too. if i could just magically conjure up the rest of the fic in an hour for you guys, i would. i fucking love them so much. and i fucking love you guys so much.

trust me. it’s your support and your kindness that hasn’t allowed me to let this story go. were it nothing but petty entitlement — and i have encountered that in many other fandoms — i’d have probably shut it down already. but instead you guys are kind and patient and lovely, and that’s the kind of thing that keeps an author going and keeps an author wanting to give you more. so thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

because of your patience and your love and support, here are certain things i can tell you about the chapter to hold you over until hopefully after this weekend. i’ve put them under a read more, in case you don’t want to spoil yourself until the chapter is posted!

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Hi there everyone!

This entire week has been a blast, but the time has come for us to close submissions.

We want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the participants! We couldn’t have done this without you. This event became much larger than we could have ever predicted, making it’s way to all corners of the globe, and we know we had tons of fun with it!

Let’s take a look at some submission totals:

Total (tumblr): 341  ||  Total (Ao3): 66  ||  Total (twitter): 106

Tumblr: Fanart: 228  ||  Fanfic: 99  ||  Graphic: 3  ||  Cosplay: 4  ||  Other: 7

Twitter: Fanart: 76  ||  Fanfic: 23  || Graphic: 1  ||  Cosplay: 2  ||  Other: 4

As you can see, we had quite a few submissions! Thank you everyone! Before we finish closing up the Week, the Moderator Team wanted to share some personal words.

Nathan/@sachiro: The first thing I’d like to express is how truly grateful I am to everyone who participated. It’s been such a joy each and every day to see people challenging themselves and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones to create new works. I can’t even express how happy I’ve been at seeing every single submission. I applaud the bravery of every participant, and especially those who have never posted anything NSFW before, for coming out of your shells and allowing us to bask in your skills! And to the mods, this Week has been crazy hectic but I’m so thankful for all of you and the efforts you’ve put into making this event a reality. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. See you all next level!!

Seda/@rinsuokah: NSFW Victuuri Week is officially over. It was an amazing and successful event. I had so much fun (and nosebleeds) during the whole event. I want to thank all participants who were spicing up our event with their amazing fanworks. We’re blessed for having such talented people in our fandom. Hope to meet you all during second edition of NSFW Victuuri Week! Much love for you all~

Vicky/@rinmatsuoka: We’ve made it to the end, and it has been one hell of a ride! We can all extend our thanks in words, but it will never amount to how truly grateful we all are for everything our participants have contributed! It’s always such a blessing to see how excited the fandom is to join in events that celebrate the amazing ship that is, Victor and Yuuri. Thank you to all who participated! Be it in contributing, or supporting those who did contribute, and those who supported us in getting the word out! Every single one of you made this event possible! Stay strong my darlings, we’ll be back before you know it and we look forward to seeing all of you again real soon! ♥️

Nad/@oizumi: Hello! Nad is here. I just wanna say thank you to all of you who participate and thank you for making this event alive 😂 and for mods, I love you guys so much (even tho recently I’m not very active and dont contribute much bc life hit me, I’m so sorry….) you guys are the best mod ever!! Once again, THANK U EVERYONE 💖💖

Ally/@yuurinikiforov: It’s been a wild ride, pun intended, but we’ve reached the end. I’m constantly amazed by this fandom and their love and creativity. Honestly, I expected a very small event, but we got so many people participating. It’s truly moved me. I also had the blessing of running our Twitter and, guys, there was so much love spread. We received a few comments from the Japanese fandom complimenting all of you, both on Twitter and Tumblr. I’m honored to help everyone share their talents. We’ll be back before you know it, I promise. Until NEXT LEVEL, keep being amazing.

The Week was far more successful than we ever could have imagined! We’re grateful to each and every one of you who participated and all of you who showed your support for the entries. Parting is sad, but don’t worry - it’s only temporary!

We’re happy to announce our main event, @victuuri-week 2018 dates! We’ll see you all in the run up to the Winter Olympics, January 31st through February 7th! Follow us there for more announcements in the future!


Wings Chapter 32 on AO3


Road Trip AU x UT Mob AU Crossover Fic : A New Gang

(Warnings: Sans x Frisk

Road Trip AU has Adult Frisk and Sans already in a relationship. So, if you’re not a fan of this pairing, I suggest avoiding this fic. XD)

Above are various scenes for the crossover fic I’ve been collaborating with none other than the famed fanfic senpai, @tsukithewolf !!!

Since about two weeks ago, Tsuki and I have been tossing ideas with her fic’s Frisk and UT Mob’s Little Pup ending up in each other’s universe! It’s been a blast for sure, and I’m excited to show finally reveal the resulting work!

Of course, Tsuki is also known for being a SansxFrisk writer, so there are some shippy scenes that I kept under cut.


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Rehabilitating A Broken Heart (6)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an arrogant asshole. He loves parties, girls, and having everything revolve around him. After a horrific car accident that causes him to lose his arm, he’s sent to physical rehabilitation where he meets Y/n, a spunky, takes no shit, physical therapist that has Cerebral Palsy. There, a strong connection forms and she shows him the ropes of living a normal life with a disability.

Word Count: 1.6k+

Warnings: swearing, fluff

I have some personal things that relate to me that I wrote into this chapter. They’re very small minor details, feel free to guess what they are!


Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

Chapter 6: Becoming A Teammate

After I confided in Y/n about my fears of living with a disability, there was a definite shift in our dynamics, or at least I thought there was. I started sharing more about myself to her and she’d reply with a sarcastic comment. They made my heart hammer loudly against my chest, but she made no effort to share anything about herself with me.

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Let’s Ease Them In

Title: Let’s Ease Them In

Rating: PG

Word Count: 4841

Summary: “Way to not be obvious Dan,” Hannah says as they arrive backstage. “You guys have been keeping this under wraps for so long now, what’s with all the slip ups lately?”

“We’re easing them in,” Dan grins back.

(Or the fic where Dan and Phil slowly start letting the fans know the truth, by way of other people’s vlogs)

(Read on AO3)

A/N:  Hey guys, this is my first fic for the phandom :D! Hopefully you enjoy it, have fun reading.

(So I totally forgot to mention my beta Morgannita, she not at all in this fandom or even really active on Tumblr anymore, but I still want to thank her for looking over this fic :D!) 

Sidenote: This takes place in 2017. It’s mentioned a few times during the fic but can easily be read over, so I thought I’d mention it here as well.

It starts simple. They’re at the airport waiting to board their flight to Florida for Playlist Live 2017. There are a bunch of other YouTubers waiting with them and a few of them are vlogging. It’s early though, Phil is still wearing his glasses and Dan is tired. Dan is tired and is resting his head on Phil’s shoulder and he just can’t be bothered to lift it and sit further away from his boyfriend just in case someone catches them in their vlog. He groans and buries his face further in the make shift pillow that is Phil’s shoulder. “How long till we can board?”

“About half an hour, then you can go back to sleep babe.”

Half an hour later they board their flight and sleeping is exactly what they both do.

Sure enough the image of them in the boarding area is captured in multiple vlogs and from multiple angles and the fans go a bit crazy with that. There are still the naysayers suggesting that surely best friends do that as well.

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Hey hey! Guess what’s happening this 28th?

It’s Rodella here! So, as we all know–Ichiruki Month’s being an utter blast, but the night is young and the sistership that comes along is here to star! 

It’s Ishihime Week 2017!

As has been said, IsHweek2017 is being hosted from the 28th of August to the 3rd of September–the birthday of the Virgo half of the pair! So, what’s all this about?

About Ishihime Week:

I’m sure we all know the drill by now, but let’s take a quick refresher, shall we? 

IsHweek is as self-explanatory as it gets; It’s about ishihime, and it takes place over the span of a week, simples! Here, we’ve even got prompts to get us started:

Prompts !!

Despite being a 1-week event, we’ve actually got 14 prompts to go with– two 7 prompt sets, one aimed towards writers, and one towards artists and editors respectively! However, they’re middle-of-the-road enough for either artist or writer to pick from either of the sets they fancy. Mix-n-match to your heart’s content, mes amies!

Day #1, 28th of August:  A Soft Realization // Quicksilver
Day #2, 29th of August:  Chasing Comets // Candyfloss
Day #3, 30th of August: Rainy Season // Sunshowers
Day #4, 31st of August: Subtlety // Ripe Cherry Red
Day #5, 1st of September: Stop and smell the roses // Seaside
Day #6, 2nd of September: Spilled Ink //  Green Tea
Day #7, 3rd of September: The Present // Gift Wrappings

Hey now, have we got rules?

In this household? Oh, yes sirree. All works have to be original, all works have to have ishihime in some form, and. Well. I suppose that’s about it, really? 

The rest is common sense !! Be nice to fellow creators, be nice to the characters, and make sure to tag your work with #ishihimeweek, #ishweek or mention @ishihimeweek somewhere in your post so we can showcase your wonderful efforts!

All works count, by the way! Fics, art, edits, playlists, funnyman shitposts, a 3k word keysmash that just repeats a letter for 90 pages–it’s all fair game!! Just give us a shout and we’ll reblog it.

Just don’t pull a Marcel DuChamp on us.

One Last Word

Have lots and lots of fun!! IsHweek2017 is a feel-goodsy event after all that’s said and done, and no matter what you make or how much you contribute, we are all here to have A Time, so enjoy yourselves this 28th!!

Your host, Rodella x

Belladonna Farm (Part 1)

Yay! The first part of my new Nessian series! This will be a seven part fic and will have a couple aesthetic boards to go with it. 

Fun Fact: The setting for this fic is a real place that I have been to and took pictures of for the aesthetics. Everything about it is 100% true except for the mountains (which I added because Illyrians).

Please let me know what you guys think! 

Tagging: @aelinxfeyre @rowanismybae (let me know if you want to be added to this tag list!)

Aesthetic Board 1



1. also called deadly nightshade. a poisonous plant, Atropa belladonna, or the nightshade family, having purplish-red flowers and blackberries

2. Italian for ‘beautiful lady’


Nesta checks her phone again, squinting as she tries to understand the directions the stupid GPS app is telling her. She is pretty sure that it is completely wrong. After all, the last town is twenty miles back, and all around her are corn fields, with a small mountain range situated behind them. The road she is currently driving on is paved, but has many potholes, and the closest neighbors are several kilometers apart. Surely her late Aunt Ripleigh - who had loved to talk all day if she had an audience - wouldn’t want to live all the way out here in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, that may as well have been Nesta’s city heart talking. She could never imagine staying in a place like this for a long period of time, corn fields surrounding you, the sun beating down constantly. As it is, she has the air conditioning blasting in her car and the humidity is still getting to her hair. Not that she has anyone to impress. Nesta briefly feels a bit grateful for a week with no one around. Maybe she won’t even do her makeup while she’s staying here. Wherever here is.

As she continues to drive down the dull, straight road, Nesta once again curses the circumstances that put her here. Of course, she has no one to blame, because she can’t very well blame her dead great aunt for naming her in her will. Although Nesta fiercely wants to be angry that Aunt Ripleigh had decided that she should be the one given the farm house at the base of a mountain.

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voltron as things that have happened since ive gone back to school

Keith: one of the kids who dropped out last year has been sitting out in the parking lot every morning this week blasting punk music while standing outside his car head bobbing along 

Lance: a guy ran past my class naruto running because he was late

Pidge: every day this week ive airdropped the same kid a picture of my hand flipping him off because he told me non binary doesnt exist.  

Hunk:a two period debate about if fruit loops or cocoa puffs were better

Shiro: i was asked what i wanted to do in college and accidently responded with ‘i want to die’ 

Allura: “family isnt always a mom and a dad. sometimes its a bunch of assholes, a rat and a robot” 

Coran: someone won a game of candyland and stood up on the table and started doing a victory dance

valentine’s day was a blast with my friends! settling into the ib programme with your friends’ support is sososo important and reassuring 💫 the week has been tiring but hopefully it’s also been fruitful :’) rest up over the weekend everyone!

Roommates (Part 2)

Roomates (Part 1) and Roomates (Part 3)

Summary: When y/n is forced to rent out her extra room, Im Jaebum was the last person she expected to have to share her living space with… luckily, he kept things interesting.

Genre: romance (kinda?? it’s coming I promise), hot roommate (okay guys i’m officially making it a genre), playboy!, (NEXT CHAPTER’S GONNA GET SMUTTY Y’ALL)

Word Count: ~1000

A/N: Hi everyone!!! Thank you so much for the positive feedback on part 1, I’m glad so many people enjoyed it! I have one more section I want to write and then it’s done!! This part is kind of a transition portion more than anything I think, but let me know your thoughts anyways. ALSO I will do requests if anyone has any?? I just realized this week that I haven’t ever really said that so feel free to send them in if you want!

Update: Part 3 is up y’all!

Originally posted by mixedangel

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Starbound - Weaponry Mishap

Gaius learned the hard way that over-charging tentacle-guns in Erchius Radiation-heavy zones can result in mutagenic back-fires.

At least after the initial horror, his Avian companion Hawkens helped Gaius find a few creative ways to use his mutated limbs until they could find someone to fix him.

I recently got back into Starbound after a year away, and been having a blast running around on Gaius the Novakid (humanoid beings of star-gas in a mostly-solid form), hollowing out planets and building big complex houses. I’d always wanted to do some monstrous mutation art for the game. It just has so many possible possibilities between Apex science, Erchius energy mutants, and Ancient tech! Seriously, need more of that sort of art.

Started this piece a couple weeks ago and had it sitting around half-finished in my files until today. Enjoy!

Page 2-27 Original story by Kurohaha & Sairenharia Miraculous Ladybug copyright to Thomas Austruc & Zagtoon
Sorry for the delay… again. I can only offer that the week has been comprised of being dragged to the same two bars back and forth, baking in the blasted sun, or enjoying a jolly damn time attending Dapper Day at Disneyland. and that was when I wasn’t at work

Page 02-26

Page 02-28

Talisto Week Day 4: Reassurance

Because this is a comic… im not going to do a drabble. Basically, the setup is that after Praxina has been rid of whatever Banes corrupted her with, she and Mephisto are punished for the act of treason against the crown from their days with Gramorr. Their placed in dungeons in seperate kingdoms and are restrained from using magic by enchanted shackles. Talia is conflicted by this because though she knows the twins caused much trouble when Gramorr was around, she had gotten very close to Mephisto after he had healed from the blast they thought had killed him… and she knows how hard its been for him and his sister to be apart.
She comes to visit him every day and even delivers messages between the twins so they can still keep in contact with eachother (sort of).
These are modified song lyrics. It isn’t exactly the dialogue they’re speaking… but it matched the tone. So I used them.

I am ridiculously in love with this dress!  I am typically not one to order clothes online unless it’s something I’ve purchased before because I never trust the fit of things.  But, I saw this dress and just fell in love with the bright cheerful print!  I ordered my typical size. . .and it arrived about ten times larger than I expected–to the point that I was truly shocked and checked the tag about five times.  SOOOO grateful for amazing friends!  My friend Shannon altered it for me and it only took her half an hour to have it fitting perfectly!  She’s a magician and I’m so, so in love with this dress!  I want to wear it every day! 

This week at work has been absolutely full of kids!  So many kids!  It’s been crazy busy, but also (mostly) a blast!  We’ve done so many fun projects, and nothing beats the enthusiasm of great kids after what’s been a bit of a rough patch.  But, of course, there’s always that one kid who just makes me want to scream–mostly at his parents.  You are not doing your child a service by making him feel like he can do no wrong, that the world was designed to cater to his every whim, and that he is in the position of authority over all people including adults.  I didn’t play that crap with my high school students and I’m damn sure not going to play it with an eight year old.  Little E__ and I had to have a bit of a come-to-Jesus meeting today (as one of my former teacher coworkers used to call it).  I think it shocked him a little…and I’m curious if I’ll hear anything about it from his parents tomorrow…but it actually seemed to help a lot.  I’m all for empowering kids–you absolutely should do that–but there’s a difference between teaching kids to speak up for themselves and believe in themselves and creating little entitled monsters.  *sigh*  You just have to expect those kinds of issues to come up when you’re working with kids, though.  And, honestly, I was happy to see I still have the touch! :)  It’s really important to me to set a high standard for the kids I work with while also being able to clearly show them that I care about them and want them to do well.  I’ve always found it really important to follow up one-on-one with the kids I have to discipline and tell them about the times I’ve noticed them making improvements that day and reinforce for them that I’m strict about my standards because I care about them and want them to do well.  I forget how absolutely exhausting it is to be in a classroom for long periods of time.  Working with kids all day just takes all of your heart, soul, and focus–It. Is. Exhausting!  I have been loving this week though!