this wasn't supposed to be black and white

ffxiv classes be like (4.0 edition)
  • paladin: wait, i have job mechanics now?
  • warrior: six fell cleaves isn't enough give me MORE
  • dark knight: wait, you mean i'm not playing paladin?
  • dragoon: wait wasn't the entire goal of the last expansion to prevent people from doing what i just did
  • monk: oh my god...i'm *viable*
  • ninja: what the FUCK am i doing
  • samurai: you mean i'm NOT supposed to read each skill name out in an anime voice whenever i use them?
  • black mage: enochian? you mean that old thing?
  • summoner: aetherflow, aethertrail, dreadwyrm aether, IS THERE ANY OTHER AETHER I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT
  • red mage: Hmph. These imbeciles aren't worth my time.
  • machinist: wait people play machinist?
  • white mage: HOW YA LIKE ME NOW BITCHES
  • scholar: this is like 10 times more confusing than it already was
  • astrologian: we have two more cards but i still only get spire

And if I were you, I wouldn’t love me either.

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The Zombeh four, because drawing Zombeh Tord and Matt is fun as hell, so why should Tom and Edd miss?

Matt looks different because between the inking of that one and the others was a five month gap where I got a new stylus and ink, improved my style, and got cursed by a wizard.

There was also a bit of plot brainstorming I did with KZ about the sentient… resuscitation being an effect of dying slowly but then it’s revealed to be a temporary one… but that’s for another post.

ppl act like Atem’s ruthlessness in s0 is ooc and needs some kind of external/magical explanation (he was driven mad by his time in the puzzle, he was being possessed by Zorc, etc), but,

We’re talking about a sensitive, compassionate crybaby who was born into the expectation of being an infallible god on earth. He was raised by a man whose life mission was to “stamp out all evil and purge all sinners of their wrongdoing”, who yelled at a ten-year-old for being afraid of death and nearly let him fall off a cliff to teach him a lesson about self-reliance. Aknamkanen may not have been down with genocide, but he was a-okay with benefiting from it, covering it up, and keeping the guy who committed it in a position of power. “Order and justice” trumped everything else. And as Bakura points out, order just means keeping the powerful in power, and “justice” under Aknamkanen’s rule just meant protecting those who were loyal to the throne and punishing anyone who dissented.

But for some strange, mysterious reason, Atem woke up 3000 years later with a black-and-white sense of morality, the belief that it was not only his right but his duty to punish “evildoers,” and a violent fear of failure + vulnerability 🤔

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Turns out April's gonna be black in the new series. Honestly, I'm not a fan of changing a character's race unless they can make it work like with Nick Fury (he was originally white). Plus I hope it wasn't done for the sake of pandering, instead of it being what the creators really wanted.

I dont think its that. I think its homage to the Mirage comics.

of course I could be wrong about this. What irks me is messing with Leo and Raph. I can handle Raph being older and the leader, but Leo being the supposed rebel? HOW IS THAT A THING NOW? WHEN WHAT LEO EVER A REBEL?

We will just have to see anon. Meanwhile, Im gonna go sob over the 2012 series and wish I could go back in time so the 2012 series would never end. -sighs- oh the memories.

  • me about sons of liberty: um wow haha where do i even START, the dialogues were lackluster, i couldn't even focus on them bc i spent most of the time staring at ben barnes, seriously what were they thinking with that casting choice, sam adams is supposed to be older than john, why is john adams skinny again, where the fuck are the women and children, i can't Believe they'd make up a romantic subplot, oh look they introduced a token black guy to show that our main white guys are Really Liberal and would work with black people, i don't think samuel adams pistol-whipped anyone in his LIFE, this didn't happen like that, he wasn't there, he either, he actually had totally different opinions, a LOT more time passed between these two events,
  • someone: wow you really hate that show huh
  • me: no i love it!! :) it's one of my favorites!! :) why would you think i hate it??

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Seriously though, Bismuth WASN'T "villainized". I'm a critic myself, I agree with a lot of things SU critics say, but this one just angers me. My sister who watches the show but partakes in no part of the fandom said that she loved how Bismuth was portrayed as a hero who wants to do good, but doesn't do that the right. Even my father who hardly has time for cartoons sat and watched Bismuth with me, and said it reminded him of Count of Monte Cristo because it wasn't just black/white. (1)

(2) Bismuth is a character who’s supposed to be a representation that war isn’t always black vs white, it’s gray, which is very important for kids to know. When I was little, my class read “George Washington’s Socks” which had a very similar message. It’s important to show that nothing is black/white in real life. It doesn’t confuse kids’ morals; kids are not idiots, they know basic right/wrong. Instead, it helps kids to learn to put themselves in others’ shoes

(3) Again, I agree with most SU critics when it comes to Peridot and Lapis’s horribly written characters, the decline in art, the unanswered questions and all of that. However, I have to give credit where credit is due. The crew does a decent job at portraying a similar message that’s presented in The Count of Monte Cristo. Jus because someone is jailed (or in this case, bubbled) doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person.

What this ask fails to understand is that Bismuth is far from a morally grey character, she was just about as right as every other character in the show. But the show framed her as being in the wrong. it’s hard to say she wasn’t villainized if the show puts her in the same spotlight as jasper and the rubies.

1) What were Bismuth’s motives again? She wanted to shatter the diamonds. This suggestion horrified Steven and he claimed it was just as wrong, and we were supposed to agree with him. HOWEVER, only a few episodes later and it’s revealed that Rose did the exact same thing as Bismuth, and the gems agreed she was in the right. Hell in season one, garnet states that all the crystal gems have taken part in shattering homeworld gems. 

2) The “killing the oppressor is just as bad as being one” narrative is a tired and ongoing issue that is prominent media. For christ’s sake they made Bismuth the “irrational black freedom fighter” trope with Rose being portrayed in a better light despite doing the exact same damn thing as bismuth. Its a terrible way to write a “good guy who has bad motives” when their motives are literally the same damn tactics that take down most oppressive regimes. 

3) If they REALLY wanted to write a decently written character who was morally grey, a better way would’ve been Bismuth completely disregarding the safety of humans so she had to be bubbled. Because according to Bismuth, because Rose didn’t try to kill Pink Diamond right away, several of their friends were shattered, the diamonds continue colonizing the place and Homeworld gems are still forced to suffer from their leadership.

A better example of morally grey characters who believe they’re doing the right thing is Jet and Hama. Both characters suffered greatly from their oppressors wiping out loved ones, but rather than targeting their oppressors, they tried to take it out on the innocent civilians who were simply in the middle of the crossfire.

4) Like come on anon. Any story that punishes a character for doing exactly what half the main cast was doing, is confusing for children.

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The Martin Luther King Jr. thing with the white kid was off of this show where wild British kids who smoke, drink, and do illegal stuff get sent to super strict families across the world and have to live with them. This kid left the house when he wasn't supposed to and tried to bring up Martin Luther King Jr as a way of saying "yeah you're black, you understand he stood for freedom and therefore you should let me do my own thing" and she fucking owned him.

I’m just laughing so hard at the fact that he thought that equal rights for black people = smoking

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But wasn't the point of Tropic Thunder supposed to be to show how stupid it is to try and act like you're a different race?

yup! but guess what? the only funny parts of that particular section of the movie were when the only black character called him on it because the white ones pretty much don’t. it’s not even so much a “critique” of blackface as it is of extreme method acting anyway. and it’s not fucking funny unless you think r/d/j doing a blaxploitation minstrel act for like an hour is funny

plus even if you take that away and incorrectly shout “but it’s satire! it was supposed to be fucked up! his character was also in blackface (back in the olden days of 2012/13 i also would’ve made this argument because i was a Disaster)! but blazing saddles!” he’s still cancelled because he pulled the “i have black friends” card when black people didn’t like that he did blackface

Y'all seen this right?

I got it from @HampShauninnX on Twitter.

And I told y'all she wasn’t shit when she argued with me over Thug Kitchen’s supposed right to butcher AAVE and got a attitude when I asked her stupid ass if they was white folks way back in 2012.

You Ain’t Got To Be White To Be Anti-Black!

And often, you can be continental African and regularly expressing your disdain for Black Americans.

I can’t stand her ass, for real.

This is silly kind of guilt

‘cause sometimes the world seems heavy.

and sometimes it feels like I am supposed to be carrying it.

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No no I wasn't comparing Leliana to Cullen, well not intentionally. I'm just pointing out that most characters in the DA universe are neither black nor white, I suppose they can be compared in a way as both have done despicable things, and both express remorse to an extent, although Leliana only really considers it a bad thing when she is "un-hardened" in both Origins and Inq, whereas Cullen only really discovers the error of his ways in Inq, but I agree that his character is let off too easily!

ah see this is where i stop you because you’re parroting the game’s flawed grey-morality rhetoric. cullen does not count among dragon age’s otherwise long list of morally grey characters because oppression is not a morally grey issue. outside of tevinter, there are oppressors (templars like cullen) and the oppressed (the circle mages). black and white. end of story

leliana and cullen’s actions are absolutely not comparable

leliana is the daughter of fereldan servant who learnt to politically outmaneuver orlesian nobility and beat them at their own game. her “despicable past” involved murder, yes, but there were no power dynamics at work here: she was just as likely to kill as she was to be killed. it was level (albeit fucked up, but that’s orlais for you) playing field. (not to mention that she was somewhere between 16-21 during her stint as a bard, and in an abusive relationship with a manipulative older woman who was her mentor.)

cullen’s “despicable past” involved institutionalized abuse of people he had direct systemic power over. in his seven plus years at the gallows, he contributed to dehumanization of mages, accused them of exaggerating about their oppression for sympathy, was complicit in their unjust imprisonment, espoused harrowings and tranquility as “effective” methods to control mages, the list goes on. the mages had no way to defend themselves. indeed he advocated for harsher measures to prevent harried mages from escaping kirkwall. he was in his twenties for this period, and was a high ranking templar second only to meredith.

leliana considers her methods regrettable only if unhardened, but all her actions from origins onwards are dedicated to protecting and defending the disenfranchised, poor and oppressed. whereas cullen considers his actions “regrettable and unworthy of him” but does exactly zero things to compensate for how he fucked shit up for the mages

so no, they can’t be compared at all 

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Speaking of Wells, he wasn't originally supposed to die. Jasper was supposed to die in the pilot to set the tone of the show that anyone could die. When Jason decided to keep Jasper alive, he knew he needed a different shock death--and he chose Wells because people would have thought Wells was safe. Thy saved the white guy and killed the black guy and gave Finn Wells's "moral center" role.