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Updated the weapon generation to also include colors. Colors can either reflect the type or element or just be random if the weapon has no special attributes. I also updated the attack animations so that the slash reflects the color of the weapon instead of always being white. This was particularly annoying to do since the slash and the character animation where a single sprite, so I had to separate them first BUT, I think it was worth it.

I also trimmed some frames from the attack animations because of input lag. There were 2 frames of winding up before actually bringing the sword down. Those 2 frames made it look smoother however the input lag was very obvious and most players would find that very frustrating. Combat feels a lot better now and faster now.

The generation for the weapon colors needs a bit of tweaking but I’m going to call this closed for now so I can go back to focusing on the Greenlight trailer. That’s all for now!

It was a very long day for Shay and he was left feeling frustrated and tired, and he just wanted to see you at the end of it. He was taking off his jacket and shoes while walking in the house, and laid down on you, burying his head in your shoulder. He sighed, making you laugh at him.

 “Bad day,” you asked still focused on the television. Shay started moving around and laid his head on your stomach.

 “It was awful.”

 “I’m sorry,” you said, looking at him and started playing with his hair, causing him to sigh with contentment; both of you watching the television. 

After a while, you decided to order take-out. Shay was still focused on the television, so you just ordered what he normally ordered; before sitting back on the couch.

 “You know what? I believe in love at first sight,” Shay said, staring at you.

 “Oh you do? That’s a lot coming from someone who doesn’t believe in fate,” you said winking at him.

 “Well, to be completely honest, I didn’t believe in neither until I met you,” he said, making you blush.

AN: This is my first imagine! Kinda bittersweet…I’m excited, buut I’m nervous that no one will like this. I would really appreciate feedback. Also, feel free to request imagines! Also, I do NOT own this gif.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader (Partially Pietro x Reader)

Plot: You had been sitting in the tower for quite sometime, when everyone finally got back from the Ultron battle. You greeted everyone, and couldn’t help but notice three new faces. One in particular caught your eye…


“Meeting the New Recruits”

You were very frustrated and plagued with boredom. Tony and Cap, actually every member of the team, thought it would be best if you stayed out of this battle. “I should be out there. They need me!” You protested while teleporting a tissue box in and out of the room.

“It’s too dangerous Y/N. You aren’t ready yet.” You recalled the team claiming. The tissue box you were teleporting soon fell to the floor, when you heard the elevator ping.

“Luuucccy, I’m home!” Tony joking yelled.

“Lucy? I do not recall Y/N’s name being Lucy?” Thor said, clearly puzzled.

“It’s a reference, Volts.” Tony explained.

You greeted everyone with a smile and a slight nod, but something seemed off. You scanned the room, seeing three extra figures.

Cap noticed your puzzled expression. “Oh, Y/N these are the new recruits.” He motioned for them to step forward.

“New recruits?”

“Yes, this is The Vision. He’s an android.”

Vision stuck out his hand for you to shake. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” You smiled.

Cap continued to introduce the recruits,”This is Wanda.”

You shook Wanda’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Wanda.”

She smiled and nodded,”I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Cap smiled,”And this is Pietro, Wanda’s twin.”

You froze; your heart began racing at the site of Pietro.

He ran his fingers through his hair in a quick motion. Finally, he reached his hand out, “Hello.”

You quickly snapped out of your daze.”H-hi.”

“I’ve never seen Y/N so speechless.” Tony chuckled.

You turned to see the whole team staring and smiling. You quickly let go of Pietro’s hand.

“Oh, shut it Stark!” You turned swiftly, trying to hide the blush you could feel creeping up you face. You haven’t felt this way in a long time. I mean, how could you? You just met him for gosh sakes.

Nat could tell you were embarrassed,”Let’s go get something to eat; I’m starving!”

Everyone piled into the kitchen.

You lingered on, still feeling the warmth of blush on your face.

You were going to enjoy these new recruits…

(Sorry! It’s so short!)

Quand, chez moi, soit y a du Nutella et rien pour l’accompagner, soit y a de la brioche, des crêpes et des gaufres à foison mais pas de Nutella.

As much as Harry loved you, he had to admit it was extremely frustrating dealing with a very pregnant Y/N. You were entering your third trimester, and that was when the cravings hit you the worst. You had sent Harry running all over the city to pick up crazy ingredients to satisfy your appetite, and when he failed to get the company you wanted, or the correct amount - You went crazy! Which would explain why Harry was hiding from you in his car. He had bought the groceries for you, but now he wasn’t sure if he had gotten the right spicy mustard. Did you want mild, or did you want extra spicy? 

“Should’a gotten both o’ them, you idiot. It’s not like yeh can’t afford an extra jar of spicy fuckin’ mustard.” Harry scowled to himself, smacking his forehead gently as he stared at the little ‘mild’ sticker. Somehow, he felt like had forgotten something really important.. It didn’t matter now - He had left you waiting for an hour and a half.. If he didn’t get into the house now, he knew he’d be dead meat. 


“Harry!” You called out, raising an eyebrow as Harry cautiously stepped into the room, his eyes as wide as saucers. It was a mess in your room, with wrappers and takeout cartons scattered about. Oh God, and he was the one who had to clean up. 

“Is it safe to come in?” Harry asked meekly, making you roll your eyes playfully. You often scolded yourself after you found yourself snapping and getting angry at Harry, but it wasn’t like you could help it! The human growing inside of you was the one throwing all these mood-swings. 

“I’m sorry if I’ve been a little cranky and bossy.” You murmured, watching as Harry made his way over, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I know I should be helping out-” 

“No, no. Don’ be silly, love. All you have t’ do for me is give birth to my child. My job is t’ take care o’ yeh.” Harry smiled fondly, rubbing your swollen ankles through the blanket. “I love you, you know?” 

“Aw, I love you too.” You sighed, beaming as Harry leaned in to give you a small peck. “Say, did you get the extra spicy mustard I asked for? I’m in the mood for a sandwich.” Harry froze at your words, his heart dropping to his stomach. 

“Erm, how about I make yeh a sandwich with mildly spicy mustard?” 

“But that’s not what I want.” 

“Well, yeah, but-” 

“Harry, that’s not what I want.” Harry couldn’t wait for the baby to be born. 


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This is for Makayla. @hyme615405
*Makayla POV*
Its been weeks since Nate has come back form tour, when he first came back from tour we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and were with each other every second of ever day. Now he’s spending a lot of his time with Swazz.. Now don’t get me wrong I love Swazz and all but when Nate is with him its all about them and never, not one bit, us and I honestly can’t stand it and Nate knows this. Today,Swazz was over and they were playing Madden. Nothing new for them honestly, seen he just got back from tour. He was kinda over the music vibe for a min, he always was after a long tour. As they were playing Nate kept getting mad because Swazz kept scoring on him. This caused Nate to get very frustrated. I watched him, as Swazz kept scoring, Nate kept running his hands through his hair and standing up making it look more intense than it should be. I was actually very shocked Nate was losing because Nate ALWAYS bets Swazz. No offense to Swazz but he wasn’t that good. Nate had to have something in his mind to be losing to Swazz. “Dude I just beat you at your own fucking game.” Swazz says to him. “I noticed.” Nate says frustrated but I don’t think Swazz catches the frustration in his voice. Swazz’s phone begins to ring. He answers it causing Nate to finally look over at me, when he notices I’m already looking at him he looks at the ground and runs his fingers through his hair, which is now all over the place because he’s been doing that for almost an hour. “Okay I’ll be there soon then.” We both hear Swazz say and then hangs up the phone. “You leaving bro?” Nate asks him. “Yeah man, Katie needs me.” I watch as they both stand up and say their good byes. Once Swazz is out the door my eyes are still locked on Nate. He sits down on the sofa, sighs, and runs his fingers through his hair once again. This boy just doesn’t realize what he’s doing to me just by doing that. That was one if the hottest things Nate could do, is to run his fingers through his hair. “Nate?” I finally say standing up and walking over to him. “Yeah?” He says looking up at me standing right in front of him. I sit in his lap, straddling him. “You look frustrated baby.” I say as his eyes never leave mine. “Just a lot on my mind Lil Mama.” He says placing his hands softly on my hips. I wrap my arms around his neck. “Want me to help you take your mind off of it babe?” I say then start kissig his neck. Nate turns his head giving me more access. “Please.” I hear him say, and his grip tightens on my hips. This causes me to rock my hips back and forth causing Nate to moan in pleasue. I behind to actually kiss Nate. It soon turns into a huge make out session. Soon I’m being lefted into the air Nate breaks the kiss. “We gon take this upstairs Lil Mama.” Nate says as he begins to carry me upstairs. I can now feel how hard he is threw his sweats. Oh my god it was killing me at this point. I crashed my lips onto Nates once again as we enter our room. Nate lays me on the bed, he begins to kiss my neck. I moan, knowing his leaving his marks, this turned me on even more. Nate grinds his hips into mine, making me moan again. Nate kisses down my neck sliding his hands up my body. “Lil Mama, I need you so bad.” Nate says kissing me on the lips before slipping my shirt off. “I’m all yours.” I say to Nate before slipping his sweats pants down his hips. The sight of him made me even wetter. Seconds later I was laying on the bed completely naked with Nate on top of me still in his underwear. I flip us over to where I’m on top of Nate. “I’m gonna take care if you tonight. Is that okay baby?” I ask Nate sweetly. Nate pulls me into a kiss, “I wouldn’t want anyone else too Lil Mama.” He says making me blush. Sweet Nate was my favorite and I was loving this. I help Nate take his underwear off causing his to sigh at the little bit of relief he was gettng. Nate looks at me with a serious face, “No teasing.” He states in a very demanding voice and I can’t help but to give him exactly what he wants because at this point him just laying on the bed naked was teasing to me. I slowly slid myself onto Nate letting the pain soon turn into pleasure. Nate and I both moan, I place my hands gently on Nates check. “Oh my god.” I can hear him whisper. He closes his eyes for a second, then looks up at me, “Come here.” Nate says pulling me into a kiss. I rock my hips back and forth at a slow pace to begin with. Nate slips his tounge into my mouth as I moan hits my spot. Nate helps me rock my hips making me hit that spot every time, I moan into his mouth. “Go faster Mama.” Nate says and I do so, loving the feeling. “Oh my god.” I almost scream. “Keep going.” Nate says as I begin to slow down, knowing my high is coming soon. “Nate.” I say as Nate begins to kiss my neck again most likely leaving more marks. “I know babe, I’m close too. Keep going.” Nate says and I begin to try to rock my hips faster. “Ahhh, Nathan.” I say hitting my high, with my vision bluring and thighs shaking. “Ah, fuck. Oh my god.” Nate mumbles into my neck while cumimg into me. It felt amazing. We stayed there for a second coming down from ours highs. Finally I roll over and lay beside Nate. “So did tat take you mind off of it.” I ask Nate. He nods, “You always know just what to do baby girl. I love you.” He says. “I love you too.” I say kissing his cheek. “What was on your mind anyways Nate?” I ask hoping to get an answer because I had never seen Nate that frustrated before. “You honestly want to know?” He asks, I nod. “Of course your my man I should know what bothering you.” I say causing Nate to smile, and not just a fake smile I’m talking about dimples and all. My favorite. “I was thinking about your birthday plans and how I was going to top last years surprise. I don’t see how I’m going to top a surprise visit with an off day on tour.” He says and it melts my heart. Nate always planned something big for my birthday but last year was the best be surprised while in tour. I hadn’t seen I’m for like 3 months at that time because something always came up when we planned our visits and knowing he was trying to top that made me want to cry , it was really sweet. “Nate, you don’t have to do anything for my birthday. You know I would rather sit here in bed with you than go out to town or something. I just want you here okay?” I say he shakes his head. “Nah, you my Lil Mama and I gotta spoil you, and I will. I make no promises, I’ll figure something our for your birthday.” He says. I smile at him, with that he pulls me into him cuddling, and we stayed there wrapped in just each other talking all night long.


Mino’s thoughts before the diss battle with Team Brand New Music (trans)