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Day 7: Freestyle

…Beach time!

Hurrah, I’ve finally done all the prompts, even though I was late for almost of them! XD It has been a blast, despite losing some sleep over this! It really did get me to think about different ideas and having to draw them out in such a limited time! :’D Cheers~

end of the commissions spam+simi hiatus

i am sorry guys for this week i’ve been only posting fake screenshot commissions….XD

but man i love you guys so much this has been a blast for me thank you <3

also for those who didn’t have the chance to have a commission i am going to open it again next month after “ramadan and eid” our Islamic month and it’s holiday and also the final exams…:’D 

that’s why i’ll have a simi hiatus beginning in 28/5 until 14/6 i’ll still be here but i won’t be active much ….i am still going to do stuff before this time so yeah XD

thank you <3

valentine’s day was a blast with my friends! settling into the ib programme with your friends’ support is sososo important and reassuring 💫 the week has been tiring but hopefully it’s also been fruitful :’) rest up over the weekend everyone!

Let’s Ease Them In

Title: Let’s Ease Them In

Rating: PG

Word Count: 4841

Summary: “Way to not be obvious Dan,” Hannah says as they arrive backstage. “You guys have been keeping this under wraps for so long now, what’s with all the slip ups lately?”

“We’re easing them in,” Dan grins back.

(Or the fic where Dan and Phil slowly start letting the fans know the truth, by way of other people’s vlogs)

(Read on AO3)

A/N:  Hey guys, this is my first fic for the phandom :D! Hopefully you enjoy it, have fun reading.

(So I totally forgot to mention my beta Morgannita, she not at all in this fandom or even really active on Tumblr anymore, but I still want to thank her for looking over this fic :D!) 

Sidenote: This takes place in 2017. It’s mentioned a few times during the fic but can easily be read over, so I thought I’d mention it here as well.

It starts simple. They’re at the airport waiting to board their flight to Florida for Playlist Live 2017. There are a bunch of other YouTubers waiting with them and a few of them are vlogging. It’s early though, Phil is still wearing his glasses and Dan is tired. Dan is tired and is resting his head on Phil’s shoulder and he just can’t be bothered to lift it and sit further away from his boyfriend just in case someone catches them in their vlog. He groans and buries his face further in the make shift pillow that is Phil’s shoulder. “How long till we can board?”

“About half an hour, then you can go back to sleep babe.”

Half an hour later they board their flight and sleeping is exactly what they both do.

Sure enough the image of them in the boarding area is captured in multiple vlogs and from multiple angles and the fans go a bit crazy with that. There are still the naysayers suggesting that surely best friends do that as well.

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Page 2-27 Original story by Kurohaha & Sairenharia Miraculous Ladybug copyright to Thomas Austruc & Zagtoon
Sorry for the delay… again. I can only offer that the week has been comprised of being dragged to the same two bars back and forth, baking in the blasted sun, or enjoying a jolly damn time attending Dapper Day at Disneyland. and that was when I wasn’t at work

(wc: 1.5k. sorta sequel to this. michael teaches jeremy more filipino, listens to music, and has a bad day but it’s okay. sappy fluff. pining. oh god pining. bye.)

Michael doesn’t really have a taste music so much as erratic collection of songs and albums he just so happened to get obsessed with. His phone on shuffle has been described as an experience. There was the one week where only soundtracks of 1st gen and 2nd gen Pokemon blasted from his headphones. For three days he only listened Dreams by Fleetwood Mac over and over again. There was Electroswing Saturday, which lasted for a solid month. Last time he and Jeremy got stoned, Michael cried to the lyrics of MacArthur Park.

(“He left the cake out in the rain, dude,” Michael says, high off his bat and overcome with so many emotions he can’t name a single one. “It took so long to make it, Jeremy.”

“I know, it’s okay,” Jeremy pats his head, giggling. Richard Harris croons in the background on tinny speakers. “Shit happens.”

“It took so long the bake it, Jeremy.”

“So long.”

“And he’ll never get that recipe again!” He says over Jeremy’s cackles.)

Today, he finds himself in music limbo, clicking aimlessly on Spotify like a desert wanderer looking for an oasis of kicking jams. After maybe an twenty minutes of impatiently skipping past every random song that didn’t catch his attention, he finally stops on a song.

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Arrow 5x20 “Underneath” - After thoughts

Main thought

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Olicity (all around Olicity)

It was a heart wrenching episode. 

For a while Flashbacks gave pause to the tightness in my heart but as soon as the sex was over and we jump to the serious talk the wrench pulled so hard I almost crumbled.

We knew it was going to be hard. Olicity is in a hard spot and it won’t miraculously rise in a pain free way.

I was ready. Must say I was not very surprised when it came to the why Olicity broke up in Season 4; trust was the issue, the motive. Not William, I dare say Felicity is happy William has a dad and a mom that care about him, it was the way Oliver didn’t trust her. She loves Oliver so much that settling for less than a relationship where full trust exists is not an option.

(GIFs credit @felicitys )

The Flasback’s were what I expected and much of what I didn’t want to watch. Drunken sex, my bad reaction to it was somewhat “erased” by the love I felt existed for real. The Flashbacks end with Felicity giving hope to Oliver that maybe someday she could be ready for them to talk about their break up and Oliver getting his hopes up about coming back together.

(GIFs credit @amanitacaplan )

This scene broke me to pieces. I knew it was going to happen. I knew it had to be something like this happening in 4.5 for us to get Oliver and Felicity behaving like they did in 5x01 but I admit that, sex scene aside (that was… WOW), Flashbacks were as painful to watch as present time with the smiles ending up on an even deeper Olicity break up.

I find a bit of solice in knowing that both me and the characters know things are bad (maybe it’s just me…) and if that wasn’t the case in the Flashbacks (with Oliver all hopeful) it was the case on present time.

Felicity’s chip isn’t working. I was a bit emotional about Felicity down playing it to Oliver while the imeadiate threat was Chase, just as much as I was emotional about Oliver’s concern when Felicity told him.

Oliver understanding of Prometheus game play is growing and Chase isn’t ten steps ahead anymore. Granted he’s still ahead but not 10 steps, Oliver knew exactly what Chase was planning to do outside and why he had trapped Oliver and Felicity inside the bunker… he was getting William.

Originally posted by chess-soul

The urgency of getting out sends Oliver on another Lone Ranger like mission. Not even considering what Felicity is proposing he tries to get out trough the elevator shaft.

He falls and gets badly hurt. How badly we only get to see later on, but right from the start we could tell it’s bad.

I personaly don’t like to hear “I told you so” after something goes wrong. Felicity telling it to Oliver once I would have deal with but she kept repeating it. I can only read this as a tell tale sign of how upset she is, how frustrated that her words to Oliver seem to be crushing into a brick wall. This is as bad as Olicity could get.

Oliver is in pain in more ways than one. He sees Felicity’s poin,t if  there’s another way he will follow. It’s said this is the first time he follows Felicity’s advice (and needs), that is simply not true.

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Maybe I’m being harsh on the show but Oliver did listened to Felicity before; he did follow her advice and wishes before, somewhere along the line the Show “forgot” that. Oliver is no saint, he’s anything but, but he’s no devil neither. I know I’m probably stating something unpopular but I love Oliver and I didn’t like that Felicity accepted Oliver statement that it was the first time he followed her advice because it’s not true.

Felicity’s plan is brilliant but it backfires and they are in a worse situation than before with poisoness gas filling the bunker. Not only is air already scarce now it’s turning into poison.

Felicity manages to balance the explosive arrow enough to blast the access to the vapor drain (not sure that was the name…) without blowing the bunker up and Oliver manages to get the arrow exactly where it was needed, an act we appreciate even more when we consider that he’s seriously injured and just inhaled alot of gas while trying to stop the leak. Further more he carries Felicity down a two floors heigth before he colapses. The man is a hero and amazes me week after week.

Desperation hits Felicity like the all world just colapsed on her. Oliver is her rock he always has been, the rock is crumbling and she’s unable to stop it just as much as she’s unable to accept it the possibility that he’s dying.

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The talk time is finaly arriving, at least the first part of it. More than sex scenes from the past that’s what I was waiting for.

Oliver confides in Felicity and she finaly understands how bad things, how broken Oliver is. 

(GIFs credit to  gothsmoak )

Oliver trusts her, he always did he just doesn’t trust himself because he’s a Monster in his mind, he always was. He’s no hero he’s a killer that kills for pleasure, Chase made him face that truth about himself. He not only doesn’t trust himself he lost himself, he doesn’t know what kind of man he is.

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Felicity knows what kind of man Oliver is. He’s the man that she loves, the man she wanted to marry, she knows exactly what kind of men he is. Personal Translation: He’s no monster; he’s a killer because 5 years in Hell made him be out of necessity; she’s light, she’s Felicity, she would never feel about Oliver the love she does if he was what he thinks he is.

(GIFs credit to  gothsmoak )

ANd then the Sphere blasts trough the wall…

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The rescueing mission is on the way but Oliver and Felicity are not out of the woods yet something about the generator coming back on and the electricity igniting the gas in the bunker. That is definitly life threatning.

Oliver is getting incresingly worse. He tries to get to safety, carrying Felicity, but Felicity makes him stop, he can’t go further he’s bleeding, he has been losing blood for a while now. And Oliver just colapses.

Originally posted by ilovegreys101

But they are both dead if they stay. There’s no one coming for them, they have to get out and without the use of her legs Felicity is powerless to move and take Oliver (I do think she would try if she was walking)

It pained me to watch the adrenaline shot to his heart. I get why they need to do it but… this is a man that takes just about all physical pain or an injury without so much as a complain and now he colapsed, not once but twice, so this is a seriously live threating injury, making him go beyond his limit (and his limit is high) was so painful to watch. 

But he does it. With Diggle’s help he does it. And he refuses to let go of Felicity even when his life is on the line and letting her go, like she’s asking, will save him.

(GIFs credit @felicitys )

The willing to sacrifice themselves for the other to survive never ceases to amaze me.

The Hospital scene was the outcome that fitted with all the hints we have been getting.

Felicity understands Oliver better now. I don’t care what the writers wrote and Felicity said IMO she understands Oliver better because he finaly openned up to her, yes her involvement with Helix and the fact she set a criminal free to get Chase Oliver’s style also gives her another level of understanding of Oliver. But to me the talk was key. Felicity finaly knows what has been lurking inside Oliver since forever, what has made him keep everyone at bay, he doesn’t trust himself.

(GIFs credit @felicitys ) Note: amazing work.

Oliver is in pain, the pain of a man that stands bare, stripped down of all barriers, all secrets, in front of the woman he loves. There’s nothing more Felicity doesn’t know, and she’s still there, with him, by his side.

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This is my OTP. This is an real unshinkable ship.

The most simple gesture and I knew Olicity was back

Originally posted by sharingmyworld

The hand holding. It’s impressive that with all the wonderful sex scene this is the scene that makes me most happy, but it is because it shows me the future.

Random thoughts:

- Dyla paralleled Olicity perfectly this episode. Word for word…Note: a lot of Ctrl-C Ctrl-V use on the Writers room.

Lyla is Oliver in Dyla but this time she was in Felicity position. Pointing out to Diggle that Team Arrow and ARGUS are not perfect they both have sins, they both cross the line.Diggle aknowledges this and I do think Dyla is going to be fine.

- ARGUS has Curtis T-spheres and even managed to make them better

- The “kids” are getting funnier by the minute

- Olicity Sex was a good scene. But it was the past not much relevant going forward hence I didn’t foccused much on it but, for science,so I’ll leave you with it

(GIF credit @amanitacaplan )

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The Battle of Suramar, was the final push of the Nightfallen Resistance against the occupiers of the ancient city. Deploying its army against the Duskwatch Vanguard, the Sunguard was soon assaulted by the might of the Legion under the helm of Gul’dan. It was in that final hour that the return of the Cabal of the Dying Sun was able to stem the breaking tide. 

With the other armies under the command of the various elven races, the enemy was completely routed and forced to withdraw into the Nighthold. It would be there the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance put an end to Gul’dan and his reign of terror over the city. Setting to right the befoulment he has done on Azeroth and Draenor. 

While Broken Shore has been out for a couple weeks now, the Sunguard has officially wrapped up its campaign during the opening hours of expansion. It was a long and bloody process to get where we were then and where we are now. While other events will continue on side storylines, there will be an overall hiatus to the main story as we prepare for the next campaign and push within the Broken Shore named LEGIONFALL

Thank you for all of those who were able to attend these events. They’ve been a blast to create and run and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as well. 


Road Trip AU x UT Mob AU Crossover Fic : A New Gang

(Warnings: Sans x Frisk

Road Trip AU has Adult Frisk and Sans already in a relationship. So, if you’re not a fan of this pairing, I suggest avoiding this fic. XD)

Above are various scenes for the crossover fic I’ve been collaborating with none other than the famed fanfic senpai, @tsukithewolf !!!

Since about two weeks ago, Tsuki and I have been tossing ideas with her fic’s Frisk and UT Mob’s Little Pup ending up in each other’s universe! It’s been a blast for sure, and I’m excited to show finally reveal the resulting work!

Of course, Tsuki is also known for being a SansxFrisk writer, so there are some shippy scenes that I kept under cut.


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To the older woman at the dog park,

Thank you. Thank you for being kind to me and talking about life with me. You are so sweet and kind and you could not ever realize how much I needed that today.

After dinner I left my house with my dog, music blasting. I went to the neighborhood park to cry. This whole week has been awful and I just feel like everyone in this world has something against me. I went to go into the dog park and you were there.

You and your perfectly trained golden retriever, we talked, and talked. We talked about dogs and school and life. You must be in your sixteys and I’m in my teens, but our age difference only pulled us together. You talked of a boy who once took you to your homecoming dance and I admitted to you how terrified I was to go to my first.

I left the dog park with a smile on my face. I went home and sat on my back porch with my dog eating ice cream. I let things go.

I am happy. Thank you for helping me realize that there are more important things in life than stupid boys and people who make you feel worthless.


             AAAAAAAAAAA. SO THIS BLOG ISN’T EVEN A MONTH OLD, AND YET?? ANYWAY. IM GOING TO SCREAM. THANK YOU GUYS SM!! Real talk these weeks have been a blast! I’ve already made so many cool new friends and partners and I just wanna let you know that ily.

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art by @pmendicant

anonymous asked:

Regina and Emma have Twins but neither has light magic only dark. They're never bad but one day they get pushed around and use their magic to deal with the bully.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“I can’t believe it. Two weeks suspension?” 

“They did blast the kid across the playground Regina,” Emma points out. 

“Only because he’d been picking on them relentlessly for three whole weeks! The teachers didn’t do anything even when they asked for help Emma and none of the other kids would help…they were left helpless and they lashed out…and…”

“Whoa,” Emma says placing her hands on both of Regina’s shoulders and meeting Regina’s worried brown gaze with her own, “I feel like this is about more than just our twins standing up for themselves.” 

Regina sighs as she worries her lip with her teeth, “They have dark magic Emma…and I know this was only the first time but what if it’s just a slippery slope? What if we can’t save them Emma?” 

It’s a fear they both have. Whilst they both trust and love their girls, they also understand how easy it is to succumb to darkness. 

Emma hugs Regina closely as she promises, “We can. They won’t suffer like we did Regina.”

“How can you be so sure?” 

Emma smiles at her, “Because no matter what else happens they’ll always have us, and my parents and Henry…they’re never going to be alone Regina. They’re loved and happy. They’re safe just like we are now.” 

Regina nods slowly as she whispers, “I just want them to stay safe forever Emma.” 

I have a story okay because my life has officially changed today so today was the first day in like 3 weeks that hasn’t been raining absolute dicks and everything was sunny and lovely so I convinced my dad into driving us all out for ice cream and we got our ice creams and went up to this hill that drops off by the ocean

and there were these paragliders just all over the fucking place, like they probably haven’t been out flying for weeks with all this bad weather so they were just having a blast, one guy was swooping low and bouncing off benches and poles it was great

I said to my mum ‘omg do u think they’d let me join in if I asked nicely’ and my mum was like 'heeeeells nah’

fast forward ten minutes later, a guy walks over with a clipboard and is like 'so do any of u wanna go paragliding rn’

and I was like ’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

and my parents were like 'we still owe u that hangliding trip we promised for ur 21st so we’ll shout for this instead’ and they dropped $250 on the spot to make my actual dreams come true this wonderful random Sunday afternoon

and I got to fucking fly today and I’d forgotten what it felt like to not feel depressed until I was floating over the fucking beach in a fucking paraglider and it was FUCKING AMAZING

after like the most stressful months of my life I, right at this very second, feel almost like I did before I had depression like I feel so good and relaxed because there is honestly no other experience quite like floating way up in the air with no sounds but the wind and you can’t tell how fast ur going and everything seems to so far away and it’s all just peaceful and relaxing and beautiful and there is just nothing but air around you from every angle

I need this in my life I will not fucking rest in this world until I make a hobby out of fucking flying you can bet ur ass I’m gonna go the fuck back up there any chance I get, I’ve dreamed of flying for my entire life and now I’ve done it and I want MORE MOTHERFUCKERS I’M HOOKED

YOI Week: Day Seven

Match Made By Phichit

Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Ji Guang-Hong/Leo de la Iglesia, Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola, Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin, Phichit Chulanont/Seung-gil Lee

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,116

Summary: Five times Phichit plays matchmaker for his friends and the one time they play matchmaker for him.

*Option A. I was actually just going for doing whatever I wanted on this day, but it ended up being an AU. Great how that turned out! This has been a fun seven days. I had a blast exploring so many different characters (anyone notice I focused on a different person(s) each day?) and worlds. I hope you all enjoyed them and that you enjoy this one!

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Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 8: I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Here we are. Back for another week of DWTS. Another week of crap. Just a quick note. I’m so frustrated with this season more than any in the past. I hate that the judges (except Len) keep acting like Normani and Val can do no wrong. Meanwhile, they have been tearing the other couples down. We especially saw that tonight. Normani got lavish praise 7 out of 8 times. David and Rashad received unnecessarily harsh criticism for one of their two dances. I really don’t feel like Simone got any actual compliments and Bonner was outright ripped to shreds. It would be one thing if Normani was just far and away the best dancer left and everyone else sucked. But she’s not. Two of the couples are on her level and another is a respectable dancer as well. The only one that is not a good dancer is Bonner and even he didn’t deserve the trash that he was handed in terms of critiques tonight. Especially because he was headed home anyway. It just bothered me. And it clearly bothered both Bonner and Simone and rightfully so. The judges have no right to trash them like that. Now let’s get started.

Rashad and Emma- Jive (Score=36)- I thought this dance was really good. The energy was great and I loved his swag. His feet were nowhere near as bad as the judges tried to make it seem. He could have pointed his toes more, but they were acting like his feet have not improved over this entire season. I’m here to tell you that they have.

Normani and Val- Contempoaray (Score=40)- I called this score as soon as I knew that this was gonna be their style. Not because I knew it would be good. Because I know that the judges were gonna give her a perfect score for a contemporary, whether or not she deserved it. I don’t think this dance deserved it. It was like every other contemporary on this show that I hate. It was overwrought with emotion, flaily and not cohesive. The judges always love and fall for that and so do the viewers, so whatever.

Bonner and Sharna- Argentine Tango (Score=30)- This was a classic Bonner dance. Not terrible, but not good either. He was stiff and lacked performance and connection to Sharna. But he pushed through it and didn’t go off time. So that’s always a good thing. Len was extremely rude to him and to the audience. He has said that people overstayed their welcome in the past, and it has always been rude. But he’s never done it to this level. Yes, Bonner was not good, but guess what? The viewers wanted him there. And if he’s pissy that Nancy left, then he should be mad that they, themselves, didn’t do more to get the public to vote for Nancy over Bonner. The judges have a lot of influence over the audience and they could have done a better job of spreading the love around versus saving the majority of it for Normani and only giving the other couples tiny little morsels of praise (if they were even that lucky). Don’t blame us and don’t blame him. Blame yourselves for the stunts you’ve been pulling this season.

Simone and Sasha- Foxtrot (Score=36)- I actually thought maybe a 10 or two could have been given to these two for this dance. I thought this was a really good foxtrot. There was one small problem area where it looked like she slipped a little. But it wasn’t huge and could have easily been missed. CAI and Julianne were reaching with that whole connection and emotional and being authentic and not knowing who she is critique though. 1) Because she clearly showed us who she is and why she smiles and all of that during her Most Memorable Year. She smiles because her life could have easily gone a completely different way had her grandparents not stepped in and adopted her and her sister. And really, what other emotion is she gonna show for a run of the mill foxtrot? Please enlighten me. Is she supposed to be sexy for a One Direction song? Sad? Passionate? Why can’t she just smile and have a good time? So of course she was a little disgruntled here. The comments made no sense.

David and Lindsay- Waltz (Score=36)- This was by far, David’s best dance of the season. It was so simple and pure. And yet the simplicity of it was all that was needed to make it a beautiful dance. There were some questionable moments but otherwise, I really loved this dance. It was my favorite of round 1. Also, the shots that Len and CAI took at Rashad in his critiques were not necessary.

Trio Round (I don’t like the fact that the judges chose the trio members)

Rashad, Emma and Witney- Argentine Tango (Score=39)- What does this man have to do to get a 40? This dance was perfect and amazing. I loved the story and I loved his interaction with both Witney and Emma. The lifts were incredible. Honestly, this was the best dance of the season in my opinion. He didn’t even have any problems with his feet this time around. Of course Len thought otherwise for whatever reason.

Normani, Val and Alan- Jive (Score=39)- I actually sort of liked this dance. I think a lot that has do with the energy that Alan brought into it. It changed and Normani seemed like she was having a blast. Now, her feet were not good in this number. And the judges just conveniently looked over that. Meanwhile, they just got done ripping Rashad apart for his feet being a little less than perfect. Not only that, but there was a blatant lift CAI. Why did you not call it and mark her down? It was the same lift that she called them out for in their foxtrot a few weeks ago. If anything, this dance should have been a 36 at the most.

Bonner, Sharna and Britt- Jazz (Score=28)- Well this dance was awful. So to shield my eyes from Bonner’s terrible dancing, I decided to pay attention to Britt because she was killing it. Bonner was awkward, stiff and really hard to watch. But he did show personality. Now I wish he hadn’t been so creepy in his rehearsal package. I was so ready to super hate on the judges (and everyone else) for coming down so hard on him. But he did that, so I’m less inclined to defend him. At least in regards to this number. This does not give Bonner haters a pass to come into my inbox and trash him, fyi.

Simone, Sasha and Brittany- Paso Doble (Score=36)- Simone was doubly screwed for this dance. She was the only celeb to get a pro that was the same gender as her. That makes things all the more difficult for her. She also had the paso which is more of a dance to showcase the man anyway. I thought the dance was fine, but I could tell that she got in her head and was trying to stop herself from smiling. She ended up looking really unsure of herself and just doubting herself throughout the dance. It was clear that Simone was frustrated after that dance though. And CAI’s comments seemed to really piss her off. How is someone “too on beat”? What does that even mean? And then asking her why she wasn’t smiling or whatever was just a way to get a reaction out of her. And I mean she gave them the best answer she could have and a line that I may use. “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals” was the perfect way to shut CAI down and stop her from talking anymore. I just hope this wasn’t the kiss of death for Simone. The main demo that watches this show, hate it when women (black women in particular) show that they are displeased in any way. And while Simone did exactly what she should have done, I’m not sure if it’s gonna work out for her next week. This is so frustrating.

David, Lindsay and Hayley- Paso Doble (Score=29)- I thought David did an okay job with this dance. He didn’t really get off time or anything. His technique was just horrid. But that’s okay. It wasn’t 29 worthy (probably 30 or 31) but the judges had funky attitudes tonight.

So in the last like 2 minutes of the show, Bonner and Sharna were eliminated. I would have liked for them to have a more pleasant departure, but at least he can relax and rest his body. That’s the biggest thing.

I don’t know what next week’s theme is and I don’t really care. All I know is that I will be livid if Simone is eliminated next week. I’m starting to see that this show has no problem sacrificing an Olympic gold medalist and the greatest gymnast of all time for a woman in a girl group. I love both of the women but it is so obvious that that’s what they’re doing at this point. And I feel like it might work. So yeah, let me know your thoughts and I will talk to you all soon.

leralynne  asked:

for the 6 sentence prompt meme: jyn/cassian, "trying to pretend that I don't miss you." your writing is so lovely, by the way!!!

Four days after Jyn leaves the Rebellion, and she finds herself forgetting to look over her shoulder. It’s dangerous, and more than that, it’s irritating; she was only with the Rebellion for maybe a month, from the time they picked her off the prison transport to when she was healed enough to leave. Not enough time to get into habits. Not enough time to teach her that there’s someone to watch her back. 

A week out, and she thinks she sees dark eyes under a furred hood in a crowd, and she spins to look–is he following her, she’d told him she’d done her part and honored her father and now she had to be herself, and it was too soon for him to be out of the medbay–but the man is clean-shaven and he doesn’t move right. She shakes her head, and keep going. 

Two weeks out, and she wakes panting from a nightmare–he’s falling and falling and falling and she knows that this time he won’t come back. 

A month out–as long as she’d been in the rebellion–and she sees news of a battle between the Rebellion and the Empire. He’d be healed he could have been there, but Jyn finds herself thanking the Force that he’s not that kind of soldier; he’s probably far from there. And she should just be glad she’s far from there too, safe and living her own life. 

Six weeks out, and Jyn’s business partner has just betrayed her for an extra credit or so. “Doesn’t loyalty mean anything?” she snaps, unsurprised, as she blasts her way out of the melee. The partner laughs. Jyn thinks of passion and principle and what it was like to trust your partner. 

Eight weeks out, and Jyn’s called in all the favors she had under all the names she had. She waits until the bot has left the Corsucant cafe’s table after taking the order, then strides over, sits down in the empty seat, and glares at the man across from her to dare him to say anything. 

Cassian’s lips twitch, but he nods. He looks whole, so unlike when she left; he looks settled and sure and too knowing and true and all the things she’d left behind. “I’m glad you changed your mind,” he says without surprise. 

“Be quiet,” Jyn retorts, though she supposes he’s due a few comments. It’s been two months. 

But Cassian just puts his hand on hers. His palm is warm, his fingers calloused, and Jyn can feel the touch in her bones. “I missed you, Jyn Erso.” 

Jyn can’t look away, from those dark eyes and the way he looks at her, like he understands.

She flips her hand so their fingers can intertwine, and smiles back. 

Starco Week 3 Day 7 - AU of Choice

I wouldn’t call this so much as an AU as more of a cosplay.

I’ve been recently getting a lot of interess arround two videogame series: Shantae and Rayman.

I feel like the protagonists of each series Shantae (a half-human half-genie teenager with the hability to turn into animals) and Rayman (an anthropomorphic creature that wears a hoodie and attacks with his fists) fit really well with really well with Star (a half-human half-not human teenager with a magic wand) and Marco (a teen who usually wears a hoodie and attacks with karate skills)’s characters respectively .

P.S. I redesigned Shantae’s outfit a little just because reasons.

Gotta say I had fun working with @starcoweek3​. It has been a blast!

Hope you enjoy the drawing.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you take prompts but if yes, I'd love a ff about the first Bellarke kiss. I hope that we get it in s4. How do you think that could happen?

Even though I’m answering this 7 months late…YES, I do take prompts. Lmao I’m so goddamn sorry. I just could not think of a way to write this for the life of me.

Also, this is actually NOT how I think a S4 Bellarke kiss will go down. However, I do think it will be…happy, if you know what I mean. I have yet to see one of Clarke’s first kisses be a happy thing. So, happy is kind of what this tried to be.

Like Petrol Soaked Paper and Fireworks (She Burns)


Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Words: 3874

The apocalypse isn’t as bad as Bellamy thought it would be.

Sure, the rain hasn’t turned black yet and the only cancerous lesion they’ve come across is Jaha on his soapbox, but just knowing The End is neigh should be enough to dampen moods, at the very least.

Which it has. Plenty of Arkadians have thrown their hands in the air and called it quits; they drink themselves into stupors, start brawls for the smallest reasons, spend entire days crying inconsolably into the dirt.

It’s fair to say the news is devastating to pretty much everyone.

But truthfully? Since the moment Bellamy hit the ground, everyday has felt like his last one. Somehow, against all odds, it never has been. So this? The end of the world? It’s not the end of the world. This is nothing new. It’s just another fucking obstacle that needs to be overcome so his people can move on and get lives already.

Bellamy means that in the nicest way possible. Really.

Some people, however, have heeded his advice prematurely. They’ve chosen to avoid jumping the hurdles to salvation and skipped straight to the victory party. Or maybe it’s a pity party. Bellamy isn’t sure what to call it when you’ve given up on survival and decided to simply…live. Is that what losing hope is? Accepting your fate and embracing every punch life throws your way with a bloody smile on your face?

Bellamy understands the appeal, sure. Plenty of times he’s wanted to just end the fight, let the universe have its way with him. “Go with the flow,” Octavia would call it. The notion reminds Bellamy of a boy, on his knees, begging a vision to kill him; of a girl, under a tree, not letting him surrender.

Bellamy never considered defeat until that night. He hasn’t ever since. The fight is ingrained in him like a bullet. It wakes him up in the morning and sets him moving, working, never contemplating otherwise.

They say as long as there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes it feels a will is all Bellamy has anymore. But he firmly believes that you can only have a will when you have hope to fuel its fire. For Bellamy, Hope happens to be sitting right in front of him, hanging onto his hand, the warmth of her cheek pressed firm against his knuckles.

The apocalypse isn’t great. It’s not horrifically mortifying yet, either. What’s worse right now, for Bellamy, is seeing Clarke Griffin sagging against him, her spirit wavering along the fine line between anger and despair.

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Week 19: Food Porn

What a delicious challenge this week by our hosts!  Many thanks for your efforts with this blog…we’re having a blast!

What did we learn this week:

1) It’s not smart to attempt photographing ice cream on what has been the hottest day of the year so far.

2) Work close to a freezer…see point 1

3) Whipped cream melts faster than ice cream…see point 1

4) We won’t be building banana splits at the local Dairy Queen any time soon.

5) This weeks challenge was not good for our waist lines

Canon EOS 70D with 24x70 F/2.8LIIUSM - ISO 400  - RKf/6.3 1/160sec at 35mm

Direct lighting source with flash.  Played with in Lightroom CC.

Cool perspective, color and depth @bmrider69!  Another delicious post!

- RK