this wasn't easy and still it looks like shit

anonymous asked:

Given your approval of the original Thomas the Tank Engine series, what are your opinions on the show's current state with it being all-CG now and having characters simply for toys? I did hear the switch to CG was because looking after/using models had become expensive, however, I don't know if this is true, and given the series still used models with CG faces for the engines before making a complete switch tells me that wasn't the case.

CG nowadays is generally a lot cheaper to do - but only when it’s done like shit. It’s the reason most kids shows use appalling CG - it’s ridiculously easy, and way cheaper than the upkeep of models/using real cameras/stop motion etc, with the logic being that kids don’t notice and kids don’t give a shit, so why should they?

I’m not saying all CG kids shows are bad because that isn’t true at all, but the new Bob the Builder/Postman Pat/Fireman Sam over the stop motion models of the past just screams cheap and shitty - if it’s done badly it already dates it within weeks, so god knows how it’ll look 10 years from now.