this was wayyyy back in 2011

Being An Online Catfish.

Yes, you read it. My life was once a miserable shithole, I did stuff that I’m not proud of but I thought I’d share it with you. Why not?

It all started wayyyy back, I’m going to say maybe like 2011. When blackberry’s were the Iphones and everyone had one, I had one too obviously boo. I got some photo of a blonde girl off Google, I can’t remember what I called her but yeah I basically made a fake BBM account. I started talking to my best friends (at the time) boyfriend. It only lasted for an hour, I got caught, obviously.

I think a year passed, I made a fake Facebook account pretending being my friend, you ask why? I don’t remember. She found out lol OBVIOUSLY, I confessed to her as she apparently got the police involved, which she didn’t. I deleted the account and it’s been gone for 4 years, the computer I used to make it has been gone for 3 years, no way to track it down boo.

My 3rd attempt of making a fake account was again on Facebook, I made a fake profile of someone called Chloe Harwood, at the time she was only Tumblr famous not Facebook so no one knew who she was. It got quite a lot of attention, it lasted for couple of months. I deleted it afterwards. She did become Facebook famous straight after that though, someone owes me credit ;)

I then took it to another level, I made another one called Natalie Cooper. I used this girls photos as well off Tumblr, when I made it I added Reece Kay and he accepted it and liked one of the photos, which he was Facebook famous meaning all his friends and 40k+ will see he liked it, the Facebook profile blew up insanely. It kept getting like 10k followers every week, it reached about 47k followers on Facebook and my fake Facebook profile was literally classed as a Facebook famous person baring in mind the actual model girl only had like 1.5k followers on her actual Facebook. I got bored of it, I deleted it.

Then I didn’t do anything for couple of months but then made a new fake Facebook profile called Becky. She had blonde hair and amazingggg curves, that also exploded with having like over 1k likes on photos on Facebook. It was cray cray. Yes, I did end up deleting that also.

I did not make any of these to harm anyone, to bully anyone, to expose anyone, to have creepy conversations, I literally did it because no one would talk to me and by doing this guys would talk to me and they loved my personality, that was the hard part because no one gave the real me a chance to show my personality.

Thankfully, I haven’t felled down in literally months and have not made any. I’m finally happy with my own appearance, guys talk to me now as they like my real appearance, I am happy. Nothing is better than someone liking you for you.