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a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

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                                       Teach Me Happy Prologue

Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: welcome to what’s sure to be a mess of a series

Words: 2627

Warnings: descriptions of violence, swearing, bucky being a little shit and disappointing leslie knope, alexander pierce is existent

‘Teach Me Happy’ masterlist


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I feel like Sadie probably leaves Brooklyn House for a few years once she graduates. She travels the world and enjoys life for a while, figuring out who she is and stuff. Then she goes back to Brooklyn House for a bit and works with Carter before eventually becoming a like magician ambassador.

Sadie traveling the world.

  • she backpacks through Europe, making friends with all sorts of people
  • she meets a TON of magicians
  • they get into a lot of trouble together (she loves it)

Sadie strikes me as a person who is fascinated by cultures, so she definitely spends a lot of time (respectfully) learning cultures. She’s not great with languages, but she can get by in a conversation

All of this comes in handy when she gets back to Brooklyn House and Carter mentions he doesn’t really like traveling to visit other nomes, but he has to pretty frequently and so Sadie’s like “let me go”.

So Sadie starts traveling to other nomes on official business and she’s amazing at it. She doesn’t really care for the politics, but the other magicians like her a lot, because she knows a bit about their culture (and is really respectful of it) and she can (usually) hold a short conversation in their native languages, so they’re more inclined to do what she wants (or at least not openly oppose her). And this way she can see her magician friends too.

Oh and Sadie going to countries right after they’ve been hit with a natural disaster to help out.

  • she the first person the magician in charge calls because she gets shit done
  • she gets things organized among the magicians. Donation efforts and collections, medical treatment, housing.
  • she works so hard to help people in need and she doesn’t expect a single thing in return (which is why she’s always called first and is another reason leaders of other nomes like her so much)
  • Zia tags along sometimes

Sadie Kane becomes well known and respected in the magician community and she has a bunch of little girls looking up to her.

headcanon that natasha paints everyone’s toenails when they fall asleep in the commons rooms of stark tower 

it starts out as a joke to get back at tony for eating her leftovers but then she smiles to herself when she catches him admiring his sparkly gold nails & starts sneaking into his lab when he passes out in there to redo them & then moves on to planning out the colors for the rest of the avengers

& then she sees clint telling bruce that his bright purple nails are better than bruce’s pastel purple ones which dissolves into a conversation about the merits of the color purple & she thinks she’s on to something great

steve wakes up from an exhaustion induced nap after a particularly brutal undercover mission overseas in the living room & takes a look at his alternating red white & blue nails & just shrugs because everyone else’s are done & he’s seen other men with polished nails on tv sometimes so it must be a 21st century thing 

when bucky gets comfortable & recovers enough to openly fall asleep in such a communal area he wakes up with his toenails painted black with a silvery glitter top coat but later he asks natasha to redo them so they match steve’s

thor outright asks natasha to do his & his toenails end up a truly electrifying shade of blue that makes everyone’s eyes hurt but thor laughs in delight & thanks natasha & says he cannot wait to show his lady jane

they all get so used to it that natasha stops doing it while they’re asleep & it becomes a tradition during avengers movie night & she sometimes does their fingernails too but rarely because in their line of work it lasts for less than a week & starts taking so many color requests from the rest of the avengers that she has to order more online

meanwhile natasha’s toenails & fingernails are always red & they never seem to chip even after a rough mission & the other avengers always ask how she does it but she just smirks at them & tells them she’s just that good

so when the new avengers team moves in (wanda, vision, sam, rhodey) & see everyone’s nails the avengers just say it’s an avengers thing

wanda just goes with it & immediately asks for red nail polish & natasha is more than happy to oblige & they bond over it & vision doesn’t even blink while rhodey & sam exchange glances & sam wonders aloud, “do all superheroes do this?”

natasha just smirks at them as she gets out the huge box that contains her extensive collection of nail polish 

bad boy!au ;; kim seokjin

Originally posted by xnomoredreamx

  • the royalty rich school bad boy, tbh
  • teacher killers for both women and men
  • is actually quite the smart ass for being a bad boy acclaim
  • the oldest of his clique and somewhat leads them
  • gives you the cold stare when you accidentally step on one side of his new pair of shoes
  • making you clean them after taking it off, and soon starts picking on you
  • finding out that you’re number one ranked in school though he’s a smart ass and is ranked second, he starts making you do his homework too
  • will humiliate you and smugly smirk instead of laugh, because the minions around already does so
  • “i hate you, kim seokjin! why are you making my life so hard when it already is?”
  • him overhearing your loud rant in the science lab when he walks by
  • him stalking you sort of, and finding out that you don’t have a good relationship with your mother
  • you being bullied by other students because if jin can, they can too and you just helplessly let them
  • him coming to your rescue and scaring them off
  • you telling him to back off when trying to limp home from school
  • jin scooping you up and over his broad shoulder anyway, and takes you back inside campus and plopping you in the infirmary
  • him trying to tend to your wounds, but you brush him aside and does it yourself 
  • “why won’t you just let me help you? you’re badly injured!”
  • “if you wanted to help, you wouldn’t have treated me the you always did!”
  • jin stops picking on you, but picks on others who treats you badly
  • him finding out that you work late shifts at a small convenient store, and so he waits until you’re done to safely take you home, but you decline his offer
  • him still doing it anyway
  • you slowly falling asleep in class, and jin helps hides your sleepy face from the teachers because he knows of your hard work
  • him trying to befriend you, but you keep pushing him aside and ignoring his presence
  • your coworker teasing you about jin being your boyfriend because no man who hates you would ever do this for you
  • “he is not my boyfriend. he is a big bully and my enemy.”
  • “well, they always say that when a guy picks on you, it’s because they like you”
  • you blushing like mad when your coworker says that, once you punch out and sees jin smiling warmly at you
  • you not showing up at school for three days and it worries jin, so he seeks at your workplace 
  • your coworker informing him that they have been covering your shifts, because you called in about important stuff happening at home
  • jin running to your house to find you getting beaten by your mother, so he grabs at your wrist and pulls you away while running away to safety
  • “you haven’t been in school for days, and i became worried. it’s not like you to miss school! and now i know why!”
  • “why do you care? don’t you hate my guts? with me gone, you’ll be ranked number one, right?”
  • him feeling remorse for what he’s said and done to you, and becomes even more sad when seeing you lifeless
  • he tries tending to your newly fresh made wounds, but you brush him off and tells him to go away
  • you both getting into a heated argument about him acting nice and him telling you that he isn’t
  • which sums up into jin grabbing you forcefully by the face and shushing you with a kiss
  • you push him away when you get the chance and tells him to stop playing with your feelings, and tries to get away but jin pulls you back into his arms to hold
  • him apologizing and you cry in his arms until you fall asleep
  • you two don’t talk much after the kiss, but is more calm with each other
  • he starts working on both your homework and applies to all sorts of colleges when he finds out that your request is to leave home 
  • your mother kicking you out and jin finds out when you told him about sleeping over at your coworker’s place
  • jin let’s you sleep in their guest house, and you repay him by keeping it spot clean
  • his parents liking you immediately and saying that their “bad boy” of a son needs a bright sun like you in his life
  • jin blushing embarrassingly for the first time and you kind of like it
  • you begin to get picked on by the other rich kids for giving your body to jin just to get close to him
  • “so what? we’re dating anyway, so back the fuck off!”
  • him always rescuing you and you being thankful in return
  • jin asking you out for real, and you’re hesitant but tries it anyway since your suppressed feelings have been releasing
  • high school ends successfully and both you and jin sets off for college
  • you visit your mother one last time though, but she brushes you away and you leave without another exchanging word
  • jin takes your hand into his and smiles at his next adventure with you.
Movie Night ( Kaitlyn x MC)

[A little note: Something small and fluffy and hopefully very Kaitlyn. Since Halloween was this week, I’ve been in a horror/spooky mood. Plus Kaitlyn is a huge horror fan. And I’ve been sitting on trying to make a kaitlyn x mc fic for a long time. Sorry this one is so small. Hope this is enjoyable !]

[Summary: On the night of Halloween, Kaitlyn manages to rope MC (Naomi) into a horror movie marathon.]





Kaitlyn pauses, “A kiss?”

Smiling, Naomi acquiesces. She quickly scoots closer and places a swift kiss by her temple before dropping another towards her lips. Before she’s able to move away however, Kaitlyn has already fastened her arms around her neck.

“Not so fast.” Kaitlyn protests, lips curving into a sultry smile. “I mean a real kiss.”

Naomi pretends to roll her eyes, and deliberates until she hears a small sound of exasperation from her girlfriend’s waiting lips. Chuckling, she ducks her head closer. She’s already anticipating how warm they’ll feel against hers and closes the last remaining inches quickly.

She’ll never get tired of doing this; kissing her slowly - agonizingly slowly until Kaitlyn grows impatient enough to nip at her bottom lip. She embraces moments like these; when there isn’t anything else between them - not classes, not their friends - not even her band. There is nothing but the comfort they readily give and take; finding relief where relief had never existed - before they had met one another.

Mmm,” Kaitlyn murmurs, grinning widely when Naomi pulls away again. 

“Mmm, yourself.” Naomi replies, smirking. “How’s that for a kiss?” She can’t help but sound a little smug as she watches Kaitlyn’s cheeks grow red. 

“Good, but I could use another one - just to be sure.”

Grinning, Naomi leans toward her but stops before their lips meet. “Maybe we should skip the marathon tonight.” Her hand skims past her shirt, until it touches her skin. 

Kaitlyn inhales sharply; eyes widening just a little before Naomi leans forward - and the space between them closes enough for her to place a trail of feather-light kisses by her throat. Kaitlyn sinks into Naomi, fingers diving into her hair, until she feels her grin pressing against her skin. Shoving her playfully aside, Kaitlyn shakes her head at her. “No way! Nope, nope.” 

Uncharacteristically, Naomi pouts. “Why not?” Usually, she’s better at keeping hers hands to herself but lately she’s been impatient. It’s not Kaitlyn’s fault - she’s had more obligations to TBD right now than to her. All Naomi tries her best at is to be supportive; it’s what she’s been good at all along when things are god between them. But lately, she’s been so starved for affection  - she’ll take anything she can get.

“I know what you’re trying to do,” Kaitlyn points a finger at her suspiciously.

She bats her eyelashes down at her, but apart of her knows Kaitlyn isn’t so easily swayed, or fooled for that matter. Although she masks her expression into one of innocence, Kaitlyn’s eyes still narrow shrewdly.“I’m not trying to do anything.” Her voice betrays her; ascending a little too high to convey a convincing lie.

“You’re not escaping movie night Naomi. Not this time.”

Naomi groans, “it’s just -”

Kaitlyn’s giggles interrupt her. They start off small before turning into an all out snort. “No excuses.” She tugs Naomi towards the direction of their couch, and doesn’t release her hold until they’ve both sank inside of it. “Halloween comes around only once a year and I’m not not gonna spend it without a movie marathon.”

“….Not even if it means making out instead..?” Noami draws up her eyebrows and wiggles them, “not even if it means…” her voice dips lower and grows husky as she trails off. Her hands quickly makes obscene gestures; tongue flickering in and out before emphasizing just what she’s planning to do with her if she’d only surrender.

Cheeks flushing, the only response is a dull shake of her girlfriend’s head before she sinks lower inside their couch. 

Naomi follows, leaning possessively over her until she’s able to capture her mouth hungrily.

Kaitlyn breaks away first. Her breath is almost as uneven as Naomi’s heartbeat. “Stop trying to tempt me,” she averts her eyes away and mumbles. “Besides, I know I can get that any day of the week.”

Groaning, Naomi finally surrenders and rests her head against the couch. “I love and hate that you’re such a horror fanatic.” 

“We all have our callings.” She replies without missing a beat, “plus what better time to watch them than tonight?”

“Just know if I jump and start screaming - it’s all your fault.” Naomi scowls at her, but her expression softens when they travel lazily across her face. It’s hard to remain upset, when her girlfriend has the tendency to be adorable. “I expect lots of cuddling.”

Kaitlyn responds with a kiss; brushing her lips to hers before snuggling under her arm. It’s one of her favourite spots, and she weaves her other hand between hers’. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

The Shining opening credits begin seconds later, and covers their entire screen. Naomi raises an eyebrow sardonically. “Really?” She shoots her a look, “this is what you pick for our first movie?”

“Hey! It’s a classic for a reason.” 


anonymous asked:

Hi~ did you get my question about Jaime and Cersei? I suppose it was just me sharing my feelings rather than asking a question =w= As much as I love seeing all the Jaime/Brienne stuff it makes me sad as well to imagine Cersei when Jaime leaves her =( She'll have lost everyone who means anything to her and she never got to meet someone good for her like Jaime met Brianna. Seems like Jaime was given the chance of redemption but she wasn't, you know? What do you think?

Hi, sorry, I’m a bit overwhelmed with questions so PSA, if you sent me meta asks, it will probably take me a long, loong, LOOOOONG time to answer, sigh. Sorry for that, but real life’s a bitch. Anyway, I think this was your question:

I’ve been thinking, as great as it is that Jaime has someone like Brienne to help him on his path of Redemption and such, isn’t it sad that Cersei has no one like that? In the end we know she’s likely to loose everything including her life and if Jaime survives that he may get to move on with his life and be happy while it feels like Cersei never got that chance =( Wouldn’t it be nice to see her be able to bond with someone too?

wouldn’t it be nice?

I guess it would. But this is a precise choice GRRM made with the twins. If he wanted Cersei to bond with some *good* character who brings out her better qualities and offers her the chance to do something nice for once, he would have given her such a character. Actually, he HAD such a character in Sansa, and yet chose to have Cersei treat Sansa horribly, despite the latter reminding Cersei of her younger self in many ways (like Brienne does to Jaime).

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Sketches! Sugawara, Kuroo and Nekoma   (^= ˃ᆺ˂)

I guess Kuroo received the lollipop from the nurse >w<

Audio Tag that wasn't supposed to be this long
Mycomplex ft Good Boy
Audio Tag that wasn't supposed to be this long

I was tagged by @seoulofakwonjiyong 💜 This was interesting soooo why not.

This wasn’t supposed to be 6 minutes.. a certain cat wanted my attention and I figured I’d upload it anyways instead of redoing it (because I’m lazy).. I hope you get a kick out it like I did 😂

  • Your name and username.
  • Where you’re from.
  • Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.
  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
  • Choose a book and read a passage from it.
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Be a wizard or a vampire?
  • Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  • End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

And you don’t have to do this. But it’s kinda unique and it’s not ~really~ exposing yourself like a personal picture so maybe more people will do it??? But I tag: @julla ( I WANNA HEAR YOUR CUTENESS AND NOT JUST THE FILTER), @s-tttop, @dae-dreamxx, @daengerous-af, @topssi, @gh0st-tabi, @tabi-ears, @skrrrt

Also Tumblr app is stupid to upload audio posts, so if you record on your phone, upload your audio file through by going to tumblr on your phone’s internet browser.

Chub n’ tuck responsibly, kids.

(It’s a reference to this)

I know this is hardly a joke but I couldn’t get the image of Sans chub n’ tuckin’ out of my head so here ya go.


MuraHimu Summer Crush AU

Murasakibara is a Japanese student who just finished high school and decided to take a sports scholarship in a college in Los Angeles. Since classes only start in October and it’s summer anyway, he goes earlier and stays in a hostel, where he meets Himuro Tatsuya, a local, also a Japanese descendant, who gives surf lessons and it’s way prettier than it’s legal (at least that’s what Murasakibara thinks). Murasakibara never surfed, but that doesn’t stop him from asking this pretty boy to teach him some things - he gets a lot of bruises and a nosebleed on the first day, but that’s how things go to everyone, right?

As they get closer, Murasakibara learns that Himuro can also play basketball - and he’s good at it even. Together, they have fun while showing off their skills on street basketball and on surfing and one night, while they’re just watching the starry sky and talking like usual, Murasakibara just looks at him and thinks “wow, I need to kiss him, right now”.

One thing leads to the other and they end up having a summer-only kind of relationship, in which they kiss, hug, cuddle, have sex and fool around while doing everything proper boyfriends do - going around the city on dates, visiting  Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel, taking photos on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Murasakibara finds out Himuro is a big fan of the Queen and Paul McCartney), learning how to surf and playing basketball while exchanging looks and brushing hands and even kissing in public, for all their friends disgust (they’re really happy for them actually), and let’s not forget that one day they literally visited all the sweets stores there were on the city (Murasakibara wouldn’t let Himuro rest in peace until they bought all the special products he couldn’t find in Japan; Himuro just smiled fondly and went with the flow).

One day, while lying in bed and just enjoying the lazy day, Murasakibara asks Himuro if this relationship of theirs will end once Fall comes and they have to go their separate ways. Himuro huffs and says that “that’s how summer crushes usually go, right?”, and Murasakibara knows he has to make the best out of his summer, so he won’t regret anything later.  In September, both of them say their goodbyes and go their separates ways, one last kiss still tingling on Murasakibara’s lips.

In October, while making himself as comfortable as possible on his room on the dorms of his new college, he waits to see who his roommate will be - still expecting, deep down, that a black-haired boy with a mole next to his right eye comes right through the door and greets him with a kiss. And that’s exactly what he gets.

kandayuu  asked:

lavilena, for the ship ask meme u reblogged a couple hours ago pls ;v;

I’m really sorry, this post turned into a huge monster. My Lavi/Lena feels know no boundaries. I don’t think ask memes are supposed to turn out like this.

send me a ship, and i will tell you:

when or if I started shipping it.

otp ;___; i originally paired them off because i was a yullen shipper and it sort of made sense for me to write fics that included both yullen + lavilena so i didn’t really /ship/ ship but i just wrote them together. this was back in late 2007?? according to my ffn posts, which was when the ark sequence was still in writing! i kinda started finding them cute together because of the anime fillers (episode 44 and 45, i still remember till this day) and then when the manga chapters came out i think i sort of got persuaded that they really could be a thing.

• my thoughts: (chunks of content below)

this couple breaks my heart all the time lmao, i really believe that they could be a canon couple. what sets them apart is how both lena and lavi are both perfectly strong, independent people (tbh all of ot4 are) but although they don’t rely on each other to be strong, they draw strength from the other did that make sense. 

here, lavi gives lenalee, who was scared to death because of how hopeless the entire situation in the ark was, a comforting squeeze and instead of telling her it’s okay, he tells her to get a hold of yourself. he doesn’t make statements like “we’ll be okay”, because he knows he can’t promise her that (and lena probably won’t buy it either lmao), but instead this one sentence reminds her that everybody is fighting and that yes, she should keep on fighting too. 

something similar happened on the ship to edo, but i don’t have the screencap here: he knocked sense into her, although he made her cry and felt really guilty afterwards.

and the first thing she thought of when she thought she was going to die was that she hadn’t apologized to lavi. there were so many things and people she could have thought of, why lavi, why an apology?

on the other hand, lenalee’s humanness is giving lavi strength as well. strength in the sense that he has something to fight for, which is making him more human.  lbr, if lenalee wasn’t around, lavi would only be fighting just for the sake of survival. i say strength in the shounen sense - of having someone to protect, which is ironically the one thing that lavi should not possess. yet you cannot deny that lenalee has been the main reason why he has become more human.

when he goes to retrieve lenalee from her battle with eshii, he fights so hard with the ship’s crew to let him leave despite his own injuries. what is pain, when lenalee is missing?

and i’m guessing his monologue here is to show how her absence scares him more than he wants to admit.

when it comes to lenalee, any idea of objectivity totally flies out the window lol. he breaks the bookman code wayy too many times for his own good just for lenalee, because lenalee makes him human.

going against the inspector like that was totally overstepping lavi’s boundaries as a bookman, and he knows it very well, but he did it without even a second thought.

look at the shock on his face; he couldn’t understand how she could hate something so much, yet want it so much just to protect the people she cares about. and because of that, because he knows what she cares for (komui, more than anyone else), he is willing to go all out to protect those same things that she cannot. 

see how his first thought is for komui to stay alive? because he knows it would crush lenalee if anything were to happen to him. even kanda reminds him that he doesn’t need to do this. doesn’t need to do what komui has termed ‘throwing your life away’.

because why should a bookman do so? why should a bookman give up his life just like this?

but no, lavi just keeps going, even pushing komui to go to lenalee, knowing how much she needs him, because he is the one that she has been fighting for all these long years of holding the innocence.

and their respect for each other: lavi knows that lena will suffer if she makes this decision, to go and reclaim her innocence, (i’m sorry), and that lenalee hates the innocence so much, but he still lets her go knowing that she’s made up her mind. likewise, when she demanded that he return to the ship with bookman and to let her deal with eshii, he relents (although very reluctantly) and trusts in her. 

(wow i’m really sorry this was not supposed to happen wtf)

• What makes me happy about them:

that this ship is partially? canon and actually has evidence to back it up. I’m honestly not sure about lenalee’s feelings towards lavi, because we’ve never seen much of her opinions towards him, but I’m 100% sure that hoshino-sensei was being very deliberate when she presented lavi’s behaviour towards lenalee this way - how lenalee has affected lavi tremendously, continuously, more than anybody has, even the old bookman.

 …i think most of what i was supposed to say here went up in that huge chunk over there, but at the very least - they look good together. /bricked forever

• What makes me sad about them:

that they’re so impossible. if things keep going the way they are right now, lavi will keep on denying his feelings, keep on denying that they are feelings of any sort, not even romantically, and lenalee will remain oblivious. lavi treats her differently from everyone, but he always brushes it aside with his bluntness and humour - i sometimes think that she just treats it as it is; that this is all part of ‘who lavi is’ and doesn’t think anymore of it. 

but then: “bookman’s successor is no longer” so. i have hope?

• things done in art/fic that annoys me:

when lenalee is a helpless damsel who’s always crying and lavi has to save her..? although i did write a fic like that

because lenalee is a strong female character and i hate it when she is reduced to just a helpless girl without anything to help herself. to be fair i did make sure that the story had parts to show that lenalee is strong but at the moment in a situation where she can’t do jackshit, but she tries to fight back tooth and nail anyway

tbh i don’t really know lmao i just read it and if i don’t like it, i close it orz 

• things I look for in art/fic:

fluff, chemistry, strong and independent characters,basically that’s all. i usually go in with an open mind… i really love fics where lavi has all that internal struggle with himself over the heart though. but that’s more of a general thing than something specific to lavi/lena.

• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

lenalee: allen probably, kanda’s too much like a brother to her

lavi: kanda, because i’m a sucker for laviyuu and because they both have the same “loving me will only bring you pain when i leave” tragic story  

• My happily ever after for them:

lavi embraces his heart and true feelings, lenalee accepts them ;v; that’s all i ask for. if they can live a happy life post-war, that’s fine by me, but as long as they both know that the other loves them, even if they die on the battlefield tbh i’ll accept that.

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity?

reading and dancing. sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes they just head off to somewhere quiet and look at the sun set while lavi threads his fingers through her hair.

help i can’t stop coming up with headcanons about the major shield agents’ reactions when may left field work

  • whenever they’re consulted about who would be the best agent for a certain mission there’s always one of them that says “melinda may” and hill eyerolls but she knows it’s true
  • every time something goes wrong on the field clint is like “[sigh] this wouldn’t be happening if may were here”
  • or “with may here we would’ve been done with this already”
  • all of them, no exceptions, say “don’t call her that” with a straight face whenever someone refers to may as the cavalry because they know she doesn’t like it and respect that
  • but also they use fake stories of why may is known as the cavalry to scare/impress young curious shield agents like telling them that’s her nickname because she went into the compound riding a horse and holding two big ass guns
  • with all the gossip, soon enough it’s hard to find a single low level shield agent who knows the true story
  • natasha regularly visits may’s desk to catch up with her and sometimes she discreetly offers help like telling may she’s always available if may ever needs to talk
  • may doesn’t, but it’s nice to have natasha as a friend, knowing natasha would understand her better than anyone
  • in general they all fully respect may’s decision to leave the field and never “beg her” to come back no matter how much they would like her to
  • someone once tried to start a bet about whether she’d ever come back or not but it turned out none of them knew what to bet on and there was silence and nat went “we can’t blame her if she doesn’t.”
  • nick fury jokes that the avengers were only needed because melinda may wasn’t available when the alien invasion happened
  • when coulson is killed, hill takes a moment to call may. she doesn’t need to say more than a few words, and may’s response is no more than silence.
  • on may’s birthday she comes back from lunch to find a few different cupcakes on her table
  • eventually they find out she’s back on active field duty in coulson’s team and next time clint sees her he’s like “how’s it going with your new friends”
Just updating on you guys *not important* 😊

Guys I’m so sorry if my updates are feeling like they’re getting slower

I’ve stumbled upon the great world of Supernatural (probably not the best idea) but I was so curious because Destiel and some funny tidbits kept popping up in my dash and it was really interesting so I started season 1 more than a month ago because why not? I needed something to occupy me until infinity war anyways and watching something funny will do the trick.

Boy, I was wrong. I thought there wasn’t going to be tears (I knew there will be angst but damn) but there are and a lot. I’m not as attached as I am with there MCU but damn son, I never knew I will be this emotionally scarred. These Winchester boys already have seen and been through so much and I’m not even half way through! I know things will always get worse in Supernatural but cmon. How much more can these boys take?

I’m just really scared of the next seasons honestly. I just hope Cas will be okay and becomes really happy and will only experience nice things from now on because he really deserves it. I’m really worried about Bobby. I hope they won’t die permanently because he’s really cool and my favorite currently. (WHY DID GABRIEL HAD TO DIE HE WAS REALLY COOL TOO).

Ps: I’m currently in the beginning of season 6 btw and taking a little break.

January 1825.

“Hello?” Called Courfeyrac at last, once he was tired of waiting.

He’d only been there for five minutes, or so his watch told him; he felt judged by the faintest ticking sounds it made, but he discarded it as usual. A lot of people had told him before he was too impatient, but so far trying to be patient had always had had worst consequences than pushing through, and so he couldn’t bother to change his habits. Staring at unmoving machines he was facing, Courfeyrac wondered now if he should get going - explore a bit.

“Hello?” He tried again, out of politeness. When only silence answered him, Courfeyrac shrugged and decided to take a few steps in a random direction. He’d never been in the back of a printshop before, but it wasn’t so different than his father’s industrial buildings in Saint-Etienne at night. Everything felt quiet, solemn and heavy - only the persistent smell of ink changed.

He was grabbing a few abandonned sheet of papers, curious, when he heard the distinctive sound of someone loading their gun. He stilled, and turned his head. Near the door stood a tall, young man, half hidden by a machine. From where he was, Courfeyrac could only see long strands of blond hair, impossibly high cheekbones, and piercing blue eyes.

“Are you Enjolras?” He asked, careful now. “Bahorel gave me the keys, said you’d be there with what we need.”

You’re new,” said the man, stepping into the moonlight. Courfeyrac had the absurd sentiment he was seeing an angel. He licked his lips, tried to calm his sudden racing heart, and nodded. The angel - Enjolras, probably, how fitting - lowered his gun, frowning. “You couldn’t have known I was the man Bahorel had sent you to meet. It was careless, speaking like that.”

“I doubt police spies are so in character that they’ll wear those printer hats on in the middle of the night,” said Courfeyrac, though he could feel his cheeks reddening with soft embarrassement.

"Bahorel said he would be here too,” said Enjolras. “It was his mistake for sending someone so young -”

"Alright, no, you’re definitely younger than me,” Courfeyrac protested. “Bahorel trusted me with this - he knows i’m dedicated, and he knows fairly well i am tired of being asked to listen before i’m allowed to do anything. What’s important is not my age, it’s that i’m willing to get things down.”

There was a beat of silence, and then Enjolras’s lips curled up.

"The pamphlets are in the office,” he said. Courfeyrac blinked, then smiled back and fell into into step next to him when Enjolras waved at him to follow. Up close, he definitely looked more human. When he saw that Courfeyrac was observing him from the corner of his eyes, he only said, a soft trace of amusement in his voice: “i agree that age doesn’t matter, but if you must know, i’m definitely older than you think, and probably than you.”

@dontgobrienmyheart: interesting thoughts, i think this definitely lines up with many..many laws that just have not caught up to technology actions

Yeah I suppose that’s a fair point. The authors of the Constitution probs didn’t envision Twitter existing lol. But I’m not sure I would change anything about the bill of rights if i had to ‘update’ it, tbh. Like, I would argue that politicians shouldn’t be allowed to block anyone on Twitter, bill of rights or no. You have a right to know what your president is saying. I’d also argue that Twitter shouldn’t be allowed to censor any official government accounts if that makes sense - it’s kind of a dangerous precedent to set.

As awful as Trump is, if Twitter can censor/suspend his account, what’s to stop them from just suspending every single account run by a Republican? Or a Democrat? Or blocking any tweets from politicians mentioning, say climate change? Or literally anything else?

So idk I think the laws are probably fine, we just have to sit down and talk about how they function today. But people seem more interested in debating abortion or denying climate change, so here we are lol.