this wasnt what i was supposed to draw


I tried anon, i really did. I hope this passes for ‘soft and cute’ lmao. Poor Frisk can’t catch a break.

and here’s a bonus panel as if this thing wasn’t long enough already:


welp! I’m having so much fun with this concept you guys! 

To the sweet @oneobsessionaway and darling @cladmented who are most awesome and just INSPIRE ME SO MUCH AAGHGHGHG


what happened after the tweet ♡

i was gonna post this during valentines day but i wasnt able to finish it, but ey better late than sorry

(( this was supposed to be a funny one but of course it ended up sweet bc its jikook and i lov sweet jikook ))

bakamatsu for @nasty00 !! tysm for the request and the message :3!!! i wasn’t really sure what to draw but i think this turned out well…

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i always liked the idea that Stephanie and Robbie never got along in the beginning


based on this 

gotta adopt ‘em all 

prismportrait  asked:

Isn't Gaster's appearance based on canon of what we see of Gaster? I like that you try and harmonize more similarities with Papyrus, it's clear to me at least that Gaster's skull and body are slightly more elongated than Sans. The eyes and head shape seem closer to Sans in sprite too.

Yee the idea was originally gaster would have Papyrus’ face shape but I wasnt sure how to draw that boy right for the longest time, so I eased into a more elongated sans’ shape

Funfact: the reason Gaster was orginally skinny cause he was supposed to be Papyrus’ body shape, but shorter from growing up in the medeval ages. Now thats less true because my Pap is now a fuckin behemoth lmao


in case no one figured it out.  I like to draw space.  Seri is the definition of cute.

Cute paws, cute back feet, cute little mouth, cute little curls, cute stars, 11/10 too cute for me.

Since he tends to pack himself smaller than is good for him, his energy permanently curls.  Like when you unwrap wire, they always twist back up.  Seri may look soft and fluffy, but he is dense. Most starfolk float because they are barely effected by gravity and will settle like smoke.  Seri can, but he has to consciously go weightless.  Otherwise he whomps to the ground like 40 pounds of blankets.  If he’s sleeping in this form, you cannot move him.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately) he tends to wrap around objects when he sleeps and you can move those no problem.  Shimazaki’s favorite prank was to grab the umbrella when seri was asleep, and place him in front of doors.  

Reigen eventually breaks Seri’s habit of nervous tail chewing, and he rapidly grows to his proper size.  Which is very good, because seri being that small is not healthy for him or anyone around him.


I know i am so late with this , i mean, when i saw the ,,meet the artist ,, on my dash i wasnt really interested in doing it, but some days ago i kinda regreted not doing it so i did it now, rip(better late than never :^). Well, i suppose it isnt a mistake since i did change a lot these past few weeks. Anyway, i hope this helps everyone get an idea of what kind of person or you know, just how i am in general. Love to all of you ^^ <3

maurycyyy  asked:

its.. not really a tutorial idea, but it would be SO COOL if u talked abt things that influenced ur art. like, artists who u admire, sudden changes in ur artstyle thru all these years, amazing brushes u discovered by accident etc. have a good day!!!

alright so… i think the thing that influences my art the most is my own aesthetic!! i remember maybe like 2 years ago i always thought that my art was awful bc i drew things the way they were ~supposed to be~ but how i actually liked them ? so that means i drew characters exactly the way they already were, so with their canon clothes, color schemes, etc. and i mean thats a completely fine thing to do, but it just wasnt…enough 4 me… so i started to look at what i thought was aesthetically pleasing to me and tried to incorporate that into my style! and that was mainly…minimalistic stuff w/ cool colors…. for example 2 years ago i was rly into the pastel aesthetic so lots of my drawings had light/bright + pinkish colors! and over the years my aesthetic preferences changed and did my style!! now im more into…god idek what my aesthetic is called BUT YEA U GET THE POINT

and ofc also a lot of other artists inspired my style!! like lowlighter, choodraws, kelpls, gaulllimaufry, birries, runmonsterun, yorkshin, trsgatos, slmnbagel, nymphicus, and ….tons of others …..!!!

for brushes i rly only used the same ones i did since i made them 2 years ago lmao/// i try to keep it rly simple+minimalistic with brushes bc my focus is more on the colors/shapes/lineart and less on textures!


i just really love this look ok