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how to survive final exams

an informational masterpost by @briellestudies

study tips

- you remember material better if you physically interact with it as opposed to just scanning it over with your eyes

  • instead of merely reading a page of notes, go through it with a pen/highlighter in your hand. underline/circle/annotate things as you review the material

- make a study schedule. include which days you want to study for each subject, deadlines (e.g. “finish essay by tuesday”, “study guide for physics should be done today”), any study sessions you might have with others, and time for sleep

  • finals season often overwhelms students because of the sheer amount of work facing them. by breaking things down into a schedule and focusing on smaller portions of work day-by-day, things appear much more manageable

- use mnemonic devices to help you remember things (when applicable)

  • i like to use them for memorizing groups/orders of things - for example, when i took a class on dinosaurs, i had a lot of trouble keeping the paleozoic/mesozoic/cenozoic and triassic/jurassic/cretaceous orders straight until i realized that both were in reverse-alphabetical order

- different study methods work better for different classes

  • flashcards are best for classes where you have to memorize lots of information (without providing further explanation), e.g. introductory psychology
  • mind maps are good for organizing thoughts and seeing how ideas fit together, e.g. english and literature classes
  • practice problems/practice tests are usually the best way to prepare for STEM classes, e.g. math and chemistry 

optimizing your performance/productivity

- try to get some sleep. try.

  • you probably won’t be getting your full 7-8 hours during finals season. fine. completely understandable. but a couple hours here and there throughout the day will do wonders. your brain doesn’t work at optimum levels when you’re sleep-deprived, so while you may not have time for solid 8-hour blocks of sleep, it’s in your best interests to get 1-2 hour powers naps in when you can. aim for at least 4-6 hours of total sleep time per day

- finals week is not the time for junk food. if you’re going to push your body to its physical and mental limit (as so many of us do), you’d better make damn sure you’re at least giving it the best possible fuel to run on

- you should be aware of your study habits by finals season. take them into account and use them to your advantage

  • more productive in the morning? set an early alarm and get yo ass up
  • procrastinate a lot? bitch me too!! it’s not necessarily a bad thing - some people do their best work under time pressure. try this thing i like to call “productive procrastination”: if you wanna procrastinate on something, do so by working on another assignment/studying for another class. this way, you fulfill your desire to procrastinate but you’re still being productive and not completely fucking yourself over
  • more productive when working with others? try to organize study sessions (or you’re the opposite like me and prefer to study alone, don’t feel guilty about declining requests to work with friends/classmates)

- there’s an app called “self control” that blacklists or whitelists websites for a given amount of time (that you set yourself). it forces you to stay focused if you can’t help but peek on social media sites every so often when working on your laptop

- prioritize! know which finals will require the most effort on your part and plan accordingly

  • give more priority to finals that are worth a higher percentage of your overall grade
  • calculate the minimum score you need on the final that’ll still get you the overall grade you’re aiming for - generally, you should be spending more study time on finals that you’ll need a higher grade on

test taking tips

- if you finish with extra time, go through your test again and attempt to answer every question you left blank (unless you’re penalized for guessing, of course). the potential for partial credit is better than definitely receiving no credit

  • for multiple choice, use process of elimination and then make your best guess
  • if you don’t know the answer to a short answer/essay-style question, then answer around it. for example, if you don’t know the significance of caliban’s soliloquy in shakespeare’s the tempest, talk about the character of caliban in general and/or the role soliloquies are meant to play in shakespeare’s works
  • if you’re stuck on a math problem and have no clue how to even begin, just start manipulating numbers and applying formulas

- dress in layers so you’re comfortable no matter the room temperature

- always answer the questions you’re sure of first

- don’t be afraid to ask the proctor if you’re unsure of what something on the test is asking of you (i.e. questions for clarification)

- pay attention to the questions on the exam - sometimes one question may hint at the answer to a different question

  • e.g. 2) what year was x fossil discovered? and 31) who discovered x fossil in the early 1930s?

miscellaneous advice

  • try to get everything you need (calculator batteries, scantrons, blue books, writing utensils, etc.) the weekend before exams start. this way, you’re not freaking out right before a test because you’re missing something
  • try to time your coffee/lack of sleep crashes such that they don’t happen during a final exam (see tip about scheduling above)
  • if you’re pulling an all-nighter, set alarms periodically throughout the night (e.g. every hour and a half) so that if you accidentally fall asleep, you won’t sleep through the whole night
  • also set an alarm 20-30 minutes before each final. just in case ;)
  • bring an extension cord to the library if your school always seems to be short on outlets during finals week
  • always use the bathroom right before sitting an exam (even if you don’t feel like you really need to) to avoid getting up and wasting time during the test itself
  • turn off your motherfucking cell phone before your tests omfg

a note on adderall, a popular “study drug” students take during finals season:

i personally advise against the use of any study drugs that are not prescribed by a medical professional, but the fact of the matter is that students are going to use them regardless of what i say. when they don’t know what they’re getting into, they put themselves into very dangerous positions - often ending in trips to the emergency room or rehab. so in the interest of promoting safety (well, as much safety as is possible given the circumstances) and knowledge, here are a few things you should know about adderall if you decide you want to use it:

  • addy is very addictive and can make the user dependent on it
  • if you take it, you’ll start to sweat. a lot. dress accordingly
  • addy will make you lose your appetite. don’t listen to your body when it says it’s not hungry. you gotta force yourself to eat bruh
  • it’s also really easy to get dehydrated on addy - not only do you sweat a lot, but lots of people tend to pee a fuck ton while they’re on it. stay hydrated
  • addy is a stimulant. you won’t be able to sleep until its effects wear off
    • and just like other stimulants (e.g. caffeine, ecstasy), you will experience a “crash” afterwards. the crash is more pronounced than one you would get from coffee or even caffeine pills
  • there are two “kinds” of addy: IR and XR
    • IR means “immediate/instant release” - whatever dose you take will be released into your system all at once
    • XR means “extended release” - there will be an initial release of the drug into your system and then small amounts thereafter over an extended period of time
  • always err on the side of caution with dangerous drugs - when in doubt, start with a lower dose

as a parting note, i would just like to remind you all to keep in mind the importance of self-care and finding balance. there is a fine line between making temporary sacrifices and being self-destructive. sometimes it’s good to push yourself - “no pain, no gain” as they always say. but analogously, you also gotta recognize when it’s time to dial it back a bit - allow yourself a nap or an hour break to grab dinner with some friends every once in a while. trust me, you deserve it. good luck!

Shady hotel business.

WARNING: This post is looooooong. If you want a quick fix, this isn’t the story for you. If you want to dive deep into the layers of corruption where it’s all about the little things, then please read on. Also, I’m fond of lists.

This happened two years ago. I was twenty and a recent university dropout. I needed a year to empty my head, recover from imminent burnout, and make some money to help support my single mom and my younger sister (who’d just given birth with no father in the picture). I was a very insecure person at the time. I really wanted to work, but without a degree life sucks balls… until I got contacted by Mr B.

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His Throne [JHS] | 03 final

Genre: smut, angst, fluff

Word Count: 6,090

Summary: You, a maid for the royal family, have sex with the irresistible prince Jung Hoseok on his throne.

A/N: if you listen closely you can hear me ugly sobbing, it’s finally finished! Sorry it took so long! Also sorry it’s not as fluffy/happy as y’all had hoped. I really can’t do fluff (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Part 1: Hoseok | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

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I like me better | T.H

A/N: I picked out lyrics I liked from the song ‘I like me better’ by Lauv and made this, enjoy :)

Warnings: fluff, a bit of semi smut 

Note: Not all these moments are in order

To be young and in love in New York City                                                       To not know who I am but still know that I’m good long as you’re here with me

Ever since you were little, you’d imagined going to New York City. You’d imagined going with family, or with friends but you’d never imagined going with a boyfriend, as a child having a relationship wasn’t on your list of things to achieve but now that it was happening, it was beyond words.

Tom had gone above and beyond for your twenty first. Boarding you two on the first plane to New York City and booking a room at the cutest hotel he could find.

So far you had taken in the statue of liberty, gone to an extravagant art museum and now you were seated in a beautiful restaurant, surrounded by hanging lights and vintage décor.

“You didn’t have to do all this, I would’ve been happy with 2 minute noodles and a box marathon of Harry Potter” You giggled and took in the scenery, everything was just as you’d imagined over the years

“I know it’s a bit much but I wanted to do something that we’d both remember forever, something bold we can tell our kids about and gush over when we’re both old and grey”

“How’d you know New York of all places, I’ve wanted to come here since i was around 5” You said, while at the same time wondering how you became so lucky to get a guy like Tom.

“When we went to your parents last month, you were helping your mom clean up and your dad told me it was all you ever talked about” He stopped for a moment and grabbed your hand “He told me about how you’ve been dying to visit the art museums, see the Eiffel tower.

You smiled, but inside you were practically melting.

“I love you more than life itself Tom Holland”

Midnight into morning coffee                                                                     Burning through the hours talking

Time was forgotten, last you’d checked it was almost 11pm.

Your lips moved against Toms hungrily, as did his. You needed him as much as he needed you right now.  

He moved so that he was hovering above you, his curly locks hanging an inch from his eyes and his photo-ready smile sat resting on his face. Tom was truly breathtaking.

His mouth landed on your neck, sucking and licking at the exposed skin causing what you would soon regret by morning.

With one hand he managed to undo the zipper on your dress, with the other he snaked it up your dress ever so elegantly, his fingers sending chills right where you needed him most right now. He pulled down the black lingere you had been wearing and flung it onto the floor.

“Tom, Fuck- Let me touch you”

“Tonight’s all about you darling, i wanna make you feel good” He said sensually, you simply nodded and pulled Tom in for another heated kiss.

“Just relax and enjoy”

Stay awhile stay awhile                                                                                      Stay here with me

“Exactly 12 hours until I have to leave again” Tom said sadly and tightened his arm, which happened to be wrapped around you. He’d managed to get a 2 day break, he’d spent every moment with you, his love. (And Tessa of course!)

“Just stay with me tonight, stay here with me” You whispered sadly, not wanting to think about the fact that in 12 hours Tom would have to leave for filming again and you’d be left alone. You fully supported Tom with his acting career, but sometimes you missed him more than anything. It was all totally worth it when you got to see how happy he was in interviews and press conferences.

You pressed your head into his chest, smelling his signature cologne on his t-shirt, It was calming. Even when Tom wasn’t with you, you’d smell that cologne on his pillow or a sweatshirt and immediately miss his touch, his kisses, his smile.

“We finish filming in 5 months, after that I’ll be with you so often you’ll start to get sick of me” Tom tried to joke, it as an attempt to at least put a small smile on your face, which he somewhat succeeded at.

“I could never be sick of you Thomas Stanley Holland ” You felt Tom begin to run his fingers through your hair, it was something he’d always do when he knew you were stressed or upset about something.

“What’d you mean? I’m not Tom, I’m Spider-Man”

I knew from the first time, I’d stay for a long time cause                                  I like me better when                                                                                          like me better when I’m with you

“So, you and Y/N? You guys finally made it official” The interviewer spoke

Toms face lit up, a bright smile landed itself on his features and he felt that little burst of light in his chest grow 5 times bigger.

“Yeah, it was about time really” Tom replied with a small laugh, pure joy in his voice “She makes me really happy and it makes me so pleased that the fans are being so kind about it” he finished

You stood backstage, deciding to be Tom’s accomplice for this certain interview. A range of photos of you and Tom showed up on the screen behind them. One of the photos showed Tom placing a delicate kiss on your cheek after what you recalled to be your second date, another was a goofy photo of you two behind the scenes of Homecoming, Tom was in his Spider-Man suit and you were holding Cap’s shield.

“Why don’t you tell us more about Y/N? I’m sure the fans are dying to know more”

“Well, I should start by saying that she’s my #1 fan” Tom and you both laughed at that, it was a running joke between you two “She’s just super lovely, funny, gorgeous and so down to earth. She’s perfect for me” Tom could’ve gone on and on, but decided to stop there and continue later

“Y/N seems to be making you a happy man, especially from what i saw backstage” The interviewer was in awe of the both of you

“She makes me a better person”

Tom wouldn’t admit it to you, or himself just yet but he was totally, utterly in love.

i put a spell on you (part 1/2, zimbits)

This fic is for the ultra-cool @porcupine-girl who won my Fandom Trumps Hate auction and was so very generous with time and prompt leeway as this fic spun out of control. I hope the resulting silliness was worth the wait! ^_^

Please do me a favor and take nothing in the fic you’re about to read seriously.

Read on AO3

It was unnaturally quiet in the Haus when Bitty crept his way downstairs, picking his way around abandoned solo cups and other party debris to get to the kitchen, Señor Bun hitched on his hip. He swung open the door with a sigh. He had expected the mess, but it was still disappointing to see the sheer amount of trash and spills on the floor after Epikegster the night before. Bitty set his rabbit on the counter and Señor Bun immediately began to sniff around the solo cups.

“Don’t drink anything,” Bitty warned. Señor Bun thumped the counter in protest and Bitty gave him a look and wagged a finger at him. “I mean it.”

The rabbit seemed at least momentarily convinced to stay put so Bitty turned and pulled open one of the bottom cabinets to tear off a new garbage bag from the roll. He made quick work of the various cups and drinks left on the counter and sprayed everything down with bleach before scrubbing away the evidence of any of the sticky tub juice and beer on the counter at least. Señor Bun wrinkled his nose at the bleach but hopped out of the way as Bitty cleaned around him. Bitty’s shoes still stuck to the floor when he moved, but that could be a problem for Ransom and Holster whenever they dragged themselves out of bed. He only needed the clean counter for now.

He checked his phone and rolled his eyes at himself.

“Lord, who am I up at six on a morning after a party like that?” Bitty asked Señor Bun absentmindedly. Señor Bun thumped his foot loudly, registering a complaint at the early hour as well and Bitty scratched behind his ear which elicited even more thumping.

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thanks, bub! :-)

20. “D…Did you just make that noise?”

It’s been a while since you had gone down on Harry.

The band had gone on hiatus, but Harry most definitely hadn’t. A couple of days after he’d arrived back home, he’d had to pack up all over again because, apparently, the shooting for the film he had been casted in was starting a month early. Right after the long while of filming with short breaks in between, Apple Music offered Harry to do a documentary on the last couple of weeks he would be spending finishing the album and his manager had insisted he take it, so he did. He’d jetted off to Jamaica for two months with an apologetic frown on his face, leaving behind a chocolate rose as an apology with a tiny note that read, “I’ll make it up to you, pinky promise. - H”

In his absence, you’d taken it upon yourself to build up as many distractions as possible. A new job at a small cafe that had opened down the road to your apartment, taken up a book club membership at a local Barnes and Noble, and you juggled uni classes on weekdays. And when Harry finally got back to you after his album release and promo, sexual tension could be expected, all though neither of you mentioned anything about it.

That is, until one morning you wake up in a particularly frisky mood, padding across the wooden floor of the kitchen to where Harry is lounging against the marble counter in his matching Hawaiian print pajamas with a massive bed head, scrolling through his phone and eating a homemade yogurt parfait out of a Ceramic-It-Yourself bowl that you had finger-painted with Lux at her last birthday party. He’s spooning a big mound of yogurt into his mouth when he spots you, smiling softly over the utensil and mumbling a muffled, “Mornin’, pet.”

Harry opens one of his arms towards you, hinting that he wants his signature morning snuggle. Instead, you drop to your knees before him and begin to untie the loose band around his pajama bottoms.

His arm stays frozen out in the air as his eyebrows crease down at you in confusion, the metal spoon hanging out of the corner of his mouth as he holds the bowl in the other hand. “No morning hug?”

“Was thinking something a little more…up close and personal.” You grin up at him, pushing your tangled hair away from your face as you give his shorts a rough tug, allowing them to pool at his knees. You tuck him out of his briefs, giving his prick few sharp tugs as your tongue wets your chapped lips.

“I mean…’m not complaining.” Harry pops the spoon out of his mouth, setting it in the bowl and pushing his breakfast away to the end of the counter. He locks his phone and puts it face down, his free hand already sifting into your hair and pulling you closer to his already semi-hard morning wood.

It’s pretty shameful how fast he comes. It only takes about five minutes of sloppy licking, wet kisses, a bit of nibbling at the tip and a few tugs at his balls to get him working up a sweat. He’s whimpering all low and broken as he worries his bottom lip under his two front teeth, eyeing you hazily as you sink your mouth over him hotly, stroking to meet halfway and twisting whenever you feel him twitch.

“God, you’re so fucking good…” Harry’s voice is thick and strained as he bucks his hips to meet your movements, the hand in your hair tightening as he props the other up against the fridge, pressing his face into his forearm to try and stifle the small mewls that stream freely from his throat. “Such a pretty little mouth, baby, nice and warm and– shit, jus’ like that! Mmmhh…”

And then he’s spurting out in hot milky ribbons into your mouth and you pull back a bit, opening your lips and sticking out your tongue, placing the head of his cock snugly in the center so he can see the whole show. You pump him fast with sloppy jerks of your wrist, feeling him pool at the dip of your tongue.

“Fuck, don’t do that. You know what that does to m-me- ughhhh…”

Harry looks so hot with his eyes clamped shut and his jaw all taut, face squished against his arm as he fists his hair roughly and he’s sweating buckets.

Everything’s going as planned and you couldn’t be happier, until a certain sound cuts through the sticky air like a knife.

Your head snaps up, eyes wide in shocked surprise and eyebrows raised in disbelief. You pull back and swallow, releasing his now flaccid cock to sway slightly over the waistband of his briefs. Harry’s returning your gaze, but his own eyes hold a mixture of shame and disgust instead as he bites into his fist, hissing out a defeated, “Shit.” under his breath.

“D…Did you just make that noise?” You ask, not being able to keep the mocking amusement from filtering into your tone, your slightly agape mouth tilting up into a disbelieving smirk.

“Yeah…” Harry’s face seems to want to sink into itself, his nose crinkling up in embarrassment as his eyes screw shut, cheeks blossoming with shades of pink and red.

And then you burst out laughing, clutching your stomach and keeling over because the sound he had made was something so totally and completely fucking weird that you never thought it possible for human vocal chords to be able to produce something of the sort. The last moan he has let out (if you can even call it that) had sounded like a cross between a goat bleat and a car horn honking, coming out high-pitched and throaty and nasally and it kinda-of reminded you of a fart and you’re laughing even harder now because the look on Harry’s face is so utterly priceless that it’s worth the stomach ache.

Meanwhile, he’s looking over at his half-finished breakfast, wondering if it’s possible to drown one’s self in a bowl of yogurt. Maybe if he just stuck his nose in and snorted it, he might just get lucky. His entire neck and face are stinging and Y/N isn’t helping by rocking back and forth on the floor, laughing so hard she’s beginning to wheeze.

“Okayyy, enoughhhh,” He whines, nudging her side with his foot and pouting with fake anger that isn’t really fake. “I’m not gonna let you fuck me ever again if you don’t stop.”

You push yourself up onto your feet, standing up straight and biting down on your lip to try and tame your giggles. “If that’s the kind of noises you’re gonna make, I don’t think I have a problem with that.”

And then she’s laughing all over again as Harry’s face contorts into an expression of deep hurt, huffing and shouldering past her to go anywhere but here, his dick still out and swinging like a pendulum.

“Wait, Har, come back! Come bahhhh-ck!”

“I hope you fucking choke.”

His Throne [MYG] | 03 final

Genre: smut, angst, fluff

Word Count: 6,090

Summary: You, a maid for the royal family, have sex with the irresistible prince Min Yoongi on his throne.

A/N: if you listen closely you can hear me ugly sobbing, it’s finally finished! Sorry it took so long and probably not as fluffy/happy as y’all had hoped. I really can’t do fluff (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Part 1: Hoseok | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

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Feathers, Part 3 - An Elsewhere University Tale

Hello again!! As always, many, MANY thanks (or should I say much appreciation? ^_~ ) to @charminglyantiquated for the use of her 
@elsewhereuniversity setting. This place is so much fun to play in!!

(Also. you guys. you guys. I am Bad at Tumblr, so I haven’t like. responded to anyone. BUT! I have read every single tag and comment y’all have left on parts 1 & 2. Much hand-flapping was had. as was bragging. i have bragged Quite A Lot to various irl friends.)

And I’m now here with part 3 of Feathers for your viewing pleasure. ;D  (Part 1 is here, and part 2 is here.) 


‘Call me Thirteen.’

You take it all back. This stupid, stupid boy. He’s going to get you all killed. Heavy on your shoulder, Barnes laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs.

Part 3

You lead them back to your dorm, keeping on eye on Thirteen. The campus is deserted, and he’s exactly the sort of idiot to keep looking back on the cusp of an adventure.

When you get to Dorm 5, you usher the others in.

Not-Jenna stays outside.

You look at her in askance, and she shuffles, abashed.

Oh. Right. She tried to steal you, and instead she ended up following you. The balance of power has shifted between the two of you.

‘Be welcome in my hall,’ you tell her, and she executes a perfect curtsy, even in skinny jeans. Barnes chortles and preens at your hair before pushing off your shoulder.

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Teach You - Chapter 5

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader
Summary: He was a punk, and she was… what? She was everything society asked for. But he was different, and nobody liked people that were different. So what happens when two different worlds collide? Are they really that different?
Words: ca. 730
Warnings: None

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4

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Imagine Sebastian driving you to work instead.

A/N: Part 4! Everyone seems to be enjoying this, so I’m just going to keep working on it until I find an end. 😋 Oh, yes. Please don’t pounce on me if the Romanian here is wrong. I’m not Romanian so I turned to the Internet for help, I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ Let’s get to it, shall we? You can read the previous parts here: (Just Friends: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3)

You were aroused from your sleep when you heard sounds coming from your kitchen. You rubbed your eyes and reached for your phone with your blurry vision, even without your glasses you could make out that it was only 8:30AM and way too early for you to wake up. Today you didn’t have to be at work until 1:00PM as it was an afternoon shoot; Chris wasn’t coming to get you until 11:00AM which was why your alarm was set for 9:30AM. So who the hell was in your kitchen waking you up at such an ungodly hour after the Chris-less night you had?

You reached for your glasses and staggered to your feet, stretching your arms over your head. You pushed the covers off you and moved to plant both feet on your hardwood floor. A shiver ran through you when your right foot made contact with the cold surface, whereas your left foot was protected by the sock you’d put on before bed. You sighed when you realized you’d lost a sock in your sleep again. You were cold, but were too tired to tear your bed apart of find said lost sock. Instead, you slipped your glasses onto your face and headed outside to look for the perpetrator whose actions had woken you up.

You rubbed your right eye as you padded outside, your finger bumped your glasses frame as you yawned. You could smell something cooking. Eggs, maybe? You were too tired to function. After Sebastian told Chris to go, and he actually left because he was a guy with principles- you climbed into bed and stared at the ceiling for an hour before you slept. You had six months before production ended, then it was going to be at least another three months of premieres, press junkets, and other red carpet related events. Three or more; this all depended on the success rate of the movie. But you knew with Chris’ skilled hands on it- it could only be a success, and you weren’t sure if that was a good or bad thing yet.

“Good morning, Kiddy,” Sebastian greeted you when you turned the corner as he flipped his famous bacon and cheese omelette onto the plate. “Breakfast?” He quizzed with a smile and you narrowed your eyes at him. You were hungry, but you were also mad at him; for last night, and for waking you up.

“Don’t ‘Kiddy’ me,” you bit as you sat down on one of your breakfast bar stools. ‘Kiddy’ was the nickname he gave you growing up seeing as you’d always be his kid sister, but you only loved it when you weren’t mad at him. He knew that, but it didn’t stop him from using it; nothing did because he knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for long. “I can’t believe you got Mrs Baker to spy on me again.” He said nothing as he sipped on his coffee, holding the hot liquid in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. “Nu mai sunt copil,” you reminded him with narrowed eyes.

“You’re not a kid anymore?” Sebastian scoffed, plonking your white snowflake mug down on your marble bench top. Your eyes darted to the mug and your frown deepened; he never listened when you told him not to use that mug. “Pe dracu,” he cussed and your jaw tightened. “Do you know what that means, Y/N? It’s bullshit that only the devil would believe because if you’re an adult- God, help you.” You felt your eyes well; you always hated it when Sebastian scolded you. “An adult would make better life decisions, one that won’t ruin her career before it even begins.”

“Dating him is not going to ruin-”

“Don’t,” he cut you off, frowning. “Don’t even, Y/N. You are not stupid, so don’t you finish that sentence.” You dropped your blurred gaze and distracted yourself by scratching a single spot on your marble bench, fighting your urge to start crying. “You-” Sebastian began then sighed, running a hand over his mouth.

He knew he’d hurt your feelings and you were on the verge of crying, which he did not want to see; he hated seeing you cry. You were his baby sister, he wanted you to be happy at all times. It was his job as the man of the house to make sure you were; it was also his job to protect you which was why he was doing what he was doing.

“I know it’s hard, Kiddy.” He reached across the bench top for your hand, but you pulled away before he could offer you a comforting touch. He sighed, “and I’m sorry if I’m coming off harsh.” He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the marble surface as he tried to catch your gaze. “But you know I’m just trying to look out for you, that’s all I ever do. I’m not telling you not to be with Chris, I’m just saying wait a while.”

“I’ve waited seven years,” he heard you mumble, “what if this is my last chance?” You looked up, sniffling as tears rolled down your cheek. “What if he finds someone else before the movie’s done, Seb?” That thought didn’t cross your mind until last night when Chris left looking slightly frustrated. “He’s thirty-six, Seb. He’s not like me, he can’t afford to wait anymore.”

“He can’t afford to, but he will anyway,” he assured you, gently pinching your chin. “You are something special, Kiddy. Someone worth waiting years for, and if Chris doesn’t see that then- he can piss off and you can find someone better.” You managed a small smile. “But come on, like you think he won’t wait. That man is very much so in-love with you.” He playfully nicked your jaw with his fist. “You’re a champ, so stop worrying.”

“I don’t think I tell you I love you enough, Sebba.”

“I don’t think you tell me you love me enough too, Kiddy.” He winked and slid the plate with the omelette across to you. He grabbed a fork out of the drawer and placed it down next to the plate before turning to your fridge, “what do you want to dr-” Before he could finish his sentence, you’d walked over and hugged him from behind. “I love you too, Kiddy,” he chuckled softly, reaching behind him to give your head a light pat.

“You’re the best brother a girl could ask for.”

“Do me a favor and remember how you feel now so you won’t get mad when I tell you this next thing,” he winced and you pulled away from him, raising a brow when he turned around. “Chris isn’t going to drive you to work anymore, I am.”

“Ma freci la icre.”

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Part 5A

His Throne [KNJ] | 03 final

Genre: smut, angst, fluff

Word Count: 6,094

Summary: You, a maid for the royal family, have sex with the irresistible prince Kim Namjoon on his throne.

A/N: if you listen closely you can hear me ugly sobbing, it’s finally finished! Sorry it took so long, but as promised to a follower, I’m posting Namjoon first! Also sorry it’s not as fluffy/happy as y’all had hoped. I really can’t do fluff (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Part 1: Hoseok | Yoongi | Taehyung | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

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To help people in 2017

Guys here are some general tips I have accumulated over my terrible times.

Help you fall asleep better:

  • Blue light filters on devices 
    • Flux for computers, twilight for mobile phones. (both are free, both take some getting used to but will make a difference)
  • Burn lavender candles/use lavender scented products - calms you down!
  • Nightly routine + calming tea/drink. (Chamomile/lavender, or something else without sugar that calms you)

Help you sleep better:

  • Sleep tracking app (monitors your movements, can give you insight on your sleep schedule, etc)
    • If you use android I suggest ‘Sleep as Android’ - I pay for the premium, definitely worth it for me! 
  • Overactive brain at night? Sleep playlist of calming music/playlist of nature sounds to focus on.
    • Bonus if you have a playlist w/music and you still can’t stay still, make it a game of if you can stay still through a whole song
  • Throw a towel/t-shirt over any blinking electronic lights like your laptop/phone

Wake up better:

  • The first time that alarm goes off should be the last time, seriously, don’t you dare go back to bed
    • Bonus, if you get a sleep tracking app, alarms that will wake you up when your sleep cycle is the lightest, it’s less jarring.
  • Lay out your clothes the night before, even if you’re just wearing sweatpants
  • Try getting up earlier, even if it’s just by a few minutes it will make mornings less rushed

Mind-gone-wild begone:

  • Listen to music whenever possible, and focus on that
  • If you’re learning a new language, try to think in that language, it slows down your thought process.
  • If you can’t stop thinking about something negative, think of memes instead. (thinking about your grade on your final essay? What about the dog/pants meme?)

Homework better:

  • Have a planner/specific little notebook where you write down your hw.
  • Specific part of your binder/or a folder where you put your current homework assignments
  • Keep returned tests in another specific part of binder/folder until the end of the quarter
  • This is provided you actually do your homework. Seriously it will change your grades so much if you just do your hw you do not know.

Note take better: (not a studyblr but tbh they intimidate me because they’re so neat wth)

  • Taking notes on graphing paper makes them 10x prettier don’t ask me how
  • Try and color code notes with different colors of pen/highlighter.
    • It can either be per class, or categories, like green for vocab, orange for definitions, etc. Associating a certain color with a class can be really helpful on a quiz, and if you do it by category instead your notes will be much easier to decode.
  • Try sectioning off your notes. For example, once you finish writing down vocabulary, then box it in. It saves space and again makes notes super pretty as long as you use a straight edge (I use the side of my phone).

General tips:

  • Drink water and bring a water bottle with you everywhere
    • Seriously do it ffs guys it will make you feel so much better
  • When you see yourself in the mirror and you’re alone tell yourself you look pretty, make an ugly face, and then tell yourself you’re pretty again and wink 10/10 times boosts your confidence
  • Chocolate is usually the answer to all of life’s problems
  • If you are really not feeling a class/having a really tough day you can ask to go to the nurse’s office. 
    • Only use this sparingly as you will actually have to go to the nurses and it will look suspicious if you’re in there too much, like only if a class is seriously overloading you or you just cannot take it the nurse’s is a nice soft quiet haven
  • Swearing is generally theraputic, but research how to do it in a language not common at your school
    • If your school mainly speaks like Italian for example, try swearing in Russian, French, maybe Swahili. Whatever floats your boat. Nobody will know what you’re saying and you can comfortably tell somebody to fuck off or get your annoyance out w/being reprimanded
  • If you have a doctor’s appointment write all of your symptoms down/questions because you will forget them 10/10 times
  • If you have to take your meds at a certain time every day set an alarm ten minutes before, five minutes before, and for when you actually have to so you are prepared af and do not miss it
  • Brush your teeth and floss, getting a root canal/fillings sucks ass guys
    • Wait 15 minutes after eating food to brush your teeth it saves your enamel.
  • On that note, if you have a sugary drink/food it is (1) much better to drink it quickly than slowly or don’t snack on it slowly and (2) drink water right afterwards or soon afterwards.
    • Sugar has less time to stick around your mouth, essentially. The water will help wash it down. Ask your dentist guys I am 98% sure they will say I am right that it is better.

Aight, hope some of this helps, peace out guys xoxo

James Potter Imagine 3 Part 2


Request: Wait can there be a pt 2?? [To James Potter Imagine 3] But it’s when Sirius and the reader run away from their family????

@firefurr​ of course!! this is gonna be so cute I’m so exited!! thanks for requesting!!


You looked through the tears in your eyes at the two burned spots on your family tree. Under what used to be two smiling faces was a scorched and barely readable ‘Y/n Black’ and ‘Sirius Black.’

Your twin brother was currently attempting to win a fight with your mother, the worst one yet, but it all sounded distant. 

“Don’t you ever come back!! You are no children of mine, you blood traitors!”

You heard your mother’s shrill voice filled with so much anger shout.

You remained still, shocked and terrified beyond anything you had ever experienced before. Your body wouldn’t move if you wanted it to. 

You were pulled out of your daze when you felt some one frantically shaking your arm. You turned to Sirius, the world suddenly feeling and chaotic as it had before.

“Y/n, we’re leaving, come on!”

“M-my stuff..”

“We’re not getting anything! Come on!!”

He pulled you out of the door as your mother continued yelling at you and your brother and throwing things. You already had a cut on your forehead, but it was nothing compared to what a broken mirror had done to Sirius’s arm. The pain felt numb, after all, compared to the true fiery hurt of what your mother had said.

Sirius dragged you out the door, slamming it behind him. 

You began sobbing heavily once your mind refocused on the gravity of the situation. You were officially being disowned. You ripped your arm out of Sirius’s grip and began running towards the front door, Sirius wrapping his arms around you from behind to stop you.

“Mom!” you cried, “Dad!” you began sobbing harder, “Regulus….”

“Y/n….” Sirius was trying hard not to break down, “we have to go, okay?”

You let your body slowly fall to the ground until you were sitting in front of the steps to 12 Grimmauld Place with Sirius’s arms around you.

The rest of the night was a blur, you were both 16 and unable to apparate, so Sirius, with no money or anything else, was able to charm, sob-story, and puppy-dog-eye a way for both of you to get to the Potter’s household. 

Sirius knocked on the door, his eyes heavy and his other hand holding yours. You had run out of tears to cry. Your eyes were red and puffy and you felt empty inside, and like the world was about to fall apart, or just stop existing. 

Mrs. Potter answered the door at precisely 3:48 a.m. with tired eyes and a confused furrow of the brow.

“Y/n? Sirius? What on earth?”

“Hi Mrs. Potter,” your voice cracked and you sounded tired and broken, “m-my- our mother. Mother- she- she,” you began crying once again and Sirius had silent tears streaming down his face.

“Shh, shh,” Mrs. Potter ushered you both in, putting her arms around the two of you, “Don’t say a word more, come in and sit down.”

Sirius pulled his hand away from yours and sat across from you, the small coffee table in between the two of you. You looked up and saw your little brother again. The same Sirius you had seen a million times after Mother yelled at him or hurt him or abused him. You were always there to hold your brother and tell him it would be okay. But now… you were just a broken as he was, and you both knew nothing was okay.

You heard the muffled talking of Mr. and Mrs. Potter. Both sounding sympathetic and heartbroken, trying to figure out what happened. 

“Take Sirius up to James’s room,” you heard Mrs. Potter whisper to her husband, “I’ll get y/n set up in the guest room.”

“Mom? Dad?” You heard James’s voice call from up the stairwell and your heart skipped a beat. 

He stepped down the stairs wearing nothing but sweatpants and a confused expression. 

“Oh, James-” Mrs. Potter began.

“-Y/n?” James questioned, seeing you first as you stood up. He rushed over to you and engulfed you in a hug, you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding in and relaxed a little in his arms. After a moment he pulled away and and went to go hug Sirius. 


“Not now,” Sirius said pleadingly.

James nodded, like he understood. 

“Bloody hell, your arm!” Sirius held up his forearm to reveal a deep, jagged cut you had forgotten about. 

“Oh, my!” Mrs. Potter gasped, rushing over to him to inspect the wound. 

“W-we have to go to St. Mungo’s!”

“Now, Euphemia-” 

Before Mr. Potter finished his sentence Mrs. Potter caught an unconscious Sirius in her arms.

You felt frozen in place one again, like the world had stopped. You watched as your other half and picked up by Mr. Potter.

Mrs. Potter went over to James and whispered in his ear as though you couldn’t hear, “Watch out for y/n, okay? We’ll be back soon enough, we have to get Sirius to St. Mungo’s as soon as possible.”

They were gone in a flash and you sat down. This can’t be real.

“Y/n,” James began, concerned, “What happened to your forehead?”

“Mother, s-she,” you began crying and James pulled you into a hug.

“No, no, shhh, you’ll be okay, come on.”

He led you to the bathroom and sat you up on the counter, wetting a washcloth and dabbing it onto the wound. He stood in between your legs, focused on putting the numerous band-aids on your forehead as you looked at the wall.

After he patched you up he pulled you down from the counter and led you up to his room.

“Sleep,” he said, and pulled back the covers for you.

You stayed with your eyes opened, staring at the ceiling, trying to comprehend what had happened today.

“Are you okay,” James whispered.

You sat up and shook your head, “No-no,” your voice cracked and you began crying all over again, “she told us to never come back, James, never.”

He pulled you close to him, letting you rest your head in the crook of his neck as he rubbed your back. 

“Darling, I’m so sorry.” 

“A-and she burned us off the family tree.”

He let you yell and rant about all the things your Mother did and said and let you cry and talk and worry until you fell asleep in his arms.


The next day you didn’t wake up until about 1:00 p.m., James was already awake, and apparently had been for hours, and was playing with you hair, an arm still wrapped lovely around your waist. You took a deep breath and pushed yourself up with your arms and looked over at James. He smiled and kissed your nose, bringing you butterflies in your stomach and one moment of pure joy after last nights events. 

Mrs. Potter was still at St. Mungo’s with Sirius, who was apparently getting very flirty with the nurse, and Mr. Potter had come home that morning at about 6:00 a.m. and was pleased to see you sleeping soundly next to his lovesick son.

You and James ate ‘breakfast’ in bed and whispered quietly to each other, trying to forget about life for a while. You knew that you might never really heal, and making out with James Potter in his room after eating 20 chocolate frogs might not make all the pain go away, but it was sure worth a shot.


holy shit so i rlly like the way this turned out thank u so much for requesting this it was so fun to write!! AH

The past, the present... the future.  - Part 6

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 6: Aleksei

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: PTSD, eating disorders, torture.

Word count: Ehhh…

A/N: Ok, Ok, I know. I’ve taken ages to upload this. I’m so sorry!!! I had a huge writer’s block, but now I’m over it. This part is a little (too) dramatic… I got carried away. Sorry, I know, I’m a monster. I promise fluff when the series end! Enjoy reading!

Previously: Part 1 - Part 5

Originally posted by sxy-seabass


“I… realized something. I guess I always knew it, but I had never seen it in such a real… reality. I’ve seen… the twisted, dark, painful story HYDRA turned, not just my life, but many others, into. You could say… I’ve meet Bucky Barnes for the first time. I… Only knew The Soldier, the shadow of a monster. But… It wasn’t the shadow of Bucky, it was the shadow of HYDRA. I feared the man, when I should fear the organization. Its true, in a way, he will always be him to me, he will always be The Soldier. I will always associate my time at HYDRA with him, I will always associate him with the terrible things The Soldier did to me. But every single time, I will have to remind myself that it wasn’t him, and them I’ll keep going. Because its true. He will be the monster that haunts my nightmares, but he doesn’t need to know that, because he never chose to be in that position. This is something I have to protect him about: the nightmare he was forced into.”

Daisy nods and stays quiet, looking at the park. After some time, she turns to me. “So what do we do now?”

Now, we fight.

Y/N’s POV:

I look at Daisy’s sleeping form from the sofa. It has taken me a while to convince her to take the bed, but she finally gave in, out of exhaustion.

When we came back from our walk, Coulson had called to ask why exactly was the missing mission jet in the compound. I don’t know how that went, because Tony and Daisy took care of it, but my friend got permission to stay here for the night before leaving first thing in the morning.

While they were talking, Natasha informed me of the current situation. As always, she had my back and had told the team (including Bucky) that I had gone to the training room to cool off after a fight with her and that, given that I was on edge, Barnes had scared me and that had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. It didn’t sound realistic to me, but Nat can be really convincing if she wants to. In any case, they didn’t ask questions. Nearly.

When we finished supper, Tony called me aside to his lab with the excuse of wanting to run through my results with me to make sure everything was correct. When we got there, he locked the lab door and started running through some files in his computer, but it was really obvious that he had no intention of asking me anything related to my results.

“What do you want, Tony?” I leaned against one of the tables.

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Five P.1 - John Shelby

relationship; john x reader.

requested; yes. (John imagine where he and the reader were together a long time ago and she comes back with his kid(s) but he’s married to Esme)

word count; 980.

authors note; let me know if you want anymore parts because i want to make this into a little series.

The familiar streets of Birmingham came into view after many years away. The terraced houses still looked the same with children running around, looking at your own child up and down before continuing to kick the football down the street. Your mind wandered to when you and John would play football, at the age of eight, and the time that he kicked the ball so hard that he smashed his mother’s kitchen window. You laughed to yourself at the memory, reminiscing in the good times that you had shared. A café came into view, the same café that you and John visited on your first date when you were just fifteen. The date was a disaster from start to finish but it was a fond memory that you would never forget.

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reasons to stay alive
—  1.) ur favorite band is going to release more music 
2.) and the feeling u get when u listen to music
3.) warm baths
4.) nice smelling bath bombs
5.) really really good poetry
6.) meeting new people
7.) meeting your soulmate
8.) hugs from ppl that are taller than u holy heck
9.) days that are sunny and warm but also breezy
10.) getting letters in the mail
11.) the world is HUGE and u have seen so little
12.) when birds tweet very early in the morning (it feels annoying sometimes but it is actually vry pretty, just listen w an open mind sometime)
13.) songs with ur name in them
14.) arrested development
15.) comedy specials
16.) smores
17.) and the smell of campfire
18.) what it feels like to run through wet grass barefoot in the summer
19.) ice cream
20.) no matter how bad u think u messed up doggies will still give you smooches
21.) those rainbow roses u can get at the store
22.) being able to tell ur grandkids funny stories about when u were their ages
23.) tom delonge might rejoin blink-182
24.) so you can stay around until aliens are discovered for real
25.) how nice it feels 2 have ur hair played with
26.) clearance bins
27.) the smell of fresh cut grass
28.) the feeling u get when u learn a new song on an instrument
29.) cool socks
30.) puns
31.) popsicles when it’s really hot outside
32.) going sledding
33.) puppies…GOSH DANG
34.) new book smell
35.) also new car smell
36.) cute lil baby snails 
37.) coloring books
38.) naps
39.) petting zoos
40.) fresh watermelon
41.) hearing someone say “i’m proud of you”
42.) listening to ppl tell stories about funny things their kids do
43.) see and get pretty tattoos
44.) you probably haven’t even met ur favorite ppl ever yet
45.) concerts
46.) concerts with confetti
47.) boardwalk fries
48.) cheesy romance movies
49.) disney movies
50.) movies
51.) hot showers
52.) cold showers
53.) finally getting to meet online friends
54.) mcdonalds french fries
55.) listening to people talk about stuff they’re passionate about
56.) singing along to your favorite song
57.) big thunderstorms (even tho they’re sometimes kind of scary, nature is super neat)
58.) nice teachers
59.) nice teachers who give nice grades
60.) creating something that you’re really proud of
61.) perfect playlists with all ur favorite songs ever
62.) meeting people that like the same stuff that u like
63.) when u come inside from being in the cold and get to take off all ur cold clothes (maybe w/ snow in them) and cuddle up under a warm blanket
64.) there r foods u still haven’t tried that u could really love
65.) pictures of stuff in SPACE
66.) zayn might rejoin one direction one day
67.) my chemical romance might get back together one day
68.) the realization that everything ever is only temporary
69.) a huge rainbow after a storm (both metaphorically and literally)
70.) having pizza delivered
71.) that feeling u get when someone famous or someone u like replies to or notices u on social media
72.) and the feeling u get in ur tummy before you go down a big hill on a roller coaster
73.) slurpees
74.) laughing until u cry
75.) lil kitties
76.) climbing trees and sitting at the way top (unless ur afraid of heights)
77.) waffles
78.) the ability to create literally anything u want
79.) knowing that u r not alone 
80.) taco bell
81.) waiting all week for an episode of ur favorite show to air and then sitting down to watch it when it finally comes on
82.) being able to literally change the world!!!!
83.) the smell before rain
84.) nice scented candles
85.) when u go outside while it’s snowing and it’s totally silent
86.) christmas ever
87.) christmas day
88.) the excitement of holidays and getting days off of school
89.) the feeling u get when u finish a really big assignment
90.) chocolate (or vanilla if that’s what u r into)
91.) starbucks mmmm
92.) the feeling u get when u tell a joke and people laugh
93.) waterparks
94.) really nice flowers
95.) fresh clean sheets
96.) sheetz (or wawa)
97.) being able 2 inspire people and know u made a positive impact
98,) when ppl make things for you
99.) fresh brownies or chocolate chip cookies that are still hot from the oven
100.) naps
101.) but most importantly stay alive for u. know that everything in life, even life itself, is temporary and nothing lasts forever , not even this universe. even when it might not seem like it life is a nice gift and the world is very beautiful and there r many beautiful people places and things worth living for, but u gotta find them and u gotta stay alive to find them. live for urself and so u can look back in years and say to urself, “wow, i’m glad i survived.” stay alive, friends. not just today, but tomorrow, too.
The Snowball part 9?

I think I’m up to part 9 haha. Sorry to end it where I did and then not update for a few days! I 100% was gonna do this yesterday but I could not put down Rebel of the Sands and its sequel for 48 hours. Thanks for waiting xx

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

Mor wasted no time in rushing to the hospital. She had argued with Amren over whether to wake Feyre or not but in the end both had decided she needed the sleep and it wasn’t worth her feeling guilty over what happened until they could sort it out. Amren would stay with Feyre in case she woke or in case Tamlin showed up. Both girls knew Tamlin shouldn’t know where she lived and Mor knew there was no way Rhys would have told Tamlin that Feyre was with his cousin.

Before Azriel had hung up the phone she was told that while there was a small electrical fire, that had now been put out. Cassian was with Rhys at the hospital, while Azriel dealt with the fire brigade. Tamlin had disappeared quickly after that with Lucien.

Arriving at the hospital, Mor was ushered through until she found Rhys sprawled on a bed, she spotted bandages layering his torso and blood covered his face as a nurse was setting his broken nose. Cassian hovered nearby with bandaged hands.

What the hell happened?” Mor demanded.

The nurse set Rhys’s nose with a crack as Rhys cursed.

“Damn it Mor, can you give me five seconds at least?” Rhys said nasally.

Mor held her hands up in surrender as Rhys glared at her. Cassian flexed his injured hands nervously until the nurses left, sweeping a pair of curtains closed behind them.


Rhys sighed, running his hands through his hair. “We’d been home for just a few hours before we heard banging on the door. Tamlin was shouting, asking for Feyre and like a fool I opened the door.”

“Despite Az and I telling him to just call the cops.” Cassian cut in.

Rhys rolled his eyes before continuing. “I told him that Feyre wasn’t there but he wouldn’t have any of it. Said Lucien had seen us take Feyre, like we’d kidnapped her basically. I invited him in to search the house. He started trashing it when he couldn’t find her.”

“Azriel tried to stop him and that was when Lucien rounded on Az. That’s how I bruised my hands.” Cassian said.

Mor looked between the two shaking her head. “Does Tamlin know Feyre’s with me?”

Rhys’s eyes locked with hers as he shook his head. The threat of violence still hung onto him like a bad smell as Mor knew he was considering what would happen if Tamlin found out his cousin was hiding Feyre.

“I told him she was staying with her boss until he could learn to control his temper. That was when he hit me.”

“So how come Tamlin’s not here in hospital too?” Mor glanced around wildly, almost expecting Tamlin to be on a neighbouring bed.

When Rhys was silent, Cassian answered for him, “Because Rhys didn’t throw a single punch.”

What?” Mor knew her cousin could throw a mean punch, he had grown up with Cassian and gotten into more scuffles than she’d like to know about. She couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t fight back.

“I defended myself but…”

Mor could almost hear him wanting to finish his sentence, ‘I didn’t want to upset Feyre’. Her cousin was in too deep. Even worse was that Feyre seemed oblivious to Rhys’s feelings. Although she had been preoccupied with dealing with an abusive asshole for a boyfriend for months.

“Rhys, you wanting to protect Feyre is going to get you hurt badly one day. Feyre’s isn’t going to stop talking to you because you stopped her ass of a  boyfriend from burning your house down.”

“The house is fine. Just a few scorch marks.” Rhys said.

Mor raised an eyebrow at Cassian.

“They smashed the good tv.” He groaned. “Caused a few sparks and set part of the wall on fire.”

Mor sighed, rubbing her temples.

“Where is Feyre?” Rhys asked, peering around. Mor heard the hopeful note in his voice.

“She’s back at home with Amren. She went straight to sleep when we got home and I didn’t want to wake her.”

Mor saw Rhy’s face falter ever so slightly, but a lot of tension left his shoulders in relief. “Good. How is she?”

Mor nearly laughed. Rhys was lying in a hospital bed with a broken nose, and what Mor guessed were broken ribs, and he was asking about Feyre. Mor shared a knowing look with Cassian.

“She didn’t eat dinner but I think she’s mostly just exhausted. You on the other hand need to be worrying about yourself a little more.” She said while prodding the bandage on Rhy’s chest. He inhaled sharply at the pain. “Next time don’t let that bastard go without at least a few scrapes.”

When Feyre woke it was mid day. She felt no desire to get out of bed, or eat for that matter, but she knew it would be rude of her not to get up and at least say hello to Mor and Amren. What she got when walking down the stairs was Rhys. Feyre stopped midstride at the door.

“Good morning. Or should I say good afternoon?” Rhys smiled at her.

“Where’s Mor and Amren?”

“They had work.”

Feyre came closer to where he was lounging on the couch. He sounded different, like he had a blocked nose. As she approached, Rhys shifted so it was harder for her to see his face.

“So what are you then? My babysitter?”

Rhys laughed but quickly stopped as if it hurt him. “No Feyre, I just thought you could use some company, so you wouldn’t have to be alone.”

Feyre almost flinched, Rhys always seemed to know what she was feeling even without her having to tell him.

“Who said I didn’t want to be alone?”

Rhys looked at her sadly. “No one truly wants to be alone.”

Now Feyre wasn’t sure they were just talking about her. And Rhys still wasn’t looking at her straight on. She moved to sit next to him on the couch and Rhys was immediately sitting upright, pulling his legs away so there was room for Feyre without her having to touch him. But he winced when he moved and Feyre thought there was a stiffness to him.

“Don’t you have a job?” Feyre asked.

Rhys grinned back at her, “Right now my job is taking care of you.”

“I don’t need to be taken care of.” Feyre huffed.

“I know, but I’m here all the same.”

For a moment Rhys let his guard down and Feyre managed to get a clear look at his face. There was no mistaking the slight crookedness to his previously, near perfect nose.

“Rhys! What happened?” Feyre exclaimed.

Rhys had started to move away, started finding the words to quickly reassure her that it was nothing and he was fine, but Rhys stilled, completely unable to form a single coherent thought as Feyre reached for his face. Their thighs were touching, Feyre’s hips next to his as she had moved closer to inspect his face.

Very carefully, Feyre gripped his jaw with one hand as she turned his face to look directly into hers. Her other hand reached out to touch his nose before deciding that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Rhys couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. He was unabashedly staring at her face, studying it, as he’d never allowed himself to be this close before. He saw the tiny freckles that were near invisible compared to the ones on her shoulders and arms. Her long eyelashes that framed her beautiful eyes. Then it wasn’t long before Rhys found himself staring at her lips, the way they pursed as she was inspecting his nose. Suddenly they tightened to form a thin line as a thought crossed her mind.

“Who did this to you?” She demanded.

Just like that the spell was broken and Rhys had to break away from Feyre. Had to get away from her, not only because he couldn’t think when she was touching him, but because she was in love with someone else. An abusive and manipulative person for sure, but the heart couldn’t always tell that, and Rhys could tell that at least when Feyre had first fallen for Tamlin, she had fallen hard.

His silence seemed to speak for itself.

“I’m going to kill him.” Feyre muttered.

“Don’t. You just need to let him know you’re okay and need some space. Don’t tell him where you are.”

Feyre gave him a look that said she wasn’t stupid, as she took in the way he was now standing on the other side of the room from her, clutching his side. Moving caused his broken rib a great deal of pain, and Rhys couldn’t stop his heavy breathing from being so close to Feyre.

Feyre got up slowly and started slowly walking over to Rhys. He held up a hand as if he could hold her back. Feyre ignored it, coming to a stop just in front of him. She gently peeled his hand away from his side, then replaced it with her own, feeling the bandages underneath. Rhys was breathing shallowly again as Feyre’s hand cautiously explored the side of his torso.

“Is it broken?” She asked, sounding on the verge of tears.

“Just the one.” He tried light heartedly.

“Can I see?”

“Feyre darling if you wanted me to take my shirt off you should’ve just asked.” He purred.

Feyre pulled back to glare at him with arms folded across her chest, but Rhys felt a small thrill run through him when he saw a faint blush creeping across her cheekbones.

He sighed before tugging his shirt up and over his head. Feyre let out a small gasp at the purple and black bruises peeking out from underneath the bandage.

“It’s not as bad as it looks.” Rhys tried, but Feyre only looked at him in horror.

“I’m so sorry Rhys, I should never have left-”

“Don’t you dare think this is your fault Feyre.”

Feyre only shook her head, tears flowing freely down her face as she realised that Rhys had been hurt because Tamlin had been looking for her. The thought of anyone else being hurt because of Tamlin nearly broke her. Her own pain she could handle, she had caused most of his outbursts anyway, but the thought of her friends being put in harms way made her feel sick.

Rhys saw her start to shake and he couldn’t hold it back anymore, he reached for her, gently tugging her into the circle of his arms and pressing her face to his shoulder. Feyre froze for a horrible minute, where Rhys thought he was about to be refused, until he felt Feyre almost collapse into his arms. The weight of her leaning into his chest hurt his rib but Rhys didn’t care. He stroked her hair soothingly as he murmured to her about how she was safe and that he was fine.

Eventually Feyre stopped crying, but she didn’t leave Rhys’s arms either. They stayed like that for a while, Rhys pressed up against the wall, hugging Feyre to him.

“I’ll text him. Tell him I’m fine and not to come looking for me until I’m ready.” Feyre mumbled against his shoulder.

“I know, I know.” Rhys said soothingly.

That was when Amren came through the door. Rhys suddenly realised he still had no shirt on and was holding Feyre to him. Feyre froze as well as she heard the door open.

“For gods sake, at least put a shirt on Rhys.” Amren drawled.

The Fake Boyfriend (Part 3)

Originally posted by acklesjensen

Summary: Reader bumps into a stranger and her life gets flipped upside down…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,300ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I love this little series so much…

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