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tony wearing clothes on clothes on clothes in that trailer. black suit jacket over black pullover over black shirt. 

‘it’s a multi-purpose look, pete.’ gestures at himself. ‘now i’m a businessman.‘ takes off the jacket, exposing pullover. ‘now i’m a dad.’ takes off the pullover, down to his shirt. ‘now i work backstage on Hamilton.’ puts on his black sunglasses. ‘now i’m a jazz musician.’

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Would you mind doing 3, 4, and 45 for elucien? (I lovelovelove your headcanons!) :)

Yes, I would love to, thank you! I never talk about elucien either! (Sorry my answers were mostly Elain, but I have Reasons.)

3. Who hogs the cover/ Who loves to cuddle? I feel like these are two different questions, but I think that Elain hogs the covers - she is all over the place at night, like she’s so little, especially compared to Lucien, but she somehow manages to take up the entire bed? Lucien has no idea how. Every night she swears that she will try to take up only her rightful portion of the bed, but then when they wake up every morning he is pretty much on the edge, and she is wrapped around him. Limbs everywhere, all the sheets and bedding wrapped around her. It’s quite the chore to extricate herself from this situation every morning.

The cuddling, I think this is both of them. She loves it on principle, and maybe he isn’t that into it, theoretically, but actually he can’t help it? Like she looks so cute and rosy and darling? And he loves it when she looks up at him and he kisses her nose. Like a cat. They spend a lot of time like this, sharing a chair that is far too small for two people, but Elain insists, and of course Lucien doesn’t actually mind.

4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses? ELAIN AGAIN. omg why the fuck are these two so damn cute, ugh. Because I change my mind, I think it’s both of them? Whoever wakes up first. It is the duty of the first waker to alert the other to morning with the liberal application of kisses. I… really need Lucien to have all of these things.

45. Who is more likely to get drunk? Ok this one is definitely Elain, because Lucien, by this point, has figured out his limits. He knows how to handle himself, but Elain has never really learned this. She’s never had the chance to, and even years later, he warns her that she has already had three glasses of wine, and so a fourth will not serve, it will be no good at all. And she sort-of knows this, she recognizes that this is Not A Good Idea. But also she doesn’t care? In theory. Of course in practice, later that night when she is moaning and he has to carry her to bed, and then the next morning when she is sighing dramatically and can’t sit up without the world spinning, she will remember why it is that she actually doesn’t like wine.

50 OTP things

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Did you get your job straight after you got your degree or did u have to wait? Also do you think your gpa like paid a big role? And did you do internships and stuff while at uni?

i’m about to like go into way too much detail but you did ask…so i didn’t get it str8 away, i graduated in dec but didn’t start applying for jobs till like end of jan. my friend told me that the screenprinting technician at our uni wanted an intern and i really liked screenprinting so i was like why not…..let her know i was keen and she let me do it it turned out it wasn’t really an internship it was assistant teaching where i take like half the class for printmaking workshops it was so fun bye i would just been screenprinting in all my downtime and the students were only like 3 years younger than me so they were all cool and i’d just talk shit to them about food and let them do whatever prints they wanted ahah it was mean and got paid all good….while i was doing this i was also interning at a design studio and it was mean too cos i got to work on the campaign for this thing in nz called the best awards which is like the biggest design award thing here, it was sooooo fun and i was really proud of what i did there, they liked me, i thought they might keep me on if i stuck it out but like you don’t want to rely on that? so i was applying for jobs obviously and i got signed up with this creative like. recruitment agency. and when i met the lady she really liked me for SOME REASON?! literally dunno why…..she was like desccribe urself in three words and i was like i’m chill…….calm and……idk what ellse? so she was like? relaxed? and i turned up wearing a hat and clothes w screenprinting ink all over it cos i came from my other job. anyways she must have talked me up so much cos when i turned up to the inteview at my current job they said that she said she loved me and was raving abouit me so i feel like they were already like predisposed to want to hire me so shout outs to her. so i got the job and found out like a week later and i was like. idk i feel like i gotta take it. it’s the biggest adveritisng agency in the country. but i kinda wanna see if this design studio will keep me on cos i love the work they do and they had cool clients but then i also didn’t love it there it was really bland work culture and i felt like there was just a divide there between the designers and the strategy like? it just didn’t really gel well but yea. i also got offered to teach book binding at my uni which was paid well, but like. ? it was only 4 weeks guaranteed and then they’d just need me when it’s like hand in times or whatever and even tho i’d love to do that i love making books I couldn’t like jusitfy turning down full time work to get that. OH MY GOD THIS IS SO LONG BYEEEE!! and at the same time my old boss from penguin books where i worked casually while i was at uni got in contact w me to see if i wanted to do some more work w them. so i was like torn. cos basically i had 3 part time sort of like offers but then i knew i wanted to give the full time job a chance even tho its adveritisng which i hate and think is annoying disgusting and stupid. but here i am coz i’m a sell out. btw gpa - dont know wtf that is we dont have that here. my marks at uni literlaly couldn’t matter less apart from the fact that i passed - noone care. but maybe that’s cos it was design haha. but yea i did 2 internships at uni at two design studios and i did casual work like i said at penguin books. without doing the internships i stirahg tup would have had noone to vouch for me as a reference so i think doing them was real important. also i reckon i did shit as at the first one i did but i learnt from it haha. woowwwwww. this turned out to be my biography moral of the story is i’m so glad i took up my job i love it there apart from like. everything i make

thank you so much


alex: is it weird being a triplet? i don’t have siblings so having 2 constantly around seems.. a bit much?

blaire: i mean sometimes, but not really. they’re my best friends though, well im closer to athena but that’s just cause she’s my #1 tru boo. i love cia and emmett too but i feel like i should protect athena in a way? she’s a tough cookie but rly she’s a fragile lil bug, idk im so lame

alex: nah (: it make’s sense. Your parents are cool too, i had fun hanging out with your dad. my mom isn’t really around and my dad’s kind of.. unsupportive? but warren has always been really chill and it’s been nice living together.

blaire: that really sucks, im sorry /: can I ask why or would that be super nosey..?

alex: you’re fine haha, originally when i told him i identified as non-binary he was a little put off, but when I came out that kind of put him over the edge. which sucks but i’m not rly gonna waste my time trying to change him.

blaire: oh.. well my parents can adopt you!!? they love me so y not (‘: whats one more gay kid in the fam amiright??

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When u start requests again, could u do a hc about the gang going go-carting together??

-Ponyboy thinks this will be a nice, fun time to bond with all the guys and catch up

-ha wRONG

-it’s every man for himself and Dallas Winston has his hands on a cart. He’s got Johnny in the passenger side and is showing off way too much

-“Dal, I’m gonna be sick”

-Darry decides to join in on the fun after some convincing from Soda. They join together and actually turn out to be the best team. Darry doesn’t let Soda drive but that doesn’t stop Soda from shouting which way to turn and when to speed up

-Ponyboy notices that Darry is smiling just the way he used to when their parents were still alive. When Dally rams into them, Darry doesn’t even get angry, but smirks and fires a shot right back

-meaNWHILE Ponyboy is crammed between Steve at the wheel and Two-Bit on the passenger side of their cart. They’re both barking at each other over who should get to drive

-eventually Steve makes a sharp turn and Two-Bit falls out and onto the ground, cursing and spitting but also laughing a lot

-he ends up in Dally and Johnny’s cart. Ponyboy then feels awkward being left alone with Steve, but Steve doesn’t care. He’s still the same old guy, but he explains his plans to try and tip over one of the guys’ carts. Ponyboy tries to help by adjusting his weight when they’re turning and such, which earns a grin from Steve

-in all it’s about as chaotic as you can get and they aren’t allowed back, but it was a perfect experience in everyone’s opinions

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hey, I'm Austrian and I was wondering what do you think of the Austrian accent? German people often make fun of how Austrians, esp Viennese people, stretch the vowels so much (kinda like Italians😂). When foreigners talk about German, they often forget Austria. Some people don't even know that in Austria people speak German too. That's sad actually. Have you ever been to Austria? Do you like it? Germans tend to say that Austrians are sloooowly and relaxed people. 😂😂 not always true though

yes!!! as someone who speaks with a very “german german” accent i do think it sounds a bit weird but in a cute way (in the same way i find hiberno english funny to listen to) ^^ when i first started learning german i actually found austrian and swiss people speaking standard german quite easy to understand bc they tend to speak a little more slowly and carefully when theyre not using their dialects than standard german natives do when they speak normally so i definitely dont think its a bad thing :D

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do you think usually seb wears contact lenses? or maybe the glasses were to protect his eyes while playing? Either way, i love him so much, he made my day!

the sign on the door says “protective eyewear advised,” so i’m assuming he’s wearing them for that. i can’t believe he’s wearing shorts while he’s playing tho. that’s impressive. 

but it’s nice to see he’s not skipping leg day.

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hello, i've just recently found out that i'm actually an empath, and have high possibility to be a clairsentient. i've had a lot of gut feelings revolving around someone from the past and whether he still has any feelings for me or not, and the answers would always be yes. also when it hits me the feeling was unbelievably strong. i've tried meditation as well. i'm truly confused and scared that i would be wrong because honestly i still care for him. i wonder if (c)

you know some ways to learn to trust the intuition or develop my abilities? i’m sorry if this is too long i don’t know where else to go & google can only do so much. thank you

there are fun exercises i used to do a while back! draw a star, a heart, a tree and a flower on individual pieces of paper (you can also do this with numbers, colors, words, whatever works the best for you, i’ve found that shapes do the trick for me)

put the pieces of papers in a way you can only see the white side. now you can either think and try to sense a specific shape and pick up that piece of paper or you can pick up a random paper and try to guess what shape it is!

this is the only “formal” like exercise i can think of at the moment, but psychic exercises can be included daily and they’re fun to do! like you can guess what you’re having for lunch if other people prepare your meals, you can guess what song comes next while you’re listening to music, you can pick up older objects and try to sense something about them (best done if you have persons you can ask questions about the object then to see if you were right) - or you can have some friends help you with this, i used to have a friend and she’d bring old jewelry from her family and me and another friend tried to guess what the person was like that was wearing it, guess how long it takes for the traffic light to change, try to guess who’s calling you before you pick up the phone, grab a handful of rocks and try to guess how many there are before counting them, try to guess who wrote you a message on facebook before you open them, literally anything where you have some space to try to sense what’s going to happen before it does, do it! you can even google random quizzes you know nothing about and try to guess the answers. the shape and quiz exercise will help you fully distinguish if it’s your intuition or your rational mind. 

and i know it sounds boring when i say meditation but meditation is the key to everything!! also work on your chakras and spend more time on your third eye. there are great guided meditations on youtube to help with this.

Hear Me Out - Old Lady Lions

I know some of the paladins refer to their lions as ‘he’ but my friends and I ( @ayyybrahamlincoln ) came up with our own headcanon for what the lions are. Because you know what’s way better than silly boy lions? Old lady lions. Complete with crotchety voices that you have to voice out loud during episodes. Come now, why else do you think it takes them so long to remember they have these cool weapons? I think at one point Shiro says he hasn’t “unlocked” some of the weapons for the black lion and there’s this implication that the stronger your bond is with your lion, the more tools become available to you. This is too straight forward and logical. All the lions are actually old ladies, having been sitting around letting their memory fade for ten thousand years, and unfortunately getting back into the Voltron lifestyle is not quite as easy as getting back on a bike. You don’t unlock any weapons. The lions just take forever to remember they have them.

Black: Goodness gracious, this robot is ripping us a new one (hey, they’re old ladies and they’ve seen some shit). Margaret, didn’t you have something to hit all those lasers with?

Yellow: What’s that? Something to fit all the phasers in?

Green: We don’t even have phasers, you old coot! That’s not a weapon in this universe. Didn’t you have some sort of gun thing for this? 

Yellow: A gun? No, no, Gladys, I’ve got a sword.

Blue: That’s Rosie’s sword, dearie.

Yellow: Oh. Well then what’s this pesky bit of code here? Does that say ‘Shooder Camon’? What in blue blazes is that?

Red: We’re all going to die.

Black: Shoulder cannon, sweet pea. That’s what we need. Now go tell that strapping young paladin of your’s so we can load it up.

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Buckynat prompt: throwing horrible pick up lines at each other

Bucky skips the most of the charity benefits the Avengers attend–it’s not like New York’s high society is clamoring to make small talk with a grumpy assassin anyway. (Bruce gets out of most events for similar reasons.) But sometimes Natasha will hear about a fundraiser for disabled veterans or land mine removal and put it on his calendar.

“They can send the invitation to me, you know,” he grumps, fastening his cufflinks. “You don’t have to manage me.”

Natasha fusses needlessly with his tie. “Stop being an ass. Being around strangers is stressful enough for you. I’m just trying to help.”

Bucky sighs, then puts his hand on Natasha’s face, gazing into her eyes. “Baby,” he says solemnly, “You’re so sweet you give me cavities.”

Her mouth flattens into an unimpressed line. “You’re going to have to do way better than that. Also, starting before we get there is cheating.”

Bucky can still make small talk when he needs to. It’s not as much of a chore for him as he lets everyone think it is. It’s being in a huge room with poor sightlines and hundreds of moving targets that makes him clammy. Nat always wears something that lets him keep an eye on her. Tonight it’s a pair of huge, glimmering earrings.

He watches them reflect light as she passes him, arching an eyebrow and murmuring, “Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again?” Bucky bites the corner of his mouth to suppress a smirk.

“Going with the classics tonight, I see,” he says, handing her a glass of champagne.

“Maybe,” she replies. “Did you get any of that crab appetizer? It was amazing.”

“Yeah, I had, like, four. You know.” He tips his glass towards her conspiratorially. “They say you are what you eat.”

“And you’re crabby?” she hazards.

“I was gonna say, if that’s true, I could be you by tomorrow morning.”

She snorts, and Bucky clenches a fist in victory. “Point for me! Shot for you!” Neither of them can really get drunk, but it’s still enormous fun to throw back shots in formalwear.

Nat gets him when they sit down for dinner, swiping at something invisible on his pant leg. “Did you sit in sugar?” she asks with annoyance.

He starts to reply, “I don’t think so,” before she breaks in with “‘Cause you’ve got a sweet ass.”

“Goddamnit,” he mutters, signaling for the waiter.

She gets him again during the salad course, leaning over and saying seductively, “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.”

There’s dancing after dinner, and that’s when they really get going.

There isn’t any room at the bar, so Bucky slings an arm over Natasha’s shoulders and says, “Don’t worry, as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit.”

Nat holds her sleeve to his face and says, “Excuse me, sorry, does this smell like chloroform to you?”

She asks what he wants to do when they get home and he says, “We could play strip poker. You can strip, and I’ll poke you.”

But they save their best/worst lines for when Steve is within earshot. Bucky waits until Steve’s taken a drink before cheerfully announcing to Nat, “Do you live on a chicken farm? ‘Cause you sure know how to raise a cock.”

While Steve’s choking, she counters with, “Are you my appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach, and I think I should take you out.”

“That doesn’t even make sense!” Steve complains.

Nat pats his arm and says, “Sorry, sorry.” Then she runs her hand up and down his sleeve and adds innocently, “This jacket is nice. Is it made of boyfriend material?”

“No! No way,” he says firmly. “I will not be drawn into this weirdness. Good night to you both.”

As he strides away, Bucky calls, “I hate to see you to leave, but I love to watch you go!”

They both do shots after that one.

modern! alarkling headanons:

- there are two windows on each side of the bed and his blinds are always down
- alina: ‘um why don’t you let some light in it’s a nice sunny day ou-’
aleksander: [laughs in that pretentious way of his like he’s been carrying the weight of the world for centuries] oh, alina, my dear alina, alina, alina… i’m ancient, alina……….. also, (alina,) it’s very aesthetically pleasing
- Old Married CoupleTM
- speaking of, they never actually marry but he tells her she has his heart and alina rolls her eyes in quiet acceptance and that’s kind of the same thing
- black sheets, dark gray curtains, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
- he makes alina roll her eyes so much she actually develops a rare muscle tick no doctor can explain
- alina: i have this headache-
aleksander: *walks in*
alina: there it is
- they really want a pet but ofc they have to fight on this too so they end up with two: a white cat that’s the same colour as alina’s hair and a black pomeranian that literally looks like a ball of fluffy shadows
- nutella pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
- alina has a perpetual frown and aleksander has a resting bitch face so you can bet there’s always a free seat for them on the train/subway
- he has nightmares too and they’re actually very violent and draining so alina just wraps her arms around him and presses her nose against his shoulder until he stops shaking and then she starts drawing lazy circles of light (warm and soothing by definition) over his naked skin to calm him down
- he’s the tall and brooding one but she’s the one people should look out for
- valentino dresses and armani suits
- aleksander praises himself on his newfound self-control and composure
- that is, until he sees alina with nothing but his shirt on and deadass forgets how to function
- sometimes he literally has to hook a finger into alina’s collar to hold her back bc yes she’s usually very quiet and patient and kind but the moment someone drives her over the edge she’s throwing hands and flip-flops (if necessary)
- everyone treats them like a married couple too?? even tho they’re not??
- shadow play!!!!!!
- snow angels
- he freckles in the sun and alina always makes fun of him
- + moles!! he’ll get like five new moles everytime he goes out so he has to walk with those giant ass rich widow hats (not all year round tho, july-august are probably the worst bc it’s just unbearably hot and sunny)
- he’s still very closed off and distant (especially in public) in front of other people but the minute he’s alone with his sunshine? he melts like an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day
- they never really say “i love you” but they just. know.
- she knows in the way he brushes her messy pixie haircut behind her ear and his hand lingers a moment too long, almost like he’s awestruck and he knows in the way she smiles at the shadows sometimes, like they remind her of him /they do/ and the extra spoon of sugar she puts in his coffee bc she knows him so well
- sometimes if alina is too tired from work she’ll make him read her fairytales bc he has a very soothing voice, simultaneously lulling her to sleep and making her acutely aware of his presence
- lush who?? they can make their own bathbombs using their grisha powers - he can make cool swirling shadows and alina can make the water look like liquid starlight
- and then they take a nice relaxing bath. together.
- he makes her shadow puppets when she’s sick (or upset/grumpy) and tells her stories his mom used to tell him when he was a kid
- alina: “*yanks curtains open* rise and shine you lazy ass it’s a beautiful day!!
aleksander: it’s literally -15 degrees and the sun’s nowhere to be seen
alina: ?? i’m here??
- (both) probably very into lana del rey