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Happy Birthday, Jack.

Sorry it took so long, but the above requests (from 2 anons and @super-magical-wizard, @boopymooplier and @antiisepticeye) all seemed like a good plot for a short comic, so I thought why not. Sorry this is late, but happy birthday @therealjacksepticeye :) I hope you and @wiishu had a great time <3

BTS CHAT: Yoongi, Namjoon and Jin prepare to confess to Y/N but they are shocked to run into each other in her backyard at night.
  • Namjoon crouches in the bush outside Y/N's window.
  • NAMJOON: (Deep breath) I can do this.
  • SUGA: Do what?
  • Suga pops out over Namjoon's shoulder.
  • Suga covers Namjoon's mouth.
  • SUGA: Will you shut up? Unless of course you want to alert the whole neighborhood that you're crouching in a girl's backyard at 12 am.
  • NAMJOON: What are you doing here?
  • SUGA: I saw you leave the house with your guitar, so I followed you.
  • NAMJOON: Well go back home.
  • SUGA: Not until you tell me what your plan is.
  • NAMJOON: What plan?
  • SUGA: Your plan to impress Y/N.
  • NAMJOON: I'll tell you after it works.
  • SUGA: (Shrugs) Fine, then I guess you I won't tell you mine.
  • ...
  • NAMJOON: Wait, what?
  • Suga opens up a bag and inside are chocolate, flowers and a mini speaker.
  • NAMJOON: What the hell man? Are you serious?
  • SUGA: Yup.
  • Suga walks out into the open and presses play on the song; First Love. Suga holds the speaker above his head and flowers in the other hand.
  • JIN: What the hell is going on here?!
  • Jin walks into the backyard with a picnic basket and a gigantic teddy bear.
  • Namjoon comes out of the bushes.
  • NAMJOON: Are you serious? Is following me just thing you guys do now?
  • SUGA: Well by the looks of it, it's that and liking the same girl.
  • JIN: You guys like Y/N?
  • NAMJOON: Yeah. Pretty much.
  • SUGA: No, I just like to take late night strolls into people's backyards. And sometimes, I like to buy myself roses.
  • JIN: AHHH!
  • NAMJOON: (Concerned) What is it?
  • JIN: Oh, just my back hurts from when you stabbed me!
  • SUGA: Was that supposed to be funny? Cuz it wasn't.
  • JIN: You'll know when I'm being funny Yoongi.
  • SUGA: Will I?
  • JIN: Both of you leave now!
  • NAMJOON: No way! I got here first!
  • SUGA: Actually, I got here first. Y/N brought me to her house before she even met you two.
  • JIN: Well I was born first.
  • SUGA: Speaking of that, I don't think Y/N would be into a 'mature' man.
  • JIN: Good thing I'm not mature then!
  • NAMJOON: I don't think that worked the way you wanted it to.
  • JIN: Shut up and leave. I didn't cook all this food for Y/N for you guys to ruin things.
  • SUGA: Fine. Leave the food here and I'll make sure Y/N and I don't let it go to waste.
  • JIN: Sometimes I really don't like you.
  • NAMJOON: I learnt how to play the guitar for her. Do you know how hard it is to strum with no pick?!
  • Namjoon, Jin and Suga look up at Y/N's window to see Jimin shirtless and poking his head out.
  • JIMIN: You guys are so loud. Y/N is trying to sleep.
  • SUGA: What the fuck?!
Coffee dates

Based on this lovely work of art :)

So here goes…

Draco shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He narrowed his eyes at the coffee cup in front of him and rubbed his sweaty palms on his knees. Why were they even sweaty? This was ridiculous. True, he hadn’t seen Potter in years, but there was no reason to be nervous about it. He didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Especially not that prat.

So Draco technically still owed him a life debt. So what? He had saved Potter as well, hadn’t he? In the Manor, when… ‘No, don’t think about that now!’ he chastised himself.

“So,” Potter mumbled, obviously uncomfortable himself, “what have you been up to these last few years?”

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BTS Group Chat
  • Ig0tyesjams: I hit a bunny on the way home
  • K00k-the-sh00k: It wasn't me dumbass
  • Swag101: Wow.. One of Jungkook's cousins?
  • PinkPrincess: I'm missing the Kardashians for THIS?
  • GodOfDestruction: Oh great. Now Easters cancelled
  • Ig0tyesjams: He ran out in front of me! What was I suppose to do?!
  • Jbarn: Here come Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail.. Oh no! Here comes Jimin!<p>
  • <p>Ig0tyesjams has left the chat<p>

Tbh we need to talk more about how funny Jaehee is like she has this dry humor that’s so charming and funny and she also teases and gets teased by the rest of the RFA a lot and I feel like people reduce her to like the Hypercompetent Girl That The Boys Are All Afraid Of and it pisses me off because that’s not really who she is and honestly it’s also just boring like let Jaehee be silly and funny tbh

You could stay

Another one-shot I wrote, set between ‘Blindsided’ and ‘Shell Shocked’.

This story was a chance for me to get another bit of my personal headcanon down. And I want to explain that one before we get started here, lest I get too many angry comments on how they behave totally out of character… We all know Astrid to be the fearless warrior, never afraid of anything and we also know Hiccup to be more cautious, sometimes even shy and awkward. But I believe that, when it comes to their intimate relationship, their roles are reversed.

Astrid never was good when it came to social interactions, not when they were meaningful and important. She wouldn’t even open up to Heather when it comes to her feelings.

Hiccup, on the other hand, gets far more secure when he knows something is important. He then is able to scramble up every bit of confidence needed.

So, yes, I believe that when it comes to intimacy, Astrid is the shy one, as it is hard for her to open up, while Hiccup takes the lead, as he’s used to acting despite his feelings for her by now.

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tiredsmolhufflepuff  asked:

What if Moidoriya can see spirits because the universe Fucked Up TM and he wasn't supposed to be born a human???

holy shit, that is amazing and horrifying, i am so behind it

also funny and terrible: izuku’s guardian spirit sort of fused with his soul in order to save him from death at some point early in his life and now he is some kind of spirit-human hybrid, or a spirit possessing his own body, or kind of a spirit given human form…? it was an accident and now izuku is all alone :’^)

anonymous asked:

Walter Skinner has an underrated sense of humor and sometimes he says things that it wasn't supposed to be funny but he acts so serious that I laugh

I heard he slept with JFK

detvardet  asked:

ok ok BUT CAN WE PROPERLY TALK ABOUT THE KISS? first of all, was this the kiss which was supposed to top the wedding one? Bc let me just tell you, it didn't, imo.i mean it was ADORABLE and definitely killed me, but it wasn't better than the first one was it? now the good sides,- oh my god. the first thing that made me insanely happy is Magnus pulling Alec closer. also Alec's little smile destroyed my existence. but obvs Jace had to come in and interrupt my love birds. was kinda funny tho haha <3

YES! I’ve done my homework, watched the kiss more than a dozen times, I’m ready to field this question. :’) I don’t know about topping the wedding, but I’m glad for this kiss because it iterates the fact that Alec chose Magnus. That he may be a hard choice, but Alec isn’t about to push him away just because of that.

The two kisses happened under very different circumstances. During the wedding, Alec was almost forced to make a split-second choice whether to follow his head or his heart, whether to honour the Clave and his parents and what they stood for or to be true to himself and what he wants. When he stepped off the altar and kissed Magnus, it felt to me almost instinctive and visceral. It was almost like a reaction to Magnus’ words from earlier and his presence. 

Personally, I liked this one better, if not for the kiss, for the things that happened before and after the kiss. I loved the date, it wasn’t unrealistically perfect. They find out about each other, maybe a bit more than they would have liked (but it was bound to come up anyway, so I’m glad it happened sooner rather than later). They took a long walk, coming down from the high of a first date, having time to themselves to think about what their words meant and where they would go, if they would go. Alec had his reservations and I liked that Magnus never tried to sugarcoat things, even at Hunter’s Moon and he let Alec decide. Can I say how much I love that about Magnus? He has so much power, knowledge and experience, so much leverage, yet he never used that to persuade or change Alec. It wasn’t like in S1 where Magnus had a point to prove, where he wanted Alec to face himself truly before he made his decision. This time he left Alec to decide on his own and it made that decision all the more powerful. 

I absolutely loved the lines “I don’t care how many people you’ve been with” and “I don’t care how many people you haven’t been with”. It doesn’t mean that Alec is entirely fine - he cares, not for reasons that Magnus had imagined, and he needed Magnus to know that he doesn’t care for it enough to see it as a problem. That second line showed that Magnus knew instantly. He knows what Alec is fighting, what he is insecure about, what’s going through his mind when he tells him about having had countless lovers over his very long life and he alleviated Alec’s distress over his lack of experience with that one line. The kiss fitted naturally; standing for the things Alec couldn’t express in words. They reached out, craving each other. Then Alec pulls back, needing to know what they were, and Magnus gave him all the right answers. 

If Jace hadn’t appeared they probably would have dived back in but it’s all right, Alec’s gonna be back for more. 😉