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SVT react to idol! girlfriend slipping in rain onstage

anon requested: “SVT react to idol!girlfriend slipping in rain onstage (pray for idols who slip on stage in terrible conditions)”

Seungcheol- Leader-nim would not care WHATSOEVER that there were a bunch of fans and cameras and media outlets there watching him as he sprints onto the stage. He’d run over to you past all your group mates even if they were still trying to perform or trying to help you and pick you up in his arms and make sure you’re not hurt anywhere. Probably give you his jacket too and be your personal bodyguard from all the paparazzi. Doesn’t give an ef later even if he gets scolded for the company or if your relationship wasn’t made public yet, all he cares about is making sure you’re ok after slipping.

“It’s ok, you’re ok I got you now. Everything is going to be ok, just don’t be hurt, please, please, please.”

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Jeonghan- Would want to run up on stage immediately too like Seungcheol, but he’d rely on your group mates to make sure you’re ok because he doesn’t want you to get in trouble or get scolded by your company for his rash actions. BUT AS SOON AS YOU GET OFF THE STAGE, he’d legit run over to you and hug you in his arms and refuse to let go and ask you a billion questions about how you feel and whether or not you were hurt and just baby you the whole time. Give you his jacket, hot beverages, ice packs, would massage your legs, literally do anything just to make sure you’re ok.

“If you got hurt because of the rain, I would have fought the rain for you, but luckily you’re ok so I’ll just hug you instead.”

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Joshua- Svt’s freaking gentleman, he would be panicking as soon as he saw you slip and he’d need a few other Svt members to hold him back to keep him from running up on stage to help you. But he’d probably end up walking on stage and bending down to block you from the cameras and to just make sure you’re ok. He wouldn’t care that he stopped the concert/show dead in his tracks, he’d make sure you’re not hurt first and offer to give you a piggy-back ride down stage for you to rest before continuing. Even if you were perfectly fine, he wouldn’t let you out of his sight until you had water or tea or something.

“Your fans will understand you resting for a bit, you have to get your strength back and I have to make sure your 100% ok. So rest a bit, ok? Let me be worried about you.”

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Junhui- He wouldn’t even watch passively from the sidelines if a fan threw a teddy bear at you, how could you expect him not to overreact when he saw you slip from the rain? Granted, he’d probably want to run up on stage (like all of Svt would) but he’d keep to the rules provided by the company and wait until you walked off stage before running to your side and literally keeping one arm around you for the whole time. He’d keep asking if you were ok and would carry you around in his arms if you so much as hinted your legs hurt. He’d get everything for you, water food, whatever even if he’s in the girl’s changing room.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” “No Jun you’re in the freaking girl’s changing room!” “Does that really matter I just want to make sure you’re ok! That’s too bad really because I’m going to stay here until I know for sure you’re ok, and everyone will just have to deal.”

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Soonyoung- The softest thing when it comes to you, you can literally expect to hear him scream from across the stage if you slip and fall because of the rain. Again, no exceptions really, him and all of Svt would want to run up on stage immediately and stop everything just to make sure you’re ok, but since he can’t, he’ll watch from the sidelines, basically going crazy and having his heart practically ripped into pieces watching as your group mates try to help you up and ask if you’re ok. And once you go backstage, lol good luck, even the security can’t stop Soonyoung as he leaps over any obstacle in his way to get to you faster to hold you in his arms.


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Wonwoo- Probably not the one to freak out as much as the others would. Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t care just as much though, he’d just be really quiet and not scream or say too much about it because he doesn’t want you to worry about it and just recover to your best capability. He’d still want to run up onto the stage almost immediately after seeing you slip, but he won’t and instead would make eye contact with your from wherever he was and express everything he wants to say to you with just one look, concern written all over his face, enough that you think he might combust, and seeing you later backstage to verbally express it.

“I don’t want to see you crying over this ok? You did great, all your fans will understand, don’t panic or do anything. Come here and just let me check to make sure you’re ok. //holds you in his arms// You’re going to be ok, I’m right here.”

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Jihoon- Is practically fuming and very emotionally high-strung because he’s hella worried but he doesn’t show it for fear of the trouble that could cause. He might accidentally yell at someone before apologizing right after just because he’s worried about whether or not you got hurt, maybe at  himself too, or at the sky and the rain. And he’d just feel really frustrated because he wants to be the one running towards you and helping you up and making sure you’re ok and trying to scold the rain for you. Might walk in circles while waiting for his chance to check up on you backstage and practically bursts through to get to you.

“Honestly the weather report said there’d be rain, the company should have planned this out better all your fans would have understood and you should be more careful and I’m just glad you’re ok, if you were hurt… it doesn’t matter you’re not hurt and that’s all that matters.”

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Seokmin- He’ll be staring wide-eyed and basically going crazy just like Soonyoung with worry over you, practically running from one side of the concert venue to the other just so he can leap over stuff to find you and help you, even if there are a bunch of fans and cameras pointed at the two of you. He’d wrap you up in his jacket even if he gets soaked and keep both arms on your shoulders and help you get up and get help from the staff to check and see if you’re ok and not injured. Literally would still be worried sick by the time they cleared you of any injuries and you were completely fine.

“Are they sure? Your legs don’t hurt or anything right? No ringing in your ears? How many fingers am I holding up? How many suns are there in this solar system. YOU CAN’T SAY TWO I DON’T COUNT THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR JOKING I’M REALLY WORRIED HERE.”

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Mingyu- Although the guy can do basically everything, he can’t stay calm after seeing you slip. The giant puppy would literally try to do everything and anything to help you, but would feel bad if he was bothersome or got in the staffs’ way so he’d probably just stand in a corner waiting for you or a staff to tell him you’re ok. Might even start low key panicking if he doesn’t get updates like every minute about what’s happening to you. When he does find out you’re perfectly fine, he’d deflate like a balloon, sighing in relief and going to your side right away to check up on you and make sure your recover and eat snacks and drink water.

“I’m not leaving until you eat all of your ramen. Of course it’s good for you!!! I’m going to hold my breath until I keel over and die if you don’t. Do you want me to die? No? So eat!!!”

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Minghao- Probably like Wonwoo in the sense that he won’t say very much but more show concern for you with every fiber of his being. He’d literally feel like he was burning even under the rain because he’s going crazy with worry but he can’t seemingly do a damn thing. Would run over to you once they brought you backstage and would literally fight anyone and everyone who doesn’t let him get close to you, before holding you in his arms and checking every inch of you to make sure you’re ok. Super protective afterwards too. Won’t let a goddamn soul near you unless you tell your dragon of a boyfriend it’s chill.

“Who’s that?” “The head of security, Minghao stop omg lol I’m fine.” “I could take him.” “Stop, omg!” “I’ll fight anyone for you if you want.” “You can’t fight the weather for me Minghao.” “Watch me.”

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Seungkwan- Don’t be surprised if he’s literally crying after seeing you fall, he is not ok whatsoever and nobody would dare stop the guy as he comes running towards you, freaking a billion medical supplies in hand just so he can administer first aid on your nonexistent injuries. Would be hecka extra about it as always. Not letting anyone else help you up, insisting you lean on him for support if your leg hurts, or just letting you lean on him just cuz he wants you to. He’d practically smother you with how much he worries asking “are you ok” every twenty seconds, even when you’re cleared of all injuries.


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Hansol- He’d probably stare in shock for a few minutes registering what actually happened, not believing what his eyes are seeing. But once he realized it’s for real, he’d probably run to you also and probably would slip and fall plenty himself but not care because he’s more worried about you and whether or not you were ok. An absolute dork, he’d probably be tugging on your arms to help you up and hugging your arm and be super clingy once he realized you’re ok and wouldn’t let you go until it was time to go. He would have worried his head off and would just want to hold you in his arms and escape reality.

“Nothing bad can happen to you while I’m hugging you because I’m literally blocking you from anything dangerous, even the rain, so I’ll just hold you, don’t mind me.”

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Chan- The most worried maknae ever, he’d try his best to stay calm and let the staff and your group mates handle the situation first since he’s pretty mature and serious especially since he knows the rules the company has said about dating and he wouldn’t want you to get scolded for something he did. But it would slowly drive the kid crazy having to wait for news so he’d charge into the backstage area and immediately take you into his arms and check you himself to make sure you weren’t seriously injured before giving you the “worried boyfriend” lecture and how you should be more careful

“You already tend to trip on stuff even when friction isn’t lessened by the rain, so you have to be very careful! No I’m not saying you have no balance!!! I’m saying you should have been very careful- ah stop hitting me I’m only worried about you ack!”

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Different Outfit Headcanons:

Yugi- Pastels. This Cute little bean would be so adorable in pastels and I would die. Like he can still have his bondage jewelry and leather, but it in pastels!!!! HIM AND RYOU COULD BE PASTEL BEST FRIENDS AND I WOULD DIE OF CUTENESS.  Also, I can see Yugi playing around with assorted styles in Japanese fashion. Not saying skirts or anything because I can’t see him wearing one cause of how bad he wants to be a man in the Manga, but I can see pumpkin pants and suspenders, or shirts with sayings on them that the sleeves cover his hands and lots of bangles and even pierces his ears on a dare from Joey, but likes it cause the Pharaoh had his ears pierced so why not?

Joey: See this boy I can see him wearing beach bum outfits, tank tops and shorts that are swim trunks, with flip flops and sunglasses. Him smelling like sunscreen and sweat cause he’s outside all the time walking everywhere or riding his bike along the beach. Or I imagine him in Leather jackets and tight jeans, calf tall boots and looking like a total punk, but being the sweetest guy you could possibly meet until you piss him off and he kicks your ass.

Atem: FASHION! If it’s in he is wearing it. He lets Yugi help pick out some stuff but mainly likes to try out current trends at least once before he decides if he is going to keep it but he knows for sure that one part of an outfit that he loves are the shoes and jackets. Not long and lengthy jackets, but mainly ones that stop right at the waist or ones that cut off right in the middle of the chest with just enough room for pockets. And in the winter, he has ever type and color of scarf imaginable and will also sport leather gloves to keep his hands warm so he can duel.

Seto Kaiba: slim fit suits of his favorite colors and design. Also, very high fashion silk ties and shirts, always matching and normally in cool colors, nothing to loud or neon. Very nice shoes that are always shined and complete every outfit. Though he will never give up his normal attire of long coats and dramatic flair. (Kaiba is hard for me cause I love his long coats and very showy style.)

Ryou Bakura: Just throw pastels at this child and let him be happy please!!! And lots and lots of sweaters!! He wouldn’t care what the weather would be outside, they make thin fabric sweaters for crying out loud he’s still going to wear one, he will push up the sleeves if he must. While he’s at it he can also throw on a bow tie to make his outfit more unique and fun, having very creative and funny ones to wear with whatever outfit he has.

Tea: I kind of want to see Tea dress like a dancer would. Not short skirts or anything. I want to see her in dance sweats, and cute tank tops, ready to bust a move whenever she can. Always having a cute hair tie on her wrist. Also, I’d like to see her in some sun dresses as well. With her haircut, they would look adorable on her!! And cute as shit eye shadow and lipsticks!!!

Tristan: Classic Greaser is all I think when I see Tristan. Like white shirts, tight jeans, boots and a leather jacket. Maybe him and Joey could start their own Greasers gang lol Then at the same time when he is going somewhere nice and needs to dress up he throws on a nice sweater vest and tie, dress pants and looks very handsome.

Rex Raptor: Skater Boi hands down. Scrapped up knees and ripped jeans. Either a hoodie on with a random dinosaur on it or some band name. fingers and face normally having band-aids on them from falling off his skate board. Vans and Converse are his shoe choice but odd and neat patterned ones with neon colors that don’t match his pants or shirt.

Weevil Underwood: Button up short sleeve shirts and shorts or pants. Very neutral clean colors with no patterns, unless if it is a shade of green. He has several different pairs of glasses as well book bags. He also wears tall socks with dress shoes and looks adorable. Black or colored suspenders also come to mind with this bug lover.  

Maximilion Pegasus: Dresses like a business man or someones dad. Sometimes a well-dressed man with his hair pulled back and out of his face, and the suits are in blacks or dark grey with bright colored ties and shirts. Other times he is in tan shorts with a Hawaiian shirt and sandals with long socks when he wants to be lazy, knowing that when Kaiba comes and sees him about business he will bitch about how dumb he looks and he finds it endearing.

Weight of Living, Pt. I

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 700

Warnings: ANGST!!

Anon asked “Can you write a Sebastian x reader imagine where the reader goes to surprise Seb in Atlanta for filming and she waits in his trailer and he walks into his trailer and is kissing his costar or something like that??? I don’t condone cheating and I think anybody who does it is so low but I’ve been having that in my head all day and I love your writing.”

A/N: Part 2 of So Far. I have to say, even I cried in this part and I never actually cried when I was writing. Sorry guys! Let me know if you want to be tagged. There are 2 parts left.

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  • “ all that i want is to wake up fine ”
  • “ tell me that i’m alright ”
  • “ all that i want is a hole in the ground ”
  • “ you can tell me when it’s alright for me to come out ”
  • “ hard times are gonna make you wonder why you even try ”
  • “ hard times are gonna take you down and laugh when you cry ”
  • “ and i still don’t know how i even survive ”  
  • “ i gotta get to rock bottom ”
  • “ where do i go? ”
  • “ give me some sort of sign ”
  • “ if you hit me with lightning, maybe i’ll come alive ”
  • “ tell my friends i’m coming down ”
  • “ we’ll kick it when i hit the ground”


  • “ low-key, no pressure ” 
  • “ just hang with me and my weather ”
  • “ i hear you making all that noise about the world you want to see ”
  • “ i’m so annoyed ” 
  • “ i just killed off what was left of the optimist in me ” 
  • “ hearts are breaking ” 
  • “ wars are raging on ” 
  • • “ i have taken my glasses off ” 
  • “ you got me nervous ” 
  • “ i’m right at the end of my rope ” 
  • “ don’t make me laugh, i’ll choke ” 
  • “ just let me cry a little bit longer ” 
  • “ i ain’t gonna smile if i don’t want to ” 
  • “ we all can’t be like you ” 
  • “ i wish we were all rose-colored too ” 
  • “ my rose-colored boy… ”   
  • “ i want you to stop insisting that i’m not a lost cause” 
  • “ ‘cause i’ve been through a lot ” 
  • “ really, all i’ve got is just to stay pissed off” 
  • “ if it’s alright by you… ” 
  • “ you’re turning it into a joke ”
  • “ leave me here a little bit longer ” 
  • “ i think i wanna stay in the car ” 
  • “ i don’t want anybody seeing me cry now ” 
  • “ we gotta look on the bright side ” 
  • “ well, maybe if you wanna go blind… ” 
  • “ you say my eyes are getting too dark now ” 
  • “ you ain’t ever seen my mind ” 


  • “ the best is over and the worst is yet to come ” 
  • “ is it enough to keep on hoping when the rest have given up? ” 
  • “ i hate to say i told you so ” 
  • “ they love to say they told me so ” 
  • “ i know you like when i admit that i was wrong and you were right ” 
  • “ at least i try to keep my cool when i am thrown into a fire ” 
  • “ throw me into the fire ” 
  • “ throw me in, pull me out again ”


  • “ you hurt me bad this time 
  • “ no coming back ”
  • “ i cried ‘till i couldn’t cry ”
  • “ if i lay on the floor, maybe i’ll wake up ”
  • “ i don’t pick up when you call ”
  • “ your voice is a gun ”
  • “ every word is a bullet hole ”
  • “ if i never look up, maybe i’ll never notice ”
  • “ you want forgiveness ”
  • “ i just can’t do it yet ”
  • “ there’s still a thread that runs from your body to mine ”
  • “ you can’t break what you don’t see ”
  • “ will we just be alright? ”
  • “ it could take me all your life to learn to love ”
  • “ how i thought i could love someone, i haven’t even begun ”
  • “ if it’s all up to us, we might as well give up ”
  • “ i can barely hang on to myself ”
  • “ i’m afraid that i’ll have nothing left ”
  • “ don’t you go and get it twisted ”
  • “ forgiving is not forgetting ”
  • “ i’ll never forget it ”


  • “ i love making you believe what you get is what you see ”
  • “ i’m so fake happy ”
  • “ i feel so fake happy ”
  • “ i bet everybody here is just as insincere ”
  • “ we’re all so fake happy ”
  • “ i know fake happy ”
  • “ i’ve been doing a good job of making them think i’m quite alright ”
  • “ better hope i don’t blink ”
  • “ no one sees me when i crawl back underneath ”
  • “ if i smile with my teeth, bet you believe me ”
  • “ i think i believe me ”
  • “ please, don’t ask me how i’ve been ”
  • “ don’t make me play pretend ”
  • “ oh, what’s the use? ”
  • “ i bet everybody here is fake happy too ”
  • “ i’ll dress up my fears”
  • “ you think i look alright with these mascara tears? ”
  • “ i’m gonna draw my lipstick wider than my mouth ”
  • “ if the lights are low, they’ll never see me frown ”
  • “ i know I said that I was good and that i’m happy now ”
  • “ i should’ve known that when things are going good, that’s when i’d get knocked down ”


  • “ you really know how to get someone down”
  • “ everything was fine until you came around ”
  • “ i’ve been chasing after dreamers in the clouds ”
  • “ wasn’t i the one who said to keep your feet on the ground? ”
  • “ you really brought me back down ”
  • “ hold onto hope if you got it ”
  • “ don’t let it go for nobody ”
  • “ they say that dreaming is free ”
  • “ i wouldn’t care what it cost me ”
  • “ you got me tied up but i stay close to the window ”
  • “ i talk to myself about the places i used to go ”
  • “ i’m hoping someday maybe i’ll just float away ”
  • “ i’ll forget every cynical thing you said ”
  • “ when are you gonna hear me out? ”
  • “ you really bring me down ”
  • “ reality will break your heart ”
  • “ survival will not be the hardest part ”
  • “ keep all your hopes alive when all the rest of you has died ”
  • “ let it break your heart ”

What if Shiro could knit but all he can make are sweaters with a heart on them. He gives most of them to Keith since he’s the only one that wears them on more than one occasion and not just once to humor him.

Keith actually thinks sweaters like that are really cheesy but he’ll wear it regardless. If Shiro made a hat out of macaroni he would wear it. Shiro took time out of his day to make him a sweater, he’s gonna wear it.

Imagine Shiro stressing over always giving Keith sweaters so he tries to make something else. He figures a muffler should be easy enough but it turns to be total crap so he hides it. Keith ends up finding it anyway and wears it everyday until the weather gets too warm for it.

Every day Shiro comments on how bad it looks and how he promises to make a better. Keith thinks this one is more than fine, perfect even, it’s warm and anything Shiro makes for him is amazing.

String of Fate

((This is random thing I thought of its p basic tho so yeah,,,,,,))

The red string connected to your soul. A single string that would lead you to your soulmate. Some monsters were able to see them on everyone. And if they couldn’t, they were at least able to see their own. But Sans?


He was one of the few monsters who had the ability to see the strings of others. Everyone he knew had one. Alyphs and Undyne. His brother and Fishy. Hell, even hapstablook had one. It was light, but it was still there.

Him though? Nothing. Not even a faint trace of pink. His chest and soul were completely blank… maybe he wasn’t meant to have a soulmate. Maybe no one would every truly love him… That’s what he’s come to accept. What other answer was there? Everyone around him has a string and yet… he has nothing.

Since childhood, he was told, you’ll meet someone. Your string will lead you to them. Well, how can his string lead him anywhere if it doesn’t even exist?

He felt a sting in his soul anytime someone asked him if he’s met “the one.” He always lies to avoid people pitying him.

“Not yet, I’m sure I’ll meet them soon though!”

“Oh, no, but I know I’ll find them eventually, I can tell!”

But he couldn’t. He wasn’t able to. There was such a large emphasis throughout his life about following your string and finding the love of your life. But how could he find someone who didn’t exist. There were times where he had been on patrol and he could see the glances of the monsters who could see. They all pitied him, whispered about him as they walked by. His hearing is better than they think. He can hear every word that they say about him.

“Look at him… poor guy….”
“Hm?? What’s wrong with him? He seems happy?”
“He doesn’t have a soulmate. He has no string.”

He watches as they walk away as soon as he looks in their direction. Why.. Why can’t he just be normal. He hates it so much. He’s determined to find his soulmate. But…. Do they exist? He hopes so. He hopes that this is just temporary. That he’ll find them one day.

That day came sooner than he thought.

“Brother! What are you doing! You’re supposed to be recalibrating your puzzles!”

“Sorry, bro. I got a bit… caught up with something..”

He sighs. Why was his brother always like this. All he wants is…. He doesn’t know anymore… What does he want?… Nevertheless, that doesn’t give his brother an excuse to slack off.

“Brother! That does not matter! You were supposed to recalibrate them weeks ago!”

“Whoops.” He brother shrugs lazily as he answers.

Sans can feel the anger boiling in him. It doesn’t help that he heard other monsters whispering about him on the way here to check on his brother.

He was about to scold his brother again when–


“Bless you!” He answers out of instinct.

“Thank you!”

Wait… who was that?… he’s never heard that voice before.. It was unfamiliar to him….

He sees his brother facepalm followed by a sigh.

“Papy…. who is that?”

“I don’t know what you’re talkin about bro. Just a lamp.”

He deadpans at his brother’s answer. Alright, sure. A lamp that can sneeze. Pap really doesn’t think he’s that stupid does he?

As he approaches the lamp, he can hear sniffling… whoever’s behind there is… crying? Why?

He peaks over the lamp, surely he isn’t that intimidating? Most people tell him he’s quite cute.

“Hello?” The person behind the lamp is… a human…. they’re curled up in a ball with their knees pulled up to their chest. They’re shivering.. Makes sense, considering the tank top, shorts and light jacket they’re wearing isn’t anywhere near appropriate for such cold weather and snow. The human doesn’t even have shoes on!

“Papy, go. I’ll take care of this.”

His brother shurgs, tells him to have fun with her, and walks off… Her?

When his brother is gone, he walks over and kneels down in front of the human. He doesn’t want her to cry. He hates seeing people cry.

“Human? Come on… It’s alright… I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. Please look at me.”

The human sniffles again. She apologizes and slowly looks up, wiping her tears away. Her hair is covering her face completely.

“I’m sorry… I need to stop crying so much..” The human sneezes again. They’re rubbing their eyes really hard at this point. That isn’t going to help anyone.

He reaches out and moves her hands away, wiping her tears himself as she keeps her eyes closed to avoid more tears spilling out. He moves her hair out of her face as he does so. Her tan cheeks were red from the cold and tears, and her hair was much softer than he thought.. Wow.. She’s.. Adorable.

Sans. No. Stop. Now isn’t the time for this. She’s still crying. Such a cute face doesn’t deserve to be marred with tears… he feels the urge to hug her close. Hold her until she’s done crying. And that’s what he does. He pulls her against his chest and she grips onto the back of his shirt immediately. 

They sit like that for about.. He doesn’t know really. But it felt like a long time. He holds onto her and rubs her back as she cries into his shoulder as her arms are weakly wrapped around him.

Why did she trust him so easily? Why… why did he feel the need to comfort her?

Eventually, she finishes crying, her sobs quieting down to soft sniffles. She tightens her hold on him and he runs his fingers through her soft, black hair. She’s so beautiful. Why.. Why did he feel the need to be near her? To hug her? To kiss her? To hold her close to him and comfort her whenever she feels sad? Who was she?

She eventually lets go and moves away from him. Stop. What are you doing. Come back.. Please. His arms feel empty now. Please come back.

She sniffles again before fixing her hair a bit and speaking.

“Hah.. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take up so much of your time.” She rubs at her eyes some more.

“It’s alright. I don’t mind. I’m the Magnificent Sans by the way!” 

What.. what was this feeling in his soul? The pounding, the light buzz, the heat, the warmth. What’s happening? Why did he feel so… happy all of a sudden? So.. Excited? What was happening?

The human stopped rubbing her eyes and finally looked at him and spoke in a soft voice.

“It’s nice to meet you, Sans. I’m Helen.”

Oh. The way his name rolled off her tongue. He wants to hear that voice every single d a y. 

And Helen. Just the way her name sounded was beautiful. Just like her.

“Helen..” Ooooh yes. That sounded lovely. It had a nice ring to it.

He feels a strong pull in his soul. What.. what was that? He looks down and his eyes widen as he begins to tear up at what he sees.

A bright red string connecting her soul to his.


bliphany-sherylwang  asked:

Hello dear. 99. throat + John Reese for the random prompt please :))) thank you xx

I’ve actually been wanting to write about… this, for quite some time now.  Thank you for giving me further incentive, @bliphany. ;)

John doesn’t like wearing anything around his throat.

The CIA trained it out of him; anything constricting can be used to tighten around his neck and squeeze the air out of his windpipe.   It’s partly why he doesn’t particularly like wearing neckties or bowties, no matter how much Harold tries to coax him into them, and only grudgingly concedes when their cover requires more formal attire.  The feel of having something around his neck rankles him, triggering instincts of alarm and memories of lethal chokeholds he had managed to weasel out of through training, skill, and sheer force of will.

The safety precaution of having his throat free, however, is only part of the reason why he refuses to button the collar of his shirt.

John smirks over his cup as he catches Harold quickly glancing away, as if John hasn’t been feeling the heat of his gaze, scalding his skin more heatedly than the coffee sliding down his throat.

Harold, John is pleased to discover, has a thing for his throat.  

It came to his attention when he first showed up to work in the very first suit Harold has ever given him.  He had been in a hurry that morning, distractedly throwing on his clothes and heading to their meeting place without really buttoning the shirt all the way through, leaving the topmost buttons undone.

The way Harold had stared hungrily at the exposed skin of his collar lingered ever after, like imprints of a lover’s fingernails after a night of passion.  Electrifying shivers of pleasure had shot down his spine at the way Harold had marked him even then.

He tried to fight it, he really did.  But can he really be blamed for giving in to the overpowering desire to be owned by a man like Harold Finch?

He’s profoundly sorry that he can’t wear a collar; he tried, once, and found that he couldn’t even stand a few minutes in it without breaking out in a cold sweat as it brought to mind choking sensations of near-death experiences he had in his unpleasant past.  Harold had taken one look at him, deftly unclasped the collar and murmured gentle reassurances to John’s hair as he collapsed, shuddering in Harold’s arms.

“You don’t have to, John,” Harold had tenderly said; John had frantically shaken his head, knowing that Harold had meant it as a reassurance, and swallowed down the whimper that got caught in his throat, unable to voice what he really wanted:

Own me, John had wanted to cry in frustration and desperation.  Mark me.  Make me belong to you.


Harold’s soft, inquiring voice pulls him out of his pleasant, dazed reverie.  “Hmmm?”

He watches the way Harold hesitates before asking, haltingly:  “Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to wear a scarf in this weather?”  Harold tilts his head slightly toward the window of the diner where they were seated, indicating the grey, overcast sky.  “It’s cold out there… particularly this morning.”

John blinks as it takes a few seconds to process what Harold is really asking.  He feels his stomach pooling with warmth, a sultry smile spreading across his lips as he slants his half-lidded gaze at Harold.

“You know I don’t like wearing anything around my neck, Finch,” he murmurs huskily.

He feels his smirk widening at the flush of colour that feathers Harold’s cheeks.  “That… doesn’t seem completely true now, does it, Mr. Reese?”  

There’s a glint of a challenge in Harold’s eyes, part mischief, part helpless satisfaction, and John answers it in turn as he leans forward on his elbows; his shirt gapes open at the collar, revealing the motley of bruises on his throat and collarbone, like a garland of purple orchids strung around his neck, except it’s etched on his skin through tiny blood vessels broken by teeth and tongue.

“I do like wearing marks of your mouth on me, Harold,” he whispers lowly as the heat in his gut coils tightly into want.  

He sees the way Harold’s eyes flash knowingly from behind thick glasses before he calmly sips his cup of Sencha green tea, and John is suddenly seized by the overwhelming impulse to unravel Harold’s composure, right then and there.

It might gain him more marks around his throat, John thinks wildly, remembering the way Harold had slammed him against the door the night before and completely took him apart, mouthing at his neck and sucking on his skin like a man starved.

John’s breath hitches as he feels his pants suddenly tighten; he shifts his legs under the table, spreading them, and he sighs at the pleasurable friction of fabric against his throbbing groin.  

Harold sets his cup slowly back down on the table, and John is immensely gratified to see how tightly Harold is grasping it, knowing he isn’t unaffected, either.

“Does it truly satisfy you, John,” Harold says silkily, and John grits his teeth to bite back a groan, “to openly display such a vivid mark of… possession?”

Harold’s gaze is simmering with banked heat, but tempered by genuine curiosity.  Slowly, John slides his palm across the table until his fingertips brush against Harold’s knuckles.

The spark that flares from that slightest skin-to-skin contact sears John to the bone.

“It’s not the possession itself,” John answers, not even bothering to hide his ragged breathing, “but rather, who I’m possessed by that I’m proud to declare.”

The lens of Harold’s glasses only serve to magnify the way Harold’s pupils dilate, his gaze devouring John as greedily as his mouth had last night.  He unclenches his tight hold on the cup to reach out and run his fingers down John’s throat; John instinctively tilts his head back, his eyes fluttering close as he sighs.

Harold pauses and, without warning, presses his fingers in, and John is severely thankful he’s already sitting down, else he might have collapsed from the way the hiss and sting of pleasure suddenly makes him weak in the knees.

The look in Harold’s eyes is immensely satisfied… and completely territorial.

“Let’s declare it loud and clear, then.”

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Warriors of Hope Diaries (transcript)

For characterization purposes, I transcribed the childrens’ diaries from the English version of Another Episode. Under the read more, are the following files, found in the game in Chapter 5:

“It’s my fault” - Masaru Daimon

“My Invention” - Jataro(u) Kemuri

“What Makes Me Cry The Most” - Kotoko Utsugi

“There’s no way I can let him be disappointed” - Nagisa Shingetsu

“Not A Fairy Tale” - Monaka/Monaca Towa

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My Whole World

Can you do one where you’re dating Oli Sykes and it’s you’re birthday and you’re at your parents house and he proposes to you?  

“Um no, that’s alright baby, you tried.” I said into the phone while I fought back the tears. “I’m so sorry, love. I’m so upset, I just can’t get the ticket.” Oli said sadly, I could hear the disappointment in his voice. So, here is the problem, Oliver is Miami and I am in California with my parents. It’s my birthday tomorrow, he promise he would be here but the weather up North is too horrible for any planes to come in.  "I’ll be there as soon as I can love, I’m trying so hard. I’m so sorry. I love you.“ "I-I love you too.” My voice cracked as I quickly hung up the phone, It wasn’t his fault and I didn’t want him feeling bad. I just haven’t seen him in so months because of his tour and I missed him terribly. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” My mom asked as she pulled me into a hug. “Oli.. he can’t make it. The w-weather..” I cried. “He’ll be here soon pretty girl. Don’t cry!” She assured as she squeezed me. “I’m going to bed.” I whispered as I trudged down the hall to my old bedroom. 
A few hours later I felt the bed dip causing me to jump off the bed in seconds and scream. “DAD!” I yelled for help. “Baby! Shhh..” Oli’s sweet voice calmed me as he jumped up and wrapped his arms around me. “Oli!” I squealed pulling him closer like he would disappear if I didn’t. He took a deep breath breathing me in,  "I missed you so much.“ "I missed you too. I thought you weren’t coming!” I whisper yelled hoping that my parents wouldn’t barge in from my screaming. “The airport got clearing a few hours ago.” He smiled but when he took my face in, his smile fell. “You’ve been crying..” He whispered, cupping my cheek. “I was really disappointed, I wanted you here so bad..” I sniffled. “Baby, I’m here, you’re okay and your birthday is in a few hours. Tomorrow will be amazing, I have so much planned for us.” He whispered pulling me closer to him. He picked me up in his arms and layed us gently on the bed, warm under the covers. I fell asleep quickly, feeling safe and happy in his arms once again.  
“Princess.. wake up.” A voice whispered as soft kisses were trailed up my neck. I snuggled up closer to Oliver not wanting to ever move from my spot. “Happy birthday!” He chuckled as I groaned, I’ve never been fond of birthdays. “Come on, it’s time to get up.” He said lifting me off the bed in his arms. I giggled as he spun us around and kissed my forehead. He walked toward the bathroom and shut and  locked the door once we were inside. “What are you doing?” I laughed as he sat me on my feet. “Giving you your first present of the day.” He smirked and turned on the shower before quickly getting me out of my clothes. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered as he locked his lips with mine.  
Once we finally made it out of the shower and got dressed we went downstairs to my parents who were so excited to see Oliver by my side, holding my hand. As soon as my mom saw him she was on her feet and squeezing him in a hug. “OLI! You made it!” She smiled and turned to me. “Happy birthday, sweetheart!” She said engulfing me in a hug.  "Thank you, mom.“ I giggled as my dad wished me the same. "You guys need to hurry! You’re going to be late!” My mom said pushing us towards the door. “Late for what?” I questioned, looking up at Oli. “It’s a surprise!” He chuckled as we walked down the driveway to his rental car.  
“Be careful!” Oli laughed as I stumbled getting into the small boat. “Where at we gooooing?” I pressed. “It’s a surprise, just enjoy the ride!” He winked and I sat down behind him and watched him start the small boat and guide it through the clear blue water. I took in the beautiful and perfect day as we sped through the water. Then I took in the perfect man that was sitting in front of me, Oli has always been there for me, through the best and the worst moments of our relationship. He always tried his hardest and I loved him more than I could ever begin to describe. “Hello? Earth to Y/N.” Oli chucked as he waved his hand in front of my face. As I snapped back to reality I blushed quickly before I saw the beautiful island in front of me. My jaw all but hit the floor as my eyes grew wide. “It’s prettier when you actually go into it.” Oli teased as he took my hand helping me out onto the soft sand. I followed him into the tree’s before we got to a big open clearing with a cute little house in the middle. “So this is all ours for the next 2 days.” He said smiling at me before leading me up the stairs and through the door. “Woah..” I said in awe as I looked around the house. It wasn’t too small but it wasn’t too big. The furniture was almost all white and a soft cream color but the color in the decorations made it feel like a beach house. I was lost in the beauty of the house before Oli picked me up in his arms quickly and whispered in my ear, “You haven’t seen the best part yet.” He lead us out the back door to where we had a perfect view of the water and a large area was layed out with blankets and pillows. “I have a lot planned for us.” He smiled. “I can see that. I can’t believe you went to all this trouble for me. This is amazing.” I said locking my lips with his, sharing a sweet and passionate kiss. “I love you so much.” I whispered, resting my forehead on his. “I love you too, my angel." 
Our day was beyond amazing. Filled with swimming in the perfect water, eating lunch on the beach, cuddling and watching a movie, a romantic dinner on the end of the pier, and now we lay in each others arms on the blankets and watched the sunset. "Take a walk with me?” Oli said softly. I nodded my head and smiled, standing up with him. We walked around the island while watching the beautiful pink and orange sky before he stopped and stood in front of me, cupping my cheeks in his hands. “I’ve never felt like this about anyone. I never thought that I was even capable of feeling love like this until I met you. You are my whole entire world and I don’t ever want to be without you. I can’t imagine my life without you and I don’t want to. You are the most amazing and the most beautiful person in the world. You are the light of my life and my motivation to wake up every morning and my motivation to be a better person. You’ve changed my life for the better and I could never thank you enough for that. But I promise that I’ll always be here to take care of you and give you all the love you deserve.” He said so tenderly, I could see through my tears that he meant every word. He slowly got down on one knee and pulled out a box from his pocket. He opened the dark grey box and revealed the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen, the large square diamond in the middle was lined with black diamonds that shined even in the dim sunset. “Will you please do me the honor and marry me?” He said as a tear went down his cheek. “Yes..” I said crying softly. He slid the ring on my finger and pulled me into a tight hug before kissing me so passionately that I would’ve fallen if he hadn’t been holding me up. “Forever, baby.” He whispered.  

“Do it so the boys notice.”

Yesterday, my boyfriend and best friend of four years broke up with me because he cannot stand to watch me destroy myself and abuse my body any longer.  The man who wanted to marry me weathered four years of crying, fighting, and apologies.  He held me when I cried, held my hair while I purged, held my hand while I writhed on the ground from the pain of laxative abuse, held himself together while I binged and starved and fainted and struggled.  There is nothing left between us but sadness over things that cannot change.  My sickness beat the shit out of both of us.

An eating disorder won’t just make boys notice you.  It will make them run from you to save themselves in whatever way they can, because you reek of death and poison.  It will terrify, enrage, and bring them to their knees.  It will inflict the heaviest despair and evoke the sharpest pain they have ever experienced as it desecrates what was once a beautiful, perfect relationship.

My boyfriend was attracted to my laughter, not my ribcage.  He cherished my smile, not my trembling hands and brittle hair.  He loved me because I was Emily, not because I was sick, and don’t you dare try and tell me that the boy you want to notice you would be any different.

j x j playlist update

1. old habits die hard - allie x

Ooh, and the sugar turned bitter
Ooh, and the summer turned to winter
But I still want your love

2. all i want - anna of the north

We don’t have to start a fight
It don’t even matter anymore who’s wrong or right
But can you stay the night?

3. used to is - ashe

What did we get into
After everything we’ve been through
‘Cause we ain’t really worrying about the weather
We never get along but here we are

4. ocean eyes - billie eilish

No fair
You really know how to make me cry
When you give me those ocean eyes

5. all in the value - honne

Talk about highs and lows
What goes up comes down you know
And I’ve been in a better place
A year ago at your love’s embrace

[when business becomes pleasure]


i’ve spent the last two hours or so perusing the internet for apartment inspo. i even gave pinterest a look which i never do. i find it to be unorganized and frustrating but it did give me a few ideas in the five minutes i was able to bring myself to tolerate it. we’ve been in our new place for a few months now and i’ve gotten a few decorative things here and there but for the most part our place is pretty bare. i’d like for every room to be mostly white and black which hints of blue. i purchased a cool little burlap rug with a navy yarn pattern for the kitchen when we first moved in which my kitten cat and i really like so i’ve kind of used that as a starting point. of course my cat really only likes it to lay but i find it aesthetically pleasing and i think that it has just enough of a bohemian feel to keep a mostly white heavy space from becoming to modern and futuristic. i collected a few photos (that are not mine) for some bedroom inspo because this is where i intend to start most of the decorating. which is a bit selfish on my part because the bedroom is where i spend almost all my time when i am home so i want for it to be complete first. its ok to be a little selfish sometimes. number one on my list is a white linen duvet set which i conveniently have ready and waiting in my online shopping cart for when pay day rolls around. i feel like a couple of metallic silver faux leather and white faux fur cushions are in order to bulk things up and make it feel extra cozy. i also just want to surround myself with leather and fur. i’m lusting after a clear chair for my desk. i like clear furniture pieces because they give the illusion of more space which is crucial in my small(ish) apartment. i have a diy project in my head to revamp my vintage dresser but this weather has me crying so that might just have to wait. an abundance of glass and paper lanterns and baby plant friends would finish everything off so nicely. i think i’m drooling.

hot date

Anon: Dan Howell smut where you are coming home from being out with friends and Dan has been teasing you all night :) and you finally make him “pay”. Thanks :)

Might make a part two, but for now, here you go! -Miranda

Oh and outfit <——-

“Dan, come on we’re late!” I yell up the stairs to my always late, procrastinating boyfriend. I loved him to death, but he could not be on time to save his life.

Dan invited me to some fancy restaurant somewhere in downtown to meet some of his YouTube friends. The only one I’ve met before was Phil, and to be quiet honest, I was scared shitless. I wanted to impress them in anyway possible, and already being late didn’t help my case.

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When your love life is like the most abstract work of art and you have no idea how to make sense of it but you assume that there must be inherent meaning in relationships or else what’s the point of existence? But the stress if it all is messing with your head so you end up going over your calorie limit and feel like shit and can’t handle anything. And the weather is STILL SUMMER WEATHER but it’s fall and you have homework. And your feet are hurting from shoes. And you just want to cry but you finally, for once, have nice make up on and are in public and by yourself and I can’t do this…. I’m sorry for the rant but this post is public so even though I’m the quietest, most unassuming person in this Starbucks with tears in her eyes, im screaming out at the world through this post. WORLD. STOP IT. GIVE ME SOMETHING, ANYTHING, TO CELEBRATE.

I hope you won’t get tired of me.

I know i am not that easy to put uo woth. I am such a pain in the ass. I am stubborn and most of the time i’ll do whatever i want no matter how many times you’ll stop me. Sometimes, my irrational behavior might make your blood boil. I am hard to deal with. I change mood like a weather and i don’t really know what i want. I am dramatic and sometimes i get sad and cry for no apparent reason. And sometimes, I might give you a lot of reasons to give up on me. But when i love, i mean it. And trust me, you are the only person i love and no one and nothing can lessen the love i have for you. So i teally hope that you will lengthen your patience a little bit more for me. Don’t get tired on me please.

I woke up at 6am, laid in bed for a while and thought about things. It’s been raining all morning which is so nice, the rain makes me miss winter, my mood definitely depends on the weather. I made coffee and spilt it all over the kitchen bench and floor twice, I get so angry when things don’t work out in the morning and I cried whilst cleaning it up (I’m such a cry baby, especially if my morning goes wrong). We ran out of almond milk and I burnt my foot. Now I’m reading my book and wishing I was where I want to be

How are you feeling today?
You fell for the boy with the broken halo and you promised to remember how he likes his coffee
But you know how he likes his booze better
When he’s done for the night and
Forgets how your dad cheated on your mom,
Forgets how he sweetly said he wouldn’t hurt you,
He’s just gotta kiss someone and you aren’t there.

Tell me how you felt when you realized at the end of the day,
You truly only have yourself.
You are your own support system.
You make that walk to your car alone In the freezing godforsaken weather
You cook your small meal
You do your laundry quietly
You take of yourself because no one else wants to.

And I know, I know you want to talk to people but don’t talk to anyone.
It’s just so hard isn’t it?
Relating to someone when all you can think of is whether they sing in the shower or if they cry in their room when they’re alone.
It’s just so hard isn’t it?
To let someone in.

You think too much
And you’re perpetually conflicted.
In the heat of the struggle,
Your eyes grow quite large.

—  c.c. When You Can Only Rely On Yourself
Random Questions ... ask away :)
  1. What do you get when you go to Subway?
  2. Favorite song from the ‘90s?
  3. Post a selfie?
  4. Last song you listened to?
  5. Favorite item of clothing?
  6. Do you have/want any tattoos?
  7. 5 most played songs on your iTunes?
  8. Put your iPod on shuffle and tell me the first 5 songs
  9. Favorite cover of a song?
  10. Favorite actor/favorite actress?
  11. Last person you texted?
  12. Last time you got kissed?
  13. Last concert you’ve been to?
  14. Hot or cold weather?
  15. Least favorite celeb & why?
  16. What song makes you cry every time you listen to it?
  17. Close your eyes and think of five things that make you smile when you think about them. What are they?
  18. If your house was on fire and you had sixty seconds to leave, what would you take with you?