this web series gave me feels

So, apparantly BTS may be making a web series. A romance drama? Really? I mean, not that I’m not grateful for it, I’d love it. But I just wished they would make a series explaining the theories. I want to know the story of those Alternate Universe Boys who went through hell but patched up each other, who gave up their depression and suicidal tendencies for each other, who dealt with death and who I’ve come to adore and feel for so much. Can they not do that? I would love to see their story on screen. Hell, I’d pay for it if they want me to. I just feel like they’re missing a huge opportunity for both themselves and the ARMYs here.

To voiceofanightingale from your Secret Santa

I hope you’re feeling better! Thank you for all of your hard work on this project; I cannot wait to see what everyone created. It was an honor to make a gift for you. =)

This is the first fan art I’ve ever done, and this project gave me to push to start drawing stuff for the shows I love, so thank you!