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a breathtaking duet staring victuuri


Some backgrond practises I had made last spring for zombie/infected pokémon AU of mine. Meh. Been a long time since I’ve done BGs, they’ve never been really my forté OTL ;D

Swing sets and headbands

Lance is seven and he loves the park.

That’s something that is loud and clear as he struggles under his cousin’s hold, ignoring Allura’s exasperated sighs as she tells him to slow down but he can’t because he can see the swing set free and the red one is going to be his this time.

It doesn’t take long, though, for him to succeed, shouting in delight when Allura finally lets him go and he runs straight to the swing set, eyes looking around for a familiar black dot while his small satchel around his chest bounces against him at each step.

With no ‘enemy’ in sight, Lance whoops in victory as he basically launches himself forward and sits on the red swing set. Not two second later, there’s a small whiney voice behind him.

“Aw, man! So not fair, Lance!”

Lance grins, throwing his head back and meeting a pair of dark blue eyes staring down at him upside down with a pout.

“I won Red, Keith!” Lance cheers, eyes following his friend’s figure as Keith walks around the swing set and sits on the black one next to Lance, “I finally got it!”

“That’s not fair! Shiro took forever because he wouldn’t stop talking to himself in the mirror,” Keith rolls his eyes, flopping himself on the black swing set and pushing a little back so he could swing without effort, “I dunno why he was calling himself Allura, though? Your cousin wasn’t even there?”

Lance shrugs, mind vaguely reminding him of the time he caught Allura winking and finger gunning at the mirror earlier in the morning.

“They are weird,” Lance declares nonchalantly, “Who cares? I got Red, Keith! I told you I would get here first!”

Keith sticks out his tongue at the teasing but still grins. “Whatever! I can still win on the race!”

“Oh yeah¡?”


“You’re on!”

Suddenly, Lance’s jump off the swing set and starts running, laughter loud and free as Keith shouts out in surprise and quickly follows his lead.

They pass the monkey bars for the third time before Lance hears a different kind of shout. It makes him pause his own shouts, because he can no longer hear Keith’s complains or laughter behind him. He slows down, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as he looks back and he gasps when he sees his friend laying on the floor face down on the ground.

He runs back, shouting Keith’s name in concern before he kneels down next to the fallen boy.

“What happened? Are you okay? Are you crying? It’s okay, Keith! Imma get Allura! And – And Shiro! Okay? It’s okay! Just don’t go into the light, Keith!”

Keith grunts, pushing himself back slowly before he sits on his butt and rubs his nose, eyes tearful and wide as his lips turn into a pout.

“’m okay,” he grumbles quietly, still rubbing his nose before wiping his tongue at the dirt it got into his mouth“I, uh, my hair got in my eyes and I didn’t see the hole.”

“Are you sure you are okay?” Lance asks concerned, lower lip caught between his lips as he hugs his small satchel closer to him.

Keith nods. “Yeah, I’m okay, it just hurts a little.”

Lance purses his lips before he gasps and then leans down. He drops a quick kiss on top of Keith’s nose, making a loud sloppy sound while it and grins victoriously when finished.

“Magic kiss! My family do that with me when I get hurt, did it work?” Lance asks, smiling hopefully when Keith hums and pokes his nose as if testing it.

Keith gasps, mouth turning into a small ‘o’. “It doesn’t hurt anymore!”

“Yey! Success!” Lance cheers, throwing his hands in the air. They laugh, shoving at each other’s shoulder playfully.

Lance stares a little then, watching as Keith’s bangs fall to his face as he shakes with giggles and cover his eyes. He purses his lips in deep thought; that won’t do.

Lance tilts his head to the side, eyes squinting as he taps his chin. “Okay but you can’t really see now, though.”

He holds up a finger before he looks down and opens his small satchel. He mumbles under his breath as he run his hands inside of it before he lets out a small ‘ah-HA’ and takes out a small purple headband.

“Here! It’s a diadema! Well, uh, not really? Kinda? It means it’s a headband just…not uh…whatever! Just, here, come here.”

Lance waves his hand, telling Keith to come closer. The boy furrows his eyebrows in confusion but he still shrugs and crawls forward, not caring as his knees gets dirtier, and he eyes the headband in Lance’s hands curiously.

“Okay, so, Angie taught me how to do this, we just uh..okay, hold on!”

“Who’s Angie?” Keith asks quietly, wincing when Lance tugs at his bangs a little too much, “Ow.”

“Sorry,” Lance apologies, smothering down the wounded part gently before continuing, “She’s my big sister! She lets me play with her hair a lot, which is super cool because she has really long hair and it’s really pretty. Allura is teaching me how to make braids, too! I can make you a braid later, if you want?”

Keith nods, a small blush covering his cheeks at the thought even though he’s not sure what a braid is. He watches quietly as Lance sticks out his tongue in concentration as he works, small fingers running through his thick black hair and smothering it down carefully.

It takes less than two minutes before Lance leans back and smiles big and bright at his creation.

“All done!”

Keith arches an eyebrow, eyes going up to his forehead as if he could see what’s on his head and the confusion on his face makes Lance to laugh.

“Now you can see!” Lance nods proudly, grabbing Keith by the cheeks and shaking him a little.

Keith smiles, but it’s smushed by Lance’s pushing his cheeks together, making him looks like a fish. “Thanks, Lance!”

“No worries! Now, come on! Let’s finish the race!”

“Imma win because I’m Naruto now!” Keith declares, puffing his chest proudly.

Lance whines, stomping his foot. “Nooo, not fair! I’m Naruto!”

“You don’t have a headband, Lance!”

“Then gimme back the headband!”



The race turns into a chasing, monkey bars being passed by another four times, but it’s okay, because it’s not long before laughter and squeals are back coming from both of them as they tackle each other and wrestle on the grass.

It takes Shiro two weeks straight for him to convince Keith to take off the headband because it needed to be washed.

Svt as high school boys

Seungcheol: that super nice senior that does the intercom every morning and who greets the school with a cheesy joke. never has a girlfriend but is always really nice to girls. going to a big university on a scholarship but never talks about it because he is Humble as hell. all the teachers love him his literature teacher cries when she thinks about him graduating. is the Best Friend. doesn’t play a sport but you know damn well he’ll be at every sporting event, front and center with his face painted. hates art but took it all four years because jeonghan asked him too. always buys the entire lunch table cookies. drives a minivan but his friends don’t care because he drives them everywhere for free. model student every teacher uses him as an example for academics but also morals. basically everything you wanna be but you’re never jealous because he’s just THAT nice.

Jeonghan: is /that/ kid that doesn’t do SHIT but still gets good grades. sits behind the bleachers when they have to run the mile during gym and then starts running again when the fast kids pass by. doesn’t help with group projects. really charming though so it’s hard to stay mad at him. drives the Cool Car. i’m talking like a lexus or something. daddy’s money boy except he never talks about it. always well dressed. intimidating at first but is actually a big sweetheart when you get to know him. sports? what is a sport? has only been to one football game because seungcheol dragged him to it. will fight anyone that makes fun of chan. always challenges the teachers. and is almost always right. extremely smart but doesn’t brag about it. probs will end up at fucking harvard or something idk. everyone is jealous of him like JEALOUS jealous.

Joshua: listen. this boy. he’s the kid that you’re like eh? about all throughout school and then you see him at the five year reunion and suddenly he is Daddy material and has a foreign wife and seven different mansions spread out throughout the world. but really. he’s just a big dork. really reserved. is the class president. is the president of like everything actually. national honor society. spanish club. japanese club. humans vs. zombies coordinator every year. nobody knew but he’s fucking competitive. like. he goes to his first football game as the class president and suddenly he’s standing next to seungcheol, screaming that the other team deserves to get run over by a semi. administration has to tell him to cool down. so quiet in class but the teachers low key love him. he’s so smart. valedictorian smart. he gets into like every university. goes to one close to home tho bc he’s a family kinda guy. cries at graduation. everyone has a weird crush on him but no one will admit it.

Jun: the foreign kid that shows up sophomore year and suddenly everyone is like yes. plays a weird sport like hockey that no one ever goes to watch but when they find out he’s on the team the stands are packed. is the only one on the team that looks good with a hockey mullet. is super quiet but when you get to know him you’re like jun shut up. greasy. uses pick up lines on all of his friends. tries on his teachers for better grades. hardly works. he doesn’t give up. the really popular kid that’s simultaneously weird as hell. nobody knows why he has so many friends. he’s kind of a nerd. will wear pajamas to school and will not care. “jun for the last time put your hood down”. will be right next to seungcheol at every game but doesn’t yell. thinks his friends are way cool. everyone has had a crush on him at some point. could be dating twenty people at a time but is always single. “I like to keep them guessing” *winks*. eats the entire cafeteria at lunch but never gains a pound. girls are jealous of him because he’s THAT pretty. has tried out to be the mascot every year but is always told no.

Soonyoung: never alone. is friends with literally every person in the school. even the teachers. works at the front desk in the office and all of the moms love him. “why can’t you date soonyoung, he’s such a nice boy”. seems dumb as hell but is actually really smart. no one knows that though. also does nothing during group projects. has played varsity soccer all four years but everyone knows that his favorite thing to do is dance. made a dance crew sophomore year and they perform at all of the assemblies. and it’s not actually cringeworthy. the school fucking loves it. underclassmen love him. probably has something to do with the fact that chan’s his best friend. they’re always together. chan pretends to hate the doting but he doesn’t. soonyoung spoils all of his younger friends all of them every one of them. will do anything for anyone. teacher’s pet but not the annoying kind. uses a nub of a pencil all year long and has one notebook he uses for every class.

Wonwoo: super hot kid that everyone is like “omg he’s such a bad boy” but no. he is a Nerd. mingyu always makes fun of him. tries so hard on homework and projects he’s really Extra. “you were only supposed to make one organelle model wonwoo not the entire cell”. doesn’t like confrontation. or gym. terrified of giving presentations. i’m talking near tears in the bathroom beforehand terrified. mingyu has to cheer him up. has lots of friends but doesn’t like to go out a lot. tried to play baseball freshman year, was not his thing. sticks to school instead. really shy around strangers but catch him in a good mood around his friends? doesn’t shut up. really looks up to seungcheol. will glare at anyone that’s talking while the teacher is talking during class. always has his headphones in. literally unapproachable in the hallway. enjoys the readings they have to do for literature and history and everyone hates him for it.

Jihoon: Resting Bitchface King. everyone just assumes he’s mean. he’s not though. such a sweetheart. gets really shy around anyone he isn’t close to. pretends to be writing when the teacher asks a question because the thought of talking in front of the class makes him want to die. you thought wonwoo was bad? jihoon has thrown up twice before his language presentations. tried choir freshman year. hated it. liked the teacher though so he helps her pick songs sometimes. she’s an old lady and probably jihoon’s best friend. is only ever talkative at lunch when he’s with his friends. awkward. so awkward. has weird quirks he’s so embarrassed by but half the school loves him. sweatshirts every day. 90 degrees out? sweatshirt. has to change in the bathroom during gym because he’s so shy. did I mention he’s shy? group projects scare him. waits to do his homework until midnight and then hates himself in the morning. never learns.

Seokmin: takes the fake baby class because he thinks it’ll be fun. was very wrong. late to everything. “you’re tardy again”. but he was only talking to soonyoung. all of the upperclassmen’s favorite. so nice to everyone. even if he doesn’t like them. that’s when it’s the best. super sarcastic to people he doesn’t get along with. backhand compliments? master of them. and no one suspects it. teachers pretend to be annoyed with him but they love it. brings joy to everyone’s lives. literal sunshine. hasn’t ever done a thing wrong. in choir. self proclaimed leader of the choir. can play the guitar but cannot play the piano. so bad. sings the national anthem all the time for sporting events. doesn’t actually like going to the sporting events though. his attention span is 0. common sense is iffy but academics? top notch. top 10% of the class and everyone is surprised and he just smirks. everyone thinks he’s cute. the janitor thinks he’s cute. he’s oblivious. sometimes will go into the office when soonyoung is working and yell minghao’s name into the intercom to embarrass him.

Mingyu: fuckboy. mingyu is a fuckboy. if mingyu would have grown up in america he would have been a fuckboy. mr. know it all. wears chubbies. plays baseball and girls (and boys) come to watch just to stare at his ass. he’s a catcher it’s just out there. towers over everyone in the hallway and he loves it. “mingyu is dumb” but mingyu has a 4.4 and offers from all of the good baseball programs in the country. gets asked to prom by seven different people but goes with wonwoo instead. everyone thinks they’re dating. but mingyu is still a fuckboy. “that girl has asked you out four times why don’t you just tell her straight up no” “I like the attention”. fiercely loyal to his friends. someone told wonwoo his glasses were ugly once and mingyu literally threw them into the dumpster. with the help of minghao. it was like a cheesy movie scene. rolls his eyes way too much. teachers cringe when they see his name on their roster. he’s always on his phone. never pays attention. still gets a’s. “seokmin is literally the most annoying person I have ever met” “mingyu”.

Minghao: everyone thinks he’s a fuckboy. is not a fuckboy. hates being the center of attention. will run away. really good at science but he hates it. really not good at history but he likes it. who is hannibal? minghao doesn’t know but he can tell you all about the WAR ELEPHANTS. “hood down, minghao.” he’s almost as bad as jun. also plays baseball. is the pitcher. his long limbs have people SHOOK. sometimes struggles in school but is a very hard worker. never gives up. in soonyoung’s dance crew and is always practicing. his life is sports. dresses oddly but it somehow works. pretends he doesn’t know jun in the hallways. but jun is the only one he’ll talk to when he’s sad. sawed through the table in i-tech. literally did not give a shit. hates spirit weeks. has no school spirit. cannot wait to graduate he is Over high school. doesn’t want to go to college. considers finding a sugar daddy.

Seungkwan: “STOP SCREAMING DOWN THE HALLWAY SEUNGKWAN YOU WILL SEE HIM IN 50 MINUTES”. is that underclassman that stops in the middle of the hall to talk to someone and blocks everyone. pretends he’s sick all the time so he can take a nap in the nurse’s office instead of going to class. attached to vernon’s hip. hates broadcasting but takes it anyways because vernon is. theatre junkie. front row for all of his friends sporting events or shows. makes posters. loudest person in the building. embarrassing. jihoon avoids him at all costs in the hallway. “STOP RUNNING AWAY JIHOON I LOVE YOU”. lit the fireproof table on fire in chemistry somehow. took anatomy for the hell of it and puked when they had to dissect the cat. is the lead in all of the plays. co leader of the choir with seokmin. them together? the poor choir teacher has lost years off of her life. the gym teacher hates him. doesn’t participate in anything. sits on the ground and pokes the field hockey ball with his stick. “move”. also wears chubbies. does not give a fuck about his image.

Vernon: really quiet. gets embarrassed by seungkwan all the time. loves it. nicest kid in the school. invites kids that are sitting alone at lunch to sit with him. actually uses the library to study. dresses like a fuckboy but is not a fuckboy. really shy. rivals jihoon and wonwoo. people watches. made a mixtape that seungkwan blasted through the school so now everyone knows he raps. it wasn’t cringeworthy. is really close to his history teacher. he sometimes eats lunch in the room with the guy and they just talk. sits behind the front desk in the office while soonyoung is working during his study hall because he hates how loud the classroom gets. works at the attendance office. moms also love him. “well if you can’t date soonyoung, at least go for that hansol boy”. family guy. rarely goes out but when he does. wild. a big nerd when he’s with his friends but is super reserved around strangers. the mystery guy of the school that everyone wants to know.

Chan: baby. he is but a smol child. jeonghan’s baby? no. everyone’s baby. forgot closed toed shoes once for his lab so seungcheol walked around barefoot for an entire hour. mingyu gets him a bag of cheetos every day after gym. soonyoung drives him to school and buys him whatever he wants at the gas station every morning. revels in this shit. super smart probably the smartest out of all of them. “joshua I’m going to be a better class president than you”. really involved. soonyoung’s dance crew? check. junior honor society? check. student government? check. cried once when he got a really bad score on a test. wonwoo skipped a class and got a detention just so he could sit with him. shy with girls. shy with everyone. the teachers love him. the principal loves him. staff loves him. “i’m not supposed to pick favorites, but your son is my favorite”. has matching folders and notebooks. color codes his notes. always wins spirit week. stays after sporting events to help clean up the bleachers.

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Hi~ did you get my question about Jaime and Cersei? I suppose it was just me sharing my feelings rather than asking a question =w= As much as I love seeing all the Jaime/Brienne stuff it makes me sad as well to imagine Cersei when Jaime leaves her =( She'll have lost everyone who means anything to her and she never got to meet someone good for her like Jaime met Brianna. Seems like Jaime was given the chance of redemption but she wasn't, you know? What do you think?

Hi, sorry, I’m a bit overwhelmed with questions so PSA, if you sent me meta asks, it will probably take me a long, loong, LOOOOONG time to answer, sigh. Sorry for that, but real life’s a bitch. Anyway, I think this was your question:

I’ve been thinking, as great as it is that Jaime has someone like Brienne to help him on his path of Redemption and such, isn’t it sad that Cersei has no one like that? In the end we know she’s likely to loose everything including her life and if Jaime survives that he may get to move on with his life and be happy while it feels like Cersei never got that chance =( Wouldn’t it be nice to see her be able to bond with someone too?

wouldn’t it be nice?

I guess it would. But this is a precise choice GRRM made with the twins. If he wanted Cersei to bond with some *good* character who brings out her better qualities and offers her the chance to do something nice for once, he would have given her such a character. Actually, he HAD such a character in Sansa, and yet chose to have Cersei treat Sansa horribly, despite the latter reminding Cersei of her younger self in many ways (like Brienne does to Jaime).

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ok consider this au: sirius is a wizard and he sees a rly cute boy working at a bookshop or whatever other cliche place and he’s like !!! so he comes up with the brilliant plan to turn into padfoot, walk around outside of the shop for a few days, and then go inside with a picture asking about his lost dog bc the cute boy would Have To talk to him

remus is like “yeah ive seen him but can i take a closer look at the picture” and sirius is goin along with anything at this point because cute! boy! is! talking! to! him! and remus just looks at the photo and then back up at sirius and is like “come in the back with me for a sec ill take my break” and obv this screams either axe murderer or steamy hookup and sirius has magic so he’s sure he can get away if it’s the former and if it’s the latter….. i mean he’s not saying no

so they go into the back room and remus locks the door and sirius is like…. well… it could still go either way at this point and remus turns around to him and just says “why the fuck have you been wandering around outside of my store as a fucking dog”

and sirius sputters because obviously?? that’s impossible?? and he tells remus as much and remus just raises his eyebrows like he’s waiting for an explanation and sirius doesn’t know what to do

he’s kind of forcing himself to laugh a little because yeah he likes a little rebellion here and there but being responsible for exposing wizardry to the muggle world is not something he wants so he says “and how exactly would i turn into a dog???” like its the most ridiculous thing in the world and is praying to merlin that he’s able to get himself out of this one

remus just shrugs and says “animagus” as if it’s the simplest thing in the world and then continues to say “probably illegally though seeing as you’re walking around as a dog on a street full of muggles” and sirius leans back and is just like “huh” bc he’s been Caught

after a moment he’s like “but what if i wasn’t and you just exposed magic to a poor muggle man who was searching for his beloved pet?”

remus shrugs again and says “then i’d’ve wiped your memory” and sirius is Gone for this man

but then they hear someone come in and remus has to get back to the register and sirius has to leave anyways because he was meeting james for lunch and didn’t expect his visit to the store to take this long. as he walks out remus calls after him “don’t be an idiot next time” and sirius is just like be still my beating heart

the next day he walks up to the door of the store, tail wagging. remus rolls his eyes but lets him in. and so it starts.

bad boy!au ;; kim seokjin

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  • the royalty rich school bad boy, tbh
  • teacher killers for both women and men
  • is actually quite the smart ass for being a bad boy acclaim
  • the oldest of his clique and somewhat leads them
  • gives you the cold stare when you accidentally step on one side of his new pair of shoes
  • making you clean them after taking it off, and soon starts picking on you
  • finding out that you’re number one ranked in school though he’s a smart ass and is ranked second, he starts making you do his homework too
  • will humiliate you and smugly smirk instead of laugh, because the minions around already does so
  • “i hate you, kim seokjin! why are you making my life so hard when it already is?”
  • him overhearing your loud rant in the science lab when he walks by
  • him stalking you sort of, and finding out that you don’t have a good relationship with your mother
  • you being bullied by other students because if jin can, they can too and you just helplessly let them
  • him coming to your rescue and scaring them off
  • you telling him to back off when trying to limp home from school
  • jin scooping you up and over his broad shoulder anyway, and takes you back inside campus and plopping you in the infirmary
  • him trying to tend to your wounds, but you brush him aside and does it yourself 
  • “why won’t you just let me help you? you’re badly injured!”
  • “if you wanted to help, you wouldn’t have treated me the you always did!”
  • jin stops picking on you, but picks on others who treats you badly
  • him finding out that you work late shifts at a small convenient store, and so he waits until you’re done to safely take you home, but you decline his offer
  • him still doing it anyway
  • you slowly falling asleep in class, and jin helps hides your sleepy face from the teachers because he knows of your hard work
  • him trying to befriend you, but you keep pushing him aside and ignoring his presence
  • your coworker teasing you about jin being your boyfriend because no man who hates you would ever do this for you
  • “he is not my boyfriend. he is a big bully and my enemy.”
  • “well, they always say that when a guy picks on you, it’s because they like you”
  • you blushing like mad when your coworker says that, once you punch out and sees jin smiling warmly at you
  • you not showing up at school for three days and it worries jin, so he seeks at your workplace 
  • your coworker informing him that they have been covering your shifts, because you called in about important stuff happening at home
  • jin running to your house to find you getting beaten by your mother, so he grabs at your wrist and pulls you away while running away to safety
  • “you haven’t been in school for days, and i became worried. it’s not like you to miss school! and now i know why!”
  • “why do you care? don’t you hate my guts? with me gone, you’ll be ranked number one, right?”
  • him feeling remorse for what he’s said and done to you, and becomes even more sad when seeing you lifeless
  • he tries tending to your newly fresh made wounds, but you brush him off and tells him to go away
  • you both getting into a heated argument about him acting nice and him telling you that he isn’t
  • which sums up into jin grabbing you forcefully by the face and shushing you with a kiss
  • you push him away when you get the chance and tells him to stop playing with your feelings, and tries to get away but jin pulls you back into his arms to hold
  • him apologizing and you cry in his arms until you fall asleep
  • you two don’t talk much after the kiss, but is more calm with each other
  • he starts working on both your homework and applies to all sorts of colleges when he finds out that your request is to leave home 
  • your mother kicking you out and jin finds out when you told him about sleeping over at your coworker’s place
  • jin let’s you sleep in their guest house, and you repay him by keeping it spot clean
  • his parents liking you immediately and saying that their “bad boy” of a son needs a bright sun like you in his life
  • jin blushing embarrassingly for the first time and you kind of like it
  • you begin to get picked on by the other rich kids for giving your body to jin just to get close to him
  • “so what? we’re dating anyway, so back the fuck off!”
  • him always rescuing you and you being thankful in return
  • jin asking you out for real, and you’re hesitant but tries it anyway since your suppressed feelings have been releasing
  • high school ends successfully and both you and jin sets off for college
  • you visit your mother one last time though, but she brushes you away and you leave without another exchanging word
  • jin takes your hand into his and smiles at his next adventure with you.

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I know you haven't written this in a whike, but maybe a hospital!AU drabble? It's my favorite universe :)

you’re trying to remember how many mac n cheese sliders you had at dinner because you feel like you’re going to throw up and you know it’s not because of your excess of appetizers but that’s easier to process than, well.

yousef—your very cute, very smart date, who had taken you on the train from providence to new york city to see a live reading by david sedaris and hang out with a few of your friends at columbia—is entirely oblivious, and you’re not holding hands but if you were he would probably feel yours shaking. they’re a little numb, though, and you probably stop moving and breathing for a moment before he looks over at you, probably to share a really cool fact, and you like him, you really do, but then he stops.

‘hey,’ he says, and you meet his eyes and muster up what is apparently a terrible effort of a smile, because he frowns a little. ‘are you okay?’

‘yeah,’ you try to get out, and your voice catches a little, and you want to rub your eyes because this feels entirely surreal: there’s a girl, probably ten feet away from you, and it has to be lexa. you recognize the set of her shoulders and the way she holds her head—chin lifted, just slightly, to combat her pretty features and her soft voice, because she’s brilliant and wants to never be dismissed. her hair is different than your lexa, and the thought makes your heart drop a little: it’s shorter, falling just above her shoulders, wild and soft and you still want to run your hands through it.

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help i can’t stop coming up with headcanons about the major shield agents’ reactions when may left field work

  • whenever they’re consulted about who would be the best agent for a certain mission there’s always one of them that says “melinda may” and hill eyerolls but she knows it’s true
  • every time something goes wrong on the field clint is like “[sigh] this wouldn’t be happening if may were here”
  • or “with may here we would’ve been done with this already”
  • all of them, no exceptions, say “don’t call her that” with a straight face whenever someone refers to may as the cavalry because they know she doesn’t like it and respect that
  • but also they use fake stories of why may is known as the cavalry to scare/impress young curious shield agents like telling them that’s her nickname because she went into the compound riding a horse and holding two big ass guns
  • with all the gossip, soon enough it’s hard to find a single low level shield agent who knows the true story
  • natasha regularly visits may’s desk to catch up with her and sometimes she discreetly offers help like telling may she’s always available if may ever needs to talk
  • may doesn’t, but it’s nice to have natasha as a friend, knowing natasha would understand her better than anyone
  • in general they all fully respect may’s decision to leave the field and never “beg her” to come back no matter how much they would like her to
  • someone once tried to start a bet about whether she’d ever come back or not but it turned out none of them knew what to bet on and there was silence and nat went “we can’t blame her if she doesn’t.”
  • nick fury jokes that the avengers were only needed because melinda may wasn’t available when the alien invasion happened
  • when coulson is killed, hill takes a moment to call may. she doesn’t need to say more than a few words, and may’s response is no more than silence.
  • on may’s birthday she comes back from lunch to find a few different cupcakes on her table
  • eventually they find out she’s back on active field duty in coulson’s team and next time clint sees her he’s like “how’s it going with your new friends”
Goodnight Kiss (post-finale Captain Swan fanfiction)

Fluffy little plot bunny that wouldn’t stop hopping around my head.

Almost everyone had left, leaving Granny’s diner almost empty but for the single booth in the corner where Emma and Killian sat. Overall, the party/naming celebration/whatever Snow and David wanted to call this had ended pretty early, with the new parents running home before nine. Regina had been one of the first to leave, and she had taken Henry home, throwing a look in Emma’s direction as she left that made her insides constrict like there was a fist squeezing them. It wasn’t the anger, she could deal with that. God knows she’d been on the receiving end of more than enough Evil Queen death stares to become immune. It was the hurt in her eyes that was preying on Emma’s mind, the look that Emma hadn’t been able to avoid since Marian had introduced herself. Marian and Robin had also been among the early departures.

Emma felt a gentle squeeze on her arm and looked up to see Killian, eyebrows knit together in concern.

‘You alright, love?’

'I’m fine.’ She smiled unconvincingly. He raised his eyebrows.

'Just… thinking about Regina. I really messed up there.’

We really messed up there.’ Now it was her turn to raise her eyebrows. 'Alright fine, that was you.’ The same unconvincing smile.

She checked her phone. 'Only half past ten and everyone’s gone home. Now I remember why I wanted to move to New York.’

'I’m still here, aren’t I?’

'Yeah. You are.’ This time a genuine smile broke out across her face. 'We should probably, uh, clear out though. Granny will be wanting to close up soon.’

'Indeed. My place or yours?’

'Well, how about I go to my place and you go to- wait, you have a place?’

'Well, it would be a compliment to call it a 'place’, but yes, I do live somewhere. It’s not the Jolly Roger but it’s somewhere to sleep.’

'And I’m the only thirty one year old I know who still lives with my parents. Looks like we’re going home alone tonight.’

'Can I at least walk you home?’ he asked as he slid out of the booth and held out his hand to help her up. She went to stand without him, but reconsidered and took his hand.

They had walked halfway down the street before they realised they hadn’t let go of each other’s hands yet. Emma noticed first.

'Oh, sorry.’ She went to remove it but he resisted. 'I’m not really a hand holder.’

'Of course. Neither am I.’ he pulled his hand away. She immediately felt colder and reached out again, taking his hand.

'I guess there’s no harm in trying.’ They both tried to conceal the grins that lit up their faces, before sneaking a glance at the other and laughing. 'It feels strange.’

'What does?’

'Being safe. Happy. Having nothing to do, no one to save.’

'I could definitely get used to it.’

'Yeah. Me too.’ The companiable silence persisted for a moment longer before Emma coughed. 'This is my stop.’

'Damn your parents and their convenient, walking-distance-from-town home.’

'They sure do know how to pick real estate.’ She said, looking at the picturesque cottage, the epitome of romantic suburbanism. She could see her father in the window, walking backwards and forwards with a bottle of formula milk in one hand and her newborn brother in the other. She wondered if she would ever have a house like that. A home like that, of her own. She looked at the man standing next to her, at his guyliner and leathers, and imagined him instead in a button-down and jeans, holding a raven-haired baby in his arms. She shook her head. It was too bizarre. Too… wonderful. Just the thought made her smile and want to run in equal measure. There was plenty of time for that in the future.

'Well, goodnight Swan.’ He was looking at her in a way no one had before. Neal had loved her, sure, but she never felt the way she did right now, with those blue eyes looking into hers. She had never been understood like this before. It was terrifying and intoxicating.

'Goodnight, Hook.’ she replied. Neither of them moved. He playfully touched his lips with the tips of his fingers, reminding her so much of their first kiss that she almost laughed out loud.

'I’ve not been in this world long, but I hear it’s customary, at the end of a night, for something along the lines of a goodnight kiss to occur.’

'You really haven’t been in this world long. Goodnight kisses happen at the end of dates. This wasn’t a date.’

'I suppose you’re right. Remind me to take you out on one of those. Maybe then I can get a goodnight kiss.’ He stepped closer. She glanced towards the window to see if David was still up. She could see the flickering light from the television on his face, but his eyes were fixed on baby Neal in his arms, a dreamy smile on his face.

'Maybe.’ She smiled.

And then they were kissing. She wasn’t sure how it had happened, or who had initiated it. But her fingers were tangled in his hair and his hand was creating a handprint of warmth on the small of her back and all she could hear was his heartbeat through his chest. He smelled of the sea and leather and something else, something she couldn’t quite place, that she thought she had smelled once at a bonfire. And then the warmth and the heartbeat and the elusive scent were gone. He walked away from her backwards, smiling crookedly, keeping eye contact until he faded into the darkness.

'Goodnight, Emma.’

She exhaled through her nose, touching her lips with the tips of her fingers as she started down the garden path towards the lit windows where her family slept.


She studies him silently, but not for too long. She didn’t want to seem rude, but she was quite curious, and she knew how worried everyone else had been. Everyone in the med-bay would be fussing over him for weeks, still, and she wasn’t sure what he would end up doing once he was completely recovered—or as good as he was going to get. Surely one wouldn’t be able to be a blind navigator? Perhaps she would take his place on the bridge.

Ah… best not to mention that, probably.

Everyone was pretty worried! Still are, actually. Uh… Evelina trails off, her words failing her briefly. “—My shift just ended, so if you need anything, I wouldn’t mind helping you out!

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It was pouring rain and Ashly was supposed to be dead. But she wasn't, she was running towards Duncan's appartment and trying to stay alive. When she got there, she knew he wasn't home so she grabbed her key and let herself in. Immeadately after she shut the door, she showered and put on some sweatpants and the sweatshirt she was always taking from the other. Then, she curled up on the couch and went to sleep, waiting for the other to get home.

He unlocked the doors to his apartment after a long day, setting down his bags and putting his keys on the rack. It’s been 2 years since the death of the rebel leader Ashly, causing the group to dismember. Many went into hiding and unfortunately found. They were captured and murdered. As he turned on his lights and took his wet coat off, he went into the living room, sitting down on the couch. And jumped up when he saw a body laying on his couch. “Who are you?”


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I bet it's going to take some time to get out of the underworld once they find killian.. probably have to set up camp a few times... maybe killian & emma will be so excited to see each other that they just can't wait to *ahem* celebrate? The prompt is for underworld sex I was just trying to jazz it up

The echoes of dripping, liquid fire bounce around them, up to the cavernous ceilings of the underworld. Somewhere above them the sun is rising in the world of the living, yellow and orange light saturating the land beneath the rays, staining meadows and forests gold until fully overhead and the blue sky takes over, vast and endless and living and colorful oh god.

 Emma remembers colors. Bright splashes of purples across mountains in the distance, the vibrant green of the trees on the horizon, the brilliant grays and blues of the tumultuous ocean lapping at the shore of the town. Killian standing, with his black, black hair and electric eyes staring out at the waves, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Pink lips. White scars across his tan skin.

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Ereri Week Day 5 - Mythology

I accidentally wrote 8,000 words for this prompt? I don’t know how that happened. I feel like this was such a mistake though, everyone is posting such amazing entries for mythology omg. I’m sorry about this.
Also, I don’t know if vampires fall under mythology, but let’s just pretend for now!

Warnings for blood and violence
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Fight rings were illegal, and had been for some time now. However, human beings were a surprisingly bloodthirsty bunch. Bloodthirsty enough to bend the law and run the fights underground. Vampires, werewolves, trolls, witches and every creature the hunters were able to catch were sold off to the illegal rings, where they were forced to fight each other in front of paying audiences.

Levi, however, was not there to fight. Levi was food. The men that had captured him had assured him of that. He was human, so they couldn’t put him in the ring to fight - he would be torn apart in seconds, and that didn’t make for good entertainment. He was little more than a snack, something to be thrown to a beast to reward it for its bloodshed. It made him feel sick to his stomach.

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The brothers are just metaphors in Elena's story. Stefan is idealism/innocence/youth. Damon is reality/pragmatism/adulthood. Human Elena tried desperately to hang onto her idealistic youth and the innocence that the death of her parents and the supernatural events around her kept trying to rip away. As a vampire she was forced to let go and embrace the reality of her sitution, be more pragmatic and move into adulthood. It's not about ruining the female protagonist it's character exploration.

I disagree. Human Elena actually did come to terms with these things in season  three. ‘I do feel stuck Matt. I feel like I’ve been holding onto the girl that was supposed to die here with her parents, the girl who had a normal life and wasn’t supposed to fall in love with vampires.’  3x11

Not long ago I actually read an interpretation about this scene along with the one when Stefan tries to run her off Wickery Bridge—same episode. And it very nearly took the wind out of me because I feel like I’m always learning something. Although, it’s just someone’s interpretation it feels so accurate, so on point that it’s hard to take it any other way. I don’t think I can do it justice by merely summing it up so, I’m going to paste it here and you can read it for yourself. By Signalfire15—-

^ While I think you have a point, I don’t think you are seeing the bigger picture of what this scene meant. Do you remember what happens at the end of the episode? You know, the part where Elena GOES BACK to the bridge with Matt and realizes that she had been holding onto the girl who was supposed to die there all along and she had a funeral for her old self. This episode, more than anything, was about REBIRTH. It was about Elena emerging into her own self. Finally letting go of what had been holding her back all this time. STEFAN SAVED HER. Not just from the car crash, but Stefan SAVED HER in every way. He brought her back to life. After the tragedy that had happened where she was supposed to have died, it was Stefan who saved her physically and Stefan who saved her emotionally. Stefan BRINGING HER BACK to the bridge in the way that he did was COMING FULL CIRCLE for Elena, for Stefan, and for the show. It was Elena being reborn, going back to where she started. Stefan HAD to do this. It was necessary. As a VIEWER, I truly understand the writers decision to have STEFAN be the one to take Elena back over the bridge in the WAY that he did. Don’t you see? It is all symbolic. He saved her the first time in every way. Now he took her back and ultimately saved her again. But this time, instead of saving her by being with her, he’s saving her by not being with her, by removing himself. Elena is finally ready to walk on her own now. No Stefan to hold her together. She doesn’t need to rely on him to bring her to life anymore. She can FINALLY MOVE ON. She was STUCK before and this was Elena LETTING GO. It HAD to be Stefan. Stefan had to be the one to do this. Because it was Stefan who brought her out the first time and saved her and it was Stefan who had to bring her back the second time so she could save herself. I can’t believe people are missing the importance of this scene and not connecting it. Elena would not have gone back to that bridge and had a funeral for herself and accepted her new life had it not been for this moment. And if this scene was coming full circle for Elena, it only means that it was the same for Stefan. Stefan took her back to this bridge in the way that he did because it was he who had saved her that day. And if he hadn’t, if he had just let it be, if he had just saved her and let her go, Elena could have had the life she always wanted. DON’T YOU SEE? Stefan feels like this is all his fault. He needed to know her and he couldn’t help but to fall in love with her and he believes that he ruined her life because of it. So this wasn’t just about Elena going back to where it all started. This was about STEFAN taking Elena back so that HE could let go as well. So that he could GIVE HER BACK the life that he thinks he STOLE from her. So he brought her back to the place where it first began so that he could have done what he should have done all along, but never had the strength to… to let her go. People were talking about how rude it was that Stefan just brought her there and left her there to fend for herself. But don’t you get it? That’s exactly what Stefan was supposed to do all along. He was supposed to walk away the first time he saved her. So he took her back to the start and did it right this time. He brought her to the bridge and walked away like he was supposed to. And that was coming full circle for Stefan. This moment did more for Elena and Stefan’s individual journey’s on this show than anything else. And THAT, my friend, is the bigger picture and the importance of this scene.

This is so great. It was actually development for their relationship and who they were as people and the way they saw it before. It was moving out of it, and into a different reality. But as you can see, she still loved Stefan and he still loved her. She still chose Stefan after this. She chose him because she knew she loved him. She didn’t know she could love Damon, and she didn’t want to be selfish with them which is why, for Elena, the choice was final. In her mind, I don’t think she could choose to act on feelings she didn’t know could be love and leave behind the thing she knew was love. Her choice was just as much about her love for Stefan was it was about who she was as a person. I can agree about seeing what happened next as character exploration—sure. But the writers had a choice in how to execute this. Human Elena felt conflicted about her feelings for Damon. She didn’t like what it said about who she was, and there were moral beliefs in mind here. I don’t believe her conscience allowed her to act on these feelings as a human which is why they didn’t do this until she turned into someone darker, someone more willing and accepting of her feelings and Damon’s. And I believe this is more or less what JP said. She felt strongly that Elena would not and could not separate from Stefan and fall in love with Damon until she was a vampire. And that’s because it would be in direct conflict with Elena’s character to have done so as a human. To say that Elena moved into ‘adulthood’ with Damon by losing a great deal of her compassion, empathy, and moral conscience is not exactly what I would call accurate. Are they exploring her character in this ‘journey?’ Yes. But again, look at how they chose to do so. They had to change their character in a much less flattering light to accomplish it. They kept the human Elena character in tact—for a reason.

Slightly AU LeviHan Idea

Levi is a prestigious prince from the Royal Family of the Kingdom Utopia who has been set up with a prearranged marriage by his parents to marry a Royal princess named Petra Ral from the Kingdom of Wall Rose. Levi opposes the idea, believing that marriage should be based on true love, which he believes does not exist for him anyway.

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