this website was the best

how come supernatural gets to make like a zillion episodes with the exact same plot and we don’t even know if we’re getting a second season of eyewitness

y'all i shit you not i was just in a conference with an incredibly high level commissioner for the city, like this lady deadass worked for the supreme court and took time out of her day to meet with us, and instead of paying attention to her my colleague (also super impressive, accomplished, brilliant, etc.) is literally on ao3 reading stucky fanfic under the table!!!????!!! ?? ? oh my god?????? don’t let anyone tell u fandom is not for adults i’m crying this is some next level trash

Shoutout to the Servamp Fandom

You guys are fuckin’ fantastic

I love all of you, and I hope you all are having a great day!

for those who don’t understand why terra/xehanorts eyes are yellow but ventus/vanitas are still blue in the 0.2BBS opening, its only the same thing as the KH2FM’s trailer of BBS when Terra blinks and his eyes turn yellow- to symbolize that terra’s heart ends up belonging to xehanort by the end of BBS, but not ventus. It’s just symbolism, it doesn’t mean anything new ;)