this was very hard to do goodbye

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Hello, I'm a new(ish) groomer in the US who has been struggling lately working on elderly dogs who have little quality of life left - dogs who are in pain and can barely walk that the owner still clings to. I have a lot of compassion for the owner, who doesn't want to say goodbye, but when the dog is in my care the suffering is very hard to see. These are often repeat clientel. I do my best to make them comfy while they're with me, but is there a time I should send them to a vet for grooming?

If you have concerns about the health or welfare of an animal, you should be recommending they see a vet for a consult, discussion about quality of life (QOL), pain relief or whatever else is appropriate. Sometimes people just need somebody else to say it.

Groomers often recommend people bring their pets in for skin, ear or nail infections that they noticed. Saying something like “I noticed Fluffy is not getting around as well lately, have you considered taking her into the vet for pain relief?” might be all the nudge they need.

Aries: We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.

Taurus: Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Gemini: Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we go back to page one and do it all over again?

Cancer: Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.

Leo: Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.

Virgo: “I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh.

Libra: Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.

Scorpio: How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?

Sagittarius: Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. And more loved than you’ll ever know.

Capricorn: Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my favorite day.

Aquarius: A friend is one of the nicest things you can have & one of the best things you can be.

Pisces: I think we dream so that we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams we can be together all the time.

—  A Winnie The Pooh quote for every sign.

Never, guys, never… ♥

Is hard to say goodbye to a show that made me meet so many people, all of they nice, funny and very friendly. Even, thank to the turtles I realized of what I want in my life, draw, draw for ever and ever. Because withou it I don’t know what I’d do. TvT I have a dream, and I want to make it come true. :D

Is not the end, my friends. Because everybody will still here. At least, I’m still here. XD

Turtle power!!

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Top 5 most difficult hq college separations??? (It can be from the same or different years)

Bye this is gonna be so painful

1. Bokuto and Akaashi. The mother of all the college separations, I think the realization would hit Akaashi way more than Bokuto. Because he won’t say goodbye to just Bokuto, but basically to the whole Fukurodani team as we know it. Not to mention he will have to take the weight on his shoulder and be the next captain…after him. He will have to start over again, without the blinding, comforting light and force of nature that Bokuto is by his side. Practice will suddenly be so quiet, his days so empty, his life so steady and so…cold. And Bokuto…well, I know that, if he could, he’ll give up everything just to live forever in this last year they have to share. 

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2. The third years and the rest of Karasuno. Ah this is gonna be another big one. All the crows are impossibly close to each other, they accomplished together a greatness that was once forgotten. I think they have this thought constantly buzzing in the back of their mind, that each game could be the last they’re playing together. And I know Furudate will show us their last goodbye and there’s no way I’m gonna be prepared to see that. To see Asahi and Noya separating, to see the transfer of power to Ennoshita, to see how desperate Hinata, and honestly all the others, would be. To see Suga smiling and saying it will be ok, that they’ll be ok. To see Daichi telling them to win, to win again, for them. I…I’m already a mess

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3. Oikawa and Iwaizumi. The news of Oikawa and Iwaizumi not going to the same college hit us all like a truck. They’ve been together since they were kids, always side by side. They grew up together, both as a person and as players. They are partners, on and off court. Thinking about them finding a new equilibrium without the other just breaks my heart. Because I know they would do amazing wherever they’ll end up being, but still…damn. I just wanted them to be together, forever. Seeing them saying goodbye to each other with eyes full of tears it’s an experience I’ll never recover from

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4. Tendou and the rest of Shiratorizawa. His team was the very first place where Tendou felt accepted for the wonderful player and human begin he is. The swans were his family, his home, his paradise. I can’t make myself think about how hard the separation would be on him, that he would end up being alone…again. To an extent, this same thing could be said about Ushijima, too.

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 5. Kuroo and Kenma. I don’t think it would be such a devastating separation for them, since they’ve been through it once before in middle school. But that first time they knew it was just a matter of one year before they’d be reunited again, but now? They still live very close, but who knows where Kuroo would end up studying? Despite his very much annoyance, I think that Kenma finds somehow a feeling of comfort in having Kuroo by his side, always ready to protect and encourage him. They’ll both miss each other very much a lot, I’m sure of it. 

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Thank you for your message (and for the pain)!

Ask me my top 5 things!


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Genre: Smut, fluff, angst (it will contain smut in the next parts)

a/n: The story will have another part. So dont worry, im not cutting you off

Description:Jungkook is a  photography major in collaage. Every girl likes him yet he only has eyes for his camera, until he -even tho he hasnt realized it yet-  finds his muse.

Part1 Part 2  Part3

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Mikaelson Sister – You Will Be Missed

Words count: 1801

Warning: SAD


Requested by anonymous:

Hello I would like to request a tvd and to mixed in where y/n is the sister of the mikealsons but very powerful creature filled with other supernatural powers . Then y/n dies in mystic falls and y/n is best friends with the mystic gang . So when y/n dies the mikealsons and the gang meet at her funeral . All the characters say something meaningful specially klaus and Stefan because y/n would have best most besties with Stefan he says something like he loves her . Then as a ghost y/n says I’m here

You’re an original. A sister of the Mikaelson. You are a very powerful creature. You’ve lived for more than a thousand years and seen so much. It was hard for you to make new friends, because people die, and not everyone wants to be a vampire. So when your siblings and you settled in Mystic Falls for a bit. You decided to enroll in the local high school, that way you’d be able to make new friends. And friends you made.

Despite who your family is you befriended the mystic gang. You were closer to Stefan which meant that he wasn’t about to die anytime soon, being a vampire and all. Now something happened when your mother turned you into a vampire, unlike your siblings you were filled with supernatural powers, making you just as strong as Klaus if not stronger.

When your family left to New Orleans you decided to stay, it was hard to say goodbye to your family especially Klaus. You two were very close to each other. You were never daggered and were always by his side no matter what. You knew he was damaged because of Mikael and that he just needed love. So you gave him all the love you could and hoped that one day he’s meet a girl that’ll show him how amazing he was.

All that was great and amazing. Until came a day when something unexpected happened. It was a shock everyone didn’t know what to do, what to feel. You died. You were stacked with a white oak stake.

Your family came to Mystic Falls at once, you were going to be buried there. The place you were born. It was a rainy day, the sky was gray as if it was mourning you and was saying goodbye to you. Everyone you loved or cared about was there, all standing around your grave where your headstone stood. It was a secluded area that belonged to your family. Tears were running, people were sniffing everyone was just a mess. How will they move on? How will they live without you?

“I knew (y/n0 the first one, here in Mystic Falls.” Caroline said as she silently whipped her tears away. “She was so nice to me, I couldn’t believe she was an original. I knew I could always count on her no matter what. She gave me advice on men and she helped me gain respect from everyone who thought I was just a dump blonde. I owe her so much, she deserved more than she got.”

“Uh… (y/n) and I bumped into each other one time, when I was leaving school.” Matt who was standing next to Caroline said as he tried to compose himself. “I knew she was a vampire, and for some reason I thought she was going to kill me, which she only laughed at. I never understood how much kindness could come from a person as easily as it came from her. She saved my life more times that I could count and for that I thank her.”

“When Elijah and (y/n) came into town, I had a feeling that I could trust them.” Elena said as Damon held her hand. “More (y/n) than Elijah to be honest… she just had that shine around her, she was confident, honest, honorable and powerful. Yet she never once harmed me or anyone I love. She always did the opposite actually, she was always one call away. I’m going to miss her so much.”

“Guess it’s my turn…” Damon said quietly, before he cleared his throat. “I never make friends easily, people aren’t always found of me and my personality, but she thought otherwise. (y/n) managed to slip past my walls and camp inside. She and I became fast friends, she was my drinking buddy, I could rant to her for hours and she’d sit and listen carefully. She acted as if I was her younger brother. For some reason I always wished for an older sibling and she filled that roll all these years ago, and now I feel as if I lost a sibling.”

Elijah knew it was his turn to speak, yet he couldn’t say anything, Hayley took a hold of his hand and gave him a squeeze. Telling him that she was there for him.

“Um… I never… I never thought about losing a sibling.” Elijah said a tear escaping his eyes everyone and then. “Especially not (y/n) she was just so full of power and confidence, but more importantly she was kind and forgiving. Who would ever want to harm her? She and I were close, she was close to me and my siblings. But-but I uh I knew I can always count on her to cover my back no matter her personal interests. For a long time she was the only light and amazing thing in our family. Losing (y/n) is the hardest thing I had to go through in life.”

“She is the most supportive person I knew.” Hayley said holding Hope in her left hand as Elijah held her right one. “When she found out I was pregnant she came down to New Orleans at once, and helped me. Whenever I called her for help or advice she was there for me. She was the first one that showed me that not all vampires are alike and there’s more to the Mikaelson’s than meets the eye. Because of her I have Elijah by my side, and that is something that I will never forget.”

“After losing Freya, I was beyond happy to get a sister.” Finn said, and he looked at Freya and turned to your coffin. “(y/n) and I were great friends as we grew up. She was the only one of my siblings that haven’t once looked down on me, or showed me disappointment. I am more than glad to be her brother. I know she will be missed, as much as she was loved.”

“I haven’t really spent that much with (y/n) as you all did.” Freya said comforting Finn. “But the time I did spend with her, I could tell that she was defiantly different from the rest of us Mikaelson, no one with our past should have been that… good, but she was. And how she did will remain mystery. I was looking forward to getting close to her after everything calmed down here and in New Orleans.”

“(y/n) had an amazing life, she was a great sister.” Rebekah said while she tried to stop her sobs. “She was the kind that stands by you when you needed somebody to be there. She was a sister, friend and a warrior in and out. I remember when we were young, she’d go out of her way to make us all happy, which confused me as to why. She was the youngest after all. I was so happy that I got a sister when she was born. She was truly a caring person, and I know a part of me will always be missing now that she is gone.”

“What really puzzled me was her ability to always believe the best of everyone, until they proved her wrong.” Bonnie smiled sadly as she remembered her time with you. “She had a big hear and enough love for everyone. She was admirable and compassionate and and she deserved so much more than she got. Her ending was supposed to be happy. The best way to describe her is that she’s a friend that would stick by in any weather; he is the type of friend friend that would stand in a storm, with rain pouring down on his head, holding an umbrella, calmly and carefully, to make sure that my own head did not get wet.”

“My baby sister, was more than just a sister, she was my best friend.” Kol said tears streaming down his face, he was looking down unable to look anyone in the face. “When we were young she’s wake me up every morning so we’d be able to watch the sun rise. I was so annoyed at her for that, but looking back that was the most peaceful time we had and now that she’s gone, I only want to go back to that time where it was only her and I talking and having fun. She was my shoulder to cry on through every heartbreak. She was an amazing sister.”

“Um… (y/n) is the only one who I never daggered. She was my baby sister, if I could I would’ve given her the world.” Niklaus said as he whipped the stray tear before giving up as more escaped from his red eyes. “She was so different from me we were the total opposites yet we were the closest. I remember every minute we spent together, she was so mad when I daggered one of our sibling and tried too hard to get me to un-dagger them. She loved this family more than anything. I love her so much. I’ll be telling Hope stories of her brave and amazing Auntie (y/n). I saddens me knowing that my daughter will never know her auntie and my sister will never know her niece. It is a cruel world we live in, and (Y/N) has been always far too good and pure to live in it. I miss her, I can’t believe she’s gone… forever.”

“(Y/N), was an amazing girl, I’ve never met anyone like her.” Stefan said crying the most. “ As time went on we became best friends… I’ve been looking for some to love all my life, and the minute I met her I knew she was the right one for me. But I never thought that I’d ever have a chance with her. She was far too beautiful far too good for me. But as time went on she made me feel loved that I wasn’t a monster we grew closer as time went on, and my only regret is not telling her how much she meant to me. I wish I could’ve told her how I loved her, how I wanted to make her mine, I thought we had forever. But you never know. She truly will be missed, she impacted so many people, and the world will not be the same without her.”

You as a ghost from the other side cried as you watched everyone talk about you, you wanted to reach out to every single one of them, you wanted to comfort them and tell them that you loved them. Hearing Stefan confess his love to you broke your heart as you wanted to tell him that you felt the same as he had.

“I’m here.” You whispered but it fell on deaf ears. They couldn’t hear you. They couldn’t feel your presence. That was it, you  live has ended.

Miracles Take Time, part one

“No please, there’s just one more thing mate. One more thing: one more miracle, Sherlock for me. Don’t be dead. Would you do that? Just for me. Just stop it. Stop this.”

John looked down at the grave one last time and nodded jerkily before marching off. It felt like he was leaving the last of the life he had build for himself from the ruins of his military career behind him, buried deep in the ground. In a very real sense his life was over again and he wasn’t sure he had the strength to start over yet again.

The cab ride back from the graveyard with Mrs Hudson might have been awkward but John was too lost in his own thoughts to do more than nod politely through her incessant chatter. He suspected that she had taken one of her herbal soothers before coming out with him. He didn’t blame her for it, it had been a hard trip and a difficult goodbye for both of them to make.

When they reached home he declined her invitation in for a cup of tea as politely as he could, his capacity for shared grief used up for the day. Instead he trudged up the stairs to the empty flat, already dreading the empty silence he knew he would find.

A single look around the cozy, cluttered sitting room, so full of half finished projects and memories and John knew that he had to move or he would never try to rebuild his life, he would wallow in this dead happiness until he died himself. He wasn’t sure yet if that was what he wanted. For now it would be enough to just continue up to his room where the ghost of Sherlock would be less apparent. First though he detoured to the kitchen to grab the bottle of whisky he knew was in the back of one of the cupboards, praying that it had not fallen prey to one of Sherlock’s experiments.

He almost missed the little blue post-it note stuck to the refrigerator, it just catching at the edge of his awareness as he was about to leave the kitchen. He almost wrote it off as nothing more than a note from Mrs Hudson, likely about some food she had put in there for him but a thread of curiosity wound though the dark haze of his thoughts and pulled he back into the room towards the note.

The kitchen was dimly lit, making the words on the paper hard to read but the handwriting, a sharp angular scrawl, was achingly familiar. He had to give himself a shake before he could process the words themselves.

Miracles take time

There was the sound of a bottle of whisky hitting hard tiles and shattering but John barely heard it. He could only stare at the note as hope fulled him and it felt like his heart began to beat once more.

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My favorite parts of the movie, Call Me by Your Name

This is INSANELY long (so obviously an insane amount of spoilers), jumbled, and in order of when I thought of each item (except for the Montaigne stuff) As long as this post is, there are tons of other moments that stick out, but one has to make choices! I tried to keep comparison to the book at a minimum as one can judge adaptations on their adherence/truthfulness to the source material or completely as its own thing (both are valid), and it’s easier to do the latter in this case. I’ve also kept it mostly positive, though as I’ve mentioned previously, I did have a few issues with the film (feel free to ask any questions you might have about that or anything else CMBYN related). Also, I need to see it again. As soon as possible.

*When Elio has the nosebleed (no footsie though ugh), he goes inside and sits on the floor and Oliver comes looking for him. The way Elio asks Oliver to sit with him breaks my heart. Just a subtle hint of plea. Everything that happens during that sit-down also fucked my life. It’s burned into my very being. Every look, kiss, touch, word.

* There’s this wonderful housefly that, throughout the movie, shows up occasionally to hang out with Elio when he’s thinking about Oliver. I could probably write a paper on what I think the significance of the fly is, and my feelings about the fly, but really, it was just a fly- a nice touch by either Luca or Ivory.

* The desperation in Elio’s kiss after he breaks down crying during the peach scene. How is Timothée not actually feeling that at that moment? Talk about acting. It was spectacular. Everything about his reaction was spectacular. The crying, the sad embarrassment for crying, the clutching at Oliver. (Aside:Oliver not eating the peach was unacceptable and Elio’s reaction being switched from being overwhelmed that someone felt something for him so strongly that they would do such a thing to being upset that Oliver is leaving soon was annoying.)

* The hilarious lunch conversation with the extremely talkative, not very polite, guests. This conversation needs to be witnessed and experienced, because it’s so funny. At some point they start insulting each other- someone gets called an “asshole” I think, but the expressions and tones of voice of everyone involved stay exactly the same, so it’s hard to even tell who’s being called an asshole, etc. Like this is just everyday conversation.

* After Elio says goodbye to Oliver at the train station, he sits around for a bit trying to process and calm down and then, because what else to do in this lovely family?, he calls his mom. As he asks her to come pick him up, he breaks down (I did, too). The shot is perfect. He’s in the phone booth and we’re outside and a bit away. He starts off the call facing us, but during the emotional bits, he turns his back. He’s hiding his crying from the world (including the viewer), but not from his mother, who can hear him losing it. This is a lovely private family moment, one of many that we’re privy to throughout the film.

* On Elio and Oliver’s trip, there’s a shot of Oliver’s face as Elio sleeps, looking completely at peace. Oliver is sitting on the bed, looking wrecked, and remorseful, and like he wants to stop what’s about to happen. The next scene is their goodbye hug at the train station. I wonder if Oliver sitting there that night knows that very soon he’s going to break Elio’s heart. Not just by leaving, but in telling him that he’s getting married (Over the phone? Really Oliver?) I’ve never been totally sure just how “on and off” Oliver and his future wife actually were. We never really get to know much about Oliver. In both the book and the movie, he’s more a mirror of Elio than a separate character. We only know him through and via Elio. So, in that way, is Oliver’s “on and off” relationship the same as Elio’s “on and off” relationship with Marzia? Where they hang out and fuck, but Elio holds back everything important? I don’t know.

* On the phone call when Oliver tells Elio he’s getting married, Oliver asks, “Do you mind?” A perfect, though strange, bit from the book to carry over- those are the words someone uses when asking permission to do something. What if Elio had said yes? Was Oliver seeking an admission that Elio loved him and wanted to be with him? Was he looking for an ego boost? Was he just asking an awkward question? Oliver is such a mystery to me.

*Anytime Armie/Oliver danced, I laughed. Man, that was some awful, but adorable dancing. The only time I didn’t laugh was when Elio got up on the dance floor and danced with Marzia right next to where Oliver was dancing. That time, I held my breath.

*The morning after they have sex (make love?) for the first time and Elio goes after Oliver into town. They walk a bit to have some privacy and while walking, for a few seconds they “hold hands” with just a finger or two tangled. So insanely lovely.

*After Oliver and Elio talk about how open Oliver is about showing his Judaism by wearing his Star of David, the next image is of Elio coming up for air while swimming in the lake, his Star of David around his neck. It’s a rebirth via water being symbolized, so a baptism of sorts. Oliver, simply by being Oliver, allowed so many hidden parts of Elio, parts Elio felt ashamed of, to be reborn into things that were not shameful, that were beautiful, things to be celebrated and nurtured.

*After Elio receives the note that they’ll meet at midnight and subsequently becomes seriously obsessed with his watch, they’re sitting outside, Oliver, Elio, and Elio’s mother. Elio gets up to leave the table and Oliver, so nonchalantly, asks Elio for the time. It’s such a sexy and funny way of Oliver reminding Elio what’s going to happen that night. And ratcheting up their respective anticipation.

*Sufjan. Sufjan. Sufjan. I can’t even.

*The way Elio says Oliver’s name. So often he says it as if he’s asking for everything he’s ever desired. There’s so much longing and affection.

*The sight and the sound of Oliver eagerly removing his belt the first night that he and Elio sleep together is super sexy. He’s kneeling over Elio, who’s lying between Oliver’s legs and they both look desperate. The sound and look of the leather as it’s being pulled quickly through Oliver’s belt loops is the perfect symbol for that desperation.

*It was completely genius, whoever’s decision it was, to have Elio constantly pressing himself against Oliver, whether it’s Elio’s head against Oliver’s chest or Elio’s whole body as he’s, literally, climbing Oliver, jumping into his arms, pulling Oliver against him as Elio leans back against a wall, etc. It’s like Elio is trying to absorb Oliver into himself. Like he can’t possibly ever get close enough. Like he wants to crawl inside Oliver and make himself a little home in his tummy or in his chest, by his heart- maybe take a nap surrounded by Oliver. Like he simply cannot get enough of this man.

*Elio’s hairstyle at the end of the movie & every single time Elio did his slide dance move. What glory was that?

*That one lovely shot of snow before the last scene. Foreshadowing the cooling off of Elio and Oliver’s relationship, and letting the viewer know that their summer, which was, vicariously, ours, is officially over. Also, snow is just beautiful.

*The night that Elio confesses his feelings to Oliver, Oliver comes back late. Elio, thinking that Oliver has been out with someone else, is restless in bed, and mutters, “Traitor,” as Oliver uses their adjoining bathroom. Then when Oliver closes the bathroom door without acknowledging Elio, Elio rolls over again says, sadly, “Traitor.” The word enlarges Elio’s desire- makes it so much more than just lust. He’s saying that they have something important together, something that can be betrayed. The fact that he doesn’t consider his actions with Marzia to be traitorous makes perfect sense to me. He knows his own feelings, that Oliver is, for whatever reason, infinitely more important to him than Marzia. But what Oliver feels is, at that time a mystery.

*Elio tells Oliver that they have to sit in the backseat of the car because Anchise usually drives as Elio’s father navigates. Then Elio’s father comes along and tells Anchise that he doesn’t need to drive and then invites Oliver into the front seat to be navigator. Elio is adorably upset that he doesn’t get to ride shotgun (understandably!). But also probably a bit unpleased that he doesn’t get to share that small backseat with Oliver. Ha.

*This part right here, when Elio asks for a truce and Oliver offers the hand of the statue. It should have been funny, but it was actually just very sweet and hurt my heart a bit.

*As Oliver and Elio leave on their trip, Chiara rides up on her bicycle. She’s late, though, and they’re already on the bus which is pulling away. The borderline sarcastic wave that Oliver gives her is pretty funny and Elio’s mother inviting Chiara to dinner with a thrown in, “Bring Marzia with you” is just ouch. But the look on Elio’s face as Oliver sits beside him, like this is everything. He’s sitting here with Oliver, going away with Oliver (!!!) and he seems so joyful, but also overwhelmed by that joy, and like he’s seconds away from crying. Lovely lovely acting by Tim.

* Elio’s father is pretty much perfect at fathering fatherly. And Michael Stuhlbarg is magnificent in this film. His final speech to Elio about Oliver, and love, and life is spectacular, both in the book and the film. The line that always makes me cry, whether reading, listening, or watching is:

We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster than we should that we go bankrupt by the age of thirty and have less to offer each time we start with someone new.

I’ve had one of those lives where this would have really been nice to hear when I was younger. But since I kind of want to rip out every memory I have of this book/movie, to cure myself of too many feelings, it might not have mattered.

* Also in Elio’s father speech is my favorite quote about love. I was ecstatic that it was in the book so having it in the movie made me doubly ecstatic. The quote, by Montaigne about his platonic male friend, is untranslated in the book (& I don’t know if anyone bothers to look that stuff up), while in the movie, there are subtitles (the translation in the movie is different than my preferred which is below, but whatevs). Below is a larger portion of the quote, the part in bold is the bit in the book/movie:

Si on me presse, continue-t-il, de dire pourquoi je l'aimais, je sens que cela ne se peut exprimer qu'en répondant: parce que c'était lui; parce que c'était moi.

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than it was because he was he, and because I was I.

From the book:

“You’re too smart not to know how rare, how special, what you two had was.”

“Oliver was Oliver,” I said, as if that summed things up.

“Parce que c’était lui, parce que c’était moi,” my father added, quoting Montaigne’s all-encompassing explanation for his friendship with Etienne de la Boétie.”

I can’t explain why I’ve loved particular people most in my life- we were just the kind of people who would love each other. We spoke to something in the other. I’ve always appreciated the joyful, but also, almost resigned (potentially tragic) quality of such an acknowledgement. “We were meant to love each other” alongside “I couldn’t have stopped it even if I’d tried.” It’s perfect for Elio and Oliver.

amortentia [young!tom riddle x reader]

premise:  En sa beauté gît ma mort et ma vie. [In her beauty rests (both) my death and my life]
Tom Marvolo Riddle never fancied anyone - to be fair, he did not think he could. Though, an encounter on his first train to Hogwarts had left a deep impression that he very much could love someone, though if that someone could love him with all of his secrets was a different question, one that he was eager to find out yet was awfully curious of. You always intrigued him. From the very first day the two of you met, to the very last…

warnings: angst, disturbing themes, fluff, blood

amortentia masterpost | MASTERLIST.

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1. gloomy days follow

A light breeze caressed the back of your neck as your fingers dug into the hard red cushion of the seat; your form leaned forward to stare at the blurring scenery behind the window. Outside the compartment children were eagerly chatting, some singing muggle songs and noisily poking in their heads to see who was doing what. The far away rooftops moved like passengers and in the swaying autumn flowers, the last notes of summer were already fading, you saw the delicate arch of your mothers hand as she waved you goodbye. The memory was still fresh and very much conflicted, both sparking fear and excitement in your heart. Finally, London houses blew by and nothing by plains of green greeted the window. You pulled away and shifted, hitting the back of the seat and feeling the whole train pleasantly rubble down your spine. Besides you, there were three more eleven year-olds seated – two in front and one by your left. The lonesome boy by your side was reserved, only briefly glancing around and outlining the forms of the two seated in his close view.

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Stay (Drabble)

Summary: Bucky comes back after a fight.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 501

Based off of this prompt: I need a place to stay.

Warnings: Language, miiinor angst. But otherwise hella fluffy.

A/N: Here’s the last drabble I wrote celebrating 1500 followers. It’s kinda crazy how now that I’m past 2000 now eep. Hope you guys enjoy this!! <3

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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 3/?

From a very long prompts list comes this: 

153: “ Put me down! ”

It’s late, and Neil knows this.
Kevin told him their night practice was going to run later tonight, but Neil didn’t realize quite how much later that meant.

Neil thought he would have some time tonight to do some math homework. He still has two online assignments due this week that he hasn’t started on. He had hoped to get a head start on them tonight between practice with the foxes and practice with Kevin, but Kevin had told him to stay on the court for some extra training time.

They stopped for a late dinner at some point a couple hours ago, but as the clock hits 2:26 and Kevin is still talking about how his aim needs work, Neil realizes that he’s not going to be able to get anything done tonight.

“Are you even listening to me?” Kevin’s eyebrows knit together. For some reason he doesn’t look tired, even though it’s been a very, very, long day.

Before Neil can say anything, he drops his stick. He didn’t mean to, but his fingers just relaxed and it was too late. The loud clatter of the hard stick on the plastic floor is enough of an answer for Kevin.

“Neil, if you don’t get this drill, you can say goodbye to court. You need to be able to do this!”

“I’m sorry. I’m thinking about other things tonight. I have a lot of math–”

“Neil,” Kevin says, interrupting him, “Now’s not the time to be worrying about other things. You’re on the court, and right now you’re here to play.”

 Neil’s mind took too long to formulate a response to Kevin’s comment and by the time he had strung together words that were comprehensible, the space in the conversation was over. Andrew had decided to join in on the talk, calling from the benches where he’s smoking a half-gone cigarette.

 “Kevin. Shut the fuck up.” His voice echoes off of the high ceiling of the court. His soft black pants and loose sweatshirt make Neil suddenly aware of how much his armour weighs. He’s a little jealous  of Andrew’s capabilities; he gets to sit all day and put in the bare minimum work for exy while Neil works his ass off every practice.

 “Neil.” Kevin says, snapping his fingers in front of Neil’s face. “We don’t have all day. Let’s go.” Kevin begins showing him the drill again, and although he is tired, Neil starts working on it again.

 He bends down to pick up his stick, and feels the burn of lifting it through his shoulders and back. Neil already knows he’s going to be sore tomorrow morning.

 When Neil straightens back up, black spots dance around the edges of his vision, but when he shakes his head, they slowly disappear. He’s not going to be stopped by some stupid little thing. He has a goal. He’s going to get this drill today, and then he can rest.

 Kevin finishes his display, and takes the ball out of the net of the stick and tosses it to Neil. Before Neil can catch it, it’s intercepted by a hand. Andrew’s hand. He looks at the ball, and then at the bags under Neil’s eyes.

 A count later, Neil’s mouth opens.

 “Oh.” He hadn’t even heard the doors of the court opening. He was getting rusty. Or maybe he was just getting comfortable.

 “Andrew, give the ball back to Neil.” Kevin says, shooting daggers with his glare at Andrew, who looks all but unaffected. “If you’re not going to play, go sit down. Neil needs to work on this.”

 “Day, I’m taking Neil, and we’re leaving. You don’t actually get a say in this.” Andrew directs to Kevin, no hint of a joke in his voice.

 Andrew walks a few more paces until he’s head and head with Neil. 

“Andrew,” Kevin looks at the back of Andrew’s figure, “ we’re not done yet.”

“If you don’t let him go,” Andrew turns around, “I will break your other hand, and then neither of you will be playing tonight.”

 It’s uncalled for, but Andrew gets the reaction he wants. Kevin looks down and quickly clutches his broken hand. He rubs the scars from left to right, just like he always does when someone mentions the injury. It’s actually quite fascinating, how Kevin goes submissive like a dog sitting at it’s owner’s heels every time. The boy has a spine until someone actually means what they’re saying.

 “Andrew, just let me try one more time. I need to get this if I want to get–” Neil’s cut off by one of Andrew’s arms scooping under his knees and the other supporting his back.

 It’s not the first time Andrew’s carried him, but it’s definitely the most uncalled for.

 Andrew starts walking away from Kevin, and Neil know’s what his goal is. 

“Andrew. Put me down.” Neil says, “I need to–”

 “If you don’t shut up, I’m dropping you on the floor and driving away without you.” Andrew interrupts him, “It’s late and I want to sleep.” Neil notices how he doesn’t call it ‘home’. He only does that when they’re alone, and Kevin is still in earshot. Andrew carries Neil all the way out of the court, leaving Kevin alone with a bucket of balls and a stack of cones to clean up himself. Neil doesn’t feel bad, even though he probably should. 

When Andrew makes it to the locker room, he ungracefully drops Neil on one of the wooden benches. He starts helping take off his gear, starting with his helmet and arm pieces before realizing what he is doing.

 He drops the helmet on the floor of the locker room and takes a step away, letting Neil undress himself.

 “Go shower. You smell.”

 “Are you sure you don’t want to join me?” Neil says with a slight smirk.

 “I’ll be in the car.” Andrew says while turning around, “If you’re not there in 10 minutes I’m leaving without you.”

 They both know it’s not true, but Neil won’t call him out this time. He likes to let Andrew believe what he wants. 

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CS + mutual pining

This is my kryptonite! My brain immediately went to S3 so enjoy some canon divergence where they defeated Zelena but there was no time portal.  

T | 1.2k 

It had been a month and a half since Emma had left Storybrooke to return to her life in New York City with Henry, a month and a half of trying to get their life back to normal after the return of their memories and the defeat of the Wicked Witch of the West, a month and a half of no magic or fairytale characters–except for her parents who she called or texted regularly and two visits from the Evil Queen herself.

Regina’s third visit was scheduled for this weekend and though she usually swept Henry off to some fancy hotel for a few nights Emma wasn’t really in the mood for her sharp looks or pointed questions about life in the city. Emma wasn’t stupid and knew that the only reason Regina had agreed to let her take Henry back to New York was because she assumed they wouldn’t be staying there for long, an idea her parents had no doubt encouraged. They all seemed to think Emma was some unruly teenager and her return to New York was just a phase instead of a thought out and conscious decision made by a rational adult who didn’t want her son burned alive or captured by flying monkeys.

It was a little after five when the knock came and Emma took a fortifying breath before opening the door.


“Swan!” The pirate beamed, his entire face lighting up at the sight of her, and her heart dropped down to her stomach. It had been a month and a half since she had seen him, all black leather, eyeliner, and dancing eyes; she wasn’t prepared for how good it felt. He had come after her and she knew that she should be angry, because she had explicitly told him not to follow her, but seeing him at her door all she felt was the rush of her blood and an overwhelming urge to smile. She fought the urge and forced her mouth into a thin line. His smile lost most of its brightness and his eyes flicked past her.

“Is the lad ready?” He asked in an almost formal tone.

“Henry? Why would you–?

“Regina didn’t–?“

As if on cue Emma’s phone went off and a big red apple filled the screen. With a huff, she answered.

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oh, baby [draco malfoy]

request: “Could u do Draco x reader with prompts 97 and 103 please? It would be so interesting plus I love your writing. You’re so cool xoxo” -anon

word count: ~3000

a/n: why thank u anon, i AM pretty cool! (kidding im actually SO lame like u dont even know omG) anyway i wrote this at like 3 am and im posting it at 5 am so. i’m a few hours late (like a day actually but who’s counting, NOT ME) but happy bday to the real OG man draco malfoy! now enjoy this hot mess of sleep deprivation, angst, snark, and marina and the diamonds inspiration

97: “i don’t want to have a baby.”

103: “i had to see you again.”

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Author: @peetabreadgirl


Prompt 12:, Anonymous, Katniss is trying to study in the library, but she can’t keep her eyes from wandering over to Peeta, who’s reading a comic book a few tables over. 

I took some liberties here. No comic book, but he’s still distracting her. And I included a bit of jealousy. Because that’s one of my favorite tropes and I just can’t help myself. ;) Enjoy the short read!

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Jon and Sansa's wave literally proved there's nothing going on and nothing will ever go on. They are nothing but siblings, not even that because Sansa treats him like shit. She doesn't appreciate him the way Deanerys will appreciate him. They don't even say goodbye to each other lmao. Dream on sweetheart, and keep rewatching that wave🙋‍♂️

I’m so glad you’re sending me this!!!! 

You see, I’ve been meaning to ask a Jonery$ shipper (it’s been hard to find one willing to speak with me about this) why, if the wave was so terribly meaningless, like you all claim… Dany’s head is still photoshopped into it? 


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Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader | Selina Kyle x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: None?

Prompts: to lazy to summarize, sorry!

Words: 821

Translator: Ahv = Father

Em = Mother

A/N: I just randomly got this idea?? so I’m just going with it.

You were abandoned at a young age, only 4 years old. You knew nothing about your family, only one thing, that your mother seemed to be raised in a Jewish household, where they only spoke Hebrew and little English. During your 4 years of living with her, you only knew Hebrew, just a little bit. The simple words like, father, mother, hello, goodbye, food, and help. So when the Selina Kyle found you she asked you multiple things, you not understanding anything.

After that raining afternoon in Gotham, you had a new mother. Selina Kyle couldn’t abandon you, you were just a little toddler with big (e/c) eyes, (h/l) (h/c) hair, and a smug look on your face that seemed to familiar. So, she took you home, raising you with help of Ivy and Harley, whom absolutely loved you. 

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Cat Grant Appreciation Week // Day 4: Favorite Inspiring Speech

I don’t know what to do.
What do you mean, like… like into a lake?
You’re standing on the shore, afraid to dive into the new waters, and you’re afraid because you don’t wanna say goodbye to the mild-mannered, lovelorn Kara Danvers, the sweet and dutiful assistant to Cat Grant. You are standing there looking out at your options, the icy blue water, the fast-flowing river, and the choppy sea. And they all look very appealing to you because you’re dying to go for a swim, but you know that water is going to be cold, and the journey is going to be hard, and when you reach the other side, you will have become a new person. And you are scared to meet that new version of yourself. Now, we all get used to our own personas, and we’re used to our own comfort zones.

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Synth Shaun reacts to finding the Hi Honey Holotape!

I found this one so easy to write, it’s such a lovely thing to think of. I hope this is sort of what you were after Nonnie, enjoy <3

Shaun doesn’t know that he’s a synth fully yet in this react.

Shaun had returned home to Sanctuary with Sole after the explosion that was once the Institute- something that Sole would frequently remind Shaun was a bad place, and that he shouldn’t feel bad considering that he had once lived there.

He and Sole had taken the pre-war home that Sole had once lived in before the bombs had dropped. Sole had taken their own room, leaving Shaun to have the room he would have had when he was a baby. The cot had been replaced by a cranky old single bed, and numerous shelves and chests of drawers had been built, places for Shaun to keep his things that he owned and created.

One shelf was full of the things that Sole had been collecting as they travelled throughout the Commonwealth, before they had found Shaun. A small toy alien, a toy lorry with Nuka-Cola printed along the side, a teddy bear sat tall watching over the room, a rocket ship toy that squeaked when you squeezed it. Some wooden blocks that spelt out his name.

The houses throughout Sanctuary had been rebuilt. Sure, it wasn’t to pre-war standards, but all the houses that stood as accomodation had front (and back) doors that locked, makeshift doors inside the house and a somewhat working plumbing system, meaning that the toilets and showers worked, with hot water running through the taps.

Shaun liked his house. Sure, it wasn’t as clean as the Institute, and the food above ground didn’t taste as nice and fresh as the foods he had once tasted. But he had more freedom above ground, and he had his parent there for him every step of the way.

Sole would usually have told Shaun not to stay out of their room- but they thought it was a little pointless, seeing as there was nothing that they needed to hide from the young boy. Accept from the small old shoebox, filled with things so personal to Sole that they hadn’t even showed Codsworth. Pictures of Nate and Nora’s wedding, of the first ultrasound of Shaun when he had been in his mother’s womb. The ring that Sole had to prize off their dead spouses finger- and the ring that accompanied it, to special to have been split up. An old holotape, that had clearly been well played.

Small hands grasped the holotape, before quickly sprinting from the room, running to his own and hiding the small orange holotape safely under his pillow. He’d have to ask Sole to borrow their pipboy, and then he’ll be able to listen to the treasure that hid within the holotape.

That night, when the sun had fallen behind the rocky overpass that lead up to the Vault, Shaun had gone and found Sole, begging them to borrow the pipboy that rarely left their arm. Sole was too busy to ask Shaun why they needed it, just handing it over to the boy- they were too busy trying to find new trade routes, one that wouldn’t take as long and would bypass a highly radiated area.

Pushing the holotape into the Pipboy, Shaun was disappointed to find that the holotape was just filled with static. He almost turned it off, before a small voice came from the speaker. Hastily, Shaun rushed to turn the sound up.

“Oops, haha. Keep those little fingers away… Ah, there we go. Just say it, right there, right there, go ahead. Ah, Yay! Hi Honey, listen…”

Shaun listened carefully, wondering what he was listening too. It wasn’t any of Sole’s friends or companions, or anyone that lived within Sanctuary- he was sure of it. Who’s voice was this he was listening too, Shaun wondered.

“I don’t think Shaun and I need to tell you how great of a mother/father you are. But we’re going to anyway. You are kind… and loving, and funny… That’s right… and so patient. So patient… Patience of a saint, as your mother used to say.”

So it was Shaun’s missing parent. The one that he’d never met. Sole had promised him that they would tell him all about them, when he was old enough to understand what had truly happened. He’d briefly wondered who the baby in the holotape was- but it didn’t take too long for him to realise it was him, when he was a baby. Him with his missing parent.

“Look, with Shaun and us all being together… It’s been an amazing year, but even so, I know our best days are yet to come. There will be changes sure….”

Shaun scoffed. Changes. You could say that again, a hundred times over. The changed being the war and the bombs falling and losing their spouse.

“Things that we’ll need to adjust to. I’ll/You’ll rejoin the civilian workforce, you’ll/I’ll shake the dust of the law degree.”

“But everything we do, no matter how hard, we’ll do it for our family”

Shaun wished that he could have met his other parent. He was more than happy that he got to have one, but it was clear that his mother and father had loved each other very much- it was a shame that they’d been split up in the most permanent way.

“Now say goodbye Shaun. Bye bye, say bye bye”

Bye, a small voice echoed in the back of Shaun’s mind. Bye bye.

“Bye honey, we love you!”

Shaun played the holotape at least twice more. Questions began popping up in his mind, everything from what had happened to his parent to mean that they weren’t currently with them, to the weather on the day that his mother and father had gotten married.

Just as the holotape came to an end once again, Shaun heard a sniffle come from behind him. He quickly spun around, pushing buttons on the Pipboy, which just made the holotape start from the beginning again and again.

“That’s your mother/father Shaun. They would have been so proud” Sole said after a short silence. Sole gestured to Shaun for him to follow them, and the pair walked into Sole’s bedroom. Shaun sat in the middle of Sole’s comfortable bed, with Sole pulling the small box out from under the bed, and started from the beginning. The very first picture of Nate and Nora together, from before they were in a relationship- before they were married- before Shaun had come along.

And Sole began to tell Shaun everything. 

Old habits die hard, ok?

Requested by an anon: “i kissed you goodbye by accident - old habits die hard okay?!?!” for the prompt thing :)) 

Rated T. 1.5k words         

They’re watching a movie together. In a very platonic, strictly friends way. Because that’s the way they do things now—platonic and friendly, absolutely no intimacy besides the kind that comes with being close, comfortable friends with a person. Hugs and heads leaned on shoulders? Great. The occasional hand holding or cheek kissing? Fine.

A couple weeks before, things would have been different. They wouldn’t have made it twenty minutes into the film with out Emma’s tongue down Killian’s throat or his hand down the front of her leggings. And then after a round or three of some decidedly un-platonic actions, they would lay on the couch, sated, long enough to rewind to a point they both remembered and finish watching.

She had been the one to initiate the turn their friendship took—simply telling him they should have sex after a few too many drinks on a particularly bad date. He’d been hesitant at first. Wanting to wait until she was of sounder mind before taking that step, he put her to bed and told her they could discuss it another time. But all of his reservations flew out the window when she’d shown up at his apartment the next night with a bottle of wine and some lube (which he took out of her hand with a cocky grin and an “I don’t think you’ll be needing this.”)

She started it so it was fitting that she’d end it.

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