this water is just gorgeous

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h2o just add water is such a beautifully shot show, especially for a show meant for kids. like each frame is so dynamic. i just rewatched the first season and it was just as good as i remember it was as a kid.

I know it is surprisingly gorgeous! I remembered the episode that (spoilers!) Emma saved Zane from the boat wreck with her dyed red hair and I knew I had to watch the show for this blog for all the underwater/mermaid scenes, turns out above water was just as gorgeous (despite its late 2000s awkwardness haha).

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What's your favorite land/kingdom of Middle Earth?

Rivendell! It’s just so gorgeous there, with all the water and the elven architecture, and there’s so many poets and scholars and stuff there and it’s just amazing! pretty sure that if I actually tried to live there, though, i’d die almost instantaeously because of all those bridges with no railings… like…. what’s up with that this isn’t star wars


Thanks for all of the well wishes and notes for my race, Ironman Boulder 70.3. I did it! I finished in 6:13:33!

I started in the very last swim wave which was challenging. The water was gorgeous and I was just a a few minutes slower than I would have hoped. Given the crowd and the bit of altitude, I was happy with my time.

The bike was challenging and beautiful. I averaged 19.54 mph which I’m very happy about. I finished it in 2:51:59 and, if it’s not my fastest time for a half iron bike, it has to be close.

And the run was not fun. It was hot and dry and the altitude, while only 5,200 ft, pretty much sucked the will to run right out of me. I ran exactly 2:30 which is about 10 minutes slower than I would have liked. I normally hit pretty close to 2:00 for a half iron and I had figured I would be 20 minutes slower. I’m not going to beat myself up over 10 minutes. It was a tough run and it’s very early in the season for a Minnesotan let alone someone not used to the elevation and dry heat.

That’s it! I’m very happy with my overall time and I finished 33 out of 101 in my age group. Thanks for rooting for me!