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what was so great about 2012 rps?

what was so great about roleplaying back in 2011/2012/2013? hm lets take a journey down shitville aka the rp community over the years (not under read more bc this shit is very imp haha so)

well firstly people only did it or fun. no one cared how pretty graphics were or how popular the admin was really all we did was join rps because we were bored. yes. that’s why. we just wanted to have fun and honestly just to play our favorite celebrities how we wanted to. talk blogs were basically a myth back then and when one or two would pop up, they would leave i like an hour tops. literally.

also back then the rph community was so fucking helpful literally we were so resourceful and we all got along. wanna know something funny. people used to be to post ooc posts and rn we all kinda need to go back like how we used to? being helpful and having fun?  not seeing who could expose someone faster than the other or who is the rp of this or rp of that. we just need to remind ourselves that rp is just to have fun and not be in touch with reality for a bit?

why am i blowing this out of porportion, you may ask? bc its rlly fckn sad to see more plotless/appless rps in the tag than bio and oc ones. literally whenever someone sees n app on an rp, im p sure they click out so quick its unbelievable.

this rp here has been going around since 2k12 and idk abt u but thats a really long long time especially now a days since rps last like what, three days? but i bet you half of you wouldn’t even look at the page before exiting because there aren’t 6 textures and 8 psds on it like honestly its not all about the graphics or how attractive the main looks its about the fucking quality of the writing an plot. thats what rp is about.

holys hit theres so muych to say but so little time…. everything was so different in the sense that judgement of others on such a place that should be encouraging and welcomging didnt exist and rps were cometitive w apps that were easy to fill out not some fcking novel to have to read, paras were thought out in apps and you’d find them eveyerwhere onthe dash and even if te paras were short they meant something and they added to the devleopment of the chara like it didnt even have to be dramatic af it would just all tie in perfeclt yand make sense in the end and gifs weren’t the size of my thumbnail they were huge and no one cared themed were crazy lookin and ppl never felt the odd need to make a whole other blog to hurt ppls feelings ssaying their graphics werent up to par rphs actually helped…. literllaly they did stuff for ppl and it wasnt much of a chore bc ppl didnt ask for stupid things like hey makeovr my entire rp and practiclaly run it for me

ttashabartons was used or whatever th ename was and it made everythig so cute and inviting and the monochromatic themes wrere cute and ppl ACTUALLY WENT ALONG WITH CHEMISTRY LIK EIT WASNST SOME BULLSHIT oh ehey she’ll fall in love w anyone but secrelty she’ll only go after the harry like no whatever happened happened and if there even was a case where a certain ship was wanted well theyd make a ship rp and not bother ppl and im so emo rn

everything was easier dude like you could have an rp and the graphics wouldn’t matter and people didn’t care about the size of your gifs or if your text is small they only cared about whether or not your writing was good and if your plot was amazing. There was no stupid drama and people didn’t steal rps. every fc got replied to and the dash would always move there would never be a time where you wouldn’t see 100+ by the home button and when you did it was because it was 6am and people were still on the dash. People were dedicated and there was no bias. Filling out an app was actually fun and exhilarating. people weren’t so uptight about activity because if you were gone they all knew you would come back. Rps were like family instead of a competition and it wasn’t a burden to log on. You could join 10 rps and be active in all of them. It wasn’t about the fame or the anons it was about connecting with a group of people and growing w them as a whole

this might sounds repetitive because i had some friends help me but really i think its time for the community to grow the FUCK up if they really want to have fun roleplaying and not ruin it for other ppl who take interest into it. if you have a problem with anything i just said or think i overreacted its not that hard to hit the fucking unfollow button bc ur probably one of the idiots who’s ruining this community. pce