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Robert Plant vs. Pre-Raphaelite Muses

“The term ‘Pre-Raphaelite’ conjures up visions of tall, willowy creatures with pale skin, flowing locks, scarlet lips, and melancholic expressions.”

“Bare chest on full display in unbuttoned silk blouses, razor-blade hip bones peeking out from low-slung, impossibly tight blue jeans, and wild, Pre-Raphaelite blond curls cascading down his back—his onstage look was as disruptive as his heavy-metal falsetto.”

Come Back to Me || Fangs Fogarty

request: Hi! Could you maybe write something about Fangs? Like maybe he was best friends with the reader before he was a serpent and then he slowly stops talking with her and then one day her mom calls him and tells him something happened to her and you can go from there?

requested by: anonymous

a/n: I might be open to a part 2 for this?! But idk, let me know if you want one. I had way too much fun writing this. I also made it so that Pea, Fangs, Toni, and the reader were all best friends growing up.  I hope you guys enjoy and please check the warnings before you read! xx, aubree.

warnings: mentions of blood, a car accident, hospitals, tubes in places, description of injuries & cussing. angsty af (at least I think it is)


(gif not mine; gif credit: x)


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Yusaku and how tall is he?


Okay, so looking at the video I was saw that yusaku was close in height to Yusei (pretty fuckkng close) and I wondered if Yusaku was taller than Yusei (who is the oldest and tallest protagonist we’ve had in all of yugioh).

After some intense looking at this screenshot:

And also this screenshot:

I determined that Yusaku was just a bit shorter than Yusei but considerably taller than Yuma. So I decided to see how tall is Yusaku. And me being the nerd that I am had to find a way to determine this height.

So I went to:

(A great site to use for comparing heights)

So Yusei is officially 175cm (or 5'9") while Yuma is Officially 158cm (or 5'2") and Yusaku’s height hasn’t been released anywhere that I’ve seen.

So after some tinkering and as close as I could get it.

I determined that Yusaku (with estimation) is in the range of 174cm.

This makes Yusaku the second tallest protagonist in yugioh (if I’m right). So thank you all for reading this post. I know it was super fuckkng nerdy of me. But please if you have anything to contribute that would be a wonderful addition to this post, message me! I’m always open to other opinions! So thanks again!

Oh and I’ll put the heights of the other protagonists just so you guys can all see where everyone else is.

Yugi: 153cm

Judai: 161cm

Yusei: 175cm

Yuma: 158cm

Yuya: 158cm

Yusaku: 174cm (my estimated guess)

King Dice is definitely my favorite character. Djimmi and Hilda aren’t too far behind and I might get around to doodling them as well. we’ll see…

Oh my gosh he was so much fun to draw. I purposely didn’t shade this because Idk how. The original was much messier and I really liked the way it looked but to other people it might just look sloppy, so I cleaned it up. 

ultimate-queen-of-fandoms  asked:

Roman in 6B with his katana if you’re still doing those ❤️

GOOD REQUEST (Sorry it took so long- I had way too much fun with this one!)

The dragon-witch doesn’t stand a chance~

If you sent me a request, I WILL be completing it!! I’m just a sickly slowpoke with a hectic life. (シ_ _)シ Thank you for your patience! <3

I wanted to draw you some fanart of the Hats and the Bears of your Smile AU and the Apathetic AU you and TheMcNobody are doing. They are so fun to draw. I also wanted to draw Smile Hat with that curly hair like in one of your stream doodles you did. 

I hope you like it. ^^

I LOVE IT! Thank you so much~ They’re so cute (and yeah, drawing Smile Hat with curly hair is way too much fun XD)

I don’t really care about the backlash, because I enjoyed TLJ a lot, but is it possible to be ambivalent about Kylo Ren? I mean, he seems so incredibly divisive but I’m over here like,

This guy’s pretty pathetic? But in a fun sort of way? I wouldn’t object to him being redeemed but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if he died either. Also with the hilarious temper tantrums, Vader Cosplay, and him looking like that one teary-eyed cat meme all the time, he’s basically completely nonthreatening? And yet he’s killed around half the cast of the original trilogy by now.

I just wanna watch grumpy uncle Luke give him shit forever, is that too much to ask for?

anonymous asked:

Tbh I like Marley but I really hope she's not the heir. Like she's toooo much like her mom. I feel like it's more fun to have a variety of personalities as the heir. Ya know?

I definitely get that! Her story certainly has some similarities to Ruby’s, but she’s different in a lot of ways too when she’s a teen, while Kaleb and Wilder differ quite a lot more from Ruby, so it’ll be interesting to see what you guys think and how you all vote later on :^)

Just spent the weekend with @sumiscribe and had so much fun nerding out lol! Had a headache when I first arrived AND THEN OMG SHE GIVES ME A CHIBIMON PLUSHIE AND I CAN’T EVEN!!! T_T Immediately felt better. Sumi is way too nice to me. On the train home now and had to take a pic of this little love bug!

    💕 DATING 💕

     so – alys doen’t date strangers. first dates with guys she’s only recently met feel forced and uncomfortable to her. BUT !! if these dates were set up by friends, then she’d give it a try and appear to be happy and having fun – all for her friends’ sake. honestly, though, she hates blind dates and getting set up by friends. it feels too forced and adds way too much pressure on her. as if she didn’t feel pressured enough from the start. it’s simply difficult for her to find someone she CLICKS with in a romantic sense.

     though, she’s 100% down to go on a date if a FRIEND asked her to. the catch? she thinks it’s a totally platonic friend date and expects nothing of it. she may try to test the romantic waters here and there, but would usually stick to her regular antics! she thinks of dates as any other regular hang out! as long as they’re both having fun – what else matters?

     if a friend were to confess to her – be direct as possible with their feelings – she’d be caught off guard. that’s honestly the last thing she’s expecting. chances are she may have feelings as well, but who knows if she’d even fess up despite knowing the feelings are mutual.


Here, have a couple more - Todoroki and Bakugou might as well have my favorite friendship outside of the squad tbh

….As for the sweet pair of Bi-Boh-Bis here in this image, I can confirm that they do indeed like each other very very much.

I don’t know about you guys but I fully accept, love and support these two
Bi-Boh-Bi Bois.