this webcam does it no justice

If the members of the Inquisition were YouTubers
  • Blackwall: One cover of Wonderwall after another. He can't even play the guitar why is he doing this? Might think it's funny because of his name.
  • Cassandra: Has a booktube channel that absolutely nobody in Skyhold knows about. It's a platform where she can secretely fangirl about Varric's work.
  • Cole: Accidentally took a video while trying to take a selfie. Somehow managed to upload the video to YouTube. How he got 1 million views will always be a mystery.
  • Dorian: One of those super relatable vloggers. Does challenges with the other companions but titles them something like "Sweaty Grey Warden tries to beat me at the 7 Second Challenge"
  • Iron Bull: Fitness vlogs but more along the lines of "Instead of doing push ups you can pretend these water melons are your enemies and CRUSH THEM TO DEATH." People are mildly concerned.
  • Sera: Films social justice rants on a webcam from 2001 and proceeds to talk for about 30 minutes without editing.
  • Solas: Doesn't know how to use YouTube and instead becomes one of those shopping mall priests and holds really loud and incredibly awkward monologues in the middle of the courtyard. Everybody is sorta afraid of him.
  • Varric: Daily vlogs that people seriously watch every day because his life is actually interesting.
  • Vivienne: Fashion and make-up tutorials that gather such a great following that every YouTuber tries to collab with her and every person in Thedas copies her looks.
  • Cullen: Talks forever about everything going on in his life but nobody really watches. His most watched video "I have a hole in my ceiling and winter is coming soon" has 600 views. He's incredibly proud. Dorian doesn't have the heart to show him his daily amount of clicks.
  • Josephine: Talks about boys and girls and stationary and overthrowing the patriarchy. Cute things like that.
  • Leliana: Life hacks about things that definitely sound illegal.

grainy selfie. this image does not do this skirt justice. the colors are AMAZING. i thrifted this skirt for $5. it was too small, but had lots of pleating, so i removed the waistband, opened up the pleating, added a new waistband, removed the button closure, hemmed the bottom and voila! perfect skirt is PERFECT.

also, if anyone knows of a good webcam program that will either take consecutive images or has a decent timer, lemme know okay?! this program’s quality is terrible.