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Negan imagines - The Blame Part 16

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AN: Season 8 is really pissing me off with the dragging on and lack of Negan.

Catch up here: (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)(Part 7)(Part 8)(Part 9)(Part 10)(Part 11)(Part 12)(Part 13)(Part 14)(Part 15)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Here’s Ricky!

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 2,005

Warnings: Strong language, violence.

The next few days after Sasha’s death were hard. They were really hard.

Negan knew that her death would seriously affect you after you broke down in his arms and seeing you so broken, so numb, made his more human side come out. He wasn’t all smart-ass remarks and purposely irritating. 

Hey.” Negan smirked at you as he leant in the doorway, lucille loose in his grip, his head resting against the frame as he watched you move across the room towards the sink in nothing but one of Negan’s white shirts. 

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Headcanon Game - Peter Hale

P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Fast and rough, until you scream his name and he can hear your heartbeat hammering away inside your chest. He’s not really satisfied before you’re a whimpering mess.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

On all fours while he yanks your hair back and bites down on your shoulder to make you moan.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He doesn’t fall asleep very quick, instead he likes to let his hands wander and squeeze around your body

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

He’s not easy to calm down once he wants something, which is especially embarrassing when other people are around.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

There might be a slight fixation on your ass going on, leading to a lot of spanking.

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Uhm, do you take request for Itachi? If so, could you do Itachi as a boyfriend headcanons? Pretty please?

Itachi’s my fave, of course I do requests for him! I also particularly love trans man Itachi so if any of you wanna see headcanons and stuff for trans Itachi, send them my way!

  • So with Itachi, don’t expect a lot of PDA. He’s not as comfortable with doing anything remotely affectionate in public. Maybe a hand hold, maybe a quick cheek kiss? But nothing extreme like kissing/making out.
  • Very introverted so a lot of dates with him would be inside or private ones. Staying at his place to watch movies, read books, eat dinner, that kinda stuff. Going to the cafe at non-busy hours is also a favorite date of his.
  • He’s quiet, and he likes quiet. Again, being introverted affects a lot of his decisions as a person, so he’d be most comfortable with someone who respected his wishes to have a quiet, peaceful atmosphere and environment.
  • Devoted as hell, though. Once he’s realized he loves someone, there’s really no going back for him. 
  • He does listen to his s/o, he knows what they like and what they don’t, makes sure to gift them things they’d really enjoy and give them the right kind of snacks they crave. 
  • When in private, he can be more loving. Cuddling, hugging, sleeping together (sexually and non sexually), kissing, etc, expect a lot of that when no one’s looking at him and his s/o. 

-Mod Jack

Yuuri paced the room, bottom lip worried red by his teeth. His hands were fisted, nails digging into the meat of his own palms.

Across the room, Emil was henched over Victor’s bedridden form. The ship’s doctor let a damp cloth rest on Victor’s forehead, in hopes of soaking up the heat of his fever.

“Yuuri, come here.”

Yuuri rushed to the bedside, rather helpless in his abilities. Victor had barely stirred in over a day, his skin burning against Yuuri’s when touched. Emil had made a light joke about Yuuri potentially commanding Victor to get better, but the siren had not found it amusing. Because he had already tried and it had not worked, to his ultimate frustration.

“Wait here with him. I’m going to grab my medicine chest. If you can make him eat a little, do so.”

When Emil left, the cabin settled into uneasy silence, save for the steadiness of Victor’s breathing. Yuuri sat beside him, at the edge of the bed, his fingers curling around one of Victor’s hands. Too warm to be comfortable.

A minute passed and the silver of Victor’s lashes fluttered, his thumb stroking over Yuuri’s delicate hold. “Oh… I must be feverish, because I see an angel beside me…” Victor’s voice was hoarse, lacking its usual commanding strength and spirit. But a weak smile twitched to his lips as Yuuri scowled at his words. “No? You didn’t like that?”

Yuuri snatched up the salted meat that Emil had left behind, holding it to Victor’s mouth in lieu of a response. The pirate did not take it, even when Yuuri pushed it closer.

“…Not now, Yuuri.”

As if Yuuri was going to let him refuse. He tore a chunk off with his teeth and chewed it, swooping down with his fingers pinching at Victor’s jaw. Lips pressed together, he pushed the food into Victor’s mouth with his tongue, determined to follow doctor’s orders.

Victor promptly choked, coughing and sputtering it out onto the floor. “Ohhh, Yuuri, noooo, that’s disgusting,” he protested, sticking out his tongue. “You’re making this worse.”

Not amused, Yuuri prodded at the blankets covering Victor’s chest, tracing words into it.

Victor’s expression remained unchanged, unable to keep up with Yuuri’s quick scolding through his fever. When the siren rewrote it slower, Victor chuckled weakly. “I wouldn’t say that, lovebird, I very much enjoy having those parts of you in my mouth.”

Cheeks flushing unfairly pink, Yuuri made to speak, stopping because Emil re-entered the room. Both Victor and Yuuri gave him sheepish looks when Emil eyed the spat out meat on the floor, but he said nothing, rolling his eyes as he handed Yuuri something resembling bark to hold.

The siren examined it curiously.

“It’s supposed to reduce fever,” Victor explained, scrunching his nose in displeasure. “You need to–” He cut himself off as Yuuri bit off a piece, laughing when the siren jerked back, repulsed at the bitter tease flooding his mouth.

“That is not the best way of doing that,” Emil said, taking it back from Yuuri to grind some of the bark with a mortar and pestle.

“I think he’s trying to mama-bird me everything.”

“How sweet.”

Yuuri watched, curious, as Emil then mixed the powder into some wine.

“Help me get him up.”

Yuuri supported Victor’s back, aiding him to sit forward so Emil could tip the cup to his lips without fear of choking. Victor drank, leaning back into Yuuri’s arms when Emil seemed satisfied with the dosage.

“Stay with him until the fever breaks.” Emil instructed Yuuri, setting the medicine aside once finished. “If you’re here, maybe he won’t be so foolish as to try getting out before he’s recovered.”

Nodding, Yuuri laid Victor back down and smiled when Victor turned to rest his head against Yuuri’s lap. Yuuri was happy enough to curl up with his sick captain, giving a command of “stay” when Victor did indeed attempt to leave before his skin had cooled.

The intelligence of the mercury signs - „mtl smart“

  1. Virgo mercury: they are smart on a basis like „they just know what I mean“, they understand you and give you advice, they seek wisdom like no other and give it to everyone they meet — the understanding intelligence
  2. Aquarius mercury: their minds consist of the whole universe, they manage to keep the balance between outer world’s thoughts and humanity, they are fascinated by everything and keep wanting to learn — the genius intelligence
  3. Gemini mercury: they are the ones that don’t want to show that they are extremely smart, they’re the typical nerds, quirky and love to communicate about anything, their advice is pure and their mindset positive — the enjoying intelligence
  4. Libra mercury: their minds might be indecisive sometimes, but they always find the right words somehow, they have the talent to not overthink too fast, but to balance in an argument, they are always down to earth and enjoy knowledge — the balanced intelligence
  5. Capricorn mercury: they manage to keep every detail in mind, they love to soak in new information, they hold their smart words back just in case someone might use them against them, they know what to do in life and will get it — the focused intelligence
  6. Scorpio mercury: they are determined and handle everything alone, they love deep conversations about the world and about love, life and lust, they just cannot talk about how they feel, they sometimes don’t even see what their mind holds inside itself — the powerful intelligence
  7. Taurus mercury: they are lonely thinkers and often too lazy to work, but they are gentle and grateful and love to give their friends and family advice, maybe they would be good teachers because they are patient and good with words — the soft intelligence
  8. Aries mercury: their competitive mindset will often struggle to admit that they’re wrong, but they are quick learners and want to know everything as fast as possible, maybe the shouldn’t just use it for their own luck — the winning intelligence
  9. Pisces mercury: their loving nature makes them believe almost everything people say, what makes them easily naive, but they have good intentions and want others to learn as much as they can, they give good advice, but should maybe try to listen to their own mind — the dreamy intelligence
  10. Leo mercury: they can be very egoistic when it comes to learning new things, they are smart and interested, but don’t want others to know the same as they do, they use their intelligence to push themselves up, but can be too dramatic over it — the dramatic intelligence
  11. Sagittarius mercury: they have a very fiesty and flattery nature, so they aren’t really interested in rules and learning, but the are indeed interested in philosophy and “deep stuff”, maybe the should try to use their intelligence for once and not throw their talent away — the philosophical intelligence
  12. Cancer mercury: they are caring and their intentions are often good, they want to help people with their knowledge, but this can often lead to manipulating them and telling them things that aren’t true, they should concentrate on themselves more and let the others learn their stuff — the emotional intelligence

Warning: this is only my own opinion and experience! The houses definitely play a role as well, so please don’t be offended or anything! Spread love ❤️

Mercury In The Houses

Mercury in 1st House
- You are restless
- You enjoy talking
- You monopolize the conversation
- You have a mischievous manner
- You adapt quickly to new situations
- You treat new projects with curiosity and interest
- Your first reaction is logical

Mercury in 2nd House
- You have a practical mind
- You are intelligent
- You see the logical answer before others
- You don’t like being put on the spot
- You work at your own pace
- You are one-tracked minded
- You don’t multitask
- You are fixed in your opinions

Mercury in 3rd House
- You are interested in learning
- Your interest are many and varied
- You are easily distracted
- Your attention span is short
- You are quick to learn
- You are very talkative
- You like making lists

Mercury in 4th House
- You are extremely imaginative
- Your thinking is subjective
- You enjoy working at home
- You retain a lot of information
- You are traditional in your thinking

Mercury in 5th House
- You use your voice as a way to express yourself
- You are witty and humorous
- You love playing intellectual games
- You love jokes and puns
- You are skilled at impersonations
- You are a clever liar
- You may have more than one lover at once
- You are curious about people

Mercury in 6th House
- You think of all the details
- You are always thinking
- You are excellent at sorting things out
- You miss the bigger point
- You are helpful to others
- You love feeling useful

Mercury in 7th House
- You love debate
- You see the other side of the coin
- You play the devil’s advocate
- You crave communication
- You attract partners who are not especially sincere
- You love analyzing relationships

Mercury in 8th House
- You are curious about what motivates people
- You are excellent at analyzing people
- You have a good mind for subjects that require research and investigation
- You speak with authority
- You feel that everything has a purpose
- You a penetrating mind and you are good at developing strategies

Mercury in 9th House
- You are eternally curious
- You hunger for knowledge
- You enjoy studying and learning
- You enjoy exchanging ideas
- You are buoyant in your communications
- You don’t pay attention to details
- You readily see the bigger picture
- You enjoy how information affects people’s lives
- You are too quick to offer advice
- You are interested in learning about different cultures

Mercury in 10th House
- You are good with language
- You have an authoritative air about you
- You have more than one job going at once
- You require frequent changes of setting or activities to remain stimulated and challenged
- You are skilled at bringing fresh energy to your conversations or job

Mercury in 11th House
- You are endlessly curious about people
- You are attracted to people who bring new ideas into your experience
- You are very forward looking and fair-minded
- Fair play is important to you
- There are many changes or fluctuations in your personal wishes
- You attract friends who come and go

Mercury in 12th House
- You are not very quick to speak or communicate
- You make an excellent confidant
- You make matters too complex by overanalyzing motives or hunches
- You are very attracted to symbols
- You prefer not to focus on facts
- Learning to communicate clearly is a challenge for you

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I hate my art skills....

I’m gonna be clear. This is kinda a point of view of mine, based on my own experience and observation.

You know what’s the problem? The social media itself. 
I’m not going to say it is internet’s fault, because I learned many stuff reading and watching on internet years later.

I didn’t have someone in real life to teach me and I didn’t have internet either. My style was TOO WAY different from what is it now. It was obvious, but I enjoyed so much drawing. It never crossed in my mind that my art skills were terrible. I fillled more than 20 notebooks with comics. 

Even I was teaching my school friends how to draw. AND THEY LEARNED TO DRAW THAT STYLE, EVEN THO IT WAS THIS THING BELOW!!



Because we were happy drawing our stories (And the stories weren’t good at all”)

We were happy doing our stuff. And we improved without realizing it. We found a style, we tried to copy it, something started to change, we loved it, we kept drawing, we commited mistakes, we didn’t care, we won contests with THAT style… 

Some people today could say we were living as “ignorants”, but the real thing here is, that we were finding ourselves without caring others’ words. We loved each part of our progress, and of course, that took a lot of years, and still.

Social media wasn’t as important as it is now, at least in my country. Mid-class families started to have internet in their own houses around 2005 - 2006, but social media became really important around 2008… just a few ones knew the existence of the classic memes. Smartphones were only for rich people.  I just got Macromedia Flash mx 2004 and Paint.Net, learning how to use layers on my own. Having such a mess, but proud of my progress, ALWAYS.

I love so much that part of my life for that reason, because it  is not like now.

People need to check their social media everytime. Posting something everytime to get a thumb up and don’t be forgotten. To be someone and meet a lot of people. I’m not saying this last one is wrong, in this world of artists this is pretty important to have interaction since some of us don’t have friends that share our same stuff in our neighbor, city, country, etc.

The point is, here’s a social pressure to hurry, to make something really big, something awesome and having 15 minutes of fame, even years of fame. To make ‘em enjoy, but never enjoy yourself, because there’s no time to think about yourself. 

You must do something that calls people’s attention and hoping your thing become a trend. If you’re not enough good, you can get ignored, or even worse, being hurt by people that can hide their faces and spit shit on your innocence and your ilussions to become a better person, artist, musician, whatever u want to be.

People that will never read a point of view, because everything must be quick, everyone are posting something, everyone are trying to make something big, some of them are doing it with kindness, others just to get attention. I don’t even know if you will read this, I don’t care. Sometimes I think it is a waste of time sharing these thoughts, but I hope someone who is making the same question, this long post can help in something.

I have met very talented people, VERY very talented people, I talked to them, they shared me their drawings. I tried to show them they were good… but they are totally blind and still call shit themselves and their work.

You don’t have any fucking idea how does it feels to hear/read that… And I hope those guys read this. I don’t feel dissapointed, I feel like if a relative of mine was commited suicide. That’s how I feel.


Think in yourself, please. Take your time, and try to not hate yourself. Try to not hate your skills. Good stuff can come to you, when you stop worrying about it and you start to make an effort.

These kind of asks make me feel terrible for people that are not able to understand this… so please. 

The Secret Book Club

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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: Innuendos and a cheeky Loki and a very very shitty book. Also mild swears.

Words: 1767


Soooo this turned out much different than what I expected, (sorry anon I was having too much fun) but there is most definitely going to be a part 2 to this coming soon. At the request of a few people I’m starting a tag list, so if you want in then just shoot me a message! :)

Enjoy ;)


Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five

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Quick sketch fencer Kagami, new (intense) character from Miraculous Ladybug. Let’s talk about it, I confess I was very scared of this character when they announced apparition of her, giving the possible idea that she would interfere in the main “couple”. But unlike all of this, it caught my eye and this was one of the most amazing episodes I’ve ever seen. Making me watch 5 times the same day!!!

The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign According To FBI Statistics


Gemini is the least perilous sign, although most people say otherwise. This is because they are mostly happy go lucky and good-hearted people. They talk a lot but really do not have the intention of hurting or killing others.


Another harmless sign is the Aquarius because they believe in justice. They are easily one of the smartest people out there however, they possess really big egos. Even if they commit a crime, they smartly erase all shreds of evidence of it quickly.


Leos are a loud and proud person however they don’t really kill other people.


Libras are very patient people even though a bit more harmful. They can do a lot of harm when they lose their tempers.


Virgos are in the middle although they lean more towards the dangerous side. They show psychopathic tendencies but don’t always resort to violence. They are more likely to indulge in fraudulent activities


Pisces is a cute sign, however, many serial killers are born with this zodiac sign. For instance, John Gacy, Richard Ramirez, and Aileen Wuornos. They easily get addicted to things and are liable to commit murder.


Capricorns commit most mass murders, however, there aren’t many known killers born under this sign. Most Capricorns are law-abiding and not really dangerous, however when provoked, they prove extremely dangerous.


Aries are aggressive people. They are quick to be angry and can be violent, so you should avoid making an Aries mad, otherwise, you might be in trouble. However, they do not stay angry for long.


Taurus are very aggressive and angry people as well. They are more prone to fraudulent activities than violence. This is because they just love expensive things and money.


Some of the most mentally unstable people in history were born under this sign. For example Ted Bundy, Pablo Escobar, Joseph Stalin and more. They are mostly leaders and commit mass crimes.


Most serial killers are Scorpios. The Scorpio sign is a sadistic sign and quite dangerous, so be careful around them.


Cancers are the most dangerous sign. They are passive-aggressive and can get very jealous and this may lead them to commit murder and more crimes.

a brief description of the ascendants

(your ascendant sign, also known as your rising sign, represents the way other people see you and their impression of you)

capricorn rising often have a negative, cynical mind-set and will expect the worst no matter what. they’re naturally private and practical, yet still manage to be friendly and inviting. the complainers of the signs, capricorn risings are very hardworking individuals who don’t let a failure or set back knock them down and because of that come across very determined.

keywords: practical, serious, stern, success-orientated

aquarius rising have often been seen as unusual and unique because of their wild personalities. although outsiders would view them to be this way, aquarius rising have the willpower and motivation to get a lot more accomplished than many might suspect.

keywords: abrupt, erratic, difficult, boldly romantic

pisces rising love to dream, create and express their personalities through art. with feelings as deep and intense as pisces rising, they often appear to be fall in love too quick and too often. pisces rising also has a tendency to absorb and become a part of their environment.

keywords: dreamy, deeply romantic, morbid, unreliable

aries rising are very ambitious and confident in their opinions. very passionate and loving, they think tough love is the best way forward and at times can come across as blunt or rude.

keywords: energetic, impatient, sensual, aggressive

taurus rising appear to be very level-headed and practical, but internally can struggle with situations they don’t understand. their determined nature can also come as stubborn.

keywords: affectionate, vulgar, vain, social

gemini rising enjoy expanding their knowledge and making sure they’re well informed. although social butterflies, they can be known to talk over others or gossip in their effort to seem knowledgable or relatable.

keywords: talkative, forgetful, conceited, sarcastic

cancer rising lead with their heart and use their emotions as a compass. their nature is to adapt to their surroundings by reflecting whoever they interact with, sometimes coming across as a “social sponge”.

keywords: devoted, caring, vanity, restlessness

leo rising have a creative streak. they enjoy having their own style and attitude, they create trends rather than follow them. leo rising can also find it difficult to find the line between arrogance and confidence.

keywords: arrogant, gullible, idealism, creative

virgo rising are incredibly hardworking, motivated and often perfectionists. they can miss out on having fun with friends because they fail to see there’s more to life than hard work, almost making them seem closed off when in reality they enjoy expressing their naturally great communication skills.

keywords: youthful, thoughtful, aloof, discrete

libra rising are social butterflies. they rather spend a day with friends or family than alone. very talented, libra rising may struggle to find one thing they enjoy and often maintain many hobbies instead of focusing on one.

keywords: thoughtful, fair, modest, vain

scorpio rising have very deep and intense emotions, but rarely open up about this to anyone. whilst they try to conceal and bury their confusing feelings, they appear as friendly and hard-working.

keywords: mysterious, obscure, stubborn, bitter

sagittarius rising are out-going, confident yet blunt and brutally honest. their bright personality often comes from their humour, they make even the hardest of situations into something positive with a joke.

keywords: joyful, kindhearted, extravagant, loud


Anonymous said:
Thanks for your tutorials, they are so simple to understand even for someone quite dumb about arts (me)! If you’ll have time and mood, can you, please, create tutorial for making lineart. I’m fairy bad at that.

Thank you! That’s really great to hear that! :D
If you browse my gallery you’ll notice that lineart isn’t something I use often (so that’s why I digged in my old drawings a bit to get some examples u_u) Anyway, I think there are more competent and skillful people out there whom you can ask about it but this is what I do. Just study other artists’ art, it’s helpful. Try to use different brushes and see what works best. Also things I think are important:
⁎ use bigger canvas (mistakes are less visible)
⁎ don’t use smal brushes with smooth but very defined edges because the lines will seem very jerky and ragged
⁎ vary thickness of your lines to make everything more dynamic but try to make it natural (it’s a little bit like calligraphy)
⁎ practice! lines will be smooth and flowy if you make your hand confident:
- draw traditionaly
- excercise with drawing straight lines and curves
- make quick, long strokes instead of drawing short lines (they’ll look sketchy) or doing painfully precise, slow moves
- don’t zoom in too much
- turn off the stabiliser (at least sometimes))
(Aaaand… you can always use vector drawing tools as a last resort :))

Imagine: Your older brother, Dean hears some strange noises coming from your bedroom.

Dean was on his way to the bunker library when his spidey senses start tingling. Dean knew when it was too quiet something was up. Dean decided better to be safe to be sorry to make a quick detour through the hallway before going to the library. 

Don’t get Dean confused, he trusted his baby sister but after they brought Jack back to the bunker you’ve been acting kind of weird. Dean confronted you about your feelings and you very defensively denied you had any feelings for the half human half angel. 

Dean wanted to believe you, but he couldn’t help being on the fence a little bit when it came to you and guys. You were young, naive, and curious. Dean remembered being the same way when he was your age, but he wanted to stop you before you did something stupid or that you would regret for the rest of your life. 

Dean was your brother but he also the only father figure in your life. Dean traveled the hallway with caution. The sound was definitely coming from your room. Dean was preparing what he would say to you. Dean took a deep breath and burst through the door without knocking. 

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So Much More

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles. 

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BTS Reaction to: Waking up next to you for the first time

Author’s note: This is just very soft. Also gifs aren’t mine. x 


He couldn’t help the smile forming on his face as he saw you peacefully sleeping beside him. Yesterday you two had your weekly movie night which ended at midnight. Seokjin didn’t want you to walk through the dark so he offered to let you stay the night instead. He brushed some of your hair out of your face as his soft lips found yours. He initially wanted to give you a quick kiss but when he felt you tangling your hand in his hair and pulling him back in, he happily accepted. His lips moved perfectly against yours as you pulled him closer, making him laugh.

“Hm, I can get used to waking up like this.” You mumbled sleepily as he pulled you into his chest, chuckling at your words.

“You better get used to this princess, because it will happen more often.”

You two laughed at his words before getting out of bed and making breakfast. Seokjin was very happy that you said you could get used to this, because he could too.


He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes a he took in his surroundings. That’s weird. He wasn’t in his room. When he turned on lay on his side he saw you peacefully sleeping next to him. A soft smile formed on his face as he reached his hand out to gently caress your soft skin. He thought you looked like an angel sleeping next to him. Yoongi still couldn’t believe that you trusted him enough to let him near you when you were in your most vulnerable state, but he was so glad that you did. You leaned into his touch as a happily smile spread across your face.

“Morning baby.”

Your cheeks turned pink at the nickname, making Yoongi laugh. He pulled you against him as he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck. You giggled at the feeling of his hot breath tickling your neck.

“I love you Yoongi.” His heard fluttered at your words as he smiled against your neck.

“I love you too baby girl.”


This sunshine boy wouldn’t be able to control his excitement as he saw you snuggled up against him. He gently brushed his thump over your lips, trying to resist the urge to kiss you. Instead of kissing you on the lips, another idea came to mind. He smirked before pressing kisses all over your face, slowly waking you up.

“Hobi, what are you doing?” You mumbled as you slowly started to wake up. Snuggling closer to him in the process.

“I wanted to see your pretty smile baby.”

You smiled brightly at him before giving him a kiss on his lips. He did the same as he brushed his nose against yours, making you laugh again.

“Hobi, I can get used to this.” You told him.

A warm smile appeared on his face as he said, “Me too baby. Let’s cuddle some more, yeah?”


He’d get so soft. Like really soft. As soon as he saw that you were still asleep he’d wrap his arms around you and hold you even tighter. He tangled his legs with yours as he pressed kisses against your cheek, neck and shoulder.

“Morning Joonie.”

He blushed at the nickname as he held you tighter.

“Morning baby girl, did you sleep well?”

You turned around in his arms so you were facing him before pressing a kiss against his lips. He smiled against your lips as he gently traced patterns on your side. He really liked waking up next to you. Probably more than he’d like to admit. Little did he know that you felt the exact same way. You didn’t want to wake up without him anymore and neither did he. 


You’d wake up before he did. You smiled at the sight of him peacefully sleeping beside you. He’d been so tired when he got home last night and asked you to stay the night so he’d still be able to cuddle with you. Your heard melted at his words and of course you stayed. You gently ran your fingers through his hair as you pressed a kiss against his lips. Not wanting to wake him up you turned around to get out, only to be pulled back by him. He turned you around, flashing you a tired smile as he pulled you close again.

“Why did you want to leave?”

“You looked so cute that I didn’t want to wake you up.”

He chuckled at your words as he moved so his head was resting on your chest. He moved his body so he was lying on top of you as you happily played with his hair. You couldn’t help but laugh at your boyfriend’s adorable behavior. He was just so damn cute. Especially in the morning. From that on you decided that you would stay the night more often, and Jimin couldn’t be happier with that.


He’d be the actual definition of clingy. He’d hold you the entire night. No matter how much you moved, he always had some part of him wrapped around you. So when you woke up it wasn’t a surprise that he was holding you, still. His face was pressed against your neck as soft breaths escaped his parted lips. His arms held you tightly as his legs were tangled with yours. Your heart warmed at the feeling of your boyfriend holding onto you so tightly, almost as if he was scared that you’d leave. Being in his arms was very comfortable, however, you really had to go to the restroom. So you gently took his arms and removed them from your waist. You untangled your legs from his and sat up. Once you made it to the edge of the bed you felt his arms wrapping around you again as he pressed his face against your back, making you laugh.

“Hm where are you going?” He asked in his deep morning voice, causing shivers to run down your spine.

“Tae, I’ve to go to the restroom.”

“No, just stay here.”

You rolled your eyes at his words before trying to get up again, only to be pulled back. “Tae, c'mon just let me go. I’ll be back soon and then we can cuddle as much as you want, okay?”

He pouted as he thought about your suggestion. He didn’t want you to leave but he did like the idea of cuddling as much as he wanted. So he gave in. Taehyung let you go to the restroom in peace, but as soon as you got near the bed he pulled you on it and wrapped himself around you again. You laughed at his cute behavior before pecking him on the lips, getting ready to spend the entire day cuddling in bed.


As soon as you woke up you felt a little uncomfortable. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Jungkook holding you, it was just that his grip on you was so damn tight. It’s not a secret that your boyfriend is very strong. What you didn’t know however, was that he was just as strong in his sleep. You sighed deeply as you tried to pull his arms away, but it was impossible. The only thing you could do was wake him up. Sighing deeply you used all your strength to turn around. Surprisingly you managed to do that, but as soon as you were face to face he pulled you even closer, making you whine. Jungkook brushed his nose against your cheek as he started laughing. Right then you realized he had been awake this entire time.

“You’re so mean Kookie.”

“Well good morning to you too baby.”

He pressed a kiss against your cheek as he loosened his grip on you, giving you a little more room to move around. You let out a happy sigh as you pulled him down for a kiss, smiling against his lips as his fingers tickled your side.

“Jungkook” You whined, making him laugh again.

“What? I just like seeing you smile.”

You blushed before snuggling up to him again. Jungkook smiled at the sight of you being so close to him and realized that he wanted to wake up like this every single day from now on, with you in his arms.

FMA EdWin week

Day 3: 85%

Ed returned to Resembool from the west, and finally managed to propose to Winry properly by giving her a ring. With the help of Alphonse, they created the ring by combing the materials: 15% white gold and 85% of the remains of his old automail arm.