this was when i started to go on tumblr and start a 1d blog


I am the anon who was requested to speak of their experience leaving Larrie fandom.

I meant it when I said I had a nervous breakdown when Briana got pregnant. It was a Tuesday and I spent the rest of the week sobbing and unable to function at work. I had to lie to my boss and say I was having personal issues with family. I deleted my blog the day Louis talked about the pregnancy on GMA and unfollowed the whole band and everyone connected to them on social media, deleted their music from my iTunes, cut off ties with all tumblr friends. I went into a depression, and a deep rage, against “management”, against Simon, against Briana, against The Enemy. I did my best to avoid all 1D news. But my mom told me when Freddie was born and when I saw the birth certificate, it’s almost like I snapped out of my fog and realized it was real. Freddie was a real baby and Louis was the father and Briana was the mother and everything I had thought for years was a lie.

I spent most of 2016 feeling so fucking stupid for having fallen for Larry. I never interacted with any of the family members or friends or girlfriends on social media, so I considered myself “a good Larrie”. But I also reblogged from Amy, Kati, Lisa, Verily, Emma. I told people about the Treatise and made people read it. I was complicit in the harassment, and did nothing to attempt to stop it. For me, I was more ashamed of my silence in the face of the harassment than the shame pf having been a Larrie. I considered myself a good person, but realizing I watched silently while these “saviors” destroyed these people’s lives, I wasn’t actually a good person at all.

I started getting back into fandom when the TV commercial for Harry’s single aired on television. I went to the blogs I used to follow and saw the hatred, the fear, the distrust, the suspicion. So I went to a few of the “anti” blogs I could remember, and saw excitement, and happiness and joy. I HATED antis as a Larrie. Loathed. But I knew if I got back into fandom, I could not be miserable. So a couple times a week, I would check in on anti blogs and see the happiness and excitement, and started enjoying 1D again.

I don’t have advice for ex-Larries. Leaving Larry is fucking scary. 2015 was such a terrible, horrible, miserable time in fandom. Seeing that so many of the main players in Larrie are still around does not surprise me. Their faux outrage to get notes, their drive for attention and validation. They do not believe a word they are spewing, I think. They are in too deep and have to keep up the facade of Good Larrie to keep the attention, the adoration, the love. The number of notes have decreased dramatically, but they are still getting the attention they want so they are still around.

Larry is not real life. I think if I had gone from Larrie to anti and continued blogging, I would still be emotionally connected to the band, just in a different way. Completing cutting myself off helped me remember there is life outside of fandom, outside of 1D. A complete detox is needed for Larries for them to a) reconcile their actions and b) be able to enjoy fandom in a healthy way. So much of the strong reaction being had by smaller Larries who still believe, is because they live eat breathe Larry. They have nothing else. When they discover other hobbies, activities, interests that are ENJOYABLE, letting go of Larry becomes infinitely easier.


Thank you for submitting your story anon.   

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog, super new to this shit. Is there a tag I can look up on your blog that explains this fake insiders trashing Zayn thing? I'm a Zayn fan (wish the other boys well but don't necessarily care about them or 1D) and new to Tumblr, and just finding out exactly how problematic some people claiming to be woke on this website are. Alternative facts exist here, like everywhere else and it's really saddening. Like isn't fandom of any sort supposed to bring you joy?

Hey nonnie. Thanks for the blog love. I didn’t dedicate a specific tag to that. It’s all in my fandom fuckery tag I think, which unfortunately, is over 2500 posts strong (damn fandom get it together).

In a nutshell, as far as I’m aware, it started on twitter and spread to tumblr. There was a fake insider that really was an insider, but was spreading alternative facts on purpose. Confused yet? Yeah, it was a mess. Basically a tiny “mistake” made by this person led to it being found out that they worked for Modest. They tweeted a relative from their fake account and of course, fans went digging and found their true identity. Their resume was still online.

Anyway, this person was using Harry and Louis as bait to draw Larries in. They’d tweet little things that turned out to be true, which gave them cred. But it was always little things. Like when Louis momentarily fucked off to Fiji while on tour…

…they posted pix of where Louis was before the pix of Louis in Fiji hit the fandom. So after reeling people in, the rumor mongering started. It wasn’t all about Zayn. They acknowledged Louis and Harry were in a relationship–they also added a heaping helping of drama. Lots of angst and lover’s spats. I assume they were trying to get people to become disillusioned with Larry. They also implied that Liam and Zayn were in an on/off non-monogamous relationship. Yep, some of those Larries who denied/ignored Ziam were told by their insider that they were hooking up. To be fair, a couple of Larries caught in this web did say on blog they thought their was “something” going on with Liam and Zayn. And that was probably because of the insider. But just a couple…

So once Fall 2014 rolled around, after over a year of grooming, the big Zayn rumors hit. In hindsight, this was staging for the coming Zayn leaving mega stunt. And because it was Larries that had been targeted from jump, it was Larries that ran with it. Remember, they had been piecemealed little inconsequential bits of truth to establish credibility. But still, given how terribly dysfunctional this fake insider portrayed Harry and Louis, they should have been suspicious. When I was told about all this, I was immediately suspicious. And I was shown screencaps of conversations that were hella confusing. But in the end, it wasn’t difficult to call bullshit. They should’ve called bullshit. Because the ultimate target of this con wasn’t even Zayn. It was Larries and their credibility. They’d guessed right about a lot of things, so that credibility needed to be impeached. And 1DHQ was successful in keeping Larries marginalized and looking “crazy”.

Because the Larries involved have still not come clean about this (some aren’t around anymore), the damage done by these fake rumors still impacts the fandom. Many people hate on Zayn based on all the on blog shade these Larries were throwing based on planted, fake rumors. Off blog, they were also aggressively pushing their inside information. So a lot of other fans do not have all the facts and don’t know they’re collateral damage in a long con. smh But fights broke out, mutuals broke up, partial receipts were released into the wild. Messy messy stuff.

P.S. Don’t ask me for details. I’m not getting back into ancient history. This is the one and only FYI.

I was tagged by the sweetheart @bleedinglove4h to do this challenge:
“Why, one direction?. What brought you, what kept you around, why did you choose to place affection towards these boys”
I love this, thank you! I actually did have an ask about this the other night so forgive me for copying and pasting my reply…but I did try to add a bit to it (with pics even!)

I’d been aware of 1D since WMYB and I had their music in my iTunes, but really only knew a handful of songs and I’m pretty sure the only member’s name I knew was Harry. I have a vivid memory of seeing them on TV and wondering why the heck that one kid always wore a bow tie.

Originally posted by fireproof-harry

I have two daughters and my oldest was in the 5th grade when 1D became the big thing. She’s autistic and although she likes music, she wasn’t really into much that other kids her age were into, so I was trying to help her along I guess by introducing her to different stuff. So she was aware of them, but not that much.

Fast forward to late 2014, right around the time Four came out. My youngest had just discovered youtube (she’d gotten an iPad) and would watch videos made by other little girls. One of her faves had Up All Night playing in it and she loved it. She would jump on her bed and sing it and I was like oh yeah One Direction, you should listen to more of their songs. Within just a few weeks, she’d decided she liked them and wanted all their CDs for Christmas and a poster (to which I happily obliged).

So in the process of playing their music for my daughter, I realized I really liked them as well. Four had just come out and I found myself listening to it almost incessantly. Which in turn had me on youtube watching videos and interviews. And like almost everyone who starts watching 1D interviews, I fell down the rabbit hole. I particularly recall a certain Chart Show Chat interview where Harry mentioned waking up to “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”, and I love Paul Simon, so I was like okay, this guy is cool. His looks are just a bonus.

So I’d already had a tumblr account. I’d started it in July of 2014, but for a different, much much smaller fandom. Around November/December, I started following a handful of 1D blogs, mostly centered around Harry (and a few Zayn ones I think). One moment that really sealed the deal for me that I was indeed falling for a certain curly boy was when a clip was posted of Harry at a Fleetwood Mac concert (you know the one…our boy is jamming out to Go Your Own Way). I flipped my lid.

Soon after that, I decided to create a side blog just for 1D, but I soon realized this fandom was so massive that a side blog was not really the way to go. So I created a new account and started this blog in February of 2015. Within two months I realized this fandom was way more fun to be a part of that my old one so I ended up deleting my old account and only kept this one.

In the beginning, I was afraid I was too old. I’ve had people mock me before for liking things and usually I just brush it off, but I wasn’t sure how to feel coming into this fandom. So I didn’t give too much info about myself at first. In fact, I went by an alias for the first couple months. But then I decided I wanted to share some fan fiction and I’d started being mutuals with people and I just felt like I couldn’t hide. I’m me. I’m not ashamed. So I revealed myself and I have no regrets. There’s been some nastiness, but I’ve gotten way more support than anything.

It’s been a really wild ride. I’ve made some really great, special friends (and lost some). Even through all the drama, it still amazes me how wonderful and thoughtful people can be, whether I’ve met them in person or not. I get overwhelmed just thinking about the love I’ve received. Like everyone here I have my moments where I think maybe I should just delete, this has gone too far. But I’m still here and I love Harry and I don’t see my love fading any time soon.

Over time I suppose my level of fandom has changed a bit. From the beginning of course Harry has been my favorite, and he’s what pulled me in. I do still love One Direction and listen to their music everyday. But more than anything I’m a Harrie. I’m all about this solo rockstar gone actor. I’m about him first, so I don’t always keep up with what the others are doing. But I will always adore this band. Always.

Almost forgot to tag people lol. @theharrystyleseffect // @loveyooumeanit // @aggresivelyfriendly // @the-well-rested-one // @dawniestyles // @harriestyles514 // @cheshirepuddin // @causeitsweird // @magic-view // @gemmadorrego // @adultfansofonedirection // @savage-styles // @harrystylesgotmefuckedup // @purplelunarmoth and anyone else who wants to do it!!

300 reasons to subscribe to danisnotonfire

(phil version)

1.       He managed to befriend his idol

2.       He travelled alone to meet someone 4.5 years older than him, who he had only spoken to online

3.       He’s #relatable

4.       He walked around in public with an actual gimp

5.       He dressed up in bubble wrap and jumped out of a tree (rip captain stress relief)

6.       His hair is always perfect but he still messes with it all the time

7.       The Internet Support Group

8.       He understands the torture of spoilers

9.       #NicerInternet

10.   “You are an independent mind in this universe that can do everything and anything you have ever dreamed of.” – Dan Howell

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I was just wondering if you've got an kind of receipts on Halsey???


hello lil pal!!! this is going to be super fun and a little nerve wracking. (also this actually took me three days to make, fuck). 

(before i start, i’d like to thank leghannepinnock & englishgraffiti for helping me find all of these links because it wouldn’t have been possible without them tbh).

*this post generally excludes tweets because she has so many tweets, it’d be impossible to go back and read like a year of them. but if i find any specific links/tweets after I post this, it’ll be updated.*

Originally, I was going to make a super long post about how she broke the internet in 2012 and how people that have been in the 1D (and or the 5SOS) fandom since late 2012/early 2013 have known about her for ages and have some really strong opinions on her. 

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Can we talk about the dynamics of the 1D tumblr fandom for a minute?

[Note: I’m a non-Larrie blogger, so this post is mostly worded as though it is directed towards people on my side of things. That being said, I’m going to add some tags on this so that more people have a chance to see it, and I welcome responses from people in all corners of this fandom.]

I’m going to be super honest with you guys… like, at least half of the people I have interacted with recently in the 1D fandom need to take a breather and seriously consider the kinds of posts they’re making about other members of this fandom. 

If you’re following me, it’s probably because of some of my more popular debunking / commentary posts, and I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t actually believe any of the conspiracy theories about ships in this fandom. When I first started regularly making/reblogging text posts after Freddie was born, I started following a lot of really awesome non-Larries who wanted to correct some information that was being circulated by certain blogs. Over time, more and more people seemed to feel comfortable calling out harassment in the fandom. Which was incredible! I saw a lot of people identifying themselves as former Larries and talking about the difficulty they had within that section of the fandom. It was so wonderful to see these people taking a step back and figuring out what they really believed in and cared about. I was so happy that a lot of bloggers felt like they had a chance to distance themselves from something that, for many of them, had become a toxic, unhealthy, or a source of anxiety. It was wonderful that people seemed to feel brave enough to speak up when they saw big bloggers posting things that were harmful or cruel. 

But there’s a line between calling people out for their behavior and just attacking someone because you’ve got a problem with them as a human being. 

In the last week, I’ve seen so many posts in which non-Larries have kind of launched these blanket insults about Larries, and it is unbelievably unnecessary. You can say, “This theory does not make sense,” and give a reasonable explanation why. But you can’t say, “Larries are so fucking dumb,” and expect that to be cool with everyone. It’s not okay when Larries say that antis/non-Larries are stupid, and it’s not okay when antis/non-Larries say that Larries are stupid. Literally the entire reason that people on “our side of the fandom” are calling out Larries is to address harassment and manipulation and abuse, whether it be of the boys in 1D, their families, or other members of the fandom. It’s unacceptable for anyone to turn that around now and start making personal attacks against people they disagree with.

This extends to discussions regarding sexuality. I can’t even count how many posts I’ve seen from both sides of this fandom in which people are making blanket statements or assumptions or accusations regarding the sexuality of “the other side.” And that’s obnoxious, no matter who it’s coming from. The reality of the situation? There are people of every sexuality and gender identity in this fandom, and they fall on every side of this issue. There are straight Larries, straight antis, gay Larries, gay antis, bisexual Larries, bisexual antis, pansexual Larries, pansexual antis, asexual Larries, asexual antis, trans Larries, trans antis, genderqueer Larries, genderqueer antis, agender Larries, agender antis, and literally any other conceivable sexuality or gender identity on both sides. Some of these people are genuinely invested in LGBTQ+ rights and being great allies, and some of these people are perpetuating harmful, homophobic ideas with their posts. That’s true of both sides, not just one or the other. Saying “straight Larries only ship Larry because they’re trying to make themselves feel better about the fact that Louis and/or Harry would never want to fuck them, so they pretend the boys are gay” is absolutely as inappropriate and untrue as saying “straight antis only hate Larry because they want to fuck Louis and/or Harry and they want to pretend they have a chance, so they pretend the boys are straight.” 

I’m constantly seeing Larries accusing antis of being homophobes who hate the idea of two men together, and I’m constantly seeing antis accusing Larries of being homophobes who fetishize the idea of two men together. One thing that I really can’t stress enough? At the end of the day, shipping something or not shipping something is not activism. It’s great that people in this fandom are so invested in creating a dialogue about LGBTQ+ rights, support, and visibility, but the second people start using the language of social justice and social activism as a weapon to make personal attacks on people they disagree with, that dialogue starts sinking fast. 

If people in this fandom want to have honest, important conversations about LGBTQ+ awareness and support and activism, we need to start by making sure that those conversations are respectful. If people in this fandom don’t want to have honest, important conversations about LGBTQ+ awareness and support and activism, then they need to stop using social justice vocabulary and false claims of activism to attack other people. Even beyond the scope of that particular issue, there’s absolutely no reason or excuse for anyone in this fandom making posts with the sole intention of attacking or hurting other fans. The things that are hurtful or unacceptable are still hurtful and unacceptable even when different people are doing them. It would be great if we could recognize that as a fandom and kind of collectively agree to not be raging assholes to each other. We all got into this fandom because we liked the same band. There’s no reason to use that as a segue into harassing other people, no matter how much you’ve decided they deserve it. 

Dear 1D Fans, I owe you part of my graduation...

Spoiler alert: this is gonna be a goddamn long post. Sorry.

So, today I did my last exam. I’m officially up for graduation. And this is the day I thought I would have closed tumblr forever. I joined the tumblr fandom due to my “media ethics” class; I made an essay and a presentation about media manipulation. My case study was the “Larry Stylinson” case. So yes, I talked about Larry (with slides!) in front of a crowd of academics. Weird and great at the same time. 

When I started, I didn’t even knew the names of the boys, my knowledge was limited to “Harry is the one who was with Taylor Swift - the directioners are all crazy - one of them left the band”. I’ve been here since January, scrolling through tags, blogs and videos, taking notes about everything. I had to keep up with 5 years of drama, it was a HUGE work. And, in the end, I fell down the rabbit hole

I found myself becoming more and more passionate. More and more a Larrie shipper. Even if this fandom made me question my own ability to think and to look at things straight, and even if sometimes the extraness is real, I started to make posts (some of them, like the “this account never disappoints me” series, were a success beyond my expectations), to talk, interact and being an active part of the whole fandom. And now I just…can’t leave anymore. Not because I physically can’t, but because I don’t want to. I know I’ve been a Larrie (and occasionally a Zouie, I have to admit it) for like 5 minutes compared to you, but now I’m all in this with you, all of you, and I can’t wait to celebrate THE day and all the days to come. Together.

I want to thank all of my followers (can you believe I actually have followers?) and my beloved mutuals. But there are also some people that I really want to thank directly, most of them may not be even aware of the help they gave me, but here we go: @freddiesmyqueen (I owe you everything, your videos are pure gold), @lhrry, @intenselouis (GIROLLE!), @legohousedea, @saltygoodness, @greenylovesbluey, @harrystyleslawyer (our anon conversations were beyond hilarious), @infinitelymint (for “And Then A Bit”, my first and sill favorite Larry fic) and @too-old-for-this-ship.

P.s. The “media ethics” exam went well in the end, I got the highest mark possible. So, thank you, all of you, again.

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Tagged by @fookinharold (((: thx babe! go follow her!

Name: Dena

Average hours of sleep: i am the worst. liiiike 4-5 on nights before class days, and upwards of 10 on the weekends

Last thing I googled: the lyrics to stuck on you by elvis. judge me plz

Favorite fictional character: hmmmmm, probably lafayette from true blood. there’s no deep reason or profound character trait, that bitch is just my spirit animal

When did I start this blog?: literally like 2 weeks ago 

Amount of followers: psh, 78. smashin it lol

What do I post mostly?: harry and louis bc #1 babes. niall and liam bc runner ups. some larry, because i’m quickly and surely become the darkest. bit of zayn bc i mean look at him. the occasional other stuff: youtube, movies etc. 

Do I run anymore blogs?: nope, i’m the biggest noob 4real

Why did I join Tumblr?: i never got into tumblr when all of my friends did a few years back because i just didn’t have any real reason to. i got into 1d kinda late(midnight memories really got me goin y’all), and stayed the chillest fan ever since. i honestly just wanted a way to find good fics and see those beautiful bastards’ faces in mass quantities, but i rapidly became obsessed and now i’m all in. rip “laid-back directioner” me 

Do I get a lot if asks?: never, but i’ve also just started this blog, so it’s to be expected

Why did I get this URL?: honestly, because i’m not that creative and i’ll be in my 20s for nine more years, so it will apply for a while. also, because i got tumblr with the intention of being 1d af while also cultivating my few other interests, so i didn’t pick a strictly 1d related URL. we see how well that worked out 

I tag: @miraculou1s, @heyangelaf, @pizzahazzaa, @my-tiny-sun, @1plusone, @part-of-your-creation, @larry-sherlocked, @jimmytfallon, @summertimeharold, @hotharreh, @hxrrysbum, @harrys-smiling-nipples

Media rumors & 1d: A story of sads

As we enter into the final weeks of what we all think is 1DHQ’s twilight, I’m fully expecting to have to tumblr blog in my 1D Bunker of Doom™ since I don’t think 1DHQ will be going quietly.

More for me and @paynegerouslyinlove to have to make sense during any sort of Stuntmageddon, we decided  to be Woodward & Bernstein af and collaborate. Chris is taking the general public’s perception of 1D, and as for me, the tiny media hoe, I will be taking the industry perceptions. 

SO let’s get started! You might want alcohol or some sort of comforting carbohydrates. It reads like a dramatic hybrid between a CW Teen Drama & Lifetime Original Movie. What’s important to note going into this is, all the boys (minus Niall, who seems to have somehow survived relatively unscathed) have less than stellar public images, but their images have way more insidious undertones that work collectively to paint each individual boy and the band as a whole as a hot garbage mess that’s slowly self-destructing. 

Media rumors & perceptions broken down under the cut since I am a hoe that likes to type. 

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miauuududllllomfg  asked:

patiently waiting for your Analysis of aaood3 part 8 I always come to your blog right after watching the video

Anonymous said:

Sasha this new ep of AAOOD is wild, the villain (aka 1DHQ) saying “i’ll just publish an article online saying you’ve broken up” made my jaw drop i love this, i can’t wait for your analysis xx

Anonymous said:

so part 8, the children are clearly those fans that take official narrative at face value which also equals their belief in santa, can’t wait for your analysis

Anonymous said:

I look forward to your analysis almost more than I look forward to the cartoons! It’s getting more and more obvious!

Anonymous said:

Sasha aaood3 just keeps getting shadier Please do a part 8 <3

Anonymous said:

Your headcanon for an is so great can’t wait for part 8 .

Sorry for the delay, friends. I was bout 1/3 done when I clicked the wrong thing and lost all my work. So I had to star over, grrrr. Then I had a final. Then I had to go to work.  Also, not using the tumblr ‘read more’ since it’s causing the post to disappear for people on mobile. Apologies if you’re not interested in this, scroll past quickly! LOL

Ok, so part 8 opens with Liam still being distracted by the fans on social media.

Liam’s figuring it out. He’s getting his priorities sorted.

The entitled and demanding fans don’t care, though.

Liam is trying to set some boundaries. Go on Daddy Direction, lay down the law.

Right. You may not have noticed, but Liam has a job. And it’s not catering to narcissistic fans 24/7. You also may not have noticed, but Liam is not your friend. Social media gives the illusion of proximity and familiarity, but it’s misleading. I’m very glad AAOOD3 took a moment to make a point about the behavior of this fandom on social media. Because it’s atrocious and embarrassing. And Liam has had a hard time on social media, taking a beating for tweets that we can now be pretty sure he didn’t actually tweet. Liam tries his best to please the fans. His team on the other hand…

So, is any of this getting through to the fandom?

Hahahaha, no.

You tried, baby. Entitled fandom is entitled.

Liam’s finally like fuck this shit I’m out. Having figured it out, he’s now a man on a mission. ;)

Which brings us to Harry. He’s learned to harness his star power and is now ready to put it to use.

Ah, I see he and Liam are on the same mission.

Meanwhile, Niall and Zayn are all tied up by the villain.

But their mission is also the same as Liam and Harry’s. Despite the public separation, 1D remains a team and on the same page: one band, one dream, One Direction. This is important since so much of their media coverage this year has been about them falling apart as a unit. Nope. Not true.

Ziall are still a bit confused as to what is the deal here. And the villain begins filling in the blanks.

Research and Development? You mean 1D thought their mission was fairly straightforward but has been detoured by some kinda wacky marketing plan? You don’t say?

And Ziall comes to the realization that they’re being used and manipulated.

Because the villain (1DHQ personified) has a hidden agenda.

Driven by a huge ego, greed and arrogance, our villain intends to leverage 1D’s success into a major power grab.

And so we begin to get our villain’s backstory. We also get a name, Dr. Lichtenstein. I wondered if this very Teutonic name (along with the accent) was supposed to have any relevance to 1D? Or was is just a nod to the classic post WWII supervillain meme? And then I thought waaiiittt a minute. Classic supervillain? Like a Bond supervillain? Like Ernst Stavro Blofeld aka Number 1, head villain in charge of SPECTRE? Like the Bond supervillain Louis and James Corden referenced on The Late Late Show?

Yes, Number 1 was the Bond villain with the pet cat. And in “Diamonds Are Forever” he uttered this iconic line:

This cannot be a coincidence. I’m convinced they meant to drop this hint. As in 1D approves AAOOD3. #confirmed

As for the name Lichtenstein, I think it may be a reference to legendary “pop” artist, Roy Lichtenstein. He was second only to Andy Warhol in popularity. So I’m sure someone like Mark Parsons would be aware of him since he was very influential in the graphic arts/animation world as well. He’s the guy that did all that comic strip style art. Today, they’re used as memes.

And The Sun (go ahead and start rolling your eyes now) used him to make a gratuitous Haylor reference.

Maybe the villain was named Lichtenstein as a nod to 1DHQ teaming up with the media (in particular their bottom bitch The Sun) to promote fake narratives–no homo narratives at that. Could be.

But back to Dr. L’s backstory.

Someone (or several someones) worked their way up the old fashioned way. Ok, cool.

But then things start to go left.

“Semi-autonomously functioning nutcrackers”?? Sounds like someone (or several someones) built a team of henchmen that bust 1D’s balls under their orders? Sounds about right.

Dr. L’s power grows and so does his ego. He thinks he knows more than his boss now.

I’m getting Sony leak vibes.

Doesn’t this sound like a reference to the back and forth between Sony and Syco regarding Syco’s value and its future operating budget? Ummmhmmm.

Niall’s definitely not trying to hear it.

Same Niall. Same.

Dr. L continues his rant. He’s pretty delusional at this point.

So now Ziall has the big picture. And they do not approve.

And not only do they not approve, they taunt Dr. L. The battle lines are drawn.

Dr. L then recaps his fiendish plot. Basically from the beginning of 1D’s success, the plan has been to exploit them for his own gain–by any means necessary.

He also tells them he’s had to adjust his plan due to 1D’s lack of cooperation. Again, the real life parallels are there.

Dr. L lets them know that he’s pleased with his plot thus far. Clearly controlling 1D has been a challenge. And he’s grateful to have gotten this far.

And here’s something to make you go hmmm…

Why is Zayn in particular the icing on the cake?? Please someone, tell me why Zayn has been singled out here? Why not Niall? I think we know. Zayn’s leaving was a pre-planned stunt. It’s not the result of Zayn being hateful, ungrateful, difficult, a druggie or a cheating fuck-up. It was planned to hurt 1D. Can we please finally put these bullshit narratives to bed? It’s pretty much spelled out for you. Thanks and moving on…

Zayn’s like nah son, this can’t possibly work.

And Dr. L is like , look kid as long as I have your young and clueless fans (literally on board…a train), I’m good.

But Ziall continues to be incredulous and goes on mocking and taunting Dr. L. Damn, they are two sassy handsful. Love it.

Yes Zayn, some people are irreplaceable. :’(

Followed by Dr. L letting them know one of the ways 1DHQ controls of the majority of the fandom.

They plant rumors in the fandom. LMAO at “I’ve seen it”. Sure Jan.

The planted rumors are lies, btw. In case you needed it spelled out for you.

Despite all he’s been through, Zayn remains defiant.

Drag him.

Zayn’s having a go at the merch in the form of Dr. L’s ridiculous hat. Is this not a very Zayn moment? Lemme remind you.

Zayn Malik is my people.

And 1DHQ’s response pretty much sums up their attitude towards all of 1D.

You betta watch your mouth because…

Who are these powerful friends, Zayn? Will a certain “poison dwarf” help take down this evil elf?

Niall questions how Dr. L could possibly drain 1D of their star power to fuel his empire without anyone noticing what he’s done.

Dr. L then reveals how he plans to ultimately wrap up this mega stunt.

You dirty low down lying dog!

Please enjoy this obvious shade.

Meaning that yes, just as many of us have suspected, 1DHQ does control certain media outlets. Surprise, surprise.

Our boys are not giving up. That includes Louis. 1DHQ may have drained Louis of his star power, but he’s still determined af.

Dr. L is feeling himself though, thanks to his evil plot.

Who’s currently juiced up on Louis’ star power?

That’s another easy one.

In fact, Dr. L is so juiced up that he now feels loyal henchmen are dispensable.

Test it out? Like this?


Niall thinks uber-narcissist Dr. L is doomed to fail.


But as of now, Dr. L still has the upper hand. What is 1D gonna do?

Does Zayn have a plan? How about down but not out Louis? When the heck are Liam and Harry gonna arrive and show us what they’ve learned? Stay tuned…

I’ve been taking a step back from being in this fandom recently, and it’s actually been really amazing for my own health and happiness. I used to worry all the time…what if something happens and I’m not online? What if I’m not even awake? But now since having stepped back, turned off notifications for twitter and instagram, logged out of tumblr on my phone…Life is good. I feel so much more able to appreciate the boys. I wanted to share with everyone some tips and how this has helped me. 

Signs you might need to take a break:

  • You’re worried about them so much it makes you physically ill.
  • You’re afraid of missing something in the fandom. 
  • You neglect real-life priorities in favor of 1D or tumblr.
  • Notifications from twitter, instagram, tumblr make you scared.
  • Your phone buzzing in general (even a text) makes you think something bad has happened.

Fandom is meant to be a safe place for you to explore your interests and care for yourself. When it becomes something that makes you nervous or sick or scared, it’s not nurturing you anymore, it’s holding you in.

How to take a break:

  • Do you need to have something to obsess over? Try out a new book, comic, tv show, musical, movie, anything that maybe has caught your interest. Log out of your tumblr, start fresh on a new one and follow people in another fandom. Make friends, talk to people. 
  • Maybe you want something else to pass your time? Want to learn to draw? Practice drawing noses every day for 10 minutes, then ears, then fingers. Watch youtube tutorials, check out books from the library, teach yourself how to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Picking up new hobbies can be daunting, so start small. Remember no one is born with talent; practice and hard work got them to where they are today.
  • Turn off notifications. Designate 30 minutes every day, or every week, or whatever works for you, to check their twitters, instagrams, look through tumblr. Don’t let your phone plague you throughout your day, especially if it makes you nervous.
  • Go through the archives of yourself, friends, or bloggers you adore, queue a bunch of posts and log out of tumblr. This way you’re not going to have an inactive blog if this worries you. 
  • Treat yourself. Engage in self care. Take a bath, do a coconut oil hair treatment, grow out your leg hair, paint your nails, eat something delicious, watch a movie, pull the refrigerator out and sweep underneath where it was! 

How this has helped me: 

  • I’m more at peace with things. I’m still a Larrie, I still genuinely think they’re in a relationship, nothing has changed. Babygate could end tomorrow and I’ll come back and celebrate with all of you. Or, it could end thursday but I have an exam on Friday so I’ll celebrate afterward! Things will happen when they happen. Notifications will be waiting for me when I get back. I might hiking in Canada with no cell service when Harry and Louis come out. Their legacy will still exist when I get back, I will still be able to celebrate and support them when I get home. 
  • I’m better at meeting obligations: schoolwork, work work, personal goals, relationships. I feel more present and able to prioritize.
  • Seeing pictures of them (even pictures that are not ideal) doesn’t jar me. And it’s not because I’m hardened and have no feelings left anymore, but because I know that in the end, everything is going to be okay. 
  • I’m happy when I do log in, because I can focus on the good things, appreciate the way Harry wears two pairs of sunglasses, look at Louis’ ankles out and proud in the sunshine, see Niall attending every sporting event possible, and I have no idea what Liam is up to but I’m sure if I knew I’d be happy to see it. 

If you are wondering how to take a break, worried that things will change, not sure how to do it, need advice, my ask is open, as is my chat box. I’m here for anyone who wants to talk! <3

Tell Me You Love Me (Niall)

Here it is, the first one for today, posting another one later and two short ones tonight when I get back home. This one is little bit long but I reaaaally like this one and hope you like it too.. Enjoy :) xx
Yovana xx

Evee since I broke up with my boyfriend I started to spend even more time with Niall then when we used to live together. You see, Niall and I became friends way back on the beginning of his career, I was a photographer for their first album cover and since then we’re inseparable. I really liked him then but I soon realized that he’s probably turn into a superstar (like he did) and can get every girl he wants so I gave up on a chance to flirt and date him, so we became just best friends.
We moved in together when he bought the house in London, he thought it was good idea but after a year I moved in with then my boyfriend and now that we had very bad break up I left the apartment and everything went downhill from that.

Niall and I went on a little tour together around the Europe when he got his break from touring for a long time to get my mind off of the things for a little bit. We had time of our lifes doing things we could’ve sworn we won’t do. But when we got back to UK, he went to Mullingar to see his family and after that went back on the road. I haven’t seen him since, we barely talk to each other and I missed him terribly. It felt like I lost part of myself. But then I met James on tumblr by accident. I’m on tumblr 24/7 since it’s a great way to promote my photography. First he compliment my work then we started talking all the time, soon we become best friends and at some point I realized that I actually like the guy. He reminds me a lot like Niall and I think maybe that’s why I liked him.

I was drinking my coffee in the studio, editing some pics I took of some wannabe model when I got new message in my ask box.
It was James.
“Hey beautiful, I’m going on a short trip to London today I’m looking forward to see you if you’re up for it? Where you want to meet? We can go for some coffee or grab some food? Love James xxxxxxxxx”
I started to feel butterflies in my stomach erupting from excitement. I instantly called Niall hoping he will answer and surprisingly he did after first ring.

“Okay thia is telepathy, I was just about to call you. I’m on the airport I’m coming to see you babeee! I’m so excited”
“No. Fucking. Way” I said to him with huge grin on my face.
“Yes. Fucking. Way” he laughed his typical loud obnoxious laugh and I could picture him in laughing holding his stomach and his eyes closed.
“I missed you too much Ni, I want my best friend back here as soon as possible so I can choke you to death from hugging you tight”
He laughed and let heavy sigh before staying silent for a moment.
“I know darling, same here” he said softly.
He coughed before he suddenly asked about James.
“He comes here too. He wants us to meet and you have to go with me, what if he’s 40 year old pedophile? What if he wants to rape me and murder me? I have a long life ahead of me I don’t want to die that way”
He laughed and I couldn’t keep my voice with serious tone and started to laugh with him.
“You gonna be just fine. How you gonna know it’s him since you don’t know how he looks like? ” he said with weird tone in his voice.
“We have a code. I’m not going to tell you. It’s between me and him.” I giggled.
“What is it? Niall’s my future husband? ” and with that with both started to uncontrollably laugh. Back when we were in Paris on our little tour we vowed to each other that in case neither of us find their soul mate we will marry each other since it’s illegal to marry food. We’re weird. Don’t judge us.

“ (Y/ N) my plane is here. Gotta go, can’t wait to see yooooou! ”
“ Yeeeey! Same here. Have a safe trip. I’m waiting for you in studio with pizza and beer” I said knowing what he would say next.
“That’s my girl. That’s why I love ya. See you soon”
“Hahahah love you too”
And with that he hanged up.

After what seemed eternity I decided to kill some time with grocery shopping, buy new outfit for tomorrow’s date with James and take a little walk around the neighborhood hoping to snap some good pictures.
I sent the message to James that we can meet in Starbucks, but he didn’t answer right away so I thought maybe he’s on his way here.

When I came back home I fell on the couch and fell asleep.
After half an hour I heard the door slammed
“Honeeeey! I’m homeeee!” Niall said in high pitched voice cracking from laughter.
“You’re finally home,” I ran towards him and jumped in his arms which he put around me tightly so I don’t fall.
“Oh how I missed ya” Niall said giving me loud sloppy kiss on the cheek and small peck on the nose after it.
“Same here Ni, same here. Now leave your shit here and let’s sit down on the couch. I want details! ”

We talked about his tour, fans, next album, things boys did. Damn I miss them too. Two family size pizzas were already gone after first half of the conversation which wasn’t big surprise.
“ So how’s everything with you? How’s school, work, life? I want to know everything” he smiled at me, resting his chin on his hand as we sat facing each other.
“As you can see the boxes I got kicked out from my apartment. I was two rents behind. On the bright side I’m not gonna rush to work anymore, but I’m not gonna bother you with that. I have one more exam till I get master degree and I’m free woman”
He laughed before standing up.
“I’m gonna get another beer, you want one? Ok don’t answer. ”
We both smiled and looked at each other for a little bit longer than usual.
I could’ve sworn that there was ‘something’ between us. Not like best friends or simple flirty look. It was more than that.
Then he twisted on his heel and went to the small part of the studio I called kitchen.

Niall’s phone buzzed on the table in front of the couch and he got a message from tumblr. He never told me he had it.
“ Since when you have tumblr? ” I yelled so he could hear me. He stayed silent for a second then yelled back.
“ Just to keep up with the new trends. Everyone has it, don’t tell the fans if they ask ya”.
I continued to scroll down his blog just to see that he reblogged almost every picture I posted.
“You stalk me little fucker, huh? ” I said to him wiggling my eyebrows when he
got back.
When he looked at me with phone in my hands he immediately jumped on the couch trying to grab his phone and he didn’t look very happy about it.
“ Give me my phone back. ” he said angrily.
“ Let me think…… Naah! ”

I opened the message, when I looked back at Niall he’s face dropped.
I looked at the phone just to see my message that I sent to James. He was James. I was in shock. I didn’t even realized that tears were falling down my cheeks. How could I possibly be that dumb? He was so like Niall and for Christ sake Niall’s middle name is James. We couldn’t Skype or anything cause I’d recognized him the same second I saw him.
“ You’re James? Why would you do this to me? ” I said to him with broken voice. He stayed silent avoiding my gaze but I could feel the unspoken tension between us.
Then rage took over my body and the fact that I had alcohol rushing through my veins only made me explode.
“ Why would you lie to me like this Niall?! Answer me! ” I yelled jumping off the couch.
Niall suddenly stood up also getting angry as well.
“ You see? This is why! I’m giving you hints ever since I met you. When you hooked up with that douche I realized how much I fucking love you (Y/N)! ” He yelled at me getting closer to me.
He never yelled at me and only time I saw him this angry was when he watches Derby so I started to step back.
“ I was crushed for months and after you broke up I took you on the trip so you can forget about that piece of shit and to make you mine. But nooo miss (Y/L/N) friendzoned me once again and gives chance to everyone but me.
I made that bullshit so I can see if you can fall for a guy like me and you did. I know you too god damn well (Y/N)! You can’t lie to me and say we got nothing because we both know we got more than this. ”

He was right. That’s all I could say. He IS right. We both looked at each other then he pushed me on the wall lifting me up so I wrapped my legs around his waist, he took my cheek in one hand and placed other one on my hip holding me up.
“ I know you love me don’t lie to me” he said quietly his eyes tearing up.
With that our lips smashed together sharing deep passionate kiss, letting out all the hurt, frustration, anger, impatience, pure love, everything we felt and didn’t said.

We pulled away to take a deep breath.
“Tell me you love me” he whispered in the crook of my neck gasping from lack of air. I took his face in mu hands making him look at me and I know he was on the edge of crying.
“I love you Niall” and we kissed again.
We looked at each other, our foreheads touching. We both started giggling knowing that we finally let everything out and he kissed my nose knowing that always made me smile more.
“You know, you can put me down now”
He laughed and put me down stroking my cheek, looking at me with still teary eyes.
“What’s wrong Ni? ”
“ I’m just happy I finally got my princess with me” he said kissing me once again.

Next morning I woke up by the sound of pans clanking together.
“WAKE UP! WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! YOU’RE COMING HOME TODAAAY! ” Niall said before jumping on me and giving me kisses all over my face. I took pillow and hit him in the head.
“ Love does really hurt” he said acting like he’s really been hurt.
I stood up to see whole studio empty.
He came close to me and put his hands on my waist.
“Calm down love, listen now that you’re my princess I’m going to spoil you like one. You’re moving back with me that’s final. I have extra empty room so I made you little studio there, all your stuff is there and I add some more to that. I find you awsome job to work at Elle magazine but you gonna be assistant photographer for couple weeks than they’ll upgrade you thanks to your wonderful boyfriend because I don’t want you to work with spoiled brats and drunk people in the clubs”
I started to cry from happiness. How could I be so lucky?
“Niall why would you do all of this?”
“Part of the reason I came here. Telling you the truth and tell you what I planned for ya.”
This was all too much for me and no matter how good it all sound I don’t want to get the job because of him or just jump into his house,because people would think I’m only using him for fame which is so not true.
“Niall I can’t-”
“Nah-ah. You’re not doing what you want. There’s nothing you can change my mind about all of this. It’s done! Just lock the doors and let’s go home. I’m not letting you live in this hole. It’s not like we didn’t live together before. ”
“ Okay then. Let’s go home. ” i said.
He smiled from ear to ear and gave me a kiss.


ok, so first of all, i never know what to say in those things?? but i think i should start thanking you guys for following me??? cause like, i know how annoying i can be most of the times(especially if one of my faves do something) and like, a lot of you dont even like 1d and have to put up with me being extra about liam and zayn a lot, so you know haha thank you!! 2015 was kind of a roller coaster in both fandoms and idk i guess i should just thank you for still following me and for making my dash a nice place(not everytime tho theres been a few times that i got annoyed with a few things but you know… happens). To the people that have been putting up with me even more( i mean the people that i constantly annoy…you probably know who you are),  thank you for listening to me when i want to be extra about something(cause like its not surprising that i’m extremely annoying sorry) and for just making me laugh even when i wanted to cry about some stupid things, y’all made some of my days better ok? And to all of you, thank you for sometimes reblogging funny things and like, i honestly laugh reading your tags about your faves, because its really cute how you guys get happy because of picture or a video. If thats not obvious, of course i dont have a nice way with expressing what i want to say, but just, thank you for reblogging my stuff and just being nice to me, it means a lot(like, i honestly dont know why some of you still follow me so). I hope y’all have a nice christmas and a blessed new year ok? I hope 2016 surprise everyone and end up being a better year(and hopefully it will be):

 @zayniepaynie: listen here dummy, thank you for listening to me ranting about so many things(and we both know how annoying i can be), for giving me advice, and you’re so funny when you’re annoyed pls i honestly laugh really hard, and like, you’re one of the few that understand how i feel about some stuff and allow me to talk to you about it without judging me, and i honestly love hearing your fic ideas ok(hopefully you’ll end up posting one of these someday who knows). ily a lot and i’m so glad we have so many things in common and that we can always be bitter about stuff together lol ily ali
@camilajauregui: amy, i know you’re not that active on here anymore and i dont even know if you’re gonna see this, but you’re one of the few people that always talked to me and you were always so nice and like, i truly miss seeing you on my dash a lot :(( hope you’re okay tho come backkkk
@zainschevron: lets hope that in 2016 youre not posting anything gross liam related?? just accept its not happening ok, otherwise im gonna get tumblr to delete ur blog????? hope you’re aware of that. but honestly lex, i love seeing ur posts cause i laugh a lot and everytime i tell you something and you reply, you make me laugh when i shouldnt be laughing lol its really nice to go off to you about something cause we always ending up talking about liam(idk how this happens but im glad it does)
@ziamasf i’m not sure what to say about you since you’re always cheating on me but!!!!! thank you for supporting me and for being funny without trying idk talking to you makes me want to make you laugh too and thank you for doing posts whenever i ask(its nice to know i got you whipped) i honestly dont know why i didnt follow you before but im glad i did
@ziamhell: you’re honestly so so so so sos os os soos ososofdsofos talented okay and always so sweet to me whenever i annoy you on your asks and i just wanna thank you for this
@snakeliam: thank you for being patient with me?? and for being really nice, like, ever since we kind of started talking and ily okay its nice to know liam has a stan like you <3
@ziamsbatman: elif!!! thank you for always talking to me okay i really hope next time you’ll get 5h tickets and i’ll freak out a lot cause i’m gonna be really happy for you(and it’ll be soon hopefully) just thank you really you’re amazing
@bows-n-beanies: sam, i just wanna say that im so happy for what you’ve accomplished this year and i’m so happy you’ll finally have a chance of seeing the girls next year okay you’re always ALWAYS so cute whenever we send asks to each other(even tho its not that often) and i just with you the best

so i wanted to write something for everyone but i dont think that would be possible??(and it’ll probably take a lot of time so) my fave blogs are in bold(cause like i wanted to write a cute message for you but i would probably be really embarrassing and just repeat the same things cause my vocabulary its not that great but) and idk thank you <3(some of these are non mutuals but like, thank you for reblogging people that i like seeing on my dash)

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Looking for a singer!

Hi everyone! Some of you know I’m trying to start an all female, all singing band, based in the UK (London is the plan eventually). The sound I’m after is basically pop music with a rockier undertone (rather than most girl groups today who are more pop with an rnb influence). So basically rocky version of 5h, or female version of 1d. I write songs and sing (I also play guitar, might be needed in the start). I have a few songs already on my youtube which we could use . Or we could write new songs. But it’s a little guideline to what I mean when I say pop with a rock influence (because I know that’s a pretty broad concept, hehe). I have some more songs I’ll upload soon too!

SOOOO right now I’m looking for one singer! To start with, and eventually we’ll look for more singers together:) I know a lot of you out there do sing, but there are still some more requirements to fill if we are going to work out together, so I made a list. (If you don’t fit the requirements, like you live too far away or something, you could answer this post with a caption of your location and look for other people to start a band with instead!)

So, you need to:

  • Live somewhere in the UK (or if you could move there by next summer latest)
  • Be able to sing (duh). You don’t have to be able to sing like Aguilera or have the strongest voice in the world, you need to like to sing together in a group and have solos sometimes, confidence can be worked on:)
  • You must be able to send me a clip of you singing!
  • Be around my age, 18-23 or so (I’m 21)
  • YOU HAVE TO agree with me on our choice of genre. This is NOT going to be a punk-pop band, we won’t sound like fob, p!atd or 5sos. Think more 1d, perhaps with a little more consistent use of guitars. I’m up for experimenting on our sound of course, but in the end we’ll still stay in the pop-lane. That being said, we won’t really sound like 5h or little mix either.
  • You have to love music! It has to be your dream to be in a band/musician or work with music somehow. If you are a fan of all singing bands/groups too that’s great, then you know more what I’m about:p
  • You have to be able to take this seriously as well. This band isn’t meant to be a hobby or so, the point is that we really try to make it. So if your plan is to start uni next year and go there for three years, this probably isn’t for you (unless you change your mind lol). You have to be in the mindset of eventually spending most of your energy/time on the band.
  • If you do play some instrument too that’s great as well, but it’s not needed.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY we have to get along well as friends. Which might take some time finding out by talking over the internet/skyping first. Because a band is a lot of work and we have to have fun too of course, otherwise what is the point of a band anyway:)

Who am I, you probably wonder. Musically, I’ve been in a few bands but none of them were very serious (and they weren’t all singing either). I’m almost 22 and live in Stockholm, Sweden, where I go to uni right now. My plan is to move to the UK soon though. I first thought of moving to London next summer, but now I’m thinking I might move to the UK earlier, beginning of next year, and not necessarily to London right away. Ideally, if I found someone here to start a band with and you lived somewhere in the UK I could move there and we could get things rolling in the spring and then move to London next summer. But that’s all details! And I’m getting ahead of myself.. We’ll figure something out together for sure:)

BUT YOU STILL WONDER what in the world is the actual plan with the band, like what will we do when we meet?? Well, my idea is that we start singing some songs together, originals and covers. We start playing out a bit, like at open mics, and bars, I can play the guitar. We start making an online presence, youtube account, facebook, tumblr and such. Meanwhile all this we keep looking for more members (4-5 members in total would be ideal). My dream is that next summer we’ll do some kind of not very serious tour, just traveling around the UK and playing where we can, acoustic gigs. After that..? Well, if we manage to get signed and that whole deal my dream is to eventually go on big tours with a live backing band. It’s a lot of work to get there, but I want to give it a try!! If you have other ideas about what we could do too, tell me:) We need to be a bit creative about the whole process. It’s very hard to get signed.

I’m sorry for all the text, I love to write nonsense! Anyway, to conclude…. If this sounds like your thing, please send me a video or audio of you singing. My email is . If you have questions, send me an ask!  Sometimes asks don’t go through though, so if I don’t answer try again or email me. I’ll probably post your ask publicly (unless you send me your contact information or anything that shouldn’t be published). Even if you don’t fill all the requirements it might still be good to get in touch because who knows, things might change!

Now if you don’t live in the UK but still want to be in a band, you could reblog this post and add your location as a caption. Then go through the notes in the bottom corner and see if someone else is from the same place and talk to them!

Please help me spread this, guys! Or if you know/know of someone who might be interested in being in a band please help me to get in touch with them!

Please reblog! If you reblog I’ll check out your blog and probably follow you :3 (ugh I’m desperate, ain’t I)

Also check my bio to see if I’m still looking! thanks for reading, love you all xxx, //Hanna, 26 september 2015

anonymous asked:

Do you think there's some bad Liam news on the way? I can't take much more of this. I mean it. If they hit us with one more crazy 1d story I'm taking a break. *insert pitch perfect enough gif*

Anonymous said:

So Liam just rt a tweet that said “Liam is engaged” in it. He didn’t even deny it.. somethings definitely gonna happen unless he denies it later on today.


Anonymous said:

what do you mean sasha? a baby for sophiam? or a zerrie wedding? i can’t think of which one i want the least. ughhh :////


Here you go nonnie #1.

I feel you.

I think Liam’s retweet was shade. As always, Liam’s shade goes right over most of the fandom’s head.

He’s laughing AT fans who think this, not WITH them. Because everything listed here is an untruth. And it’s possible he’s helping set y’all up big time. Because no, I don’t think a Sophiam baby is coming, Louis has got that angle covered. And no, I don’t think a Zerrie wedding is ever happening. And nope, I don’t think there will be an engagement either.

I’ve been pondering this with the benefit of hindsight lately. And when I logged onto tumblr today and saw that tptb were making it very clear that Sophia hasn’t been with Liam lately, my spidey senses really started tingling.

She’s out in Marbella (a recent stuntin’ location for half of Little Mix + Danielle Peazer) doing her usual promo of the usual suspect brands.

Still doing promo at the bacherlorette party of her friend, too. Notice the metallic stick on tattoos are always facing the camera. Doniya Malik and Perrie Edwards have also promo’d these stick on tatts. So what I’m getting at is that none of this is random. It seems to be a working vacay. I wouldn’t be surprised if Modest helped foot the bill for this “hen party” in exchange for making sure the pix ended up on social media. This is exactly what 1DHQ wants us to see: public separation.

Now back to what I’ve been contemplating for a while. These things have been resting in the back of my mind for months. It’s possible all of it is starting to come together now.

First thing that stuck in my brain: Liam randomly showing up on Louis’ worldwide club crawl of terror which thus far has resulted in Zayn leaving 1D and a supposed Louis love child.

O rly? You’re working an interesting angle there, Daily Mail.

The beautiful woman in this pic was identified only as “a female friend”. She sure looks like she might be Liam’s “type”. Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this. The next thing that made me go hmmm was Liam turning up with Louis again at Snoop Dogg’s album release party in mid May.

Briana was also there, so clearly this was a sanctioned stunt event. Let’s pause and look at how one gossip blog covered this.

I am intrigued, please continue.

Boom. This gossip column basically called this out as a rebranding stunt. This dude doesn’t know just how right he was. Or does he? He probably knows more than us, tbh…

Alrighty, that said, the third thing I side-eyed was this blind item by Crazy Days and Nights from late May:

And there you have it. I think 1DHQ could potentially have laid the groundwork for a Liam cheating scandal. Lemme also note in relation to this blind item, obviously lots of tv shows and films are shot in L.A. And lots of tv shows and films are shot in Vancouver too. 1DHQ has made it very clear Sophia wasn’t in Vancouver. So that detail may come into play later.

Because these scandals are about being as anti-boyband as possible, I doubt any cutsie baby or engagement or wedding stories are coming. This is all about dirtying up the guy’s images so that they are associated with (very hetero) adult issues as opposed to cute kid friendly stuff.

As I pointed out in an earlier ask, Harry already has a high profile and an image as a womanizer to those outside the fandom. Zayn has aged up his image and has been consistently been portrayed as an “it boy” since he left 1D. Niall had his awesome wtf moment when he “broke up” with Melissa and was publicly linked to 5 women in one day’s worth of press. Of course, Louis has got babygate. So that leaves our precious Liam as the next to be scandalized. Will it happen? I definitely don’t know. Has 1DHQ put everything in place to make it happen? Yep.

Bad Niall : Chapter One

Summary: Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Best friends since diapers and totally inseparable. Liam is the perfect student and footie star while Niall is the shy goodie two shoes who is totally not a sex deviant. Well, at least not all the time. The one where Niall gets romantically involved with Zayn and Harry who are Liam’s footie rivals. Louis who is the French foreign exchange student, Liam who needs to figure out his true feelings and Niall who can’t control his bad side.

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut

AN: Something I wrote a while back and I finished it today because it was already almost done. This could be a third series if you guys like the first chapter and then I will have three series to work on this summer! Many fics! Many updates! Many ships and so much drama.

PS: Don’t hate me, this fic/chapter was just sitting there and I wanted to get it out. This could be a one-shot too if it’s not good enough. It’s 3.5k long :3 Let me know if you all like by <3 the chapter! Feedback via ask is nice too :)

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In honor of reaching my goal of 2k (thank you so much!!!) I’ve decided to make my first Follow Forever!

Up first, we have some of my best friends/favorite blogs in no particular order:

  • Madi - You’re consistently there for me, always bringing a smile to face when I see your name in my inbox. You’re so sweet to take time out of your days to make drawings for me, and let me just say — you’re so talented and I hope you know that. When I was going through one of the most difficult relapses I’ve had, you were so supportive and brought tears to my eyes with love and happiness. I love you lots and lots :) #ceyonce 5evr
  • Katie - You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve met on tumblr, not to mention incredibly gorgeous. I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten married like twelve times and that’s totally fine with me. Ik I can always trust you and ily bunches xx
  • Jordan - You’re genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever gotten to know even just a little bit. I know you’re going through a pretty tough time right now and we don’t talk very often anymore, but I hope you know that I love you and I’m here for you if you ever need it :)
  • Caitlin - Thank you for being so supportive all the time. You’re someone I can really trust and vent to, and I love that. You’re such a wonderful person, and I love you lots and I’m here for you, no matter what you need. Much love :)
  • Sisi - I find it incredibly weird that I never would’ve gotten to know you if it wasn’t for tumblr, when we’re so similar and live so close. I can’t wait to meet you irl soon, if not before then at our 5sos concert :) You’re one of the smartest, most passionate people I’ve ever talked to, and your view on life has really changed mine for the better. You’re always there to listen to my nonsensical rants and that means so so much to me. I love youuuu xoxo
  • Alexia - Oh my god, where to start… Well first of all, you’re one of the most incredible writers I’ve ever come across — don’t you dare stop believing that for a second. You’re so driven and I love that about you. Even though we’ve only been friends for about a month (?), I love that we talk almost constantly and our conversations are pure gold and I trust you lots. I love that you have an appropriate gif or frog meme for everything and even though I say I hate you a lot, it’s only because you make me feel too many emotions. I actually love you tons. :)
  • Tara - One of my favorite blogs on tumblr. Super nice and so so so helpful. If you aren’t already following her, I don’t know what you’re waiting on — just do it. You’ll thank me later.
  • Maxine - Again, if you aren’t already following her, you’re missing out. She always gives out great advice and you can tell how much passion she puts into her blog. :)
  • The 4 total idiots who started it all - No words for how much this band means to me. They’ve saved my life (so cliche ik sorry) and been the vehicle for me to meet so many wonderful people. I will never be able to express my love for them properly or to thank them for all they’ve done for me.

Up next, we have the rest of the follow forever. I love all of you so so much and you’re hella rad. The ones in bold are extra rad and I wish we talked more :-)


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Again, I love you all to pieces :) So sorry if I missed anyone!!

hey guys so i haven’t seen any posts about this shit yet and its really starting to bother me so i thought i’d bring it to everyone’s attention

i cant help but notice the massive amounts of spam in the more popular tags, and im not sure whats bringing all of these spam blogs, or if they have anything to do with the usual spam-bots that have been sending fanmail or the ones that have been polluting the steven universe tag for the past few months (you know the ones, they generate thousands of fake notes so that they can get to the top of the tag page and they promote old episodes with lengthy posts). they could be from 4chan or some other place but the point im trying to make is that you absolutely should not click on the links they provide. you could be directed to a malware website and i think we all know how easy it is for viruses to spread on the internet

all of the links seem to send people to “”? i dont know what this website is, i refuse to click these links lol

i dont know why these blogs exist, when they all started (im assuming sometime after midnight last night) or what their purposes are, but ive been on tumblr long enough to know what not to click on. viruses come and go on this website all the time. just report these blogs and hopefully staff will do something about them, because the posts are constant and they clog up the tags

so far the tags i know of that are currently being spammed are:

steven universe
neko atsume
one punch man
agent carter
gravity falls
sailor moon
star wars
fallout 4
wonder woman

and others