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Hi, Prompt for Robbaery. Friends with benefits. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for the lovely prompt! I kind of wrestled with it, so I hope you like what I ended up creating.

- Am I pathetic?

They sit in his and Theon’s apartment, his body spread on the couch, while she is sitting in the big, old armchair. They have just finished watching one of those Katherine Heighl rom-coms, that she secretely and he not so secretely adores since Sansa made them all watch five in a row after her breakup. The credits are still rolling, and he asks that question, not even lifting his gaze from the tv.

Margaery looks at him with a raised brow.

- Why would you be?

Robb sips on his beer and shrugs his arms.

- I am thirty, divorced, good looking and can’t even get a girls number, not to mention a romance of a lifetime with Katherine Heighl as my soulmate.

Her brows raise even higher as she laughs loudly.

- Oh please, I am a year younger, divorced twice, twice as good looking as you, and my love life is dead as well. That makes me four times as pathetic.

- If you wanted to make me feel better, you didn’t.

Margaery lifts from her spot, and pushes his legs from the couch. She sits next to him, not a drop of wine from her glass spilled.

- I could set you up if you want to.

He smiles and avoides her eyes, his own glued to the screen.

- I don’t think I do. I don’t really miss all the issues connected to a relationship. Changing facebook status, meeting parents, awkward dates, that’s just not for me I guess,

- Cheers to that!

She lifts her glass, and he raises his beer to the toast as well.
They sit in silence, the movie credits end. He moves the liquid in his bottle around.

- I do miss some parts of being in a relationship though.
He stares into the bottom of his bottle. Margaery puts away her now empty wine glass, and smirks.

- Like what?

He puts away his beer as well.

- Not being set up by friends. Having a plus one for parties. Coming home and knowing someone called you. And..

- Sex?

He laughs.

- I wouldn’t say it that straightforward, but yes, sex as well.

He finishes his beer, stands up and turns the now blank tv off. The room is completely dark now, so he turns the lamp on. Just as the light comes back, Margaery speaks up.

- I miss it too. But just the sex part. And maybe Renly’s cooking.

He sits next to her and sighs.

- So, what do we do now?

- Get tinder profiles?

He smirks.

- Like you don’t already have one.

Margaery rolls her eyes, and then starts counting on her fingers.

- We could hit on random people and get into relationships.

- That’s not ethical.

- Or we could stay in celibacy forever.

- Forever?

- Or we could find a website that only offers one night stands.

- And is probably filled out with creeps.

She looks at hm with squinted eyes, and smirks before opening her mouth again.

- We could also have sex with each other.

He clears his throat.

- That would save us from tinder. And creeps. And celibacy. And breaking any hearts. And a possible relationship.

- It would.

They stare at each other for a long second before taking their clothes off.

As Margaery unbuttons her shirt, she looks up into his eyes, and says with emphasis:

- If you call me Jeyne we sure as hell won’t do this again.

He doesn’t.

Serendipity Chapter 1

Serendipity: the chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way.
This is the first part of my Mark scenario! Woo! I’m new to tumblr so help me out okay? :) (P.S. I didn’t even know how many Jae’s are in this story. I have a friend name Jae and I wasn’t feeling really creative at all.)

Part 1/8
Part TwoPart Three. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven. Part Eight.

Rating: T (some language), M (later on)
Word Count: 2,938
Characters: Mark x Reader ft. the rest of GOT7.
English will be bold, Chinese in italic and Korean will just be normal! The texts are in Korean too.


It was so beautiful out today, I couldn’t just stay in the house. I didn’t have anything to do for the next few days. Shooting for the new movie would start up soon and I hadn’t even been in South Korea for more than twenty four hours. I hurried to the private bathroom to throw on a bit of makeup (eyeliner and brows with some lip-gloss. Nothing Kim K-ish).

Let me start from the beginning. I had been acting for a few years, doing small roles - commercials, a bikini shoot here and there and background roles in movies in Hollywood. I auditioned for an upcoming movie as the main female role. It was a modern day movie revolving around a Korean boy falling in love with a foreigner and his parents do not approve of the relationship. The first scenes had to be filmed in LA so after a week of intense acting, me and my co-star packed up with the crew and flew over to South Korea.

My co-star was a handsome guy whose stage name was Jae, only a year older than me at twenty-two. He was Korean but grew up in the U.S. I actually knew a decent amount of Korean from my childhood friends and their families, which was another big part of landing the role since my character had to speak Korean in some parts. I could hold conversations in great detail but sometimes I would get flustered if the speaker was talking quickly. I was just as good in Chinese as well, and not so much at Japanese. I was a linguistic major when I was in college. I was currently taking a break to pursue my acting career. Jae had been helping me with my Korean as well so I was confident in wondering on my own.

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Prompt:  We met at a convention and you left your hoodie in the bathroom, and I’m desperately searching everywhere in the convention hall, the town, and the internet to return it to you only to realize that you just hadn’t come out of the stall yet

Hitbox liked to people watch.

It gave him a thing to do at conventions when he was waiting for panels to start when he didn’t feel like walking around himself. Besides, he was already waiting in line for a panel, and it’s not like he could claim his spot back if he just walked away.

So he people watched.

After watching what seemed to be the same 1500 people walking by wearing the same Halo sweatshirt over and over again, henoticed somebody walking by with a bottle of Mountain Dew that stuck out of the rest of the crowd of over 1,000 people.

He had rainbow colored hair that looked professionally dyed and was wearing a signature panda bear hoodie. His shirt had the word ‘SNOOT’ written messily across it in cheap fabric paint. Hitbox shook his head slowly. That person must be fun to be with.


After the panel, Hitbox ran out of their like his life depended on it. Maybe he should’ve gone to the bathroom BEFORE the panel had started. How was he going to know it was going to be almost 3 hours long? That’s right. He didn’t.

As soon as he ran into the bathroom he noticed the signature panda hoodie balled up in the corner. It’s okay. Maybe he’s still in here.

When he came out and noticed it was stll there, however, that’s when he got concerned. He washed hands and grabbed the sweater before running out of the bathroom.

He ran around the entire hall looking for him. He never even caught his name and now he was running around like an idiot trying to return his lost hoodie to him. How sweet. He’d probably get a kick out of it based on how he saw him acting with his group of friends. Go figure.

Well, he would.

If he could FIND HIM ANYWHERE.He’s tried looking at just about every single inch of the con without being able to find him. Hitbox sighed. He’s going to have to go in to town.

Which of course, was no luck either. He already posted it on just about every website he could think of that boy possibly being on, which isn’t working.  

He walks back into the convention hall and is filled with relief when he sees the boy’s rainbow hair walking out of the bathroom with a really confused expression. Hitbox runs right up to him.

“Oh thank god I’ve found you! I found your hoodie.”

“My hoodie?” He gasps. “How THOUGHTFUL!!” he yells. “But where did you find it?”

“On the bathroom floor. You left it there, right?”

The rainbow haired kid went silent. “Yes. Because I had to go to the bathroom.”

“But it was in there for so long!” Hitbox protests, and the rainbow haired kid shakes his head. 

“Some people take longer than sixty seconds, hun” He says, giving Hitbox a noogie before grabbing his hoodie back.

“The name’s Pic, by the way” he says, holding out his hand.

“and I’m Hitbox. It’s very nice to meet you” he says, reaching for Pic’s hand.

Pic jerks his hand away, but then grabs Hitbox’s hand with his other hand. “It’s nice to meet you too, NERD”