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in the night when i’m dreaming
oh i know your body’s next to mine
in the dark i can feel it
don’t you tell me i’m dreaming

I’ve seen a lot of Elijah hate over him daggering Klaus. But all I can think about is how hard a decision this had to have been for Elijah. Can you imagine standing beside someone, defending them, for a thousand years? (besides the small blip between 1920-20′something). And then repeatedly getting shut down when you’re just trying to understand Klaus’s reasoning (cause I’ve seen Elijah reaching out more than once this episode). Being told you can’t be trusted, that you’ve ‘changed’. And all Elijah can see is Klaus shutting himself off from everyone, retreating to his small circle of one (and a half, let’s not forget Hope). Which made the throwback to TVD even more poignant, cause in the episode where Elijah is negotiating with Elena he mentions the same sort of mindset for Klaus (paranoid, trusting no one). Elijah has seen this before, he knows what can happen if Klaus falls into this rabbit hole. And now Klaus once again makes decisions Elijah can’t understand. Because they don’t seem rational and Klaus doesn’t trust him enough to tell him his plans! Fuelling Elijah’s fear about Klaus’s descent into chaos, killing everything and everyone in sight. And yes, Klaus’s actions are all for Hope, but all Elijah knows is what he sees (because, again, Klaus won’t talk to him). And that’s apparently enough for Elijah to remind him of the TVD period, which isn’t good. And in the end, this is making Elijah feel that there’s no other option than to take Klaus out of the equation (at least for now). Knowing what that would do for their relationship. A relationship that he put above all other relationships for a thousand years (this actually hit me the hardest). Is it ill advised to take out Klaus in such a way at this critical time? It might be. Will it come back to bite all of them in the ass? Very probably. Will it forever sour the relationship between Klaus and Elijah? God, I hope not.

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