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Dragon Age LI’s with smartphones (part 1):

Alistair: he uses way too many emojis and writes just the way he speaks (yeeeeeees?). He sends funny gifs to everyone and swarms Morrigan’s phone with texts consisting solely on poop emojis (which really irritates her). He calls the warden in the middle of the night because he can’t sleep- and she’s sleeping right next to him (he finds this incredibly hilarious). He follows tons of mabari puppy accounts on instagram; he rarely posts any pictures (usually just pictures of cheese) but he loves uploading stories with silly filters. He has over a thousand books in his kindle app, and he loves the idea of carrying a whole library inside his pocket. He buys lots silly trinkets on aliexpress. He tweets whatever pops into his head, he always gets tons of likes and retweets.

Fenris: he ignores everyone’s texts, he never answers the phone (unless it’s Hawke). He spends a lot of time watching educational youtube videos, in secret. He’s a big fan of duolingo and never misses a day of practice- he’s hoarding lingots to unlock more lessons. He enjoys rage-reading tweets of people he hates and complaining out loud, while Hawke just nods and kisses his forehead. He absolutely hates emojis and gifs (only he secretly loves gifs, but he will never admit it). He collects pictures of bunnies. He accidentally subscribed to Anders’ blog updates and he doesn’t know how to make the emails stop; he decided it was best to create a new email account. 

Cullen: He uses a moderate amount of emojis, but he always uses them wrong (what? this wasn’t a smiling chocolate chip? and none told me? I’ve been using it for months!- cue giggles of everyone around him). He has a secret pinterest account only to follow the inquisitor’s account: that way he’ll always be able to surprise her with perfect little gifts. He uses the phone’s built-in calendar for everything, he’s a schedule freak. He has neatly arranged folders for all his apps. He has developed an addiction to bejeweled, which he plays even at the war table- he says he can quit whenever he wants, he just doesn’t want to yet.  He loves sending voice messages, long voice messages, and he records reminders for himself. He takes a lot of selfies just to check his hair, sometimes he forgets to erase them. He monitors facebook to see if the recruits are idling instead of working, he comments under their statuses (is this your way to help the inquisition, Jimmy?)

The maknae of a kpop group should not out rule the older members and they should be sweet all the time...

Actually…SOME MAKNAE’S ARE TOO SAVAGE FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. Since they basically grew up with the older members, that’s where their own personality comes from. BUT IT’S HILARIOUS WHEN THEY ALSO OUT RULE THE OLDER MEMBERS AND ACT BY THEIR OWN WIT XD. Watching them grow up is amazing. Some are legal adults now but within the group, they are still the maknae. The older members also treat the maknae with respect as well so IT’S A HAPPY FAMILY EITHER WAY :D. (gifs are obviously not mine)

FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE, (obviously I don’t know your favs so that’s why I’m saying ADD MORE DUH) IF THERE ARE MEMBERS ON THE MAKNAE LINE, ADD THEM TOO! I’m just using the actual youngest one out of all of the members, not the line.

Park Jisung (Jisung) NCT

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Jung Chanwoo (Chanwoo) iKon

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Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook) BTS

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Ahn Hyejin (Hwasa) MAMAMOO

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Kim Chanmi (Chanmi) AOA

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Seo Sangwon (Yano) Topp Dogg

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No Minwoo (Minwoo) Boyfriend

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Cho Hyeyeon (Hyeyeon) Gugudan

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Na Haeryung (Haeryung) BESTie

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Oh Heejun (Heejun) KNK

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Yoon Sanha (Sanha) ASTRO

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Kim Yerim (Yeri) Red Velvet

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Kim Yugyeom (Yugyeom) GOT7

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Han Sanghyuk (Hyuk) VIXX

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Lai Guanlin (stage name not found yet) Wanna One

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Seo Joohyun (Seohyun) SNSD (Girls Generation)

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Lee Chan (Dino) Seventeen

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Choi Junhong (Zelo) B.A.P

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Oh Hayoung (Hayoung) Apink

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Park Junghwa (Junghwa) EXID

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Im Changkyun (I.M) Monsta X 

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Kang Chanhee (Chani) SF9

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Yoon Dowoon (Dowoon) Day6

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The leader of a kpop group must…

The rapper(s) of a kpop group must…

The visual of a kpop group must…

The vocalist(s) of a kpop group must…

FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE, (obviously I don’t know your favs so that’s why I’m saying ADD MORE DUH) IF THERE ARE MEMBERS ON THE MAKNAE LINE, ADD THEM TOO! I’m just using the actual youngest one out of all of the members, not the line.

Analyzing Rhink - The kiss that started it all

Introduction to the madness/discussions

In discussing our head canons for these two amazing men, and their epic love for each other, we talked about when we thought their relationship changed from epic soulmates to soul mates who fuck.

After a very loooong ass discussion, where we flailed incoherently for 28 pages, we came to the same conclusion: The romantic/sexual side of their relationship is only a very recent thing. We don’t think they’ve been sleeping together for years. We pinpointed the beginning of “something more” to the News Musical: Wedding Fail episode, better known as the Newsical-kiss, Plexi-kiss or the kiss that nearly killed the Rhink fandom.

We believe that the aftermath of the plexi-kiss showed them a side to their relationship that was previously, completely unexplored. This got them thinking, questioning what was between them. It made them realize feelings that they a) didn’t know they had and b) didn’t know how to deal with. Unfortunately, Rhett and Link didn’t kiss through the plexi-glass and ride off into the sunset. We think the aftermath of the plexi-kiss led to more denial and a great deal of angst. The plexi-kiss was a catalyst and where the change in their relationship began.

We invite you relax, take a seat and listen to our theory of how the plexi-kiss punched Rhett and Link in the face with feels.

So let’s talk about that.

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let's hope the gif shows up

Hey Steph, how are you doing? :D  Just letting you know that my iPod was on shuffle this morning and startled me with its random song choice… Looks like it might be on to something! haha

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The universe, Lovely.

THE UNIVERSE. This show man will end us all.

Also: “Along Comes Mary, Hooray for Boobies.” That’s the first one, and then “DONDE ESTAS YOLANDA BITCH, SYMPATHETIQUE”.

I dunno I’m finding that WAY too fucking hilarious. I’m tired, hot and drugged up on painkillers LOL.

Dean vs. Closets

So, Dean vs. Closets. I want to list a few instances Dean has interacted with a closet, reacted to the concept of closets or whatever. Because, as you may know – or not, no judgment here ;) – “being in the closet” or “being closeted” is an euphemism for being queer but not out to the public. And guess who that could fit to? I don’t know. Certainly not me. *throws rainbow confetti everywhere* 

This isn’t to say that closets just mean that you’re irrevocably queer – we also see a lot of shots with closets where the people are hiding an uncomfortable truth. An example with Dean are in 02x20 when the knowledge that this is just a dream hides in a closet, represented by the Djinn’s victims he sees here. But it’s still worthwhile to think about.

So, let’s get this show on the road. GIFs are mine. If you find any other references, let me know or just reblog and add.

1) 05x15 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

I know he was in there with Bobby, but I still love the shot of him - and only him in this particular frame - closing the door. He’s also the one who turns the light on while Bobby doesn’t think this is a particularly good hiding spot but Dean seems to think otherwise. 

2) 05x16 Dark Side Of The Moon

Where would YOU expect a road that leads you through your heaven to the Garden? Of course, Dean thinks, it’s in a closet. Because this is where he spent all his life, amirite? And this is apparently ‘the most normal thing’. You go, Dean. 

3) 07x14 Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

There’s a monster in the closet. It drives anyone crazy. Need I say more?

4) 08x03 Heartache

Dean is so good at being in closets, he finds a way to get even deeper into the closet. Very good, Dean. Now if you could find the way in… the other… direction… 

5) 08x12 As Time Goes By

Henry falls out of the closet, Dean is basically in exact the same position; they even stand up at the same time in the same way. Now if only Dean could fall out of the closet, too…

6) 09x05 Dog Dean Afternoon

No GIF for this one, but: A cowboy hat, leather pants. The dude’s a total closet case. Who else do we know who’s into cowboy stuff and a total closet case? WHO??

7) 09x16 Blade Runners

Again no GIF and this technically isn’t Dean, but I still find it hilarious that Dean kept Crowley ‘locked in the closet’. They certainly resolved that issue early in Season 10. 

8) 10x06 Ask Jeeves

Wow, you can have sexual relationships while in a closet? Ones that are kind of forbidden? Wow. I mean… wow. Good for you Dean to find out.

9) 11x02 Form and Void

Crowley really hates you still being in the closet, Dean. 

Bonus 1) 06x01 Exile On Main Street

Do I look out to you? No Dean, you don’t. You really don’t.

Bonus 2) 12x23 All Along The Watchtower

Again, no GIF because I only have German subtitles for Season 12, but: an alternative universe? Something like Narnia? I’m like, 99% sure that Dean already was in Narnia because he was so deep in the closet that he discovered the entrance. He knows what he’s talking about, folks. 

Bonus 3) Cockles

This is just hilarious, so here, have at it.

(One last thing: interestingly enough, in the first season Sam was the one frequently associated with closets – opening and closing them, talking about the monster in the closet. In 01x14, he even is in a closet and uses his special powers to get out of it. After that, the closet associations get dropped rapidly (with the exception of 04x14, where Sam is in a closet again in an episode which heavily foreshadows him being consumed by his powers) which is why I think that Sam’s relationship with closets isn’t associated with queerness but rather with his powers (Sam’s powers and Dean’s queerness have also been paralleled heavily in the first season). But anyway, this isn’t about Sam but about Dean, I just thought it was interesting anyway.)

GOT7 reaction to you screaming because you dropped your food.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Yaaay requests are open!! Reaction to you screaming cause you dropped your food please☺️

thanks for the request ^_^
I hope you like it :)
~ahgase Omma 

the. food. is. on. the. floor. how could you let this happen. he doesn’t care about the mess, but the wasted food, hurts his soul. making sure your ok he goes about cleaning it.

not phased at all, he knows you well enough to know that its not a scream of terror, but a scream of error, and with the plate hitting the floor he knows exactly whats happened.

you dropped the cheese sandwich, cheeeeeeeeeeeeese! we all know that jackson holds food highly, and the fact that its on the floor hurts, but this only lasts a little while, as he goes on to check if your ok.

he either find your blunder funny or ends up being a little savage and teases you as he eats his food with way too much gusto 

finds its hilarious and cute, the scream is cute, and the fact that you dropped it funny. he sits there giggling with his food in his hand.

is savage and tease you to no end! theres no other way around if, you messed up and he’s going to have a little fun.

at first the scream gives him a little heart attack, but then he sees the carbonara on the floor and sighs with disbelief, he can’t do anything but laugh about it.

Gifs are not my own

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Hi ! Could you rec some of your mutuals's blogs? My dash is dead 😭 Thank you in advance, I love your blog !

hi baby!!!! omg omg i would BE HONORED TO?? oh man oh man i dont even know where to start omg it might take me awhile THANK U FOR YOUR PATIENCE?? and also thank you for loving my blog wth WE LOVE YOU BACK!!!! 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 but ok i’m going off the top of my head as to who i reblog form the most SO MUTUALS I’M SORRY IF I FORGET YOU I HAVE SUPER BAD MEMORY SO

  • @jxdoraa - MY QUEEN JAJA AND MY BFF (a+++++ blog too ofc)
  • @joonvaljoon - maycee is my nsfw bestie and she’s the #1 person who understands my thIRST FOR JOON hehe i LOVE HER!!!
  • @thiinkingofhim - if you don’t follow seanna already i’m surprised bc we tag each other in litearlly everything lolol
  • @dropthehixtape - frankie aka my babyboy aka hobi/jin’s babyboy!!!
  • @gukjoon - lina’s edits are everything AND IS SUPER TALENTED
  • @butaer - ems and her gifs?? amazing???!?!
  • @taejinmin - (I literally had to triple check bc i still can’t believe we’re mutuals lmfao but) kinga’s HQ blog and her gifs/moodboards are evERYTHING
  • @kookieminnies - tori is a sweetie and her gifs are magiCAL!!!!
  • @bfkook - I think i reblog from moni way too much BUT THEIR BLOG IS PERF!!!
  • @gamjin - my jin to my jooon!!! abby is probs one of the nicest ppl you’ll ever meet you’re welcome
  • @yxonmin - jadie is super sweet and is a must follow!!
  • @defendkimseokjin - I LOVE BRITT AND YOU WILL TOOOOOO
  • @namseoke - MY PASSIONATE 94 LINER!!!!
  • @cherryprincejin - recent mutuals (yay!!!!!) but they’re super active and their tags are hilarious lol
  • @1rapmon - I found out del and I have the same bday and I freaked out AND SHE LOVES NJ SM!!
  • @bts420 - steph is so nice and her tAGS!! are gr8 hehe

i’M DEFFO FORGETTING LIKE 20 OTHER PEOPLE LMFAO and I’m sorry this took like an hour??? and I deffo almost added people who aren’t mutuals oopsie but I hope this helps, cutie!! I follow like 400 blogs so if you need ay more recs check out my blogroll!! ✨✨✨✨✨


So if my math is correct, TODAY is the birthday of medblr @wheresonichedgehogwnt – and if my math is correct, AND it’s her birthday, then that’s two reasons to celebrate!

She likes and owns a derpy pony, so I encourage anyone to reblog this with their favorite horse/pony gif and wish her a happy birthday too!

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Imagine Carol thinking of you like a daughter and teasing Daryl when she realizes he has a thing for you.

——— Request for anon ———

Daryl was a hard read sometimes, but Carol somehow managed to notice the little things in his behavior that would be his tells. Like the way he would watch you a little longer than everyone else, before looking back to whatever he’d been doing before you’d come into his vision with an almost guilt-like air for staring too long. Honestly, Carol thought it was hilariously adorable, just how shy he was about his feelings for you. Not that anyone else had noticed just yet.

Perhaps another reason she’d noticed was that she, too, watched you like a hawk sometimes, but in a completely different way than Daryl did. For her, it was the motherly instinct in her, even if she didn’t entirely realize it at first. Something about you just screamed that you needed it, and she’d found herself thinking of you like a daughter before she’d known it. She cared about you and she cared about Daryl.

So of course, when Carol had realized his silent pining, she’d had to tease him a bit, “Want me to ask Glenn to borrow his polaroid? A picture will last longer.”

Daryl’s eyes snap away from where you were working next to Rick in the field, the slight blush that tints his already flushed cheeks is hard to notice considering the heat of the day had made everyone a little redder by now, before he looks at Carol with a form of shock, “Don’t know what your talkin’ ‘bout.”

“Mm-hm,” she hums, unconvinced, with a smile on her face as she watches him glance back towards you before he begins to walk away from her. He’s possibly already out of earshot when she chuckles, “I’m sure.”


I was laughing so hard at this… It’s such an immature way to react for someone like him, which made this perfect in so many ways! n_n


Free! DUB - Episode One: Best WORST Moments

aka why i’m laughing my ass off. i was very tempted to include every time they said REEN instead of rin or sahm EHHH zuka but. that would be too much. even for me. 

EDIT: I’m super late on this lmao but i’ve uploaded the dub here for download and here to dailymotion. if you want to watch this trainwreck. Sorry for the low quality! (also. for the ppl who’re telling me the pronunciations are right: i hear you but it still sounds hilarious 2 me)

Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#138: The way he describes red hair. 

(gifs thanks to @dan-howell)


One Tree Hill is a story of…(insp.)


Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#144: And the award for cutest way to ask for a dog goes to…

(gifs thanks to the talented @dan-howell)

Week 30!

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

Thank you for all your support for both me and the authors so far! You guys are awesome and I love reading your work. This one’s a really long one, and hopefully there’s something for everyone. There’s drabbles, series, AUs, non-reader works, and both fluff and angst. It’s all beneath the cut. Enjoy!

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