this water is just gorgeous

I just went on one of the most epic adventures of my LIFE guys! I can’t wait to show you some pictures of out White water rafting we just did but until then here’s my gorgeous face!

poplitealqueen  asked:

Do all the púpura please!!

PURPLE!!  Thanks for the ask lovely pop <3 sorry it’s taken me so long!

Lilac - Would you want kids?  NO. I have no maternal instincts at all at least not with kids, i am kinda a bit of a mum friend though.

Lavender - What is your favourite time of day? Sunset/Twilight - I drive home down a road to the beach and the sun is often setting over the water as I go past and it’s just gorgeous.

Mulberry - Could you betray someone?  Yes.  And according to several people I have.

Eminence - Favourite sounds? Live bands - all kinds where the crowd and the bands energy embrace each other and make it stronger, the rain on a tin roof, the crackle of a fire, taiko drums the beat comes up through your feet.  the snap-hiss of a lightsaber, the opening theme Star Wars and the hymn in the middle of Jupiter.

Palatinate - Do you think you’ll make it to 100 years old?  I hope not.  70-80 is pretty standard in my fam.

Prune - Do you ever think about dying? Yes.  Both in a logical, I’ve written a will way and a not-so-healthy way.

Fandango - Do you spontaneously start singing sometimes? Um, way more often than I should, especially if I’m alone.

Thistle - If you could become wise, rich, or intelligent, which would you rather? Seeings as I feel that I’ve already achieved two of the three I would like the third.

Mauve - What would you name your kids/pets?  Daniel for a boy, Clara for a girl.

Royal Purple - What’s your favourite emotion?
love - love that’s walking into a church full of family and friends and seeing him with hair cut short in a tux and he hates crowds but he is looking at you and smiling.  when you take his hands and smile back and the vows you say out loud are a mere reflection of the truths in your heart.  and love that three years on is still strong and steady even when things are stressful, the warmth of a hug and the laughter when he cracks joke after joke to get you to smile.

love that’s travelling through electrons across oceans that makes family of people you’ve never met but oh how you love them, you’d gladly help them, write for them, live for them and they give you the strength and validation and listen, and you listen and give back through gifs and stickers and virtual hugs that one day (God willing) will be made real.

love that’s writing, that’s the pour of words onto a page, that’s the adding on to someone’s inspiration, and then they add on to yours and others jump in and run and sudenly you’ve made five new friends and laughed loud and long.  it’s love that’s crying when reading because there are people who makes words sing and dance and love is that joy and sorrow all mingled together with hope.


Justin Taylor Appreciation Week : Day 2 → favorite scene/moment

↳ 1x01- I like Cheerios better.